Interesting Development – Trayvon Martin Quid Pro Quo at the 7-11? Update – Confirmed


Treeper Diwataman, has done an amazing job deconstructing the video evidence and now uncovered a considerably interesting aspect of Trayvon Martin’s visit to the 7-11 by using the raw feed video from the evidence release, not the media edited versions.

Trayvon checked out from “his” purchase at 6:24.   But as this video highlights he didn’t leave right away.   About a minute after he walks out, 3 other rather dubious characters walk in.  After they make their purchases and leave at 6:29 Trayvon is seen walking away outside the building. (*The narrator of this video is not associated with the Treehouse, he is an independent U-Tube video guy, and yes, he curses at the end. Sorry)

So what was Trayvon waiting outside for? And what did Trayvon and the 3 stooges coordinate after they left? Why did he wait around outside for approximately 5 minutes after he exited the 7-11? Obviously “occams Razor” would infer that he got something from one or more of the 3 stooges and then headed home.

Indeed in watching the video, it does appear that Trayvon is walking away partially backwards while departing with a farewell of sorts. Curious.

Update: Yep, definitely looks like Trayvon. In this angle you can definitely see his Khaki pants and watch him turn around headed back in the direction of Twin Lakes.

As far as what he asked Curly (the white guy – one of the 3 stooges) to buy. That question appears answered in the following video. Curly is holding the two bills that Trayvon held in his hand when he exited the building. Curly buys a blunt for Trayvon, and one more, presumably for himself, then after a pause he buys another and then heads outside while Moe (wearing a hoodie like Kenny from Southpark) makes his purchase with a debit card. Apparently while Moe is paying, Curly is outside giving Trayvon the Blunts.


Blunts are cigars that can be hollowed out ready to be filled with “Weed”.  They are available at just about any gas, or convenience station and used by marijuana smokers instead of rolling papers.

Trayvon’s “blunt use” was well known to his friends, and close circle, some of them even posted pictures in memorial of Trayvon after his death as captured below courtesy of Wagist:

Here is a video from Diwataman putting the entire thing together:

So lets recap what we know factually:

When checking out Trayvon put two dollar bills in his hand carrying the bag.

Trayvon finished his purchase at 6:24 and left the store.

A minute later, 6:25, Larry, Moe, and Curly enter the store.

Curly has two dollar bills in his hand, and initially buys two Blunts.

Curly decides to buy another blunt and goes into his own wallet for more money.

Curly leaves the building around 6:28 while Moe is checking out.

50 Seconds Later at 6:29 Trayvon is seen walking back toward the Retreat at Twin Lakes saying something in parting to someone standing near the enterance door.

At 6:30pm (according to phone records) Trayvon calls “DeeDee” back.  Presumably while en route back home. Trayvon had his hands-free phone ear buds on when he left.   The Retreat is less than a half mile away.  The actual Brandy Green Townhouse is .60/mile away.

Approximately 35-40 minutes after Trayvon leaves the 7-11 George Zimmerman sees Trayvon entering the retreat via the walk through “shortcut”.   At  7:09 George Zimmerman calls police while watching Trayvon at/near the “Club House”.

Trayvon is shot at 7:17pm according to the shot heard on the 911 call tapes.  

It took Trayvon 40 minutes to walk less than 1/2 mile from the 7-11 (6:29pm to 7:09pm) to the clubhouse while talking to DeeDee?    

The Skittles and Watermelon Juice were found on Trayvon’s body when he was shot, but not the blunts.

The hands-free phone ear buds were in his pocket when he was shot, as was the button he was wearing.


    • It took Trayvon 40 minutes to walk the distance between the 7-11 and the Clubhouse because he paused to roll the blunts, and maybe smoke one.
    • Black urban street kids familiar with the kind of lifestyle Trayvon led DO NOT run from “white-Hispanic” dude strangers sitting in pick-up trucks; they run from one thing, THE LAW.  
    • Trayvon thought GZ was security, a cop, or was about to bring the law into the picture;  and that’s why he walked over and checked out the car.  He recognized Zimmerman was on the phone reporting “him”. 
    • After circling the SUV, and considering that “authorities” were en route,  Trayvon took off running to ditch any contraband either at home, or nearby. 
    • He probably made it home because he told DeeDee on the phone he was “at his dads house”.
    • After he ditched the contraband, he told DeeDee “he was not running” no more and went to confront the guy he saw getting out of his truck.  
    • Trayvon prepared by putting his loose items in his pockets readying himself for a confrontation if needed, (ear buds, button from hoodie, etc).  [question? was the button vulgar?]
    • Trayvon was considerate of the potential for Police to already be there, he also knew Dad and Girlfriend were not home.   This could be potentially worrisome if police questioned him.  Removing the button, ditching the contraband, etc allowed him to present himself visually as no issue.
    • Keeping the Arizona Watermelon and Skittles on him provided him something to point too as reference if questioned about whereabouts by the police.
    • If busted for being “under the influence”, or he couldn’t shake off the cops Q&A successfully, better to be away from the house.   Dad/Brandy ain’t there, Trayvon was already in trouble for drugs at school, and this could potentially be trouble.
    • If he couldn’t talk his way out of anything, better to be away from home base. 
    • Trayvon headed back up the pathway toward the “T” where the sidewalks meet, near witness “John’s” townhouse.
    • If the cops were there he could play it off as an overzealous white dude calling the police on him for no good reason.  Mix in some faux-racist outrage and turn the conversation onto Zimmerman Profiling him for calling the cops.
    • But the cops were not there.  Yet.
    • When he saw Zimmerman he began the conversation by saying “hey man, what the f**k’s your problem, what the f**k you looking at”?
    • Zimmerman responded tennatively, somewhat fearful, somewhat like an “uh-oh” reaction, blew off the initial confrontation from Trayvon, and reached for his phone again to call the police.
    • Frustrated and feeling profiled for no-good-reason, (mindset “what you wanna call the cops on me for”?… this busy body Zimmerman is bringing grief for nothing.   He should mind his own damn businesss.)   In his mind, and in actuality, Trayvon was no threat to anyone.   This dude calling the cops on him just pissed him off.  Part anger mixed with a high dose of frustration. 
    • It went downhill from there.

That scenario is speculation, but does fit the timelines and physical evidence known.

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498 Responses to Interesting Development – Trayvon Martin Quid Pro Quo at the 7-11? Update – Confirmed

  1. DiwataMan says:

    Curly Walks out With Blunts @1:20

    Trayvon, Another Angle, Turning around

    • griz1234 says:

      What a squirrely pack of idgits.

      • Corey says:

        I wouldn’t say Trayvon knows these guys, but it appears Trayvon asked one of these guys to buy him a phillies blunt… When I was a teenager I used to stand outside asking people walking in to but me cigarettes/beer… But the interesting part is buying a phillies blunt, most likely saint skittles wanted the phillies blunt to hollow it out for smoking his weed.. So it tells me, when he noticed Zimmerman following him, he ran to hide his marijuana/blunt real quick before coming back to confront Zimmerman… Someone will find it but never put 2 and 2 together though.

        • It will be interesting to hear what Chad says.. if they can get him to testify what he saw that night. It must have been sad for them to clean out his belongings from the Green condo and find all the paraphernalia and possibly his stash.
          You just lost your kid.. and then you start to really understand why he died. It’s easy to see how they lashed out at others as evidence of their poor parenting mounts higher and higher. Very sad.
          I fear that people on both sides, however, are trying to sugar coat the elements that really led to this. It’s my goal to have any I engage in discussion on the subject treat this as the tragedy it is.. not the tragedy it isn’t.

          • auscitizenmom says:

            “I fear that people on both sides, however, are trying to sugar coat the elements that really led to this.” I don’t know why you say that. Zimmerman was doing what he should have done. He was not doing anything illegal. He saw Trayvon acting suspiciously just like he did at school.

