Sandy Hook Shooting – Discrepancies (not conspiracies….. yet)

CONCENTRATION_CAMP_by_aspiusThe net is flooding with conspiracy theory about this shooting.   Most of them are total bunk.  However there are major issues with the initial, and evolved reports; and indeed something is not passing the sniff test for me either.   One website has begun collecting a list of all the discrepancies (here).   

We are going to thin it down to the pertinent ones; can you think of any to add to the list?  Starting with…. why the pictures of a 20 year old shooter as a child?   Where’s the recent pics? 

1.)  According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID?

2.) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?

3.)  Where did he get the bulletproof vest?  Guns stolen from Mom – vest too?  If so, why did she need one?

4.) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns.  The police stated a rifle (long gun) was found in the trunk of his car.    But now claim that’s the murder weapon?

4-b) What did he kill himself with?   Kinda hard to use a .223 long gun.

5.) According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms, near the front door and office.  So why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building through other exits where nothing was even close?

5-b) Why were the kids in the Gym told to cover their eyes exiting the back of the building?

6.) Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

7.) What happened to the report that Adam Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?

8.) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school?  Seen in overhead helicopter media reporting.  He actually shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me.” Who was he and what was he doing there?

9.) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law.  It appears she was diligent in her firearm responsibility.   But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son easy access to both guns and ammo?

[article] Last night it also emerged Nancy was a member  of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end  of the world.

Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had  turned her home ‘into a fortress’. She added: ‘Nancy had a survivalist  philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for  defense.

‘She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a  farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and  preparing for the economy collapsing.’

9-b) The baby sitter for Adam (when he was 10) said mom was insistent he never be left alone for a second – even in the bathroom.   But yet mom never secured the weapons?

9-c)  How come in such a “small town” we have not heard about Adam Lanza’s primary care physician? Psychiatrist? Psychologist?

10) Would real parents of real children aged 6-7 really be satisfied with pictures of their children? Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?

10-a)  Not even one parent, just one, wanted to see their child?

11) According to the official story, 28 people died only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children — difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of recorded time?

12) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile?   How did it reappear when he was in custody?

(article) Ryan, 24, who was originally thought to have  been the shooter, was being questioned by police after he was arrested at his  home in Hoboken, New Jersey.

He was on a bus on his way home from work  when he was being named as the gunman and posted on Facebook that it wasn’t him.

Ryan Lanza had been extremely cooperative and  was not under arrest or in custody by Saturday morning, but investigators were  still searching his computers and phone records. He told law enforcement he had  not been in touch with his brother since about 2010.

13) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?

14.) With a bazillion media there, staked out anyway, how did they pull off the body transport without even a single highpower telephoto lens photo?  You know some media would have staked out the morgue too?

15) Did the school have one or more security cameras CCTV?  You would think with a “buzz-in” entry system they would have at least one camera on the door, no?

16 ) Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said (oxymoronically), “[Lanza and his friends] always gathered alone in a corner in school”?

‘Everyone just assumed he was a smart kid and  that’s why he didn’t like talking to people all the time,’ Peter Lalli, 20, who  graduated with Lanza in 2010, told the New York Daily  News. ‘He hung out with the smart  crowd.’

17) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family?  Has this ever been done before?  Media concern?

18)  Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police pretending that it’s for their own benefit?

19) Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

20)  What “exactly” did Nancy Lanza do for a living?  Retired or not, how come not a single current or former co-worker is in the media talking about her?

21)  Why would Nancy Lanza own a Bullet Proof vest?   The media is framing her numerous gun collection as her being a possible “prepper”, where’s the evidence of that?

22)  Dad is a VP of GE Global Financial?  And a witness in the LIBOR financial scandal?  That deserves a looksee.

23)  When was the last time you saw an M.E. give a presser in a labcoat?

What questions do you have?

Another media report HERE    Some explanations, and yet more questions HERE

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291 Responses to Sandy Hook Shooting – Discrepancies (not conspiracies….. yet)

  1. gretchenone says:

    The graphic states that the rifle was found close to the body of Lanza.

  2. ackbarsays says:

    CBS had a 48 Hours special on this last night, and they claimed that he was found with two pistols and a Bushmaster .223 rifle, and that a Saiga tactical shotgun was found in the car.

    On this same show, they said that the children and teachers were huddled together when shot, and that each victim had between 3 and 11 wounds. If they all huddled together, then he didn’t have to be all that accurate. He could have just shot haphazardly into the mass of people and been assured of hitting nearly everyone if he shot enough rounds.

    When this is all said and done, we’re going to find out that this guy was seriously disturbed, and that his family knew about it and were trying to protect him and their own reputations by not acknowledging it and taking appropriate action to help Adam and to protect others from him. That his mom had firearms and ammunition that was accessible to him just made things that much worse.

    • ottawa925 says:

      Just a comment on the seriously disturbed comment you made. I had made a comment on this in an earlier thread, but SD asks about where are the shrinks? Yesterday, they talked about how these doctors do not need to tell parents about their kid. These health laws have to change. Parents of underage don’t need to be notified abortions or anything else for that matter. I don’t understand how a parent can complete his responsibility in raising a child when he is left out of the loop and a stranger (the doc) takes over on very important matters. A parent is responsible I believe to age 18, right? So if parent is responsible why are other entities allowed to leave parent out of the loop? To me, that doc should be working with parents, not hiding from parents based on his patients rights. I don’t get that, never have. If I’m responsible for a mentally disturbed son, who is not 18 yet, and he’s seeing a shrink/or whatever, and they don’t let me know what’s going on with him, how am I to know what to do? and if something goes wrong, the parent is blamed and not the doctor for not telling the parent what is going on. I don’t know all the rules and regs on this.

      • oklahoma mom says:

        I dont know about where this all took place, but in Oklahoma even if the child is under the care of a doctor, if that doctor or therapist or counselor believes that they are a threat to themselves or anyone else they are required by law to report it to the parent or guardian and also to the authorities. This just all smells really bad to me, I don’t want to believe that the government could have been involved with the slaying of 20 innocents but I am starting to think that is a very real possibilty.

        • Ari says:

          But where are the bodies? Was anyone ACTUALLY slain? I have found reports stating that the photos of the dead were actually photos of missing persons. I know if my child was murdered days before Christmas, I would want to see the body, to hold them one last time… But not ONE parent requested this. There is also a video on YouTube entitled “Sandy Hook Actors”. It is an uncut version of the news report, and clearly shows one of the “parents” laughing and joking, and then composing himself and going on to make his statement about his “child”.

          • How exactly do we know that the parents did not want to see the kids bodies? We don’t. And how many times have you been to a funeral and laughed and talked with family and friends and then be crying in the next few min., I know I’ve done that. At my mothers and fathers funeral I did that. So I can’t judge this man. The bodies were moved by a mobile morgue then taken to funeral homes.

            • matt says:

              have you seen the video on the news of one of the dads???
              he starts out laughing and says when are we going to do this and then when he realizes he is on camera he pauses, coughs and acts sad to the cameras.

            • johnny castle says:

              wrong! when your loved one is supposedly assassinated i guarantee you won`t have a laugh , something like that just saps you of all emotion and energy, yes a loved one who dyed of natural cause , perhaps 70-88`s , and lived a full life i see your view! but not in a instant such as this.

  3. Charles W. Skinner says:

    Re: #2: Perhaps he didn’t plan to kill himself, or perhaps he didn’t want to be killed until he had done as much damage as possible.

    Re: #4: Possible he had more weapons in vehicle?

    Re: #11: standard procedure when an incident like this begins is for teachers to close the door, turn out the lights and to gather students into a back, unseen corner from the door to make the classroom look empty. That puts the students all in a group. It just becomes a matter of shooting into the mass until they all fall down or pulling the trigger until you run out of ammunition. Accuracy really isn’t an issue for the purposes of this case.

    Re : #13 & 14: If you’re told by the officials that nothings going to happen till tomorrow, the media types likely went to home or hotel for a good nights sleep to look their best for the breathless reporting on the tragedy the next morning. Hopefully the media types being screwed out of their pictures will teach them not to believe the lies from the officials next time and teach them to actually be journalists and news-people again, rather than the soft, mealy-mouthed “take everything we’re told at face value without investigation” types that they have become.

    Re: #22: If correctly reported, that explains #3, #18, #19, #20, #21. Nancy Lanza’s brother, the officer, would have likely been able to provide the jacket, and would have done so to make sure that nobody coming to clean up Dad’s family to prevent him from testifying in LIBOR and GE Financial, nor the “Occupy” or “Anarchist” movements deciding to take action against them for their supposed “crimes” against the people. Further, it would explain Nancy Lanza’s “prepper” mentality, because she would have information on exactly how precarious the economy is, and it’s likelihood of collapse (high) from the current economic policies being pushed by the Obama Administration.

  4. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Reminds me of Waco. The ATF reported that they were ambushedwith fusillade of unaimed fire from full auto AK-47s and .50 BMGs through the walls of the building. As reported in the FBI publication Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 1993, all four agents died from a single, apparently precisely aimed bullet ton the head. Two agents were shot with .223 caliber projectiles, one was shot wit a .308 caliber projectile and one was shot with a projectile inconclusively identified as either .308 ot 7.62x39mm. The Branch Davidians had rifles of these calibers, so why did the ATF not accurately state the weapons calibers? Was it perhaps because the team of ATF snipers at the undercover house about 300 yards from the front door were also armed with .223 and .308 rifles fired three dozen rounds without hitting any of the Branch Davidians?

