Oh Here We go… Holder Strongly Hints At Crackdown On Guns After Newtown Shootings: “We Have To Ask Ourselves Some Hard Questions,” “Talk About The Freedoms We Have”…

Rut Roh, I think a nation of gun owners is about to get the George Zimmerman treatment from the Dept of Justice.   Next stop?… break out the label makers…. “all gun owners are racist…. and all rights come from government”.

holder,%20sharpton%20%20ap_0WASHINGTON DC - Attorney General Eric Holder made remarks a short time ago on the tragic school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, where a 20-year-old gunman killed 20 children and six adults. Holder appeared to suggest the country’s gun laws may need to be looked at more closely in the wake of the latest mass shooting.

“As a nation I think we have to ask ourselves some hard questions. We gather too often to talk about these kinds of incidents. We need to discuss who we are as a nation, talk about the freedoms that we have, the rights that we have and how those might be used in a responsible way.

But for now I think we should concentrate on dealing with the situation in Connecticut and we are doing, as I said, the best that we can at the Justice Department and throughout federal law enforcement,” Holder said(read more)

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80 Responses to Oh Here We go… Holder Strongly Hints At Crackdown On Guns After Newtown Shootings: “We Have To Ask Ourselves Some Hard Questions,” “Talk About The Freedoms We Have”…

  1. cajunkelly says:

    “the rights that we have and how those might be used in a responsible way”

    Can we say Fast and Furious eric holder?

    And who is “we”? *I* and those *I* love do use the 2nd Amendment in a responsible way, jackass.

  2. sundance says:

    These hypocritical jackasses crack me up. well, I mean it would be funny if not so darned dangerous.

    How did Dear Leader Obama topple Gaddafi in Libya – All by himself he chose: by providing arms to citizens – a forced 2nd amendment so to speak. Why? To advance “democracy” that’s why.

    Yet back home the goal is to remove weapons from citizens….. so that means advancement of???? Uh huh….

    • jordan2222 says:

      I come from a large family. NO ONE has ever registered a firearm. No records exist of their purchase. If the government were to ever try to actually take our weapons, they would naturally go after those who have registered them.

      My point is that if you plan to purchase any, there are still ways to do that without registering them. That all depends on where you live and it is becoming more difficult to do it.

  3. nobaddog says:

    They will never get away with taking our guns! Do they realize how many Americans they will have to kill!! JUST SAY F… NO! I will stand right in front of my house with my gun and if everyone does the same thing they will be in no position to argue. We will all have to miss work one day and hit the streets. Armed. That might solve a bunch of problems we have in this country and send a signal that we own the government. Things are so out of control.

    • cajunkelly says:

      I think the intial step will be to ban the *purchase* of certain guns, as Clinton did with “assault weapons”.

      But just in case, DH and I are discussing aquiring “non gun” defense mechanisms.

  4. Yeah, Holder has the “Right” to supply automatic arms to Mexican drug gangs that have murdered hundreds of Mexicans AND American citizens – Obama has the “Right” to supply sophisticated arms to Middle Eastern, Muslim countries that hate us! But American citizens don’t have the Constitutionally GUARANTEED right to bear arms in a dangerous world made MORE dangerous for their failure to enforce the Constitution and the law of the land?

  5. howie says:

    Here they come. Think the GOP will do anything about it?

  6. lovemygirl says:

    …”the rights that we have and how those might be used in a responsible way.”
    I’d use them responsibly to prevent a dictatorship. ;)

  7. Lawabidingcitizen says:

    hypocrisy at it’s best, how dare he!!!…. but I will say that there’s no need for anyone to own automatic weapons…

    • Sharon says:

      There’s no need for anyone to own a barbeque, or a Bible, or 3 single shot rifles, or twp refrigerators, either. There’s no need for anyone to have an income in excess of $1,000,000.

      Once we accept the idea that the government “gets to decide what we need” it’s all over. Most of the things that folks enjoy and use are not based on their need of the item. O a, absolutely not in favor of anyone in government having the power to decide what I “need” whether it has to do with guns or baking potatoes.

      • Lawabidingcitizen says:

        alright…that sounds fair. Not saying the gov has a right to ban them but it’s always the same type of weapon that causes these tragedies at this scale.
        Arming every single American with semi automatics sounds like the right answer I guess

        • Burnt Toast says:

          “it’s always the same type of weapon that CAUSES these tragedies at this scale”

          Need to work a bit on understanding CAUSE and effect, unless you are saying the weapon was another nutcase.

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          There have been mass shootings committed with pump action shotguns which are almost invariably far more lethal than AK-47s. Since one can continuously feed fresh cartridges into a tube magazine, the effective capacity of pump action and lever action firearms is effectively unlimited.