            • It’s important to draw a distinction between wrong and illegal. Stupidity, as far as I can tell, is legal in all 50 states.
              There are elements of this that we can remove and wind up with a most likely live Trayvon Martin.. or at the very least no trial what so ever.
              I am not sure if you are a CCW permit holder or not.. but even if you don’t desire to get a permit, I would highly suggest you take a CCW pistol course. In that course you will learn over and over the folly of entering into a situation with your legally carried firearm. Your firearm is by design to get you out of a situation.. not into one.
              That said, there are exceptions to that rule. If armed people come into a convenience store, for example.. you may feel morally obligated to enter into that situation rather than retreat from it. This all situational.
              In Zimmerman’s situation here, however, he shoud have NEVER gotten out of his truck. Morally he’s on the hook for that and I won’t sugar coat that aspect. Is he legally on the hook for it? No. Getting out of his truck while armed wasn’t illegal.. but it WAS monumentally stupid. It’s why any of this hype even exists.

              So yes.. there is a good deal of sugar coating on both sides. At the end of the day, though, it was a justified shoot. Tragic, but justified.

              • auscitizenmom says:

                Yes, I have a CCW and of course I have taken the course. All of the evidence points to Trayvon being the one who sat in wait and attacked Zimmerman. “Morally he’s on the hook for that.” Totally disagree with your opinion.

                • Well.. that’s what I love about a free society where we can mutually respect our differing opinions. All that I ask is that you think hard about this situation.. no matter how it comes out.. and ask yourself if you would have gotten out of the car while armed. If you would.. ask yourself why. If you would not.. ask yourself why. Can’t do any more than that. Also, talk to your CCW instructor about the situation when you go for your renewal… see what his/her insights are.
                  Best wishes either way.

                  • ftsk420 says:

                    I know I would have got out of my truck armed or not to many people sit back and do nothing. The situation that happen in Hempstead NY could easily have happen in Sanford florida the night of Feb 2 2012.

                  • Well, then you would also find yourself on trial as well as financial and emotionally stripped naked.. all because you pursued a path that put you at risk. Why do that for a situation that doesn’t merit it?
                    You brought up the situation in New York. I said that there are exceptions… every situation is different. In this one, however, where there was no direct threat to your life or the life of anyone else.. you need to be aware that you, like Zimmerman.. will be heavily judged for your actions.
                    Remaining in the car.. and vigilant.. until the police come.. protects you from that. You haven’t really given anything up.. you are still performing your service to the community.. but you are not placing yourself at physical and financial risk. That’s all I’m saying.
                    Talk to a lawyer and to your CCW instructor about it. I realize that this is an emotional issue for many.. and quite a few seem to have tied any mistake George might have made to a conviction of murder.. and that’s not the case.
                    If we are going to avoid these kinds of situations in the future, we have to treat them for the tragedies they are.. not the tragedies they aren’t.

                    If Zimmerman, or you, stay in your car and the Trayvon’s attack you there.. we won’t have these conversations and certainly not trials about the events.

                  • Seeks_The_Truth says:

                    You seem to be hook on the point that ” If Zimmerman never got out of his truck”. How else was he to do the job he was asked to do. You seem to forget that Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch Captain. No matter what you believe, he was. Therefore it was his responsibility by agreement that he keep a watch on anyone or anything that looked suspicious in the neighborhood, even if it means getting out of his truck.
                    Zimmerman was doing what was asked of him. What was Martin doing? Walking home from the store? So why didn’t he just keep walking home?
                    For me it comes down to who changed what their intent was. Why did Martin feel the need to confront the neighborhood watch if he was only walking home?

                  • He wasn’t on patrol that night and the NHW guidelines clearly state that you are never to patrol or perform any of your duties while armed. So no.. I’m not skipping that point.. I’m keenly aware of it.
                    Zimmerman has a moral duty to his community, but he also has a responsibility to himself and others not to turn the community into a shooting gallery for no reason. Simply put, Martin’s actions that night didn’t merit him putting himself and others at risk for all the things that could possibly go wrong with that scenario. It would have been very different if Martin would have been an active shooter. In that instance.. you are quite correct.. get out of your car and light him up. Aside from that, though, you need to let the police handle it.

                  • Seeks_The_Truth says:

                    When you are a member of a neighborhood watch, there are no times you are “off”. There are times set you must patrol, but it is your duty to investigate any suspicious activity seen at anytime. Seems you have forgotten that point.
                    Also, where in the contract he signed does it say he is not allowed to patrol armed? In his contract, it does not state one way or the other. He does have a CCW which entitles him to carry where legally allowed. Might be the rule in your NHW, but not all. Besides, as you said he was off duty and being a good citizen as well as being part of the neighborhood watch.
                    Zimmerman did nothing that warranted being attacked. I don’t care who watches you or for how long, it is not a reason to jump someone. If Martin was a valid resident of the apartment complex, he should have known about the neighborhood watch and if he felt uncomfortable, introduce himself or go home and tell his father and let him take care of it. That is what a reasonable person would do, but he did not. Martin put his life, and others, in jeopardy when he decided he didn’t like the fact someone was watching his actions in a place and a way that looked suspicious and decided to go after him. Martin was the aggressor after all and it was during the assault he was shot. Zimmerman was on his way to meet the police when he was assaulted. Where was the threat to Martin at that time that he would turn away from going home to confront someone?
                    Martin should have let the police take care of it. Quite curious if he felt so threatened why he didn’t call the police to report someone following him.

                  • ftsk420 says:

                    Sorry my post shout say Feb 26 2012.

                  • doodahdaze says:

                    If Lincoln had just stayed home. But no. He had to go to the theatre.

                  • I’m not sure what part of what I said makes you feel that I’m saying Zimmerman should have done nothing. All I’m saying is that he should have done it.. from his truck. He did his deal.. he reported it.. he watched Martin run between the condo.. so drive to the back entrance already. Wait there for police to call you. They have you number. Observe down the well lit streets and stay in your locked car on your guard. That keeps you and everyone else safe as well eh?
                    Police show up.. then you help them look for the guy.

                  • ejarra says:

                    You need to put yourself in his mindset that night. There were two thought burning in his brain. The first that many talk about is the concept of, “These assholes always get away”. He was frustrated by the multiple times of tardiness of the police. Sure they get there, but usually too late to do anything; too late to catch the trespassers. So for him the concept of waiting for them, just was no longer acceptable. If the SPD’s history was one of promptness, I bet he may have stayed in his truck.

                    Second, inadvertent as it was, he interpreted Sean’s request to, “Let me know if he does something else.”; which he asked twice, as a suggestion to, “keep an eye on him”. That would entail George to exit his vehicle and follow Trayvon’s actions.

                    Now as far as having his gun on him and remembering at the time that he exited his truck that he indeed have it on him, I’d bet that he never gave it a moments notice. Maybe he should, but he didn’t. He also did NOT want a confrontation with this much taller and younger man. I really believe that he thought that he lost him and at that point upon hanging up with Sean, he went to get a house number and go back to his truck and wait there.

                    What would have happened to him if he remembered he had the gun on him and then left it in the truck? This may have had the exact opposite ending.

                    One last thought I want you to think about if you are ever in that situation. It was always a possibility that Tryavon really may have been up to no good and was about to commit a serious crime. What if he attacked someone else while you were in the car waiting for the police. How would you feel if you had the opportunity to stop a crime by just observing the suspect, out of your vehicle, and by your watching him could have stopped a crime. There were too many variables to armchair what could or should have been done.

                    Given what he knew at the time, I don’t believe he would have done anything different.

                    It’s Trayvon’s action that could have been prevented by him. He alone was responsible for his death.

                  • Veritas says:

                    What was this individual doing menacing Zimmerman. You are speculating about what Martin would have done. There is nothing to suppose that Martin wasn’t seeking a confrontation and staying in his vehicle would have done zip.

                    As far as being armed goes Zimmerman has the law on his side. There is no question about this and the DA sounds like the DA did at Duke.

                  • Seeks_The_Truth says:

                    No matter how much people want to rethink what Zimmerman did or didn’t do and even what Martin did or didn’t do, I can’t seem to get past one factual point. One ‘but for’. One action that is NOT in dispute.
                    After the police showed at the scene, after the scene was investigated, Zimmerman was taken to the station and questioned and Martin to the morgue, one fact is clear.
                    The investigation showed, and the DA found, that Zimmerman had acted in self defense. Zimmerman was free to go.
                    BUT FOR the mob outside screaming for blood, BUT FOR the threat of violence and riots, BUT FOR the city scrambling to find someone, ANYONE, who would charge Zimmerman, the original investigation showed Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense.
                    I question how such obvious facts can be changed by the threat of violence and riots? Zimmerman was charged without the rule of law but he will be tried with it.
                    We have truly become a lawless society where groups of strong overpower the weak or unwilling. All must remember that power comes in all colors.

