“Justice for Trayvon” — The revenge quest begins even before Zimmerman verdict comes down

Welcome to the “NEW” America.  The land of revenge and retribution, where the mob rules and Truth is buried with the full cover and tactical support of the Propaganda arm of the Obama Administration

- aka –  the Corporate Media

Understand the following is a classic case of deliberate Media Malpractice.  It isn’t “accidental”.  Still want to tell me you get your “news” from the Corporate Media?

Dateline:  July 1, 2013,  Cobb County, Georgia

Meet Joshua Heath Chellow, 36.  Like many others, he assumed the early hours of July 1st were going to be another regular day filled with the normal day-to-day activities of life in middle class America – a day that included stopping for gas at a Marbleton, GA gas station in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Joshua Heath Chellow

Unfortunately for Joshua, filling up his tank meant he had to exit his vehicle.  Joshua had the misfortune of the same condition that afflicted George Zimmerman that fateful and now infamous night of Feb 26th, 2012 – REWW. (*)  Apparently that was sufficient enough for him to be “Trayvonned”.

The media is silent on what compelled the attackers, but what is known is that Joshua was set upon and mercilessly beaten in a life-threatening attack by a group of four “unarmed” black males.  In a desperate attempt at self-preservation, Joshua began backing away from his attackers – stumbling onto the parkway in front of the gas station where he was run over by a passing car.  The driver of the vehicle stopped, rendered aid and called 9-11 but Joshua died of his injuries.

Did any of you know about this attack?  No.  Because the media reported it as a “hit and run fatality” while deliberately refusing to discuss the events the preceded the fatal “hit and run”.

This is where you need to sit up and pay attention.  In addition to deliberately suppressing the full, true story of what happened to Joshua, the corporate media made a deliberate and coordinated editorial effort to spin the story:

 MABLETON, Ga. – Cobb County police hope to catch the hit-and-run driver who fatally struck 36-year-old Joshua Heath Chellew of Mableton as he walked along Mableton Parkway early Sunday.

The sanitization of this egregious racially motivated hate crime by the corporate media commenced almost immediately.  The national media refused to even entertain discussion about the Scheme Team fallout from the “Justice for Trayvon” rhetoric.

Three of the four accused are 18 years of age – or in the venacular of John Guy, simply misguided youths a mere 24 mths past the tender age of 16.

Given the timing of this attack – and the corporate media coverup – could this be one of the reasons that Scheme Team principal Parks was making the press rounds decrying “violence” and downplaying the role of the Scheme Team in inciting violence and retribution?

* = Running Errands While White

THESE are the faces of soulless, predatory, pathological EVIL:


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149 Responses to “Justice for Trayvon” — The revenge quest begins even before Zimmerman verdict comes down

  1. Burnt Toast says:

    What? Those are but four innocent little children. There is no telling what horrors Josh committed upon them.

  2. Partyzant says:

    Will POTUS decry this barbarism, or will he make a statement to the effect of “if I had a son, he’d look like these guys”?
    Is that the new way of implying that a perp has the official permission of the state to profile, pursue and hunt down/execute the average guy?
    If this is what it comes to, then we are living in some INTERESTING TIMES.
    Comport yourselves accordingly.

  3. wanderlust says:

    Plenty of “ill will” there – second degree murderers!!!

  4. jke456 says:

    The media hides these stories everyday. They hide black on white crime and they rarely will tell you the race of a suspect unless he is white. Read “whit girls bleed a lot” website for documentation of thousands of these type of cases where media down plays and hides this shyte.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Understood. But what is instructive here is the dot-connecting about the deliberate media lies and spin to help those who still don’t get it.

      • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

        Exactly. This is why we cannot lose focus of Breitbart’s assertion that we must go after the media. They should be the target.

      • jke456 says:

        Yep but those who don’t get it either don’t want to or have good reason not to (BGI, msm, politicians….etc.) Those in parentheses are the ones hiding it. just like MDPD school that hide crime, look all over the nation all cities are doing it for the blacks, trying to lower crime rates. St Louis crime is dropping ( they now count burglary of cars on one street as 1 crime instead of how ever many were broke into) only crime rate not dropping is murder, and only because they havnt figgered out how to hide the bodies yet. check out Charelstonthuglife.com . see how many crimes thug get off of, many many carrying illegal weapon charges dropped , arrested many many times before ANY jail time. In my area most of the first time arrest these thugs get wuld get “rural redneck cracka’s” in my area hard time. Chicago parole ignores positive for mj , they figger to many positives and just maybe it will calm them down. What’s funny is charelston probation and parole officers telling the thugs if they stay off of charelstonthuglife they will let them off probation earlier, also because of CTL they are starting to give out real bonds for crime instead of piddly 1000 for AAWITK and the like.
        Yours is not the only website shining light but most people are not paying attention and wont pay attention until it directly effects them.

