02-07 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

“The sensationalized, fact-deficient coverage of this case has achieved the
desired results. The networks got their ratings. The politicians got their
talking points. And if it means innocent people get caught in the middle of the
racial enmity they’ve fomented, obviously it’s considered acceptable collateral
Congratulations, geniuses. Job well done. Jim Treacher, The DC Trawler

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116 Responses to 02-07 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. gannasview says:

    Does anyone other than me find it ironic that the State Attorney of the state dubbed as “The Sunshine State” really does not want the sunlight to shine on this case?

    • jordan2222 says:

      Criminal.. not ironic.

        • Sha says:

          This is how I feel about this situation……

          • thefirstab says:

            Hey Sha – have enjoyed your recent music selections – I feel the same way. That “hearing” was so disheartening, am sending extra prayers and good vibes to George, Shellie and family.
            I must be really naive, I cannot fathom how in this day and time a court proceeding like that has apparently passed the smell test. And IANAL.
            All the comments from knowledgeable Treepers re: the way these proceedings should have gone are appreciated. Hopefully they will be read by those who can do something about this circus. Or have they been threatened too? That’s what it “feels” like to me, i.e. Dershowitz.

            • Sha says:

              thefirstab: I know how you feel ….. At first I got mad then I started thinking how can the little guys win against so many powerful people and it came to me MONEY we need to give until it hurts not just for George but for ours selves. If he can not get a fair trail after all the lies and dishonest things that have been done in this case then none of us could either if we where in his situation. People are not strong by there self but in numbers they are mighty !!! I dont have much but what I have is paid for and with that being said I have to help George are I will never forgive myself. I have donated and I will every time I can get some money in my hand. I feel like if the BIG GUYS can push him they can push us and dam it I wont to push Back .

              Donations to the Zimmerman Defense Fund Increase
              Since the Court denied the defense team’s MOTION TO CONTINUE, donations to the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund Trust have been on the rise. In the last 24 hours the fund has taken in more than $11,000. That means that we’ve raised a little more than $18,000 since we relaunched the GZDefenseFund.com website last week.

              The $18,000 raised so far will allow the defense team to secure one of about half a dozen critical experts, and provide basic living expenses for George, and cover operating expenses associated with the case.

              This is a very encouraging beginning. The fact that hundreds of people from around the country were moved to support the defense effort tells us that we are not alone in our fight to prove George’s innocence.

              That said, we have a long way to go. We will be posting frequent updates regarding the status of the fund, along with the progress your donations help us make.

              (Came from GZlegal case sight)


          • gannasview says:

            I get a little frustrated when I can see with my eyes closed the mistreatment of George and his family. I still believe that when all is said and done, George will be exonerated. The sad thing is that right it’s George and family going through this, tomorrow it could be someone in my family.

            • Sha says:

              gannasview: Everyone deserves a fair trial if they are being accused of something. No one should have the kind of power that they can lie ,cover up and hide evidence no one. If a person is guilty of something let all the evidence show it if not let them go. Justice isn’t framing someone or sacrificing one person to apease the masses it’s knowing with out a reasonable doubt they are guilty or at least that is the way it should be. :(

  2. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Posts From Justarse Quest

    Today…. Same old same old.

    “Zimmerman should have stayed in his truck”

    ..and unbelievably from JQ’s most prolific and “knowledgeable” poster…

    “Witness #8 is a “Minor Child”

    Overall these people who spend all day, every day posting about the case, still do not have a grasp of even the basic facts and issues in play.

    One of the most prolific posters is still posting that Dee Dee is a minor. She is, I guess a poster that they all read and gain their “knowledge” from. The “inbreeding” is rich over there. Their main reference source is their own previous posts. Even if they stick to their Ostrich approach as to what sort of a person TM was… they could avail themselves of more of the basic facts. Dee Dee’s age is no longer a debating point. She is 18 and was at the time of the incident. To maintain she is a minor still is delusional.

    The games with discovery being not forthcoming SHOULD be as annoying to them as it they are to us. Supposedly we are all on a quest to get at the TRUTH. The fact that they celebrate when legal manoeuvring keeps information from the defence (and the public) actually suggests that they KNOW that information supports GZ’s case. They are in denial about it, but at some level they KNOW that evidence supports George and so they cheer when evidence is kept hidden. They are too stupid to get it, but that confirms that they are NOT Questing for Justice… for all the facts and for TRUTH to come to light. What they are questing for is a guilty verdict. A guilty verdict because exculpatory evidence is delayed, blocked or “lost” is just fine. It is a lynching they want.

    And like all lynch mobs they want it done without delay… they care not that the defence is restricted and limited… a defence is irrelevant … they just want GUILTY.

    (I am quoting posts with no substance, just for sport – in the RT Members only thread)

    Random Topics GZ discussion thread


    • eastern2western says:

      these indian operators are using the old script. I guess the old scripts are arriving late because they can not find the donkeys to deliver them.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      The Scheme Team narrative was well-played. Speculation and mis-information, even when in direct contradiction with existing evidence, are treated as known facts.

