Zimmerman Defense – Finding The “Three Stooges” The 7-11 Transactions Begin The Trail….

Today the George Defense Team filed a subpoena for information from the 7-11 Corporation.    Again, further evidence that what Treeper DiwataMan discovered is of such value and SUNLIGHT.   The prosecution has no vested interest in the truth, only the defense team is engaged in such a quest.:

7-11 subpoena

The prosecution had no vested interest in pursuing the truth about the engaged activity from Trayvon Martin beyond identifying his whereabouts and the timeline back to the Retreat at Twin Lakes. However, Don West had a vested interest in discovering the exact reasoning for the trip and the surrounding participants in the events.

I am reposting the Trayvon 7-11 video from DiwataMan, yet again, for a several reasons. First, it is simply an exceptional catch that deserves to be reposted. From high altitude, or with only a casual glance, it might seem a little irrelevant, alas it is not. It is very significant.

Secondly, as we previously outlined, the Truth about what took place prior to the shooting portrays a vastly differing reality than the original Scheme Team narrative.

From the outset the entire story of altruistic Trayvon Martin headed to the 7-11 for his “brother” Chad was simply silly. 17-year-old kids do not go out in the rain, at night, and walk over a mile just to get dad’s girlfriend’s kid a bag of skittles. Every intellectually honest person knew that story, while it might have sounded great -and was indeed Julianesque- was implausible. This video, and DiwataMan’s discovery of Trayvon’s actual intent, reflects the far more believable explanation.

The “Three Stooges” should be easy to identify because one of them used a debit card for his purchase, and they need to be interviewed by authorities.

Third, knowing Trayvon ended up with a cigar to make into a marijuana blunt, begs the obvious question “why was it not on him when he was shot”? Generally a person would not smoke the entire thing en route home, no need too. So where was it, and where was the accompanying blunt filler ie marijuana.? Simple questions.

Fourth, combined with his intentional removal of his button from his jacket, and his placing his ear buds in his pockets, this deconstructs the entire narrative of why Trayvon took off running, and leads to the question of where did Trayvon end up physically located that allowed him to a) ditch the contraband, and b) remove the pin, ear buds, etc in preparation for the encounter/confrontation.

You see, when you are intellectually honest and ask these ‘reasonable’ questions based on the video, you end up with a scenario considerably different from what was originally sold by Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson and Ryan Julison. Trayvon could not have been “hunted down”, chased and caught etc.

Lastly, again being intellectually honest, what did Trayvon have to fear from a chubby, short, white-hispanic guy sitting in his truck? Street smart 17 year olds do not take off and run from ordinary people watching them, even if they are staring. They run from one thing, and one thing only, the law; Or people who are in contact with the law that are about to call in an inspection on you; And then you only run if you have something you need to hide or get rid of before the cops show up.

The Three Stooges could answer a lot of questions about those 7-11 minutes. In addition over the course of three days over 10,000 people have watched the newly revealing video on this site. Considering links, posts to Facebook, and corresponding attachments somewhere around 25,000 people have viewed and shared that DiwataMan fact based analysis showing what Trayvon actually did at the 7-11, just in the past three days.

So where is the Main Stream Media following up on this?

Trayvon checked out from “his” purchase at 6:24. But as this video highlights he didn’t leave right away. About a minute after he walks out, 3 other rather dubious characters walk in. We’ll call them the “Three Stooges”. After they make their purchases and leave at 6:29 Trayvon is seen walking away outside the building. (*The narrator of this video is not associated with the Treehouse, he is an independent U-Tube video guy, and yes, he curses a little at the end. Sorry)

So what was Trayvon waiting outside for? And what did Trayvon and the 3 stooges coordinate after they left? Why did he wait around outside for approximately 5 minutes after he exited the 7-11? Indeed in watching the video, not only is it Trayvon but he is walking away partially backwards while departing with a farewell of sorts.

As far as what he asked Curly (the white guy – one of the 3 stooges) to buy. That question appears answered in the following video. Curly is holding the two bills that Trayvon held in his hand when he exited the building. Curly buys a blunt for Trayvon, and one more, presumably for himself, then after a pause he buys another and then heads outside while Moe (wearing a hoodie like Kenny from Southpark) makes his purchase with a debit card. Apparently while Moe is paying, Curly is outside giving Trayvon the Blunts.

