UPDATE: CIA Director General David Petreaus Resigns…. Claims Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

HOLY COW -  MUST WATCH TV – Piers Morgan works his butt off trying desperately to protect the White House and President Obama’s Administration over what they knew of this intelligence compromise.   THE CNN deflector, Susan Kelly, jumps into the mix to defend Obama at all costs saying… “the woman still is not identified”.  This is getting ridiculous….  

According to Reporter/Biographer Ronald Kessler of Newsweek, with inside information from the FBI, the White House was notified of the compromise in the Spring and specifically said to wait to deal with it until after the election.   According to sources, the FBI investigators were highly upset at the decision NOT TO ADDRESS and have spoken to Kessler at length.

Here is the second segment. We have documented the specific purpose of Susan Kelly – Watch what she does in this segment. WATCH:

UPDATE:  Brett Baier reports his source, who spoke to the General within an hour of the official public notifcation,  says Petreaus WANTS to testify at the “under oath” Senate Hearings on Benghazi next week.   Yet, the White House states Petreaus will not?

UPDATE:   The Petreaus Resignation is effective *IMMEDIATELY* – No transition time?

On Thursday (yesterday) President Obama called CIA Director David Petreaus to the White House for a personal coversation and meeting.  Petreaus did not initiate the meeting – He (the Gen) was previously scheduled to attend an intelligence meeting at the same time and instead had to make arrangements for a Senior Staff to fill his stead.  Then today General Petreaus has offically resigned…..   This is breaking…… more will follow soon……

Petraeus is now claiming that he had an extra-marital affair with a staffer, and is resigning for *cough* personal reasons…   Un huh…  (not buying it)

“Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to resign from my position,” Petraeus said in his resignation letter. “After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours.”

“This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation,” Petraeus said in the letter.  (article)

Yeah, so what reason is there for going “public” with the “affair”, if, if, that is indeed the true motivation for the resignation – why make it public?   You want to tell people publicly you f**ked around on Holly?   ((((BUZZER))))   wrong answer.  No way.  Not buying it.

This is not something that would be put into the public consumption model – unless there was an alternate reasoning.

And the Media gets the Official Letter of resignation broadcasted SIMULTANEOUS to the actual public notice of resignation.  Within moments….   c’mon – seriously?

Remember this prior statement (below) from Petreaus regarding Benghazi.   Also, remember the Benghazi hearings in the Senate are next week…..  Gee, ya think he’ll still be required to testify?   and Also, remember On Monday Rep. Peter King (R-NY) called on President Obama to identify the White House staff members who may have unlawfully disclosed intelligence on the Benghazi attack to journalist Leslie Gelb from the “Council On Foreign Relations…….

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186 Responses to UPDATE: CIA Director General David Petreaus Resigns…. Claims Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

  1. Why would you make the “affair” public? OK, so now lets hear from the one he was having sex with?…..

    If the media finds him or her… fine. I’ll shift my perspective. However, if the media makes NO ATTEMPT to find him or her then – THAT RIGHT THERE is proof it is a cover story.

    I told y’all 3 days ago that finding Benghazi Truth was dead (impossible) unless we heard from the DC Hookers and Sex angle operatives that enjoy sex parties with the insider crowd on a regular basis. I didn’t think the cover would be less than 72 hours from our mention…… So c’mon media find that boy or girl he was boinkin’ (if they exist).

    • Arkindole says:

      Twenty years ago the media would have had the information before he stepped on the white house lawn. Benghazi sleeps with the fish. Not a problem for the lapdog media; actually, the preferred modus under the new collective.

    • boricuafudd says:

      The Daily Caller, Slate and others are reporting that the woman in questions is none other that the Gen’s biographer Paula Broadwell.

    • Like you said, congress should have given’ Akaobama everything he wanted this would all be over now. I think David Petreaus was given “an offer he couldn’t refuse” I can’t prove it, but if you believe the Chicago way is alive in DC you can’t deny it. These are interesting time indeed.

    • Well geee….. She’s outed that fast. And NOT by the media – but by the FBI “sources”…. ok, damn skippy this was a leveraged retirement.

      And they must have video of the encounters too if they’ve been tracking him that long as well as rather EMBARASSING coorespondance that I’m certain he is not comfy reaching the light of day…..

