12-27 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

REMINDER – Please WATCH THE TONE and CONTENT of Commentary. Please be respectful, courteous and considerate of other readers and contributors. Please avoid hatespeak, angry rhetoric, vulgarity, personal attacks and condescension. If you wish to engage in vitriolic, racist, or bitter angry rhetoric, there are alternative sites on the internet more than welcoming to such considerations. But not here. Thank You.

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132 Responses to 12-27 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft posts from Justarse Quest

    So many contenders… I am stuck for choice :)

    I’d like to “spread the stupid accolades around”, but Teetowel seems to be on a bit of a roll as far as daily stupid posts go. I will at least add Papapinhead in this “tag-team” effort…..

    Originally Posted by papapi
    This freak is apparently verging on insanity. Does he really think it will make one whit of difference when it comes to trial this very minor error of nuance which Ms Robles has made? Hey, you stupid f**kwad, he DID get out of his schruck, and he did pursue his prey, and he was told he didn’t need to do that, right?

    grrrrrrrrrrrrr…… :mad: How about we, once again, pick apart all the lies, deceits and misrepresentations rzjr has flouted in the media? Oh, no, that’s right, he chooses media outlets sympathetic and biased toward his brother’s “plight”, and he chooses to block reasonable, informed, intelligent debate because HE CAN’T COPE WITH THE TRUTH!

    double grrrrrrrrrrrrr, louder….. :mad:

    In reply Teeto
    LOL Papapi – I think this is the first time I have ever seen you come close to a real honest to god RANT – woot woot. Bless your heart for your convictions – you are always the voice of reason for us here at JQ and when you finally blow your top, I know it is well deserved. But honestly? When you do lose it, you are still the voice of reason. So, how do we publish a letter to Junior? Hmmm? Reminding him of all of his lies and deceits. I think that would be appropriate.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Missed the last paragraph:
      This asshole – he writes a letter trying to bully Frances…any media…because he and his familly think that filing a lawsuit against NBC will scare them all off from spinning this case however they see best? He’s a friggin joke. Really. Keep on trying Junior. GZ is still going to prison and then you and your damn family can drift off into nothingness never to be heard from again. That’s God’s Plan.

      • This is what our country has become. Never should a news show “spin this case however they see best?” Clearly this poster not only condones the spin put on the case by most of the media, but he has come to EXPECT it.

        • TandCrumpettes says:

          I have to agree with you that the posters are probably youngsters. Youth are notorious for spreading rumors for no reason at all but to have a good story to tell. And they KNOW its a lie!

          I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of girls in my town who supposedly had a one-night-stand with a meat by-product. (I don’t mean to be gross, its just the best example….because I bet you’ve heard of those girls too!) For goodness sake, its even mentioned in movies. Its on Snopes. Every generation has “that girl.” Probably every grade in every school in the nation.

          But with the state of the media as it is, plus social networking, blogging, is it any wonder that the “coons” thing won’t go away? Is it any wonder people keep spewing that TM was shot 15 times in the back of the head? Nobody cares if its true – its just fun to repeat it and appear as if you’re the person who is “in the know.”

          Here’s a fun game – next time you see a press conference on TV, no matter what the topic, take note of how young the reporters are. We don’t often get to see reporters, so this is a good opportunity. So many who haven’t yet grown out of the “meat by-product” stage. So many young readers/viewers who lap it up without question. So many who then go to FB and blogs and spew it further, getting information incorrect, and so many of their friends/readers who lap it up without question and spew it even further themselves….

          • kathyca says:

            Sadly, most of them aren’t young people. The demographic is about 80% or more woman over the age of 45. Many are retired or stay at home for various other reasons, including disability. A lot of them are refugees from other “true crime” sites that have been closed and/or from which they have been banned. The last part is espcially true for the trayvon supporters.

