Mark O’Mara?…… One Word: “Lettitgo”

The search for truth is a journey.   Along the journey you must continually check your position to insure you are following a path of non-agenda. 

Yes, that also means you must check, in addition to your heading, the placement of your feet to insure you are not following a misguided path built by others.   Those pathway stones are laid afore you by people ‘with’ an agenda.  They are generally unknown to you, and very good at non-visibility, because that is their skill set.

Professional deceivers.

We have become very good at spotting them, and predicting where they are headed next.

With that in mind, we do not need, nor do we want,  emails from people, organizations, and/or person(s) apologizing for their previous criticism as they recognize in hindsight the fingerprints upon the stonework.  Regardless of the construct therein, it  matters not.

Such propositions afford neither the sender, nor the recipient, any value.   Consider this a carefully placed fire-blanket acceptance so that any guilt driven internal fires can be extinguished.    One word:  “lettitgo”…

The keen example of Mark O’Mara strikes the tuning fork to the perfect pitch.


We, especially I, do not care to read, hear, listen to, or receive messages about, how right we were/are about Mark O’Mara, and how wrong others were.   Again, it matters not.

The time for the lying toxicity of Mark O’Mara to damage his client, George Zimmerman, has passed.    That was the only reason we worked diligently to research, and share, the truth surrounding him.

The time when weakness of truthful character could harm the process of justice for George Zimmerman is well in the rear.    Those issues, as they present and continue, are now solidly between Mark O’Mara and that Simms fella to work out.

Likewise, it does not matter either that George Zimmerman is aware of the nature of his attorney, and painfully well understanding of how damaging he was.  It matters not to us.   Whether or not he, or anyone else for that matter, was/were aware does not change the nature of a self evident truth.

Requesting that we, or I, afford such sunlight or revelation merely to rub the noses of the detractors is nothing short of prideful nonsense.     Pride is antithetical to Truth.   Pride is what stops you from finding the truth when the truth is uncomfortable to your disposition.

The inability to deal with pride is probably what causes this site to dispatch half of the pontificators who find themselves in perpetual moderation.  It is pride which also demands association both of, and for, the prideful.

The truth of things,… all things,…. does not care about your belief system, nor is it dependent on your willing engagement to publicly admit flaws.  Truth does not care for comfort or discomfort.   Truth  exists with or without anyone’s admissions, in any and all of the 360° honed and directed human flaws around it – especially pride.

Once again, we have no issues with Mark O’Mara.  He was just the wrong man for the job – that is all.    The general consensus from the more broad legal community is: there are times when you need a good liar in your corner.   We disagreed then, still do now – so what?

There was a time when that lying presented a danger, that time has passed – move along.

We do not need to prove, yet again, O’Mara a liar – he has done quite a good enough job of that all on his own.   Neither do we need anyone who has come to a new understanding to prove it in our defense, that’s pride.

Beside, we would much rather have been wrong.

Lettitgo !

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85 Responses to Mark O’Mara?…… One Word: “Lettitgo”

  1. jordan2222 says:

    I admit I am not up to date, so what should MOM do now?

  2. justfactsplz says:

    Yes, please let it go. The trial is over. Mark Omara is no longer George’s attorney.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Is he no longer co counsel with Beasley in the NBC suit? I also heard MOM say he was not through with Corey yet. So I not exactly sure what he has in mind aside from the expanded sanctions.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Omara is handling the sanctions from the trial and pre-trial hearings. He has said he is not through with Corey. All I am saying is Omara no longer represents George.

        • jordan2222 says:

          It’s actually the first time I have heard of it so, no, I did not know that. Was an announcement made publicly?

          I would sure like to see Don West get more actively involved IF there are going to be more civil suits like the NBC one.

  3. “Mark O’Mara … He was just the wrong man for the job…”

    That’s a curious statement.

    “Pride is what stops you from finding the truth when the truth is uncomfortable to your disposition.”

    Couldn’t agree more. It leads to what is commonly known as confirmation bias.


    Very apropos!

  4. scaretactics says:

    Since I am fairly new to this wonderful site, I don’t know much that transpired between MOM and George’s case. Just thankful that he defended George in a way that lead the jury to proclaim George Not Guilty.

    • justfactsplz says:

      If you are interested you can go to the side search bar on this site, type in Mark Omara and see all of the articles about him.

      • Forrest says:

        Initially confused about the suggestion that MOM disengage, I did search previous posts about him (I am a lurker, not poster, but certainly have found SD’s blog to be the most informative source of unbiased information available … hahah, as an aside, so did the prosecutors!).