        AAWITK = aggravated assault with intent to kill

      • Partyzant says:

        I used to think that the media were analogous to the death camp sonderkommando. Now that I see that they enjoy the work and are enthusiastic in their labors, they are actually analogous to the Schutzstaffel Sonderkommando.

        One does it to survive (for a bit), the other sees it as a goal to strive for.

        GZ has been hurled into that collectivist history oven no matter the outcome, as has now Mr. Chellew.

        We are not individually isolated from this event by physical distance or genetic distance. The barbarians are not just at the gate, they are at the local gas station, they are in your gated community.

        It echoes the “im in ur base killin ur d00dz”, a gamer meme meaning “Guess what? I’m humiliating you and you don’t even know it.”

        However, I think ignorance is falling away from many and many more know what the stark fact of the matter is, unpleasant as that may be.

    • michellc says:

      Many of these that the state run media has covered up involve the mention of Trayvon. I was actually aware of the Springfield, MO cases. These moms faced similar road blocks that SD faced. Like SD they sunk their teeth and refused to be bullied.

    • Tom D says:

      The media hides a lot of black on black crime stories too. It’s all sickening.

  5. Tz says:

    1. I’m very curious what the priors on these people were.
    2. I do find it interesting that the “friend” who wants to remain anonymous and was with Chellow at a gas station at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning or whenever appears to be a black woman.
    I wonder if this has anything to do with what happened.
    I wonder if she was really a friend.

    • I think she’s probably a friend, from what I have heard of the case, that was the trigger for the Trayvon’s to go off. Chellew was talking and joking with his black female friend. She probably worried about retaliation for “snitching.”

      • Partyzant says:

        Any indication she helped him, or did she just stand there like a potted plant?

        Loyalty… where has THAT gone as a virtue? Must be right beside common decency, in the ash bin of history…….

        • tz says:

          I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that the young woman who was with him may have been a prostitute. How many 36 year olds have 19 year old female friends that you give rides to at 2:00 am on a Sunday? Nothing good happens on the streets after midnight.

          A real friend would be up front demanding justice for their murdered friend.
          Chellew’s family has been pretty quiet- possibly for this reason.

          None of this excuses the violence, but there’s always more to the story in something like this.

          I apologize to the woman if I am wrong about this speculation, but if I were a betting man….Judge for yourselves.

          • ytz4mee says:

            So, let me get this straight. In a post about media malpractice and deliberate PC spin of a tragic event, you post links to the mainstream media to dispute the story?

            The local news and small papers and blogs are where you are going to get the true backstory of this.

            And yet you post the local corporate media account, which is only semi-reporting ALL the facts after their blatant attempt at “hit and run fatality” coverup only AFTER the local bloggers and indies began working the story?

            So, in other words, you have learned nothing.


            • tz says:

              I’m saying MAYBE the media is hiding that this woman is a prostitute because it adds an unseemly element to the story they don’t want to report. Does a 19 year old black woman with a 36 year old white male at 2:00 am not raise an eyebrow to you? Call me old fashioned, but it does to me.

              I’m confident that Chellew didn’t deserve to die. I’m just not putting a halo on him like the media put a halo on Trayvon.

              On the other hand. Maybe their relationship was innocent and Maybe the media is covering the fact that Chellew was a saint who got beaten just because he was with a black woman.

              There is also the report that the warrant said he flashed crip colors. To me- that sounds pretty crazy. Should we believe the AJCs claim? No. Should we verify the warrant and then figure out who made that claim- yes.

              If you know more about what really happened– put up. All I’m suggesting is there is probably more to the story.

              • ytz4mee says:

                Kiss. My. Azz.
                Do your own homework & post if you dispute what I post.

                I’m not your step & fetchit.

                That is all.

              • ftsk420 says:

                “Does a 19 year old black woman with a 36 year old white male at 2:00 am not raise an eyebrow to you? Call me old fashioned, but it does to me”.