      “Zimmerman approached Martin”
      “Zimmerman menaced Martin for 8 minutes”
      “Zimmerman pursued Martin”

      Most of these, at this point, end up being used to demonstrate that Martin was statutorily justified in his use of force against Zimmemran, as self-defense.

      When presented with actual evidence – approximately four minutes elapsed from the end of Zimmerman’s NEN call until the fatal gunshot (thus, impossible for Zimmerman to have “menaced” Martin for 8 minutes, or any length of time at all), both Zimmerman and Dee Dee claim that Martin had “lost” Zimmerman and we know from the NEN call that Zimmerman lost sight of Martin before he ever got out of his vehicle (thus, there was no “pursuit”), that both Zimmerman and Dee Dee claim that Martin verbally confronted Zimmerman, and that Dee Dee claims that Martin was “right by” Brandi Green’s home, while no evidence exists that Zimmerman ever left the vicinity of the sidewalk “T” (thus, evidence suggests that Martin approached Zimmerman, not the other way around) – those who have bought into the Scheme Team narrative then try to say that the location of the body proves that Zimmerman was near Brandi Green’s home. They will quibble over whether the body was 30 versus 45 feet away from the sidewalk “T” apparently without recognizing the more important fact that the body was some 300 feet away from Brandi Green’s home.

      Amazingly, there are still people who argue that Martin never assaulted Zimmerman, or that Martin never landed a punch (their evidence, apparently, is the expert forensic testimony of the funeral director regarding Martin’s hands). And of course, there are the usual canards about the medical diagnosis of Zimmerman’s broken nose not being valid/sufficient, because no x-rays/MRI/etc. were performed to verify.

      That said: there are actually #J4TM types who will discuss the case civilly, and who appear to be open to discussion of actual evidence. If I’ve encouraged even one such person to read the discovery evidence rather than to rely on the Narrative, then it was worth the effort to engage.

  3. jordan2222 says:

    What is the defense going to do about the money situation? Sounds critical.. time for indigent status?

  4. sundance says:

    Tara posted this yesterday. It’s interesting……

    Was Tracy with Trademark on Sunday morning Feb 26 or not ?

    O’Steen’s report: 3/26/2012, 9:40am – Myself and Bernie de la Rionda met with the victim’s parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Also present were their Attorneys. [...] Tracy advised that on Sunday, they were back at [Brandy's] apartment. He and [Brandy] went out to eat. When he returned home that night, the Victim was not home.

    BDLR’s report: On 3/27/2012, 12:30pm – I, Bernie de la Rionda and John Guy went to [redacted] and talked with talked with [Brandy Green] girlfriend of Tracy Martin. [...] [Brandy] and Tracy stayed at the hotel Saturday night and came back home Sunday morning. Trayvon, [Chad], and [Stephen] were sleeping. Later that Sunday evening, [Brandy] and Tracy went out to eat.

    O’Steen’s report: On 04/02/2012, 4:35pm, Myself and Bernie de la Rionda talked with Tracy Martin [...] The last time he saw the Victim was on Saturday night after the football game.

    O’Steen’s report: On 4/27/2012, 11:15 hrs, I, Bernie de la Rionda and John Guy went to Sanford Middle School and interviewed [Chad Green]. [...] On Saturday night, [Chad] had a football game. After the game, he and the Victim went wiht the Victim’s cousin [Stephen]. They went to [Brandy's] house and were hanging out. They spent the night there, [Stephen] slept in the garage and the victim slept in the living room. On Sunday morning [Stephen] left. Later in the day, [Chad] and the Victim were watching the NBA Basketball on TV. no mention at all of Tracy or Brandy being at Brandy’s apartment on Sunday morning

    Gilbreath’s report: 5/10/12 1100 hours [Stephen] is Trayvon’s cousin. [...] [Sunday] morning [Stephen] went through some boxes of clothing that Trayvon’s father had left for them. He then drop up to the 7-11 to get a Black & Mild. Trayvon went with him and stayed in the car. He dropped Trayvon back off at the townhouse between 8:00-8:30am. [Stephen] then went home. That was the last time he saw Trayvon.

    Nov 13 2012 Esquire article: When they woke up the next day [Sunday], Tracy gave him a couple boxes of clothes he didn’t want and Trayvon helped him carry them out to the car. Trayvon asked his dad, When are we goin’ home? and Tracy said, We’re going home tomorrow. And then it was just A’ight, man. Boobie didn’t even hug him. He feels a little bad about that. Just clapped him up and said, I’ll see you when I get back home.

