Hero Sniper Chris Kyle Murdered In Texas – Suspect Arrested

Best U.S. Sniper in history, author of American Sniper, and the guy who decked Jesse Ventura, Chris Kyle, has been murdered today at a Texas gun range.

TEXAS – A former Tarleton State University student who wrote the best-selling book, “American Sniper,” was one of two victims shot and killed at Rough Creek Lodge Saturday.

Chris Kyle, 38, and another man were found dead at Rough Creek’s shooting range between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Saturday, according to Sheriff Tommy Bryant.

Eddie Ray Routh, an Iraqi war veteran, was arrested hours later after a manhunt led authorities to Lancaster where Routh was taken into custody just before 9 p.m. Saturday.

Routh, 25, is expected to be charged with capital murder.

Investigators had not released the name of the second victim at press time, but reports indicate he may have been Routh’s neighbor.

Bryant said the three men were at the shooting range Saturday when Routh shot the victims at point-blank range before fleeing in Kyle’s truck .

Kyle was a former Navy SEAL who served four tours of duty in Iraq, where he was given the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi” by insurgents.

In 2008, he made his longest successful shot after he spotted an insurgent with a rocket launcher near a U.S. Army convoy at a range of 2,100 yards (1.2 miles).

Kyle was recently honored by the Tarleton Alumni Association as the Outstanding Young Alumnus for 2013.   (read more)

Chris and his wife Taya

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171 Responses to Hero Sniper Chris Kyle Murdered In Texas – Suspect Arrested

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Big hunky handsome hero — gone too soon. So sad.

  2. taqiyyologist says:

    Sad and scary.


    Ann Barnhardt’s seminal piece. IMHO.

    Our best are either being killed overseas daily, or here by thugs or “They”, or by suicide.

    My conspiratorial meter goes off the scale when a U.S. Navy SEAL is killed. One less skilled good guy. One less person with “too much” arcane military knowledge. Don’t need those types around when They do what They wanna do.

    I’m sorry if this offends, but I believe our current government wants our best soldiers to be eliminated, for tactical reasons — unless they can be turned — and because They want to beat Mao’s record body-count.

    • metrometeor says:

      I think you are into something… something big…

    • cajunkelly says:

      FINALLY someone touched on something that’s been bugging me for years…ever since we found out bin laden was on dialysis for renal failure.
      How the HELL does someone living in caves in a 3rd world environment accomplish continued dialysis? How in the HELL does one achieve dialysis which requires strict sterility in such filth?
      I guess the obamatrons would claim he received a kidney transplant in one of those caves. :roll: :roll:

      • 22tula says:

        How the HELL does someone on dialysis live in a cave? They don’t.

        • BonnieU2 says:

          He wasn’t in a cave when he was killed. He was in a Complex-walled in house in Pakistan. Who knows if that story about him needing dialysis was true? But if it was, he was receiving it in Pakistan and they, the Government and military, certainly knew he was there. He was “hiding in plain site” I’m not even sure he is dead. Did not see pictures like we did when Khadafi was killed, or when Iraq Dictator was hanged. There is nothing “transparent” about this Administration, and what appears to be “transparent” is smoke and mirrors, forged and photo-shopped.

      • lovemygirl says:

        Umm, I’m going to make myself unpopular but he never, ever was on dialysis. Just stupid internet crapola that this site tries to disperse. Sorry, OBL was NEVER on dialysis.

        • Sharon says:

          Truth is not unpopular here. Which site are you describing as trying to disperse stupid internet crapola? Can you provide a trail of crumbs re this… I would love to have some firm info on that…always sensed that it was sort of a story made out of thin air by someone, but actually never saw any documentation for whatever reality was.

  3. TXMom says:

    According to our local reports, Kyle was helping Routh who is recovering from PTSD.

  4. taqiyyologist says:

    A SEAL is like a damn Jedi. Same with other Special Forces.

    Normally another Jedi, or two, are required to take one out.


  5. Are returning veterans being programmed, while allegedly being treated for PTSD?

    This would explain and expand on taqiyy’s theory.
    If true, that sort of evil would make even Lucifer blush. :evil:

    • Sharon says:

      No. It actually wouldn’t, F.D.R. It is exactly the sort of evil which he relishes. I have no doubt of the evil of which they are capable, or of which they dream, but that’s a different issue than exactly which events are deliberate evil and which are not.

      Unfortunately, nothing is properly investigated or accounted for any more. One of my first thoughts upon seeing the reports of Kyle’s death was simply this, “We’ll never know.”

    • Watch…instead of focusing on Routh, the call will go out to ban Hunting Lodges and Gun Ranges…especially, if Routh was programmed.

      • As I read this story, and re-read it, why do I keep seeing the face of young Andrew Breitbart?

        WHY…because these deaths benefit your current Administration’s destruction of America.

        • Sharon says:

          Yes. We cannot know the details of events….but everything is bristling and buzzing….and if any were to accuse me of being conspiratorial at this moment, I would just say, “Disprove our fears. Please. Disprove them.”

          We have no evidence that our government is not behind the deaths of so many fine men, primarily because of that government’s refusal to be held accountable or conduct themselves according to tranditional norms with regard to reports to Congress and/or to the public; with regard to normal investigative procedures that are not stymied. We have no reason to trust them.

          So it’s up to them to disprove our fears. The young Andrew Breitbart indeed.

          F.D.R., you’re gonna have to get an alternate identity for certain occasions, such as this. Your great, genuine American heart beats so loudly that I know it’s not coming from the nether regions. You’re standing somewhere under some giant pine trees or oak trees; there’s a ’62 ’64 (see notes below!) Mustang somewhere in the vicinity, and a 10 X 15 American flag is snapping in the night wind not too far away.