                Doesn’t raise an eyebrow to me at all. My god sons mother is the same age and I have dropped her off at that time of night before. No way that creepy ass cracka is a crip. He may have been wearing crip colors but that doesn’t make him a crip. What crip sign did he throw.

              • Chip Bennett says:

                If you know more about what really happened– put up. All I’m suggesting is there is probably more to the story.

                Is it possible that a 36-year-old, pasty white, red-headed guy was a member of the crips gang?


                Is it probable?

                Someone’s going to need to provide some evidence of that.

              • Partyzant says:

                OK, have you ever seen a “John” bring his “rent a date” to a gas station?

                Do not be so quick to slander the woman, at least admit what you know, what you don’t and separate it from your opinion.

                State your facts, state your opinion but there is no duty to perform according to your wishes. Admins do this for free and don’t need the B.S.

          • Josh says:

            “…I suspect that the young woman who was with him may have been a prostitute.”
            What if he WAS with a prostitute? What are you saying?

    • Stormy says:

      I wonder if her name was DeeDee …

  6. saywhat says:

    “They KNOCKED HIM TO THE GROUND where he was almost immediately run over”
    – Jekari Strozier. 19
    – Antonio Pass, 18
    – Johnathan Anthony, 18
    – Kemonta Bonds, 18
    All four have been charged with murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act. They are currently being held at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center without bond.

    • Partyzant says:

      I am surprised this has not been labelled as workplace violence gone wrong (yet). Is Al Sharpton going to fire up the BGI corporate jet and save these chilluns from the evil persecution? I am sure that they were all trying to get their lives turned around.

  7. jke456 says:

    Oh and it is Josh’s fault for getting out of his car.

  8. Chip Bennett says:

    Well, those teenage children were just standing their ground against the racist white dude walking out of the gas station talking to himself.

    As NatJack would say: Defending Joshua Chellew’s actions, threatens ALL men of color b/c they r 1s viewed as “suspicious/scary” on a dark night.

  9. eastern2western says:

    because no one heard punching noises, then the fight never occurred. this is the great lesson from baldo.

  10. John Galt says:

    “The AJC says Joshua Heath Chellew instigated a “fight” with the suspects. They claim the 36 year old white man identified himself to the suspects as a member of an all black street gang called the “Crips.”

    White, red headed Crip.

    • ytz4mee says:

      If Minitrue decrees it, it must be so.
      Joshua is officially an unperson.

    • jke456 says:

      LOL musta held his hands wrong and thrown the wrong gang sign LOL…… really not funny guy is dead and it may be possible that is why… Sad

      • ytz4mee says:

        All gas stations have video surveillance to catch robbers and drive-offs. So this entire encounter has been captured. How much do you want to guess it will never be released – because the corporate Media has no interest in asking for – letting alone broadcasting it?

        Think what the media response would be in the final weeks of the GZ trial if four “crackers” had set upon and beat a black male who then was run over by a car when he was desperately trying to escape.

        Would we know about it?

        The narrative lives.

        • Partyzant says:

          An appropriate response is to BOYCOTT all retail outlets of that company. What company was it? I’ll wait a decent interval to see if the surveillance video comes out, then it is GAME ON to deprive them of my hard earned discretionary income.
          2 can play at the Alinsky game. Personalize, freeze, isolate and ridicule.

          • unitron says:

            If they release the video to the public, as opposed to just turning it over to law enforcement, then you run the risk that they can claim they can’t get a fair trial because of all the pre-trial publicity and they walk.

        • marie says:

          Hate to say it, but the advertisers on the media will have to be made to pay attention to “the rest of the nation.” Yes, that means boycotts.

          • Partyzant says:

            Never hate the truth…
            Veritas vos liberabit
            The truth shall set you free
            John 8:32

        • ctdar says:

          Any wonder if DOJ/CSR has taken charge like it did with the 911 call from the Black on White attack of those 2 reporters in VA last year:

    • Partyzant says:

      It is a problem that decades of prog teaching have deactivated too many brains to the instinctual danger warning signs (the Amygdala).

      May I suggest NEVER letting your gas tank go below 1/2, and only fill it in places that you KNOW are safe, Or go with your own crew, always. There is safety in numbers.

      You make your own odds, stop thinking like a sheep/victim/oh, the state will save me (THAT worked out for GZ, eh?)

      People need to get their minds out of condition white

      and get to condition yellow, per Cooper.

      • CurlyDave says:

        Your suggestions about the gas tank are, of course, good. But, you stop far short of how to deal with the real problem, which is the very racist and violent attitudes of significant portions of the Black community.