    I have a strong feeling the Esquire-reported conversation between Tracy and Trademark never occurred. I believe that Tracy and Brandy did return to Brandy’s apartment on Sunday morning, but Trademark, Chad, and Stephen were all sleeping (because they had been up after 2am cooking chicken, according to the Esquire article) so Tracy just dumped off the box of clothes and did whatever else he needed to do there and then he and Brandy took off. More evidence that Tracy’s plans for the weekend had little to do with Trademark.

    • nettles18 says:

      The convention didn’t wrap up until 3pm on Sunday. What would be the reason for driving an hour to Kissimmee on Saturday night to return to the convention to leave first thing Sunday morning and head back to Sanford?

      My suspicion is Tracy last saw Trayvon on Tuesday, Feb. 21st when he dropped his son off halfway to Sanford, with a box of clothes Stephen’s parents had sent to him. Trayvon was living with Stephen’s folks. On page 39/284 Chad tells the investigators that went to his school on April 27th, his Mom dropped Trayvon and him off in Orlando on the Friday night. No mention of how they got picked up or where they spent Friday night. After ditching the boys, I think she drove to Kissimmee where she met Tracy for the convention weekend.

      I think Stephen met the boys in Orlando and likely took them back to Brandy’s for the weekend. The coach took Chad to his football game (according to Brandy Pg. 32/284) and Brandy and Tracy attended a convention in Kissimmee Florida, one hour from Sanford from Friday night at 6pm through to 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

      Tracy talks about calling Trayvon on Sunday to see how much money he had left to ensure they had enough to get a pizza and he thinks he called between 2 & 3. That would be him checking in on him before the convention ended and they went out for dinner and fun after the convention. I think Tracy first came to Sanford in the wee hours of Monday morning.

      • boricuafudd says:

        Nettles here is the problem with all of these statements, they are voluntary AFAIK not under oath. Which means that they all could change at the hearing. I realize the statements can be used to rebut proper testimony, but I’m ready to hear, that was my recollection at the time, I may have been mistaken, I don’t recall, etc. The importance of these statements might be minimal in the long run, if the Judge and later a Jury, ignores what was said in the past and only weigh was is said under oath.

        • nettles18 says:

          The only thing this communicates to a potential juror was how Trayvon was parented. Which can in turn give some insight into explaining his possible behavior. If indeed he was on his 3rd suspension in a school year only half over and his parents left him unsupervised in a strange City that speaks volumes.

          IMO, that young man was screaming out for help and some attention and they gave him a pocketful of money and left him to roam around and do as he pleased.

          Even with what is not disputed or contradicted, Tracy Martin came home to find his suspended son out and about and he went to bed unconcerned about him. If I’d been suspended from school, my butt wouldn’t have seen the outside of the house and I’d likely have been doing a chore I was assigned when Dad got home.

          • jordan2222 says:


            I am interested to know your opinion of WHY Martin attacked George.

            If Martin thought George was LE or was even calling LE, that would be stupid to assault him so I do not buy that theory.

            There must have been an ulterior motive for him to attack George in an area clearly visible to all those who lived there.

            • nettles18 says:

              TM got cocky, imo, with GZ while he sat inside his truck talking with police. GZ thinks he said something but he didn’t hear it b/c he was talking to Sean. That’s pretty brazen and to circle the car with your hand in your waistband was incredibly aggressive.

              TM may have been bored and decided to play cat and mouse with GZ. He became aware GZ was watching him inside the truck, we know he got close enough in the dark for GZ to make out the button he was wearing on his hoodie.

              As GZ said, “Shit he’s running” in the Hannity interview, GZ didn’t think he ran b/c he was frightened. Was he looking to draw the nosy guy out of the truck?

              We also know the night before the boys were taking at least one picture with a wrestling belt. How much fighting in their lives was a thrill, it yet to be proven but there is some anecdotal evidence that videos of bare fist fighting was an interest.

              Then I look to Tracy’s reaction to the events of that night and the fire-storm he created because someone he profiled to be racially motivated had the audacity to suspect his son of anything. It doesn’t take much of a leap to picture his son reacting to be watched by this guy to get his back-up.

              Recall Chad’s statement at the end of the Riveira interview, he learned from the event not to be racist. I think Tracy is teaching those kids that white folk are an enemy. I don’t see much diversity in his photos even as recently as the weekend’s convention. That Tracy jumped to the conclusion that Trayvon was shot b/c he was black is telling on how he sees the world. Trayvon likely had that same view, taught to him by his father.

              We still don’t know what if any drug influence the kid was under which could have impaired his decision-making ability and lastly whoever he was talking to on the phone, did they help in encouraging him to punch the nosy guy in the nose?

              Why didn’t Travyon stop hitting GZ when Witness 6 yelled stop?

              • jordan2222 says:


                Thanks a lot for such a detailed insightful reply that makes sense to me.

                I have wondered about your question, too. Martin, at that point, had to know that LE was most likely on the way there, so maybe he was on heavy drugs that affected his thinking. Only the full tox report would reveal that and it does not look like we will get to see it. Strange that they would withhold something so simple.