              • jello333 says:

                “In Zimmerman’s situation here, however, he shoud have NEVER gotten out of his truck. Morally he’s on the hook for that and I won’t sugar coat that aspect.”

                George is just as morally responsible for what happened as he is legally responsible. In other words… NOT AT ALL. If, IF he got out of his truck with the intention of chasing down Trayvon, and confronting and trying to detain him or some such, then yeah… he’d bear some responsibility. But there is absolutely NO evidence that that was the case. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence that he had NO intention of winding up face-to-face with Travyon.

                So no, in my opinion George did nothing wrong — either legally or morally. And thinking about him having a gun…. up till the last 5 seconds of the conflict, I don’t think that came into play one little bit. And while it’s true that had George not had a gun that Trayvon wouldn’t have been shot by that gun, that’s the ONLY given. Even without that gun, George could have wound up dead (or crippled for life) at the hands of Trayvon, and it’s even possible that Trayvon himself would have still been killed… maybe by the cops, arriving to find a man being beaten to death, with no other way of stopping the assailant.

                Anyway, using 20/20 hindsight?… well yeah, of course, any number of different actions by either George or Trayvon could have made all the difference. But I highly doubt George was carrying his crystal ball around with him that night.

                • auscitizenmom says:

                  Yeah, that was what I was trying to say. :)

                • Again.. you confuse Illegal.. with stupid.
                  Getting out of his truck.. was stupid. Legal.. but stupid. He’s on the hook for that.. and he’s paying the price for it. It’s upto you if you want to repeat his mistake or not.

                  • Seeks_The_Truth says:

                    Zimmerman is not paying the price for getting out of his truck, he is paying the price of mob mentality.
                    The police felt the shooting was justified. It was the mob that didn’t.
                    So this ‘vigilante’ justice is allowed?

                  • MDRaines says:

                    Well if we’re going to discuss the topic of stupidity, why did Martin have to turn around and confront Zimmerman? Two can play the game of “what if’s” in any situation all day long. What if George Zimmerman stayed in his car? Well, why didn’t Trayvon Martin continue his journey home to safety? He’d still be alive. You cannot find Zimmerman at wrong for getting out of his vehicle, if you do not acknowledge the point that Martin turning around and confronting Zimmerman was also wrong.

              • Sarah says:

                Part of the reason many people get a CCW is so they don’t have to cower and hide in public. How was Zimmerman to know this young punk would hide and then jump him? At least he did have the means to defend himself when it happened.

                I repeat again, no one in this country should have to hide in their own neighborhood. That’s part of what’s wrong with our society.

            • jello333 says:

              I just realized we’re in a year-old thread! ;)

              • Sharon says:

                Which may just mean that Patrick D can check off that box. Don’t know. It’s a possibility. Distraction, recovering (again and again and again) old, old, old, ground. It gets so blasted tiresome on some days, jello333.

                But since we’re here, Ima go ahead and ask: how is your family doing today?

                • jello333 says:

                  (Yeah, obviously I need to pay attention to the date on a post before I go responding to a heretofore-unknown commenter, huh?! Or better yet, just don’t respond AT ALL to all the rehashing. Probably best…)

                  About my wife’s dad and his wife, thanks for asking, Sharon…. yeah, they’re staying with another of his daughters (who my wife and I barely know) for the time being. My wife’s brother assumed that they’d be staying with HIM, and I guess there was a bit of an argument about who gets the pleasure of their company. ;) Nice to be “wanted”, eh? We’re still waiting to see pics of the house, to see just how bad it got hit. They’re calling it “totaled”, but if it’s anything like a car that gets wrecked, there’s totaled and then there’s TOTALED if you know what I mean… Anyway, especially considering what just happened near OKC, I think my FIL is feeling pretty lucky.

              • auscitizenmom says:

                Har, har. Guess it is time to move one. Reckon?? :)

      • Seeks_The_Truth says:

        Idgits. I love it. lol

    • HOLY CRAP!



      CURLY BUYS MARTIN’S BLUNT AS HE REQUESTED, THEN DECIDES “make it two, please!” – so he has to go fishing into his wallet for more money!!

      I think this is pretty much “beyond a reasonable doubt” at this point!

      NO QUESTION in my mind that Martin had these guys buy him a blunt!

      Sorry for “yelling” – I get loud when I’m excited…

      I *HATE* the circumstances, but I *LOVE* real-life puzzles!!

      I believe THIS one is SOLVED!

      • scubachick75 says:

        Are these guys black or white. I can’t tell. That’s one brave 7-11 employee. If a guy walked into a store I was in and had his hood that way where you could only see a small part of his face, I would think I was getting robbed for sure! These guys can’t stand still either.

        • They knew the Clerk – I’m pretty sure I heard “whassup Cuz!”

          • If that one guys hoodie had been orange I would have said his name was “Kenny” from South Park…… sheeesh, who wears a hoodie tied up covering your entire face with a ball cap on top of the hoodie. Really?

            • John Galt says:

              Typically found on bank camera videos and wanted posters.

              • Jb says:

                Trayvon had the clerk look backwards quickly and then he looked back to Trayvon. Looked as if he was inquiring about something he’s not allowed to have as he’s not 18. Was he inquiring about something that he wasn’t old enough to purchase? Are those blunts avail behind the clerk?

                • WTD says:

                  Some of the cough meds may be dispensed by ID and limited qty. Ssomeone could confirm if NyQuil or similar tussin type cough remedies are behind clerk for this purpose.

              • Bob says:

                Also of note is that most stores in Florida have alongside of the front door jamb a height scale marked in feet. So the guy/gal at the checkout can tell the height of a suspect.

            • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

              The Unabomber opted for that look a couple of times, no?

              • chinchilla says:

                Looks like we’ve stumbled onto the Wheaton Bandit a few weeks too late. And why’s he hangin’ with Geddy Lee and Aunt Jemima?

            • Daisy says:

              What’s their problem wearing hoodies like that? Scary! It just says criminal to me….guess I’m profiling.

            • It was raining, was it not…and yea a bit extreme

          • Blam says:

            In all likelihood this happens frequently, and has probably happened many times before w/ this clerk.

        • Aussie says:

          one of them is black. One of them is white. I am not sure about the other one.

          • justice099 says:

            I see two black guys (or at least dark sinned) and one white guy

            • BigZim says:

              One of them was most definitely a “WHITE” Hispanic like George Zimmerman! Go back and watch the video closely the one with the Goofy Black hat is most definitely a “WHITE” Hispanic for sure!

        • NotACountryBoy says:

          I agree, however Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and everyone of the same mentality would consider your thought process of possibly being robbed by the way these guys came into the store specifically the terrorist hoodie guy – would feel you are either racist or racial profiling due to their unique dress code. Just because someone dresses like a terrorist inside a 7/11 buying blunts doesn’t mean they are up to no good… (yeah right).

      • John Galt says:

        “HOLY CRAP!”

        Indeed. Interesting topic for DeeDee’s deposition: WTF was Trayvon really doing at 7-11?

      • Sandusky says:

        If this point is being covered in the audio, Dedicated Dad, my apologies – my audio has decided to take a vacation again tonight. Anyway, what you say re the two bills makes great sense, but as far as I can see the first transaction (around 0:17) is for TWO blunts, which the clerk gives to light-grey-hoodie guy even tho “drummer boy” is the one who’s paying – an act that gives further credence to your deduction that he’s purchasing them for someone else. Then Drummer Boy presumably requests a third b/c he reaches for his wallet at 0:27, and the clerk brings back a third blunt at 0:37, but this one is picked up by Drummer Boy himself, who then pushes it to one side in front of grey-hoodie-guy (1:11). At 1:13, you can clearly see the three blunts spread out.