        I have read stories of Blacks having to plan auto trips well in advance so they could stop in safe areas for fuel and food. It is not quite that bad for whites these days, but it is getting to the point where there are many places whites should not enter.

        I avoid *all* areas with high concentrations of AAs. There is nothing there worth my life. As much as this is unfortunate, and may lead to exacerbating the problems of economic deprivation which lead to the danger, the danger is very real.

        Personal safety is a much higher priority than all of the government programs aimed at “equality”.

        Until our government and news organizations recognize this new reality, the problem will get worse, never better.

        • Partyzant says:

          I write (mostly) with brevity because if I get on a roll, the better half gets on me about it. I try to be brief, be good and be gone, and usually get 2 of the 3. Okay, 1 of 3.

          You are right that there is NOTHING there worth your life, but I disagree that that is unfortunate. It is fortunate that people DO recognize this-keep spreading the gospel of personal safety.

          I agree that the danger is very real, it is akin to standing in a dessicated, overgrown forest with lots of undergrowth and damaged trees on a hot dry day with a breeze, starting a s’mores cookout fire.

          That is what the State there has done. In looking over twittersphere, the sparks are out there and it is foolish in the extreme to ignore that or wish it away.

          The form the evil will approach in may surprise observers… I am even skeptical of local progs who may want their own “ghetto bragging rights”, proving their “loyalty” to a system so that it may eat them last. They do not understand the role of the Leninist “useful idiot”. Too bad the useful idiots are at the helm (for the time being).

          • Sharon says:

            if I get on a roll, the better half gets on me


          • “And yet, and yet.” — Elie Wiesel. His favorite phrase, actually.

            And yet, Christians go to the absolute, most dangerous Ninevahs on the planet, and have for two thousand years, without balancing the worth of their current body against the value of spreading the agape of the Gospel.

            SOMEthing is worth going there, even with the very real risk of death.

            Do we?

          • taqiyyologist says:

            Spam filter: shortened version.

            Did all the Martyrs in Christian history say “meh, it
            s not worth my LIFE.”

            Jonah did. Got called out for it.

            • taqiyyologist says:

              America is the boat Jonah got on. After God told him to go and preach to Ninevah, he knew Ninevah was like Detroit, Camden, Cleveland, and the worst, most violent parts of every single mid- to large-sized city in America, especially for Jews, more especially for Jewish Prophets of The Most High. So he boarded a boat headed west across the Mediterranean, thinking to escape. The other men on the boat were not bound to God. Jonah was.

              America is that boat, folks. How many here (raise your hands) go and preach fearlessly the Gospel and love of Christ in any of the many places where it would (were it not for the hand of God you have, or say you have, this vague thing called “FAITH” in) probably mean you getting knocked the heck out for even stopping at a red light?

              How many? People say they have “faith” in God and Christ and they hide in their secure domain, confident in their “faith”. Never mind the Great Commission.

              Or maybe that was for just the specific people to which the resurrected Christ was speaking. Not us, surely not us.

            • taqiyyologist says:

              Never mind this huge storm we’re inexplicably inside of right now, as a nation.

              The waves, they are nearly countless. And they threaten to sink us.

                • Honestly, ytz, I don’t see where my comments above are counter to that post.

                  And I thank you. If they are, tell me.

                  AFAIK, I just posted what I hoped was thought-provoking, and spriti-revving truth.

                  • ytz4mee says:

                    I didn’t know if you had seen the new thread. The lack of civility is part of the sewage that is filling our little life raft to the brim. I thought you would appreciate that, given that you have weathered a lot of the storms here. That is all. Wasn’t a knock on you, more of a redirect FYI that we were trying to get it under control.

      • douglasjbender says:

        Or, carry concealed, and be ready to use.

    • Partyzant says:

      Must be that vitiligo again.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Also: child abuse, right? (Counting age on a Rachel Jeantel scale, of course.)

      • Partyzant says:

        It IS possible that they are referring to mental age, not physical age. We assume the common convention. Cursive is a grade school item. Use of harmful substances kills brain cells. It gives room to ask the question what the mental age of these individuals is/was.
        The bell curve is perhaps too inflammatory a concept to detail here, but it does make one wonder.

    • ftsk420 says:

      There are white people in crip gangs just like there are white people in the bloods. BUT I seriously doubt this white guy was apart of any gang.

