12-30 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

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115 Responses to 12-30 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. 11bravo says:

    The whole Zimmerman affair is just a routine fist fight gone bad. George maybe followed the wrong kid; and Trayvon tried to give a beat-down to the wrong guy, (a guy with a gun!).
    I do not think race played a major role in either man’s thinking in the moment, and the police made the correct assessment from the beginning, (then were pressured into changing tact by the elected prosecutor). Then the Jacksons and Sharptons of the world came in with the “if it bleeds it leads” media. The rest as they say is history. Zimmerman will be acquited, there will be two days of huffing and puffing by Jesse and AL, then it will be over.

    • howie says:

      Maybe. But I still don’t see how this can make it to a trial.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Bravo – Correct – except there was NO FIST FIGHT. Trayvon (and an angry thug) cold-cocked George – perhaps angry that George had “walked to the “T”. But that is not “following” – because George “lost” Trayvon. It MAY be over – but the State of Florida will have spend $2,000,000 on this farce. It was all created by a lying- Crump, and his coached “pesudo-witness” DeeDee.

      • ejarra says:

        Exactly! A one way beat down. If Mr. Martin would have lived and the shooting was not life threatening, he would have been arrested for a felony. The only thing would have been is that we would have heard his side. I wonder if he would have passed the voice stress test like Georgie did.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Ejarra – Subject a “What If” moment.
          We know that Trayvon, conducted a felony attack on a bus driver. If the POLICE had arrested Trayvon, and put him in jail for several days — or had him “bailed out” by his father, he MIGHT HAVE REFORMED. Which means he would have stopped COMMITTING FELONY ASSAULTS ON INNOCENT PEOPLE. Which means that Trayvon would have “learned his lesson” – and would be alive today.

          • howie says:

            I think the big what if is wether there are inconsitencies between the BDLR and Crump interviews of DD 1 or 2. If there are it will devastate the state. That is why they don’t want to cough it up I think.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Thanks for saying what I wanted to.

    • LouDaJew says:

      fist fight? it was a flat out off guard assault by Mr. Trayvon Martin

  2. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Posts from Justarse Quest

    Today a contribution from the owner, Ma Baker, or “Madam Owner” as she now identifies her “job description”
    I guess it’s a comment on what sort of establishment she is running?
    And it’s not very flattering for the “girls” working under her. :D

    Discussion at “Random Topics”

    • TandCrumpettes says:

      Do people routinely get X-rays for broken noses? After all, it isn’t a bone.

      • yankeeintx says:

        I’ve had my nose broken (or at least that is what I was told), and they never took an x-ray.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        No X-rays are not needed most of the time. Here is a great explanation about why.

      • Sha says:

        I broke my nose in a car accident and when they did a cat scan on me they found it. They never did anything to my nose. You cant even tell I ever broke it but it was broke .

        • TandCrumpettes says:

          Thanks, everybody. I didn’t think it was necessarily routine to do an X-ray. I’ve never broken anything – yet!

          • ftsk420 says:

            Even x-rays can be deceptive at this time. I always tell patients like this to wait 10 days and then reevaluate . By then enough swelling should be gone to tell what is really happening, and the bones should still be mobile if repositioning is needed. I rarely get x-rays except to document the injury for legal matters. My hands and examination give me far more information then an x-ray.

            That was from a doctor.

    • ejarra says:

      I had written this over at RT and I thought that it was something to ponder.

      The problem with the Trayonistas on insisting that the nose wasn’t broken or that the scalp wounds were just scraps is that logically it infers that if the nose was broken and the scalp wounds were serious, Georgie would then have been correct in shooting Mr. Martin. I’ll bet that they don’t realize the logic trap they presented. i.e.. How was Georgie to know the extent of his wounds when he fired?

