ROFLMAO Just As Big Fur Hat Predicted – President Stompy Feet Tries To Hide Mount Rushmore…. No, Really He Did, This is Not a Joke… Honest.

A few days BigFurHat @iOTW predicted the following:


Many laughed thinking it was silly.    Well, it has indeed come to pass

Rushmore blockage stirs anger in S.D.  – Blocking access to trails and programs at South Dakota’s most popular attraction was one thing, but state officials didn’t expect Congress’ budget stalemate to shut down a view of Mount Rushmore.

The National Park Service placed cones along highway viewing areas outside Mount Rushmore this week, barring visitors from pulling over and taking pictures of the famed monument.  (link)

mt rushmore blocked

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331 Responses to ROFLMAO Just As Big Fur Hat Predicted – President Stompy Feet Tries To Hide Mount Rushmore…. No, Really He Did, This is Not a Joke… Honest.

  1. lovemygirl says:

    I guess the comment about closing down the interstate system might become a reality soon. What a dweeb. Maybe they’ll turn off Old Faithful next? Oh, that reminds me of a classic practical joke where they had two guys turning a big squeaky valve in front of the tourists when Olf Faithful was about to blow. I think it was Carson.

  2. lovemygirl says:

    I loved this comment –
    “It disgusts me that taxpayer resources were used on this act of stupidity,” Rep. Kristi Noem said. “This is federal government arrogance at its worst.”

    • allhail2 says:

      Huuuuge waste. I wish I was closer to SD. Exactly what do the feds think orange cones are going to do? It only takes one American to force the issue. Park Service people are being put in a really bad position by Stompy Feet.

      • thetruth says:

        no they are not they are just cowards and want to get their paychecks.

        • While I sympathize totally with your POV, what exactly would you do if you were ONE PAYCHECK AWAY from being homeless?

          just asking…

          • the Oracle says:

            Get less costly housing.

          • Todd says:

            Go find another job

          • Paul Doughty says:

            Michael, I’d live closer to within my means…as long as your asking.

          • stella says:

            I imagine these people were just paid. They have been at home for a week. They aren’t going to be homeless, and they will get all of their back pay as soon as they return to work. Most of these people earn more – probably twice as much – than I do, and I could live for a good long time without a paycheck. It’s called living within your means.

          • Franksam says:

            And I’m wondering if the comments on this site are all moderated to present a narrow POV. I suggested in an earlier reply that we should all engage in disobedience. The WWII vets and others have ignored closures. We all should, and whether one needs Obamacare or not, we should all apply for subsidies. I’m not sure why my earlier post was “censored”, to borrow a term from the Leftists, but I thought I’d try again as a test.

            • stella says:

              Could be. Depends exactly what you said.

              ADD: We’ve had a lot of traffic today, and some stuff goes to spam automatically.

  3. Aslan's Girl says:

    Conservatives have long been against the idea that the Federal govt should run any “national park” (any conservative criticism of Teddy Roosevelt includes this); Pres Stompy Feet is proving us right. Govt should NOT be running the parks, it should all be private.

    • Coast says:

      No…not private. The parks are ours..thus they belong to The People. The problem is not Federal government control, the problem is that we have allowed the Federal government to become uncontrollable. It’s our fault, and we need to take back our Federal government and make it answer to us. That’s the problem.

      • yankeeintx says:

        “The problem is not Federal government control, the problem is that we have allowed the Federal government to become uncontrollable.”

        This is problem summed up completely! Excellent! (I might have to borrow it :)

      • mariee says:

        Welcome to the TeaParty!

        • thussaiththewalrus says:

          Whoa there; not so quick! The Tea Party is run by Ron Paul zealots who are JUST AS CRAZY as Obama! They want an ARMED REVOLUTION (I spoke with one Tea Partier who is COMMITTED to “give his son’s life” in the effort to “get America back.” BUT, his America is something that never was! He has a contorted view of the US Constitution. And, he hates blacks. And, he hates Jews. And, he hates gays. And, he hates Hollywood. And, he hates college graduates. And, he hates Mormons. And, he isn’t too fond of Catholics. IOW, he hates anyone who is NOT HIM!!!!!!

          • stella says:

            The Tea Party is most certainly NOT run by Ron Paul zealots. I don’t happen to agree with most Ron Paulites, but the ones I’ve spoken to don’t want armed revolution. And Tea Partiers are not racists, not haters of Jews, not haters of gays. Probably haters of much of what Hollywood puts out. Most Tea Partiers are college graduates, and many are Catholics. I let your comment through so that people can see what we are up against.

            • Terry in BC says:

              Astute decision, Stella. There are so many who choose a tangential approach to reality, chatting with fellow travellers in mythic talking points as though thinking independent thoughts. The good fight is winnable – and you are winning!

          • Big O says:

            Really??…one Tea Partier?? Hell, lets pack our bags and leave quick, i smell a revolution!! FREAK!

          • h2k says:

            You don’t think you could find an old-school Union Member who votes democrat at every election that may have the same perspective?

          • masseytom says:

            The Tea Party is ONLY about scaling back government and lowering taxes. All the freedoms that come with that are not necessarily endorsed, but freedom is the theme of America. Our current Big Brother is the opposite of what we are about.

          • mollyg says:

            Total bunk.

          • Ralph Martin says:

            So that one Tea party dude you know seems to encapsulate the entire tea party eh? So i guess i can look at James Holmes and assume all democrats are mass murderers just waiting for the right film to come out?

          • Richard Helm says:

            There is nothing radical about the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party. The only thing radical or extreme are those who go out of their way to denigrate their fellow Americans just for thinking different than them. Yet these same denigrators expect the rest of us to be tolerant? Now thaat is boht delusional and extreme.

            • robert says:

              right on Richard..the tea party want the government to abide by our constitution..when a lot of people to want…destroy what made America Great..

          • GreenGrass says:

            I decided to go to the TeaParty rally a few years ago just to see who was involved in the newly formed organization. They are definitely middle-class, law abiding citizens and the D.C. police said they were the nicest group of people they had ever been with.

            You need to troll some place else where you may have a little credibility. I was at the rally and you weren’t so get off you butt and walk your talk.