        While it is undeniable that MOM is a sleazy and conniving individual, with a fairly broad definition of the truth and a fire in his bones for the defense of HIS judicial system, I would quite frankly state that I expect no more or less in a defense attorney. You get what you pay for, if your only concern is hiring an effective lawyer. Did he lie (i.e. about donations and other things)? Yes. Did he effectively defend the innocent Zimmerman? Apparently so.

        Unlike us, relatively anonymous, online posters, he has to wake up and face a deeply flawed and biased system every day. In order to keep his job, it was necessary to refrain from what we might consider his G_d given duty to uncover dishonestly and malice. Thank our L_ord that he did so effectively, but let us pray ever more fervently for true justice in the system.

        • There is no such thing as “true justice”. Our system of justice is bound together with our emotions, experiences, and prejudices, but it is still the best system in the world.

          The idea of “innocent until proven guilty” has weathered the corruption by so many (looking at you, Ms. Corey) and has been misunderstood by so many others (looking at you, Leathermen crowd and the like), that it is truly amazing to see that these jurors still made the right call. Part of the jury’s ability to make the right call, whether some want to admit it or not, is due to O’Mara’s handling of this case.

          This case was overseen by two biased judges and prosecuted by a corrupt team of lawyers that will hopefully see the consequences of their actions very soon. And, yet, the jury made the right decision. Some credit is certainly due to Mr. O’Mara.

    • Razz Allen says:

      I agree, George was found not guilty and from all appearances he did a good job for George. So what has O’Mara done or not done now? I canceled my subscription to the Slantinel 3 weeks ago.

      • kathyca says:

        Nothing as far as I know. Seems to me like SD was just addressing a barrage of stuff patting him on the back for being right when they doubted him and saying quit…it’s irrelevant.

        The part of the post I related to the most is about how we would much rather have been wrong.

        • canadacan says:

          I like that too nobody likes to be right about something distasteful

        • justfactsplz says:

          You are so right kathca. I would have been very happy if we had been wrong about Omara. I liked him at first but quickly discovered what he was and was not doing that he should not have and should have been doing. Once I saw him for what he is I never looked back even though the stand we took was unpopular. It was the truth and that is what it was all about. I think the truth about him eventually helped George and his family sort it out in their minds. He no longer represents George.

  5. justfactsplz says:

    I am so glad George had Don West. He was the right man for the job.

    • sangell says:

      But I don’t know if West could have presented a closing argument that was as effective as Omara’s was in letting 6 female jurors feel comfortable acquitting George Zimmerman. That was the hill the defense had to climb. The evidence said he wasn’t guilty but Crump and the media ( and don’t believe those jurors didn’t know it) made it clear George had to be guilty of something because he had to be otherwise why was he on trial.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Just off the top of my head I could name a couple of defense attorneys who could have done a great job on closing arguments and could have connected with the jury. I will say it was a decent closing argument. The ones I think of would have said emphatically that their client was innocent and they would not been afraid of upseting the AA community.

        • Was it fear that O’Mara felt? He certainly didn’t mind being more emphatic after the trial. Perhaps there was something else at play, something along the lines of a strategy. O’Mara’s strategy with self defense/immunity has certainly been played very well. Something to think about.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I believe it was fear of what others knew about him concerning George’s case. I think Shellie’s trial will be very telling.

            • Interesting. What lifted that fear? The case being won? Why would winning the verdict change how he spoke about the case and the prosecution? The “others” should still know things about him, right? Sorry, watching an episode of Lost on Netflix. Couldn’t resist “the others”.

              • justfactsplz says:

                It baffles me, too. He seemed different after he won. He seemed to be more outspoken and made a statement that he and Angela Corey would be seeing a lot more of each other. He is pursuing the sanctions. I do think winning the case didn’t bring him all the glory he invisioned. He is realizing a lot of people don’t think much of him. He no longer represens George and that says a lot also.

            • Also, can resist … sorry …
              That’s an awful lot of speculation, justfactsplz. Might be time for a name change.

              • justfactsplz says:

                Ha, Ha, that gave me a little chuckle. We all speculate from time to time but I’m confident that I have my facts about Omara right. I am just happy George was aquitted.

    • charlotte says:

      I agree. he saved the day. MOM wouldnt have done by himself

  6. Mark O’Mara?…… One Word: “Lettitgo”

    • canadacan says:

      , somehow with divine intervention probably
      It all worked out for the best. what’s done is done no need to flog a dead horse.
      I guess the Beasley boys are George’s lawyers now.
      I want to hear about George’s civil suits if we can and I hope he keeps in touch with us.
      I’m very fond of George.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Me, too. I am so grateful he had everyone here at the Treehouse supporting him. I know it helped George.