            • Alexandra M. says:

              I completely agree, Kathy, about most pro-Tray posters being older women. I have a post in moderation about how surprised I was to read post after post from GRANDMOTHERS who liked to drop the “F-bomb” and who regularly write the cruelest, desparaging comments about the Zimmerman family and supporters. :(

          • Alexandra M. says:

            Re: The average age of your typical pro-Tray poster/blogger:
            I used to ‘peg’ that core group of twelve or so of the most “rabid” Trayvonistas as being around 18-28 in age. This was mostly due to their “flashmob”-style groupthink and rigid belief in the MSM /”Crumped-up” narrative. That…plus their glaring lack of wisdom/life experience, their love affair with foul language, and complete inability to form original, coherent, logical, reasonable and intelligent thoughts.
            Boy was I surprised to discover that MANY of the “F— this” and “F— that” Trayvonista posters are GRANDMOTHERS!! No kidding! Where I was picturing 20-somethings (who were “in-between jobs” lol) they were actually 65+-somethings! Funny (and sad) thing is that zero sleuthing was necessary at all. One of their posts might have them spewing absolute filth and lies about Robert Zimmerman Jr. and complaining about running low on booze and “nicotine” (wink-wink) and the next post has them bragging about their GRANDCHILDREN and how their elderly spouse just had his driving privileges revoked. Myself, having tremendous respect for “the Greatest Generation” is pretty taken aback by this. :(
            Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I Quick pic of super-tired me…..dying for a nap!! :)just don’t know what to make of one “sweet” Grandma in particular who likes to throw around the F-BOMB when the topic is George Zimmerman, his family and supporters.

          • rumpole2 says:

            I can see that IMMATURITY would suggest “youngster” but I did get to know a lot of JQ posters and they are all old women, even joint owner, Toby is an “old woman” :D
            They actually did one of their POLLS on age of posters in the Trayvon Zone and from memory the average was mid 50′s? And I KNOW some of them were lying about their age (faking younger)

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        How can someone know the story they’re “sticking with” was spun by NBC “however they see best,” and STILL stick with it?

        How does this work? “I know its a lie, but I like it?”

        • Cyrano says:

          You just Hit the nail on the head! They know it’s a lie, but they still like it! How well I remember being a teenager in Northern Illinois, and being amazed that the White Sox couldn’t draw a decent crowd more than a dozen times a year, mostly on holidays and Sunday double headers, but when they held wrestling matches at Comisky Park it filled up every time. Much later came the Jerry Springers of the world to show us that there just isn’t any end to the supply of these people. They couldn’t care less about principles, and the rule law. They just want their drama over and over again. A news media that reported the boring truth just would not amuse them, and the network executives are well aware of this. Also, they know that those are the ones most susceptible to the moronic commercials.

  2. rumpole2 says:

    I have to post a second one today…. Teeto has outdone herself with this one :D

    Daily Daft posts from Justarse Quest

    What am I missing?

    You continue to refer people to the “evidence” and to read the “discovery” – so let’s do that, shall we?

    FACT: GZ in the NEN call, without knowing a single thing about this 17 year-old child (and yes, he was a child in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of those who are parents), determined that Trayvon was an “asshole” who always “get away” and that he was a “fucking coons” who was “up to no good.” Now, you can claim that GZ said “punks” but we all have ears and we all heard what we heard – so cut the bull…it’s on tape. The jury will hear it too. NEN tape.

    FACT: Trayvon realized that he was being stalked or followed by a weird creepy dude – that would be your brother GZ, and he tried to avoid him. He tried to avoid any form of confrontation by running down the dog path towards home where a vehicle could not travel. GZ’s statement.

    FACT: GZ upon realizing that Trayvon was attempting to avoid him, declared, “Oh shit, he ran” and jumped out of his truck and huffed and puffed after Trayvon. You can deny this because your brother tells you otherwise, but again, we have ears, we heard him huffing and puffing and so will the jury. NEN tape.

    FACT: Trayvon was alarmed and scared by GZ actions – we have DeeDee who knows what Trayvon was telling her was happening. DeeDee statement.

    FACT: The NEN dispatcher heard GZ running – huffing and puffing too – that is why he asked GZ if he was following Trayvon. NEN tape and distpatcher.

    FACT: GZ admitted he was following Trayvon. NEN tape and GZ statements.

    FACT: GZ was armed with a Keltec9 semi-automatic pistol when he was following Trayvon. GZ statement.

    FACT: Prior to the shooting, Witnesses hear arguing and one witness sees two people running from South to North on the dog path, one with a flashlight. Witness Statements

    FACT: GZ states that Trayvon held onto his head and bashed it up to 30-35 times on the concrete. GZ statements.

    FACT: GZ states that Trayvon beat him with his fist in the face 20-25 times. GZ Statements.

    FACT: GZ states that Trayvon jumped out of the bushes at the “T” and asked him “you have a problem Homie”? GZ Statements.

    FACT: GZ states that he responded, “No, I don’t have a problem.” GZ Statement.

