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  1. WeeWeed says:

    Lest we forget.


    • canadacan says:

      Let us not undo what this country has work so hard to maintain. This is our. Alamo.

    • myopiafree says:

      Those who would give up a modicum of freedom, for absolute security – will, in the end – have neither freedom nor security. Just ask the Jews in 1933, and then later, during “Crystal Night” in 1938. Ask all the dead (killed by the Germans) how much freedom an security they had – when the SS beat down their door – and they had no means to fight back.
      Further, once you have all the guns registered – then when the “next” political party comes to power (as did Hitler), you have a ‘fire in Congress” and ask for (and get) “emergency powers” to protect the German people from the Communists – or anyone else who is not a NAZI. As part of this protection you demand that all people (not in the NAZI party) turn in your weapon – or GET ARRESTED.

      You say it will not happen in the “good old USA”? I am certain the German people did not think it would to them either – including the Jews – until it was TOO LATE. Before we “delete” our Second Amendment – we should think about it.

  2. canadacan says:

    Every single conservative watch group should have this out every single day in 1 form or another in the media This is key this is what it’s all about i don’t like bumper stickers but I’m going to get a magnet bumper sticker and put this on the back of my car . I am NOT a gun collector However I do believe in live free or die. Do not go quietly into that good night but make damn sure that doesn’t happen. Jesus told his followers to sell their cloaks and buy a long dagger there was a reason for that. I don’t know the exact scriptural quote I just know of its existence Somebody help me out here. Thanks

  3. texan59 says:

    But the difference between then and now is that Teh Won is only doing it for our own good. He’s not evil like that Tea Partier Hitler. This is for the chirrens. /sarc :evil:

    • canadacan says:

      Benito Mussolini have the trains running on time too. The Brits really fix ed Canada. they didn’t want a repeat performance of the 13 colonies.. I studied Canadian history and I even taught some High School Night School classes. The federal government controls just about everything in Canada the provincial governments don’t have nearly the powers that the states do in the United States. states rights is going to be key here this is where we make our stand.

      • ytz4mee says:

        Canada’s Conservative government just abolished their “Long Gun Registry”.
        And I think you misunderstand the delineations between the separation of powers.

  4. czarowniczy says:

    Let’s not forget that the British, whom Obama hates so deeply, severely restricted gun ownership in any nation they invaded and colonized. The Brit’s penchant for disarming their subject populations was a prime mover for the 2nd Amendment’s adoption. A disarmed public makes it so much easier to deal with pressing social issues such as redistribution of assets and transformation of a population from citizens to subjects.

    Yessssssssssss my pretties, don’t worry about those troubling little governmenty things, just sit back and enjoy The Voice and American Idolatry, Dr Obama will take care of all of those tatty details for you. Coming up January 21st: SURVIVOR: Amerika!

  5. I advanced gun control twice during my Administration…the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. My goal was to make the pubic afraid of machine guns…and Hollywood did the job nicely. Eleanor, like her uncle Theodore Roosevelt, carried a gun for protection. In my opinion, her face… OUCH! I didn’t see you standing there, dear.

  6. czarowniczy says:

    ‘t know if anyone’s listening out there but a stray cosmic ray just brought something to the fore in my memory. Back in the 90s when I was still working active intel Customs twice ran across illegal Chinese shipments of weapons being smuggled into the US for sale to criminal elements. These were not just street weapons, they were fully automatic weapons. One shipment was a large stock of M-16s and M-2 carbines, all ex-US military that had been left with the Vietnamese military. Apparently the Vietnamese sold them to the Chinese who sold them to the Chinese who in turn arranged for their sale to bad guys in the US. The weapons were tracked to the war as the US maintains the serial numbers on weapons transferred to foreign countries and it had to be a concerted inside job as otherwise how would Chinese elements be able to target bad guys in the US to sell weapons to?The Chinese apologized profusely,blamed Chinese crime elements and everything was swept under the rug.

    The second shipment was fully-auto Chinese AKs. Considering that at the time these AKs were found the factory that made them was under direct control of the Chinese government one wonders how the shipment managed to just slip out of the back door. Again the Chinese apologized and blamed criminal elements. This episode disappeared from the public screen even faster than #1 did.

    Here we have a police state that minutely controls the manufacturing, possession and distribution of weapons and we are expected to believe that weapons the Chinese government bought from the Vietnamese government and weapons manufactured in Chinese government plants just walk out of their storage depots and plants, are loaded on to Chinese ships and sent willy-nilly to US criminals without the Chinese government knowing? Now we are expected to believe that after being caught twice the Chinese tightened up their act and have things under control. We are expected to ignore the fact that they somehow contacted criminal elements in the US worked out a deal to supply them with military-grade weapons.

    We also had reports about the same time of Russian planes belonging to criminal elements inside Russia flying to sites in Latin and South America where they traded huge loads of weapons for drugs. The drugs were then flown back to Russia and the weapons to…?????