        Would it be etiquette for TM to say to him, “Here, buy one for me and one for yourself” and then the guy decided to buy a third, either for himself or for one of the others in the group? Or would it be more likely that he bought two for TM with TM’s money and then decided that he’d like one for himself as well?

        But if he bought two for TM, where is the second one? Could TM have smoked both in the time before spotting GZ? (Maybe the second one was for Chad? Maybe TM left it on the porch so it wouldn’t get smushed up in the beating he was about to give to GZ?)

        Questions, questions.

        • Jay says:

          Those don’t look like blunts to me they look like black and milds.

          • On the audio the guy says “black & milds” – still used for the same thing, though – probably tastes better than a real “blunt” wrapper!

            • Mooserator says:

              Black and Mild Weed Blunt – the coveted Black and Mild Weed Blunt.

              And the lighter in his pocket. He took the Good stuff to Brandy’s house and went back out to confront Zimmerman.

              Who gives the kid money to always have Weed, an assortment of Tattoos, and ready mix of Lean?

              • ejarra says:

                Forget the money for tattoos, lean, weed. That’s chicken feed.

                I want to know where he got the money for GOLD TEETH!!

                • ArkansasMimi says:

                  ROFLMBO! Me too ejarra!

                  • Joy-Z says:

                    FWIW: The gold teeth were fake – or the photos were not of this Trayvon. The autopsy report says his teeth are natural with fair oral hygene.

                  • Jello333 says:

                    Oh yeah, I assumed they were fake from the first time I saw the pic. Just more of Trayvon’s “wannabe” attitude. Kinda sad actually…

              • Bob says:

                Hey thats right. Tampon did have a lighter in his pocket.

          • Mike says:

            Yup. You just slice it open, dump out the tobacco, put in your weed, roll it, and with a bit of saliva it’s a nice wrap

      • Aussie says:

        let’s get back to the coroner’s report. The THC was found in the blood that was in the chest cavity. To little innocent me, that suggests that the weed had recently been consumed and had not been in his system as had been suggested for several days.

        • howie says:

          The one guy can be found by his credit card. He will lead to the other two. Depositions for them are a good way to start investigating this.

        • You *DO* understand that the blood in the chest cavity had leaked from the hole in his heart, right?

          There were 2 liters in there – he’d pretty much bled out into his own chest cavity, which MIGHT have been why they used that blood for testing… There would have been little left in his veins at that point…


          • Aussie says:

            yes, I do, and it also means that the content was fresh.

          • James Crawford says:

            I have gutted lots of deer and elk that I have shot through the heart. Given good bullet expansion, the perforation of the heart is massive, so a large proportion of the body’s blood supply bleeds out into the chest cavity. Blood samples taken from the chest cavity will essentially sample the body’s blood supply.

        • chopp says:

          No. They can’t draw blood from his veins/arteries because they are all collapsed due to no B/P. Since he was shot in the chest, there would be blood accumulating in his chest cavity and that is where they took the sample.

      • Aoife says:

        They may not be able to identify one of the guys but if another used a debit card, that should be pretty easy peasey. BTW…weren’t we told on several occasions that this was St. Skittles’ first trip to Sanford? How did he hook up with these guys so quickly?

        • txantimedia says:

          That’s easy. You stand outside the store until a customer who looks old enough to buy what you want shows up. Then you approach him and ask him if he’d mind buying you a blunt.

        • Blam says:

          I read in one of the discovery documents that he had been there 7 days, and even if he didn’t know them……. I have seen it happen many, many times here in Miami Dade where people going into a convenience store are asked by juveniles to buy them a black and mild. And more likely this would occur if those others (the 3 Stooges) were dressed similarly to how TM was dressed. Again, have seen it often here. That’s assuming they didn’t know each other. But 7 days is a long time…….. they probably saw each other at the same place on other days. Just MHO.

      • Chevymisty says:

        I am glad someone else pointed that cause I was thinking the same thing. He had money out already but then had to get more out? I am sorry but who does that? And then they pay with a card. I pay with cash and a card once in a while so I wont say who does that…but the card AND the money comes out at the same time. Why go back and pull out the wallet a second time? I never put my wallet back until I am sure I have paid. Maybe that’s just me but that doesn’t seem right. this whole thing is really fishy. Damn I need me some watermelon juice.

      • TJ says:

        SO WHAT????

      • Bob says:

        While its too late but it would be interesting to search the area when st skittles was running to see if these could be found. Also why would someone ‘grounded’ by daddy have over 40 bucks on him? Did daddy give it to him to buy weed or did he get it selling something.

        • ejarra says:

          He was there grounded already at least a week going to the movies with his cousin which meant he had the have had at least $100+ grounded cash.

          I’m starting to blame his death more on Tracey and Sybrina than GZ or even TM. If his parents parented, TM would not not have been dead walking.

  2. John Galt says:

    Maybe they needed the blunts to go with the weed they bought from TM?

  3. Raoul says:

    2nd transaction is made with credit/debit card.

  4. John Galt says:

    The guy appears to be tweaking. Nervous twitching + light sensitivity (dark glasses at night). Methamphetamine user?

  5. Sharon says:

    Putting Diwata’s video work together with your commentary, Sundance, puts the arguments and questions begging to be investigated in some pretty bright lights.

  6. tara says:

    I had posted this days ago but need to repeat it here. In the original video of Trayvon at the 7-11, when the cashier is finishing ringing him up and bagging the watermelon juice, Trayvon can be seen pulling one or more bills out of his pocket and tucking them into his right palm. He then takes the bag with that same hand. It’s clear to me that he’s planning to pay for something with cash.

    • Donnie B. says:

      Since no drugs were found on TM’s person, its possible that he maybe bought a pill and consumed it?

      • Chevymisty says:

        I wonder if he got some Robitussin or other form of Liquid DXM. After all that’s all hes missing. And I know a couple of us have pointed out that in most stores around us anymore you need an ID to get anything with DXM in it.

      • John Galt says:

        Are THC levels found in the autopsy consistent with smoking a blunt on the way home from 7-11 or are they residual levels from prior use?

        • Aussie says:

          yes, because it was found in the blood from the chest cavity. That would make it fresh.

        • Herb Martin says:

          As I understand it, they are consistent with but do not prove THC was ingested immediately prior.

          The chest blood cannot give accurate levels, and there is some dispute about what blood levels would give in any case, but more should be known when the quantitatively accurate toxicology report is available.

          I am not independently qualified to give the opinion above but have derived it from reading and listening to actual experts so it might be worthless or not.

        • Brahms says:

          Positive blood test is most often recent use – past12 hours. A heavy chronic smoker can have a positive blood test for a day.

      • minpin says:

        One minor correction. Drugs were found on TM’s person, they just happened to be inside his person, rather than in his hands or pockets. I wonder if his pockets were ever tested for drug residue? The discovery released talks about testing his clothing for gun powder, blood and DNA, but there is nothing there about testing his clothing fro drug traces. Hopefully O’Mara can have those tests done, as the clothing evidence is still in their position. Heck I’d even have the plastic bag that he carried the watermelon juice in tested for drug traces, or blunt traces.

  7. ejarra says:

    First I agree with JG, that first guy seemed like he was on speed, or just TOOO much coffee.

    Second, Mr. I’m-gonna-block-my-face-with-my-hood guy paid with a card (CC/DC) so it should be easy to find oy who he is. I’d try to locate him and see if he knew TM.

    Now on to something else that’s been bugging me in the ME report about the THC in TM’s blood and urine. Some are saying that it is hard to say WHEN he took the drugs; that day, a few days or last week. Well the one thing we know is that he’s been there for at least a week; ergo, he had to have had a local pot supplier. I would start with his cousin. I’m NOT saying that it’s him, but he might know WHO it is.

    It seems like whenever I get an answer, two more questions pop up!

    Oh yeah, GREAT VIDEO!!

    • Or he brought the weed with him from Miami but – remember – the school confiscated his pipe… So he needs SOMETHING to smoke in! Smart stoners are VERY creative – don’t ask how I know – but… Everything from carrot through apple to soda-can, TP roll, just some tinfoil…
      Making a pipe is easy – if you’re smart… OTOH, culturally for TM it would likely be all blunts, all the time…

      in re: the vid:
      18:21:54 enters from right
      at counter – pants are “sagging” below buttox – and crotch is still above counter. BIG BOY!

