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Hillary Spins Obama as Israel’s biggest defender …..to Infinity and beyond…

Meanwhile Pantsuit’s hubby thinks that “we’re” the ones living in a parallel universe.  Sheeesh. (Fox News)- With Egyptian unrest flaring over Israel’s shoulder and Palestinian demands for a capital in East Jerusalem ringing through Mideast peace process talks, U.S. Secretary of … Continue reading

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Insider – “Things are Coming Apart”….

(h/t Moonbattery) – More ominous info on our historic First Adolescent President from NewsFlavor’s regrettably anonymous D.C. Insider: 

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America’s Sad Legacy

Since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973 over 50 million Americans have been aborted. Abortion has killed 73 times more people than those who lost their lives in battle in our last twelve wars………….combined. Hispanic … Continue reading

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New Crop of Republicans “Living in a Parallel Universe Divorced From Reality With No Facts”…

Screw you Bill !!! ….. (Washington Independent)- At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, former President Bill Clinton said that Rep. Michele Bachmann’s assertion that the United States has the best health care system in the world is not … Continue reading

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Obama Al-Taquiya – A visit to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Watching the “actions” not the “words”.  After Obama appointed William Daley to be his chief of staff the lefty media began constructing a narrative of “rightward movement“.  Indeed the far left progressive crowd including MoveOn.Org and others assisted the media … Continue reading

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Feeling like a Barber when Medusa sits down……

Seriously, trying to keep tabs on all the progressive manuevers is like being in charge of a hundred ADHD 2nd Grade poster kids at an ice cream party.  Solo.   As a kid I loved my book about Jason and the Argonauts, the warrior who takes … Continue reading

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Connecting The Dots….. “Whose Future is Being Won”?

“Watching what he does, rather than what he says“.  Instead of beginning another lengthy process of painting a picture of the latest Administration concerns.  Lets consider this a mental exercise of “Paint By Numbers”, all links are included.  See what picture you come … Continue reading

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