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Geller VS CNN – Freedom VS The Media….

Well worth the watch.

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Free Speech, “But” – Paris, Copenhagen, Now Garland Texas…

Considering the jihadist attack in Garland Texas, it will not take long for the professional left to begin espousing the familiar tome: “free speech, but“…. There is no “but” in any sentence about “free speech”.  It is, it exists, -or-, it … Continue reading

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New York City (Via De Blasio) Re-Enters Race For “Most Dangerous City” Status – 20 Weekend Shootings…

No longer willing to play second fiddle to Chicago, New York has re-entered the race to sit atop the infamous list of most dangerous cities. NEW YORK, New York — Twenty people have been shot and one victim has died … Continue reading

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New York Civil Liberties Group Obtains LEO Records Showing Abusive Use of Stringray Technology….

Stingray technology is a data tool for capturing cell phone communication and tracking cell phone users. Stingray Systems mimic cell tower signals and capture the content of targeted cell phone users. The New York ACLU went to court to force … Continue reading

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West Virginia Pharmacist, Protects Lives, Shoots and Kills Armed Robber…

HatTip WeaselZippers – Incredible Story:

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Michael Bloomberg Advocates For Removing “Gun Rights” From Young Black Males Until After Age 25…

Typical Marxist. As New York Mayor, first he came for the Slurpees and Big Gulps, then came the restaurant table salt, finally the ban on donuts, cupcakes and baked goods in government buildings. However, while no longer mayor, Bloomberg’s latest … Continue reading

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#BlackBrunch Violence – Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota Besieged By Black Mob Violence – Media Hides Story…

Saint Paul Minnesota is a hotbed of racially driven black mob violence, but the media work diligently to keep it hidden. Recently the frequency of the attacks has increased in severity and now even the local media are forced to … Continue reading

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