      18:23:15 thru :20 or so, he’s asking something – “$3.45?” then digs for change – this kid has a DEEP voice!

      Question – did he need to break a bill for something and this is why he’s even HERE?

      18:23:58 or :59 “Hello” – DEEP!
      Why bag for watermelon but not skittles?
      18:24:14 – almost out of frame then turns back

      18:24:32 he’s finally leaving – disappeared from frame

      18:24:38 door chime – where was he for 6 seconds? Looking out before opening? Why?

      18:24:45 headlight inbounf
      18:24:50 car parks

      18:25:24 lights off

      18:25:53 Door chime – they’re in frame almost immediately.

      Seems lke these clowns know this clerk – keffiyeh kid goes to back & comes back with him -think I heard “whassup cuz”

      18″26:35 – “can I get a black & mild…2 of them please” — they’re planning on rolling blunts!

      Hoodie-kid takes his down – they were clowning clerk…

      18:28:30 – long hair exits – door-chime

      18:28:56 – second car in view
      18:29:02 – ^^ Parked.
      18:29:10 – look close to left of white sign on glass – can see blonde cross toward door after exiting car.

      18:29:17 – hoodie out of frame/chime

      Blonde must have entered at one of these points – :17 or:19 – how do we not see her enter?

      18:29:19 – martin into frame from left – Him & long-hair outside for 50 seconds together? Just about right for a quick transaction!!

      18:29:20 – kiffiyehkid outof frame/chime

      ^^FREEZE VID HERE – MARTIN OUTSIDE AT HEIGHT-STRIP ON WINDOW. He’s slouching but still over 6′ tall. I believe the original figure we all were told – 6’3 is really accurate if he’s standing up straight.
      There are many reasons the coroner could have gotten it wrong by 2-3-4-inches!

      18:29:44 (aka9:40) – where did this blonde chick come from?!?! (2×2-liter coke) – we never see her enter the store…

      18:30:02 – the 3-boys’ car moves-no lights
      18:30:07 – lights- they backed all theway across lot…

      18:30:31(10:27) – blonde exits/door chime & IF MY EYES ARE NOT PLAYING TRIcKS ON ME – goes to passenger-door of car 2.
      IF THIS IS RIGHT, is 42 seconds (car parks @ 18:29:02, she enters frame from rear of store @ 18:29:44) enough time for her to exit car, enter store, get (2) 2-liters of coke & make it back to this camera view?

      If so, could someone please train my wife & daughters because they wouldn’t even have been out of the car in 42 seconds!!


      Kidding aside, I’m bugged about this…
      She’s out in 8 seconds from the time the car rocks into park

      Something else is bugging me…

      We know Martin’s a stoner.
      We can safely ASSUME the Stooges are as well, and judging by the blunt-buys all had weed…

      Stoners are generally social people – it seems very odd they’d meet over “hey, would you get me a blunt?” and someone not say “let’s go smoke up!”– UNLESS Martin really creeped them out somehow… Likewise, you’d THINK he’d ask them for a ride!

      I know in my smoking days (long, long ago) I’d have offered a fellow stoner a ride – ESPEcIALLY if he fired up that joint (inthis case, blunt) he was about to roll! – UNLESS he was super-creepy!

      • atex says:

        Great work! Actually all of you do a *beyond* spectacular job! Que Dedicated Dad—I can’t seem to find the version of the 7-eleven vid you are referring to.
        Is there a link or did I just not see it.
        thx in advance.

        • atex says:

          Ohhhh! Duh! It’s in the discovery!! Dear me, truth be told I haven’t checked it out yet in it’s entity because it seems I’ve only come across bits and pieces scattered about on different sites. I guess I should just google it and am sure I’ll be directed to a place where it is all together.
          thx anyway………..

          • John Galt says:

            Maybe this, can somebody filter the background noise out?

            • justice099 says:

              I have been working on it. Whoever installed the security system did a terrible job. It sounds like there is a DC bias on the microphone. I’ve got it cleaned up “ok” but still not there yet. I can here the three stooges pretty well now, but Trayvon is still hard to hear. However, I do hear one thing…

              Trayvon asks the clerk for something when he first comes up to the counter and the clerk says “You have your ID on you?” Trayvon says something, then the clerk says “I gotta have ID or I can’t sell it to you.” This is where he is motioning to the cigarette rack, but really he is shrugging his shoulders and gesturing that it “isn’t his rules.”

              I can hear most of the clerk talking, but Trayvon is speaking very low and drawn out.

              Anyway, still working on it.

              • Wow.
                If that’s the Case, thenmy theory (above) is pretty well proven.
                Skittles wants a blunt and has the stooges buy it for him…

              • Oh-and “low and drawn out” is pretty muCh EXACTLY how I’d describe the vids I’ve found of people on Lean… Low and SLOOOooow…. sort of like the “screwed” music…

              • Jello333 says:

                Yep, that background noise is driving me INSANE. So last night I downloaded a trial version of some audio editing program, and have been messing around like you have. Getting rid of some of that noise helps, but then the voices are so low it makes it even harder to hear them. But anyway, yeah, now it’s easier to pick out some words. And they most definitely ask for “Black & Milds”.

                I thought I had found something important, but I guess it turns out not. When messing with the editing software, all I had was the audio, so I couldn’t sync it up with the video. I heard one of the guys say, “Wooo! You see that…..?” I couldn’t make out the last couple words, but the other guy responds like he’s interested. And then they say a couple things back and forth about it for a few seconds, including “Yeah he’s….”. Again, can’t make out the words. So I thought… wow, could they be talking about Trayvon who is waiting outside? I got real excited, kept trying to clean up the audio. But then I synced it up with the video, and if seems like the “Wooo!….” was referring to the cover of a magazine. Maybe you can let me know if I’m right about that.

                • Jello333 says:

                  Oh and by the way, I think why you get that noise is whoever installed the CCTV system stupidly put the mic right near an HVAC vent. Wouldn’t you think they’d test it out before going live with it? Dumb…

                  • Bob says:

                    Well in the guys defense, the mike on many CCD cameras is usually built into the camera.

                • justice099 says:

                  Yes. It was in regards to the magazine. I can get most of the three stooges conversation pretty well. It is Trayvon’s words I am having the most trouble with. And just like you, The more I clean up the audio, the harder it becomes to make out what is being said.

                  • Jello333 says:

                    The only words of Trayvon I can make out are the “Hello” when he answers the phone, and a question about some dollar amount (like “three thirty five” or something). Like I said, I was really excited when I thought the 3 guys might be referring to Trayvon. But now I’m glad it’s just the magazine they were talking about, because now I can stop playing with that editing software….. I don’t think my ears and head could take it any more! ;)

              • jimrtex says:

                It sounds like when the first friend is asking for the first blunt, that the clerks asks him for an ID, and the 1st friend turns to the 2nd friend as if to ask whether it can use his ID. And then the clerk hands the blunt to the guy with the ID. And then maybe they decide to buy the other two to make it look a little more ordinary. And then they switch places, and the guy with ID takes the 3 blunts, and it sort of looks like the clerk is checking to see where they have gone, because he leans forward on both sides of the rack to check,

      • Aussie says:

        you forgot to mention the end of a hose… do not ask how I know… but NO, I have never ever smoked weed.

      • jimrtex says:

        There is a 3-second skip at 6:29:25, which is probably when she sneaks by the camera. At the frozen frame at 6:29:25, the clerk is looking toward the door, when it restarts 3 seconds later he is probably looking at the reflection in the glass.

        There are also 3 door chimes (2 exiting and one entering). When the blonde leaves

        When Martin first enters the store, there is about an 11-second gap from when he crosses the store front, until he appears in view. So 15 seconds is about right for someone who meets some interesting individuals near the door.

        When she leaves it is 6 seconds from the counter to the door chime, and another 6 seconds until she is approaching the car. There is a skip at this point too.

        Martin and DeeDee have a phone call from 5:09 to 6:30. I wonder if T-Mobile has more accurate clocks, and whether the 7-11 time stamps are running off a synchronized clock.

        • ZurichMike says:

          A phone call or a text session?