    • ytz4mee says:

      NPR has been “predictive programming” the returning Vet on anti-depression meds going “rogue” for years now. It’s gotten so my DH can’t listen to NPR. Over and over again they have been planting the seed that returning combat Vets are all, to a one, “ticking time bombs” and a threat to the general population.

      • An excellent observation.

      • PatriotUSA says:

        National Philistine Radio. I have not listened to them or Pubic Radio, same thing for the last ten years. They hate the Constitution, what the Founding Fathers stood for, warned of, AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM and true patriots, heroes like Chris Kyle.

        The gov’t has done nothing to disprove our fears, no they have not and the gov’t is doing everything to confirm my, our fears.

        The gov’t is the real time bomb and the gravest threat to our Republic, every one of us. Color me conspiratorial.

        • BonnieU2 says:

          Color me too, Patriot. Reminds me of the old joke: Just because you are Paranoid, doesn’t mean they are NOT out to get you! I go all the way back to Vince Foster’s “suicide” aka: murder, investigated by the “Park Dept. in D.C. under Clinton. The Nazi’s locked up many people in insane asylums, as have other tyrannical dictators, because the “insane” people were “babbling the truth” about what the Government was doing.

      • lcrurik says:

        Remember Janet Nappy Napolitano declaring a while back that “Every veteran is a particularly dangerous potential terrorist”.
        Personal note – I am a Viet Nam Vet, rated 30% for PTS. I take no medication, in fact I try to avoid pain/mood medications for anything – discomfort is training for the next challenge. I did nake an exception for a kidney stone some years ago, Almost all my friends show some PTS signs. But never been in any “trouble”. One of the most common characteristics is “hyper-alertness” which is not always a disadvantage. And attention to detail, And tension. (Let’s stop me before I turn into a Python Inquisition sketch).
        Yes. Everything about this incident from the details to the timing seems “wrong”, far too evocative of Stalin’s military purge.

        • ytz4mee says:

          One of the most common characteristics is “hyper-alertness” which is not always a disadvantage. And attention to detail, And tension.

          Thank you for your honorable service. And yes, many of the symptoms of PTSD do not make someone “dangerous”.

        • ctdar says:

          Thank you for your service lcrurik.
          I wasnt familiar with details so found this re Stalin purge:


          • lcrurik says:

            First, Thanks for everybody thanking me, but with the passage of time I have come to recognize my service as the best thing that happened to me;it mak have kept me from turing into a (bleeping) hippie ;)
            Second, I wrote a Master’s paper on the military prtion of Stalin’s purge. Spartacus is not bad, but neglects several of the most essential sources. I would add, in order of importance:
            Robert Conquest (who has been awarded the Nedal of Freedom), “The Great Terror” and/or “The Great Terror a Reassment” (He said at conference he wanted to title it “I told You So You F)^+#)* Fools”)
            Dr. Amy Knight, “Who Killed Kirov?, The Kremlin’s Greatest Mystery”, a study which will make you reevaluate your dismissal of conspiracy theories, and even inadvertently cast some light on some of our recent history.
            Vitaly Rapoport and Yuri Alexeev, “High Treason, Essays on the History of the Red Army 1918-1938″

        • cajunkelly says:

          Thank you for your service. May patriots always and forever honor you, and may God richly bless you.

      • 22tula says:

        A caller complained to a talk show host about his soldier friend. His friend said that he went to Afghanistan to fight terrorist only to come home and find out that now he was considered a terrorist!

    • retire2005 says:

      Remember, Nidal Hassan, Fort Hood murderer, was a psychiatrist who helped soldiers being readied to deploy to Iraq/Afghanistan, deal with PTSD.

      Need I say more?

  6. BonnieU2 says:

    It seems like since our “President” announced to the World that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seal Team Six, Navy Seals have been dropping like flies! 24 in one helicopter shot down in Afghanistan, near Pakistan, that received very little Press coverage. There was absolutely NO logical reason to identify and disclose the military operatives who carried out the mission. Any military man would know that, to prevent reprisals against them. So why was it done? And why hasn’t the Fort Hood shooter been tried and sentenced for being in OUR military, and killing innocent soldiers, multiples, after yelling the Allah praise of the Muslim jihadists? Loose Lips sink ships. Muslim murderers are pampered while Navy Seals are slain. Something is very very wrong!
    And Andrew Breitbart had no history of heart problems! I’m just sayin’……

    • stellap says:

      Actually, Andrew Breitbart had a serious heart attack a year before he died. And he refused to slow down, which is why his close friends says they were not surprised when he had another heart attack.

      • Sharon says:

        Uhh–just affirming what stellap says. Breitbart did have heart problems….

      • BonnieU2 says:

        O.K. Thanks for the information. I was wrong. But the Stories I read about Breitbart’s death did not mention any history of a heart attack. I’ll take your word for it. But no one can convince me that the current Administration did not want him “gone” He exposed ACORN, Planned Parenthood, and it was hyped that he was getting ready to reveal something big!

        • stellap says:

          I know it is always a shock when someone dies young, apparently with no prior warning. Breitbart simply didn’t want it known publicly, but his friends did know and talked about it after his death. Here is a video by Bill Whittle talking about it. There is another video, about 20 minutes long, by a panel of his friends from PJTV (including Bill Whittle), where it is also discussed. I posted that one at the end of thread marking what would have been Breitbart’s 44th birthday, which was a couple of days ago.