      …… sex and politics….. Some things never change.

      • marie says:

        Stephen Hayes of Fox says the sex angle is likely to keep the Benghazi -CIA story alive simply because OF the sex angle…they know people will now be interested. I don’t know if I agree, though. When people voted back in Barry, they showed they don’t care much about anything.


  3. Sharon says:

    Point of leverage. To get rid of someone who was becoming a liability.

    Since when is a general having an affair a disqualifier. It. Is. Not.

    Kay Sommersby???? (may have only been an affair of the heart….but was perceived to be a standard extra-marital affair)

  4. yankeeintx says:

    Thank goodness they repealed “Don’t ask, don’t tell” because he was having an affair with Ben Gazi. I wonder if he is going to claim he couldn’t be reached during the crisis because he was with his mistress? Someone had to fall on the sword.

  5. BertDilbert says:

    No backtracking! Treehouse just posted that Benghazi had died and to get over it…. That ink was not even dry and now here we are!

  6. yankeeintx says:

    Now let’s see if General BetrayUs resigned so that he can tell the truth next Thursday. I am not holding my breath.

    • stringplayer55 says:

      More like the general resigned so that he would not have to testify. If he is in no official capacity and cannot (by his resignation) gain access to or compel anyone formerly under him to divulge information, then what can be got out of him?

      Who are the 60+ million idiots who voted for Obama? (I hate to say it, but one is a sister to me.) And I know it has been pointed out all too often, but what is this bullticky from the White House about a commitment to an open and transparent government?

      From: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/TransparencyandOpenGovernment

      Transparency and Open Government
      Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

      SUBJECT: Transparency and Open Government

      My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

      Reading this (excuse me while I puke), it becomes apparent that the Obama White House, in acknowledging that “Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government” is committed to destroying our democracy and committed to an inefficient and ineffective government.

      • Coast says:

        How sad….all that you said was true. If Congress makes him testify, then it has to be unclassified info and the hearing has to be public. This is a sneaky attempt at a cover-up.

        • Sharon says:

          It’s not that sneaky. They don’t have to be sneaky any more. They are running the government and have been for years. No need for subtrefuge.

      • ragnar says:

        They created a democracy. Destroyed a republic. Ya got that backwards matey.

  7. 22tula says:

    “The Council Has Spoken” – November 9, 2012

    “Obama Is Formally And Criminally Charged With Treason, By The U.S. Military”
    We the People – November 8, 2012

  8. dreamerspirit says:

    Gut wrenching decision…Per Mike Baker former CIA Operations Officer. When did it become so gut wrenching??? Before or after Benghazi? Before or after the election?

  9. Daemae says:

    The affair is really none of our business or concern, general. The affair is really small beans compared to what took place in Bengazhi and what you kinow. Morally you have an obligation not to betrayus,general; the American people are owed that much. May God and your conscience be your guide.

    • The affair is none of our business – UNLESS IT DOES NOT EXIST – then it very muchly IS OUR BUSINESS. That’s the point.

      • Daemae says:

        This crowd is so sleazy that they can certainly manufacture someone to step in as the mystery lady. SD, I know as well as you that this crowd thinks this is an air tight scheme and we all are dummies; that is why my comment regarding the general’s conscience.

      • BigMamaTEA says:

        OK now I jump in. I believe that Petreaus is being blackmailed, under the guise that he can’t then testify. Yesterday, (I captured) film of Rep Gowdy saying that Petreaus will testify by choice or by Subpoena. The Won’s camp “just happened to find dirt on him, from the FBI no less? Not on your life! Affairs in DC are so common place. I hope Petreaus is subpoenaed, he might even welcome it.

        AND O/T but what if the election was stolen? It wouldn’t have taken much to do so.
        I’m now going to look for and approiate thread, if I don’t find one I’ll be back. I do know that they are looking for volunteers in at least 4 states, WI, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Contact your respective State GOP. Remember, it’s the electoral college that we vote on, all those names under Mitten’s was our order of who/how the electors will cast their ballots next month. Also, anyone paying attention to what’s going on in Allen West’s race? FRAUD!

    • dreamerspirit says:

      Nope…The once great General David Patraeus will not be testifying at intel hearing.