        • Jello333 says:

          No reason to bother with a lot of research about the blonde. She’s a blonde girl… that’s all we need to know. It’s an established fact that blonde girls are very tricky creatures.

          • jimrtex says:

            But she was wearing a hoodie !!!

            I think they had to account for the car outside and so had to redact a bit in the shot when she was visible from the front.

            The door is in the corner of the store (diagonally facing), with about the same distance you can’t see off to the left as you can see in the images showing the windows.

            If you think of the parking lot as being to the north, the door is in the northwest corner. There is also a bit of sidewalk on the west of the store. It is as the store was designed to have parking on two sides, but Sam’s was built before the strip center, so it is sort of a vestigial sidewalk. But you could be around the corner, and not visible from a car parked in front – but to be cautious, you could walk backward, turn into the store, and maybe glance at the car real quick.

          • scubachick75 says:

            Aww…come on, Jello. We can’t help it. It’s a blessing and a curse….lol

      • Susie says:

        I think he first asked for rolling paper, the clerk turned around to see if there was any, and then said no.

        In my day, the paper that tampons were wrapped in worked perfectly to roll a joint. Obviously, Trayvon would have chosen something else to roll a joint w/. But, why wouldn’t he have tried to buy the blunts himself? Maybe he did, but was told he needed ID, and he didn’t have any? We know he didn’t have any ID on him, fake or other wise.

        • stellap says:

          You’re right about the paper, Susie, but I would never have thought of that!

        • Susie says:

          Ok, now I see where justice099 says he heard something about needing an ID. It makes sense that he’d TRY to buy it himself before he asked strangers to do it for him.

    • Lulu says:

      How do we know Trayvon had been at Brandi’s for a week? Did I miss something?

      • ejarra says:

        From what I remember, he was suspended from school for 10 days, sent down to Tracy’s and was to go back that next day (Sunday) to be back in school on Monday which would mean he was there at least a week.

        • minpin says:

          I haven’t heard anything about TM going home on Sunday to be back in school on Monday. I must have missed that somewhere. TM was suspended for 10 days. I am assuming that it was 10 school days, or two weeks of school. If he had been in Sanford for 7 days, wouldn’t he still have another school week to go on his suspension? I thought he was sent to Sanford, to his father, right after the suspension in order to get him out of Miami.

          • Jello333 says:

            Yeah, wasn’t the shooting on a Sunday? And even if nothing had happened, I can’t see his Dad waiting till late on a Sunday evening to drive him all the way back home. So I think he may have had another week to go.

          • jimrtex says:

            Tracy Martin’s claim was that they were going to leave early Monday morning. I have read that Trayvon was in Sanford for 7 days, but not necessarily that Tracy Martin was. He worked as a truck driver for Sysco in Miami, which probably means making deliveries – not as an interstate trucker.

            • Blam says:

              I have seen photos of his house and I thought he also lived her in Miami/Miami Gardens area. It was his girlfriend/fiance who lived in Sanford. That is what I had read. I read the “7 days” thing in the discovery documents, a statement from his father. And 10 day suspension means 10 school days.

      • myopiafree says:

        Tracy mentioned seven days – as I heard it.

      • minpin says:

        Lulu- It is in Det. Chris Serinos report. He wrote that Tracy told him about TM’s school suspension for cannabis, and said Tracy told him that TM had been in Sanford for the past 7 days.

        Yet these lying jerks immediately put out that TM had been suspended for truancy and/or being in an unauthorized location at the school. Tracy knew exactly why he was suspended, and told the detective the reason right from the get go. They lied about the reason big time as not many would have been quite as sympathetic if they knew the real reason for the suspension. Who would have ever believed that such an innocent young 12 year old boy would do such a thing? sarc.

        • John Galt says:

          All part of “crafting the story” for the media as described on Ryan Julison’s former web site.

      • Jay says:

        Tracy Martin said it.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi, Ejarra, You are correct, THC stays in the body system for a long time. The issue with DXM, is that it might be volitile, and they might not check for it. They might not bother to check. I suspect that, unless you know to look for DXM, you would not find it. Perhaps Dedicated Dad has some ideas about standard M.E. tests?

      • minpin says:

        Aren’t all homicide toxicology tests done to detect all medications in the body? If I am not mistaken, it was reported that Whitney Huston had cough or cold medicine in her body along with all the other drugs.

        • chopp says:

          Yes. And the final results have not been released.

        • DXM is *NOT* picked up on standard toxicology tests.

          Whitney likely had “REAL Lean” – codeine and promethazine – in her system.

          This WOULD be found on standard tox-screens as codeine would register as “Opiates”& then they’d do further testing to to narrow further…

          • barnslayer says:

            Excuse me for being out of the loop on this but why would a celebrity take the same crap drugs as a street thug? (I realize there is a difference between the two Lean concoctions). But it still seems like an odd choice for junkies with money. Also, if I may impose…
            What is the key ingredient in this stuff that would make someone aggressive? Codeine, promethazine, DM all have sedative effects and overdose depress function to the point of coma or death? I’m not fronting for TM (he got what he deserved) but I need clarification on the pharmaceutical aspect.

            • myopiafree says:

              It is funny – but many people ASSUME that all drugs have the SAME EFFECT on all persons. This is false – even with “weed”. Some get sleepy. Some get animated. Some get PARANOID!! Thus with respect to TM (and the fact he KNEW the community was being “watched”) – he STILL GOT PARANOID. It only took GZ “walking around” to set him off. In fact, it did not even have to be GZ. Only someone who HAPPENED TO BE WALKING CLOSE BEHIND HIM. This is why I say this was “drug paranoia”, not a “racial issue”.

              • John Galt says:

                TM had previously expressed concern about being “roped” for weed as a reason to seek codeine, had in fact been “roped” for weed and suspended from school, so may indeed have been paranoid about being yet again “roped” for weed.

                • Jello333 says:

                  Heh, that made me imagine something kinda funny. Not really funny, but…. Anyway, what if Trayvon was walking along with his weed and his blunt, and then he sees George watching him. Trayvon is like, “Oh my GOD! I can’t go NOWHERE without someone knowing I got stuff on me! HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT?!”… as he starts scanning the sky, looking behind bushes, checking for things buried in the ground… ANY place where those secret mics and cameras and brain-wave detectors are hiding.

                  Like I said…. more sad than funny.

                  • Somuchtolearn says:

                    perhaps all the looking around was to find a dry safe plae to hide his blunts until any confrontation with Z or the cops happened. That way he could simply go and retrieve them later.

              • howie says:

                I don’t think these young Gangsta Thugs think at all. I have seen them on shows like 48hrs. The mental process is unfathomable to me. They do not seem to be able to connect their actions with reality.

              • Aussie says:

                I have come across several people who have smoked weed, and ended up paranoid!!

            • “Drank” is apparently VERY popular in certain demographica. “Lil Wayne” is FAMOUS for always having “His cup”… Whitney was “from ‘da hood” — ever see her “reality Show”? You can take the girl out of the ghetto….

              Trayvon wasn’t likely to have the connections or the cash necessary for obtaining REAL “sizzurp” and thus would have defaulted to “robo”… DXM has different effects at different doses even in the same person, and the reaction varies between people as well… It’s FAMOUS for causing “sudden snaps” — see Update 26…

              • scubachick75 says:

                The rapper T.I. And his wife were busted for it a while back. The group Three 6 Mafia has a song called “Sippin on some Sizzurp” They even filled a swimming pool up with it for their remix video. never seen a group of people so proud of their drug of choice. So glad my son listens to country.

            • Brahms says:

              There are two kinds of cough syrup they use. Prescription – codeine and promethazine – those are both depressants. Over the counter (Dextromethorphan) – stimulant, psychosis, dissociative (out of body) – depending on dose.

              • barnslayer says:

                As I stated above, the ingredients I’ve mentioned are all suppressants. True drugs have different effects on different people (in a minority of subjects) but DM, codeine and promethazine are predictable enough to be labeled as such (check PDR). If the majority of abusers become aggressive from this stuff, something is missing (another ingredient or used in conjunction with…?) These abusers are going after a specific result. It must be predictable enough to be sought after for that result.