                Why didn’t Travyon stop hitting GZ when Witness 6 yelled stop?

                • Angel says:

                  “Why didn’t Travyon stop hitting GZ when Witness 6 yelled stop?”

                  Hi Jordan,

                  I myself have been perplexed about why TM would engage in violence if he suspected that GZ was calling police. My best guess is that TM thought GZ was the police but figured out he wasn’t. When the confrontation occurred, and GZ reached for his phone, at that point to call police , the attack was an effort to prevent GZ from calling and he was going to give GZ a beat-down and run off. However, once that adrenaline got pumping, TM just was not able to reign that anger back. Rage has no reasoning.

                  That is my guess.

                  • Angel says:

                    Same rage that resulted in his schoolmate, Kitt Durrant to slice up his mom. I don’t think that was logically planned but fueled by inability to tame the beast. They seemed to be in need of some music therapy or yoga to self-regulate.

                  • nettles18 says:

                    Recall though, before the called out the Zimmerman, he had already put the can in his hoodie and the bag either fell to the ground or came out of his pocket with the travelling down the T. It’s still unclear but the button may have been removed and the headphones in the pocket. Trayvon was prepared for a fight, imo.

                  • ejarra says:

                    Ima gonna stick my nose in here. First, the can. The had to have been purposefully and physically removed from the bag. Have you ever removed a wet can from a plastic bag? It’s not easy and it sure didn’t fall out if he had it inside his hoodie. This, (I’ve said many times), shows more his premeditation for a fight than even where the pin and earbuds were found.

                    Second, something else I’ve said multiple times before, he went to Brandi’s and was locked out. Either Chad who supposedly was waiting for him didn’t answer the door to let him in or like I believe 100%, wasn’t home. Either way, it was enough to piss him off and take it out on Georgie.

                    Third, a reason that I don’t think I saw here before and that was that HE WAS A RACIST. He then would have no compunction to not attack either white or hispanic people who he felt he could beat on. Did the FBI get into HIS background? Silly me, I forgot that Holder was in charge.

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    My guess is that the judge and possibly a jury, are going to want to understand why Martin would initiate the fight.

            • boricuafudd says:

              Excuse me for stepping in, I know you directed this to Nettes, but I want to say something in this regard. You say, “There must have been an ulterior motive for him to attack George in an area clearly visible to all those who lived there”, no, there does not need to be another motive for the attack. I have witnessed first hand, that justification is needed for Thugs to attack you. The fact that GZ was walking in the same direction he was more than enough justification for some. A wrong look, wrong color of clothes, etc, is all that is needed.

              This plays well with TM supporters, even if the evidence is contradictory, they always point out, but TM had no reason to attack GZ. Why would he attack GZ? GZ must have hit him first. GZ was reaching for his gun, and so on. The fact is that unless evidence is unearthed that GZ in fact instigated the beating, it does not matter what TM’s motive might have been.

                • Angel says:


                  A psychological perspective: Anger in the Age of Entitlement. discusses the need to be able to self-regulate by having values. Something a lot of these kids (uh, lots of adults too) are really lacking today. There is so much about that night that will never be known. Just tragic for all concerned no matter was motivating TM that night. And because there is so much doubt so far, have to believe that GZ was motivated by the need to defend himself.

                  • boricuafudd says:

                    There is another aspect to it, being impulsive, doing irrational things, specially under the influence of drugs is something that for some reason, Hollywood has decided not only to embrace but glorify. Movies like the Hangover, where under the influence of drugs the protagonists, go on a rampage, steal a police car, get married to someone he had just met, steal a Tiger, etc, are despicted as fun, and with no lasting consequences. The sequel had more of the same. I could probably name 10 other movies, that specifically targeted to young audiences, that give out the same message.

      • ejarra says:

        Wouldn’t that call show up someplace. Whether it be the phone data, ping logs, T-mobile cell phone bill, someplace? There would be a record of that.

        • MJW says:

          If you mean the call from Tracy to Taryvon, there appear to be several non-DeeDee calls to Trayvon in the afternoon on the phone log released by Crump:

          2:20-2:23 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mobile)
          2:45-2:47 (2 min. – to Martin from T-Mobile)
          3:02-3:04 (2 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mobile)
          3:04-3:07 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mobile)

          If Tracy to Taryvon, I’d think the 2:45 call is the most likely, since Tracy probably used his T-Mobile phone.

      • hooson1st says:

        Regarding the convention. There could be evidence attainable on the “room charges” check out sheet in terms of were items ordered or room service called for at certain times.

        • nettles18 says:

          Yes where they were and how many rooms they needed will be one day be known when anyone decides it matters to look at.

          • Angel says:

            “Yes where they were and how many rooms they needed will be one day be known when anyone decides it matters to look at.”