  5. emmieaz says:

    Wow. A lot to think about here. I have been over at ATS where of course speculation is going wild. I really don’t know, but I think a lot of the inconsistencies are due to the style of reporting we see nowadays where reporters just blurt out anything they hear to be the first to scoop. Not checking for accuracy, they just pass on anything at all to feed the publics insatiable demand for news of any kind.
    #1-4: ?
    #5: Maybe because the teachers who would have been led out with their students were not sure what they would encounter and told them to keep their eyes shut just in case they would pass by any carnage? That seems like the most likely explanation. The officers helping were probably just trying to get them out as quickly as possible and more focused on logistics and getting them out, thus not telling them you don’t have to shut your eyes when the teachers instructed them to?
    6-9: Knee jerk, through the grapevine, telephone game style reporting?
    10: As a parent, I would absolutely want to see my child. Perhaps LE was really protecting the parents because of how bad it truly was. Does anyone know if the parents were/are allowed to view their children at the ME/morgue? Does anyone know of any of these families no matter how far removed?
    11: ? Kids in shock at watching what was happening?
    12: FB seems to do this regularly with high profile stuff. Maybe FB admin deleted it as usual operating procedure and then put it back up when Ryan was determined not to be the shooter?
    13-15: I think what you said. Maybe to protect from the press, but it is definitely odd in a way that they would leave the little bodies in there. As a parent, I would not be okay with my child’s body being left in there. Odd also that not one person has a pic of them being taken away at night. I would think that there would have been people at a vigil type thing as close to the school as police would allow them pretty much all day and night immediately following.
    16-22: ???
    23: suspicious
    24: Maybe because he was profoundly affected by what he had to do and wasn’t in the best frame of mind to think about minor details?

  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    Because of the media’s piss-poor reporting on this story, I’m waiting for the official reports from law enforcement. Media reports have been all over the place. The Treehouse seems the only place asking good questions on the matter.

  7. WeeWeed says:

    Twitter breaking with something going on at Newtown’s Catholic church – cops are there and evacuating???…….
    “..St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown evacuated during Noon mass because of unspecified threat. -CT post”

  8. thought says:

    personally think coulda been the gov, because well what a coinsidence the huricane was named sandy and now looked for a school named sandy as well, we all know about haarp and chemicals made to create floods, ok so lets say the elite ” want, secret societies well call it that, wanted to take our gun right away, well easy let something extremely evil occur and the same amercan people, especially women or other ppl that donr know about guns ie the stupid ones (majority) stand up and they themselves force the ban into effect without the gov looking evil, great plan! now why would they say asault riffle cmon just throw a known weapon there so the american ppl rant, they said there were two shooters one dead another in custody! okay lets say the gov pickdd sandy on purpose and targeted the lanza family to look bad and be their victims, gov coulda just sent a team or one highly expert to kill the mother and then, the gov coulda killed the kids and then blamed it on lanza, and the kill adam, or they were fake kids and fake parents! but i strongly believe that they were real children offered as sacrificd to their god, reply what do u think?…..

    • mung says:

      I really hope you are kidding. If not, you need to go talk to a therapist and explain that you are having thoughts of paranoia.

      This guy had a major mental break and went off on a full rage attack. He did not have control of his actions and was not able to view reality at all. It sucks but it happens. The only people at fault here are his family and doctors (if he was seeing one) that didn’t realize that he needed to be put into a facility until his meds were stabilized and he was treated for any other issues he was having.

      It was not Satan, Obama, aliens, Santa, The Illuminati, Skull and Bones, the water, the CIA, Russians, or anyone else. He had a chemical imbalance that caused him to act out in a way most of us could not comprehend. Sound like his mother may have had something going on too and maybe that is why she wasn’t able to control him.

    • Sharon says:

      Oh, dear. Where to begin.
      Not finding that place.

    • emmieaz says:

      Thought has some good thoughts. No one should put anything past the evil that currently is in charge of this world. It it not unthinkable to entertain the thought that this could be a gov mk ultra guy. If you haven’t heard of government mk ultra slaves, just give a couple of weeks of research snd prepare to be knocked up side of the head with a 2×4.

      • mung says:

        Pllllleeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee. This is no better than the Trayvonites coming up with all of the conspiracies about the Zimmerman case. Is it possible that there are some government things going on we don’t know about sure. Did the government take a 20 year old with Aspergers and a major personality disorder and use him to take out a school so that his father couldn’t testify to congress? That is a little bit of a stretch don’t you think?

        I refuse to believe anything beyond the normal media spin is involved here. If you really think that the government is doing these things, you need to get out of this country and fast because they are coming for you next.

        • michellc says:

          When the government takes the guns I for one will be getting out of this country. I refuse to live in a country where I’m a criminal for protecting myself from two and four legged creatures.

        • Trev says:

          Who says it has to be the government? Personally I think that there are puppeteers that even pull the strings of governments. As the adage goes ‘money makes the world go ’round’…have you seen the movie The International with Clive Owen? Not to base life off of a movie, but…is it too far fetched to think that groups like this with ENORMOUS amounts of money and clout could pull off things like this? Evil or disturbed people are capable of evil and horrific actions…but all these shootings and the sketchy details are a little to fishy for me to take at face value. Seems to me like a mass distraction for a bigger agenda.

          For the record…I don’t live my life paranoid in fear of all sorts of conspiracies, I just don’t keep my head in the sand and swallow everything that the government and media tries to force feed me.

        • Patti Kromer says:

          Your ignorance will be your undoing … so you’re comfortable living in a country in which the powers that be can “come for you next” just because you question a situation …. you need to look up the definitions of police state and communism … Mung is a good handle for you.

    • stellap says:

      Take note people. Based on the article and the following comments, if you take your children to a gun range to teach them to shoot, then you are mentally ill, or an unfit parent. One genius says that caring parents play cards with their kids, not take them to the gun range.

      • Major Anthony W. Oliver US Army (Retired) says:

        Education of all kinds is important for our children. Everyone should know how to put a weapon on safe. See that real firearms are not like game. That many of our kids play on the home PC daily. The real action of learning how much damage a firearm can do is important when we have over 300 million guns in America. No? Like all threats to our kids they must learn what they are and what to do. You can’t be ignorant and be prepared to act when circumstances, even unlikely ones require action. To protect all our population. You can’t just ban, insane actions, check the world wide facts on mass murder. Laws to ban and no education for children on firearms has saved zero children in such situations

        • Car says:

          I agree. If there are guns in the house, then it is only responsible to teach everyone int he house how to use them and use them safely. I was raised that way, my dad was a police officer. We all knew how to shoot and handle the gun correctly.
          I am a great parent with great kids and both my kids have learned to shoot.
          Tey also ahve learned that there are responsibilities that come with all rights and they know what is expected to honor those responsibilities. Failure to teach one without the other is the difference between a good parent and a bad parent

    • CCG says:

      So the NY Post takes the word of the landscaper and runs with it. I wonder if they took the time to verify anything he said? What will happen to all these theories if it turns out Adam Lanza had a drug problem or used synthetic marijuana that altered his already fractured way of thinking?

    • CCG says:

      This name came up in one of the comments. No guns involved in this mass murder at a school.
      Andrew Kehoe was a farmer living in Bath, Michigan. A member of the school board and the town clerk, on May 18, 1927 he orchestrated a plot to dynamite the Bath Consolidated School, killing thirty-seven children. He killed himself in a second explosion aimed at the school’s superintendent. Kehoe’s act was one of the largest school-related mass murders in US history.

  9. stellap says:

    Westboro Baptist Church to Protest at Newtown?

    FTA: “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

  10. czarowniczy says:

    Nothing to see here, move along. The press will be informed and will pass the information to the public as we see fit to release it so as not to jeopardize the investigation. We cannot comment further on an on-going investigation. . How dare you question our handling of the case and further open the wounds of the grieving survivors!? In the rush to inform the public some minor details (truth, facts,etc) may have been juggled due to the newness of the investigation as it unfolded.
    Take those boilerplate sops and fill in between them with fluff and verbiage and we have all the news that’s sh*t to print.

  11. cajunkelly says:

    One thing that jumped out at me while reading that list is;

    I’ve read from multiple sources that Mom pulled Adam out of public school in 2008 and home schooled him.
    Yet there are statements from students who supposedly “graduated with him”?

    Two two issues that concern me the most is who was the guy in the woods and OK, dammit, give us the truth about the 223.

    I saw mention of a Henry repeater, and Enfield long gun and a shotgun being involved, but no other information is available.

    The media has made total fools of themselves over this.

    Oh, one other thing; as I stated Friday there is no way in HELL I’d have stood out there knowing my baby was one of the ones who didn’t come out and not get in there to find him/her. They’d have had to taze or shoot me.

    • Bala Das says:

      you have to listen to the police dispatch audio, which is linked in many places on the “inconsistencies” thread on Godlikeproductions.

      In the first MINUTES, the dispatcher alerts the officers on the scene that a teacher reported seeing 2 shadows outside running past the gym. Next you hear an officer responding in an urgent yell “paraphrased” “yes THEY are coming toward me… to the woods…” another voice “this is it”… a minute or so later “got em proned out”

      This corresponds with the helicopter video of police CHASING SOMEONE INTO THE WOODS FROM THE DIRECTION OF THE SCHOOL, AND PINNING HIM TO THE GROUND IN THE WOODS. Video is on the website, and all over the net.

      Also see the video of the student describing how as they were being marched to the firehouse they saw police surrounding a man laying on the ground handcuffed.

      Also see the video of the bystander being interviewed who saw the man in camo pants and black jacket being led from the woods, in handcuffs by the police, and who repeatedly said to the parents glaring at him, “I didn’t do it”.

      Also read the reports of the black and maroon Van with the back windows blown out, that fled the scene and was chased by the police, whose driver was eventually reported to dispatch as being apprehended.

      For starters….

      NEXT, look into “Richard Novia” the ex Director of Security at Newtown Board of Education, Owner, State Licensee of Professional Services at Active Endeavors Security & Investigations, fired by Newton in 2008…

      “While the Board of Education met behind closed doors, a large group was forming in the hallway outside of the Reed Intermediate School library in support of Richard Novia. The Newtown High School security chief has been placed on administrative leave following a March 12 incident involving a student at the school. The details of that incident have not been released by the school district.”

      Oh, and Richard Novia was also the Advisor to the “Tech Club” at Newton High School and was a PERSONAL mentor to young Adam Lanza, and even appeared at the Lanza home, as Nancy Lanza organized a meeting to help save Richard’s job…

      “Adam Lanza belonged to a technology club at Newtown High School that held “LAN parties” — short for local area network — in which students would gather at a member’s home, hook up their computers into a small network and play games.

      Gloria Milas, whose son Joshua was in the club with Lanza, said Nancy Lanza hosted one of the parties.