                • barnslayer says:

                  In addition, if both Whitney Houston and TM took the same drug (albeit different quality) one would assume they were seeking the same result. WH’s result is no surprise (maxed out on suppressants). But TM didn’t go home to take a nap. He went on the warpath. His history (what little we know) didn’t exactly paint him as the get high to mellow out type.

            • Susiejoe says:

              DM Can cause seratonim syndrome, pot increases seratonin so the two would be a bad mix. As a side note, they never put violence/homicide in adverse reactions because the drug companies could then be added to list of pegs to sue bu guys like Chump. I don’t know about reactions dm can cause.


              • Aussie says:

                an overdose of something like Zoloft can cause homicide. I am talking about a real case involving an elderly man who killed his wife. He took more than the recommended dose because he thought it was not working….

            • Amester says:

              Maybe all the sugar?

      • Brahms says:

        Max of 48 hours for THC in blood stream -that’s for a heavy user. Codeine – narcotic – will show up on the toxicology. Dextromethorpan (DXM) is not tested for.

        • minpin says:

          Isn’t codeine the ingredient in Robitussin DM, the main ingredient in order for the lean users to get the high from? I can’t imagine a tox test not showing codeine if it was in the blood.

          • Aussie says:

            Codeine is in your prescription Robitussin. It is not available over the counter. TM only used the OTC stuff, though he wanted the codeine for its effect.

  8. justice099 says:

    DiwataMan, awesome catch!!

  9. Vicki Pate says:

    I think he took his purchase home, threw it in the condo and went back for Zimmerman. Why did he need the bag? The watermelon juice was found in the front of his sweatshirt. Did he need it for a place to put his purchase? Also, what did he pick up off the floor before leaving the store?

    • ctdar says:

      Someone mentioned it awhile back, bet it was that dime that ME found in TMs pants pocket during autopsy & recorded it on report

    • Susiejoe says:

      He had to have smoked that blunt, possibly with the other guys. If he had stashed the blunt, he would have put the juice and likely skittles down too.

      • Doubtful…
        The skittles went in his pocket at the store – the can into a bag. No doubt he’d put it in his hoodie-pocket later – nobody would carry a can in a bag if theyhad the big hoodie-pocket to carry it and that’s where I believe it was found though something’s tickling my brain that it was found “Under his body” — what if he had it in his hand as he was “doing a ground&pound, MMA style” (quote from witness “john”) on JZ….

        I’ve also wondered if he hit Z with the bag/can as a weapon and the bag burst – explaining it being foound separately – but …

        IF he swung the can in the bag, hit z and the bag burst, they fought and after the shot TM just coincidentally fell on top of the can it would explain just about everything! I don’t think the can would show damage from hitting a face – you can drop them from counter-height onto concrete without a mark if it lands right – but I don’t know for sure…

        Anyone want to volunteer to be a test-subject? Maybe one of you “JZ’s injuries weren’t that bad” types that are lurking and reading??




        • Aussie says:

          maybe JR could volunteer for the experiment.

          • barnslayer says:

            Is he still in the slammer? Maybe a deal… guinea pig for early parole.

            • Aussie says:

              ROFL… JR would make the ideal guinea pig. I can think of a few others who have been lurking in other places that would also make good guinea pigs… especially when they advance scenarios that are totally off the wall.

    • jimrtex says:

      I think the clerk offered him the bag. He says “you want a bag?” while pointing with his right hand toward the can. Martin slid the can toward himself, and then the the clerk says “OK” and tears off the bag and puts the can in the bag.

      I don’t think you can read too much into it. The clerk does the same thing dozens of time a day so it is automatic. Martin ends up carrying the bag around the store, and might sometime later realize that he could just stuff the bag into his pocket.

  10. Scoots Knuck says:

    “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” ~ Winston Churchill

    Keep up the good work…

  11. myopiafree says:

    The tragic cultural truth, of neo-racism and the need to crucify GZ. > The reaction, of the black community, is due to this: young black males are the criminal class of this country, the nation’s victimizers rather than victims. That simple and inescapable fact, however, doesn’t sit well with the black community – many of who want and need to feel in themselves, that young black men are really the victims, so there’s been this long and desperate search of an example of a white man wantonly killing a black man – as though that one example, if ever found – would contradict the reality.

    • “Man bites dog”

      • No doubt SOME idiot who doesn’t get the reference will call me “RAaaaayyyysssisssttt”, as if I’d called TM or his peers “dogs.”

        Should (she) read this before responding, your ignorance does not equal my (non-existent) “racism”.

        • myopiafree says:

          I have supported racial justice for a long time. In fact, I have good friends who are “not white”. This is why I ( although using the word ‘black’ ) am describing a sub-culture in the USA, whose people have “dark skin”. Sadly, most people can’t understand that distinction. So as soon as I make the above statement, I am described (by this small minority) as being a “Racist”.

    • patty says:

      “young black males are the criminal class of this country, the nation’s victimizers rather than victims” Victimimizers? Who the hell do you think the majority of the country’s drug users are in this country? WHITE PEOPLE! Who the hell do you think is responsible for shipping drugs from abroad to the united states and then distributing those drugs to local drug dealers? RICH WHITE PEOPLE! Who the hell do you think is more likely to receive a harsher criminal conviction from personal drug consumption and drug distribution ? BLACK PEOPLE!!! For 30 years, there was distinct discrepancy in conviction sentencing between crack users and cocaine users. Cocaine users were more likely to receive a prison conviction for up to one year of a prison sentence an crack users were more likely to receive a prison sentence term of up to 10 years. The majority of crack users were poor people were and the majority of cocaine users were rich people. The majority of crack users were black people an the majority of cocaine users were white people. Tell me, since over 70 percent of drug users in this country are white people, why are the majority of the people who are imprisoned for drug use are black and brown latinos ? Why aren’t white people guised as “taxcollectors” hauled off to jail for stealing 40 percent of the income of a large segment of americans ? Tell me, why aren;t rich americans like george w bush, dick cheney, MAdeliene Albright hauled off to prison for starting illegal wars that took in one war, 200000 lives an in another war, 500000 lives of iraqi children? IF the majority of black people aren’t the victims of crime, tell me why the department of justice statistics continues to show that the majority of the victims of homicide and robbery are black people? You are full of shit! Quite blaming minorities for all of the country’s problems and get your ass up by doing a bit of scholarly research on this subject to find out who really’s causing all of the social and economic problems in this country

      Try framing your position/comment without vitriol and curse words, Please. Thank you. /SD

      • WeeWeed says:

        Gee, Patty, are the PuffHo’s boring today? KosKids closed?? Bush, Cheney and 500,000 dead Iraqi children??? Looks to me like YOU need to do a little research.

        • WeeWeed says:

          Your second reply is in moderation. Should you decide to use words longer than four letters that make sense, you’ll be posted.

        • stellap says:

          The 1/2 million dead Iraqi children she is referring to are the ones who died in the 1990’s – supposedly as a result of the UN/USA sanctions against the Iraqi/Hussein government. As far as that goes, if their government wanted to feed those children, they could have – instead they spent the money on palaces and lots of luxuries for those in power. If your own government doesn’t care if you starve, don’t blame it on the USA.

      • ZurichMike says:

        Tell me, Patty, why you are so upset about this one case of false narrative of white-on-black crime when actual black-on-black crime is far, far worse, and scores of black-on-white crime go unreported, or underreported?

        Tell me, Patty, why you bring up the distracting “argument” using the silly lies of the left about dead Iraqi children? Or false racial narratives and statistics?

        Tell me, Patty, why you are hijacking a thread with the sheer unalloyed inanity that passes as rational discourse for moonbat leftists, writing a shrill, emotionally charged, factually devoid piece of socialist drivel, with the lockstep repetition of long disproved “facts” beloved by those who seek to force their views on everyone else/

        Tell me, Patty, why you are trolling around on this site, and not worshipping at the altar of depraved thinking with the rest of your Occupy Wall Street / perpetually aggrieved nanny-state friends?