      • Auntie Lib says:

        Maybe, maybe not. Feinstein will probably try her level best to keep him out of the Senate hearings next week, but there’s alway the House Committee. I hope Petraeus has written everything down and put several copies is very safe places. I don’t think his life is very safe otherwise.

        • arkansasmimi says:

          Heard on FOX News earlier that if the affair took place like they suspect, that the military can bring Gen P back from retirement and demote him because it is a HUGE NO NO to do that there (paraphrasing)

    • rajabear1 says:

      He is the head of the CIA. The CIA is deeply involved with Benghazi–one way or another. The idea that w/o a whisper about an affair, he up and says ‘I’m a bad boy and I have to go! i cheated on my wife that happens to work for you, too!’
      This goes much deeper than the murders of our SEALs and ambassador which in and of itself, is sick and I personally believe, is treasonous.
      But supplying heavy arms to the enemy, Al Qaeda, to take down the structure of the middle east first in Liybia and the shift those arms to Syria to do the same, seems to be out right death penalty kind of treason.
      It is pertinent whether he had an affair or not. We are shedding high level brass left and right to avoid finding out the truth. Petreaus has already made statements that if true, means that orders were not given to do ‘everything necessary’ to save their lives.
      We are talking high treason here–for many involved–and this guy just up and quits over an affair???
      We pay him, he works for us, and yes, we deserve to know exactly why the head of the CIA resigned right after an election when our country is at a very weakened position globally.
      This whole thing reeks to high heaven.
      God bless and protect our men and women serving around the world because Lord knows, our ‘government’ will not.

      • boricuafudd says:

        Just a thought, the affair might have been used to tow the line, by resigning and announcing the affair (if their is one), the leverage is gone. He can now if he chooses to, speak freely. Right now unless I am mistaken, he does not have to speak at the hearings, he is a private citizen. The interim CIA director would talk in his stead. Senate would need a subpoena to compel, his presence, and I can hear already the, on advise from my counsel, I plead the 5th, I don’t recall, I don’t remember, etc., if it gets that far.

  10. ragnar says:

    Who will replace???
    1. Weasely Clark
    2. Colon Bowel
    3. Eric Holder
    4. Big Sis

  11. myopiafree says:

    Why not just turn in a “Retirement” notice – and say you want to spend more time with your family?

  12. AFFAIR??
    Hah! That’s a real knee-slapper.
    If Lucy were down here, she’d agree with me. An affair doesn’t mean squat. Right, Eleanor?
    ELEANOR! Don’t look at me like that Eleanor…even if you don’t have any eyeballs.

  13. cajunkelly says:

    OK, what’s the 411 on this dude?

    He said he has named Michael Morell, the agency’s deputy director, to serve as acting director.

  14. margegunderson says:

    This is like Bernie Kerik stepping down because of the nanny. What a bunch of bull! The big “O” probably told him to use the affair excuse. HAHA

  15. labrat says:

    He will not be testifying at the hearing.

  16. cajunkelly says:

    sent DH a text…he just called…he says

    He got blackmailed…

  17. czarowniczy says:

    The DCI is a lap-dog position, the sitting POTUS always tries to insert a DCI who he feels can ‘control’ the Langley gang. Petreaus served his purpose and our Dear Leader now believes he has a more loyal pooch in waiting. Petreaus was and is a politician, ALL flag officer don’t get to become flag officers by performing feats of daring-do and having accolades showered upon them by a grateful chain-of-command – they are supreme military politicians. Remember – flag officers’ appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. Call it a ‘night of the long knives’ if you will but those of us old enough to remember Jimmy Carter appointing Stansfield Turner to the DCI slot with the mission to hamstring the Company will smile.Turner went after the Company with a vengeance, gutting many departments and firing old-timers left and right. The Company rocked back on its heels for a short time but recovered in short order. was Four years ain’t enough time to re-engineer the Company, many have tried and many have been burned out. The DCI will get just as much cooperation from and insight into the Company as the entrenched hardcore will allow. POTUSs may come and go but entrenched bureaucracies survive them all.

    RIP, Blonde Ghost

  18. Reports are General Petreaus WANTS to give testimony “under oath” at next Tuesdays hearing. Fair enough. Truth has no agenda – Two questions:

    “General, have you ever been coerced, pressured, or otherwise leveraged to provide any public or private statements, be they accurate or false, regarding the Benghazi CIA operation, to any entity foreign or domestic”?