    FACT: GZ states that Trayvon punched him in the face breaking his nose and the force of the punch caused GZ fall down and Trayvon jumped on top of him at the “T” and began to pummel him with punches to the face. GZ Statement.

    FACT: GZ states that Trayvon pinched his nose and covered his mouth trying to suffocate him. GZ Statement.

    FACT: No offensive injuries were found upon Trayvon’s body – none, nadda. Medical Examiner’s Report.

    FACT: The only injury on Trayvon, besides the bullet through his heart and lungs put there by GZ, was a 1/4-1/8 inch abrasion the medical examiner noted on Trayvon Martin’s hand. It was NOT on his knuckle, and it was NOT on the palmate side of his hand. His injury was to the dorsal surface skin covering the first phalanges (bone) of the ring finger of the left hand. It was in the position most folks would wear a wedding band, though there is no indication Trayvon was wearing a ring at the time of his death. It is important enough to note the actual position, and that it was not on his knuckle and was not on the palmate surface. Medical Examiner’s Report.

    FACT: There was no DNA belonging to GZ on Trayvon’s hands, his sleeves, or cuffs of his clothes. Forensic Testing.

    FACT: Witness states that she was watching the altercation and that the larger of the two men was on top of the other at the time the gun was fired. That the larger of the two men got up and walked towards her window in a North direction towards the “T”. Witness statement.

    FACT: The bullet trajectory went straight from front to back. Medical Examiner Report.

    FACT: Trayvon can be heard on a 911 tape crying for his life for over 40 seconds before GZ shoots him. 911 Tape.

    FACT: The screaming stops contemporaneously with the gun shot. 911 tape.

    FACT: GZ refused medical treatment on the night of the murder. Police Reports.

    FACT: There is no medical records stating that GZ’s nose was broken. Discovery.
    FACT: GZ sat silent while his wife and his counsel lied to the Court about the status of his finances. Court Record.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Of course most of these “FACTS” are not facts at all, but for the sake of argument…..
      …… even if they were… most have no relevance or baring on the case as charged (Murder2) and in no way change the facts in regards to SELF DEFENCE.
      If that is the BEST that the “BEST LEGAL BRAIN AT JQ” (lol) can come up with then they are DOOMED to disappointment…. it will be fun to watch :D

      These dopes can not grasp that in order to get beyond the Immunity hearing even, the State needs to REFUTE Georges claim of self defence… none of Teetowel’s “Facts” do that, so the case should end with dismissal at the Immunity hearing. If it does get to trial (for the sake of argument), then there is still nothing to prove “murder” at all, let alone beyond reasonable doubt. In fact it would be a travesty if the result was anything but “NOT GUILTY” :D


        I have to believe that the posters at JQ are mostly youngsters. They do not seem to grasp that which you state above “the State needs to REFUTE Georges claim of self defense”. The state is going to have to conjure up a story that fits in with the known set of facts and sell it to 6 people that George “pursued, stalked, confronted and assaulted” Martin. That can’t just show up at the trial (I don’t believe it will get that far is Judge Nelson is honorable) and expect to point out what they perceive as inconsistencies in George’s story and expect a conviction.

        Somehow they are going to have to come up with a story that explains how 1. TM was still in the area when he had plenty of time to get to the safety of his home 2. How TM was at or near the T in the sidewalk when he “lost” George he must have been further past it already. 3. Why there are no injuries to TM. 4. They will have to explain how George got his injuries, because those injuries have “reasonable doubt” written all over them.
        There is NO WAY they can get a conviction on Murder 2. Something lesser? – Possibly. Perhaps reckless endangerment.
        This case is nothing more than a game of hot potato. SPD passed it to Wolfinger. Wolfinger (who was the only one that tried to do the right thing by going to the Grand Jury) got it yanked by Bondi and Scott, they tossed it to Corey and Corey tossed it BLDR.

        • I actually also have an account at JQ. I’ve been a long time member of Websleuths, but they completely closed the GZ forums. This is the first case where many of their members disagree on what happened, and they just closed us down. I was EXTREMELY pissed off, but its their site, yada yada yada. When they closed us down, in search of another discussion forum I went to JQ. Early on there was more support for George there, but they drove us out (or we just got tired of listening to them). Thankfully I found this site. I do wish it was in more of a forum style, so we can identify topics and post to the appropriate topic, but once again its not my site, so i’ll take what I can get.

