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Yikes – Watch your six !!

Crew, We’ve got a problem…….. We tried desperately to keep this under wraps.  But, it appears Ad rem has been outed at Luccianne.com ….. From what we can gather the potential for impropriety has become the topic of considerable discussion, and speculation.   Mr. … Continue reading

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Taking “WTF” to New Levels – Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Outraged Over Pepsi’s “Demeaning” Super Bowl Ad Because Black Man Looked at a White Woman…

C’mon, nothing better to do?…. (The Hill)- Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the House floor Tuesday night to criticize what she called a “demeaning” Pepsi ad that aired during the Super Bowl. In the ad for Pepsi Max, … Continue reading

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Democrat Senator Jim Webb Announces Retirement

(WaPo)- Sen. James Webb (D-Va.) has announced that he will not run for reelection in 2012.   Good riddance, he didn’t stand a chance. Watch him become a lobbyist lickety split…  (full story)

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Islamic Democracy? Uh,…No – By Ann Barnhardt

Another frilliant consideration from author Ann Barnhardt (aka IamDagny) we find her thinking morsels very tasty and we like her muchly…. Bill Kristol is supposed to be one of the best and brightest conservative pundits. This is NOT AN ENCOURAGING STATEMENT. Seriously. … Continue reading

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Egyptian VP Omar Suleiman: “We Can’t Put up With” Protests Much Longer…

(AP) CAIRO – Vice President Omar Suleiman warned Tuesday that “we can’t put up with” continued protests in Tahrir for a long time, saying the crisis must be ended as soon as possible in a sharply worded sign of increasing … Continue reading

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Eric Cantor: Our Goal in Egypt Should Be “Stopping the Spread of Radical Islam”…

BINGO !!  Give that guy a fish….. The Blaze via WASHINGTON (AP) — A top House Republican said Tuesday the primary goal of U.S. policy in Egypt should be to “stop the spread of radical Islam,” an objective that has been … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread – February 9th

Fire up the coffee pots……  Things are about to get interesting on Capitol Hill.  The Debt Ceiling is looming fast, budgets are being considered, an attempt at defunding Obamacare is right around the corner.  In Egypt, Obama & PantSuits are back … Continue reading

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