        • keriheat says:

          RICK MADIGAN
          “All the mistakes he [O'Mara] made, simply forgiven by his fans, and why not, he didn’t have to suffer for his mistakes. His client served 30 days in isolation, his client’s wife was arrested and charged with perjury, but hey, we’re ready to move on.

          Rick doesn’t want to “let it go” , And while some of Rick’s words are ‘slashing’, I agree with him.

          And Rick is perfectly free to post that on his blog. If you agree with that, pursue it at Rick’s blog. –Admin

      • janc1955 says:

        I think many folks are putting all GZ’s future eggs in Beasley’s basket. I hope they won’t be disappointed. What do we know about the Beasley group? What are the political affiliations of this law practice? What separate agendas are they running? How much courage do they possess?

        • “What do we know about the Beasley group?”

          – A pretty fair amount

          “What are the political affiliations of this law practice?”

          – Hard to say. The managing partner, Jim Beasley, took on the reigns after his father passed. He’s more skilled with medical malpractice, as he has both a JD and an MD, with expertise in molecular genetics. He’s also a civilian pilot, who’s earned the privilege of flying a P-51 Mustang, not a very easy task, especially for a civilian. That should answer your fourth question.

          “What separate agendas are they running?”

          Their agenda appears to be one of making A LOT of money, which, one would think, temporarily aligns them perfectly with the goals of the suit filed on behalf of Mr. Zimmerman.

          • jordan2222 says:

            Two questions: Can we expect to see day by day coverage? Will this be heard by a jury, as they requested?

            • stella says:

              Beasley founded this site:


              • jordan2222 says:

                Something strange is going on in that my replies to a comment do not appear below as they once did. I asked two questions so I am asking if you are replying to my questions>

                Two questions: Can we expect to see day by day coverage? Will this be heard by a jury, as they requested?

                • stella says:

                  The whole thread is screwed up, jordan. I think a comment got deleted out of order, which causes this kind of mess. As for day-to-day coverage, I doubt it.

        • stella says:

          Beasley is an extremely well-known Philly law firm. They specialize in, among other things, lawsuits for defamation. They are one of the best.

      • Sharon says:

        Canadacan above says, about George:

        I hope he keeps in touch with us.

        George has never been in touch with us.

  7. janc1955 says:

    I’m grateful GZ was acquitted, however, I have always believed MUCH more should have been done by his defense team to publicly defend his character and answer the Scheme Team’s antics from the very beginning. That’s what I would have demanded of my attorneys if I was in GZ’s shoes. Since his defense team chose to avoid discussing any and all “character issues,” I’m afraid George will pay the price for that poor decision for the foreseeable future. I’m not positive a loud and public defense of his character would’ve made much of a difference, but it should have been done regardless.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I agree. His character has suffered so much because of this. It makes me angry and sad because George has such a good character.

  8. Dajoe says:

    Just one more thing before Lettin’ItGo: MOM did a fabulous job under excruciatingly difficult circumstances. Praise be to MOM. Thanks be to MOM. We all prayed for George’s acquittal. MOM stepped up and accepted the assignment. Soli Deo Gratia. Soli Deo Gloria.

    • sundance says:

      As long as that’s what you need to reconcile the prediction of tomorrow’ sunrise. Fine.

      (*note – I’m highroading)

      • justfactsplz says:

        That’s the only way to go, the high road.

      • Dajoe says:

        Where would the low road lead?

        • ftsk420 says:

          MOM dropped the ball no doubt about it. I said long ago MOM needed to get down and nasty don’t hold back let everyone see who and what Trayvon was. But he doesn’t have the stones for that. He’s still being called a racist murderer Eric Holder is after him he can’t even wipe his butt without someone saying he wiped the wrong way. MOM could have stopped this from the start if he pulled his skirt up and showed a pair.

          • dizzymissl says:

            Very crude, but you nailed it.

          • Dajoe says:

            MOM is a highroader. Angela is a lowroader. His style prevailed. Nobody won. Justice served. Lettin’ItGo!

          • trayvonobama says:

            The Judge did pretty much everything she could to help the state. I don’t think to many people here would argue this.

            Mom tried to bring Martins past actions Into the case… but Nelson would not allow It.

