We Get Questions….

animated_computerGot a question you’ve been dying to ask, but you weren’t sure where or when to ask it?  Well, here’s a collaboratively edited question and answer thread that will be devoted entirely to the sharing of information from one to another.  We’re very fortunate to have quite a few “professional” bloggers and developers amongst us, as well as one that even runs his own forum.

Some examples of the most frequently asked questions include:

1.  How do I bold a comment, or change a font to Italic? th_DocumentCodeHTML_zpsd473cf59-1_zpsfa593e76

th_Smiley-photographer-ani_zpsca0544ac2.  How do I post a picture?

…………..3.  How do I make those smilies?

4.  Why aren’t my YouTube videos showing up?  th_youtube_sperrung_smiley_zpse12e67fe-1_zps8d9e91b4

th_link-to-single-tweet-title-image_zps6b588c2e-1_zps0cda56a95.  How do I post a single “Tweet”?

These are just a few of the most commonly asked ones… or perhaps you have a question about the site itself?  Also, feel free to practice what you’ve just learned too.  As “Jello333″ put it, “Have like a “scribble” page where anyone trying to learn new techniques can do it all in one place. Here, lemme try this…. nope, didn’t work… how ’bout this… aha!”  :-D

76aa8699a71a0be6f0617f17eb414c8cOh, and don’t let me forget to mention one of our newest Treepers, “nettles18″, as she was the inspiration behind this post.

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196 Responses to We Get Questions….

  1. Ad rem says:

    I’ll start things off by reposting that very helpful tutorial “Diwataman” wrote on posting Tweets…
     photo postingtweets_zps857a6803.png


  2. ctdar says:

    Why does my candle above at the Prayer request tab turns blue sometimes? :roll:


  3. WeeWeed says:



  4. nettles18 says:

    Thank you! Practicing a type.

    You guys respond fast! Thanks again.


  5. BertDilbert says:

    How about making a page with all the stuff we need and putting a link button somewhere for absent minded old farts like me? Like next to the Post Comment button? A page that is not affected by the special text characters so we can actually see the examples rather than playing a game. Look at poor nettles18 right now, she has been reduced to playing a game for 5 year olds in an attempt to communicate with admin.

    Actually nettles, I think this is part of a new Trepper initiation game where the old Treppers sit back and laugh their asses off as you try to figure out the secret codes.


  6. maggiemoowho says:

    This is a wonderful idea, Thank You.
    I do have a question though and have always been to embarrassed to ask. Don’t laugh, but what does “bacon” mean.


  7. BertDilbert says:

    “but what does “bacon” mean.”

    Well that depends if it is a stand alone bacon or combined with another word such as “making bacon”:. Bacon is synonymous with the word good….


  8. Bijou says:

    Fantastic idea. I’ve always wondered about the italic/bold thing.
    So bear with me while I try it out…



  9. Bijou says:

    Woo-Hoo! It worked!
    That’s awesome!
    However, I got a strange message after I hit ‘Post’.
    It said not to touch the browser for five minutes and then hit ‘Refresh’.
    So I went and got some coffee, came back, hit ‘Refresh’ and it told me that I’d already posted that comment. Never seen anything like that before.
    Is that normal?


  10. nameofthepen says:

    This idea rocks! I wonder if there’s some way it can have a permanently-displayed little button to click, so it could remain visible, and directly accessible, without having to “site-search”, once it becomes historical?


  11. nameofthepen says:

    Ha ha…I think WordPress is doing some major site maintenance. I got caught in the “limbo” of the “Don’t touch your browser! Wait 5 minutes” page on my last post. Now on this one, the cursor is not showing as I type.

    Anyway I’ve been dying to know how to embed a link into a word or phrase.

    This is what worked for me when I last belonged to a blog years ago:

    [URL=http://yourpethatesyou.com/a-horse-dressed-like-a-poodle]All-purpose pet[/URL]

    OK. Here goes – hitting “Post comment” now.. Will it be game? Or just lame? :D


  12. brutalhonesty says:

    so does like [img] image link [/img] work here?



  13. nettles18 says:

    Practicing posting a tweet:


  14. elvischupacabra says:

    It’s also fun to use the strike-through code.


  15. ottawa925 says:

    (sigh) oh well. I thought “We Get Questions” might have included stuff like:

    How can I meet the neighbor down the block without seeming obvious? or
    Why do my dogs block the TV?

    seriously, this was a good idea fer sure and I’m expecting to see more highly crafted postings with flare. Good job !!


  16. aliashubbatch says:

    How do I leave a comment?

    …wait…never mind…please drink responsibly.


  17. nameofthepen says:

    Still thrilled with my new toy!

    One more round, and I promise I’ll put it away for the day. :D

    Here’s some beautiful animal pictures.


  18. jello333 says:

    Now this is really cool! I only just now saw it, since I’ve spent the past few hours going through the GZ thread. But yeah, I’m definitely gonna bookmark this for future reference. Thanks guys!


  19. Ad rem says:

    Okay….apparently WordPress disables certain HTML functions (“sanitizes user input”) for security reasons: http://wpmu.org/enable-or-disable-all-html-tags-in-wordpress-author-biography-profiles/

    “WordPress sanitizes user input for security reasons, not just to annoy you and make you go on a hunt to find this post to learn how to override the annoying setting.
    If you’re considering disabling the WordPress sanitization, make sure you trust your users to not enter potentially harmful content into their profile bios. This includes iframes, forms, and more.”


  20. tara says:

    Just testing here, testing testing testing testing testing testing


    • jello333 says:

      Hey, you freaked me out. I got an email notification, and so came to check out the new post. So I start reading through this, and I’m like, Hmm… this looks real familiar. Then I went back and checked my email. The notification wasn’t for new post, but new COMMENT. ;)

      So yeah, lemme get in on this… testing, testing, 1, 2, 3….!


  21. davsel says:



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