          • trustnoprinces says:

            I suppose it’s of interest that you know a nut (you spoke to one tea partier), but this is only an anecdotal comment. That’s one individual. For instance: I know of a Democrat who believes that health care is free. I know of many Democrats who believe that cellphones are free. I know of many Democrats who believe that food and shelter are free. I know of many Democrats who believe that it is a good idea to kill live born babies if that’s what the mother wants done. I know of one Democrat who believes that it is a good idea to lock 90-year-old WW2 veterans out of an open air memorial erected with private money to honor their service to this country. That doesn’t prove that all Democrats are petty, self-serving, murderous, conniving liars, though it is undeniable that they elected this one to be our President – twice.

          • Well OK then says:

            What a closed minded, bigoted and stereotyped opinion of the Tea Party, Mr. Walrus, Tear down this wall, Taxed Enough Already adherents come in all races and ethnicities, You would not this if you were not such an ill-informed, Low information utopian, Filled with prejudice and hatred for your fellow American.

          • Walt Creasy says:

            You are obviously a Democrat plant. TOTAL BS!!!!!

          • Mollie Hatchie says:

            What a stupid post.
            You should go to a Tea Party Rally sometime
            and you find more women than men
            and lots of black and hispanics.
            I am Canadian and so I have no dog in this fight
            but I found most were very well educated as well.

            This name calling and labeling without every actually looking into it
            is the same thjng the Socialists in Canada and Europe do.
            You should be better than that.

          • Sounds like a Democrat!

          • Chris Kelly says:

            You need help – I know of no one that belongs to the Tea Party that wants what you state above. If you’ll believe this, you’ll believe anything.

          • Ken in Camarillo says:

            That sign I saw at a Tea Party rally was correct: “It doesn’t matter what this sign says, they’ll call it racist.”

          • WeeWeed says:

            Bovine scat. I throw the bs flag on this.

          • Mel Content says:

            And, he hates blacks. And, he hates Jews. And, he hates gays. And, he hates Hollywood. And, he hates college graduates. And, he hates Mormons.

            Ah. more of the manufactured hysteria over the Tea Party people, many of whom are mild-mannered middle-aged or retired folks who manifest their inherent violent nature by holding up flags and signs in the local park on Saturday and writing letters to their congressional reps. Me think the only “Tea Partier” you know is either hiding under your bed at night or residing in your head. You’re either a troll or a paranoid kook. Which one is it?

          • Hoppy says:

            That’s only one person so bereft of companionship that he has to hang out with you. It doesn’t mean that all tea party people are that way.

          • Kerry Crandall says:

            Pulleeeazze don’t confuse idiots such as you describe with tea party patriots. He is nothing more than a bigot looking for a willing, gullible audience, which he found in you. And for you to form an “intelligent” opinion of the tea party from this looney tune just shows that you are no more intelligent than he. Thanks for giving the left more fodder. I think you are really Pelosi.

          • Chief Suspect says:

            Yours is the CRAZY statement (but, I’ll just capitalize one word). Armed revolution is what freed us from tyranny in the first place. Even our military is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution again enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. Certainly, Obozo is a domestic threat to America.

          • CASEY PURVIS says:


        • James Dunny says:

          What does this have to do with the Tea Party? Closing turnoffs on public highways to spitefull preclude the public from viewing a national monument from afar is insane. It just shows how spiteful this administration really is. Closing the National Mall and the WWII memorial which is normally open with no fences or security to bar visits by WWII vets on Honor Flights is just stupid, but of course this president isn’t about to work with anybody. His agenda is far too important to consider changing or improving it. The constitution mandates that taxes and spending bills start in the House of Representatives. The House has passed numerous budget and spending bills only to have them voted down in the Senate. Mr. Obama doesn’t submit his own spending proposals. He just demagogues and postures when someone else does what he should have been doing. We are fortunate that the house of representatives can act as a brake on the runaway spending of one party whose only interest is spending as much money as possible and giving as many favors to their friends as possible.

      • Ter ber says:

        Well said!

      • That which belongs to all of us belongs to NONE of us and the federal government’s management of thew parks only serves to prove this point. All national parks should be returned to the ownership of the states and the individuals states should run them.

      • Adam Brown says:

        Park maintenance should be privatized. Companies can bid yearly contracts to maintain the parks and act as trustee’s for the people.

      • There is absolutely no reason that National Parks shouldn’t be reverted back to the States. Every state has a parks department that is more than capable of managing this.

      • Cam Kirmser says:

        “The parks are ours..thus they belong to The People.”

        Who said?

    • Rurik says:

      Transfer all parks and other federal lands to the states in which they are situated. If the state legislatures decide to go full privatization, let it be their decision.
      I’m remembering and holding grudges. We should settle scores with the agencies and their employees who prove themselves “King’s men”.

      • Jim Snape says:

        Part of the deal was that the feds would manage the space and provide access to all people.Seems to me that they just broke that deal, so states should take it back.


      Scroll down, you’re the last tweet in the article.

      Hey…I guess that means the Tree made the Twitchy, too. Well done, lady!

    • mollyg says:

      Or run by the states. AZ offered to pay to “open” the Grand Canyon and the Dictator said no. Oh, and by the way, do we really want our healthcare subject to this federal budgetary circus? Obama has done nothing but punish the American people. There’s no doubt how he would use the healthcare system to punish people if it were under his control.

      • Jim says:

        SO, we can’t go see national monuments, landmarks, we can’t go fishing, they tried to close George Washington’s home (even though its privately run). ALL because the GOP HOUSE of REP would like a negotiation on: Obamacare, Debt limit, spending (really OVERSPENDING).
        OBAMMY, stomping his feet is going to make the public feel the pain. Do we really want a dictator like obama and the TEA party hating IRS to treat America this way?
        IF you are an Obama voter, you deserve to move to CUBA or ZAIRE.
        Dictator Obama doesn’t want anyone or any state to control national parks or open them.

        • James Dunny says:

          Why involve the Tea Party? Why not blame the real culprits in government who are doing nothing but posturing to a political base that wants to have their own unfettered access to the federal treasury. Your comment suggests that you actually favor using the IRS to harass businesses and people solely because the administration doesn’t like them. How would you like it if the IRS just decided to seize your bank accounts with no warning or notice and you had no back taxes or penalties owing. Would you still thing that the IRS is right?