          There have been mass shootings committed with bolt action rifles. The Texas Clock tower massacre was among the most lethal mass shootings of all time. You may recall that the carnage came to an end only when students and citizens armed with M-1, semiautomatic rifles took the gunman under fire and keep him pinned down until a team of police and civilians could storm the clock tower.

          There have been mercifully few mass murders committed with automobiles only because people have been conditioned to not consider the carnage they could. Inflict by intentionally driving a car at high speed down a crowded sidewalk. Imagine the carnage that a typical soccer mom armed with her three ton, Sport Luxury Utility Truck could inflict.

          Of course the most lethal mass murder by a lone assailantbwas the Happy Land Social Club fire in which the only weapons were a pop bottle filled with gasoline and a match.

          The Chinese with their different cultural heritage also suffer mass murders in which the assailants invariably arm themselves with knives. As two Japanese officers who had a contest ton see who could kill the most people with their swords demonstrated during the occupation of Nanking China, the capacity of knives is essentially unlimited. They had each killed over a hundred people before agreeing that was a draw so they could go drink saki to celebrate.

          The stupidity of Holder’s statement is proven by the Homicide data compiled by the FBI. The vast majority of young children (1-11) who are murdered are. Not killed with guns. Personal weapons (fist, feet, elbows and knees) are used to kill far more children than firearms.

          Of course if Holder and Obama were to examine the FBI homicide data, they would find that while guns are used in few homicides of children, Black people murder a grossly disproportionate share of the chile homicide victims.

          The problem isn’t guns and the white, gun culture. The problem is black people and the ghetto culture.

        • cajunkelly says:

          Do you know the difference between semi auto and full auto regarding guns?
          I know of NO full auto weapon being used by a citizen to commit multiple murders.

        • tessa50 says:

          no, wasn’t a fully automatic weapon here, but would not matter, why do people not get it, anyone that wants to kill with a weapon will find one, legal or not

      • howie says:

        You forgot air conditioning. That is coming too.

      • canadacan says:

        It’s all about an attempt to control the population Of the United States. I’m going with my gut on this Obama will fail on any attempt to monkey around on the second Amendment.

    • kadar2012 says:

      How much crime do you think has been committed by law abiding automatic gun owners?
      Surprise yourself:

      • stellap says:

        You know that they are already blurring the definition of what is an “automatic” weapon and a “semi-automatic” weapon. The average person who doesn’t use guns doesn’t know the difference, hates guns, and will go along with what the government says. Criminals don’t care, as usual.

        • Don P. says:

          The same goes with their definition of assault weapons. Under their old ban it included my 22radio and deer rifle. Then they wanted to ban that dreaded 50 cal. that always caused so much carnage. That ban would have outlawed most black powders.

  8. Sharon says:


    In Oregon two innocent human beings lost their lives, but perhaps the carnage would have been worse if not for Nick Meli, who has a concealed carry permit and was in the mall when the gunman opened fire. Meli pulled his weapon, but did not shoot the gunman because there were bystanders who could have been injured. The gunman saw Meli, an armed citizen, and rather than shoot more innocents he pointed his weapon at himself.

  9. stellap says:

    I’m afraid – what with the liberals determined to take away guns, those who truly believe that gun free is crime free, and the ignorant, we are facing the fight of our lives.

  10. Ron Callaway says:

    There is a 15 minute video on free republic everyone needs to watch about the ct. shooting
    I am not good on the computer so can’t forward. This video is showing without a doubt there
    were more than one perp. Also other evidence this probably was a FALSE FLAG EVENT

  11. MaddMedic says:

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Oh please. Bring it. Lets get this over with. We, the gun owners win and Holder is history, they win and I laying on a pile of hot brass in my entry way. I am old and have made my peace with the Almighty. I do not want to live in a 1984 type world.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Medic – I agree with you. But there is a “mentality” that we must have “perfect protection” by the STATE. That mean, that when ANYTHING BAD HAPPENS – we must pass a “NEW LAW’ to for perfect protection. This is “padded cell” type of mentality. It means STATE protects us – never ourselves. Each “NEW GUN REGISTRATION LAW” will NOT PREVENT THIS INSANE PERSON FROM KILLING PEOPLE. But the desire to “pass a law” – that has no effect – only creates more laws – that have no effect. That is they way it goes.