            I’m not suggesting Mom was the best attorney for this case. But at the end of the trial George was found not guilty. Thank God the jury didn’t allow their emotions to override their Intellect. That…and the states case was the weakest I have ever witnessed.

            I hope Corry Is disbarred and thrown In jail for what she has done. Withholding evidence In the original affidavit for starters. Just the sight of this women makes me want to vomit.

            Now the Martins and the race pimps want to charge George for a hate crime /violating Martins civil rights. Despicable creatures.

  9. lovemygirl says:

    From what I was able to gather is George’s father understood the ruse and respects SD. I don’t think GZ will be utilizing MOM’s services in the future if he can avoid it.

  10. unitron says:

    Who were the other, better for Zimmerman, lawyers willing to take on his case pro bono, and why didn’t we hear about any of them?

    • It’s inappropriate to actively solicit business from someone who is already represented. That accounts for the silence.

      However, your question is still a good one to ponder, because the goal was a not guilty verdict. It was obtained. One can argue that O’Mara was not the right man for the job, but those that argue that aren’t really talking about handling the case, itself, but rather the PR campaign surrounding the case. Considering the filter that type of message would have to go through, I’m not sure there is a “right man for the job”.

      • sundance says:

        No. When I’m critical of Mark O’Mara I’m talking about the handling of the case itself. Nothing outside of the case at all (PR campaign).

        Mark O’Mara *wanted* this to go to trial. <— understand that statement for all it implies.

        • “When I’m critical of Mark O’Mara I’m talking about the handling of the case itself. Nothing outside of the case at all (PR campaign).”

          I’ll take you at your word, but the multiple threads denigrating O’Mara’s interviews have implied, if not the opposite, then the appearance that at least some of the criticism was about the PR aspect.

          As for O’Mara “wanting” this to go to trial. I wonder if that is entirely accurate, Considering the biased judges he was up against, it seems more likely it was a judgement call that this case was always going to be decided in a court and that that scenario might be better for Zimmerman, as it would provide a judgement by a jury of his “peers”, rather than one individual.

      • unitron says:

        The others could have volunteered to take it on pro bono simutaneously with O’Mara’s offer, before George had selected anyone.

        The point I’m making is it seems George’s financial situation meant he was pretty much at the mercy of someone else’s charity for decent representation, and kind of had to take what he could get, so did he have a choice other than between O’Mara and some overworked public defender (and we’ve heard something about the lengths to which Corey, et al, would go to keep PDs from having a fighting chance)?

        • jordan2222 says:

          I do not for sure what options he had at the time, nor do I know with certainty how he chose OMara. So when discontent emerged, I never heard a logical, fact based explanation of what choices he had. Do you have more info about that ?

  11. LittleLaughter says:

    Curious- Who will represent George in asking for immunity? And…Would he not even petition for immunity if no suits are filed? I am not sure of the statute of limitations with regard to wrongful death; would it be wise to wait it out, or go ahead and file or immunity? (Understanding, of course, that the Martin family and their shrine know exactly when their time would be up for filing a claim).

    • ftsk420 says:

      The way I just read it they would have till Feb 26 2014 to file. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t George be allowed to use everything about Trayvon if so I really don’t think the Martins want that. At this point they can make way more money by riding the gravy train they have right now.

      • Not only would that type of case allow facts about the Martins to come to light that they might necessarily want to be kept hidden (from those that have not made their way to this site), but once immunity is granted – and it would be – they would be liable for compensation to Zimmerman for any legal fees, which would tap into their new income stream.

  12. finai says:

    I have the feeling Mark O’Mara knows he won his battle but lost the war. He’ll not rise to the prominence to which he thought he was destined. His 15 minutes are up. Sundance, how you find and match the references amazes me. Correlation is a talent that’s genius in diagnostics. “The Primrose Path” I’m in awe.

  13. paulessick says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog snuppy.

  14. jordan2222 says:

    I recently researched for immunity for George and what it would mean to him in addition to being immune to civil suits and any further criminal charges. I am still not exactly sure why O’Mara has not filed for immunity yet but I have a hunch about his strategy.

    It is pure speculation but I think it’s mostly timing relative to other issues, the NBC suit and others not yet filed.

    So far, I have not found any consistent opinions. That seems absurd to me since the law should be easy to understand about what can happen when a defendant is found to be not guilty by a jury of his peers. In OJ’s case in CA, the law is plain and simple. He had no protection from civil suits.

    I saw this comment by Branca:

    The next legal issue will likely center on Florida’s self-defense immunity statute, 776.032, he said. (The immunity provision was passed as part of the “Stand Your Ground” law.)