Trayvon’s “blunt use” was well-known to his friends, and close circle, some of them even posted pictures in memorial of Trayvon after his death as captured below courtesy of Wagist:

Here is a video from Diwataman putting the entire thing together:

So lets recap what we know factually:

When checking out Trayvon put two dollar bills in his hand carrying the bag.

Trayvon finished his purchase at 6:24 and left the store.

A minute later, 6:25, Larry, Moe, and Curly enter the store.

Curly has two dollar bills in his hand, and initially buys two Blunts.

Curly decides to buy another blunt and goes into his own wallet for more money.

Curly leaves the building around 6:28 while Moe is checking out.

50 Seconds Later at 6:29 Trayvon is seen walking back toward the Retreat at Twin Lakes saying something in parting to someone standing near the entrance door.

At 6:30pm (according to phone records) Trayvon calls “DeeDee” back. Presumably while en route back home. Trayvon had his hands-free phone ear buds on when he left the 7-11. The Retreat is less than a half mile away. The actual Brandy Green Townhouse is .60/mile away.

Approximately 35 minutes after Trayvon leaves the 7-11 George Zimmerman sees Trayvon entering the retreat via the walk through “shortcut”. At 7:09 George Zimmerman calls police while watching Trayvon at/near the “Club House”.

Trayvon is shot at 7:17pm according to the shot heard on the 911 call tapes.

It took Trayvon 40 minutes to walk less than 1/2 mile from the 7-11 (6:29pm to 7:09pm) to the clubhouse while talking to DeeDee?

The Skittles and Watermelon Juice were found on Trayvon’s body when he was shot, but not the blunt, partial blunt, or marijuana.

Marijuana was found to be present in the blood within Trayvon’s chest cavity. The bullet pierced the heart and stopped normal blood flow.

According to the SPD report: a 711 lighter, photo button, Skittles, and headphones were collected from within the victims pockets. There were no marked or tagged crime scene photographs of any of these items suggesting they were outside the body, or clothing, of the victim at the time he was shot.

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167 Responses to Zimmerman Defense – Finding The “Three Stooges” The 7-11 Transactions Begin The Trail….

  1. eastern2western says:

    It is very likely that the clerk sold something illegal to the kids that night which made him magically forgotten about a 6’4” who walked into the store. when I worked at a convenient store, I always paid attention to people who were tall and wearing hoodies because hoodies help them to hide their identity.

    • ftsk420 says:

      I worked for 7-11 and we wouldn’t allow anyone in the store that had anything hiding their face.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        What was up with that, they looked very suspicious, nobody covers their faces like that unless they are hiding something. Dressing like that is not normal. I would have called the police or have been pushing a panic button. I would bet that the clerk knew who they were.

    • jello333 says:

      Watching the video, it seems to me that the clerk probably knew those guys…. the 3 Stooges. Maybe not their names, but I’m sure he’d seen them around the store before. Their weird attire didn’t seem to faze him much.

      But as for why he might not want to talk? I doubt it has much to do with the fact that he might have sold blunts or something to an underage person. I think it’s much more likely that he doesn’t wanna be the next target of the NBPP scumbags.

    • mommakk51 says:

      I think you have to be 18 to purchase blunts, and I didn’t see the clerk asking for I.D’s.

    • ackbarsays says:

      It’s very likely that Trayvon Martin sold something illegal to the kids that night.

  2. howie says:

    It is getting better and better. The hounds are closing in on the Crumpster’s. Soon they will have them “treed.”

  3. tara says:

    I hope the 7-11 worker testifies. “Did Trademark look suspicious to you?” “Yes.”

    • dmoseylou says:

      I hope one or more of the stooges gives an honest depo.

      • howie says:

        They have got to get the names and prove who the stooge is if they want to depose him. Thus the record of his credit card. But they prolly already know who he is. He is prolly not co-operating. Might be for personal reasons of possible criminal liability? Ya never know. He too may plead the 5th. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be pleading the 5th.

        • Whichever stooge bought a cigar for a 17 year old, that’s a crime right there. They will plead the 5th, and far from being offered immunity in order to testify, they probably have an agreement with the DA to not testify in exchange for not being charged.

          • ejarra says:

            They may have an agreement with the DA, but that won’t stop them from testifying if asked by the defense to appear.