        • Xballer52 says:

          To some extent, I wish the nonsensical posts from the other forum were not posted here. Why spread ignorance and give these fools another forum and more publicity? Ignoring them is the best policy!

          • ejarra says:

            I disagree. I enjoy and find it educational how the “other” side thinks, (maybe “thinks” gives them too much credit). I find it remarkable that they, BLDR included since he said it at the last hearing, still say that Georgie was told to stay in the car; where in fact, it can be interpreted that he was TOLD TO FOLLOW Mr. Martin.

            • canadacan says:

              It’s a mixed bag you have a point also.

            • howie says:

              You got it. That is my opinion from the start. He was asked to let the police know where the kid went. Only then did he exit the vehicle.

              • canadacan says:

                I do believe the 911 dispatcher said For George to keep This a special character in view. The police were on their way and they wanted to know where this guy was going

            • rumpole2 says:

              I see both sides of the argument…. on the one hand why give them air.. best leave their posts in the sewer the they chose to hide away in… but frankly I enjoy making fun of them and posts like the “FACTS” nonsense from Teeto are a good springboard for sensible discussion in response.
              But… I do it mainly for the laughs :D

          • canadacan says:

            I happen to agree with this. you’re dealing with the dregs of society of those particular sites. however, richard has an off the wall sense of humor which I appreciate and I can understand why it amuses him to do this. Sundance has commented on the bad aspects of giving these people free publicity over at our site. Mark Levin refers to these morons as : people blogging in their underwear while living in their mother’s basement. riff raff.

          • dmoseylou says:

            I never read any of the JQ stuff posted here, nor the follow-up comments. I just scroll right past it. I agree, posting that dribble here only gives them publicity and encouragement.

            • selfdefenseadvocate says:

              I agree completely. If I wanted to read that trash, I would go to the original site. I come here because I am interested in FACTS. That is what the jury (if it gets that far) will be looking for.

          • diwataman says:

            I agree to some extent as well but I think it does serve a good purpose as ejarra states. Although there’s nothing new that teeto person brings up as “facts” I think it’s good to have a reminder in how people think George is guilty and what little we’ve heard from the State we can see some of the similarities, that is basically the State’s case.

            • rumpole2 says:

              Thanks Dman.
              I have posted their “best shot” as it were. I think it is heartening to read the best they can come up with.. and see that it’s fluff and delusional nonsense.
              And like I say.. it’s a slow news period anyway… and we all need a laugh.

          • Seeking the Truth says:


          • John Galt says:

            “I wish the nonsensical posts from the other forum were not posted here.”

            + eleventy. If I want to read that inane BS, I know where to go.

            • jordan2222 says:

              You have my vote. I ignore that stuff when it’s posted here. Sometimes, that crap consumes most of our threads. Yes, it’s usually on slow days when the case is quiet but I would prefer other distractions or maybe it should go into the open thread.

              I am an active follower of the CTH, and it’s really time consuming to read everything that is posted here on all of the threads. Hell, sometimes, it’s about all I can do to read in a day.

              There are a lot more important things to read on this website than a bunch of nonsensical jabberwocky.

              Sorry, if I sound like I am bitching but I am.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      It astounds me the way these people are able to spin the “facts”.

      The extensive injuries to GZ’sface combined with the severe bruising that the ME observed on TM’s knuckles leave little doubt that TM physically assaulted GZ.

      The absence of any physical injury to TM aside from the gun shot wound, the bruising on TM’s knuckles, and the minor cut n TM’s hand combined with the absence of bruising on GZ’s knuckles conclusively proves that GZ did not physically assault TM.

      All physical evidence including TM’s carcass was found near the top of theTee in much closer proximity to GZ’s truck then to Brandy Green’s apartment. Given the. Time line established by GZ’s NEN call and various 911 calls, it is not plausible that GZ followed TM to BG’s condo, confronted him, provoked an altercation, then chased him back up to the top of the tee.


      No TM DNA was found on GZ’s gun. This does not prove that there was not a protracted struggle over the gun which would have inevitably happened if GZ had been brandishing it when the altercation began.

      Witness report that the bigger guy was on top. TM was definitely taller than GZ.

      Witnesses did observe two people running from South to North. I still think TM got Chad to video the beat down of GZ. I really, really want to see the contents of the phone found at the scene.