      • brutalhonesty says:

        I keep telling them that over on insession and on global grind. they still dont get it even after its explained in detail, ad nauseum. they refuse in their willful ignorance to understand. just like the whole “he lied about trayvons age” bunk….its all about frame of reference…before, during, after..nothing less, nothing more.

      • rumpole2 says:

        And I replied that” LOGIC trap” to catch a Trayvonite sounds like an oxymoron :D

        Even dopes can grasp the simple fact that if you are being beaten you can defend yourself.. its why many deny the fight (scuffle) altogether… but that is plainly delusional.. Next ploy is to resort to the ridiculous notion that somehow during a beating, there is a point where injuries click over into “serious”… also nuts, since NO INJURIES AT ALL are required… just a belief that they will happen.
        Logic Trap I guess… but logic from a Trayvonite? :D

        Like catching a fart in a silk stocking :D

      • jello333 says:

        Yep, and a similar level of logical disconnect happens in regards to the screaming. Those people will go on and on about how heartwrenchingly sad and disturbing those screams are, and how it proves that Trayvon was terrified and in fear for his life. But then when I point out most people believe it was George screaming, and ask them if it’s STILL sad and disturbing… well then, they do a 180. Now it’s suddenly no big deal.

        • ejarra says:

          Also, the Martin’s didn’t appear upset while in court, about listening to the screams for help either. Would it be that they knew that it was Georgie screaming and not their son?

          • jello333 says:

            Oh, I have no doubt at all that they know. And not just about the screaming, but about everything. They KNOW George is totally innocent. Which is the main reason I can have NO sympathy for those people.

      • dexter says:

        George had to know that if someone keeps pounding your head on the ground you die.

  3. Can someone refresh my memory? Is the next hearing Jan 8th? Thanks in Advance.

  4. Who does this remind you of?

    Police: officer’s head slammed to ground by man who resisted arrest

    A convicted felon allegedly slammed an officer’s head to the ground causing the officer to lose consciousness when police tried to question him on the South Side…..


  5. Another story from Chicago:

    Family thinks son was shot to death for wearing Lil Jojo hoodie

    Joshua Davis just wanted to “smoke weed, rap and get rich,” his brother said. Now the 18-year-old rapper known as “JayLoud” is dead.


    • eastern2western says:

      weed is still illegal under the federal law.

    • ftsk420 says:

      He was shot for wearing that hoodie I know someone who lives there and knows whats been going on.

      • Sha says:

        ftsk420: O.K. I’ll bite , whats going on ?

        • ftsk420 says:

          Lil JoJo was shot and people think Chief Keef is responsible. Chief Keef did a song mocking the death of lil Jojo. Chief is a Black Disciple who isn’t even in Chicago anymore but the people who support him like to shoot up the other side. It’s hard to get into and explain the little details.
          If it’s that complicated and hard to explain, it probably doesn’t actually contribute to good conversation? –Admin

          • Sha says:

            I remember reading something about that when I was checking behind my teenagers…… keef made a comment about jojo on face book or twitter or something like that cant remember which after he was killed and it made alot of people mad. He also said he was trying to copy his style I think if I recall .

            • ftsk420 says:

              It was twitter and he claimed his account was hacked lol. Keef has a chance to be really successful but I predict he gets shot way before that happens.

              • Sha says:

                Kinda reminds you of Tupac and Biggie …. Good Gosh I know way to much about this stuff lol ! To many boys and alot of monitoring.

                • ftsk420 says:

                  In a way it does remind me of Tupac and Big but there is way more to that story then what was told as well.

                  • Sha says:

                    You would laugh at me if you seen all the stuff I threw away from the crap these kids listen to.

