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DNI Head James Clapper Delivers Somber Outlook For 2016 Terror Threat…

In the run-up to the 2012 presidential election President Obama was quick to dismiss the growing threat of ISIS as a “junior varsity team”. However, in 2016 with no reelection needed, a rather stark and somber forecast is delivered by … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Hunting – Police Investigate Another Brutal Knock Out Assault In Paterson New Jersey…

We tracked these for more than two years because the MSM refused to admit they were taking place. We identified 28 victims in 2014 alone, multiple victims and multiple murders. More attacks continued to take place in 2015 as noted … Continue reading

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First Sexually Transmitted Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in U.S….

TEXAS – A patient diagnosed with the Zika virus in Texas became infected after having sexual contact with another sufferer, health experts said today. It marks the first case of sexual transmission of the virus in the US, the Centers … Continue reading

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Danish Teen Faces Charges For Fighting Off Rapist Using Pepper Spray…

Progressive Liberalism on display, yet again, in the multicultural petri dish that has become the European Union as a direct result of mass uncontrolled migration…. (Denmark News In English)  A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg … Continue reading

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Report: Philadelphia Terrorist Only One Part of Larger Terror Cell Targeting Police…

This Philadelphia report by NBC actually aligns with what many people have been able to piece together in the San Bernardino attack in December. Individual members activate, but they are only one part of larger Islamic Jihad terror cells. (Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Duuude ! Jeff Spicoli Led Mexican Federales To Sinaloa Drug Kingpin El Chapo…

Actor Sean Penn met with Sinaloa Cartel drug-kingpin El Chapo for an interview on behalf of Rolling Stone magazine; and the feds were tracking him – that’s how they caught El Chapo. Who’s going to try and protect Sean Penn … Continue reading

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White House Delays New Sanctions Against Iran – Democrat Iran Deal Supporters Left In Wind…

President Obama pressured/threatened all Democrats and UniParty membership Republicans to support his Iranian Nuclear Deal, they did.  Now Iran violates the deal, sanctions should be applied, but the White House says – meh, violations… no biggie. (Via Washington Free Beacon) … Continue reading

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