            Not only regarding the room for the convention but were TM belongings that he would have had at Brandi’s house during his week in Sanford ever collected for evidence? Maybe not so important but maybe it could have been.

            • justfactsplz says:

              That is an excellent point, Angel. I don’t know if they were ever collected or not. They should have been checked for drugs.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Whose on first?

  5. ejarra says:

    A few days ago I ranted on about PROOF. At this point does the state offer any corroborating PROOF that a conversation took place between any DD. Can they PROVE who Mr. Martin was talking that night? Is there someone who can vouch that the number called was on a phone in a DD’s possession that day? I just don’t see how BLDR can PROVE the conversation took place.

    • selfdefenseadvocate says:


    • JW says:

      I asked the same question more or less. I don’t see where there is any proof that this conversation even took place. Being there is no info available for TM’s phone around the time he was supposedly talking with DD suggests the battery on his phone was dead. Can a cell phone work under these conditions? Can it recieve calls?

    • waltherppk says:

      Given the way the timeline unfolded with the first release of the 911 calls and the involvement of Tracy Martin who would not cooperate with police about the phone, then reversing his voice identification of the screams for help, and this being context for the “discovery” of alleged “earwitness” DeeDee by the same Tracy Martin, then involving Benjamin Crump and the news media, (instead of the police as would be proper) to follow such an “investigative lead” involving the phone ……Certainly such a scenario involving a “mystery witness” DeeDee and “telephone hearsay” is dubious and suspicious and is rightly subject to Forensic Investigative Scrutiny by the Defense as well as being subject to “due diligence” evidence authentication by the State, such evidence scrutiny including PING LOGS and call history for BOTH the phones alleged to have been involved that made possible such an “earwitness” to have even been able to hear things which that alleged witness has reported hearing. With such “evidence” being offered that is testing the limits of admissibility of what is actually hearsay there should at a minimum be some proof that circumstances involving the phones existed as would even make such “earwitness” testimony admissible. The PING LOGS for both the phones used to enable the alleged “earwitness” to hear events about which testimony has been provided will show definitively if forensic evidence is consistent or inconsistent with such a dubious “earwitness” scenario even being possible to have occurred as has been proposed by the prosecution theory of the State. In the alternative such forensic evidence regarding the phones’ logged activity may entirely impeach the “earwitness” scenario which has been alleged to have occurred, as being a scenario which is technically and forensically implausible. This means that the PING LOGS for both phones are MATERIAL, since those PING LOGS will tend to support or impeach the testimony of a witness for the State making an allegation that a crime was committed by George Zimmerman. Authentication of evidence is due diligence particularly in a murder investigation. It is the right of the Defense to demand such evidence authentication given the circumstances.

    • John Galt says:

      cell phone records and W8 testimony. Since we can’t see the phone records, don’t know if they have historical location data for W8′s alleged phone, and don’t know W8′s location(s) on 2/26/12, we simply don’t know.

      Another thing that strikes me as somewhat odd is cousin’s statement to the cops that he grabbed Trayvon’s phone and briefly talked to a girl that Trayvon was speaking with. First, why would he do that? Second, why would he think to tell the cops about that? Was he thinking about buttressing W8′s testimony about talking to Trayvon daily?

      • justfactsplz says:

        Yes they were reinforcing that Tray was talking to DeeDee.

      • ejarra says:

        “Another thing that strikes me as somewhat odd is cousin’s statement to the cops that he grabbed Trayvon’s phone and briefly talked to a girl that Trayvon was speaking with.”

        According to what we know, they have everything related to the phone up to the 26th. That convesation supposedly took place on the 25th. If true, MOM/West should know who that is (girl/boy) and of it is true.

      • MJW says:

        Another thing that strikes me as somewhat odd is cousin’s statement to the cops that he grabbed Trayvon’s phone and briefly talked to a girl that Trayvon was speaking with.

        What’s doubly odd is that tale gets told twice: in the Esquire article, it occurs at Chad’s football game; in the Gilbreath interview, it occurs at Brandy’s house.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Ejarra – I think Bernie wants to AVOID proof that TM was not communicating with DeeDee in the last 20 minutes – because the phone “shut off” due to lack of battery power. True proof that the phone WAS WORKING, would be to get a “dump” of the “tower logs” from the phone company. They would show the cell phone number and the time the phone was in communication with the tower. Because no such log has been produced (and required) it is reasonable to assume that it does not exist. (Because the STATE does not want it to exist.)

      • ejarra says:

        The thing is, the stae KNOWS the reality of DD2. Her existance, whether real or fabricated. The Aug. 2nd interview done by FDLE would tell them that. Does MOM/West have a transcipt of that? Is this part of the bio that they refuse to disclose? I doubt that M/W have it.

        Believe it or not, I wonder if the State would issue her a false ID. At this point, I believe they would to cover their ass.

  6. ejarra says:

    I posted this on 02/02 and I feel it’s appropriate today given what Crump put in his affidavit.