    “Given the potential compromise National Security, and the potential risk from your personal failings of conduct – With whom did you have an affair”?

    • ragnar says:

      Day late and a dollar short. Take that yellow flag down and run up the Jolly Roger. This mess calls for Pirates. And I am not kidding. Land Sharks accepted in Krewe. We will not make four years more of Obama no matter what. No matter what.

  19. ragnar says:

    Maybe Obama will become the Amerikkan Yeltsin.

  20. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I’m not buying it either! Tooooo coincidental! Why not just cite “personal reasons” instead of broadcasting your affair to the world? Especially since there have been no reports of such ?

    • ragnar says:

      Why do I think things are about to get ugly? Real down and dirty ugly.

      • waltherppk says:

        This level of propaganda and disinformation puts a huge question mark on the integrity of the election results as reported having any factual basis at all.

        • Sharon says:

          Ya think?

          • waltherppk says:

            Yeah I thought about that possibility from the time of the “prophetic” open mike message to Putin saying there would be more flexibility after the election. That message was like a “tell” that the fix was in. I also thought Romney was preaching to the choir and not the congregation. I thnk about a lot of things and have questions too. I’m good like that.

            • ragnar says:

              These are no longer elections. It is a vote on who get’s the most loot. How can anyone not understand that? It is all about the loot.

              • waltherppk says:

                This bizarre kabuki theater starts out like some “red pill journey” down the rabbit hole in that Machiavellian theme movie The Matrix ….where the lamestream media is the grand illusion manufacturer streaming nothing but waterfalls of green BS to the catatonic crowd of little Obamabot “batteries”. The scene then kind of morphs into another movie called Surrogates (Bruce Willis) ….and somebody needs to hit the kill switch. Where is the house of representatives and the courts ?

    • marie says:

      Yep. They want his credibility to be undermined for when he does testify. However, since when do we refuse to believe a guy like that under oath because his Johnson got happy?

  21. Rmoney Voter says:

    Either tenor your resignation soonest or I will have to regretfully announce your resignation for ____________ tomorrow.

    - BHO

    • ragnar says:

      Dear Obama,

      We the 47% hereby resign our position as beasts of burden. Effective immediately. Don’t call us and we won’t call you.


      People who work

  22. Artist says:

    and he was slated to testify on Benghazi next week…..
    hahahahahahahahahahaha….this is SUCH TOTAL BS.
    Maybe the obamazombies are stupid enough to believe this truckload of merde.
    General Betray-us….maybe that’s the ONE thing they were right about.


  23. btw when do we take down Tom Donilon?

    • Sharon says:

      I didn’t realize any of us were in a position to take down Tom Donilon. If someone is, I’d suggest tomorrow morning at 9:00.

  24. lovemygirl says:

    Before coming here and reading all the research and analysis done by so many Treepers seeing a story about Petreus resigning over an affair would have meant nothing to me. When I saw it today my mind immediately knew something was up. I guess my critical thinking skills have improved by reading what you write over here.

  25. g8rmom7 says:

    I really am fearful that this administration is as bad as it gets. If he DID NOT have an affair and this is all a ruse, what kind of threats had to be made to him to totally trash his entire career, family and reputation. I know the only thing that I would do that for…someone threatened the lives of my family and kids. And that is just straight up evil. Shutter.

    • marie says:

      Possibility 2 is that he indeed had an affair, which would mean he does have to resign because as CIA head he’d always be subject to blackmail ( a reason I find JFK and Bubba Clinton so reprehensible and the American public who says, “Who cares about a POTUS’ sex life soooooooooo stupid); however, as others have said, having had the affair, all he had to do was resign for “personal reasons.”

  26. The wheels of this Administration are going to get very wobbly and fall off.
    Your boy in the White House is also about to shut down oil-from-shale..
    While we could use the resulting peace & quiet down here, the price of energy is about to shoot through the roof.
    I feel sorry for Americans who are about to experience Hell without the need of dying first. :evil:

    • ragnar says:

      YHo! Bernstein the great reporter and buster of cover ups…is on MSNBC covering up for OBAMA! Be a Pirate.