            MOM: Did you buy a Black and Mild for Mr. Martin in order for him to make it a blunt by filling it with pot?

            Curly: I plead da 5th.

            I don’t think that will work out to good for BLDR.

            • howie says:

              Now…From the start. I have had a feeling. That the T-con was trying to be a “middleman” in a drug deal between Miami and Orlando. I don’t know why just a feeling. It would make sense of nonsense. So….what about a “sample” of the goods? Obviously none of the people seem to be employed. At least seem not to. Time will tell. One thing we do know is that the apartment he was staying had been busted for dope before. Brandy’s sister I think. 25 lbs. of dope. Now I am not sure it was at the apt. but I know the sis was busted. Could it be possible he was in the middle of a deal?

          • libby says:

            the persecutors have so much to hide and so little time

        • jello333 says:

          (Ok, if I could search for old comments, I’d double-check to be sure what I’m about to say is 100% accurate. So if someone remembers differently, go ahead and correct me. ;) )

          WAY back when the 7-11 video first came out, I asked here why Trayvon didn’t just use part of the $40 that was later found on him. Watching the video, you can see him digging around for money to pay with. Why didn’t he just use part of the $40? I wondered if maybe the reason for that was that he DID NOT YET HAVE the $40 at that point, and that maybe he got it some way, at some point after he left the store. I suggested that they do fingerprint analysis on the two $20 bills, and see what they come up with. I knew there could be a lot of prints on there, but they just might get lucky. If Trayvon made some “transaction” on the way home, those fingerprints might point to who. But I was thinking, other than the long time it took Trayvon to return, there was no evidence that he encountered anyone after leaving the store.

          But that was before the 3 Stooges, and DMan’s great work.

    • libby says:

      I noticed you kept a close eye on trayon the ENTIRE time he was in the store.

  4. ejarra says:

    The only thing I wish to add, is what I’m bugged about. Why was the plastic 7-11 bag which held the Watermelon Drink can found on the walk right where Georgie head was and the can inside his hoodie? Why were they separated? This, for me, is bigger than where the pin and earbuds finally ended up. There is NO question as to intent with the bag and/or the can. The reason I mention it here is because you mentioned the pin and earbuds.

    One more point that’s been bothering me for a long time. Where is the PROOF that Mr. Martin talked to DD or any girl at 7:04 or at 7:12? I see no PROOF at all. That crap that was said by DD could have been fed to her in order to get an arrest. I want PROOF! I’ll bet the state can’t provide it and in fact ,once the ping logs come out, we may find that the person on the other end may not live anywhere near where DD was supposed to live.

    There, I feel better now.

    • howie says:

      I bet you are right. Proof is called for in a murder trial.

    • ejarra – You can’t see it, but i’m standing and applauding your post right now.

    • 22tula says:

      Maybe the Watermelon Drink can was used as a weapon and the plastic bag would prevent a good grip. Was the can dented? Did the can have any blood on it?

      • 22tula says:

        Maybe it went like this. Trayvon used the can for the first blow,(the knockdown punch). The edge of the can caught the bridge of George’s nose. The cut/tear – laceration on George’s nose may have been caused by the sharp edge/or the “pop top” part of the can. Did they check the can for possible blood/skin-DNA? Trayvon puts the can in his hoodie pocket and continues the assault now using his fists and hands,(head slamming on concrete).

        • jello333 says:

          I don’t know if the can had anything to do with it, but if it did, my theory would go something like this: Trayvon went to grab the bag with the can in it, intending to pull it out and use it as sort of a flail (hold the end of the bag and swing it with the can inside). But when went to pull it out, the bag just ripped off the can, leaving him (literally) holding the bag, with the can still in the pocket. So he just threw the bag down and continued with his bare hands.

      • ejarra says:

        I don’t believe the can was ever tested. Maybe MOM will get to that. Same with the bag, that needs to be tested, also.

      • My question for a long time has been why, in the photo of the watermelon drink can-does there appear to be red fluid on the yellow tarp? I thought I might be imagining it but it sure looks that way to me, but so many kept saying that theory just didn’t add up. I also noticed that no one said the can was full and undamaged in any of the reports, but hey it was just a thought because so much was actually not in the reports about the items, which by the way is not unusual as these would seem to be minor and irrelevant details when you are being pressured to get the reports out in a hurry. .