  7. ytz4mee says:

    Sarah Palin has immediately posted a pitch-perfect and sincere condolence statement about the tragic loss of Chris Kyle.

    The sound of silence and lack of official comment from Teh Won in Casa Blanca is … telling.
    My guess is they haven’t finished coordinating the final lie product yet. After all, it has to be a “consensus” document. :evil:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and many friends of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle tonight. Todd and I first met Chris in Pella, Iowa, when he helped out with security for the premiere of the film “The Undefeated.” And later we became friends with Chris when he was on “Stars Earn Stripes” with Todd. Chris was a wonderful man, a good friend, and a true American hero who loved our country and served honorably. He was loved and admired by so many, and he will never be forgotten. – Todd and Sarah Palin

  8. ctdar says:

    awful, just awful, so incredibly sad. I find it very questionable that a top sniper and Seal is killed this way. For Chris Kyle to survive 4 tours he must have had incredible spidee sense…and for him not to instinctively pick up the guy next to him is “off”? How many Seals have died since Obama has been in office? 30? 40?
    My nephew is a Marine that has served 4 tours, when we meet in public areas his eyes are always moving around to see what is going on …
    I don’t buy the story that is being sold here at all.

    • ctdar says:

      ^^ Typo, nephew has served 2 tours

    • WeeWeed says:

      Me, either, ctdar. SEALs seem to be dropping like flies, don’t they?? :evil:

    • Even as a civi, a Seal will always back into a parking space; he’ll choose a seat in a restaurant where he has a clear view of the front door; when returning home, he’ll enter alone before his wife and kids go inside.

      Don’t be surprised at anything (you hear) that happens to this Routh robot.
      Yes, a programmed robot.

      This is the result of a Conspiracy Theory that is no longer only a theory. :-(

      • Speaking as someone with experience in this regard (Military Intelligence, not a SEAL), I can say that there are many things we do, that the ordinary citizen does not, to keep situational awareness.

        Backing into a parking space is not something I practice for several reasons, mostly because I don’t want to present myself as a target, as I would if I were driving toward someone. The rear of a vehicle is also, typically, a better battering ram than the front of the car, if you were to hit something. Having the ability to simply drive forward loses all of its advantages if the engine is taken out by hitting something or by taking gunfire.

  9. texan59 says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Something ain’t right here. A car wreck, I could believe. This has my stomach turning.

    • WeeWeed says:


      • texan59 says:

        I wanna cry right now. :( :( :(

        • texan59 says:

          Something’s rotten in Denmark boys and girls. This guy spent half his life watching out for bad guys and then taking them out. It ain’t this easy. :oops: :oops:

          I feel the need to go rassle a rabid skunk or a bear or somethin’ mean. Maybe my ex-wife. This has me real shook up. Dammit. :evil: :evil: :evil:

          FEMA FEMA FEMA

        • ctdar says:

          As per article, said Chris Kyle was helping his killer get thru ptsd, by taking him to gun range? Ok I buy that as therapy but to give the ptsd suffering vet a gun loaded with REAL bullets? Why wouldn’t he be given blanks as safety precaution?

          • ctdar says:

            ^^ sorry for typo, me, lil hung over :oops:

          • michellc says:

            From what I’m reading it’s something he often did, this wasn’t the first time. All of the military folks I know are jumpy and cautious by nature. They would not turn their back to a man with a gun, even a friend or loved one. Reading the texts I’ve received overnight into the morning, this is what is being repeated over and over.
            So I can understand if it’s helped others for him to take someone suffering from PTSD to the range, what I don’t understand is why he let his guard down?

            • BonnieU2 says:

              I used to be an Insurance investigator. This is another possible scenario. The Vet with the PSTD that Kyle was helping did NOT shoot Kyle and the other man. Someone else, possible a sniper shot both of them in the back, the guy that was left jumped in Kyle’s vehicle and RAN. They caught him and “targeted” him as the shooter. Who is going to believe him? He had PSTD! If you were there and your two buddies just got shot in the back, what would you do? RUN! Would a shooter think he wouldn’t be caught, driving Kyle’s vehicle? Just a theory, but I believe plausible. All Navy Seals, ex and current now have a target on their back because their Commander in Chief “outed” them on National, and International TV.

              • waltherppk says:

                Yeah wouldn’t it track perfectly as assassination wet work if Al Qaeda agents or similar operatives did the shooting and Routh is the PTSD fall guy, the patsy…..lone gunman kind of stuff. Another one for the X-Files. Somebody may be collecting the reward that was put on Kyle with a bonus for creativity initiative making it look like a betrayal murder or psychotic episode by a nutcase fellow soldier. Forensics will tell the story more definitively of what really happened.

              • ctdar says:

                PTSD is the narrative, could just have been 3 buddies out at the range that’s why Kyle or the other victim were relaxed & did not see it coming.

    • thefirstab says:

      The red list? I am on tablet, can’t link but here is site where I see some dots connected:

    • tessa50 says:

      I wouldn’t even believe that–he was just the sort we need to lead those who don’t have his skill sets–and as we all know he is not the only one going down

  10. michellc says:

    It seems most of you had the same first thoughts I had. I kept reading comments around the web last night and talked myself off the ledge, one of my military friends is not buying the story and won’t come down off the ledge. His words, “we’re being picked off whether we remain or we leave. Shouldn’t everyone be asking why?”

  11. yankeeintx says:

    When Chris was out promoting his book, I really didn’t think it was a good idea. War is hell, but nobody should brag. I didn’t like it when people danced in the street after the killing of OBL either, we don’t like it when the enemy does it, and it is wrong. As I thought about it, I realized that getting his face out there, he was protecting himself. This poor kid knew that there was a target on his back, and he would want us to sit up and take notice.