      • Sharon says:

        He’s another snake in the grass. He and the formerly admired Woodward are trading on their fame for taking Nixon down….to take the country down.

        • ragnar says:

          Join the Krewe. Traditional methods are futile now. The country has already been taken down. We have to leave all the old way behind.
          “When robbery is done in open daylight by sanction of the law, as it is done today, then any act of honor or restitution has to be hidden underground.”

  27. popeye's spinach brand says:

    Petraeus may have had an affair, and he was being blackmailed to cover the shameful inaction in Benghazi. But since he confessed the affair and quit ranks, he’s free to testify honestly. I’m pessimistic though.

    When a country falls apart and there is evil leadership and proven leadership, a vote of no confidence should be allowed.

  28. popeyes spinach brand says:

    Petraeus may have had an affair, and he was being blackmailed to cover the shameful inaction in Benghazi. But since he confessed the affair and quit ranks, he’s free to testify honestly. I’m pessimistic though.

    When a country falls apart and there is evil leadership and proven TREASON, a vote of no confidence should be allowed.

  29. dizzymissl says:


    Given his top secret clearance and the fact that Petraeus is married, the FBI continued to investigate and intercept Petraeus’ email exchanges with the woman. The emails include sexually explicit references to such items as sex under a desk.

    Such a relationship is a breach of top secret security requirements and could have compromised Petraeus.

    At some point after Petraeus was sworn in as CIA director on Sept. 6, 2011, the woman broke up with him. However, Petraeus continued to pursue her, sending her thousands of emails over the last several months, raising even more questions about his judgment.

    • The FBI is Eric Holder… so this just means that a “leverage was known yet unexploited and saved for use at a later date. So why the resignation “immediately AFTER” the election…. Why not last week? Last month? more questions…..

      What is it about post election and prior to Senate Intelligence hearings that facilitated the timing?

      Talk about a STENCH ?

      • ragnar says:

        The same reason everything will happen after the election. If it happened before the election. Nobody would get elected. How simple is that? Thus I became a Pirate.

    • lovemygirl says:

      “The decision was made to delay the resignation apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election,” an FBI source says. “To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.”

    • yankeeintx says:

      So the FBI was investigating Petraeus while he was in Afghanistan, but kept the info under wraps until they needed to pull a fast one. This also means that they knew about the affair when he was sworn in as Director of the CIA. And here I thought J. Edgar was dead.

  30. rumpole2 says:

    Watching Fox… a little more detail is breaking, including the fact that this “affair” was subject to an FBI investigation. Which raises the questions… when did they know about this… who else knew (Obama) and when did they know. Steve Hayes makes the point that this could be a scandal in itself. If the Petraeus affair is some sort of urgent risk to security today… why wasn’t it a risk the day it became known about. That is…..did he continue in his job, despite being a “security risk” for political reasons?

    • ragnar says:

      Gasp! It could be a scandal! Oh No! Good Heavens! How could this be? Give me a break mon.

      • rumpole2 says:

        The point was:
        ANOTHER and separate scandal.
        The beauty of THIS one is it involves clandestine sex… so the damned MSM might actually follow it :D

      • Sharon says:

        I think it’s hilarious that the agencies and the governments and the individuals who endlessly mock the principles of Judeo-Christianity are suddenly so hot ‘n bothered about a little sexual immorality. I’ve got me a couple copies of the ten commandments that mention that stuff and I thought I was a stupid-Bible-clinger for sort of thinking that mattered???? Idiots. I think somebody needs to be indicted for secretly clinging to a Bible???????…………………….considering their point of view on murdering babies, on what basis do they care if the General is boinking the author? Seriously. On what basis? And if it was potential blackmail, that could be taken care of by just announcing the facts and going on with his career, no?

    • Sharon says:

      Well, shoot, it tells me all of our really smart investigative type people are really looking out for us….this means that whenever there’s an extra-marital affair they are gonna be right on it. Lucky for us, huh? So we just need to get our priorities straight.

      Dead SEALs and Ambassadors murdered? Not a priority.

      A general have a sexual affair with a staffer? Stop the presses.