  12. czarowniczy says:

    Having watched Holder and his team of fascists use the power of the Federal judiciary try to lynch police officers in New Orleans I fear for those ‘freedoms’. His concept of freedoms included illegally selling guns to violent drug cartels so that they could kill innocent Mexican civilians, Federal law enforcement agents and God knows how many have been or will be used to kill Americans on this side of the border. Dead Americans caused by non-Federal LEA personnel seem to be the only ones that bother him. How long before he personally decides that the European descendants that infect his country cum social experiment have too many freedoms and he and his anointed have to adjust for diversity? Holder scares me more than Obama. Obama is the obvious cancer in the body politic but Holder is one of those metastatic cells that can cause damages that take decades to appear.

  13. Ron Callaway says:

    There are 1 million concealed weapons permit holders here in Fl., probably twice that amount
    during vacation and you never hear of one crime committed, except for the frameup on
    George Zimmerman.

  14. oriana88 says:

    Isn’t Obama the one who said, “To a knife fight, I bring a gun”?

    To think he’s headed to Newtown today to preen and prance. He makes me sick, But worse than that is he still fools a lot of the people a lot of the time.

    Like Gandalf to his companions, when the Balrog caught him on the bridge, “Run [wake up], you fools!”

      • myopiafree says:

        Oh so true – I see ENDLESS VIOLENCE on TV. Is that Quinton?

        • czarowniczy says:

          Yeah, but Quint’s violence is acceptable for, as Jamie Fox said, he “kills all the white people” . I presume that had he killed any members of Federally protected groups he would have been chastened more by the press. No less than People magazine called Django Unchained ‘brilliant’ and …”an Inglourious Basterds for black people, and the feel-good slave-revenge movie of the year”. The major shortcomings included the over-use of the N-Word, how the Django character wasn’t as interesting as some secondaries and the movie drags out at the end. Gratuitous gun violence and wholesale murder were not mentioned at all. Appears that the glorification of vigilante justice and murder have been neatly tucked under ‘situational ethics’ by the progs.

  15. Chip Bennett says:

    The Newtown, CT, shooter possessed firearms illegally under existing state law. Gun control laws did not prevent this massacre. Fullstop.

    Has anyone asked the question: why did the mother have multiple firearms in a home with a mentally unstable person, without sufficient protections in place to ensure he could not access them?

    Keypad gun safes cost less than $200.

    • Arkindole says:

      I mentioned yesterday that the “prepper” narrative would be brought forth, and viola…

    • stellap says:

      Could be that the guns were in a safe, but he figured out the combination to the safe. As an intelligent adult living in the home, there probably was an opportunity.

    • stellap says:

      A partially unrelated comment: It has been known for thieves to carry away the safe, guns and all, and remove them at their leisure.

      • cajunkelly says:

        (chuckle) It’ll take at least six of ‘em to haul ours off. It’s bolted to the floor to begin with, and is more the size of a vault than a safe.

        DH and I have had the discussion regarding an invader holding a gun to our head to force us to open the safe. I’ve decided I won’t comply. Shoot me now, or shoot me after I open it. It’ll happen either way.

        But first they have to get past our motion detector enabled security system, and 24/7 video cameraS.

        • stellap says:

          Obviously, the size of the gun safe and how it is secured make a difference. Many people have small gun safes made for hand guns that they keep in their bedrooms. Mainly to prevent children from access, I imagine.

          • cajunkelly says:

            Yep, obviously Stella. :) I never understood the use of those small lock box type “safes”. A determined and obviously mentally unstable child/young adult can pop those things open with a flat head screwdriver, or a large hammer. Reportedly they can be popped open by simply dropping them on a corner.

            Yes, they would protect a toddler but that’s about it.

            My post wasn’t a snark at you. I was just expressing my contempt for those (IMO) useless little “lock boxes”.

            Additionally, if a person’s home is invaded, I highly doubt the invader would wait patiently while the home owner tried desperately to remember the combination, or where he/she keeps the key to access that self defense weapon. o The same holds true for those trigger lock devices.

            • czarowniczy says:

              True dat, but there are states and municipalities where, if you have children in the house, you cannot have immediate access to a loaded handgun making the need for one of those stupid carryout safes or some ponderous gun lock mandatory unless you store the gun up on a shelf and the ammo in the next town over. As I said in another post, my loaded gun is not immediately at hand all of the time when my grandson’s around (just around 98% of the time) but he has known since he could walk that there were specifically enumerated things he could not touch while he’s on the farm, guns being among them. There’s no hysteria attached to guns, they are just like many other tools he could hurt himself or others with and they all have equal no-noness attached. Worked with my kids too, tried and true for nearly 50 years.

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          I had to teach the cammander of a local SWAT unit how to do a quick, non-fire function test to destinguish between semi-auto and full auto. The had confiscated three H&K 91 or G3s. One was factory full auto, one was a aftermarket conversion and the third was a semi auto. Unfortunately; they wouldn’t sell me the semi auto.