                  • Sha says:

                    ftsk420: I was thinking …..I can tell you the music that all of my boys listen to , my 2 sons and the 4 others I help raise . I can tell you which one is guilty of doing what before I even question them on something. They hate the way I bluff them to get stuff out of them. ( I’m a better poker player than they are )

  6. eastern2western says:

    the young turks represent the classical response to every pro-zimmerman evidence.
    1) It must be fake. It could be cgi, photoshopped or some kind of bizarro conspiracy
    2) Once proven is real, the next denial is that the evidence does not prove an injury occured. The usual defense is that there is no x ray. If there were x rays, they would again go back to defense number one which claims the x ray is fake. If fake x ray does not work, then the next defense is usually it does not prove a soft tissue injury.
    3) Once an injury is proven, then next excuse is all injuries are self inflicted. yes, mr zimmerman was able to freeze time right after he shot martin to injure his face, crack his skull and spray blood all over his clothes.
    I can not continue more because it just gets more comedic.

    • eastern2western says:

      another classi excuse is zimmerman purposely lured trayvon martin in to the fight just to shoot him and claim self defense. It really does not make a lick of sense, but it is floating some where in twitter.

      • ejarra says:

        Plus, he needed to do all that BEFORE that the cops, that HE called, got there. They conveniently always seem to forget that very crucial aspect to why Georgie is not guilty.

        • eastern2western says:

          then, there is the theory of zimmerman causing all of these injuries before he started calling the cops.

          • rumpole2 says:

            You can not weave all of their notions into ONE cohesive narrative… I have never seen any of them try.
            They still have this dopey notion that they can just pick at scabs here and there.
            At best it’s a bunch of separate “it might have been’s”

            Might be activity/other people in and aroud club house
            Might have been others with GZ
            Might have been a Cockatoo involved :D
            GZ might have ran after TM
            GZ might have slipped over
            GZ might have hit his head doggie poo bin
            GZ might have scratched his head on a Holly bush :D
            and so it goes on and on.

            Bernie can not open the trial (if there is one) stating…
            “We have no evidence as to what happened… but here is a list of things that MIGHT have happened… we ask the jury to pick one, or perhaps a combination of some”

            • eastern2western says:

              bernie has nothing to dispute any thing that is collected by the sanford police department. even in serrino’s report, it clearly states the screams are from zimmerman, but angela corey made a selective decision to ignore that fact out of her affidavit.

          • ejarra says:

            I can see how this conversation could have been;

            GZ: “Hey you, tall-black-kid. Can you stand there while I beat the crap out of myself to make it look like you did it. I’m going to shoot you later and claim self-defense, so I have to make it look real good. Can I borrow that can of watermelon drink you have in your hand? I’ll use that to break my nose.”

        • jello333 says:

          We all know why George called the cops: He wanted people to witness his fine handiwork. He was finally about to bag him a little black kid, and he wanted to make sure there were plenty of witnesses to the deed, so he could receive the praise he had due.

  7. eastern2western says:

    I personally would like to find out what kind of earphone trayvon was wearing because they seem to be quite powerful according to dd’s testimony.
    1) according to dd, she heard the old man was breathing really hard when he confronted trayvon. assuming a safe distance is about 6 feet, then that means those ear phone was picking up breathing noises at about 6 feet and beyond. wow, I can not even get my headphones to work for distances of 6 inches beyond.
    2) according to dd, she was still able to hear fighting noises after the head phone felt to the grass. then it proves the head phones are powerful and durable too because it survived a fall of at least six feet in a rain and was still able to pick up voices in a very crystal clear fashion
    what ever brand they are, I must get me some.

  8. david says:

    Has anyone seen this Trayvonite idiot Tre Anthony posting around that he is a witness and saw GZ try to detain TM (this is particularly amazing since Mr Anthony’s bio says he lives in maryland and the incident was in florida!)

    Tre AnthonyGZ VS TM Debate Center

    Yesterday at 01:23 · ..

    While nothing posted on that website has any relevance to the shooting or events that took actually occurred in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012, but to summarize, and to put all of this non-sense into prospective, “Trayvon was a well-mannered kid”, as Detective Serino has plainly stated all along. This website was put together by someone who ‘supports’ a person who murdered a 17 year old kid and who has a long-storied history of violence, including, but not limited to, a “criminal history of assault and battery on both woman and police officers”.