    • Sharon says:

      I really have trouble with all of these reposts giving those screwball sites wider readership and making their day, by loading the Conservative Treehouse with their trash. I don’t like it. You’re doing their work for them. Someone else’s trash is being dragged in my living room and dumped on the floor. Their house is so smelly and messy and filthy I would never enter it for any reason. And yet here it is–their trash dumped on our carpet. I don’t like it. Yes, I’m part of admin, but this is just Sharonspeak. If it were modspeak, it would be in an admin note.

      • rumpole2 says:

        I am sorry it offends you. I will of course stop, if you say so.
        But I find their stuff both amusing and, as others have said, informative…. “keep your enemies closer”
        I have posted stuff in 3 or 4 “Daily Daft Posts” and each time it seems to have inspired both serious and fun posting. There is not much news to seed posting and discussion at the moment.
        I am happy to go along with what others here prefer.

        • Sharon says:

          Just expressing my opinion as a commenter. I consider you a friend–the only one I have in New Zealand at the moment. Nobody anywhere on earth has to do anything just because Sharon says so. Just expressing my opinion as a commenter.

          You have a point in your reasons for doing it…and I have a point in my reason for not liking it. I suspect neither of us is either all wrong or all right. I don’t find it amusing at all: I find it irritating at least, and dangerous at worst….they may look like idiots, and you may think of them as fools, but look at what their level of thinking has done to our nation?

          If it were not for hordes of them feeding the likes of Crump and Natalie, the likes of Crump and Natalie would not have had the leveraging power to do what they have done with and through the alleged justice system in our nation.

          The hordes of these people feed the egos and the pocketbooks of the racialists, who have the ear of the Attorney General of the United States and they have the ear of the President of the United States. Mobs DO have influence and power, in a variety of ways.

          These sites and these people are no different in their intentions and actions that undermine our Constitution and our Republic than the Occupoopers. Absolutely no different in the affect they have.

          Their motives, their goals and their methods make me angry because they are against everything our Republic was designed to protect and promote; and they raise fear in me because they are succeeding and they have succeeded beyond the wildest expectations of those they follow.

          I’m not offended in a shallow, prissy way. I’m completely offended at what they represent and who they actually are–braindead slugs serving those who are destroying America. And THAT offends me in any form and in any context.

          “Because I say so” would be the worst of all possible reasons to stop. You are not accountable to me, and I am not in charge of deciding what kind of trash can be dragged. So don’t cut me any slack…I’m not nearly as involved in this thread as many of you.

          As I said at the top, just expressing my opinion. And decided to answer your response in detail, because I do consider you a buddy on the front lines, and I think you were responding seriously to my concern as well.

          You’re right that “there is not much news to seed” at the moment. It absolutely astounds me, as an outsider to the thread for the most part, that there are hundreds of comments here day after day when nothing is going on. Weird.

          Don’t make me the heavy. Going back behind the potted plant now. And just now on my Pandora, Louis Armstrong with “What a Wonderful World”…usually that makes me smile…today just makes me feel like crying… :(

          • rumpole2 says:

            Of course we are friends… if I had two dead rats, I would give you one. :D

            I really do see this from your point of view… I actually expected people to express displeasure and am torn myself.
            I see a war amongst us observers/posters on this case (perhaps separate from the real battle George is facing)
            The enemy are using WMD’s…. we can take the moral high ground and stick to conventional weapons… but my style is to retaliate in kind….. to nuke the bastards.

            • Sharon says:

              Well, now you’ve just gone and melted my heart. I have never had anyone offer to give me half of their dead rat stock. Sheesh…I’m all warm and fuzzy inside. ;)

              Your style of nuking the bastards does have a certain attraction at a visceral level. I’m not good at it and don’t care to be in the vicinity when it’s being used. Sundance is very kind to always be sure that I have a potted plant big enough to suit my needs for disappearing behind and I appreciate that.

              My current potted plant actually has room for a recliner behind it…and there’s a cooler for those who drink the hard stuff if they ever feel a need to join me—since I only stock diet coke.

              So, yup, it’s conventional weapons vs. retaliation! Sort of had that same conversation on another site yesterday…with a number of folks there discussing which was the wise choice.

      • dmoseylou says:

        I agree 100%. I believe that reposting such vitriolic, hate-filled comments from “screwball sites” undermines and negatively impacts TCTH. Such reposts do not present facts or truths, and those responsible for writing that sewage scum will never be budged from their adamant proTrayvon stance nor their hatred and evil hopes for harm, possibly death, for GZ and his family.