    When Chavez came into power he had the Russians supply him with a complete turn-key plant that would crank out AKs. The plant was to arm his military, para-military and police with the AK but the smart money was on his making side batches that he’d sell to guerrillas in Latin and South America and perhaps to drug organizations throughout the Americas. I’m out of that loop now but every time I see a story about an AK confiscated in a Mexican drug related shooting and the press doesn’t say anything about its origin I start to wonder…

    • czarowniczy says:

      Some glitches in the context of the note – sorry, there’s something wrong in my computer and what I see ain’t necessarily what you get. Attention to the crew at Ft Meade: dial back the carnivore settings, it’s screwing my my system.

    • Sharon says:

      Czar, your comments here remind me of something very strange that was also going on between the Soviets and our illustrious gubmint during WWII with stuff being shipped to the Soviet Union via Malmstrom AFB…documented in East Minus West = Zero — with customs zooming things through on the fast track–per orders. (I was born in ’44, so I didn’t have nuttin’ to do with it 8O )

      • czarowniczy says:

        Uh no thanks, looks too much like one of their broadcasting antennas…

      • czarowniczy says:

        The Us shipped thousands of ton of war materials to Uncle Joe during the war, much through Arch Angel. Left to his own devices Uncle Joe’s forces would have had to take much longer to push Germany back – by the time the US was in the war the Soviets had launched their winter offensive and pretty much stalled the German advances; though the Germans did gain a bit of ground over the next year or so it was noting like what they’d gained previously and it was just their last gasp before their slow retreat. The Russia had to move the bulk of their manufacturing east of the Urals, something they maintained during the Cold War. After the war the Russians took all of the US materials they had left and stored them in case of a future war of attrition. Some of the rifles we gave them came back after the ’89 Soviet Going Out of Business Sale and I know some collectors went over to see if any WWII US aircraft were stored. Yep, we gave ‘em planes, ships, weapons and other war materials so they’d throw their forces against Hitler and slow his ass down while the US got out of that isolationist more. Sidebar: we took Russian weapons to the US to refurbish when the ships delivering materials made the home-run. We took a lot of small arms in and refurbished them at US plants and shipped them back. We did a lot of favors for them that they later threw back in our faces later on.

  7. Aoife Crane says:

    Much as I hate to admit this….this statement wasn’t made by Hitler—it’s an urban legend. Germany already had gun control prior to Hitler.

    • Sharon says:

      Let’s try to find the documentation of the early gun control–maybe someone has it on the tip of their fingers?

      • If memory serves, the Weimar regime instituted a Firearms & Ammo Law in 1928 in Germany.

        • WeeWeed says:

          You WOULD know…..sigh…… but hey, close enough, eh?

        • myopiafree says:

          The Weimar was a very LIBERAL government, that had a President, a Reishstag (Congress), a Chancellor, and a Surpreme Court. These “powers” were supposed to ‘cross check” each other – and protect German’s individual RIGHTS. So it was FINE to register all fire-arms. Then the economy crashed – with 30 percent un-employment. Then Hitler was voted (30 percent) into power and ruled LEGALLY for about four weeks. Then there was a “Congress” fire, Hitler – to provide for German SECURITY, asked that he have “All power” voted to him. (The “other partys” – Social Democrats and Communists) were prevented from voting. Once Hitler had these “powers”, and all the registration lists (provided in 1928) he could just go down the list and thrown the Social Democrats” into concentration camps. Over-night – they all folded and LOVED HITLER. Yes, it can happen that fast.

  8. czarowniczy says:

    All we have left of my grandfather’s German gun collection is pictures – Russians got them in ’45, but Germany is quite a different situation than the US. In Germany just about all hunting is done in clubs and the entire process is and has been a upper-class and expensive proposition shot thru (no pun intended) with ritual. I belonged to a Rod & Gun Club in Germany in the early 60s and hunting there was nothing like it is here. For example we shot the most ‘defective’ roe bucks, not the trophy ones, to improve the herd. When it came to boars the hunt master would point out the ones we were allowed to shoot and, at the end of the day, we had drinks at the club where all of the game were laid out in order of their prescribed status. Sporting rules dictated that we use both action and the best hunters used drilling-series of 3-shot weapons. The weapons were very expensive and registration was part and parcel of buying or transferring the weapon. I had a P-08 Luger I bought at a local gun store – had more trouble with the American side of the house than the Germans and I kept it, along with my hunting weapon at the Club. It’s a different culture and their viewpoint on weapon ownership and hunting are dictated by their history, weapons there were for hunting and target shooting, you really didn’t need them for protection. The Germans were an orderly people who valued following directions, it wasn’t like Detroit or Southside Chicago and still isn’t. Also, police are quite – ummmm – proactive and I had enough run ins with the unfallkommandos to make me a law abiding citizen even if I wasn’t a citizen. Jawohl Herrr Offizer, alles ist in ordnung! Even during the Cold War the Russian civilians could buy weapons within reason for hunting – then again they didn’t have trash like Feinstein and Schumer to deal with.

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