  5. Lou says:

    most importantly was the red 7/11 brand lighter which is never discussed. did the 3 stooges purchase a red 7/11 brand lighter?

    • ejarra says:

      I’ll bet, the never discussed lighter, was always on Mr. Martin. He didn’t buy one and I doubt he was given one by the 3.

      • Lou says:

        the lighter is important because it destroys the Scheme Team’s Ace in the hole with the Skittles and Iced Tea. the red lighter can be brought up every time the Skilttles and Iced Tea comes up. if the Three Stooges did purchase the red lighter that night or if they bought Trayvon Black and Milds, at least 50% of their talking points will be destroyed. you have to remember there are only 2 talking points
        1. he was only a kid getting Skittles and Iced Tea (insinuating a little kid)
        2. he should have never left his car.
        this case is all about influencing a jury. the only way you can influence the jury is to attack Trayvon’s character and what his true intentions were that night when he went to 7/11. it’s all about the story of making sure your kids are safe when they go to buy candy at the store.

        • Rich Branson says:

          The fact that the guy had illegal substance in his body blows away the “Saint Trayvon” theory. Just wait till MOM and West show this kids Twitter and Youtube content, there will be no doubt, that this guy was a violent little street thug and not “Saint Trayvon”.

        • libby says:

          trayvon never should have ben allowed to roam the neighborhood alone while on suspension from school (he should have been home on puishment like the school had told his parents when they suspended him)

          • mcfyre2012 says:

            “(he should have been home on puishment like the school had told his parents when they suspended him)”

            Exactly. The piss-poor parenting of both of Trayvon’s parents, and the culture he was brought up in, are the main cause of his untimely death.

    • howie says:

      It may still have a bar code on it. That would be interesting if it did. Because a bar code can be tracked. I have a lighter that still has a sticker on it. With a barcode they scan.

  6. pet says:

    Just checked the O slantinel website. They are swimming as hard as they can against the outgoing tide. There is a darwinistic pre-determined outcome to that misguided effort as all us Floridians know. lmao.

  7. ejarra says:

    I was just thinking. I wonder if the 3 know about this video. I say they don’t have a clue about it.

    Picture this: The three of them enjoying the blunt they just filled. Sweet smelling smoke fills the room. They’re laid back just talking crap. Then there’s a knock on the door.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

  8. mung says:

    From the Leatherhead cult.

    Jun says:
    January 30, 2013 at 9:01 pm
    Okay so now the new Treeforter theory is alleged “Lost Files On Trayvon’s Phone” LMAO

    I dont know what they expect to prove that proves self defense for the defendant, especially with all the witnesses and forensic evidence that point to the defendant targeting, stalking, chasing, harassing, threatening, attacking and killing a kid which equates murder

    Gee Wally, I don’t think that is our theory, I think that is the defense is not happy with the fact that the evidence has been tampered with. I think what it proves is either the state is altering evidence or that the whole DeeDee thing never happened. But hey Leatherheads, keep up with your juvenile rants and name calling, it will make you feel better.

    • howie says:

      There ya go. Nothing matters. They are stuck with it. That is the prosecution theory to a T. BDLR could have written it. It is written in stone. It could be the opening statement.

    • justfactsplz says:

      A bunch of new kool aid drinkers over on Click Orlando tonight. They don’t care now how big or old Trayvon looked. He was just defending himself from George the Pedophile, and George’s brother is a lawyer, and George’s dad is a retired Florida Supreme Court Judge. What have they been drinking?

      • jello333 says:

        George’s Dad?…. UNITED STATES.Supreme Court, I think you meant to say. And Bobby, of course, former head of the CIA. But yeah, George is one of those extra special kind of pedophiles… the bigger the “kid”, the greater the challenge.

        (Trayvon, if you’re reading this I apologize. You know I’m just messin’. It’s your so-called ‘supporters’ out there who are doing this to you. I don’t blame you for being disgusted by their portrayal of you as a scared, helpless little child.)

        • jordan2222 says:


          You may be the most sensitive guy I have ever seen post on the internet. No one I know would say that about Trayvon.. even his supporters.

          • jello333 says:

            I just can’t get over the fact that these people are EXPLOITING HIS DEATH this way… it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Not only are they trying to destroy George and his family, but they seemingly have no respect for the memory of Trayvon.