  11. labrat says:

    What boggles my mind is that the same folks that were outraged at the notion that an apparently innocent black man may have been “profiled” as a criminal by a “white hispanic” are never as outraged at the black men that are responsible for the possibility that this occurred?

    Let’s just say that being black did play into the reasons GZ found TM suspicious. Why place more blame for this assumption on GZ than on the actual black men that were known to be committing crimes in that neighborhood?

    I think the family of this victim should hire a PR firm and a black lawyer and demand that there be federal hate crimes charged against these men. That is assuming there is proof that they attacked him solely because he was white. (I don’t see evidence of that in any of the links.)

    • labrat says:

      Ann Coulter just made my point on Fox. God Bless her.

    • Partyzant says:

      Hire Crumpster and generate “Media Ebbidence”. Looks like he has that script down pat. Problem solved. I wonder if he’d do that for MY people. SMH.

    • Yakmaster says:

      Blacks never seem to need “evidence” of hate crimes. All that is needed to make the claim is that the “victim” is Black and the “perpetrator” is NOT. No reason the family of a White man should not hire a PR firm and a lawyer and claim hate crime at the hands of four Black men.

  12. Great find but how did you find out they were arrested/etc? What was the source that was willing to talk about it? Ty.

    Yeah, stuff like this happens all the time and I am glad this site is one of those willing to talk about this.

  13. sjd12 says:

    They got this on surveillance tape?

    Doesn’t matter. Can’t be authenticated.

  14. marie says:

    I’ve said all along its the media and corporate America who are now the republic’s enemies. We all know that the biggies like Disney Corp. wanted as little upheaval in Fla as possible over the TM-GZ story.

    What I want to know is what kind of organized resistance and educational campaign can we mount. This is a communications battle and it needs a co-ordinated offense of many parts.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      + 100000.

      It is going to take some very deep pocketed patriots to buy some media outlets to start fighting back. No takers so far that I know of.

      • ytz4mee says:

        Not true.
        The Koch brothers are attempting to buy the failing LA Times franchise.

        Progs now want to change the rules to make sure ownership of any mass market media doesn’t fall out of their sphere of influence:


        Glenn Beck tried to buy Current TV but Al Gore thought it more appropriate to sell to Al Jazeera, and the Progs were more concerned that Glenn Beck might end up owning it than they were about Al Jazeera having a microphone. If we were truly a transparent society, given that the government controls broadcast licenses, the station would have gone up for auction and sold to the highest qualified bidder without consideration for political allegiance. The Progs will never let that happen. The only alternative we have is to turn to the alternative and make mass market media worthless for indoctrination and propaganda purposes.


  15. Think of the power the fear of racism has and the bgi. Today could destroy that. Do you really think that will happen? Esp. with the event today? The real q is how to destroy it. It starts with a new AG and President. We blew it. Let’s make THESE the priorities so we can prevent more attacks like this, create more awareness and have the power to stop more zimmerman show trials. Otherwise, we are locked into this loop for a very very long time.

    • Partyzant says:

      Think Globally, Act Locally.

    • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

      Take to the streets like Brazil and Egypt. Get rid of these animals.

      • Partyzant says:

        Methinks the streets are going to be crowded for a bit.
        and try Ibn Maudidi.

        To paraphrase Ibn Maudidi, the template for what has happened and what is happening is as follows… ( SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abul_A%27la_Maududi#Non-Muslims)

        Because (insert BGI) is all-encompassing, ….. the (insert BGI) state should not be limited to just the (insert territory colloquially known as “the South”). It is for all the world. (insert SOCIAL JUSTICE) should be used to eliminate (INSERT NON-BGI) rule and establish the worldwide (INSERT BGI) state:

        (insert BGI) wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of (insert BGI), regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of (insert BGI) is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard-bearer of (insert BGI) or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological (insert BGI) State. (insert BGI) requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet …. because the entire mankind should benefit from the ideology and welfare programme (insert BGI) … Towards this end, (insert BGI) wishes to press into service all forces which can bring about a revolution and a composite term for the use of all these forces is (insert “SOCIAL JUSTICE”). …. the objective of the (INSERT BGI -SOCIAL JUSTICE CRUSADE) is to eliminate the rule of an (INSERT UN-BGI) system and establish in its stead an (INSERT BGI) system of state rule.

        When you find a system that works, you use it. There are thoughtful people in many places.