    In any event, nothing could ever change the fact that George Zimmerman falsely accused Trayvon Martin of being ‘suspicious’ and ‘up to no good’ and that he admitted that he shot and killed Trayvon. Those are undisputed facts. More telling, though, the evidence will show and witnesses will testify that George Zimmerman tried to ‘detain’ Trayvon before he shot him, and that’s exactly what instigated that confrontation. Yet, George Zimmerman conveniently left that part out. In fact, after he shot the boy, he still tried to detain him. For example, a neighbor came out and George Zimmerman told him not to call the police but to help him ‘restrain’ the kid. Indeed, he admitted to as much in his very own written statement to police on page 4.

    Well, if George Zimmerman was so in ‘fear’ of his life at the time that he shot Trayvon, and as he would have unintelligent people believe, then he should have, as any reasonable person would have done, gotten up off that grown where he claimed to have been and immediately called the police back and reported to them what had just happened but he didn’t do that. Instead, he continued to try to detain Trayvon against his will and so, Trayvon had a divine right to try to defend himself from a person who he reasonably thought was trying to either rob him or kidnap him. Anyone in Trayvon’s shoes would have defended themselves under those circumstances. And if Trayvon was ‘pummeling the fuck out of’ George Zimmerman, as some of George Zimmerman’s supporters have been led to believe, then he got exactly what he deserved for trying to ‘detain’ the boy against his will. The dispatcher plainly told George Zimmerman to essentially leave Trayvon alone but he did so anyway because he felt that “these assholes, they always get away’, and that’s exactly why he tried to ‘detain’ Trayvon until the police arrived, and he knows it but, again, he conveniently left this part out.

    Furthermore, George Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon attacked him at the “T” on the sidewalk. That’s ironic because Trayvon’s body was found laying face down with his arms underneath him some 40 feet AWAY from the “T”. Why is that? The only logical explanation is that George Zimmerman actually shot Trayvon from a distant or he chased Trayvon down on foot with his loaded 9mm gun from the “T” and then shot him. So which was it?

    What is even more interesting too, is that George Zimmerman maintains that after Trayvon punched him in the nose and left it bleeding, that Trayvon then jumped on top of him and started beating him up. That’s odd to say the least, but it doesn’t make sense when he goes on to say that as he “screamed for help”, that Trayvon covered his mouth and nose and told him to “shut the fuck up”. Ironically, none of the blood from George Zimmerman’s nose was ever found to be in the palm of Trayvon’s hand and O’Mara posted a colored photo plainly showing what purports to be a bloody nose taken immediately after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon. One would certainly pause to question why none of that blood appears is in the palm of Trayvon’s hands, if, as George Zimmerman would have you believe, that Trayvon was covering both his mouth and nose as he “screamed for help”. The only logical explanation is that Trayvon never covered his mouth nor nose as George Zimmerman stated.

    In any event, somebody should go down to the Orange County Circuit Court courthouse located at 425 North Orange Avenue in Orlando, FL 32801, and get a copy of the civil complaint filed by the Security company against him and post it online. It will most likely show the physical address to where George Zimmerman and his wife are in hiding.

    At the end of the day, and case, George Zimmerman will be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the Second Degree Murder of Trayvon Martin.

    • kathyca says:

      where does he say that he is a witness? Maybe I missed that part, but it seems to me like he’s just doing what all the rest of ranters are doing, and parroting the narrative about what supposedly happened in their delusional minds.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      I caught Tre Anthony posting on HP that he had sent “some of his people” to the Orange County courthouse to try use FOI to get George and Shellie’s current addresses from the records in the civil suit filed by George’s security company. He was promising to post the addresses on the internet so that “interested parties” like the NBPP would find them. Personally, I think he is just another internet blowhard who wants to make a name for himself.