            Let’s just imagine for a minute that Trayvon somehow survived. And slowly, slowly, he got his life together, and a within a few years became a decent guy. And then, he’s sitting there, looking back at what happened in 2012, early 2013, and shaking his head about just how dark his life was back then. And he’s also thinking about the way various groups of people talked about him. Tell me, who would he have more respect for?… people like us, who are at least trying to be honest about what was going on in his life, or people like the JQers, the Scheme Team, and even his own family, and the way THEY portray him. Who would he respect more?

    • jello333 says:

      Leather Freddy is a major goofball.

      “all the witnesses and forensic evidence that point to the defendant targeting, stalking, chasing, harassing, threatening, attacking and killing a kid”

      Point it out, Freddy. C’mon, you can do it. Citations my good man… you’re a lawyer and a distinguished professor, after all. You know the drill.

    • thehoff71 says:

      DJ Jazzy Changster? He’s a special one. Just continuously repeats the “targeting, stalking, chasing, harassing, threatening, attacking and killing a kid which equates murder” over and over..it’s like a mantra that he’s constantly chanting to keep convincing himself.

  9. Burnt Toast says:

    Test the lighter for maryjane residue – lighters are commonly used to snuff the wacky tobacky between hits to to prevent wasting it by letting it smoulder.

    /been meaning to say that for a while… BTW – how many people just carry lighters for no apparent reason…

    • eastern2western says:

      usually a lighter is always found with a pack of malboros.

    • rooferx says:

      I will venture to say that NOBODY carries a lighter for no apparent reason. What was he going to do, start a fire on the way home to dry out and warm up? He was, did, or was going to smoke something.
      One thing my father said one time out hunting when we got cold. “since I quit smoking cigars I never have matches on me anymore”
      Now think… this is a 17 year old. He didn’t have a lighter on him for no reason…..Same logic goes for….He didn’t walk in the rain that far to get a snack for his dad’s new fling’s kid.
      Call me crazy………

      • rooferx says:

        Now that I think a little more. It was a “RED 7-11″ lighter. Is there a tape from the night before at the 7-11 showing TM’s cousin? What did he purchase? Remember the pics holding the belt in brandy’s garage and TM’s cousin commenting something like “just slap boxing with him the night before” and “I was high”…….
        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put this together, but it does require proof…..

    • jello333 says:

      If all this needs to come out in order to put the lie to the “little boy” narrative, fine. Especially if it winds up involving “lean” or something that could have made Trayvon paranoid/violent. And if the marijuana purchase/sale/use is important to defending George, it should definitely be brought out. But I also hope we’re careful not to imply that Trayvon (or the Stooges for that matter) was a “bad kid” just because he may have smoked. Lots and lots of people smoke weed, some are good people, some are bad; overall, they’re no better or worse than the average person who doesn’t. Now I KNOW that most people here agree with that sentiment, but I also know there are idiots out there watching who’ll try to twist anything we say.

      Anyway, I’m not talking to you, Oh Toasty One, or anyone else in particular. It’s just that this reminded me, it’s something I’d been meaning to say for awhile. As it’s becoming more and more obvious that something like this is gonna come out, we need to make sure we don’t alienate people who might still be on the fence about this case.

      (Hope this doesn’t come across as “preachy”. I think you all know me well enough by now to get my drift.)

      • justfactsplz says:

        Yeah, fire and brimstone, that’s you, lol. You’re a good egg, Jello.

      • jordan2222 says:

        Jello; See my post. I think the risks outweigh the potential value here. I am not a drug user but I recognize that a lot of people are and will think Martin’s drug use is totally irrelevant but IDK.

        • ejarra says:

          But he was a “child” doing drugs. This is the narrative that they are presenting. Who is to blame for that? Also, if those who say that it’s not a bad thing, also are saying he’s not a “child”. You can’t have it both ways. There is a purpose, which is to demonstrate that when Georgie said that, “He looks like he is on drugs or something.”; he was correct in his assessment. Remember, the race hustlers are after Georgie for “profiling” him incorrectly. This would abate that critique.