      I guess it also means that there are no other generals having a sexual affair with a staffer. BUT WAIT! Unless it’s a homosexual affair, in which case the entire force of the federal government will be brought down on their behalf as “don’t ask, don’t tell” is enforced.

      Those who depend on deception to retain their power will always find an audience of those willing to be deceived. That being the case, since we aren’t willing to be deceived–I guess that’s why they’re gonna keep on not liking us, huh?

  31. apachetears says:

    Ahemmmm What was the reason given for Rommel’s…… errrr Retirement?
    “Late in the war, Rommel was linked to the conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler. Because Rommel was widely renowned, Hitler chose to eliminate him quietly. Rommel agreed to commit suicide by taking a cyanide pill, in return for assurances his family would be spared.”
    Just change the names and the type of pill.
    The whole Obama facade may crumble right before our eyes and the true demon sighted or else we shall see a man who is completely out of his depth and comfort zone being used as a prop by persons unknown.
    The folks around here are talking and talking about lies and threats more people know about Benghazi than you would expect.

  32. eweturn says:

    One little, two little, three little generals…

  33. yankeeintx says:

    If I were Petreaus, I’d be very careful from here on out. They swore him in as Director knowing about the affair. I wonder what he had to agree to do for them. I hope they are not planning his suicide because Hillary knows a guy, who knows a guy…

  34. lovemygirl says:

    Is it normal for the FBI to investigate the CIA?

    • ragnar says:

      Perfect. And Obama investigates…Obama. And the Senate investigates…The Senate. And the Bank Robber investigates…The Bank Robber. It is like Al Capone investigating…Al Capone. He who investigates himself is sure to be innocent.
      Meanwhile back at the media they report on the progress of the investigations.
      Do you get the drift?

  35. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Here is another photo of her.

    At least she has a nice rack.

    Gov Palin is hotter.

    All jokes aside, why was Petreas appointed to head the CIA when this was already known?

    All of the plausible answers are terrifying.

  36. Sam says:

    The WSJ full article says Acting CIA Director Michael Morell is the favorite to become director. Others in line could be Defense intelligence chief Michael Vickers or Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Michael Rogers (R, Mich). Morell is longtime CIA and will probably give the Congressional committee next week what the Obama administration wants (IMO). For what it’s worth which is probably not much.

    Interior just closed 1.6 million acres of BLM land in the West to oil shale drilling. Obama’s going full throttle for improverishment of the US. I can’t say what I really think about all of this in public.

  37. Sharon says:

    So-called conserved bloggers/commenters/pundits keep using the word “curious”…..gee, it sure is curious that he can’t testify? even though he’s resigned, why can’t he testify?

    Please don’t tell me they are all that clueless. Moving at that lightning-speed of comprehension, sometimes in April of 2015, maybe they’ll figure it out. Sure wouldn’t want them to hurt themselves by hurrying now.

    I give up.

    Proof again that being informed is of absolutely no use in this mess.

  38. dizzymissl says:

    This is what I hope.

    Obama was holding this over his head.

    He said screw that, told his wife and resigned.

    He said he will not testify knowing that he will be subpoenaed and will have to tell the truth.

    Then he can screw the prez.

    • myopiafree says:

      HI Dizzy – He wants to get his FULL RETIREMENT. Once he has that – he is a private citizen – and can testify as to what he knows before Congress. I think they were trying to “shut him up” – so he resigned.

      • boricuafudd says:

        The Gen. had retired on Aug. 31st from the Army. He ceded his command on July 18th to Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John R. Allen, who was promoted to full General and in 2013 has been appointed NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, to take office in early 2013, pending confirmation by the United States Senate.

        He could be recalled even though, the affair took place while he was in the military, but he served more than 30 yrs in the Army and just turned 60, but his retirement grade cannot be reduced, only lower grade retirement pay.

  39. dizzymissl says:

    I wonder if this is the first book she ever wrote?

  40. Sharon says:

    Laughter amongst the Mullahs in their smelly caves as they watch the suddenly ultra moral administration chastise a sinner.

  41. yankeeintx says:

    Oops, the mistress is a Major in the US Army Reserves. Probably won’t be for long, she missed the class on “conduct unbecoming”.