    • LouDaJew says:

      it’s this belief that it’s okay to hide your identity in a place of business and it’s okay to get wrist tattoos as a teenager, it’s okay to vandalize a public school, it’s okay to smoke marijuana. well, even some Conservatives on this site believe that. well, it’s not okay in my book, and I will prejudge you if I see you in a dark alley, or in an unsecure area. they Trayvon defenders want to make thuggish or illegal behaviors okay. they want to feel that they are okay.

      • ftsk420 says:

        So you would judge people just because they smoke weed and have tattoos.

      • MJW says:

        Don’t forget he was also in possession of stolen jewelry. Trayvonites always respond that the jewelry was never proven stolen, as if there’s some other reason a 17 year old boy would have a number of pieces of women’s jewelry, and no reasonable explanation as to how he acquired them. The police impounded the jewelry, so they knew it was stolen.

        • jello333 says:

          If it wasn’t stolen, you better believe Trayvon (or the person he got it from) would have been kicking and screaming for the cops to give them their stuff back.

      • jello333 says:

        I know we’re on the same side here about this case, but really… why do you care if people smoke weed? If given the choice, I would MUCH rather people do that than drink alcohol. I’ve said before: Marijuana should be legalized, period. NOT just “medical” MJ either. But now that I mention that, I think it’s absolutely, totally immoral to not allow sick people access to weed if it can help them stay alive. Absolutely immoral. (And yeah I know that Obama, with the help of his Fed buddies, is one of the culprits as far as that goes.) Of course re weed in general, I’m NOT saying it’s good to sit around and get high 24/7, and I’m NOT saying it’s ok for kids to do it, but beyond that…. yeah….

        (And full disclosure: I no longer smoke. Haven’t for decades.)

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          I don’t necessarily condone marijuana or other drug use, but I bitterly oppose narcotics enforcement taking priority over violent crime. According to FBI Crime in the US, back in the 1950s and early 1960s, (Joe Friday’s Dragnet era) police solved well over 90% of all homicides. Clearance rates for homicide, rape, robbery, assault and all property crimes plummeted starting in the mid 1960s. Crime rates, particularly violent crime rates, soared starting in the mid 1960s and 1970s as a result. One has to wonder what the police were doing with their time. The FBI data shows an enormous surge in arrests for narcotics trafficking and prostitution.

          I for one don’t approve of the police allowing violent criminals to literally getaway with murder, rape, roberynand assault somthatnthey can devote their attention to pestering pushers and hassling hookers.

          Incidentally; the sudden decrease in violent crime that began in the 1990s was not preceded by an increase in clearance rates soothe police can’t claim credit for it. clearance rates haven’t increased signigpficantly after crime rates dropped, soothe police can’t claim thatnthey took advantage of the reduced case load to solve more crimes.

          Do you think may be these irrefutable, well documented facts might explain why some police like to focus public outrage on guns?

          BTW, police are particularly inept at solving homicides when the victim is Black. If you are a teenaged or young adult male who is murdered, there is an almost 2/3 chance your killer will never be identified much less arrested and prosecuted.

          Do you think may be the fact that the police have declared open season on teenaged and young adult, Black males might explain why they are being murdered (almost always by another Black male) at a rate ten times greater than the rest of the population?

          Nawwww. Can’t be. Thatbwould be rayyyyycissstsss!

          • jello333 says:

            Great comment, caveman. You oughta check out a book called “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do” (the subtitle is “The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society”). And there’s a real back story to the author, Peter McWilliams. He had AIDS and cancer, and was only able to keep his meds and food down by smoking. But the Feds stepped in (likely because of his book) and busted him, sending him to jail… where he eventually died. In general, I wasn’t a fan of Bill Buckley, but I gained a LOT of respect for the guy in how he handled this case. He and McWilliams were friends, and Bill wrote some articles detailing what was going on with the Feds case. And in those articles, he pulled no punches. He literally (and RIGHTLY) said that those that prevented McWilliams from using marijuana had murdered the man. Yeah, read the book, read Buckley’s articles…. when you’re in the mood to get real angry, that is.