  3. Libby (formerly known as Liberals blah blah blah) says:

    If the nose is broke, MURDER 2 is a JOKE!
    There may be a better saying than this, but this came to mind recently.
    I dont like to rely solely on catch phrases, but they can aptly relay what is demonstrated in the photos. it has been said that a picture can tell a thousand words, then in that case, two pictures can tell two thousand words.
    But even a two thousand word thesis needs a summation; it needs a conclusion.
    If the head is split, ACQUIT!
    If the nose is Broke, Murder 2 is a JOKE!

  4. Libby says:

    If the nose is Broke,
    Murder 2 is a JOKE!

  5. LouDaJew says:

    I believe the NAACP WANTED this to be about a white guy just shooting a black kid unjustifiably so bad. they wanted to further their agenda so they could receive more unfair advantages over whites (they call it rights)

  6. Robert Zimmerman JR says:

    This is Robert Zimmerman JR – @rzimmermanjr on twitter. I wanted you all to have my email as I noticed there was a Treeper looking for it yesterday. It’s xxxxxRobertjzjrmedia@xxxxxgmail.comxxxx it is public, and posted on my twitter page for verification. Feel free to write anytime. Thanks for all you do – I read your posts and I’m humbled by your tireless work, research, and support – every voice counts.



    Update: This is a bogus account set up through a bogus twitter *Parody* account. Specifically created to make posts that appear to be from Robert Zimmerman Jr. This is NOT the real Robert Zimmerman Jr – as in George Zimmerman’s brother… THIS IS FAKE /sd

    • LouDaJew says:

      thanks Robert. just to let you know the Young Turkeys never aired the entire video of your visit to them. also, after that they put out another video claiming George “started the fight”.

      • LouDaJew says:

        they now have almost half a million subscribers. they need to be held accountable for their lies and distortions. a lot of the hate directed towards George started with them.

    • Pleasure to have you here Robert. Hope you and your family had a good Christmas keeping in mind how difficult it must be under the circumstances.

    • sundance says:

      I am *highly* concerned this is an imposter – and an imposter co-opted fake twitter handle also.

      Manufactured False Flags – all used as psy-ops propaganda.

      I am working on validation/confirmation – however in the interim, y’all should be REALLY careful and I advise NOT to engage. I repeat DO NOT ENGAGE OR USE THIS EMAIL ACCOUNT.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Absolutely understood! We all should wait for verification on this.

      • For GODS SAKE your fast SD. Think of all the time this guy expended to set up a false account only to have you discredit him within minutes. Well done.

        By the way, can you trace his IP and does it originate from Crump or Jackson?

        • justfactsplz says:

          Oh wouldn’t that be good if we could prove that?

        • sundance says:

          We trace all ip addresses – verify, and collect data. This IP has been here before under two divergent usernames and 3 different email addys. In short – we know who this is.

          We will not discuss the usernames of the ficticious posters often because we prefer to watch what they are doing and identify their agenda. This also helps us to build a library of sorts containing the various multiple usernames, emails, and IP’s. (Sometimes these folks are stupid enough to do it from their work computers).

          Anyhow we are building a library of their intel for use at a later date. In the interim, just note how much of this psy-ops is attempted during hours when they figure admins are not paying attention.

    • kathyca says:

      Oh, you’re right!!! Someone is spoofing Robert’s account and trying to get away with it as “parody.” I read the tweets about it and totally forgot. Can’t remember which account was spoofing, but I think it was Truth4Tray’s tweets that mentioned it.

    • sundance says:

      Folks, there are childish petty games being played by Natalie Jackson and her crew of immature followers. This “comment” is one such game being played.

      They create fake accounts, create fake information, and then cite the stuff they create to affirm their storyline. In this example they created a fake Twitter Account for Robert Zimmerman Jr., then send tweets to create an image they wish to portray.

      Believe it or not this is the same approach for msNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid and also Miami Herald Frances Robles who have both been identified as doing exactly the same thing in the media to create “sources” for their manufactured stories.

      Natalie Jackson
      Joy-Ann Reid and
      Frances Robles

      all engage in this activity. That tells you just about all you need to know regarding their integrity. Professional Liars – all of them.

      • rumpole2 says:

        I do hope the civil law suits widen to include these gnats. I know there is little chance of financial gains from penniless losers, but I think it is important just to show their involvement and (perhaps) discourage some of this in the future. Probably not worth the expense of taking legal action on these dopes alone.. but with a civil legal team on the payroll anyway it might be worth a crack.

