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Glo-Bull Warming – Krauthammer and Godzilla…..

(Washington Examiner)- This will come to no surprise to Midwesterners still digging out from the Great Blizzard of 2011, but an analysis of five different temperature databases showed no evidence of global warming in 2010. “Contrary to press reports the … Continue reading

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Packers WIN 31-25 Congratulations Greenbay fans !!…


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His Name Was Jack…………….

His name was Jack. He came to us a little more than a year ago, so starved you could see his ribs, and worst of all, his tailbone through his coat. He was friendly and loving from the very first … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s visit to Reagan Country

h/t Kristi (via Big Government) Sometimes it’s the questions you don’t ask that are telling. Case in point: the New York Times account of our event with Governor Palin last night. Young America’s Foundation hosted Governor Sarah Palin for the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday President Reagan

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Bill O’Reilly Interviews President Obama…… 4:45pm

The O’Reilly/Obama Interview should air at 4:45pm.   Hope you’ve got a widescreen big enough for those egos.   (via Mediaite)  As heated as both national and international politics may be at the moment, Wikileaks and the Egyptian revolts will have some … Continue reading

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A TreeHouse Theory….. The Connection We Share.

The Conservative Tree House may be called a Last Refuge for each of us for different reasons.  Whatever trail through the woods brought us here, we have shared the turmoil of storms as we have been finding our voices as … Continue reading

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