  9. eastern2western says:

    some delusional old fart left this comment on one of my videos. I personally can not continue with his argument because it is simply too imaginative.
    He had no business getting out of the truck from the get-go. There is no evidence his nose was broken. It was not even swollen. Compare his old mug shot (!) with the police station pics. He always has dark circles around his eyes. It is characteristic of Andean people, an adaptation to ultra violet levels in the mountains. As for the owies on the back of his head, they are in the wrong place. Why no road rash on that bulbous shape on the back of his head? Why the gun- shaped mark?

    • ftsk420 says:

      No law saying he can’t get out of his car we could easily say Trayvon never should have left the house.

      • eastern2western says:

        if tracy martin were faithful to his patricia martin, then none of these could had happened also.

      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        Excellent point.

        Niether GZ or TM had a duty to retreat or remain sequestered in their car or home.

        However; niether has a right to initiate hostilities.

        ALL of the forensic evidence confirms that TM initiated hostilities with a vicious and prolonged physical assault on GZ.

        The point that GZ could have deescalated the confrontation by introducing himself is valid, but it also applies to TM. At best TM was a guest who had not been properly registered under the HOA rules. From a social rather than legal perspective, he had a greater burden to ID himself then GZ.

        BTW, while it is arguable that GZ misidentified TM, TM knew exactly who GZ was.

        • eastern2western says:

          but trayvonites are going to claim trayvon had the right to initiate contact because he saw zimmerman had a gun o algo similar.

        • ejarra says:

          “The point that GZ could have deescalated the confrontation by introducing himself is valid,”

          I disagree. While hiding, Mr Martin was close enough to him to hear Georgie on the phone talking to the NEN operator. If Georgie would have introduced himself, the outcome would not have changed one iota.

          I’m convinced Mr. Martin went to the store to get an of a can of watermelon drink and Skittles to mix with the cough syrup at Brandi’s. But when he got back to the condo, he was locked out as he had no key and Chad was NOT there to let him in. He was high, from the blunt he smoked in the wooded area between the 7-11 and RTL, and pissed. Time to go back up the walk and take it his anger on a pudgy, older hispanic.

          No introduction of any kind would have one bit of difference. Nada, zip, nutin’.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I don’t think George had ample opportunity to introduce himself. At first he was on the phone with NEN. Then Trayvon initiated the confrontation by asking him what his problem was. George briefly answered and was sucker punched. There was no time for social correctness.

  10. jordan2222 says:

    While I was in the USAF, a few of us were horsing around while drinking and had a slow motion fight. Bottom line was I ended up a with a broken nose inflicted by a friend who was twice my size. Everyone begged me to not get medical attention for fear of disciplinary action. After several days, my entire face became so swollen it was impossible to conceal it and I could not breathe so I had no choice. The pain had become unbearable. The solution was to break it again in 3 places after inserting a metal rod into my nose and than literally pounding it with a hammer.

    I have no memory of any x rays.

  11. jordan2222 says:

    Mods: Please check my last post. It didn’t show up.

  12. MuayTyson says:

    The debate about the injury is a Red Herring. No injury needs to take place to be in fear for your life. You can use a choke or strangulation that will show very little to no injury and kill someone. The position of “mount” or sitting on someones chest is burden enough to fear for your life. There is no retreate and any prudent person can figure they will be hurt or possibly killed.

    I know from my home state of PA the law of Self Defense is the rational belief of Imminent Danger. If you have no realistic chance of retreat and there is physical menace you may defend yourself.

    GZ did not need to show injuries to defend himself.