        • Lee says:

          I too believe the Zimmerman FAMILY, not just George and Shellie, but his entire family have cause to pursue civil action. But, I do not understand why CRIMINAL action cannnot be taken against people who “steal” your identity to post false information on the social networks. This case should not be fodder for juvenile and cruel anticts that further harm this family and endangers their safety and freedom.

          • canadacan says:

            The only thing positive about this is that shows that Natalie Jackson and the rest are desperate beyond belief. I have such a knot of cold anger in my stomach right now.

          • John Galt says:

            “But, I do not understand why CRIMINAL action cannnot be taken against people who “steal” your identity to post false information on the social networks.”

            You just need to find a willing cop or DA. California and NY are particularly attractive jurisdictions as both have enacted a Digital Impersonation Prevention Act. There are also numerous statutes covering computer crime, cyber stalking and identity theft.

          • libby says:

            Can we alert the florida bar?

        • Sha says:

          I have been watching Roberts twitter for a while now on and off and I have a hard time just reading some of the stuff they post at him . It is all that I am not to rip a few of them all to pieces ….. I’m not as classy as the Zimmermans and I don’t mind getting down and dirty if I have to , but out of respect for him and his family and what I believe in I will try to be the better person ….. Don’t ask me how long I will last at it… but I will try. I don’t understand how anyone can say they are honoring that young mans memory with all the trash that comes out of there mouth.

          • Angel says:

            ” I’m not as classy as the Zimmermans”

            Robert Zimmerman Jr. has been very gracious to me on twitter by responding to all my direct messages. I would say he is very classy!

            • Terry in GA says:

              The entire Zimmerman family has acted with FAR MORE dignity and grace in the face of adversity than I could ever hope to muster. For the life of me, I can’t understand how that family has handled all the evil and lies spewed from the opposition. I just keep waiting for the day George is totally exonerated and declared to all the world to be innocent. And then I promise to stay with the Zimmerman family and the CTH family until every last falsehood by the schemes has been splattered back into their faces.

            • jordan2222 says:

              Well, hello, there Angel lady. How have you been?

              • Angel says:

                “Well, hello, there Angel lady. How have you been?”

                I am doing quite well. Had a great holiday, looking forward to a great year in 2013 including graduation :-)

                Hope you had a great holiday and wishing you all the best, jordan2222.

            • justfactsplz says:

              I agree with you Angel. The whole family seem that way to me.

      • LouDaJew says:

        what’s truly sad though is when BDLR quoted Robles as “giving autographs” when MOM was trying to convince the judge to let George take his ankle cuff off. it’s true. they work together on their talking points because that’s all they have now.

      • Libby says:

        Of the three, how many of them are under the auspices of the Floirda Bar Association?
        One scummy lawyer

    • Alexandra M. says:

      The cretins behind this FAKE twitter impersonation are FULL OUT revealing just how desperate they are. This is quintessential 6th grade stuff.
      My apologies to any and all actual 6th grade students!

    • tara says:

      It amazes me that Twitter allows this to happen. I guess the Twitter admins think this is “funny”.

      Good point other poster that the Trademark supporters are the ones creating the fake accounts, asking people to send emails to them, posting incorrect addresses to incite violence. Have the GZ supporters done any of this? All who I know would NEVER do such a thing. I’m interested in enlightening those who are ignorant, not deceiving them.

      • brutalhonesty says:

        the first 10 twitters I made were deleted by twitter within 3 posts….just for asking natalie jackson simple questions. yet they can do this kind of stuff?

      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t think any of George’s supporters from any forum would do such a thing. These people have no class that do such things.

      • libby says:

        Twitter allowed spike lee & roseann barr togive out george’s parents address so they could be threatened & sent into hiding.
        But, they stop short of other nefarious activity? Me thinks otherwise

    • John Galt says:

      “Update: This is a bogus account set up through a bogus twitter *Parody* account. Specifically created to make posts that appear to be from Robert Zimmerman Jr.”

      Such activity constitutes both state and federal crimes.

      • Sha says:

        John Galt : Thank You ! I knew Robert Jr had a reason for letting those people talk all that junk to him with out blocking them.

        • Angel says:

          Thank You ! I knew Robert Jr had a reason for letting those people talk all that junk to him with out blocking them.