    • lovemygirl says:

      In case you were wonering about the reason for a daily show link…
      Exclusive – Push-up Contest to Benefit Wounded Veterans

      Paula Broadwell challenges Jon and her husband, Scott, to a push-up competition. Visit http://www.teamrwb.com to donate.

  42. Sharon says:



    And he’s saying that The Stupid Person Who Took Our Election has left the country “suddenly”………????????????????????????
    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    Smart people, please go read and tell us things. Ummmm-kay?

    What seems clear for now is the resignation of a CIA Director for an affair that some are suggesting took place over a year ago. And since when do administration officials resign over alleged marital affairs? Didn’t Bill Clinton break that moral barrier down some 15 years ago?

    Here’s another paragraph:

    Keep your eyes and ears open folks. The timing of this announcement, including Barack Obama quickly heading out of the country, suggests a very volatile situation for the Obama administration.

  43. myopiafree says:

    Obama is a bungling incompetent – in military matters -sorry to say. Now no one wants to admit it.


    • boricuafudd says:

      The excuse that a because he had top secret clearance, is justification alone, is BS. They knew of the affair since spring, but waited until after the Election. This supposedly happened while in Afghanistan, why was the FBI investigating him to begin with. Then even after the information is known, they still appointed him to direct the CIA, something is screwy here, again.

  45. myopiafree says:

    You do not fire a General “INSTANTLY”. There has to be a damn good reason to do it – not an “affair”. “Obama” calls David in and says, “I am not happy with your performance”. Please write a “notification of resignation to my office”. You will have two weeks for that to take effect. There is no need for any “public” announcement, other that, “…you want to spend more time with your family”. Something DRASTIC happened – and it was not the “affair”.

  46. Rmoney Voter says:

    I somehow thought it odd that Petraeus was demoted by Obama from CENTCOM Commander to Commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan (after Petraeus subordinate McChrystal was fired by Obama), the leapfrogged by Obama to Director of the CIA.

    Thought at the time that Petraeus should have resigned rather than take the demotion, unless something was over him.

    Anyway, grab wikis’s bios while they are still up.

    • Rmoney Voter says:

      Ah, even wiki says:

      On June 23, 2010, President Barack Obama nominated Petraeus to succeed General Stanley McChrystal as commanding general of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, TECHNICALLY A STEP DOWN FROM HIS POSITION AS COMMANDER OF UNITED STATES CENTRAL COMMAND, which oversees the military efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Egypt….

      If you recall, McChrystal got fired because he and his subordinates made fun of Biden and Obama drones in front of a Rolling Stone reporter.

  47. lovemygirl says:

    Apparenty she is being investigated for trying to access Petraeus’ emails and other documents.

  48. Mikado Cat says:

    So it only took the Obama administration a couple months to locate someone to fall on their sword for Obama? Fishy, very fishy.

  49. We need video from the first, and 2nd segment of AC360 and From first segment of Piers Morgan show from CNN tonight. There is one more shot at the overnight re-run of both shows…

    Can anyone assist. I have no recording capability…. I cannot explain why – too lenghty – but I promise you there is a STUPENOUS reason.

    The first segment of Piers and the first two of AC 360 – urgently needed.

    Just like the damaging Trayvon interview with Pam Bondi – CNN will not post it….. they will censor what just took place on live TV – they will also delete from their Transcript page and it is too difficult to get them to admit and correct. Last time it took me 4 months. If anyone can capture the vids let me know asap.

    AGAIN – We only have one more chance. Overnight during the re-run of the 9pm and 10 pm shows that aired live. After tonight they will be dispatched down the rabbit hole forever.

    Can anyone assist.?

  50. stellap says:


    But Broadwell moved here more than three years ago with her husband, Scott, a radiologist, and their two young sons, Landon and Lucien …….

    So, she is married with two young children. I doubt that she would have ever caused a fuss.

  51. Mikado Cat says:

    I think Patraeus would have to turn in his man card if he didn’t have an affair with Broadwell. Pretty, smart, West Pt grad, and apparently a big fan of him. Walking away from something like that on a daily basis is asking an awful lot from somebody serving away from home.

    OTOH at some level you would know that its going to play hell with your life once it becomes known.

  52. gretchenone says:

    Apparently, the husband knew what was happening. Read the second letter: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/15/magazine/a-message-from-beyond.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

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