  13. diwataman says:

    “They shot Trayvon Martin dead for looking kinda like how I look. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X ended up dead for telling the truth, so as a comedian, I don’t think it won’t happen to me.” – Katt Wiliams


  14. eastern2western says:

    I find this comment too comical
    There is a fish-eye effect in the cell phone picture just released. Taken at too close a range, from the side. Notice how thin Z’s face looks? Not evidence of a broken nose, conflicts with photos from an hour later. Swelling would have been more noticeable at the police station.
    The injuries to the back of his head show all the land marks of having been hit with his gun, held flat in his right hand. The trigger guard and the slide release marks are exactly the right distance apart.
    “fish eye effect”? zimmerman smacking him self with own gun with his right hand? The next theory I am going to hear is ufo.

    • jello333 says:

      UFOs… as in plural. A whole microscopic Vogon construction space fleet, to be exact.

      • eastern2western says:

        god, it is impossible for me to believe there is still arguments about existence of his injuries when there is a mountain of evidence proves zimmerman got his ass whopped that night. However, they are some how denying the evidence in front of them and pulling out some of the most comical theories available to prove the injuries are some figments of imagination.

        • brutalhonesty says:

          willful ignorance combined with cognitive dissonance and racism.
          to admit the truth is to admit their racism lead them to their perceptions of this case contrary to the facts.

  15. eastern2western says:

    could a foundation be use as a tax shield?
    It is kind of strange that the martins created a foundation to help victims of profiling or some thing like changing to laws of syg. However, the goal of their foundation just seems to be very vague. I am just wondering about the possibility of using a foundation to hide their donations ever since trayvon’s death. could they put that money into the foundation to avoid tax liabilities? any cpa or tax lawyers out there?

    • brutalhonesty says:

      When it was unveiled before the gag order hearing, i got banned for 30 days from facebook for posting on change for trayvon and jftm a well thought out opinion on how vague the mission statement is(quoted below)…it gives them a voice in the political process how? we all already have a voice, any citizen can lobby congress. How will donations help engage in the discussion? The Scheme Team has seemed to utilize facebook and twitter quite successfully to spread their lies (and *cough “message”) and those are free….except for the time Julison paid trolls spend posting, and the fee for NataLIE;s tweets to Bigboi and Princess and the like. Why focus on Stand Your Ground Laws when Omara says this isnt even a Stand Your Ground case? Did George himself at anytime invoke the law when the liberal media ran with the case to attack the SYG law?(I dont think he did, i could be wrong, if so im sure someone will tell me). Then they demand judicial review, like the same kind a grand jury, which Angela Corey skipped, FOR THEM…and finally the only thing keeping them from finding peace is they allowed themselves to be victimized by the predatory wolves that are Crump, Jackson, Sharption, Obama, and their willful ignorance and clinical denial….and finally SYG laws do no such thing as “allow individuals to shoot first and ask questions later.”, it seems like if George had “shot first” and “asked questions later” he would never had had the verbal exchange confirmed by George, DeeDee, and witnesses, prior to the shot, as the martin kid would have been dead. Then theres the fact George Would not have had any injuries if he shit before asking questions.

      The purpose of Change for Trayvon is to give his family a voice in the political process. Your support will help engage the discussion across the country regarding stand-your-ground laws and the need to revise them so that there is required judicial or prosecutorial review before decisions are made.
      We need your help to change the laws which keep parents like ourselves from finding peace. -Tracy Martin
      30,000 mothers and fathers lost their children to gun violence.
      The Change for Trayvon movement will shine the light on stand-your-ground laws across the nation. These laws allow individuals to shoot first and ask questions later.
      For more information email us at: info@changefortrayvon.com]

      (I suggest an email campaign to the above email address…one of the mods should come up with a good form letter)

      • brutalhonesty says:

        most recently I wonder about the soon to come public display of the martins giving a scholarship. Is this so no one questions their money? because to date they seemed to have done nothing more than improved their own standard of living.