    While Mr. Zimmerman’s defense lawyers elected against seeking immunity before trial, they have said they will do so should he face a private lawsuit related to Trayvon Martin’s death, Mr. Branca noted.

    Then I read the statute again:

    Florida’s statute 776.032, is among the broader self-defense immunity statutes, in that it possesses all four qualities of an optimal statute of this type.

    First, it is not limited to particular settings or circumstances (e.g., such as to self-defense encounters in and around one’s home).

    Second, it prohibits even the arrest of the person who acted in self-defense, in the absence of probable cause for such arrest.

    Third, it immunizes against criminal as well as civil liability.

    And, fourth, it provides for the defendant who successfully obtains immunity to recover all reasonable legal expenses (and, in the case of Florida, even compensation for lost income) from the plaintiff.

    Notice the fourth one..

    Some analysts have said that he can recover his legal fees and other damages by seeking immunity and others say no so I have yet to find the correct answer.

    I would appreciate some input/feedback about this post.

    • JAS says:

      In as much as the trial expenses go, it could be that because the immunity hearing did not happen before the trial, recovering those expenses would be ex-post facto to having immunity if such was granted later on.

  15. jordan2222 says:

    Can anyone verify that Shellie is pregnant? IIRC, it was mentioned at RT.

    • Sharon says:

      I hope not. First of all, the topic of this thread is Mark O’Mara. Secondly, such personal information is not something we need to be discussing. After what the family has been through, general courtesy in giving them privacy about personal matters should be extended. Sorry to disappoint you. ;)

  16. JAS says:

    In as much as we might find it contrary to our belief system, even distasteful, I realize that MOM has to go back and play in that sandbox; a sandbox I would not even want to stick my little toe in. From that point of view I can accept giving MOM a pass. I am not him, and I don’t have to be. He got the job done whilst not being the bull in “his” china shop. That is who he is, whether I like it or not.

    Did the method clarify GZ’s position in our society after his acquittal? Not in the least, and therein lies the rub. GZ is not guilty. But in his case beyond a reasonable doubt will never be enough. It had be flat out unequivocal, and the facts were there to air. MOM accomplished the task given to him, his way. Was it enough? I’m sure he believes so. Hence I am giving him a pass and moving on. It’s all water under the bridge at this point.

  17. FairWitness says:

    I am so glad for George Zimmerman, in spite of his lawyer’s unfortunate truth deficiencies & conflicting agenda, that he was exonerated. It’s a shame his legal team didn’t do more defending of his character outside the courtroom. I admire Mr. Zimmerman for his generosity & courage. There just aren’t many neighbors willing to stick their necks out for each other. That man got out of his truck on a rainy, dark night to protect them all. And when his screams to his neighbors failed to summon another man of courage, he had to save himself. I’m glad the neighbors told the truth on the witness stand, but their testimony proves they heard him crying out & all they did was call 911. George needed immediate help, someone else who to get involved. Had i been there I would have & I would have been armed, too.

  18. janc1955 says:

    This thread is acting up with replies, so I’ll put my Beasley response here. Disclaimer: I haven’t researched Beasley to get a sense of their chutzpah.

    It’s my sense that if someone is going to bat for GZ in a big way (beyond suing media outlets), it means taking on all manner of political correctness, racism, the BGI, the state of Florida, Holder, the President, and so on. So my courage question about the Beasley group is really about *that* kind of courage. How much of a stink are they willing to make on GZ’s behalf? Because there are lots and lots of lawsuits that need filing, and in the course of doing that, lots and lots of people will be left completely exposed for the bottom feeders they are.

    What’s needed is the anti-O’Mara. Is that the Beasley group? Hopefully it is … or alternatively, GZ has others who are willing and able to take on his cause. I’m not real optimistic either way.

    • stella says:

      Beasley group are trial lawyers. They are suing NBC on George’s behalf, and their goal is to get a big payday for George and for them. It may even be settled out of court. They won’t be interested in the politics unless it has something to do with the suit.

    • stella says:

      Research Beasley. I think you will understand better. They are excellent trial lawyers, and will take any case they think they can win.

    • Trevor says:

      I’d consider the NBC lawsuit a way for GZ to recoup something for the last two years of his life. A windfall would go a long way toward providing a future for him and his family. It may also provide ammunition to take on ABC, CNN, Angela Corey, the State of Florida, etc. On the negative side, a windfall for GZ may bring the Fulton/Martin clan back into the picture as a plaintiff.

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