      She recalled a school meeting in 2008 organized by the gunman’s mother to try to save the job of the club’s adviser. At the meeting, Milas said, Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan said a few words in support of the adviser, who he said had taken his brother under his wing.”

      The divorce happened shortly after.

      All references at the link below. And MORE.

      Buckle up, the rabbit hole is deep.

    • opmamma says:

      there is alsot that pic from his high school eyar book tech club.

    • matt says:

      the story started with 2 hand guns and an assault rifle. Then they changed it to 4 hand guns and a assault rifle in the trunk. and now they are throwing a shotgun into the mix. MAKE UP YOU MIND!

  12. BertDilbert says:

    How do you arrest people without evidence they had anything to do with a crime?

    • Charles W. Skinner says:

      There are a couple of ways of this happening:
      1.) the police suspect a co-conspirator. They’ll apologize later if they’re wrong. This can occur in an “ongoing emergency and we don’t have time to sort it out now” sense or in a “we think you’re guilty” sense.
      2.) the police suspect some form of larger attack in progress. They arrest and put the person in some sort of protective custody, whether they want it or not.
      3.) the police think that the person is a witness that will either disappear or will be harmed in some way. See Number 2 above.
      4.) the police think that the person has some sort of mental defect and will be a harm to themselves or others due to what they just experienced. They’re arrested and put into 72 hour Psych evaluation.

  13. czarowniczy says:

    The Saiga issue in particular troubles me. When the Feds outlawed the Streetsweeper and USAS-12 I knew it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a new version of the mag-fed shotgun. God bless the Russians, they started cranking them out. I cringed as I watched some of the US outlets selling them and television programs ‘promoting’ them being particularly irresponsible – I could see the writing on the wall. Now that a Saiga may have been implicated in this watch the media feeding frenzy vis-a-vis semiauto and (hello, Australia) pump shotguns. Inch by inch, step by step.

  14. Michelle Hart says:

    And the father of the mall shooter last week is supposed to testify before Congress re: the LIBOR scandal

    The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. According to the link at FICO, Robert Holmes was a ‘Fraud Scientist’.

    From Fabain4Liberty:
    The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a motive and a link. This coincidence is impossible to overlook. Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR.

  15. Ron Callaway says:

    The shooters father and a Holmes man, father of the shooter at the batman movie both to testify
    I think before congress bout that LIBOR thingey. Watched a video shot from a helicopter this morning showing a man
    being chased into the woods and taken down and cuffed. also a child saw another taken down in the open and cuffed. These men were fleeing. When this first happened there were reports of a man in the woods telling people he didn’t do it. Shooters father was paying x-wife 249,000 annually and he was big wheel at GE and Ernst And Young. GE pays no taxes and owns NBC
    Something is very fishey.

  16. DawnDoe says:

    I did not know where else to post this, but did anyone see the that a 22 year-old concealed gun carrier was most likely the reason the shooter at the Oregon mall turned the gun on himself so quickly? Can’t tell which news outlet interviewed the concealed gun carrier.

  17. cajunkelly says:

    I’d like to know *why* the following was included in the article linked above. Why include the value of their home???

    Grace McDonnell, six, who was also killed, has been described as ‘utterly adorable’ and ‘full of life’. She had blue eyes and hair that was so blonde that friends thought she looked like a ‘little doll’.

    Her parents are going through ‘indescribable’ pain, MailOnline has learned.

    In a chilling twist, Lynn McDonnell, 45, a housewife, and Christopher, 49, a business executive, live in a $500,000 detached home in Sandy Hook, Connecticut that is just one street away from where alleged shooter Adam Lanza lived.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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    • ottawa925 says:

      The manipulation on this incident will be the motive. Why aren’t police telling ppl what has been discovered thus far? Why? We know guns, but that fits the narrative that Obama would like spoon fed. They have his computer, why aren’t they telling us what they found thus far?

  19. stellap says:

    Thinking the Unthinkable

    I live with a son who is mentally ill. I love my son. But he terrifies me.

    A few weeks ago, Michael pulled a knife and threatened to kill me and then himself after I asked him to return his overdue library books. His 7 and 9 year old siblings knew the safety plan—they ran to the car and locked the doors before I even asked them to. I managed to get the knife from Michael, then methodically collected all the sharp objects in the house into a single Tupperware container that now travels with me. Through it all, he continued to scream insults at me and threaten to kill or hurt me.

    • texan59 says:

      That story chilled me to the bone. I don’t know what I would do if it were my child.

      • stellap says:

        Then the comments. There were several who say they have children like this.

        • cajunkelly says:

          That’s what chilled me…so many Moms, and even patients themselves, saying “been there done that”.
          What is *causing* this sudden aspergers/autism that is becoming epidemic?

          • Michelle Hart says:

            Have you noticed how medicated kids are now? EVERYTHING is ADD, ADHD, Terrets, or some other “illness” that never even existed before the 90’s….

            Kids are so medicated and drugged out that their entire system is screwed up with all that PLUS the continual conditioning that they are ENTITLED to anything they desire, so by the time they hit puberty and get the first big hormonal dump that comes with it’s turning them all into psychotic monsters….

            • mung says:

              They all existed before they just had different classifications. As time has gone on they have been able to pin down what is going on in people’s minds better than 100 year ago. Adam had obvious mental issues for all of his life. He had a chemical imbalance and probably other issues in his brain. Doctor’s and medication did not create his problems.

              • I completely agree with you on this, Mung. My wife works in the mental health field, so I hear all of the conspiracy theories from all of the uninformed. For starters, Autism is still very much misunderstood and there are a slew of qualifications that can land a child on the “autistic spectrum”. Many are misdiagnosed, even today. But, this is nothing new, just better understood.

          • stellap says:

            I think it’s mostly schizophrenia that is the big problem.

            • mung says:

              There are many mental issues that are big problems. Keep in mind that it is rare that someone has one disorder without co-morbidity of other disorders. Personality disorders are particularly nasty to deal with.

          • emmieaz says:

            Vaccines and meds.

            • bp says:

              Vaccines and meds is what has extended the average life time from 45 to 78 in 100 years.

            • Vaccines and meds have nothing to do with the perceived increase in autism. The increase is in better understanding and funding, leading to correct diagnoses, not in actual increases in the amount of children that suffer from it. There are also many misdiagnoses, mostly due to funding of autism as of late. Autism is the cause du jour, if you will, so there is increased funding for alternative therapies and education, if you child is diagnosed as being on the spectrum.

    • dmoseylou says:

      Update on this story. This mother will be on “Today” on Sunday.

      Mother writes: ‘I am Adam Lanza’s Mother.’

      • mung says:

        She looked way too rehearsed and seemed like she was acting. Maybe I am wrong, but if her story is true, she has some mental issues going on as well. That is not the normal reaction from someone who feels like they are connected to something like this.

        • cajunkelly says:

          Rehearsed, I’m sure, since it was just a “sound bite”. She looked more along the lines of scared chitless.

          • dmoseylou says:

            I thought she looked terrified. She simply wrote a letter; she never expected MSM w/ cameras and news anchors. I also tend to feel that she is not only nervous about the publicity, but she is honestly terrified her son will one day join the ranks of mass killers. I am so grateful that MSM has picked up her story, regardless of how bad they screw it up because hopefully some one who CAN and WILL help her and her son will see her on TV or read her open letter. God truly does work in mysterious ways.

            • Fagan Roberts says:

              Strange how the world operates exactly as one might expect if there was no god.

            • Parley says:

              actually, gawker media investigated this woman. She apparently had her child incarcerated several times for things like not cleaning his room, or being quiet in the car. Any child who has been locked up before the age of 10 and is continually threatened with jail is probably going to have anger issues.

  20. ottawa925 says:

    CNN TV commentator is asking man of faith … how could this evil exist? What world is she living in?

    • Sharon says:

      There is no such thing as evil….least that’s what a bunch of commenters told us yesterday. Can’t tell ya what a load that is off my mind…I learned that I’m just using the truth about evil as a coping mechanism and stuff. Sheesh. It’s a lot to process sometimes. /sarc What I keep noticing is that lots of folks who talk like that are actually using their denial of evil as a coping mechanism.

      I like to ask those who fly off their assumptions as we had some do yesterday what their sources of information are. That’s always THE intriguing question….how did THEY arrive at THEIR assumptions? There’s not near enough time to open that conversation at every opportunity…I was going to last night, but already had a headache and still have it, so it must be getting better. 8O (Doesn’t stuff get better when you do it alot?)

      • michellc says:

        I wasn’t around yesterday, so I don’t know about the comments, but from your description I’m assuming they wouldn’t agree with what I told my husband. “You reap what you sow and this country and pretty much the entire world has been sowing some evil crap for a long time”

        It’s so much easier to be of the crowd who says it’s guns, take away the guns you take away the problem or the crowd who says it’s just because they’re crazy. Well if you’re crazy enough to slaughter innocent people, just maybe the evil lurking around made you crazy.
        Evil has always existed, people were possessed by demons in Biblical times, did I miss when Satan was chained and locked away?

        But on a side note, it seems preppers are the next target. It sounds to me like some people want to make them out to be the crazy ones.

    • stellap says:

      Actually, I’m more concerned with what Obama might do via executive order.

      • texan59 says:

        Trick question. What is the difference in these two guns? One may be outlawed and one may not.



        • stellap says:

          I have no idea. The second one looks nicer and has a bigger scope.

        • cajunkelly says:

          One is all black and looks so evil! /sarc

        • Michelle Hart says:

          Oh… Oh…. Are they made by a different company??

        • texan59 says:

          Both of these are .243 rifles. The top one is an “assault weapon”. The second one is a standard hunting rifle. They both do exactly the same thing, but one “looks” more menacing and is much more likely to be banned. They shoot exactly the same ammo.

          • Sam says:

            Thus the “ugly gun ban” as we called it during the Clinton administration. It expired and was never renewed. The same basic gun can look “evil” or “normal” depending on how you trick it out. Change the stock, add military touches and a hand grip, attach a muzzle brake, add a higher capacity magazine (“banana clip”) and viola! An assault rifle!