          • jello333 says:

            Right. There absolutely IS relevance here, and anything and everything that can help should and will be used. I didn’t mean to imply it shouldn’t be… I was just suggesting that we (the mere mortal supporters of George and the defense) be clear in our reasons (as, for example, you just did.) But I really doubt I needed to remind anyone…. I think we’ve all got a pretty good handle on things. It was more for “newbies” or passers-by that I was thinking of. ;)

    • thefirstab says:

      Did I go to college with some of you guys??!
      Wacky tobacky – lol

  10. justfactsplz says:

    You asked where was the marijuana. Omara needs to dig deeper through SPD files. I heard that some marijuana was found in Trayvon’s pocket that night but that has failed to show up in “discovery”. He also needs to dig deeper concerning videos on Trayvon’s phone, the other phone.

  11. Mike says:

    Those are black &milds not blunts,

  12. rooferx says:

    Why no mention of the call TM received while still at the store during checkout?
    I would like to see a phone bill that is vetted and includes the entire night. Also would like to see it for a FACT that the calls from or to TM are with the supposed “DD”.

  13. Mike says:

    Nobody uses black & milds to roll blunts,they’ll just buy the blunt wraps. At worse they bought a cigar for Martin to smoke. What a waste of time these videos are lol

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Actually Black & Milds and marijuana are used together by many. Google it!!!!

    • ejarra says:

      Can you buy blunt wraps at a 7-11? Do you just ask for that at a 7-11? Or do you need to improvise? Can’t one hollow out a B&M and turn it into a blunt. I bet I could.

      Nobody uses a B&M for a blunt? Nobody ever, in the history of making a blunt, used a B&M? Are you sure?

      • Mike says:

        Lol I’ve never seen it done. And yes I’m sure I’ve smoked blacks for 21 years that’s why it’s funny you guys think that weed can be rolled into it with with no problem.

        • Mike says:

          The photo used above with the weed in it is a wrap not a black & mild.

          • rumpole2 says:

            Mike. I think the grown-ups here are too busy to play with you today.
            If you post at JQ… you will probably get a Post Of The Day smiley… and LiveLaughLove will gather all your posts and repeat them and say how much she hates GZ… gotta be more funny playing over there for you?

            • Mike says:

              Well I’m a grown up to but your buddy may be right about the guy buying black and milds for him they are just cigars that you smoke not roll weed in. I just find it hard to believe that d man didn’t know that about the small black and milds vs blunts.

              • libby says:

                Any cigar can be used to roll a blunt.
                blunt wraps are for newbs.
                my ma used to roll joints out of tampex papers (they are sterile) if she ran out

          • ftsk420 says:

            Wrong it’s not a wrap it’s a blunt and not a phillie looks to be a dutch because you can see it’s a leaf. Everything you posted so far about black and milds has been wrong.

        • howie says:

          They do it all the time. Have they really been around that long? How do you know it was 21 years?

        • HughStone says:

          Black & Mild now make tipless cigars for smoking weed. Like a swisher cigarillo.
          They have all kinds of new flavors. 7-11 will charge the same price for a single.

          • Mike says:

            The tipless ones are even smaller than the tipped ones, the ones that the guy may have bought for Martin are regulars with the plastic tip .

            • jordan2222 says:

              :Why would someone buy a cigar, empty the contents and fill it with pot? Isn’t that a waste of the tobacco?

              I do not smoke pot so this is a serious question. I am assuming a blunt is a cigar right?

              Last time I smoked pot was when they put the stuff in cigarette papers or pipes. That was about a hundred years ago.

              • libby says:

                Dont worry Jordan,
                they mostly use the lowest quality cigars, so little quality tobacco is wasted.
                i, too, was worried about wasted tobacco.

        • ftsk420 says:

          Actually it is rolled in black and milds although it never used to be.

      • jello333 says:

        That’s right, “nobody ever”…. or put another way…. ALL THE TIME. ;)

    • jello333 says:

      God, you are sooooo wrong. When my sons were younger (within the past 10 years) that was their “wrap” of choice. In their homes, it would be a typical joint. But whenever they thought they’d be out somewhere… yep, Black & Mild. I always thought they were stupid… “Umm, you seriously think cops aren’t gonna know what that is?” ;) But yeah, most definitely B&M’s.

      • ftsk420 says:

        I smoke all the time and have for many years now I have rolled everything from a swisher sweet to a phillie blunt I have even used bible paper. The weed that’s around today you don’t get as much as you used to so buying a big blunt like a phillie or white owl is a waste. Back in the day a gram of weed would be 1.0 for $10 now it’s .8 for $20. My brother rolls black and milds I have other friends that do the same. Wraps are a waste.