    My theory on DD

    First, there are two at least two DDs. Who would put their neck out and say that they are someone they’re not to seek “justice for Trayvon? That girl would have to be really, really close to him. I know of a couple, but their names are NOT DD and also their names don’t fit alphabetically for W8. These were 16 yr. old girls that Crump met at the wake and or funeral. They were promised an arrest and that after giving their story, they were told that they would no longer be involved because Georgie would crumble and plead out. Getting info from the SPD was what was needed to mold DD1′s tale to sell it to the very biased MSM and that info and job was handed over to Ryan Juleson. He had the contacts and ability to sell this meme.

    This started to blow up on March 22nd when DD1 had been told that she may have to appear before a GJ. She then wanted out. Wolfinger was going to subpoena her when he “stepped down?” and Corey took over. Corey would not do a GJ but DD1 wanted out and may have even threatened Crump and Juleson that she would tell the truth. They let her out, but had a problem they need another DD. Luckily the state never met DD1, so all they needed was an actress to play the part of DD1. They found an 18 year old women and hired her to play the part of DD1. Now she is called DD2.

    In the DD2 interview by BLDR, it obvious that NO ID was given prior to the interview. He just took Crump’s word that she was DD1 the 16 year old. It was when he asked how long she lived at the first location and her answer, although redacted, had to have been 16 years based on his reaction of “All your life!” It was then that he knew he was screwed and that this girl may not have been who she said she was. She later rambled on with a series of random years and BLDR continued. BLDR needed a reason for an arrest. He was told to interview her and use this as a reason for an arrest warrant. The rest, as they say, is history.

    There you have it, my theory on DD. DD does NOT EXIST; only actresses playing the part of DD.

    I may not have the events surrounding the Mar. 22nd date absolutey correct, but the theory remains the same.

  7. ottawa925 says:

    I’m wondering about issues for appeal should it become necessary. I was thinking about the first attorneys that Martin had and wanted a lil refresher on what went down.

    Two things pop out from this 4/11/12 huffingtonpost article:

    “On Monday, the special prosecutor said that she would not convene a grand jury in the case, which effectively rules out murder charges in the case, as only grand juries can issue murder charges in the state of Florida. Zimmerman can still be charged with manslaughter and other crimes for his role in the shooting.”


    “Alan Dershowitz, the legal scholar and criminal attorney, also appeared on the show, and said he was “disturbed” by the conduct of Zimmerman’s former attorneys. Dershowitz said they may have damaged his defense by expounding on his state of mind, and they may possibly have violated attorney-client privilege. “All they had to do was quietly say that ‘we’re no longer representing [Zimmerman] and our role in the case is over.’”


    We probably should begin to compile somewhere all the elements we think should be included in any Appeal for the future. I KNOW, there are so many already.

  8. myopiafree says:

    Hi Ottawa – Here is the way I understand it.
    The Bill-of-Rights requires a Grand Jury. (But that is the Federal Government).
    Each STATE is different.

    “On Monday, the special prosecutor said that she would not convene a grand jury in the case, which effectively rules out murder charges in the case, as only grand juries can issue murder charges in the state of Florida. Zimmerman can still be charged with manslaughter and other crimes for his role in the shooting.”

    If the charge had been FIRST degree murder, a G.J. would have been required. Norm Wolfinger determined that a G.J. was required, and had the hearing planned, with DeeDee. But Angela Corey had a “love in” with Crump (highly un-ethical), and ordered that the G. J. be cancelled. (No good explanation given). In Florida, for 2nd degree murder, a G.J. is not required at this time.

    (Others can correct and improve this statement – if they wish.)

  9. eastern2western says:

    dd is kaiser soze. basically she is a fake character created by the martins to indict zimmeramn. The martins have been on tv numerous times that they would not rest until zimmerman is convicted of murderring trayvon. when she was created, she was fed a script based completely on the available informations to arrest zimmerman. when the prosecution received her testimony, corey was desperate and accepted her story completely without an varification of her story and filed an arrest affidavit. However, the kaiser soze moment hitted her when she received the gps data and made a decision to cover up this kaiser soze or hoping that zimmerman would take a plead. It is kaiser, I tell you, I tell you. at this moment, benjamine crump had basically dumped all responsibilities on the martins. from his affidavit, basically he had declared him self as the hired gun and it was the martins who made the contacts with dd, setted up the appointments and had the conversations with her. His only involvement with dd is simply conducting the interview and he was assured by the martins that the girl he was speaking to was the girl who was on the phone. all of the information about dd was basically from the martins and any insistencies are all due to the martins. what a great move to save his license. It is strange that the martins constantly pick on zimmerman’s testimonies, but no one of them is willing to go on any media event without the presence of their lawyers. Now, even their lawyer has a lawyer and he had refused to be depose.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Easeten – On of the skills of a Lying-Sociopath, is to get OTHERS to LIE for them. He is very skilled at avoiding ANY responsibility for ANY action he might take. He is now wise enough to transfer ALL responsibility to the Martins for generating this lying DeeDee. She is perfectly safe. It is always to LIE when attempting to get a “White” convicted for something THEY DID NOT DO. They all get off – “Scott free”. You can bet on it.