            • texan59 says:


              • michellc says:

                Here’s my fear with them this time around, some of them figured out they were dumb a….s and didn’t really ban anything last time around. Gun manufacturers took the scary sounding things off the guns and they were no longer
                They’re still not very smart and don’t understand weapons, but I’m afraid they’re just dumb enough or possibly sly enough to try and put in the bill a ban on semi-automatic weapons, which as you know will be a ban on the majority of our guns or that they’ll target ammo this time around. If they really wanted to hurt us and many do, they will suddenly make reloading illegal and limit the amount of ammo you can buy and/or make you have a background check and get a permit to buy certain types of ammo.

                Nothing stops the dictator from signing an executive order doing any or all of the above, it’s been proven congress certainly won’t fight him. I still remember his comment in the debate about handguns.

        • howie says:

          Cyber targeting could not stand the test.

        • Arkindole says:

          The upper platform is their target for a ban – maybe 200 meters with the iron sights – on a good day.
          The lower platform is the one they actually fear — 500 to 700 meters – makes a complete mess of MICH helmets. (cf. any Youtube video of Syrian snipers)

      • Arkindole says:

        Think ammo.

  21. I have a pertinent one. Why does the article make a point of stating that she is a doomsday prepper? Its kind of irrelevant. Its almost like it was pointed out for an agenda. Like it is trying to make a correlation between preppers and insanity. Maybe I am being a little paranoid about it, but I there is definite reason to believe that there will be an economic collapse and I do not deem myself to be insane or even capable of killing anyone. I just want to make sure that the doomsday prepper thing doesn’t become the story in this incident. You know what I mean?

    • mung says:

      When prepping becomes compulsive it can mean there are mental issues involved. Also might be a paranoia issue.

      Not saying that this is the case here, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • WeeWeed says:

      It’s already an issue, merely by being stated, whether she was or not. It’ll be picked up by all of the worthless msm. Prepping in and of itself is not compulsive – that’s always wise, but they’ll prolly turn it into some deep, weird, hoarding issue or some-dam-thing.

      • cajunkelly says:

        If prepping is a mental illness then all Mormons are insane. Mormons are *required* to stock food/water for (forget the period of time, but I think it’s a year) as part of their religion.

        • stellap says:

          Thank you. That’s exactly what I was thinking. If prepping is a mental illness, why does the government run public service announcements encouraging prepping?

          • WeeWeed says:

            And then make fun of them on the alphabet stations. Bastages. And yes – prepping is part of some religions simply as being part of “self-sufficiency.” Something that the welfare state will never get, as in the end times or times of extreme emergency Mickey D’s MIGHT not be open. :roll:

          • stellap says:

            In the land of snow storms, we realize that the first few hours after an alert, all of the bread, milk, etc disappears from the grocery store shelves. THAT’s the reason why (mainly) I keep powdered milk, yeast, flour, canned milk, vegs and fruit. Frozen too, but that can go bad if the power is out.

            • Menagerie says:

              You ain’t seen a fight until you see the little old blue haired ladies go at it over the last roll of toilet paper when a half inch of snow is given a thirty percent chance down here. True!

        • 22tula says:

          Why Prep? 1940 House
          Part 1

          Part 2

        • mung says:

          Anything taken to an extreme is a mental illness.

          • WeeWeed says:

            I dislike my current government to an extreme. Sue me.

            • mung says:

              Are you able to keep a job and function in daily life? If so then it is not classified as mental illness. Oh wait the government is causing problems with that for everyone :)

              In this case I think it’s the people who voted this government back into office that have the mental illness.

        • howie says:

          Rule 1.
          Do not be prepared.
          Rule 2.
          Await government assistance.
          Rule 3.
          No matter what.

        • chevymisty says:

          We aren’t REQUIRED too. It is suggested we have at least 3 months (down from a years worth from a few years ago though its still said that a year would be nice) worth of food so that if a disaster or something happens we have it. Its not for doomsday though. Also a 72 hour kit in case the house burns or something else happens where you have to leave your house quickly. Its because when a disaster happens its hard to get food and water and if you have enough your family wont go hungry and if you are lucky you might be able to help the neighbors. I have even heard stories about people keeping cash on had as well because when disasters strike credit cards can’t be used. But NONE of this is REQUIRED just highly suggested. NOTHING in the LDS church is Required, just somethings are more highly suggested.

          • cajunkelly says:

            My apologies chevy. I was going on what a dear friend (God rest his soul) intimated in religious based conversations we had.

            Those conversations began when he shared with me that he (of course) drank no alcohol and only drank 7 Up (or was it Sprite?) regarding the huge umbrella that covers “soda”. He didn’t even drink tea or coffee back then as decaf wasn’t available yet.

            I was young then and the idea of storing survival supplies was new to me. I thought it was a very intelligent thing to do, TBH. I guess, in thinking back, that he took the highly suggested idea of being prepared quite seriously. :)

            • chevymisty says:

              Its not because of the caffeine that we don’t drink coffee or tea…we don’t drink it cause God told us not to and how can you argue with God? I would drink more caffeinated drinks but I have heart issues. And I really only correct these things as I know my religion is very misunderstood and misinterpreted by even some members of the church. I do how ever teach in Church so if anyone has questions on it you can always ask me. now back on topic…lol

    • TandCrumpettes says:

      I don’t mean to be light at a time like this – well, I guess I do. Maybe we all need a teenie smile right now. I know I do.

      But I just had to note that your post is the first (that I’ve read, anyway) that actually used the phrase, “doomsday prepper.” I’ve been seeing “prepper” all over the place. Not just here, but everywhere.

      I honestly thought everyone meant “yuppie.” I’ve been wondering all day why people were trying to connect being a “prep” with having a mental illness.

      At any rate, I am sure they will now portray her as some kind of modern-day Sarah Connor.

      • howie says:

        Non-Preppers…are a sure thing to not be prepared.

        • mung says:

          Not saying that people shouldn’t prepare. What I said was if people take it to extremes then it can be a mental disorder. Eating marshmallows is fine, eating nothing but marshmallows might be a mental disorder.

          • michellc says:

            Who gets to decide what is extreme? I know people who many would say are extreme. They have enough food to last years, they have enough water to last years, they have gas masks, a safe big enough to drive a car into full of guns and ammo. There idea of a good time is shopping for more prepping stuff and preparing for the worst by going to the range every weekend as well as taking survival courses. They live and breathe prepping, their entire life is revolved around prepping, it’s their hobby like some people live for fishing, hiking, golfing, etc. The husband runs a very successful business and the wife is a pediatrician. Their youngest child is 10 and the oldest is 18 and all four of their children can shoot a gnat off a cat’s a.., yet imo that is their business, they aren’t hurting anyone and if you met them at work or in a social setting you would never know they have a fortress at home where they can survive for years. It doesn’t make them crazy or insane.

            • mung says:

              If it impacts their ability to function in their daily lives and be a productive member of society then it is a compulsion. If it gets to the point where they think everyone is out to get them it is paranoia. Not saying that is the case with your friends, just saying it does happen.

              • michellc says:

                I’m just saying it’s a slippery slope for others to start deciding what is extreme and it must make someone mentally ill because you think they’re extreme.
                There are lots and lots of doomsday preppers now and doomsday means different things to different preppers.
                I have myself always been sort of a prepper because of how I was raised and the worry of the past being repeated. Some call me crazy because I want to live the life I live. I like the simple life and would love to be able to live totally off the land and be off the grid so to speak. But I have bills to pay and haven’t quite figured out how to do it and pay the bills.
                I also am considered crazy by some because I don’t trust the government and I do believe something bad is going to happen especially economically. But if the SHTF, I may not be as prepared as my extreme prepper friends but I will be more prepared than the folks who say people preparing for a so called doomsday are crazy.

                Just like some consider people who collect guns crazy instead of just maybe they like guns like some people like to collect cars or baseball cards. People love animals and now days will be called a hoarder because they have more cats or dogs than somebody else thinks they should have.
                Another friend of mine has 3 dogs and got a new puppy a co-worker told her to be careful that she doesn’t become a collector. It seems as if we’ve brainwashed everyone to see crazy in everything people do.

                Just because people are evil and do evil things or some people are truly crazy it doesn’t make everyone who does something different evil or crazy.

                • mung says:

                  Watch an episode of hoarders or animal hoarders and you will quickly see when people cross the line to mental illness.

                  • michellc says:

                    Exactly those shows condition people to believe anyone who owns more than a couple of cats or dogs are hoarders. If people turned off the tv they might quit looking for crazies everywhere and the true mentally ill would be getting the attention they deserved.
                    I remember a time when we lived in a world where if the old lady down the road wanted to have 30 cats as long as she wasn’t hurting anyone nobody cared how she lived in her own home.
                    I grew up with dogs and at times we had as many as 30, my family wasn’t hoarders, we were hunters and had a dog or dogs for just about anything you could hunt as well as trained and sold hunting dogs. Today though we would be considered hoarders or a puppy mill just because of the numbers.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Ah I get it…you took it to mean “preppie” like yuppie. LOL, thanks for the chuckle.

        • TandCrumpettes says:

          Yeah! I always took it to mean “rich people,” big houses….it did “fit” here so I was really confused. “Preps” aren’t known to be killers, they are relatively harmless people in ascots and polo shirts.

          I was apparently the last to know!

          • Not all preppers are paranoid anti government dysfunctionals with a bomb shelter under their garage as their often portrayed. There are many natural disasters for which we should be prepared to survive 72 hours without assistance. I’m sure a few Treepers from the areas afflicted by Hurricane Sandy were prepared with weekend “bug out bags” yet they ended out needing much more. Here’s a YouTube video of a very normal, prepared individual, going over the basic equipment she has within her bug out bag.

  22. Why says:

    Why is every one missing the big one? Day one. Ct state police said, live tv, 223 cal was in the car . The next day they say it was with him in the school!!!! Political? You bet!!! Say goodbye to all public semi autos

  23. 22tula says:

    Rep. Louie Gohmert – December 16, 2012

    • Sam says:

      Louie Gohmert gets it right. That’s exactly what we need. Some mass shootings have actually been stopped by armed citizens (Oregon mall, New Life Church Colo. Springs, Pearl Miss school shooting, to name some.