  16. Jake says:

    Likely that Josh looked at one or more of the little boys and they were just acting in fully justified self defense … That’s the new “provocation” standard, I believe..

    • Partyzant says:

      HP Lovecraft was ahead of his time… he missed the hue, not the spirit of this offense to all reason and civilization:

      “It lumbered slobberingly into sight and gropingly squeezed Its gelatinous green immensity through the black doorway into the tainted outside air of that poison city of madness. … The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.”

      ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

      My prayers to Chellew and his family. Dear God, this needs to end but it is part of the crisis that will not go to waste :(, I fear.

      Travel in groups, stay away from places/situations that can get you toe-tagged. Look out for one another, please. Shelter the fleeing victims and protect the innocent.

      This is getting to be a lost chapter of the Book of Revelations rather than “de Sibbil Rites Case of the Twenny Furst Senshury”.

    • sangell says:

      Yep, the modern feral youth takes offense if you make eye contact and do not show either fear or admiration at the sight of a young man with no talents, accomplishments or future because that is ‘disrespect’ in his ruined world. If he can’t compete in the real world he can damn sure hurt you in his ruined one secure in the knowledge that if he gets hurt in any fight his medical bills will be paid for while yours will be your responsibility and that he can survive in prison but you can’t.

      • Partyzant says:

        Remember that you have more to lose than the thug. They really do not care, and that is a matter of grave concern.

  17. Truth Teller says:


  18. marie says:

    I wonder what all the reasons are that a network and its affiliates and independent stations can have their FCC licenses revoked.

  19. I Am Trademark says:

    It was probably Joshua’s fault because when he saw the price of gas, he said the F-word.

  20. Kauf Buch says:

    Concealed Carry.
    At all times.
    HIGHLY recommended.

  21. Be Ge says:

    Another innocent monkeyshine by a pack of misguided (n’est pas, m-r Guy?) teen Obama sons.

  22. partyof0 says:

    where my brother lives…a similar beating took place…after 4 days the victim died and it MAY have been related. Wow…you survive a beating…then you just so happen to have a stroke or heart attack….hey, it wasn’t THEIR fault that happened!!! There needs to be that Nat Jackson quote, “Defending GZ’s actions, threatens all men of color”, right before every story like this.

  23. PeruvianMom says:

    Police are saying the attack was not racially motivated – because…wait for it…the 36 year old white guy pumping gas flashed a gang sign – according the Fearsome Foursome now under arrest for murder.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Right. Because the people to believe are the perps in custody – and quoted in the paper that has done most of the lying.

      Even if true, it speaks to the attitude of the feral – allegedly flashing a gang sign, or asking them what they are doing in the gas station is grounds enough to be subject to lethal mob violence.

      Yeah, that’s not the world I’m going to accept.

      • Tracker3 says:

        He could have been a Treky and signing “Live Long and Prosper”, but who knows.

        • ftsk420 says:

          Kids these days forget the rules of the game they play. We all know Street gangs like bloods crips kings whatever are bad but they do have rules. I don’t not believe for one sec this guy was a crip and I don’t believe for one sec he threw any type of gang sign. He could have been wearing a blue shirt but that doesn’t make him a crip. Kids these days make up their own sets and play by their own rules more than half don’t don’t the code or live by it.

          • ftsk420 says:

            8. In our organization we will not disrespect any other organizations who are not enemies.
            19. In our organization we will always show a state of obedience so others outside of our cipher can judge us by what we are and what our organization can accomplish.
            24. In our organization we will never attack neutrals.
            25. In our organization we will not tolerate any racism.

            Like I said they forget the rules of the game they play.

          • Partyzant says:

            If these guys really are part of an organized gang, I am surprised that the “leadership” is apparently so ineffectual that they’d let the soldiers act this crazy. Either that, or these guys are beyond loose cannons.
            It will be interesting if they did this of their own volition, or “on orders”. If the latter, who green lighted this sort of behavior? Hardened street thugs have other business and probably would not have wanted to draw attention to themselves, it is bad for “bidness”.

            • ftsk420 says:

              I would say it was done on their own. A lot of gang sets that pop up are not recognized or even respected. I’ve seen Blood sets get tore apart by other sets because they didn’t have permission to start set. The younger generations in these gangs like to do what they want there is a blood oath that is supposed to be followed but they don’t follow it.

    • ftsk420 says:

      I would like to know which gang sign he supposedly flashed. Thumbs up maybe.