      • canadacan says:

        That’s scot free
        I am the last person to talk about spelling however the Scot they are referring to is a person of Scottish origin not a last name

        • ejarra says:

          The way I read it he was refering to the Gov. Scott. A play on words.

          • canadacan says:

            If it is indeed a play up on words with that bum Governor Scott then.I stand corrected

          • myopiafree says:

            Hi Ejarra – Yes, that was my intent, Gov Scott – and the fraud that is being committed by Crump against the STATE, and against George Zimmerman. The last two black women in these BGI cases, also lied and created massive expense and injustice for the “White” persons they lied against. They did get of TOTALLY FREE. How long must this lying go on??

  10. LetJusticePrevail says:

    I see that a clerk of the court spent a great deal of time entering a lot of information into the case detail report, but nothing on the official website, itself. A LOT of entries were made. One in particular about the discovery that BDLR dropped on Mark O’Mara during the hearing. I wonder if we will ever SEE what data BDLR supplied?

    • eastern2western says:

      that is so ghetto. so the prosecution did a document dump on the day of the hearing and gave the defense absolutely no time to review any of it despite holding it for months and months.

      • Sha says:

        e2w: Why not ………heck it’s not like anyone is going to do anything to scold the state no matter what they do. But god forbid if the defense sneezes in court she will have them on contemp . :(

      • canadacan says:

        That is so ghetto that is so trashy god damn the prosecution and god damn Judge Nelson for aiding and abetting. those who are not for us are against us. I’m watching Braveheart right now I’m in a very bloody
        frame of mind.
        Thank you God for allowing the money to come through for George. I’m going to send what little I can when I can. and a curse upon crump until the seventh generation.

  11. Angel says:


    check out the comments this police officer, who is now being sought in a manhunt for the murder of three police officers, made about GZ regarding the shooting of TM. I guess his excuse for his actions will be “they never should of gotten out of their police cars. SMH.

  12. brutalhonesty says:

    trying to play the part of diversity……one year later and this is the first time we see any of them with anyone white other than julison


    • ejarra says:

      That woman at the end says, “Guns can be used in a good way.” That’s why she’s out for Justice for Trayvon. What a hypocrite!

  13. eastern2western says:

    despite all of these visible photos of an injured zimmerman, these people still want to use trayvon as their model of peace? God, this charade is going to be very embarassing when the trial starts in 4 months and when the immunity hearing starts in 2 months. It horribly laughable that crump still does not even have the correct understanding of syg and still tells every one that the syg protected zimmerman from getting arrested. another thing is what is this bs about trayvon was fighting for his life. that mad hatter must be nuts.

    • ejarra says:

      “It horribly laughable that crump still does not even have the correct understanding of syg”

      He knows exactly what SYG is about and what it means.

      “and still tells every one that the syg protected zimmerman from getting arrested.”

      Exactly! He does this to rile up the ignorant. SYG is a simple term to say. It means, to HIS audience, the right to kill blacks. Obviously it doesn’t mean that, but that is what he and the crazy hat lady Rep. tries to convey.

  14. brutalhonesty says:

    there is an older natalie jackson quote from an article that always bothered me……its in one of the big bios detailing how the martins found crump and how crump is a “hero” for getting the media to “care” about the “innocent black child”……

    “WE DID WHAT WE HAD TO DO”…..or something very similar….maybe “we knew what we had to do”

  15. brutalhonesty says:


    A new Clinton Hill arts center will open its doors to the public Thursday with an inaugural play that centers on “race-based violence, interrogation and what it means to be a black man in America.”
    JACK theater will present “Outcry,” a drama that focuses on the lives of Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, men who were killed under racially-charged circumstances.

    The play puts the men in conversation with each other, “unveiling the richness of the lives behind these icons,” the theater’s page notes.
    Playwright Thais Francis said on YouTube the play “deals with the question, ‘What happens when you scream, but no matter how much or how loud, no one hears you?’”
    Francis said the play is juxtaposed to being in a black hole.
    “Because in space, you make noise, you can scream, you can do anything but no one will ever hear you because it’s a vacuum,” she said. “So I’m asking, is that what our society is? Is it a vacuum that when an egregious act of violence occurs against a young man, we scream about it, and then nothing happens?”

    The play debuts only days after what would have been the 18th birthday of Martin, who was fatally shot on Feb. 26, 2012 in Sanford, Fla.
    Directed by Christopher Burris, “Outcry” will be shown Feb. 7-9 at 8 p.m., Feb. 10 at 2 p.m., Feb 14-16 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here. JACK Theater is located at 505 1/2 Waverly Ave., between Fulton and Atlantic avenues.