  24. Lawabidingcitizen says:

    are we implying that, because we didn’t see their bodies (and supposedly their parents either) maybe these kids were not killed and this is all a conspiracy.

  25. Sam says:

    Why the photos of the shooter as a 12 year old rather than the 20 year old he was? Because it makes for better theater in calling for more gun control. The poor kid had access to evil guns otherwise he would still have been playing Angry Birds on his smart phone. Same reason Trayvon’s photos were shown as a youngster rather than the banger he was/wanted to be.

    Any shooting is going to be about gun control for the leftists. Except when it’s black on black or black on white. They pretend those didn’t happen. I know that sounds cynical, but I’ve watched leftists operate for a long time.

  26. dizzymissl says:

    Here is a video of them finding the gun in the trunk:

  27. Sharon says:

    The chaos contributed to by an incompetent and often-distorting-the-facts media really makes this a bad scene. Very quickly things get to where nobody believes anything anybody says about anything (I’ve been there myself–but try hard not to stay for more than 4-5 minutes at a stretch)…this kind of upheaval really contributes to fertile soil for a bunch of really not good stuff….just remember that anarchy is the soil in which tyranny grows.

    Do not take cues from what the “trending word” is. Man, It’s too bad journalism is no longer practiced. It really is.

    • mung says:

      I know when a relative of mine was killed in a plane crash last year that the media wasn’t even close to accurate in the beginning. There were also reporters trying to pretend to be friends of the family to get a story.

      It’s all about dirty laundry.

  28. howie says:

    Dead Skunk in ……Stinkin to high heaven. Whew!

  29. dizzymissl says:

    Anyone see that thread over at GLP’s about how, in the Batman movie, they show Sandy Hook on the map???

    This is what was said:

    Anyone here who thinks this is a coincidence has to be braindead.

    Aurora in the movie.. town where the first shooting took place. (In the Skyfall previews of movie)
    Sandy Hook, in the movie .. town where the second shooting took place. And if Gotham is a map of NYC.. then it still has no business being there.. as sandy hook is a penninsula way south of New Jersey.

    He puts his finger right on the name!
    It would be different if it was Chicago and LA were talking about .. but I had never heard of these two names before the shootings.

    Not a coincidence.. impossible.

    I’m skeered.

  30. James says:

    Why was the father originally reported as one of the victims? Maybe the story was written before the violence took place and somebody missed their target?

    • mung says:

      Or maybe the media is just guilty of not checking their facts and sources. They report things to try to be first to get the big story and they have no desire to make sure there is even a chance it is true. Originally they said the Ryan killed his brother in NJ an then drove to CT and killed his mother in the classroom.

      Gee Wally, do you think that was the original government plan but when it didn’t work Adam shot his mother in the face at home and went to the school?

      Yes that makes a lot more sense then the media being sloppy.

    • cajunkelly says:

      Because the “news” these days has about as much TRUTH in it as do the reality shows. Liberties are taken, liberally. To wit the recent lawsuit involving Storage Wars.

      Until you’ve had a reality show produced in your neck of the woods you simply don’t know how much of it is NOT reality. Someone here mentioned this recently regarding a pawn shop in…was it?…Chicago.

      As someone else mentioned, these idiots are so hell bent on getting the scoop they don’t even bother to attempt verification before they spew it out.

      Look what happened to that poor guy who unfortunately had the same name of the shooter in Aurora. He listed, on his FB page, a connection to the Tea Party. The lying liberal media latched on and ran with it.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Do you think it’s a coincidence that this massacre happened the same week the Supreme Courted ruled that Illinois residents can have CCPs?

        Is it a coincidence that we’ve had this number and scale of of muliple murders during obama’s regime? During no other presidency has there been this many incidences of muliple murders.

        Is it a coincidence that billary “fell and got a concussion” even if she didn’t go to a hospital just before she was to appear before Congress re Benghazi?

        • arkansasmimi says:

          Hmm must have not been a real concussion if she didnt go to the hosp. (sarcasm) Isnt that what they said about GZ?

        • mung says:

          There is a big difference between spinning things after the fact and all out conspiracy. If you really think things are this deep, you are paranoid and need to talk to someone.

          If you need proof that our government isn’t capable of pulling things like this off, just watch CSPAN for a hour.

  31. ottawa925 says:

    Obama is really laying it on in this speech in an effort to try to “humanize himself”. I smirked when he talked about “greed and power”. Now he’s talkin love. Go to Chicago and Detroit and talk love … you’re wasting time in CT. They already love each other there … the shooter was a troubled boy that over boiled. Yeah, go to Chicago and Detroit where it is a daily occurance. Meet up with Rahm (Dead Fish) Emanuel, and you two can try to put your heads together to bring common sense and integrity back.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Death toll in Chicago Friday was 10. Gun-free zone, might I add.

    • cajunkelly says:

      DH was channel hopping and landed on a channel covering the jackass. I yelled EFF NO! I ain’t watching his propoganda blathering/agenda advancing.

      How DARE that jackass call for prayer when he won’t even attend a National Day of Prayer Breakfast.

  32. John Dallas Bowers says:

    I can’t stop wondering how the outcome could have been so different had the principal — or any adult on the scene — been armed and trained. It is heroic to “go toward the gun” if one is armed; it is suicidal if one is not.

    • mung says:

      We would have heard a story about a principal that was wounded while taking out a gunman that tried to kill her students. (I am assuming he would have gotten one shot off before she got him.) Now if the shooter was AA and that happened then we would hear how an old white lady chased a little black boy through a school and shot him in cold blood when he hadn’t done anything wrong.

    • Sam says:

      It’s suicidal to run right at the shooter if there are only two unarmed people running. If there had been more people moving toward him, say a dozen, it would have been suicide for one or two but someone would have gotten to him. If one or two had been armed, another story altogether.

  33. akathesob says:

    Truly a great article Sundance. You covered a great deal of questions allot of us are asking.

  34. Anonymous says:

    1. Adam Lanza’s mom is not a teacher of the school, in fact they have staff saying they don’t know who Nancy Lanza is. WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? Without the personal link to the school, targeting the school makes absolutely no motivational and/or logical sense.

    2. Who is Nancy Lanza? Specifically “Nancy J Lanza” according to Home Assessor records, who lives at 36 YOGANANDA STREET, Newtown, CT. This home happens to be located on 2 acres of land and an appraised value of $707,371. This means Adam actually
    comes from a very affluent family. Millionaires to say the least.

    After pulling up LinkedIn Profiles:
    Dad(Peter Lanza) Tax Director and Vice President – Taxes at GE Energy Financial Services
    Mom(Nancy Lanza) Sr. Registered Associate at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
    Brother(Ryan Lanza) Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young
    At this point, I really question a high profile woman like this to own weapons. The police report says yes, however they don’t show the registrations. Without any further evidence, I have to assume she did own weapons. Moving on…

    3. Apparently Adam had a girlfriend and friend go missing for awhile (long enough to hit the news). This fact in itself shows their “genius, but loner” label is simply just media spin.

    4. Where it gets bizarre…Supposedly we are told a 20 year old set his alarm in the morning so he could wake up and shoot his mom in the face, then take her car and weapons to the school within a 30 minute time frame and shoot innocent children, then commit suicide. I was able to find something in this sequence to be 100% impossible, and it helped me piece the rest together.
    There were 28 total people reported dead including his mother at her home. The problem with this story is that there were 3 weapons brought to the school in the car…a Sig Sauer, 9mm Glock, and rifle. THE RIFLE WAS LEFT IN THE VEHICLE, IT WAS NEVER TAKEN INTO THE SCHOOL. Considering a Glock holds up to 16 rounds, and a Sig Sauer holds 10, that means he would have had to kill 27 people at the school site with a maximum of 26 bullets.

    5. If he’s going on a killing spree why would he leave the most powerful of the 3 weapons in the car?! Because I believe Adam Lanza was not the one responsible. I believe he was killed at the home with his mom, someone else was responsible for bringing his body to the school and carrying it in after they forced in entry, staging his suicide and using him as a scapegoat. Had the real killer not carried Adam’s body inside, maybe he could have grabbed the rifle. RYAN’s ID WAS ALSO FOUND ON ADAM, an obvious plant by the real killer (probably grabbed the wrong id in error at the home in haste). This was done so police could quickly identify Adam as the “shooter”, hence all the confusion about his brother being the initial suspect, who of which resides in New Jersey.

    How would no one notice the setup at the school?

    6. Dress Adam’s body in black at the initial home crime scene, and carry his body in a bag. Start shooting so everyone takes cover, allowing the shooter time to move Adam’s body to an adjacent classroom and put the 2 guns in his hands. Shoot some more and then sneak out a rear entrance.
    “Adam Lanza entered the school wearing all black, a mask and a bullet-proof vest while carrying Glock and Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, according to police.”
    It’s a classic setup to say the least. Everyone just assumed Adam Lanza was the one behind the mask, the shooter was not identified. Alas, there was one report that the media is trying to bury that police apprehended a man in camouflage pants out in the woods on the outer premises of the school.

    • Lawabidingcitizen says:

      the initial NON official report was that the rifle was left in the car…. there was A rifle in the car but there were 3 weapons found next to him … including the rifle. These are the OFFICIAL REPORTS from the police… is there any evidence they are in on in this conspiracy? does the sheriff have a brother that possibly was the real shooter and maybe he kidnapped adam and brought him there to frame him? maybe this was a hit on the family…?

    • mung says:

      Dude, you need help, before you are the next person to go off the deep end and kill innocent people.

  35. maryfrommarin says:

    Re: #22–a link between the Sandy Hook and the Aurora shooters:

    (This may already have been posted. If so, my apologies.)

  36. Brad says:

    Children freeze in stressful situations…they don’t squirm around.

  37. mung says:

    Anyone who actually believes the government is involved in large premeditated conspiracies to pull these things off needs to think about how inept our government is. There is no way that they could coordinate the efforts required to pull something off like some of you people think happened. If they could, we would not be in the shape we are in right now.