        • LetJusticePrevail says:

          It appears that there is ZERO reporting on the finances of the JFTMF, and little mention of any good they have done. On the surface, it appears that (like many phony charities) they spend very little money on the cause they purport to champion, and consume the majority of their funds in salaries and “expenses”.

          • eastern2western says:

            well, they did went from jeans and t shirt to suits and new hair cut. could those cosmetic be calculated as part of the funding expenses? However, I trully have not heard any of their campaigns or understanding what exactly are they trying to do.

            • jello333 says:

              While I agree that part of the reason for their “foundations” is to try to hide money, I don’t think that’s their main goal. I think the main reason they’re doing this is as a distraction. They know that public opinion is turning against them, and they know it’s gonna get FAR worse when defense discovery is made public. So what better way to distract from that, than to do “good deeds”? They know a good part of the public will then be like, “Yes, I know that they lied to us, but now look. At least they’re now trying to do some good things, so they’re not ALL bad.”

      • justfactsplz says:

        You are right, George did not claim Stand Your Ground. He claimed he shot in self defense, period.

      • eastern2western says:

        personally, I do not know the tax bracket of donation income, but it appears to be really high because the martins quickly setted up these bizarro foundations to basically dump all of their incomes collected during their trail of tears into this foundation to avoid tax responsibilities. according to their written goal, what they are trying to achieve is legaly very vague. They are not direct opponents of the syg laws, but they never mention what they want to change about these laws. they just want to donations for goal that is not exact, foggy and legally not possible.

      • MJW says:

        Will Change for Trayvon be followed by Paper Money for Trayvon?

        • eastern2western says:

          even if they are not asking for more donations, putting their assets in a foundation probably shields them from tax bills.

  16. jordan2222 says:

    Why is everybody always picking on me?

    Looks like I am having the same previous issue with posts not showing up and not getting email notifications. Weird how it only happens on certain thread.

  17. skeptiktank says:

    One thing that’s been overlooked is that there have been no more break-ins at RTL in the eight months since GZ shot TM. It appears CC has worked as a deterrent to crime.

  18. jordan2222 says:

    another test

    • Sharon says:

      Just kicked this one loose….

      • jello333 says:

        Good. This was getting kinda spooky. I saw someone posting comments, and it sorta sounded like Jordan, but something just wasn’t right. His voice was all distant and distorted. You know, like Carol Anne in “Poltergeist” when she was stuck in the TV? “I can see you, Mommy.” Still creeps me out…. so thanks for saving Jordan.

        • jordan2222 says:

          I am still lost and hope one of the mods can email me so we can try to fix this because I will not be coming back this thread to check for any updates.

  19. jordan2222 says:

    One more try.

    Sure wish we could figure this out because I cannot possibly follow a thread without reading the entire thing though again each time I return since I receive no email notifications. I do not mean to bitch but I hope you see the difficulty in keeping up with the posts on a thread like this.

    I am open to any suggestions/solutions. :D

    • ejarra says:

      Even though you may have done these suggestions , I’ll ask anyway.

      Have you checked your security settings? Spam, firewall, internet security. If you are using an anti-virus program, check those settings, too. It seems odd that you seem to be the only one with this problem. My guess it is at YOUR end. Did you try different computers? Did you go someplace else to get a different IP address from which to get and sent posts? If you’ve done all these and the results are the same, it’s just weird.

      Don’t know if you tried any of these things, but that’s what I do when I have issues with the internet.

    • selfdefenseadvocate says:

      Jordan, I have the same problems. Have tried everything but nothing works. I get email notifications from other sites using WordPress but nothing from here. I just live with it and check the site every time I check my email. I know this doesn’t help solve your problem, but just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

    • diwataman says:

      Are you talking about email notifications when you receive a comment? I never tried it myself, I’ll try it for this one though. I have a wordpress account and when someone replies to a comment of mine on here a little speech bubble will light up, very helpful and you can reply directly from that. Perhaps that may be a good alternative to try.

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