    The gun grabbers are going to use this. Anyone who claims they own guns for self-defense will be pointed to this story as a man who was one of the most trained in the country in self-defense was no match for a crazy man with a gun!

    On another note, i know a group of Marines who made pack not to claim any symptoms of PTSD at their debriefings. Their reasoning was that they were not going to let the government claim that they were defective in any way. They know something is going on.

  12. ctdar says:


    …after retiring Kyle started his own military contracting firm, Craft International  which teaches military & LE sniper training, private  security, and protection .  

    Background info on Kyle’ skull logo:

    • “…after retiring, Kyle started his own military contracting firm, Craft International which teaches military & LE sniper training, private security, and protection.”

      I repeat… I REPEAT… Chris was the military version of Andrew Breitbart.
      There are no coincidences within the reign of the Anti-Christ at 20500.

      • ytz4mee says:

        EXACTLY, FDR. :evil:
        This is what I posted on my FB page:

        My heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Chris Kyle.
        My sincere wish is that you will be provided the truth about this tragic incident, and you can find closure and peace in the unexplainable. God Bless.

    • cajunkelly says:

      I was just coming back to post this same link. Every item in that logo stood for honor and faith.

  13. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    “BonnieU2 says:It seems like since our “President” announced to the World that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seal Team Six, Navy Seals have been dropping like flies! 24 in one helicopter shot down in Afghanistan, near Pakistan, that received very little Press coverage.” This story will receive major coverage is my prediction. A Seal? Worlds best sniper. “The Devil of Ramadi.” Against gun control. PTSD. A Texan. It is made to order for those media willing to disarm America. – God bless the sheepdogs of the world.

  14. cajunkelly says:

    According to this article, the puketards over at huffpo are dancing on this HERO’s grave already.

    I’m still in shock. I can’t even begin to process this.
    God Bless you Chris Kyle, He has yet another Patriot to wrap his loving arms around.

    • GracieD says:

      Please keep my God Sent Friend Chris H in your prayers. He spent 10 years as a SEAL, and I am concerned for his safety. I emailed him last night when I heard the news, to let him know that I was praying for CK,s family, friends, and SEAL brothers. Here is his response:
      Thank you Gracie.
      He will be forever missed but never forgotten.
      Pray for his wife and two kids.


  15. waltherppk says:

    The murders were the handiwork of a backshooter. I was expecting that to be the case.

    • waltherppk says:

      Do they still hang people in Texas or is that too uncivilized ?

    • waltherppk says:

      First there should be an enhanced interrogation of the backshooter, and then what largest piece of him remains should be hanged.

      • GracieD says:

        I think they should give Marcus Luttrell 5 minutes alone with this guy. ML is a Texan like CK. Nuff said. I think y’all know me well enough to see where my thoughts are going here. Please keep all of the SEALs, as well as the Rangers, Recons, PJs, etc. in your prayers, as I fear they all have huge targets on their backs.

        • waltherppk says:

          Backshooting chickenshit, they should burn that son of a bitch at the stake

          • lcrurik says:

            Nyaaah. That would cause too much of a carbon footprint. How about a good old fashioned Balkan style impaling? Forget the Eighth Amendment, they ignore all he test of the Constitution. But a liklier bet is they’ll lock him away as mentally ill for a year in a hospital and then quietly release him as “cured”.

  16. retire2005 says:

    Remember these two things: the articles say that Kyle was helping a fellow veteran (the shooter) who is being labeled as having PTSD. Yes, Kyle helped other veterans with PTSD issues. Soooooo, Kyle understood the disorder.

    Secondly, one Texas news outlet reported that Kyle, and the other victim, were shot in the back. Do any of you really think that someone so familiar with PTSD would turn their back on someone who suffered from PTSD while that sufferer was armed?

  17. czarowniczy says:

    The PTSD line is bullshit, plain and simple. It dates back to the press/media self-serving image of the crazed Vietnam vet coming home and wiping out his family and half the block. I have more than a passing acquaintance with PTSD, helping set up one of the first program for VN vets in northern Utah, dealing with the issue during the 80s and 90s within the military and had the privileged to communicate with Charles Moskos over the years. The media has picked up on PTSD once again and is using it as a spice to flavor their prose. True some vets have anger issues but very very few will grab a gun and just shoot someone and those that do usually have some underlying condition that is the cause, not necessarily the PTSD. The press/media’s indiscriminate use of PTSD is causing the suburban soccer moms to believe that military vets are going to come down their blocks and shoot their children in the parks as they play. The media/press are for convenience sake to lump PTSD into the whole psychotic/anti-social spectrum that produces shooters as we saw in Aurora and Newtown. You’ll see the VA and some medical community going along with them too, mostly for self-serving $$$ research reasons. Note the government is lumping PTSD in with gun control measures trying to say that any vet diagnosed with PTSD by the VA cannot have a firearm unless/until a doc puts his ass on the liability line by certifying said vet is capable of responsibly owning and using a firearm. Stinks a bit like the PTSD thread in the report, eh?