          Sha: (And I hope you had a joyful XMAS). I follow Robert (the real one) and have had several brief conversation with him including one on 12/26/2012 in which I asked him why he simply did not block those people. He said that he had done so several times but they seem to always find a way back on his timeline. The things they say to him in their constant harassment of him makes me cringe. And to think a lawyer, such as Natalie Jackson, seems to condone that behavior. It’s okay to voice one’s belief about GZ’s guilt or innocence but to incessantly harrass Robert the way they do is so uncalled.

          • Sha says:

            Angel: I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well. I agree with you that people are entilted to there own opinion about GZ , but to harrass his brother for loving him enough to take up for him that is a new low to me. I would be ashamed to know I was hiding behind the memory of TM to be cruel to someone who had no part in what happened in this horrible tragedy.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Bobby would never talk like the tweet above. Those words are not in his vocabulary. Thank you S.D. for exposing this farce.

  7. recoverydotgod says:

    A couple of interviews given by then Huffington Post’s Trymaine Lee a week apart on a onthemedia.org show hosted by Brooke Gladstone.

    [notice "outweighed by 100 pounds" in the March 23 and not in the March 30 interview]


    Trymaine Lee: New MSNBC gig is a chance to ‘flex different muscles’
    by Andrew Beaujon
    Published Nov. 15, 2012 3:21 pm


    Trymaine Lee, the Huffington Post reporter who helped move the Trayvon Martin story into the mainstream, is taking a job at MSNBC…

    …His exact role at MSNBC “will be tightened” after he gets there, he said, but he expects to focus on what he said were “issues that are important to progressives,” such as gun rights and gun control.


    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      I have sniped at every article Trymaine Lee wrote about this case. They were ALL factually inaccurate and obviously biased. The fact that MSNBC will stoop to emply him says much about their lack of journalistic integrity. But then, look who ELSE they employ…

  8. brutalhonesty says:

    so they are creating fake rzjr twitters, making fake tweets, then writing fake articles about the fake tweets to lie about the zimmermans.
    and then natalie jackson tweets links to dothprotest after they are caught doxing piercy and sundance….
    they have lost all credibility, not that they ever had any.

  9. brutalhonesty says:


    Todd Kincannon ‏@ToddKincannon
    .@NatJackEsq Are you coordinating some kind of PR for Angela Corey connected to the Zimmerman matter? I’m about to raise a stink.


    Natalie Jackson
    @ToddKincannon See my Rule #1…POOF…be gone. #Blocked

  10. rumpole2 says:

    Breaking News…. a Cockatoo is being questioned

    Will the Cockatoo turn out to be a stool pigeon? :13

    ….more at link

  11. brutalhonesty says:

    they cant stop lying about trayvon. still propagating the false image based on the 2004 version.

    and then theres this “Tracy smiles. In truth, he finally says, he pointed to that little bitty and probably illegal fish and said, What you gonna do with that? And Trayvon held it up and said, We gonna fry this one!”…well did they? because where I come from poaching is a crime….did they even have fishing permits? you cant fish without a permit, and even with one you cant keep fish that are under limit.

  12. jordan2222 says:

    Test post.
    This was caught in spam, as was another comment of yours. You are not in any kind of moderation, so I don’t know why. Sometimes a portion of an address contains letters or phrases that are in a blocked address. Will keep a watch for your comments and try to see what’s going on. –Admin

  13. diwataman says:

    Well, five days left to file and all is quiet on the front. Looks like it’ll be a quick, uninformative and uneventful Jan 8th hearing. Geez, that SYG is going to come up quick I think perhaps someone ought to get crackin’.

    • rumpole2 says:

      I agree… frustrating isn’t it!!!!
      It is as if they are just going through the motions (pun accidental). This farce has to play out. It is just not done to for someone to announce that this sketch is silly and has gone on long enough.

      • diwataman says:

        If I were George I’d be thinking real hard about my representation right about now. Think about it like this, if this is the way it’s going to be then we got how many days till that SYG hearing? I’ll be counting those down as well and when O’Mara is not ready, and he won’t be, what is she going to do? Oh well I gave you x many of months, see ya, denied. That’s what I see coming brother and I hope I’m wrong.

  14. jordan2222 says:

    So far there have been 113 posts here today and nothing new has happened in the case. Sharon and a few others have expressed similar thoughts about garbage from other sites being “featured” here so I do not feel alone in saying this. If this is a battle for publicity and attention, they might have won today.

  15. jordan2222 says:

    Mods: I am not complaining and realize that you are all busy but I am wondering if I might be doing something different today than other days for my posts to not appear. I always stay logged in if that helps.

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