    This level of paranoia on here concerns me because it minimizes the great work done on the stories like the Zimmerman case and Benghazi. It will be real easy for people to say “why believe those people over there when they think no children were actually killed in CT”. It also shows very bad taste to the parents of these kids to think that people don’t believe they lost their children.

    This is not that hard to understand, 20 year old who had a history of mental issues has a total break with reality, gets his mom’s guns, kills her and then goes and kills a bunch of people at a school. The media in a rush to get the big story reported everything they heard without checking to see if any of it was even close to correct.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      SDC was not suggesting that children were not killed. What he was suggesting is that it is improbable that a lone gunmen could score 3-11 hits on all of the children in a classroom with nearly 100% lethality. It is a confined space, perhaps with only one door (idiotically dangerous classroom design), but hitting an entire class of kids with multiple rounds takes a lot of time and ammo. As was prooved at Clackamas, the ultrahigh capacity mags are unreliable. The improbability of 100% multiple hits and fatalities becomes greater if the kids are in a compact group. .223 rounds seldom overpentrate, so the kids at the back of the packnand bottom of the pile would have been shielded by their classmates.

      There is ample reason to question if this might have been an orchestrated incident with multiple shooters committing the atrocity which is then blamed on a crazed, “doomsday prepper”. Just look atbthe forensics at Waco where all of the ATF agents were shot with rifles of the same caliber used by their own sniper team (who failed to hit any Branch Davidians) rather than the full auto Ak-47s and .50 BMGs that the ATF claim they were ambushed with.

      Consider this scenario.

      ATF raids the prepper family. Kills mom and son. Takes guns, son and mom to a chosen school. ATF team massacres students using the Preppers’ weapons which is much easier with multiple shooters to herd them. They then leave guns, the alleged shooter and alleged shooter’s mother at the scene. Story has to be modified when local police dutifully discover that a homicide(s) occurred atbthe Prepper’s homes. Will the police do DNA test to determine if the alleged shooter was killed in his own home?

      • mung says:

        SDC is not the one I am worried about here.

        So the people that witnessed what happened were drugged? Did they use a neuralizer on them?

        Consider this scenario.
        Alien kills the kids, 2 guys in black suits show up, kill the alien and then nurilize everyone still alive. I call it Men in Black 5.

        If you people really think the government premeditated this attack, you really need to go find another country to live in because you are not safe here. And by you are not safe here, I mean, you are a risk to me and my family, when the psychosis gets so severe that you go around shooting innocent people because you believe they are part of some government plot.

        • michellc says:

          Personally I believe you looking for crazies in every corner is a risk to me and my family. I have lots of farm animals and five livestock guardian dogs so you’ll be calling me in for being a hoarder.
          I like guns and have always owned lots of guns so you’ll be turning me in for plotting a mass murder because those guns are forcing me to do it.

          I don’t trust the government so you’ll call me in for conspiring against the government.

          If people really want to stop evil they’ll turn to God instead of pushing him out. But I guess that makes me crazy as well and am probably organizing a cult to make people drink poisoned kool-aid.

          • mung says:

            Please take everything I have said out of context and ignore the fact that I said that things have to get to the level where it effects your ability to function in the world.

            Also please keep believing that these innocent children didn’t actually die and this is all a big plot to keep some guy who might have been employed at a company that had some legal issues from talking, even though no one knows if he was really going to talk to anyone.

    • John McLachlan says:

      “Anyone who actually believes the government is involved in large premeditated conspiracies to pull these things off needs to think about how inept our government is.”

      I have always believed that the motive for operation fast and furious and other similar programs was to facilitate the murder of hundreds of innocent people, thereby generating support for the government to remove the right to bear arms for self defence.

      People who are prepared to facilitate the murder of hundreds of innocents in pursuit of a domestic political objective probably include amongst them, some who would not hesitate to murder school-children, who generate more intense emotions than some murdered Mexicans, if they thought that the resulting publicity permitted emotional manipulation of the public towards supporting or acquiescing in their agenda.

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  39. Kirk says:

    I have never been a conspiricy type at all EVER. But this is all really bizarre. The fact that there are no wounded with that many killed is very strange? Not one person or child was thought to be dead and wounded but accidentally left alive? If they were huddled in a corner and not moving others would have been piled on top of them and went undiscovered. Especially if being done by a crazed 20 year old mental case with no training in the thorough killing of masses of people. Someone would have to peel back the bodies to assure that each and every one was killed. Even then they could have looked mortally wounded but were actually critical or serious and not dead? Not one was wounded and able to be saved by first responders? This seems more like highly trained extremely thorough proffessionals versus a fruit cake out of control physco nut job 20 year old. I know Vietnam veterans that lived after violent seasoned well trained Viet Cong killers went from wounded soldier to wounded soldier shooting those still alive in the head and they accidentally passed them for dead due to their wounds looking fatal and they were not finished off. They were not in a hurry with Police coming either. Ask any veteran if they have ever seen a real battle scene that 26 were killed with NO wounded to go along with that many killed. The fact that it’s such a very small town and it took 10 minutes to get police there. I live in a small town like that and I know that our Police would be able to respond in 30 seconds to 1 minute. They don’t have to drive thru traffic or go very far. A 911 call from a frantic teacher at our elementary and I bet they would storm that school in under a minute. The timing of this after the election. The fact that it was mostly small very young innocent children, every single one white in an upscale area. All the things to outrage and scare anyone to think about gun control. I am sorry but something is just wrong about all this. I hate to say But I think there are more involved than a lone 20 year old nut job.

    • Kirk says:

      Could you shoot off a gun several times in your neighborhood and go unnoticed? He shot his mom several times and then loaded up all kinds of guns and ammo and bullet proof vests, tactical clothing, vests, masks, ammo, etc. into the car and then go completely unnoticed during all this at 9:00 or so in the morning with full light, Then he goes to the school in broad daylight and would have to put on all the full tactical gear, vest, guns, extra magazines, the mask and also had to load ammo cartridges in the vest and also would have loaded all the magazines with bullets. This would take quite some time to load all this stuff up and prepare. He had to have some way of carrying all these guns and be able to use them also. You can’t shoot with your hands full of guns. Therefore putting on a holster of some kind as well as a vest. During all this noone happen to see him doing all this at 9 or so in the morning in a school yard or in the street?

    • dizzymissl says:

      Actually, the timeline I saw said it took 20 minutes for the police to get there, which I thought was really strange. I will try to find it.

  40. dizzymissl says:

    Has anyone else found out who is the second person who was wounded? One lady was shot in the foot and, supposedly, there is another one.

  41. karyn says:

    Been wondering myself about survivors. I could have sworn there was a child survivor also but can’t find anything anymore.

  42. Mark says:

    I think the conspiracy theories really masks fear of those that believe in these theories. I think we all struggle, trying to come up with a rational explaination on how and, more importantly, why someone would do this. For some, the notion that someone could simply snap or that there are just plain evil people out there isn’t enough because it’s too frightening of a notion. So, some will try to see a plan, or a logical reason / conspiracy for this. You look for evidence to support a pre-determined conclusion (i.e. confirmation bais).

    • Kirk says:

      Funny that one lone 20 year old nut job kid with no training did what a bunch of highly trained veteran killers could barely do in a very short window. He only had a few minutes til Police arrived. If he was there methodically killing 26 people making sure there were no wounded all dead and shooting hundreds of rounds and then killing himself. How in the world did Police not arrive until it was all over and he was even dead?

    • Kirk says:

      Have any of you Ever been to an Elementary school in the morning that has 600 plus students at 930 am. Any elementary I have ever seen has tons of parents in their cars out front everywhere. some showing up late with kids, some getting sick kids out of school, some bringing kids the stuff they forgot, backpacks, lunch boxes, assignments, some bringing lunch money, etc etc, Its usually teaming with tons of activity. Kids going to the office, teachers getting to class, Yet at this school No one saw a nut job getting dressed and getting ready then walking up to the front main door dressed in full Tactical Gear with a mask, then shooting out the front window with an assault rifle armed with hundreds of rounds of ammo in magazines and 2 pistols. Not one person was in the parking lot and saw this or heard shots and called 911 or sped away to report?

  43. Dheeraj Nayak says:

    The initial report states that Adam was carrying only 2 hand guns and left the .223 calibre in the car. Once it was revealed there were more than 100 rounds fired they said the Bushmaster was found next to body. It was also reported that the sniffer dogs entered the woods, meaning there could have been other traces not reported. Were there no survivors from the 2 classroom who could give the proper account of the shooting. And Ryan’s ID with Adam doesn’t make sense either…multiple boom sounds (6 to 7 as per one kid) with popping sounds means multiple guns used. No images of the dead being carried nor the injured raises suspicion

  44. Niall says:

    I don’t think any of the Lanzas had anything to do with this. The real perps have tried real hard to connect the Lanzas to the school but as yet there is zero evidence. I suspect that a tactical hit team was sent in to shoot up the school and what we’re seeing now is cover-up.

  45. Lawabidingcitizen says:

    some of these answers are entertaining.

  46. Neil says:

    The reason a lot of this isn’t adding up is that there is a conspiracy to disarm America. Adam Lanza was controlled as was the Aurora shooter. The only theory that makes sense to such a complicated conspiracy as this is that the conspirators involved are not human. And without sounding completely nuts I would venture to hypothesize that the conspirators are parasites whose network intelligence works at a colony level deep within the brains of the hosts they invade. In other words, undetected by the naked eye. Now here is the real kicker. Their invasion begins in vitro in the womb because it’s from here that they rewire the host brain. Now before you write off my theory as bunk do some research on the life cycles of various parasites. My relative was considered the foremost expert in parasitology in North America. The stories he told about how these parasites can manipulate their hosts is simply mind blowing (excuse the pun). We as humans would prefer to believe that we are the most intelligent life forms on earth. It is a delusional premise and the word intelligence is such a subjective term. All that matters is which life form adapts the best to its environment.