    • Yakmaster says:

      I’d like to know why the hell it matters if he flashed a gang sign, a peace sign, or the bird? Is there no end to excuses for violence and/or other criminal behavior? Has the whole country gone mad at the altar of Relativism?

    • Partyzant says:

      He likely had no idea what gang signs were, from the looks of him. I pray for his family. Where is the DOJ with the Civil Rights Division???? Anywhere????
      Sadly, if you resemble the victim in this case, you just do not count (for official purposes) it appears.
      The echoing silence of Government Intervention screams this more loudly than I ever could. No one will help you until it is politically valuable to do so, that is the lesson.
      If you still believe that the gubbmint is here to “help”, I actually feel sorry for you.
      What is next, the Fire Department showing up to burn my books?
      Red Pill or Blue Pill…..

    • Partyzant says:

      I read the article… they are part of an organized gang, that is a given in the article… stated as fact. If that is the case, how come the Fed Gov and minions go CAT 5 on pathetic, infiltrated militia groups like the so-called “hutaree”, assist & foment plots with all manner of radicals but do not even blink at crap like this?
      I will bet my next paycheck that they have informants in that gang. Is old joke in Soviet Union that in any group/gang/plot, there is one plotter and two informants.
      Therefore it is a viable question then if there is now official sanction using the cats paw of dead ender street thugs to bring about or forward the crisis to the next phase.
      Think that is nuts? Ask what government benefits these 4 exemplars were receiving. Ask what deals were cut if they had priors.

  24. PeruvianMom says:

    Does Al Sharpton and the BGI see what they are creating by fomenting hatred??? Teens who have permanently ruined their lives – and killed and innocent person.

  25. Fly On The Wall says:

    HAHAHAHA! Chellew was a CRIPS gang banger who flashed “blue” colors, according to the popo!
    No RACIAL MOTIVATION just an innocent gang rumble!


  26. Facepalm says:

    What evidence is there that this relates to “Justice for Trayvon” and that it isn’t just another sad instance of violence in our country?

    If you want to start reporting on every instance of black on white crime, there are other sites that already do this.

    • ytz4mee says:

      And you know what? If you don’t like what I choose to editorialize on, there are other websites you can visit.
      This still remains *our* site and *we* control what we post and how we post it.
      Not you.
      We owe you nothing and the continual demands of posters like you that we do … we’re all “over it”.

      • realitycheck says:

        I am a frequent visitor and not too frequent poster here. At the risk of being assailed and attacked , why the attitude ytz4mee? (Not just this response but in prior ones on this thread)

        • Yakmaster says:

          Not too smart to argue with an admin. Just sayin.’

        • ctdar says:

          You really have the nerve to go there?
          Take a lesson from your name.

        • ftsk420 says:

          I think ytz4mee and all the other admins of this site have every right to have an attitude. This site has been consistently attacked by Trolls and Rabid TM supporters for a very long time now. I can only imagine what it’s been like to run this site the last 2 weeks even the past 24 hrs. People who post here regularly since the start have seen what happens and we get attitudes.

        • ytz4mee says:

          Why don’t you ask why recent guests feel the need to be rude? Or is that outside your scope of experience?

    • bullnuke says:

      What’s with the apparent increase in commenters that feel the need to critique the threads? Either contribute to discussion or go away. Very rude.

      • ytz4mee says:

        I feel a stand-alone post coming along. We are being swamped due to incoming links from a variety of external sources, as well as being spammed by the Trayvonites.

        Rude people are being dispatched with all haste, I assure. We no longer have the time nor patience to indulge them.

      • Sharon says:

        Our courtesy and longsuffering has been mistaken for giving up ownership of the premises. Came across this the other day in Vatican, by Malachi Martin,

        The slow process by which the fascination and problems of power take possession of the soul seems as innocent as, say, a neighbor riding by to report a fallen boundary marker in the woods. But soon the visitor is in the best guest room, clamoring loudly for service; and within a few years’ time, the interloper has become the proprietor and master of the house.

      • I’m a little surprised by some of the more recent comments. If the goal is truth, perhaps critiquing is contributing.

    • Partyzant says:

      As it appears that everything is now based upon race (I take my lead on this from the Regime… look at the voting results), what is your proof that it is NOT?
      4 black guys, 1 white guy. Which of these things is not like the other one? WAKE UP.
      I sense the time when unacknowledged Balkanization becomes openly recognized is right … about…. now :(

      I like what I read here, it is thought provoking. When this ends, there will be other things to discuss, but the central ethos will be to bring sunlight to this.
      You mention plenty of other sites that cover black on white (BOW) crime…. what are they? I’d be interested to see them so that I can compare & contrast.