    • cajunkelly says:

      Czar, I’ve been concerned for quite a while that PTSD is being used to disarm our military heroes.
      I know more than a few Vietnam vets. There’s not a one of them I wouldn’t trust with my very life. Quiet? Yes, they don’t usually discuss what they went through in that war….ooops, let me correct myself…it was a “conflict”, much less what they endured when
      they came home.
      This regime is using underhanded tactics to disarm us, one at a time, by whatever means they can contrive.
      While at the doc’s office last week I asked about medictions other than Chantix (had a severe “rare” reaction to that) to assist in smoking cessation. He mentioned one medication that is quite popular in that area, but was originally developed for ‘depression’.
      I balked like a blue nosed Missouri mule, until he ASSURED me my files would indicate it was prescribed for smoking cessation and specifically NOT for depression. As an avid hunter and sport shooter he knew exactly why I balked.
      I’ve not had that ‘script filled yet…not sure I will. That’s the sort of information this regime will use to disallow me my 2A rights.

      • czarowniczy says:

        When you look at the ‘Chinese buffet’ list of PTSD criteria (preese take one frum corum A and two frum corum B…) you can see that one can fit damn near anything, including clogged toilets, under it. Let’s face it, a leftist Democratic government fears vets, the overwhelming majority of whom vote Republican. The last two Democratic administrations have gone to great lengths to negate the soldiers’ votes from overseas, disenfranchising tem wholesale. A while back I mentioned the incident at Quantico where a SF unit was training the FBI SWAT in room clearing (as in Waco) and the FBI dude at the ‘graduation’ said to the assembled crown (SF operators included) that he wondered how the military could or ever should, release people trained like that back into the public. Didn’t say the same about the FBI’s SWAT though. The biggest fear of a crooked regime is the wrath of the military, currently serving and veterans. Tells you a lot about the regime’s moral standards too.

      • tessa50 says:

        I get your point but even the fact that your doctor wrote you that scrip is in your records. This is getting to the point you really cannot trust anyone.

    • lcrurik says:

      BRAVO! Well stated Sir. And thank you. See my posts above.

  18. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Tell me how PTSD – which is going to be “THE” story made out of this – is one damn bit different than spitting on our soldiers when they returned from Viet Nam! There is no shame in seeking help but to do so will put a big red target on their chests. The subliminal if not outright narrative the left will push is – BEWARE VETERANS! – which is the same God damn thing as spitting on them!

    • czarowniczy says:

      The new DSM-IV is coming out soon, watch for new,. flavor-improved and more easily spreadable version of PTSD. The mind-guessers who write it have so redefined PTSD over the years (for $elf-$erving rea$on$) that it’s the same but not identical. In truth it’s the same thing as the doctors called ‘Soldier’s Heart’ in the Civil War but, as lawyers get to continually redefine and relabel the law and chef’s get to redefine and relabel hicken dishes the mind-guessers get to redefine Soldier’s Heart/Shell Shock/Delayed-Stress Syndrome/PTSD for their own $elf-$erving rea$onS. The VA, for money reasons, denied the existance of Delayed Stress Syndrome post-VN until the Feds started throwing money at them, THEN they discovered PTSD! Like looking into the fridge and seeing Church’s and KFC fried chicken and trying to say they are completely new and different. My wife (who works in in) refers to it as the Medical-Industrial Complex. Not so much spitting on us as milking us, but yes, the government in general does spit on us and screw us too – it’s their job.

    • Gallowglass says:

      Had bags of s**t tossed over the airport fence at us on our return CONUS….and I would prefer THAT to being branded a potential terrorist by my own government after multiple deployments to two decade-long wars that ONCE AGAIN they will not allow the “boots on the ground” to win. Disgusting.

    • michellc says:

      I tell my Vietnam vet friends all the time how sorry I am. I didn’t do it, but my country did and that is unforgivable. I’ve also had to listen to our men being called murderers during Iraq and Afghanistan. I had to listen and read such things when my nephew was over there risking his life for the ungrateful pigs. That was a hard time for all of us, because you couldn’t stop yourself from watching the news day and night and then you had to hear all the horrible things they would say and would pray it wasn’t reaching him, while you were also praying for his safety.

    • GracieD says:

      You are absolutely correct Raven.

  19. Michelle Hart says:

    This was not a case of shell shock… It also did not happen the way it’s being described…

    This was a professional hit, by whom should be obvious.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Thank you, dear! And we’ll never hear the real story….. :evil:

      • GracieD says:

        Wee, you are absolutely correct on that account. I always worry about my GSF Chris, who is not afraid of the Devil himself, like any other SEAL, active or retired. It makes no sense that he turned his back on an armed man known to have PTSD.

        • cajunkelly says:

          I’m suspicious that there were “no witnesses”. What? A gun range, *in this political environment* and there were no other shooters there?
          IDFTS :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

      • Michelle Hart says:

        No… Sadly you won’t…. it’s much worse when you know though…

        • michellc says:

          I’d rather know and better yet I’d like to be able to prove what I think I know, but then I’d probably be dead before I could prove it.

        • ytz4mee says:

          Unfortunately most people fail to realize that we are living out another Cold War, except this time it’s all internal.
          Maskirovka. :-(

    • GracieD says:

      Sadly, I agree with your conclusion, Michelle.

    • michellc says:

      Well it all could be a coincidence but it seems those outspoken on the 2nd amendment and those who have name recognition are dying. You have the car accident, the gun shot to the head and the gun shot to the back.
      My daughter jokes all the time to a friend of her’s on FB who posts non-flattering things about Obama and the government that he’s going to suspiciously die one day like in the movies with his brake line cut. Maybe the movies have some fact to them?

      Honestly though I can say about the accident, people die in automobile accidents everyday. Not many people though die with a gunshot to the head while surrounded by guns they know how to use and not many die on the gun range by being shot in the back.

      Yeah, I’m becoming pretty darn paranoid.