          • mom29js says:

            You misunderstood Jim’s post… maybe it would have been more clear if he had written “Do you really want a dictator like obama and the TEA-Party-hating IRS….” See the difference? Jim wasn’t bashing the TEA Party, he was bashing the IRS, who hates the TEA Party. Nothing in his post suggests he thinks the IRS is right to harass those the current administration doesn’t like.

    • JayDeeBee says:

      Mt Vernon is privately owned and they’ve tried to block access. I’m tired of him acting like a spoiled brat who isn’t getting his way.

    • After all, we give a group of private bankers control over our money. Why can’t we do the same with the parks? They should be privately owned in a trust for the American people. This way no matter what morons get elected, we can still access our lands.

  4. no agenda says:

    What a total joke Barry is. This man was actually elected to be LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Unreal. :)

  5. CT-Truth -Seeker says:

    I agree with Aslan’s Girl – states should begin the process of taking back any federal lands, within their respective borders, from the federal government. If there is a true need for the federal government to utilize land – for building etc. Then states should allow the federal government to utilize the land for one year time frames, which need to be renegotiated.

    The federal government, not matter which party is in power, dislikes the tax payer. Tax payers are seen as ATMs instead of being seen as ‘the boss’ of country.

    • mollyg says:

      WORD to everything you said. What this “shutdown” of 83% of the government shows is that we are NOT FREE. Fedzilla “can” arbitrarily punish the people simply because no one can stop it. Our good government depends on a semi-honorable person who loves America being in the White House. Instead, we have a dangerous anti-American in the Spite House. Since our system of checks and balances cannot stop a dictator like Obama (and, please, don’t say that rhetoric is over-the-top — WHEN has Obama ever been constrained by law, the courts, Congress or the Constitution?), we have to limit Fedzilla’s reach into every aspect of our lives.

      The 17th Amendment was the worst mistake we ever made as a nation. We took a brilliant plan set out by our Founders and screwed it up royally by taking the state governments out of the equation.

  6. Has everyone seen the new Dem attack Ad? Check it out!

    • Aslan's Girl says:

      The Dems are hoping to recreate the Daily News cover of 1995 with a “crybaby” Newt Gingrich. It won’t work now thanks to social media, FNC, and talk radio.
      I hope the RNC/grassroots are readying an ad themselves. Fight fire with fire. Maybe a bunch of clips of Dems hysterically screaming that Republicans are “arsonists, anarchists, jihdaists, suicide bombers” and ask “which one is the crybaby?”

      • KPM58 says:

        I can think of a good ad involving the Dems saying those words in the soundtrack to the film of the WWII Vets being kept out of the memorial by barricades and Obama guards.

      • mariee says:

        We need to donate to some of the TeaParty groups to combat these types of ads. Of course, Obama had the IRS prevent almost all of them from receiving their 509 status. Most of the groups that were trying to sound the alarm were silence this past election. It was totally unfair. Freedom Works, TeaParty Patriots, Grassfire. All good groups.

    • rmnewt says:

      This video is pretty funny, until you think about how pathetic the message is and that some adult (wont call them a parent) would taunt a baby in order to create the film.

    • Guido says:

      Cold blooded-only a dem would take advantage of a crying child like that. A compassionate parent doesn’t mock or ignore a kid crying.

    • elvischupacabra says:

      If you listened carefully to that little boy, it was clear that he was crying because Harry Reid and Nancy PeloSSi have saddled him with over $70K in public debt since he was born.

  7. labrat says:

    I didn’t try to vet this for accuracy, but with their track record with Catholics – who knows?

    • Menagerie says:

      It was on numerous Catholic sites yesterday, one with commentary from a Canon lawyer.

      • scaretactics says:

        As a Catholic, this is infuriating. Mass is a necessity just as food and water are.

        What does it cost to hold Mass for these military personnel? Next to nothing.

        Has President stompy feet done the same to Muslims? Doubt it.

        • Menagerie says:

          I read about one wedding it messed up. I imagine there are many more. In this instance the priest was able to get a non military priest to officiate, but the couple was upset because like most of us, they had chosen that priest for a reason, and wanted him to officiate. There needs to be total disobedience here when Obama dares to dictate that the sacraments of The Lord cannot be administered to his people.

    • rmnewt says:

      I cant imagine that this restriction is a lawful order from our Commander in Chief. At some point the masses need to defend our Constitution wherever it is violated.

    • Rurik says:

      I’m Eastern Orthodox, but I support and stand with the Catholics on this. One response could be to declare an interdict on all Catholics continuing to work for the federal government, or this “president” and his supporters. A final step would be excommunication. Wonder what Peelousy thinks about this … and what her bishop thinks about her?

  8. myopiafree says:

    O’Bummer – reveals his TRUE Character – he is a spoiled child, who is not getting his way. Truly a mean-spirited person.

    • beejku says:

      Don’t underestimate this creature-in-chief, he is evil. He AND that ghetto butt wife, the first ‘shady’, have a look of anger that is rarely seen!

  9. Susan M. says:

    I heard the Department of Homeland Security ordered 3 Billion Orange Cones!! They are using up the Supply just to block the National Parks!!

  10. michellc says:

    Those cones wouldn’t deter me. Maybe though it’s time to take national parks away from the feds.

    We have a little park at the lake that was once ran by the state. The state quit keeping it up and although it no longer has a roped off swimming area. The locals keep it up, it is always mowed and trash picked up and with pooling money even a new boat ramp was put in when the other ramp detoriated.

  11. Coast says:

    One thing that this tells me is that the National Park Service has too much funding. In a government shutdown, normal “operations” stop and essential services are to continue only to protect people and property. Setting up cones for the purpose of preventing cars from pulling off the road is neither protecting property nor people; in fact, they created a safety issue. So the question that needs to be asked is where are the funds coming from to take such actions such as setting up cones and barricades, how much were spent, from what accounts were the funds pulled from, what are the normal operating expenses during periods of funding and how does that spending activity compare with the shutdown, who made the decisions…what was the exact protocol for the steps taken, etc. Congress could have a field day with this.

  12. scaretactics says:

    Mount Rushmore is truly a spectacular sight for those who haven’t seen it. Definitely worth the trip. You feel proud to be an American when you see it. Maybe this is why Stompyfeet is blocking it.

    Have they blocked the view to the Crazy Horse monument which is close to Rushmore?

  13. auscitizenmom says:

    This is just infuriating.