    • Partyzant says:

      BTW, TM received his justice a long time ago.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Also, if you had taken the time to actually read what I posted, instead of “skimming and snarking”, the reason for posting this specific case was very evident.

      I am trying to use my experience in the social media/PR business to help others understand how the corporate media takes “facts” and spins them and/or wilfully ignores them if they don’t support the Prog narrative. This was an outstanding case of the media manipulation, malfeasance and backtracking.

      And if I wanted to report on “every instance of black on white crime”, that is my perogative. When you open your own blog, you can write on whatever YOU want.

  27. Saltwater says:

    I wonder, I just wonder if Big O had a son, if he would look like any of those jackasses? !!! Jus sayin…..

  28. DaneChile says:

    Folks, the time is long past to fight fire with fire.

  29. douglasjbender says:

    A thought: If you are a member of a gang that preaches and practices violence and murder, then if you are caught and found to be a member of such a gang, the punishment should be the death penalty, administered swiftly (within 6 months). I predict such a policy, consistently enforced, would quickly do away with gang membership and gang activity.

    • Josh says:

      The times for crimes do need to be addressed.

    • ftsk420 says:

      Gangs will never go away ever no matter the punishment they may face. To many kids growing up without families look to gangs as a family. Gangs have been around longer than any of us they are here to stay.

      • Yakmaster says:

        More fathers involved and guiding their sons would decrease gang membership. There are many more gangs with feral TEENS than there used to be because of the breakdown of the American family. I don’t see that sociological problem going away, so I have to agree with djb on the harsh penalty route for known gang members.

  30. ftsk420 says:

    What people should watch out for and aren’t is other gangs using this opportunity to attack. George to me is hispanic many hispanics gangs could use this as a way to attack back. If anyone at the court house happens to see any MS-13 members show up RUN as fast as you can because out of all the gangs out there they are the worst.

  31. taqiyyologist says:

    Spam filter plz?

  32. Partyzant says:

    The providers of contention here are missing the key methods of discussion (in descending order of intellectual vigor) :

    1) You can explicitly refute the central point
    2) you can refute by finding the mistake and document what it is a mistake with appropriate & relevant citations & quotations
    3) you can contradict and back it up with reasoning and/or supporting evidence
    4) you can state an opposing case with little to no supporting evidence
    5) criticize tone without addressing the substance of the argument
    6) attack the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument
    7) Ad Hominem.

    Admins, I thank you all.

  33. White people need to print up a big banner that says JUSTICE FOR JOSHUA HEATH CHELLOW with a picture of him (when he was 12 years old) and smaller pictures of the 4 racist murderers and march behind it everywhere someone is marching behind Justice for Trayvon banners. Perhaps when that happens these morons who would have us believe that Trayvon was a little angel just who was shot while minding his own business and innocently walking home might realize that it is long past time to stop ‘Crying Wolf” when the situation does not call for it!

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  36. AttilaTheHun says:

    The problem is deeper than this (although this is horrible). The black community has gotten special privileges such as affirmative action, preferred admissions to colleges, etc. for the last four decades, ostensibly to make up for past discrimination.

    Past discrimination is long since gone. But the handout mentality isn’t. That’s alive and well and grows stronger with each generation. This is a group that has been protected and coddled and not held responsible for their own actions.

    The problem is that humans don’t value what they don’t pay for. If everything is given to you, then it doesn’t have any value. The black community has the trappings of success, but still doesn’t feel worthy. This breed frustration and ultimately rage. That’s what we’re seeing now and the rage will use any excuse to erupt and escape.

    I don’t have an easy answer. I know doing what we’ve been doing won’t solve the problem; that’s how we got here in the first place. We all need to accomplish things to feel good about ourselves. Being given stuff doesn’t count as an accomplishment and as long as we insist that blacks aren’t as good as everybody else and must be given special treatment it won’t get better. It’s time to really free the black community and let it stand on it’s own – stop giving it handouts, that just cripples it. We need to treat blacks as equals AND require that they live to the same standards as the rest of us. That also means no more using racial epithets for white people, no special considerations in hiring or admissions, no racial set asides, …

  37. Pingback: ZION'S TRUMPET » Blacks 39 times More likely to Commit Violent Crimes Against Whites Than Vice Versa

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