        • Mike says:

          @ftsk420 you could smoke it out of a gymshoe if you like. My only point is that it’s unlikely that Martin was planning to smoke weed out of a black & mild when you could just buy a wrap,blunt,Garcia vega or any other bigger cigar on the market to roll your weed in for the same price or less. And I don’t know what kinda smoker you may have been but people usually buy ounces at a time the dime bag is a thing of the past my friend. Blacks are for smoking and blunts/wraps are for toking. LoL 4/20 is my b day

  14. rumpole2 says:


    My JOKES are being quoted on twitter by our old friend and wilfully ignorant dope “Laura”
    Sarcasm is too much for her little brain…. :D :D

  15. arkansasmimi says:

    HOODIES UP, in my neighborhood, someone gonna bet hurt. 2 homes in my neighborhood have had the backdoors kicked in Mon and Tues. Well my neighbor 2 doors over came home about 5 pm and changed clothes and left to go to the gym, at approx 6 pm. She came back home, just a few before I got home from my parents. SOMEONE KICKED HER DOOR IN!!! Get this, stole A LOAF OF BREAD, BOX OF JELLO AND A DVD PLAYER!!!! The police said they are looking for black male, approx 6 to 6 1/2 in tall med build and last seen wearing A HOODIE!!!! I was like you have got to be kidding me!!!! Hope yall having a better day! Off to catch up. Was going to bed, but too rattled now. Looks like an eventful day for Geo. Hugs and Keep the Faith Geo and Shellie!!!

  16. Mike says:

    Black.& milds are too small too roll in lol all the weed smokers I know use the wraps they cost just about the same as the black and milds with no mess of dumping out the tobacco.

    • howie says:

      Why don’t they use Zig Zags?

      • Mike says:

        Zig Zags are a thing of the past,you just can’t roll the same amount of weed in a zig zag the wraps are longer and can hold more howie.

        • howie says:

          What is a wrap? Like a tobacco shell or somethin?

          • Mike says:

            Yes it’s basically a precut blunt sold in different flavors, peach ,cherry,and strawberry just to name a few.

            • howie says:

              Is there an age limit?

              • Mike says:

                I would think so it’s made from the the same thing cigars are made from its just a cigar without the tobacco in it .

              • boutis says:

                This appears to be a tutorial on how to use a cigarillo such as a Black and Mild to make a blunt. http://forum.grasscity.com/apprentice-tokers/989959-how-roll-blunt-tutorial-w-pics.html I would think that precut blunts are not sold everywhere and one must be prepared to use what is readily available to purchase.

                • Mike says:

                  That may very well be true. But the cigars that were purchased that night are not for rolling weed in they are smaller than the ones thats shown in the link you provided.

                  • boutis says:

                    How do you know what exactly was purchased? I cannot tell from the video. It looks like regular cigarillos to me but I am far from expert on tobacco products. Estimating size from a video captured from that far away is not simple nor particularly accurate. I would guess that is why West/MOM want the receipt to determine exactly what was purchased as well as the identity of the purchaser.

                  • howie says:

                    There could have been earlier purchases with the card. Even at other locations. Once the number is known the card can be cross checked at other nearby stores. Also the lighter on T-con might show up on a purchase by a stooge. I was thinking about it because my lighters have bar codes on stickers that are read at the time of purchase, if the sticker was still on the lighter. I do not know if con had removed the sticker or not.

                  • Mike says:

                    Well I’m not a tabacco expert but I’ve smoked blacks for 21 years and the white tip cigar is very easy to see in the video he buys three of them. MOM is wasting his time if he’s trying to prove something big happened because someone buys 3 blacks.

                  • boutis says:

                    Who knows. The receipt should identify what was purchased. And while a “Black” may not be the preferred blunt for a adult connoisseur, someone under 21 has to take what they can get since it is not legal for them to buy it. Who knows.

    • HughStone says:

      Not these B&M’s.
      Please do your research before making yourself look really silly.

      • Mike says:

        Error 404 on your link there buddy. If Middleton sells wraps now Ive never seen em. As I said those Arnt the ones that were bought buy the guys in the store. And that’s the truth.