  20. elvischupacabra says:

    This makes me physically ill.

  21. Patricia says:

    Bravo Zulu

  22. LadyRavenSDC says:

    I’m confident most reading here are aware of these three deaths. Keep…your…powder…dry! http://ladyravensaspirincabinet.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/4761/

  23. ottawa925 says:

    I get accused here and there of buying into conspiracy stuff, but it’s stuff like this that feeds it. The dude didn’t kill a nobody, he killed probably the best sniper in the world … it’s in the realm of guns … it just seems it’s impossible for all the concidences. And they are always with ppl supposedly with mental problems. I think the govenment has sleeper cells and all one needs to do is make a phone call, and who knows how the shooter is persuaded to kill. Maybe they give them a Catch 22 situation. Mafia did it all the time. It’s either this … or that. You choose. This story is just sickening. So this story is Best Sniper in the world killed by a gun. There ya go.

    • Sharon says:

      Because of the current lying individuals who are not being held accountable on one hand (some of them) or those who are not able to call people to account (on the other) this is not “conspiracy” stuff, and I refuse to even joke about myself as a conspiracist. There are questions that are being evaded, denied a hearing and going unanswered: that is not a commentary on the one asking the questions. I refuse to accept that assumption/connection any more. They could just answer the questions and clear the whole thing up tootsweet.

  24. sundance says:

    Just off the top of my head:
    John Wilkes Booth
    John Wayne Gacy
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    James Earl Ray
    Wade Michael Page
    James Eagan Holmes
    Jarod Lee Laughner
    Mark David Chapman

    …… and now Eddie Ray Routh…. Why do they always seem to have 3 names?

  25. Sharon says:

    It’s not paranoia if they really are after you.

    You’re not a conspiracy nut just because you have figured out something about our domestic enemies that they didn’t want you to figure out or just because you’re asking questions that nobody wants to answer.

    I refuse to accept, even in sarcasm, a self-designation of “I’m just a conspiracy nut, I guess.” I have questions. Their refusal to answer questions that We The People are asking is a commentary on them–not on us.

    • tessa50 says:

      The problem I keep coming back to in my mind, is how do we as a country ever stop him? At this point there really is no one you can trust. I worry for the ones I see telling the whole world on the internet what they are doing.

      • Sharon says:

        I don’t know how “we as a country” stop him. There is no one you should trust.

        I don’t worry about the ones who are broadcasting personal information: if they are friends or family, I will give them a heads up and caution them–and if they continue, then I will just stay away from them, keep my distance for my own safety.

        Anybody who is putting personal information on FB these days is completely clueless as far as I’m concerned. Unbelievable.

        • tessa50 says:

          To me, and color me paranoid, but I see people saying they are buying this doing that and they post under a screen name. OK. Do they not understand how easily that is traced or maybe I am paranoid idk. Just seems we are in a time do whatever you are going to do, but shut up about it, tell no one period.

          • Sharon says:

            tessa50, many do not understand how easily things are traced. Many folks assume that the local server or whatever would never “divulge their name and address” and many just think they’re too much of a nobody that anybody case.

            You are not paranoid. I don’t think there is one area that anyone can name that either improved in financial or quality performance specifically because of the government’s involvement….so I think that the blind trust that most place in “they won’t do that to me” government is simply because–acknowledging that we have a giant problem staring us in the face is just too fearful a prospect.

            Many individuals in our nation today have never had to face down personal fear rising from awareness of a real personal threat. They’ve either been able to evade it or pretend there is never a fer-real personal threat. Because they’ve internalized “how to do this” automatically for years/decades, they now have a highly developed system in place for avoiding facing things that constitute a personal threat. Refusing to acknowledge the presence of that which scares us is a learned behavior.

            Being willing to learn to tolerate feeling fear….and standing through it…..and thinking about what to do about the threat….is a choice. A refusal to make a choice about that is also a choice.

            There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns surrounding us these days. Our tendency to want to leave the problem-solving to others, or trust others to “make it right” is about to be found seriously wanting, if it hasn’t been already.

            Don’t waste time on those who refuse to see.

          • michellc says:

            To be perfectly honest I figure even posting on this blog or others stating my opinion puts me at risk. Some things though they already know, such as me owning guns, can’t go through a background check without them knowing. As for mentioning friends and family in the military, I would never reveal online who they are and only reveal parts of our conversations that they give me the okay to reveal and only what I feel comfortable revealing.
            As for listing the specifics of anything, from guns to plans, to precautions taken, etc. imho you’d be a fool to let that see the light of day. The only firearms I’ve ever said online or even over the phone that I own are guns that I figure they already know about because I went through the background check system.

            I’ve probably been on a list somewhere though for years, just because I do have so many family members in the military.
            I’ve always been a very private person and prefer to mind my own business and have others to butt out of mine. Which is why I resisted commenting online for a long time, but sometimes it helps to share with others around the country who are just as concerned as you are.
            I figure though we’re all a target but I also feel we shouldn’t give away all of our secrets either.

    • GracieD says:

      You are likely the last person on the planet that could be considered a conspiracy nut, Sharon. ***waves hello from the Swamp. The Cajun hubby and I are looking at houseboats in the Swamp…literally…The Atchafalaya Basin. Nobody knows the Swamp like a Cajun. :D You & yours are welcome in the Swamp any time!

