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CBS Reporter Lara Logan suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault in Egypt – Anderson Cooper has a fatwah on his head for being gay.

Horrible…. (CBS NEWS) Lara Logan of CBS News Was Attacked and Sexually Assaulted in Egypt  -by Maureen Ryan – : Many of the scenes broadcast from Egpyt in recent days have been joyful, but events took a horrific turn for … Continue reading

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Will Elizabeth Warren replace Scott Brown?…. Lefty’s hope so…

(Weekly Standard) -By Michael Warren – In an email today to subscribers, DailyKos campaign director Chris Bowers announced a petition to encourage Elizabeth Warren to run for the Senate in Massachusetts against Republican Scott Brown next year:

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The Prince of Lies….

It really is disturbing to think of our president as a liar.  But given the overwhelming evidence to support this assertion one cannot ignore the accuracy of such a descriptive.  h/t JenniferH for highlighting this article. …. President Obama’s skill … Continue reading

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This is how they roll…… sickening…. just sickening… *Action Needed*

(via Powerline) On Friday, AlterNet–you know, the organization that “confront[s] the failures of corporate media, as well as the vitriol and disinformation of right wing media, especially ‘hate talk’ media”–published a vile attack on conservative businessman Herman Cain, who was … Continue reading

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Michele VS. Michelle (Bachmann V Obama)… Ding Ding !!

Countdown to liberal media attacks in 3….2….1…  (Politico) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann ripped Michelle Obama on Tuesday, speculating that the first lady might one day run for office, and accusing her of trying to implement a “nanny state” based … Continue reading

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Italy’s Berlusconi Indicted / Amanda Knox Parents Indicted Also….

MILAN (AP) – An Italian judge on Tuesday ordered Premier Silvio Berlusconi to stand trial on charges he paid for sex with a 17-year-old Moroccan girl, then tried to cover it up. Berlusconi has stood trial on a number of … Continue reading

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Administration Shuts Down Civil Rights Commission Investigation into DOJ/Black Panthers Voter Intimidation case…

h/t PatriotDreamer (PajamasMedia) For a while, at least, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was investigating the Justice Department’s race-based decision to dismiss the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case — a case DOJ had effectively won. But now President … Continue reading

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