        • Rand says:

          Keep the plastic part on(know as the filter) and start rolling the Black and Mild back and forth in your hand until all of the tabacco comes out of it. You might wanna flick the plastic piece a couple of times to make sure all of the tabacco is out of it. Now you need to take the cancer paper out(yellow paper on the inside of the Black and Mild). Just loosen it up a bit and it should just slide right out. After that just insert all of the sweet ganja and enjoy your creation. Copied from cannabis forum, posted in 2006.

          • Mike says:

            Lol that’s called freakig a black rand you don’t put weed back into it, you just put the tabacco back in it. Doing this makes the cigar smoke better if it’s packed to tight. When I would freak my blacks back in the day I could do it in about 1 min 45 sec.

  17. jordan2222 says:

    Sorry, everyone, but I do not see why this is such a big deal. Even if Martin make a drug deal after he left the store, so what?

    I can see that it might reveal more about who Martin really was but we already know that he was a thug. There is plenty of proof of that available without hunting down the 3 stooges who “might” say Martin was into drugs. Again, we already know that.

    I am curious as to what happened to the “blunt” but even that means little to me. I am more interested in the full tox report but primarily to know if Martin was screwed up on drugs at the time to explain his “suspicious” behavior.

    What am I missing here?

    • MJW says:

      For one thing, it undermines DeeDee’s testimony. She sort of left out that part.

      • hooson1st says:

        all depends on what she said, and/or was asked. If you take the BDLR interview as an example, it is not her fault that she would not have mentioned it, inasmuch as she was being lead by the questioner.

    • howie says:

      Well if it is shown that Martin did not walk home but got a ride it would be interesting. It would alter the timeline. He could have been driven to the back gate, went to Brandy’s and then walked back to the mail thing. Suppose there are video cameras focused on the route between 7-11 and Twin Trees. Suppose that during the time frame they do not show the T-con walking back? What did he do fly home? All kine of possibilities. DD said he walked back.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      “What am I missing here?”

      The fact that GZ correctly “profiled” Trayvon in the 911 call. Trayvon WAS acting suspicious and acting like he was “on something.”

    • tara says:

      Jordan, I think GZ’s defense team is going to collect ALL evidence so that during the immunity hearing they can swiftly respond to the prosecution’s lies and shred the fairy tale of the innocent little Traymitt Till skipping home from the candy store and brutally gunned down (like a rabid dog!) because he wore a cute little pale blue grandma-knit hoodie….

  18. arkansasmimi says:

    Dumbasses! So messed up in their screwed up world, IT WONT BE A YR TIL THE 26th! SMH!
    R.I.P Tray‏@SJ_SayNoMo_4 6:26 AM – 30 Jan 13
    Next week make a year since Tray been gone r.i.p cuz 🙏 i miss you
    Retweeted by TRAY’S BIG BRUH

  19. arkansasmimi says:

    Benjamin Crump, Esq.‏@attorneycrump 3 hrs ago
    The Trayvon Martin Foundation Presents: “Trayvon Martin Inaugural Remembrance Dinner” 2.10.13 #TrayvonMartin pic.twitter.com/OcMvKe90

  20. Burgers says:

    In regards to Mike’s comments on tipped cigars, many people I have known, myself included, would buy cheap cigars of any style (and at 7-11) and hollow them out, then fill them with cess, or batch with them. Whether we thought we were hiding the fact we were blazing with the smell and appearance of cigars, being experimental with flavoring options or just doing the dumbest shit we could because it was funny, the hardest part (which isn’t saying much) was getting tobacco products in the first place without an enabling adult around. There were always stores that would sell illegally to known underage customers, but they were not always open. Kids will smoke weed just about any way if someone said it would get them higher.

    Maybe he was smoking weed, maybe he wasn’t smoking weed. Maybe Trayvon was intent on dipping while his parents were out. A scrawny, white, aged brain surgeon standing in the rain with his hoodie on acting the way George claims Trayvon was acting would be suspicious.

  21. Pingback: George Zimmerman Case Updates and Some Thoughts «

  22. Reptile says:

    Guys don’t forget to visit the website for GZ after O’Mara revamps it and donate. I am shamed at what it cost to sustain an innocent man against Corey’s highlight agenda… Don’t forget her cohorts Barney (Bernie) and Crump.

    All the plotting and scheming Crump does will come to light.

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