  14. 1madjack says:

    Everything this bastard does in infuriating. If only we had a Media and a Congress with some cajones, with the exception of Ted Cruz. :( I prefer to call this POS Emperor Crappy Pants.

  15. czarowniczy says:

    Anyone know if the MLK Memorial has been closed for viewing?

    • Eric says:

      That would be racist!!!

    • bjelkier says:

      Yes, I heard there is tape and barriers around it. Also a little WWI memorial my husband I I discovered some years ago that hardly anyone goes to. A reporter, Jamie Dupree, said even that small one. These are all outdoor memorials. They spent more money putting up the barriers. Also they put up barriers on the parking area of Mt. Vernon. Mt. Vernon is privately owned! But the share the parking lot with the parks service, hence the shutdown of the parking area. No buses can pull in or turn around there either. But Mt. Vernon is open.

      • bjelkier says:

        Also a federal parkway they could not bar people from driving on, I think it was in western Virginia, because it is a main artery. But they closed down areas around a lodge, privately owned, so people could not spend the weekend there to view the changing of the leaves this fall. The guy said he has 100 employees and had to cancel the reservations, and he would have been full up this weekend. He said the park rangers, who are his friends, told him they were sorry but they had orders. Even though people can use the road, they can’t stay in his lodge. So BO is impeding commerce to just get his way. He is a spoiled child that wants everything his way no matter what. What an a**.

      • czarowniczy says:

        And the Fed decision makers are supposed to be the most mature and level-headed of our population. Just in case anyone wondered what happened to Beavis and Butt-head when they went of the air I have a suggestion to offer…

      • Stormy says:

        I think EVERYONE should start going to the WWI memorial… ;)

  16. czarowniczy says:

    Oh wow – just dawned on me – how will Hillary hold her campaign staff vettings if the Park Service closed Ft Marcy Park?

  17. allhail2 says:

    I’m on the way to NC mountains for a week. I am hoping the Feds pull some crap like that in the Smokies. With the size of my vehicle, I will have no problem making sure the road is open, and will be happy as a pig in slop to lead a parade of other Americans through.

    If the fox wants to play, beware the hunter.

    • boutis says:

      Gallup is showing the same thing with a three day rolling with disapproval growing and approval shrinking very quickly. The Democrats have this data before it is being published and are freaking out. Steady as she goes indeed.

      • raskog says:

        The big ship is sinking as it gathers more water. Obama running out of money as his allies are weakened, this includes Muslim Brotherhood being incapacitated in Egypt. Foreigners seeing Obama Ship is a loser. Watch people jump ship. God’s payback for the Twin Towers.

  18. berta blue says:

    Here in S Texas, the feds closed Padre Island Natl Seashore, They hired people to patrol the waters so no one can enter the federal waters surrounding the beach. Whether by intention or accident, ie fishing.

  19. hoonan says:

    As a forest service employee, and since yesterday I’ve been declared non essential (thanks rain) and furloughed. So I live in housing on the ranger district. I’ll still be allowed to live there during the shutdown. Now with news that both parties that both parties support and may pass a bill that Fed workers furloughed will receive back pay when gov’t resumes. Now alot of us are proud of our forest and now brings the thought “well I’m going to get paid, can I come in and take care of things that need attention during shutdown?” The answer NO…when I had to sign my furlough notice it specifically stated that we are NOT allowed to volunteer time and if we do we could be subject to termination and a fun up to $5k!!! (I wish I had taken a picture of it….or had access to my .gov email where I could forward the FAQ section of an email we were all sent that states the same). This is ridiculous! I literally live right there and can grab a lawnmower, or clean an outhouse, but no…I could be fired for just loving my forest and not wanting to collect cash for sitting on my butt.

    • raskog says:

      Upside down world under Obama. It’s for the bats, the moon bats.

    • allhail2 says:

      Thanks. We love spending time with the kids up there. No Humvee, but 7.3 diesel, 4×4 geared pretty low with about 700lbs of additional equipment and add ons plus various other personal affects. It’ll pull the house off the blocks. Already have bail and legal in place, JIC. The bottom line, they ain’t stopping all of us. That reminds me, I need to reattach the flag pole mount. Ol’ glory coming through. See ya on the 6:00 news.

      BTW, tell Tennessee were coming and bringing REAL Americans with us. Charlie Daniels had it right all along, the south will rise again. Except this time, it’s for the whole country

    • skeptiktank says:

      They must cover their butts, and are afraid to authorize anything. Been there, done that, got burned. If you got injured or something got vandalized your supervisor/manager would have to answer some embarrassing questions.
      Since you live onsite, maybe you could just do it without asking.

      • skeptiktank says:

        Also, If you do it without authorization, and get fined, maybe we will take up a collection to help you pay that fine. …Maybe…

    • Coast says:

      You would be in violation to the Anti-deficiency Act. You “free” service is a violation.

    • C Lidke says:

      While I commend and appreciate your desire to maintain the parks, I do have something I would like you and your fellow NPS workers to consider long and hard. When you enforce orders to keep The People out of our National parks, when you follow orders to remove people from their homes because they sit on Federal land, when you comply with orders to make life as difficult as possible for The People, you demonstrate to everyone exactly how dictators are able to get people to turn on their fellow citizens. People say, “I need my job”. Yes, you do. I am sorry that in this instance, it’s NPS employees who were put on the front line. But you need to recognize that you are, indeed, on the front line and if you chose to follow these orders, you are providing a living example which answers the question, “How and why did German people join the brown shirts and turn on their fellow citizens”. It is very clear, I am sure, to the administration that you will do whatever they want and assist them in violating the constitution and causing harm to your fellow citizens because you would rather keep your job than stand up against tyranny. I really do feel for you and am not suggesting it is an easy choice. I am sorry that it is you who have been put in this situation. The facts remain, though: you have a choice. You can stand up and defend your rights and protect this great country of ours, or you can agree to become a ‘brown shirt’ so you can keep your job.

      • hoonan says:

        You’re funny. Yes I’m an order following brown shirt! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

        I work for the USFS…not NPS….and I’m not LEO or a Ranger….I put fires out (or start them if prescribed)….or measure trees….that’s it….