    • brutalhonesty says:

      What happens when you scream, but no one hears?
      In this stage play everyone wears black, the props are few and this question is posed. “Outcry” intertwines the lives of Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Nicole Bell and Mamie Till in a dream that is void of time and structure. It explores the idea of screaming and not being heard, which is paralleled to crying out against injustice and being ignored. Through laughter, love, hurt and confusion we see the characters wrestle with the fact that they are not heard, despite the fact that they are screaming. The stories range from Emmett Till a14 year old boy who whistled in 1955, to Trayvon Martin a young man who looked suspicious whilst wearing a hoodie in 2012. These stories are all interwoven in Nicole Bell’s nightmare.

      Production History
      “Outcry” was written by Thais Francis in March 2012 a few days after the death of Trayvon Martin. It debuted with two shows in May 2012 at New York University under the direction of Ashley Renee Clopton. It was later produced by Kelley Girod (founder of Fire This Time Festival), Thais Francis and Horse Trade Theater in September at Horse Trade. Under the direction of Christopher Burris the workshop production had a sold out run at Horse Trade Theater.

      Upcoming Production
      Outcry will make it’s Brooklyn Debut February 7-9th at 8pm, 10th at 2pm, 14th-16th at 8pm and 17th at 2pm. It is open to all in the community.

    • brutalhonesty says:

      Outcry Trailer
      Past productions of the show.

  16. art tart says:

    Concerning GZ possibility filing for “indigency status.” The donations that are coming in are a good thing, but the living expenses are going to use those monies up quickly it seems leaving very little to pay for defense cost.

    Baez filed for indigency status for KC and most of her legal fees were paid. IF Baez had not taken the $ 80,000.00 from the ABC monies paid to Baez/KC, Baez would have been paid from the State, he was disqualified for any salary for taking those monies, the State will only pay for only one attorney in a case of indigency. MOM/West have said repeatedly they “have taken no monies as a salary.” A private investigator was paid by the State in KC’s case and there were hundreds of hours, Baez continued to ask for more hours and the hours were granted. In KC’s case, the JAC paid $ 21,000.00 in expert fees. Dr. Lee was paid over $ 6,000.00 and he didn’t testify but he did write an opinion, his hotel accomadations and air fare etc. were too paid. The largest expense was more than $67,000 on independent contractors to aid their investigation, I am assuming this encompassed the PI’s on the case. KC had a war chest of over $ 325,000.00 at one time also, but, she was in jail and the monies were used for her defense as opposed to GZ’s donations being used mostly for living expenses and security.

    It seems, imo, the rub is the living expenses and security for GZ/SZ and how they could possibly be reduced. Does the Zimmerman family expect MOM/West to suck up all the cost affiliated with George’s defense and the donations be used for GZ/SZ’s living expenses? imo, I have to wonder if there had been 2 accounts set up originally, one for the living situation and one account in which ALL the donations be used for GZ’s defense might have been more successful. It’s one thing for MOM/West to work pro bono, but the experts, private investigators, and depositions have to be paid and who is going to pay those expenses? Unless MOM/West are confident GZ will be successful in his suit against NBC and have GZ sign off to repay the legal expense they may be stuck will all these legal fees if they choose not to file “indigent” for GZ.


    • justfactsplz says:

      One place I would be very reluctant to cut expenses in is security. People want to do harm to them that is a fact. One other point I want to comment on is NO, the Zimmermans do not expect the defense to suck it up and not have expenses paid. I doubt very seriously that the state would pay for living expenses and security.

      • art tart says:

        you are right, the State doesn’t pay for any living expenses nor security, they will pay for some of the cost for the defense, GZ could have opted to stay in jail and he would not have needed security and living expenses, but donations were plentiful in the beginning and I don’t blame GZ for not choosing to stay in jail but those cost are high and are going to continue to be high. I agree, GZ needs security and that cost is a reality. Are you saying you think the Zimmerman family will help pay for the mounting cost of the defense for GZ as opposed to expecting MOM/West to pay for it?

        It would be great if tons of donations came in and all the costs were covered, but I fear that is not going to be the case.

        • justfactsplz says:

          They are not a rich family but they are very moral. They will do everything in their power to help the defense. I am hoping donations will pour in and tide the defense over until this is resolved. When it is over I would imagine the defense will make a lot of money in various avenues.

  17. janc1955 says:

    I’ve been seeing a few mentions of a Trayvon feature on a show called “The Injustice Files” on the “Investigation Discovery” channel. I can’t find anything about the show yet on their website, but two commenters on this page
    have clearly also seen the previews and are calling the ID channel out for putting the cart before the horse (see comments by Bonnie Marsh and Donna Summers Campbell).

    I can’t find the words to adequately express how infuriating this whole thing is.

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