  26. tessa50 says:

    .so I think that the blind trust that most place in “they won’t do that to me” government is because acknowledging that we have a giant problem starting us in the face is just too fearful a prospect.

    don’t know how to let you know am responding to this part of your post so hope you understand that–
    my fear or my reality which I see, call it what you will is that they don’t even see that their govt would do it–they don’t even seem to see the problem and just makes me fear for our younger ones, because they think we nuts, at least that is what I think

    • Sharon says:

      It feels like things are coming apart under our feet. Yup. And there are two aspects to it that we want to try to respond to.

      First of all, what specifically can I or should I be doing? Good grief, I could spend 24/7 just trying to figure that out. Overload. 8O

      Secondly, what can I or should I be doing about those who “don’t seem to see the problem.” Some of them may be willing to talk (if we can get them into private conversation, where they don’t feel compelled to keep on acting like there’s not a problem). Some of them may absolutely refuse to even consider anything that seems difficult: we need to try to figure out who those are, so we don’t waste our energy on them.

      I think as things continue to disintegrate, some of those who are scoffing now will quietly seek us out….when they are finally ready to ask the questions and hear the answers.

      As I’ve been studying personal biographies and historical narratives of the rise and fall of the Nazis under Hitler’s gentle hand it has astonished me how many years it took for that to play out: Hitler himself was directly “at work” for over two decades. The Nazis were directly on the move for over 15 years: translate what obama has done in 4 years and extend it for 12 more–that is how long Germany was being destroyed, dominated and was imploding.

      And then, on top of that long period of time, many folks within Germany never did think that Hitler was a problem, and never really felt that Naziism was a specific problem to be shunned. They just kept lowering their expectations, just kept on hunkering down, just kept on compensating for all the things that were going wrong and, even years after the war, could sometimes not understand what folks from the west were talking about when they talked negatively about Hitler and the Nazis. Many of those who “lived through it” never thought it was as bad as it was “made out to be” by the Allies.

      Self-deception is a powerful anesthetic. I think we are quite limited in our ability to combat it in those who are ok with it.

      • LadyRavenSDC says:

        Sharon – “Self-deception is a powerful anesthetic. I think we are quite limited in our ability to combat it in those who are ok with it.”

        Five maybe six years of blogging has proven to me, we are preaching to the crowd. That is a huge positive from one major aspect – conservatives are the most open minded, most educated/knowledgeable, most willing to teach AND learn and the most friendly/supportive/reasonable people on this planet. So websites like the Treehouse play a huge role for like minded people who come here giving and receiving.

        We are wasting our time on those unwilling to listen or learn. Very, very few of the “other” side change their minds. Insert here your sentence quoted at the top Sharon.

        “First of all, what specifically can I or should I be doing? Good grief, I could spend 24/7 just trying to figure that out. Overload.”

        My view is – even if we changed a few minds here and there – that is all good but those folks only vote once every few years. The minds we need to be changing/influencing and threatening with their frick/frackin jobs (because THEY HOLD THE DAMN POWER!!!) are our politicians who vote quite frequently – and to do that we have to organize.

        They do not want to listen either, but they can be forced to.

        • Sharon says:

          This may sound like whining–I hope it’s not! But I have serious reservations (not based on any professional–just personal–observations) about “the value of organizing.” Seems to me there are always some pols in power who see “fresh organization” as a fresh source for whatever they need during this six-month cycle….and off we go….

          We joined in the activities and the organization level of the Tea Party movement in 2009. Saw a lot of them elected in 2010. We know how that went. This past year, DH and I contributed more and promoted more re candidates than ever in our lives. Whatever.

          As long as the organization is intended to influence those who are in power .. I don’t see evidence that it’s effective, either with current officeholders or with new “really conservative–fer real this time” people who are elected. Once they drink from the Potomoc, they lie, and circle the wagons. That’s not attitude on my part: that’s what I have observed going way back to Newt and the boys.

          How many over a million were at the Tea Party march on Washington? Didn’t change a thing. How many did Glenn Beck get there? Didn’t change a thing. Lot of organization. Lots of messaging. Lots of follow up. Lots of money spent. Nothing.

          Too often in the past few years, I’ve observed HUGE numbers of individuals get worn out, spent down, used up and thrown out–all in the name of organization to promote conservative ideals. The act of organizing, in and of itself, isn’t worth a hill of beans. I’m just afraid of even more money and even more people being drawn into “Well, if we just organize! That’ll do it for sure!” …. and by the time that’s done, a whole new group of folks have been worn out.

          I like your comments and don’t want to just be a naysayer….but from my amateur status as a political combatent, those really are my observations from recent years. Where am I mis-interpreting either these events–or perhaps misinterpreting what you are referring to when you say we need to organize…?

          • michellc says:

            I don’t think voting is the answer anymore. I don’t have all the answers, wish I did, but I’ve given up on the organizing for campaigns.
            I’m not adamantly against organizing and think it does have it’s place and I will continue organizing in a sense with locals, although I have to admit I think taking it to the politicians is a lot of wasted effort.
            I’ve taken up a different route, not to even mention party or politician to people I talk to. If I’m out and about and someone starts up a conversation with me and it turns to taxes, guns, government, I just speak the truth based on facts and hope enough uninformed will at least think about it. A funny conversation I had with one woman was casually mentioning ammunition DHS had purchased and the routine exercises in Miami, Houston and other cities complete with helicopters and machine gun fire. She was truly shocked and asked how I knew this. I told her and then she asked, “why?” I told her good question, don’t you think we all deserve the answer from our government? Maybe that is one woman who goes through life paying no attention that will have it nag at her and want her to become more informed and maybe she’ll go talk to her friends and family about it.
            What will become of it? I don’t know, but I figure it can’t hurt for more people to become aware that something is not right.