  47. Lisa says:

    Here’s my question … how many rounds were fired? Reports say all children were hit more than once, one as many as 11 times; “hundreds of rounds were fired” “numerous clips”, “lots of empty magazines.” Hundreds of rounds … figure at least 300 (conservatively.) Thats 10 -30 round mags. 400 rounds? 14 -30 round mags. So, he carried the rifle, the pistol he shot himself with, and all this ammo? And thats just what they are reporting as 223. The new report is that it was a shotgun found in the car .. so he had 2 handguns (at the least) and a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammo in mags. How much weight are we talking here? Have you seen this kid? How did he carry all this? No one has mentioned a range bag … if you’ve ever bought ammo you know how heavy it is. This kid would need a range bag with WHEELS. No one has mentioned a bag. He did not carry them in his pockets. He shot his way in, there was in a scuffle in the office, he was charged by two different adults yet he was able to not only kill them, he kept all this equipment and proceded down the hall?

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      Assume he had a load bearing vest with mag pouches. I have pouches that hold three, 30 round clips. Given a few of these on a belt and vest, then it is possible to carry that much ammo.

      However; your point that his weapon and ammo load was at the limit of what a normal person could carry and manage.

      One person with a gun would have ended the rampage.

    • Manny says:

      Assuming he only had 2 handguns, a rifle, and the vest, and your 300-400 round idea, he would not need a bag at all. The vest is key, especially if it is a tactical vest, these have the ability to attach many, many magazine pouches, giving the wearer the ability to carry lots of weight and still have mobility. Carrying 16, 30-round magazines is easy, not to mention spots for other stuff or more mags. Look at pictures of basic infantryman from our military today, or even the swat that were there and I’m sure you can see the different configurations of these vests. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

  48. Lisa says:

    Before people start freaking, I am not saying an alien did it, the government did it, someone else did it. I’m saying there are reasonable questions. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO of the 911 call. Here is the link. LISTEN TO WHAT IS BEING REPORTED AS “TWO SHADOWS GO BY THE WINDOW”

    Blind trust is more ignorant than asking questions.

  49. qwe rty says:

    She was stockpiling food….
    holly shit you people have so short memory?
    word HURRICANE
    rings a bell?

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  52. yarply says:

    people should send links of this article to places like drudge. All these inconsistencies should be investigated by an independent source.

  53. eric says:

    why would the guy that ran into the woods say I did not do it?

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  55. cthetruth says:

    Can you provide a reference for 10? That is the first I have heard about that little oddity.

    • sundance says:

      It’s in the video of the M.E. Presser. All ID’s were made via picture, and no parents physically saw their child. In addition the coffins were sealed upon transport from ME to Funeral Home….

  56. Allison Gilmer says:

    What is strange to me is that CNN reported Adam Lanza committed suicide with one gunshot wound to the FRONT of his head!! You would think if he was in a hurry to kill himself he would have put the shot in his temple?! Does anyone else not find this odd??

  57. Mark Davis says:

    I found it very strange the M.E. wore a lab coat when he spoke to reporters. And he tried to crack a little joke or something …… I thought it was weird. He didn’t seem too moved by what would be difficult for even for someone who does autopsies for a living. And his name is ‘Carver’??? Sounds to me like whoever is writing the script has a demented sense of humor.
    Now what about this Robbie Parker guy? There’s NO WAY a real parent would be smiling like he was just moments before his statement to the press – his written statement no less. I don’t believe for a second this guy just lost his daughter in a brutal killing. And like Carver, Robbie Parker actually tried to make a funny also during his statement, saying Emilie loved to try new things ….except food. Thats when I KNEW it was all bullshit. This guy’s trying to be funny right after his daughters been murdered?? I GUARANTEE this dude is acting. Parker went on to talk about how Emilie always carried around pad of paper and pens or pencils and was always making cards for folks who were down. Really?? I just can’t quite picture that one. Parker couldn’t have laid it on any thicker if he tried, and in the end I say his performance was straight frikking silly. Watch the Robbie Parker statement again, and see that smile just before he goes into acting mode. And really listen to what he says about Emilie, try to picture what he describes. It’s all nonsense imo.

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  59. Dheeraj Nayak says:

    Did any of you notice another discrepancy from the latest report which says, Nancy Lanza was killed in her sleep, whereas her body was found on the dining table? I just can’t imagine they can leave so many loopholes while trying a setup…are they just fooling around with their power trip???

  60. BP says:

    Go ahead and add “RIP Victoria Soto” Facebook page created December 10….4 days before the shootings. The guy handcuffed in the woods? Why was he placed in the FRONT of the police car? And if in fact he was a Dad coming to an UPSCALE school for something about cookies, WHY WOULD A WELL TO DO FATHER be wearing camoflage pants? Also, why do reports say Adam was wearing all black and others say he was wearing camo pants and a jacket? That’s at least two men who were not supposed to be there that were wearing camo pants. Here is recent correspondence with Lt. Vance regarding this incident:

    Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 05:43 PM
    To: Vance, Paul
    Subject: free speech

    How dare you sir threaten people with arrest because of misinformation. This is not Nazi Germany sir, and we have every right to question your “official story.” My suggestion is you look at the ranks of your own who are leaking false information. You sir are a disgrace and your fascist attitude will not stand.

    Good day sir.

    And Lt. Vance’s response:

    Your comments are disturbing. I guess you really didn’t understand the point that I was making at the press conference. It is a crime to make threats. It is a crime to mislead law enforcement and therefore if there is any violation of law we all are held accountable.

    I am a believer that if you don’t have something nice to say it is prudent to remain silent.

    Happy holidays. LtVance

    Remain silent Lt. Vance? Oh really now?

  61. BP says:

    Here is the complete police scanner transmission from when Sandy Hook started. At 22:55 you can hear one of them say “End the life of Adam.” Yeah, it’s boring dry stuff. If somebody wants to scan forward, maybe they can find out what happened to the suspect once they led him out of the woods…

  62. BP says:

    Here are the parents of Christina Taylor Green, killed in the Gabbie Gifford’s shooting, in a video shot 2011 . Why are they at Sandy Hook talking to the press about two unnamed children they lost in this shooting….all the while being The Sexton’s from Florida? Paid actors…

    DHS actors on the scene at Newtown, Connecticut.

    Christina Taylor Green and the whole crew Exposed! PT1-2

    Hoax media report:

  63. BP says:

    RIP Victoria Soto Facebook page from December 10….

  64. kelpen says:

    Was it normal for police to evacuate the Lanza’s neighbors from their homes in order to conduct an investigation of the Lanza’s home? Where they removing a body and planting evidence as well? And why the long wait before a press conference? Maybe having a hard time getting their latest stories straight?

  65. BP says:

    Oh yeah…I forgot the police scanner transmission that said “End the life of Adam” 22 minutes into arriving at the scene. Why is this so important? Because for several hours….he was his brother Ryan Lanza.

  66. taqiyyotomist says:

    This needs to be bumped and updated, with many more questions in light of BP’s last few items.

  67. taqiyyotomist says:

    SD, I didn’t see anything in that post, or the comments, about BPs 11:30, 11:36, and 11:39 posts.

    Last link in that post leads me to NPR.

  68. taqiyyotomist says:

    BP @ 11:36 is a bombshell.

  69. brian snow says:

    Really peculiar the timing of this. The connection between this alleged shooter’s father and the father of the bat man theater shooter is awfully suspicious. The hole thing stinks of government involvement. I believe the extreme leftest, liberal anti gun nuts are killing innocent people to help push their anti gun propaganda. After the theater shooting no gun ban legislation was proposed so they ramped it up and murdered the innocent , knowing that would get the ball rolling for their agenda. Oh ya good timing for new anti gun legislation that could go hand in hand with the UN small arms treaty. HHMM agenda 21 ???.

  70. Scott says:

    If you believe there is any truth to this and you want answers, sign this petition so we the public can get answers to those questions.

    • Sharon says:

      As long as the left holds the offices that provide them the cover of authority for open-ended violation of the Bill of Rights, I’m thinking you could get 3,000,000 signatures on a petition and it wouldn’t bring any accountability. Don’t forget obama’s theme, “We won.”

  71. DheeraJ Nayak says:

    There reports bout a certain YouTube channel called TrolleyRulle,which is now under investigation to see if that belonged to Adam Lanza. As per reports it had a video uploaded one day prior to the massacre with some Eerie message from Adam Lanza.

  72. John Raduns says:

    Why is a ar-15 in every shooting?and every shooting end with a suicide? The only one that hasn’t is the idiot from the theatre. And he isn’t saying anything. Obama is and has always been trying to take our gun rights away. It does seem as he has spared no expense,or hardship. I honestly wonder how long it’s going to take the government to put me on their list to “visit” me now that I commented on this site,no offense. I truly believe Obama is behind all of this,and I honestly believe if and when the government tries to take guns,it will start a civil war. No doubt,millions of other people feel the same. And since about ten thousand smart asses can voice there opinion with no infractions,go ahead and talk away. I can’t guarantee one thing,there will be no talking when the time comes. If a civil war comes,and if you watch as the media constantly pours this shot down our throats,we are definitely in trouble.does anyone else feel the same?

    • BP says:

      Everyone needs to watch this video from Governor Candidate ofXX. I particularly like the part where he calls for xxxxxxxxxxxxx….

      http:// &v=BmYUn2KdFi0
      If you like that kind of threat being made against public officials, please post it on your own blog. —Admin

  73. And now….a 4th gun reported in the school….

  74. This is worth the read….how to become a paid crisis actor and everything Sandy Hook…

  75. keigh01 says:

    I notice that several of the questions you posed here have had answers revealed in the interim. Maybe you should amend those items. (The evidence of her being a Prepper was that someone in her immediate family (I believe her sister) said so. Not a lot to go on, for sure, but it’s not completely unanswered.)

  76. brutalhonesty says:

    screenshot claims rip victoria soto fb page was created dec 10th…there are youtube videos out there testifying to this as well…

  77. Pay your repects says:

    5. It’s an extremely traumatizing experience. Kids are young and they don’t know what’s going on. They didn’t want there to be any possibility that the kids would see something that would traumatize them.

    6. Those reports came out within 2 hours of the shooting occuring, afterwards no reports said that. It was an underdeveloped stories at the time, MANY things were misstated due to lack of and limited evidence.