        I tell yeah wha,t next time I’m on a fire I let the forest burn a few more acres just to fight against tyranny…..maybe let it get to a few neighborhoods before trying to put it out to stick it to the man LOL

        • Stormy says:

          My father worked for the USFS at the very beginning of WWII, before he was old enough to enlist. I grew up hiking all over Colorado hiking not very well known FS trails by following the blazes. Thanks for doing what you do!

  20. yankeeintx says:

    Even though they are claiming that the site might not be up to date, due to the shutdown, the White House wants to hear your story about how the shutdown has affected you. They are probably most interested in sad stories, that they can highlight as the fault of the bad republicans. I would love to tell them exactly what I have learned during this shutdown, but I don’t think they want to hear it. Plus, it’s hard to sleep with the black helicopters circling my house.

    • allhail2 says:

      I’m eagerly awaiting the black suburbans to be parked out front of mine. I’m used to the helicopters, our city’s official bird is the Sheriff’s copter.

  21. chitownmom says:

    As Johnny Cash said:

    it’s good to know who hates you and it is good to be hated by the right people

  22. Jj Breen says:

    Wow, our President is throwing a temper tantrum … wow, just wow …… He doesn’t get his way, so he acts like a child with his toys …. amazing ….

  23. kinthenorthwest says:

    Obama is such an idiot…These are areas that are costing the government more to block off and getting citizens Pissed at him not the GOP….

  24. Jim Snape says:

    Are we still allowed to look at the oceans, or is it better to wait till Ogabe gets his slush funds back?

  25. Tom johnson says:

    Who will they blame when the aircraft have an accident??

  26. someoneinnorthms says:

    Here is how I responded on the President’s website about how the shutdown has affected me:

    “The government “shut-down” caused me to reconsider whether my memory was wrong. I had always thought that revenue bills were to originate in the House of Representatives. I had always thought that Congress had many more than these two jobs you mention. As it turns out, The United States Constitution (the organic, guiding document for our country) actually vindicated me. The House originates spending bills, and Article I Section 8 lists a lot more than two jobs. So, thank you government shut-down for providing me the opportunity to review my Constitution!”

  27. Poopster says:

    Yep. Wait till the gubmint runs all the hospitals. What do you think will happen then?

  28. Barack Hussein Obama is without a doubt the most nonessential president we have ever had in these United States.

  29. Constance Underfoot says:

    Dear Old Guy with big Truck…Now would be the time to run over all cones.

  30. Alex says:

    Who owns the Parks, Monuments, the White House? I thought it was the people!

  31. Spiteful Federal gov’t, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

    The CTH is interested in promoting good conversation.This comment appears to be placed here primarily as marketing effort for a book. Link has been disabled to remove the display ad, but enough of it is left that anyone who is interested can still locate the item.

  32. thelastbesthope says:

    Time for good people to come to the aid of their country. This fight is no longer down the road….it’s right now.

    March On Washington – October 13th

    Pass It On

  33. topturtle57 says:

    Did anyone notice that the barracades at the WW2 monument were RENTED! Yes take a look at the photos of gates etc. The rental agency is clearly marked. This Rushmore stuff remindes me of the Marines Memorial, they had to block the road to prevent people from driving through the traffic circle around it. They are violating the “Anti-Deficiency Act” to do all of these things. They have no funds and cannot pay the people but the rent barriers and put out people to enforce this crap!

  34. Pingback: One Nation Under Shutdown: Here's How Congress Is Hurting Your State - Page 4

  35. Kelly Fox says:

    UN has some form of contract with US over our parks and monuments. They have everything to do with this. They are on the side of socialism same as the Narcissist in OUR White House. I am so utterly disgusted by our government. I am no longer affiliated with either party. I’m nothing more than a American who loves her country and fears for my children’s futures.

  36. Someone with a snow plow on the front of their pickup could quickly get rid of those cones.

  37. p3orion says:

    Of course obama wants Mt. Rushmore closed. It can’t be good for the reputation of such a small man when people are reminded of what presidents USED to be like.

  38. Cones…… everywhere cones. Looks like a huge recycling opportunity to me. Wonder how many cones you can actually fit into the bed of a pickup truck. . . . . .

    • Stormy says:

      …Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
      Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
      Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

      And the sign said anybody caught trespassin’ would be shot on sight
      So I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house, “Hey! What gives you
      the right?” “To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in”

      “If God was here he’d tell you to your face, Man, you’re some kinda sinner”…

  39. Dave says:

    Just wait until there is a government shutdown and it’s your healthcare they deny access to.

  40. Hobbs10 says:

    Hey, closing the Fed. Hwy. System is totally possible. How many times so far has the WH ignored the laws and Constitution of the US?

  41. Thomas says:

    Is it clear to people yet that it’s time for an American Spring? It should be.

  42. Pingback: Tales of woe part 3 | Cirsova

  43. Pingback: Access to View Mount Rushmore Blocked | Young Conservatives

  44. Marie Clough says:

    These are all Obama’s choices, NOT the Republicans. In the long run, it is he who picks and chooses what to shut down. He has no regard for the American people, and will do anything he can to make it difficult for us. You don’t see his favorite spots closing, do you? I hope his mean
    spirited efforts come back to haunt him in 2014.

  45. Bill says:

    While I do not revel in the thought of a president Biden,at what point does Washington see that Obama has lost it and declare him UNFIT to serve as president.

  46. S.S. McDonald says:

    White House ARROGANCE at its worst!!

  47. Joe C says:

    Here in Colorado, BLM administrator Katie Stevens closed a public road that was in the path of a long-scheduled bike race. The race organizers went to a federal judge in Denver to appeal this blatantly vindictive closure, but the judge sided with the Feds (shocker) and the bike race had to be rerouted at the last minute. Remember, these government, “just following orders”, pecksniffs live amongst us, and as communities we need to return the favors when they go about their daily lives.

  48. Mandy says:

    Bolsheviks. The President is being so petty which truly shows what he is made of. What a despicable human being.

  49. And the liberals try to tell us the Tea Party is whacked.

    I live 20 miles from Mt. Rushmore, and you couldnt see it this weekend. You couldnt even get within 50 miles of it due to the blizzard.

  50. Every one of those cones represents a middle finger from the president to the American people.

  51. Noble Furr says:

    There is much more going on here than meets the eye. The federal government intentionally blocking views of Mt. Rushmore – a monument of national pride, so the White House can make a “partial” shutdown of government as disruptive, painful, inconvenient, and punitive as possible, goes way over closing an information kiosk in Washington.