          • LadyRavenSDC says:

            Sharon – so so so much of what you say is true and my own observation – and the burn out issue too – I know that from personal experience with Smackdown.
            It is a work day for me and much that I would like to respond to here I cannot until many hours from now. But I will, and THANK YOU for responding.
            In the meantime, if you have time, would you look at the post that follows. I have SERIOUS concerns about the longevity of the tremendous effort being made at Benghazi Truth website.
            Thank you!

            • Sharon says:

              Lots of issues to think about there.

            • GracieD says:

              Sharon & Raven, This reply will be mostly addressed to Sharon, since she is familiar with my background. I share the concerns that have been voiced by both of you here. As someone who cut their teeth on Louisiana Politics, I know how to deal with politicians. You must target certain politicians and boot them out of office. That tends to put the fear of God into the rest of the politicians, who are mainly concerned with keeping their jobs. Having grown up at the knee of Russell Long, and Edwin Edwards, I am intimately familiar with political chicanery. I have seen it all. What it takes, is something that most people do not have the stomach for. It requires Alinsky on Steroids. We cannot be timid about making examples of various politicians. We cannot take the “high road”. We should ask ourselves WWDD (What Would Dems Do)? Most people liked “Uncle Russ”. “Uncle Eddie” is a different story entirely. Some love him (mostly those of us who know his personal side), and some do not like him at all. I know Edwin the man much moreso than the politician. I grew up watching a man who would help a perfect stranger who could do nothing for him just as quickly as he would someone who was in a position to do political favors. I learned a whole lot about politics from Uncle Russ and Uncle Eddie.

          • LadyRavenSDC says:

            Sharon and michellc – Yes, we are in a pickle re how to effect ANYTHING in this political atmosphere.
            I definitely am not advocating organizing as per the above. Probably most here have been there, done that, and results are as you say – “Too often in the past few years, I’ve observed HUGE numbers of individuals get worn out, spent down, used up and thrown out.”
            My personal political group experience was involvement with the local tea party from day one but after several months, despite it’s huge energy, hope, determination, I simply had to get out. Each of us has only so many hours in a day. I had to choose between TP and Smackdown and I felt there were plenty of patriots beginning to participate in the political arena but virtually none other than my group fighting blankety-blank Google and their blankety-blank promotion of terrorist videos! It was a no-brainer.

            Smackdown was successful in four ways. We had dedicated participants flagging videos from groups like FreeRepublic, Jawa, CreepingSharia. The manpower. Second it didn’t cost any of us a penny from our pockets though I will be the first to say time is money, But being an arm chair warrior has paybacks money can’t buy. Third we removed thousands and thousands of terrorist videos from youtube. Fourth was getting Jihad Jane behind bars.

            What we did was a very dark thing emotionally for each of us. One can only view horror for so long before it takes it’s toll and recruiting new people is a job in itself. We did NOT effect Google and we were ineffective with politicians. Any and all BS you saw coming from one Joe Lieberman was his taking advantage of “crisis” – it was theater/limelight and getting re-elected. It really had nothing to do with the pressure we tried to put on him.

            And now we find ourselves looking at the terrorist to beat all terrorist right here in River City and the destruction in just four years is enormous. We must find a way to destroy him and I believe that can only come thru destroying his infrastructure – Congress – and demanding it be rebuilt with the Constitution as it’s foundation.

            A pretty big job it is and so I look for the issue/straw that will break his back. i believe that straw to be Benghazi but at the simmer rate the House is working on it, it will die a slow death like F&F without a whole lot of folks working on it.

            And so, that is the direction I am going. One (I believe) vulnerable issue. The tabs at my site that are the tools just sit there for the most part. I have relied on others to grab the material and use it but have not pointed “a” way and will begin going there in just a few days. Perhaps it will help others work on issues they know must be tackled.

            Sharon I hope this clarifies – it has for me. Thank you!

    • BonnieU2 says:

      You are not nuts, Tessa, but I know how you feel. Their goal is to marginalize us, call us “wingnuts” and “birthers” and Conspiracy nut cases because we are not uninformed and falling in line. Some times I wish I did NOT know what I know, but I believe in “All that is necessary for Evil to prevail, is for good men (and women) to do nothing. If all we do is shine the light on the evil, and say the truth, watch each other’s backs, I think it’s what God wants us to do, Protect and fight for the Country he has Blessed, stand up for what is right and HE will eventually deal with the Evil ones.

      • stellap says:

        Edmund Burke. Also this:

        When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

  27. tessa50 says:

    I have days where I really do hope I am nuts and that they are right, sad but true

  28. tessa50 says:

    Prime example, had a conversation tonight with someone about the Miami military maneuvers, the first response I got was that should never happen because they could train elsewhere. I pointed out how many cities this had happened in. About 30 minutes later after they had been thinking, person said, well the military would need to know each city and how to PROTECT it. This is what we are up against, never mind we should be able to stop THEM, whoever this is supposed to be in training for, before they ever get on land. NO, they went back to the old well if the government is doing it it is for our good. Didn’t even bother asking who OUR was. This is what scares me. No one blinder than those that won’t see what is right in front of their face.

  29. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Someone may have already posted this but it just came into my em and know it will be of interest to many. http://www.michaelyon-online.com/chris-kyle-navy-seal-murdered-some-thoughts.htm

  30. Roger Paquette says:

    This hero, Chris Kyle, worked to make the military industrial complex even bigger and more dealy. He got his slice of the government contract pie by setting up and running Craft International. Thanks Chris for training government goons to be better fighters so that they can confiscate weapons more effectively from American civilians.

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