    10. I’m sorry, but this has to be the most ABSURD question. Do you know how small a 6 year old child is? Those children were shot multiple times at close range and who knows WHERE they were shot exactly. Do you know what those bullets at close range could do to the small, underdeveloped frame of a CHILD?!?? Who knows what those children looked like, imagine how traumatizing it would be if the last image you saw of your kid was with their head blown off. I don’t want to put it that way, but it’s the truth. We don’t know what those kids looked like, and maybe it was best for their parents to only identify them by a picture and not see the rest of their poor, fragile, destroyed bodies.

    PLUS, imagine how hard it would be do get the evidence you need out of a HUGE crime scene like this with 27 grieving families trying to deal with HORRIBLE tragedy.

    13. Things change. And yes, maybe they were trying to avoid the media which is a GREAT idea in a such a tragedy where the media should not politicize tragedy.

    14. Some people do have hearts, ya know.

    16. Have you been to high school or any other social setting? Those kids sound like some loners, whether they are together or not.

    17. DUH it’s partly a media concern, and a pretty damn good one. Imagine what those families are going through, the last thing they need is media.

    I’m sorry, these conspiracies are RIDICULOUS. Leave the investigation to the professionals. And stop making this horrible tragedy worse, let people grieve and pay your respects.

  78. Alice Masci says:

    The news did a horrible job of reporting this. I couldn’t make sense of any of it. They couldn’t even get the name of the town correct. Was is NEUTON or NEWTOWN? Then they couldn’t tell you if Adam’s Dad was killed or still alive and being questioned. They also have so many questions about who Adam’s mother was. Was she a kindergarten teacher? At first it was reported that he went into his mother’s class and shot her (the teacher) then her students. Then the story kept changing. Then she was killed at her home and was never a teacher there. They reported that there was a whole kindergarten class unaccounted for. Then the class was shot. Why would they be unaccounted for previously? I am still so confused about what really happened. What if the whole thing was a big lie?

  79. A says:

    They have a video where the reporter states that she spoke with the school nurse and the school nurse told her that she knew Adam Lanza’s mother as the Kindergarten Teacher and said she was a great teacher “the type of woman you want your 5 y/o children around”.

    Now how is that possible if Adam’s mom didn’t work there?

    They also have a report from the Newton paper that said that the Principal gave a statement on how Adam got in the school. But the principal was killed in the school.

    In fact, there were multiple reports that Adam got in the school becuase he was recognized….

    Now how does someone with a mask get recognized? or even allowed in?

    Quickly the report turned into “he broke into the school”.

    Add in the photos of a girl looking exactly like Emilie Parker with Obama 2 days later. the creepy medical examiner who’s joking with the media. The video of Robbie Parker….

    There are clearly a lot of question….

  80. john says:

    I’ll sum this up rather quickly…… happened. I live there. I know people. I know 1st responders. Stop looking for things that are not there. This a small small town, something of this magnitude come on, do you expect small town police dept to be dead acurate via radio walkng into this scene?? Also ever hear of gossip? Well this area is great for that as nothing ever happened here, my point being some of the media initial reports were mostly gossip heresay. There’s is a lot we don’t know yet. State police said “we have a lot of good evidence. Just wait please. This area has been affected by this in ways you cannot fully grasp. Wait for evidence before creating your own and then calling what’s been said “created”.

  81. justiceisserved says:

    Gut reaction, is that this was a lie. Why? For all the reasons above, plus my own.

    1. How many white WASP women in Connecticut even own a Bushmaster assault rifle? From all descriptions Nancy Lanza was a nice generous woman who liked to drink wine and play bunko with her friends. My guess, none if any. She does not sound like a doomsday “prepper”. No connections on Facebook by either friends or family that have commented about her in the media. Strange, no family photos at all, we usually get at least one family photo, showing the family as they are.

    2. Adam Lanza was described as a painfully shy, awkward kid who did not like to be touched, and would “hug the walls” if approached. He sounds like he had anxiety and was phobic. He was described as someone who rarely if ever, spoke. Doesn’t sound like a gun-wielding Rambo who would break glass, and start shooting. One report said he “DEMANDED” to know where the children were? That sounds like a lie, doesn’t it?

    3. No physical evidence: No surveillance camera, no photos of the school after the fact, no inteviews with family or friends of the Lanza’s in that small town. Again, the TV helicoptor that got the other men running in cameo, no follow up on that story.

    4. There was a FEMA drill in that town about 6 months earlier, do you think some of the “staged” interviews with the crisis actors could have been mixed with in real event. Robbie Parker and family, in particular came from Utah and then just afterwards, went back to Utah? The only Robbie Parker that is listed as a PAC (Physician’s assistant) is listed in New Mexico.

    5. The predictable pattern here: horrible tragedy, lone gunman identified, gunman is either shot, commits suicide or is committed before they can stand trial so the public can judge the facts, “buried at sea”. Is this the new normal?

    6. Mainstream media is the new norm, no small town papers doing their own investigative journalism, the same headlines, same pictures, same content, not just nationwide, but internationally as well. A very well crafted story, to what end?

    I don’t believe in the Illuminatae and Satanists and the rest of it, but something very evil went down, and it is connected to other events.

  82. katie says:

    An interview of “parents of the school” revealed that they were sent a text message from CBS who seems to be getting the most mileage out of this and mysteriously that video wasn’t aired. Typical of the government – they can’t even pull this off let alone run a brothel.

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  84. luvsug says:

    Reblogged this on imeverywomanblog and commented:
    I don’t know what to think about this????

  85. Tammy says:

    One thing to consider… Lt. Vance has been training for this sort of thing in conn. So if they were training for years then their training sucked because… IT happened (or so we are to believe). Another thing to think about… How does a tactical team, who’s been trained for this type of scenario analyze a real life scenario such as this to determine if the “Training” was successful? How would you analyze the reaction on a national level unless the nation believed it to be real?. You can’t deny that FEMA was conducting a training mission in the “area” on the very day this was taking place. Why have we only heard from a few parents if 20 children were killed? Frankly, I believe I cried more than most of the alleged parents did. The interview of Ms. Soto’s family – Not a single family member showed signs of grief and sorrow. Not even the sisters and it was supposedly filmed only 2 days after the event. I think not. They may have trained on how to handle this type of thing but they didn’t follow the first rule of Lying… get your story straight.

  86. kappy says:

    Not sure if any of you have ever lost a loved one or someone you cared about. If you have then you would surely know it takes time for grief to set in, ESPECIALLY when you have as much support as these people have. I’ve lost multiple family members and the grief took weeks to settle in.

    • Colleen says:

      I have lost a few people in my lifetime, and everyone that meant anything to me, I cried almost non-stop for days after. I understand that some people respond differently, so I don’t discount your experience,but for EVERY SINGLE PARENT, SIBLING, etc to NOT show grief in almost ANY form is odd. Especially in the case of losing a child.

  87. Mark says:

    This whole thing is crazy. All masterminded by Obama, no doubt.

  88. Melissa says:

    Just saying….Noah Pozner was viewed by his family and the governor of Connecticut.
    Do your homework people….

  89. DMC says:

    Where was the ASSAULT RIFLE FOUND!!!!…..?…IN HIS TRUNK!!!!! He DID not use the ASSAULT rifle……He used TWO HAND GUNS!!!!..NOT assault rifles!!! We need to get the facts straight and aim our intentions on protecting ourselves accordingly!!!

  90. drrjp says:

    There was no assault rifle found anywhere near Lanza or his car. There was ONE gun locked in the trunk of Adam’s car – a Saiga 12-guage shotgun that had not been fired and had all its shells loaded. The dumb deputy, at night, destroys forensic evidence by popping open the trunk and handling the shotgun – pulling back on the bolt to empty it of shotgun shells. You can see a shotgun shell fly right in the direction of the camera.

    The gun should have been bagged and tagged. There was no 2nd gun in the trunk, as some debunkers claimed. Lanza had four handguns that could kill more kids than a .223 rifle in a shorter period of time.

    A Glock 17 9mm, a Glock 20, 10mm, a Sig Sauer 226 9mm, and the fourth handgun was not identified – which is odd considering all the effort made to create ciagrams of the originally claimed arsenal of the Glock 17 Sign-Sauer and that nonexistent Bushmaster AR-15.

    This was a setup to push the meme against assault rifles that Democrap lawmakers wrote anti assault rifle bans and high cap magazine bans BEFORE the SH shootings.

    IMHO, Sandy Hook was undergoing an active shooter drill that went live. Lanza was a patsy. His SS Death Index places his TOD as December 13, 2012 – the day before the “SH massacre.”

    Kids were told to huddle in the corner of a room – which goes against the active shooter handbook put out by DHS – a stupid piece of garbage, by the way.

    With kids huddling in a corner, and someone armed with 9mm and 10mm handguns, there had to have been lots of through-and-through wound tracks given the targets were tiny bodies..

  91. Wesley says:

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my website =). We may have a link exchange agreement between us

  92. Riversong says:

    As an historian of REAL conspiracies, from “Remember the Maine” to the “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor, from Operation Northwoods to the Kennedy and King assassinations and the “New Pearl Harbor” 9/11 false-flag event, I am disgusted that the so-called “truth movement” has discredited itself with the patently FALSE claims of conspiracy around the Sandy Hook school rampage shooting.

    I have been a volunteer firefighter, off and on, for 30 years, a volunteer EMT for 20 years, a Wilderness EMS Instructor and an ambulance training officer, a technical rope rescue instructor for 14 years (including mountain rescue, ice rescue, fast-water rescue, cave rescue, and industrial rescue), a Wilderness Search & Rescue technician and instructor for 10 years, a municipal Emergency Management Coordinator during Y2K in a small town next to a nuclear power plant and below a hydroelectric dam, and a Critical Incident Stress counselor. I have training and experience in mass-casualty events and triage, and helped train doctors, nurses and paramedics as well as a FEMA urban search & rescue team.

    No one with any real experience in mass-casualty events would question the response or the investigation. Neither were without fault, but both were as good as could be expected under the circumstances. That the horrific tragedy actually occurred cannot be doubted except by the willfully blind, the intellectually deficient, or those with ulterior motives.

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