    And what kind of President intentionally closes down revered open-air WWII monument and cemeteries in Washington and Normandy so aging and dying vets of that war cannot see them before they die?

    This is a cynical and arrogant display of raw federal power to intimidate us, and tell us that We The People is no longer in charge of their government! The Obamunists and Democrats are clearly trying to take control of us and convince us that government now lords over us and that “self-government” is no longer acceptable to them.

  52. MikeHenrySC says:

    What kind of stuff is left for The Onion to write about?

  53. Daniel says:

    How much did it cost the feds to cover Mt Rushmore?

  54. Todd DeYoung says:

    He’s a Despot.

  55. kray says:

    When are people going to get a backbone and establish our sovereignty? I think we all aught to simply remove all the barriers that this Satan in the White House has ordered and go into the areas blocked off. There is probably no penalty anyway.

  56. constantvigil says:

    Unnecessary, spiteful extortion from the American people by Obama and the democrats!!!
    The Barrycades have nothing to do with a Gov shut down as we have had Gov shut downs in the past without park barricades.
    Obama and Reid have shutdown the parks and added barrycades to hurt and threaten the American people until they get ACA funded (which most Americans don’t want). The house has passed bills to fund the Gov and parks but Reid/Obama have rejected them because they didn’t fund ACA. The house has a constitutional right not to fund ACA which most Americans don’t want – or anything else for that matter!!!

  57. neaarboston says:

    Spending money to punish innocent tourists because he can’t get his way. What a wimp.

  58. Clay says:

    Time to take our Country back!

  59. h2k says:

    What happens the next time we have an impasse over the budget and the government “owns” healthcare? That’s right, no one but the political class has access to a doctor.

  60. Pingback: President Cry Baby closed Mount Rushmore to viewers...

  61. Pingback: Has the government shutdown affected your AMA club field?

  62. JW says:

    From “Sinatra, Live at the Sands”: “Mr Basie and I have had a run of bad luck lately. Yesterday, we went to the Grand Canyon, and it was closed!” This government is a joke.

  63. SAMCOLT says:

    makes you wonder who the rangers are that think this a good idea, When the time comes for serious measure to be taken, will they jump on board with the govt oppressors, or will they be with the people. They need to revolt against this poser in chief and let people do what a free people are supposed to be able to do. Shame on the park rangers, fed police, dea, atf and any others who act against Americans with this stomper is chiefs childlike actions.

    • Susan says:

      Rangers are already onboard. No need for “Brown Shirts” here in the U.S. they’ve already got plenty of federal employees willing to turn on their fellow citizens. Obama and camp just waive the threat of no paycheck and they jump. Citizens have already shown they won’t hesitate to turn on each other.

    • It’s the frog in the pot idea. Start with a little heat (having the park rangers lock people out of parks/monuments) and slowly turn up the heat. When the heat is high enough to cook the frog, it will not jump out of the pot. Slowly turn up the heat on the rangers until they are asked to fire upon the American people. Because they’ve slowly become accustomed to following orders they don’t believe in, they will comply.

      The German SS had units that lived with and trained their police dogs. The graduation event was the order for them to kill the dogs they had raised and lived with since they were pups. Most graduated because they were trained to follow orders. If they could kill the dogs they had nurtured from birth, they would kill anyone they were ordered to kill. Horrible but true.

  64. Robert Reade says:

    Democrats are making a huge mistake by allowing this mean spirited man as leader of their party.
    Obama is hate and rage. Poor ingredients in a party leader. There is the possibility that by the time Obama is gone, the Democrat party will be only Chuck Schumer and a few of his radical cohorts. And Obama will hardly be well remembered.

  65. Lee Wood says:

    The entrance to the Lake Mead Recreation Area is guarded (to stop all traffic) by a motorcycle Fed in the early morning and then by the Park Service. It is not legal to stop people from driving on this State highway! lake Mead is closed tp the people and our highway! Our Govermor is afraid ( shades of the “old west” Nevada being DEAD): certainly not as proactive as the South Dakota Governor. There is no legal right to do this! The mummified Reid is the accomplise in this disgusting National situation! For months the Park Service Supervisor has been closing off the boat ramps and access to the Lake . Wrongly,they claim a low water level but it is their release of water that makes it so. Soon we will not be able to access the Lake at all. The communities here are in distess.

  66. It appears that the Obama oligarchy has forgotten that we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The park service does not own Mt. Rushmore. The parks are owned by the people, who simply need to collect those orange cones and deposit them in the nearest trash bin.

  67. CV says:

    My family policy increases 60%, my new child will increase the premium next year unlike before where children did not increase family coverage and my co-pays, out of pocket and deductibles have also increased.  I make too much to get a gooberment subsidy, really not a subsidy unless you are broke just a tax credit. is nothing more than a scheme to get to single payer after the healthcare system collapses. Obamacare will bring America to it knees.

  68. jake says:

    So you just spoke to the one then? Cause that’s a shame. I myself believe in many of the things the tea party stands for. Unfortunately for you I am neither a racist or believe an arme takeover is the answer. The only way we will fix the problems with our government is for the American people to pull their collective heads out of their asses and tell the government we are the ones in control. Anyone remember by the people for the people?

  69. Congress passed a law to pay the furloughed workers when they pass a budget. So get their butts back on the job and knock off this idiocy.

  70. greggebhardt says:

    We have allowed our government so much power that they actually think that they own these monuments. They forget that it is We the Pople who own it all. We need to remind them in 2014 that they still work for us!

    • JJ says:

      Yes, they see themselves as actually owning our monuments, with American citizens not even allowed to see them at a distance from the roadside. Are they likewise covering up the Lincoln Memorial so people can’t see Lincoln sitting on that chair? What’s wrong with these lunatics? They sure spent a lot of effort putting up cones for people who are supposedly shut down.

  71. SARAH SOJERSEY says:

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned Obama played golf and sat for his photo portrait .. and his supporters are now OUTRAGED at how much their affordable health insurance NOW costs!

    • doodahdaze says:

      His presidency can only end with a constitutional crisis. He is an anti-constutution president. The rich can avoid Obamacare if they earn over 400% of the Federal set poverty level. They will just have to pay 3 times as much to get health care. The tax penalties will play havoc on the lower middle class. That is who Obamacare is destroying. It does not work. Just like everything he does. Now it does not work and sounds bad too. Obama is going down.

