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Oh, Say, Does That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave?

Friday evening I took my Stars and Stripes in from the front porch as I do every night, but everything felt different and each movement was conscious as I realized I might not put it out again. Yesterday morning I came … Continue reading

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President Obama Skips D-Day Anniversary, and Focuses Weekly Address On His Illegal Immigration Executive Action…

June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day, the allied landing to free Europe from Nazi occupation.  June 6th 1944, Operation Overlord began. One might think a passing notation from our president would be appropriate for an anniversary where 6,500 allies, mostly American, died … Continue reading

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About That DOJ “Right-Wing” Violence and Extremism Grant Story…..

Something about a story is, yet again, sketchy. Right is right even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody does it. Several months ago we busted CNN using bombastic claims about the Dept. of Homeland Security declaring “right-wing” extremism … Continue reading

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Scott Walker Today – Face The Nation…

*Side Note* – It’s more than a little annoying, albeit profoundly predictable, that MSM leftist punditry ask the question “what are your foreign policy credentials?” I would hope that sooner or later a direct and well spoken candidate would specifically … Continue reading

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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Confirmed – The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss….

The cultural Marxists within the Senate voted 56-43 to confirm Loretta Lynch as the country’s first black female attorney general. Ignoring mountains of evidence showing her corrupt involvement in, and selective prosecution of, Wall Street Banking schemes. To wit the usual … Continue reading

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Candidate Marco Rubio Tells Jorge Ramos, in Spanish, That Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Is A Good Thing and Should Be Part of Permanent Amnesty Solution…

Until substantive and factual information reveals something divergent I’m sticking to my initial researched opinion that Marco Rubio’s campaign bid is purely a decepticon maneuver to plow through the field, and aid his mentor Jeb Bush. (Via Allan Wall) Republican candidate Marco … Continue reading

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2016 GOP Discussion – Indiana Backdrop…

The reluctance of Continetti to give the label of “establishment” candidate to Jeb Bush is a strategy. A strategy not of Continetti’s construction, but more of Jeb’s team. This is one of the central nuances we find annoyingly not outlined. … Continue reading

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