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          My last major purchase before getting married was a gun safe in anticipation of having babies who shouldn’t have too easy access to guns. Ten years later I had brought home my newest purchase and found myself having to LEAN against the door to close it. I went to my local gun safe manufacturer to buy a second, matching safe. He convinced me that the marginal cost of a much larger safe would be minimal. Now I need safe to match that one. The guns remain in the safes, but the children have the combinations.

          Child safety definitely affected my choice in carry firearms. I love to shoot Glocks and various 1911 derivatives. However; the classic S&W semi autos with a manual safety and magazine disconnect safety are my extreme preference. I have several from a 3913 (present from wife) to a CS-45 which is my most frequent carry gun and the 1006 that once belonged to an FBI goon who had to trade it in for a .45 because he was too limp wrested to control the recoil from a 10mm.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Chip – Yes 100 percent illegal. But the mad cry for “more gun laws” – even when they failed in this case – does not seem to matter. This 20 year-old was insane – by every standard.

    • czarowniczy says:

      Having officiated at a few gun-buyback programs in the innercity I noticed that the overwhelming majority of the crap that was turned in was just that – crap. We had old shotguns with broken/missing stocks, revolvers with trigger and/or cylinders that wouldn’t work, rifles with missing bolts – you get the idea. Yes we did have some functioning guns turned in, usually bu little old folk who were worried they might be stolen and used in a crime, and some by people who were genuinely concerned about gun availability. Bottom line was that most were crap. $50 for a pistol, $50- $100 for a rifle/shotgun and upwards of $200 for an ‘assault’ rifle. As there were no questions asked and no checks made of the weapons to see if they’d been used in a crime I’m sure that some gangbangers looking to ditch a hot piece availed themselves of the buyers’ kind disposal services while receiving some cash to go towards another piece. Most troubling over the years has been the disappearances of weapons held in the police evidence room, only to reappear on the streets – whoopsies.

    • texan59 says:

      If’n I thought like a thug, I now know who’s house to pop. NoFear. :evil:

    • cajunkelly says:

      These idiots just painted a bullseye on their backs. How ignorant does one have to be to turn in their guns and *then* be interviewed and have their names published in a newspaper? I say they’re too ignorant to own one to begin with.

  16. NiceRN says:

    The entire point is being missed by the MSM (go figure) and just like in the GG shooting, the discussion should be about how young adults with mental health issues fall through the cracks. Even though the parents can take them to psychologists, psychiatrists; ensure they get counseling and take meds when appropriate – once that child reaches 18 years of age (even though they already have a diagnosed mental health / spectrum disorder on record prior to adulthood) – the parent can do NOTHING to ensure the “now adult” continues with treatment and monitoring. As an “adult” they now have the “right to refuse” treatment. The parent can call APS, contact law enforcement, etc – NOTHING will be done unless the person breaks the law. The problem is NOT guns, it’s what happens when unstable people don’t get the help they need!

  17. Daemae says:

    Perhaps Mr. Holder should start visiting his buddies, the New Black Panthers, and confiscate their billy clubs which Mr. Holder didn’t find intimidating then perhaps raid their different headquarter for their “legally registered weapons.” He and Reno had no problem busting down Elian Gonzalez’ relatives door, but he seems to have a hang up prosecuting the illegal activities regarding “his people”.Same rules, laws should apply equally, Holder.

    • cajunkelly says:

      Equal protection under the law went out the window when minority set asides and “hate crimes” stepped in. Now comes unequal taxing of the “rich”.

  18. 22tula says:

    “Liberals Call For Murder of NRA President, Members & Repeal of Second Amendment”
    by Tim Brown – December 15, 2012

    • cajunkelly says:

      LOL, loved DH’s response when I read those tweets:

      Lemme see here, these idiots hate guns, so obviously don’t own one, yet they want someone who *does* exercise their 2nd Amendment to “murder NRA president and all members” with one?

      They’re screeching about the killing of innocents yet summarily decide it’s ok to murder people simply because they are members of the NRA?

      Do these people *ever* read these sort of statements back to themselves?

    • LouDaJew says:

      thanks tula for the info. it’s weird how they are against violence, but are asking for violence. this isn’t a right left issue, this is an issue on being able to defend ones self. George Zimmerman is a Democrat, but I’m sure he is an NRA member.

  19. Irish Eyes says:

    Why don’t they get right to the point and outlaw murder?

  20. winstonsmith6079 says:

    “Criminals” by definition DO NOT obey laws NO MATTER HOW MANY LAWS THERE ARE!

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