      • stella says:

        Really wealthy people don’t need to purchase health insurance at all.

        • doodahdaze says:

          Righto. But the cut off is at 46k for the “subsidy” anyone who has an adjusted gross income can go right to the insurance company and buy the insurance at the higher rate and skip the obamacare crap. The only thing the exchanges are for is pre-paid tax credits for those who earn less than 46k. They do not work and will not work by Jan.1. Too complicated. The application is insanity on display. Over 95% of the applications that get through the software maze will be rejected. Lack of info needed to get the advanced tax credit. Nobody even knows what their income will be in 2014 and that is what the rate is based on. It is Lunacy squared. Beyond fixing. Those under 46k can go direct at the higher rates too but can’t afford it. All the subsidy does is give the free tax credit for health insurance to people ahead of time. It will be “reconciled on the 2014 tax return in April of 2015. People will then owe more taxes if the income does not match what they claim int he application now. Then the IRS can seize their assets just as if they failed to pay their taxes. Bank accounts, property, the whole 9 yards. You can not believe how awful it really is. Beyond the ability to imagine.

          • doodahdaze says:

            PS….It can not lead to single payer because the taxes required are not possible to inflict. Medicare and Social Security are already bankrupted. There is only one way that the extended over 100 trillion tab can be paid. Hyperinflation at some point and paid off with worthless Obamabucks. So prep up me hearties. They only question is how long the Ponzi Scheme can last.

  72. Lonnie says:

    I would expect this kind of thing from a bunch of num-skulls, most of whom, and especially the individual at the top, constantly demonstrate the “Peter Principal” in action. Only a dumbed down population could have elected the present crew, not once, but twice.

  73. James Gaskell says:

    It is too bad people of our once great nation continue to put up with these rich little kids leading our country. They vote themselves raises while we the people, have to work hard for our medial wages. They are all paid through the shutdown. When will this all end. When the citizens get off their butts and do something about it. Vote them all out. Have 4 year terms for all after which, give them either an honorable or dishonorable discharge. Have a 10% flat tax and do way with all the tax loops. Humbling isn’t it? Oh, and quit helping other countries financially. Let’s take the money and take care of own citizens. Where are all the Obama lovers now?

  74. Alan Richards says:

    Another great example of how much the left cares. Executive branch & Congress should be the first NOT to get paid, or back pay. These fools have led this country into such a financial mess, and democrat dolts actually think democrats are better people. Both parties are crooks, who could not hold down a regular job in the private sector.
    Don’t listen to what the left says, watch what they do.

    • doodahdaze says:

      The Blue Dog’s are gone. Next step get rid of RINO’S. Then the battle lines will be clear and the real fight can start.

  75. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    What a small little man Oh-bama is.

  76. Steve says:

    The IRS has become a tool for political abuse and political favors. On a whim, the President can punish anyone through IRS arbitrary enforcement.

    Now, similar to the IRS, the National Parks are a tool for political abuse. I doubt Teddy Roosevelt had that in mind when he established them.

  77. Britt says:

    Now you know what they did with the $225-Million stimulus money they received; They bought cones, barrackades and chains.

  78. Brian says:

    So we should withhold tax payments while the Government is closed.

    Notice that despite the fact that the left claims NPR and PBS are not leftist mouthpieces
    they have not closed them. That says it all.

    So what is the Big ZERO’s next move? Put tanks on the freeways and threaten anyone using them?

    Martial law if the public continues to not care about his tantrums?

    • doodahdaze says:

      His next move it to wait for the RINO Republicans to betray the Conservatives and do his bidding. It will take another election. The key will be to eliminate more RINO’S through primary elections. Example: Peter King. This current babble is ridiculous. The fight is over a couple % of the overspending and borrowing needed to support ‘The Great Society’ re-distributions and the control agencies such as DOE and EPA. They are funded 100% by QE and bowwowing by the treasury. Little Bow Wow Obama has to have the credit card limit upped in order to pay for it.

  79. Tim says:

    Union thug mentality.

  80. Bill says:

    It becomes more and more clear every day. If obama supports something, America should be against it. If obama is against something, America should be supportive. The POS in the White House is un-American and anti-American.

  81. Danny Diego says:

    There is a way to view Rushmore without entering the park. I wrote about this in a blog a year or so ago. The site is about 1/2 mile before the park entrance.

    MT. RUSHMORE TIP: I was told of a spot, just before the park entrance, where one could stop and snap a photo of the 4 presidents. I found that spot and took a few great photos.

    Best part? I didn’t have to pay the $11 “parking fee” charged for the Mt. Rushmore experience. C’mon, folks, are we dumb? “Free” park entrance, but parking is $11? Come on! Anyhow, it looked nice.

  82. How dare the serfs gaze upon the monarch’s preserve without a royal dispensation! Nor shwl they be permitted to fish in the royal seas. Off with their heads, off with their heads, put the serfs in their place. Obviously, King Barry I truely believes he is the King of America, rather than, the President of a constitutional republic.

  83. Smoky Bear says:

    I was a supporter of the National parks, as we visit them twice a year and camp for a week each time. My backpacking trip to the Dolly Sods in WVa is off this weekend I suppose, as only one road runs up the mountain and is easily blocked.

    Its the “gusto” with which the NPS is enforcing this injustice that has gotten to me. I have already come to calling them National Park Nazis and they are only hurting their “persona” by acting as they are.

    Come on NPS…stand up and lets see a little civil disobedience. Take a stand for the average american and refuse to be the Nazi puppets of this administration. You have forever tarnished your image in the eyes of americans. Smoky the bear has already disowned you…he doesn’t want to be a purple shirt puppet; and Woodsy Owl is crying, “Who, Who are these people any more?”

  84. So what happens in the future when the Democrats decide to control us or make us feel the financial suffering by closing hospitals or restricting our access to health care which they will then run? Don’t think they won’t.

    • Sharon says:

      What will happen? More people will die sooner than they would have otherwise. They have a goal to control and having fewer people around who actively resist is not a bug in obamacare. It’s a feature.

      It’s been a given for decades that this was the point to which the country was headed…only had to run out the continuum to see where it ends up.

  85. Tony says:

    I have only one question.
    Why is this dictator wannabe still in office?

    • Sharon says:

      Because what he’s doing is ok with Congress. Those who have the authority and responsibility to remove him have not made use of it.

      • doodahdaze says:

        Righto. It is 100% Corruption and Graft. He is grafter in chief. It is out of control. Literally. No matter who”wins” we all lose. The only way to win is not to play.

    • doodahdaze says:

      The District of Corruption and everything inside the beltway is funded entirely by borrowed money created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and those suckers willing to buy Obama Bonds.

  86. Craig G says:

    Ok, break out the snow plows!

  87. Testicules says:

    The administration is spending MORE money playing his “F” The American People games than if the facilities were “open”.

    Q: How is this not a violation of the Hatch Act?

    Q: WHO is paying for this? Congress has not appropriated funds. This is either a violation of the Anti-deficiencies Act, OR we can see a receipt where all of the costs are being paid for by either the DNC, or by OWEbama from his “personal stash”. (still a Hatch Act violation either way)

    And if the dim-o-crits are NOT paying for this with their own money, that, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another Impeachable Offense.

  88. Deeply Concerned Citizen says:

    Forget Tea Party, forget partisan politics!

    How about we incent the federal government with pro-rated (annual) taxation payments based upon the number of days left without a budget ?

    Hmm, I’ll bet you could do the same with government employees benefits package?

    • Sharon says:

      There has not been a federal budget passed/signed in the last FIVE YEARS. …for the first time, obviously, in our nation’s history to have even one year without a budget.

      • yankeeintx says:

        You would think that a Constitutional scholar would know that the way to get rid of continuing resolutions would be to pass a budget.

  89. cameronphoto says:

    Didn’t is snow 3 feet in that part of South Dakota last week? Wouldn’t there be snow in the photos?


  90. brace_for_impact says:

    How in the world is this Obama clown still President of our once great country? And he still has 40% of the population so far up his behind they know what he had for lunch. As long as the hypnotized masses get their free handouts, they don’t care if our country goes down in flames.

  91. Ben Smith says:

    Another interesting commentary on the Shutdown:

    One nice thing about the shutdown is that it exposes the vast waste and inefficiency in the federal government…. But without doubt, the shutdown will end sooner or later, the 825,000 personnel who are not “essential” will go back to working none too hard, the Washington D.C., commute will once again be horrible, and nothing will change.

  92. Someone in the WH is having temper tantrum

  93. Dan says:

    Government by temper tantrum.
    Voting them out of office is no longer sufficient to protect our freedoms. We need a constitutional convention…and replace all of the self-serving idiots with a true rule of law. Not a rule of a man.

  94. I Live 17 miles from Mount Rushmore, AND I have Informed MANY that what the NPS is doing is ILLEGAL !!! Highway 16A IS a STATE/COUNTY ROAD. Those scenic view pullouts are for EMERGENCIES ALSO ! They can close the Gift Shop, They can close The Paid Parking Ramp.

  95. Fuzzy says:

    If I lived near Rushmore, me and my 4×4 would take appropriate care of those little orange cones.

  96. IronBob says:

    The President has declared war against the American people.

    • Sharon says:

      Actually, he declared war against the American people five days before Election Day in 2008 when he said that he was going to fundamentally transform America.

      It is helpful that people are beginning to notice that he actually meant what he said.

      I believed him the day he said it, but when I brought it up in concerned conversation with friends and family, I got teased about hearing black helicopters.

      • Stormy says:

        I saw 2 of them fly over my house about 2:30 am, Wednesday, September 12, 2001, full of Special Forces going to provide extra security around certain imprisoned haji

  97. Fuzzy says:

    Since Obozo and Mooshell use Air Force 1 or Marine 1 for their vacations, they may realize that the Interstate highways are non-essential. I think it may be time to buy stock in the companies that make those little orange cones…

  98. Knock down the “Barry-cades!” These landmarks belong to the people!

  99. South Dakotan says:

    Who owns the highway? Pretty sure it’s not the feds. Don’t think they have any jurisdiction on the shoulder. Might get a ticket from the Park Ranger (but they should be home, anyway, right?), but they can’t haul you off to jail.

  100. william penn says:

    Most disturbing is park rangers’ easy morphing into Gestapo-style thugs, enforcing the totalitarian rule of Comrade Obama. Americans will never look at park rangers the same again. Ever.

  101. mr fry says:

    um with no federal funds how did federal workers get the funds to put out the cones?

  102. I don’t dislike the Obama regime. I’m well beyond mere dislike for the jerk…
    That said….
    I’ve read many of the comments here that suggest the writers would take serious and emphatic actions if they lived close enough. There are — in fact — thousand of red-blooded Americans who DO live close enough, aren’t there? Why have they not taken some of the actions you tough hombres have suggested?

    I have a feeling most of you are big talkers, AND THAT’S ALL.

    • screwauger says:

      The admin of this site and it’s faithful followers have taken irl action on many aspects of this thug administrations tyranny over common Americans. Your insinuation is flame-worthy and indicative of your lack of interest in dialogue. Too bad since you’ve stumbled onto one of the few truly great sites possible and you could learn a great deal as to why you voted for and were deceived by the progressives currently in power positions.

  103. Al Alcazar says:

    After 80 years of life I awoke in a third world country under the rule of a petulant despot, Hope this is only a bad dream. I hope I soon wake to the country I served and loved.

  104. JJ says:

    So they are blocking pull-offs on highways to prevent people from even seeing our national monuments from the roadside? This is tyranny. What is wrong with this country letting this sort of thing happen.

  105. free says:

    Chicago gangster politics at its best

  106. Stacy says:

    Most of the park rangers are on unemployment because they are seasonal workers. It’d be nice if people actually took a principled stand against this tyranny!!

  107. Pingback: Government Shutdown | The Spike

  108. Joyce Small says:

    What would Alfred HItchcock think of this travesty?

  109. Scooter trash says:

    wish they would of tried this cr@p during bike week.. I don’t think they got the man power or jail space to pull this off then..

  110. Harold Martin says:

    Lots of big answers and nothing more. When will we all start signing petitions, for the quick impeachment of this manchild. Lets not worry about Biden unless he seems to follow the same pattern. Time is running out, let’s get it started…

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