        • Aoife says:

          I can answer ya Zurich….see this all the time. If Patty were honest she’d say: “Because we liberals, like, operate in a world of, like, Skittles and unicorns. We are, like, morally superior to like the conservative, like, trogs, inhabiting Mother Gaia. We’re, like, all about emotion. We, like, bring up other bogus arguments because red herrings can, like, sometimes get others off-topic which is, like, a win for us. We get our, like, talking points from other moonbats and are really…like…good at being parrots. Now if you’ll, like, excuse me, I am meeting my totally cool friends at my fav vegan restaurant, the Millenium in SanFran to talk about our next Occupy meetup. Power to the people!!! or something.

          • patty says:

            “Tell me, Patty, why you are so upset about this one case of false narrative of white-on-black crime when actual black-on-black crime is far, far worse, and scores of black-on-white crime go unreported, or underreported?” Where did I say that I was upset about black on white crime and when did I say black on white crime was far worse than black on white crime? I said elsewhere many times that most violent crime is intraracial , not interracial. Tell me, why do many of the followers on this site pushed the false narrative that whites are being systematically violently attack by blacks, when in reality, most whites are attacked by other whites as stated on page 66 of this department of justice report: ”

            “Tell me, Patty, why you bring up the distracting “argument” using the silly lies of the left about dead Iraqi children? Or false racial narratives and statistics?” Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I explicitly stated that I am not a leftist and I posted a video clip of Albright answering yes to the question that ‘the deaths of a half a million iraqi children were worth it.

            “Tell me, Patty, why you are hijacking a thread with the sheer unalloyed inanity that passes as rational discourse for moonbat leftists, writing a shrill, emotionally charged, factually devoid piece of socialist drivel,” You are proving my point once again, that anybody who disagrees with most of the conservatives on this blog are leftists when I clearly stated that I am not a leftist and when I have not argued for any leftist cause. In fact,I argued that taxation was theft, and many leftists would disagree with me.

            • stellap says:

              As far as the Iraqi children, I’ll repeat what I said above. Do you really care about the children, or do you just object to foreign wars? I imagine it’s the latter. Here’s what I said, in case you missed it:

              “The 1/2 million dead Iraqi children she is referring to are the ones who died in the 1990′s – supposedly as a result of the UN/USA sanctions against the Iraqi/Hussein government. As far as that goes, if their government wanted to feed those children, they could have – instead they spent the money on palaces, weapons and lots of luxuries for those in power. If your own government doesn’t care if you starve, don’t blame it on the USA.”

          • ZurichMike says:

            Dude, I am going to soooooo copy this for my next encounter with the greasy-haired leftoids. LOL!

      • barnslayer says:

        Instead of looking at what percent of American drug users are black or white how about what percent of blacks are drug users VS what percent of white are drug users? While you’re at it what percentage of black voters voted strictly according to race compared to white voters. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle…..

        • patty says:

          White college students were actually likely to report a higher usage of illegal substances than black and asian american college students. ( Here is another study showing that white teens are more likely to consume illegal substances than black teenagers; “” Here is a more relatively updated study showing once again, that black teenagers have one of the lowest consumption rates of illegal drugs and that white teenagers have one of the highest consumption rates of illegal drugs “”

          • stellap says:

            I didn’t read all of both studies, though I noted that the first was five years old and the second was ten years old. Both were done primarily by the University of Michigan. The population of students in the first study is college students only (I’ll bet they were U of M!), and the second is high school seniors. I would be more interested in seeing a more recent study, and one that concerns general population. In Detroit, for example, about half of the students never make it to their senior year, not to mention college. This is true of many urban school systems. If I have time, I’ll do a hunt on my own.

          • patty says:

            “While you’re at it what percentage of black voters voted strictly according to race compared to white voters.” Yeah, there are blacks who are likely to vote based on race ; but more black people have helped vote in white political candidates than white people who have voted in black candidates who have run for political office in the past 50 years. Blacks are more likely to help nominate a white candidate than whites are to nominate a black candidate; All in all, white voters and black voters are likely to vote for political candidates for superficial reasons that have nothing or little to do with their political platform or merit.

            • stellap says:

              There are a lot more white voters than black voters, and if it were not for white voters, President Obama would not be President.

              • patty says:

                “There are a lot more white voters than black voters, and if it were not for white voters, President Obama would not be President.” Whites did help obama win the presidential election, but so did other ethnic minoirites. If you look at the actual percentage of whites of voted for obama, its was 48 percent. If whites were to vote for obama alone, obama would not have one the 2008 presidential election.

                • barnslayer says:

                  Let’s simplify the obama vote question. What percentage of black voters voted for obama?

                • stellap says:

                  You’re making my point for me, and I think you know that. Let’s see, 52% of whites voted for the white guy, and only about 2% of blacks voted for the white guy. Like I said, if 98% of white voters had voted based upon color, we would be talking about President McCain today.

                  • Splat! says:

                    I would submit that some percentage of white voters did vote based upon color, just not on the basis of having the same skin color. They voted for Obama to prove to themselves that they were not racist.

                  • patty says:

                    Actually , i have read estimates that say that 90-95 percent of black people voted for obama rather than 2 percent but thats beside the point. You ignore the fact for most presidential elections, black people have voted for the white guy who was running, and the majority of white people have voted for the white guy who was running. Blacks were evenly split between voting for hillary clinton and voting for barack obama. You will find more black people voting for bill clinton or any other major white candidate who is running for a presidential election than you will find white people voting for a cynthia mckinney or jesse jackson.

                  • stellap says:

                    I think your supposition is correct, Splat, though not something we can prove with stats.

                  • stellap says:

                    Patty, usually black candidates aren’t running for President – I consider Jackson and McKinney to be fringe candidates, not serious mainstream candidates, like Obama. Yes, blacks usually vote Democrat rather than Republican, true enough.

                  • stellap says:

                    Here is Politico’s analysis – they say 96%.


                  • Sharon says:

                    “…for most presidential elections, black people have voted for the white guy who was running, and the majority of white people have voted for the white guy who was running….” Probably because “for most presidential elections” (all but one, as I understand it) only white guys were running?

                    Isn’t there a lot of circular reasoning going on here? As well as “I’ve made up my mind–don’t confuse me with the facts.”

            • howie says:

              Could President Obama be charged with a Hate Crime? He is 1/2 White and 1/2 Black. If so how? I have been wondering if he is immune to Hate Crime Prosecution.

              • Sharon says:

                I believe he’s immune. Hasn’t it been established that only non-blacks can be charged with hate crimes? I think it has. And I’m not being sarcastic. I do believe that is settled opinion in the halls of power.

          • barnslayer says:

            Your links support your claim but only superficially. As a holder of a DEA license who is required to wade through studies as part of my professional continuing education I must point out the following:
            Statistics are only as accurate as the methods used to gather the data. In these studies, the researchers relied solely on the voluntary responses of college or high school students. It would be entirely plausible that these studies only support the theory that white students are more trusting and forthcoming regarding their use of drugs than are their black counterparts. There is no accounting for those answering untruthfully. The study also fails to give sufficient details regarding the social/economic demographics of those subjects participating in the study.

            • barnslayer says:

              To add as Stellap has pointed out… the same age non-students (plus either truants and drop outs) were not part of these studies.

          • Aside from the problems others have noted, it also must be considered that these are SELF-REPORTING “studies” done in public schools. Kids are all sent to the cafeteria and told to fill out these questionnaires.

            Black kids are culturally attuned to fear and mistrust authority, and thus would be much less likely to answer truthfully as they fear some repercussions. I can tell you from my own misspent youth that I and all my stoner friends and even the more “straight-laced” students thought the whole thing was idiotic and considered it a big joke to fill out all sorts of outlandish crap.

            “coffee and wine enemas? Yeah! 10 times a week? SURE! IV Heroin? Multiple times daily? Why not!”

            To say such measures are unreliable is to hopelessly understate the reality.

        • stellap says:

          Barn, you know what Mark Twain said about statistics in his autobiography:

          “Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

      • Tommy says:

        I see that you’ve used some statistics therefore I can safely assume that they are an important part of your decision/opinion making. I decided to do some stat hunting of my own… Please read this and then explain your interpretation of the following. Please keep the discussion fact based.

        • Oh Jeez…. — *NOW* you’ve gone and done it!
          Every good Leftard knows that TCoC has been PROVEN to be the RAAAAYYyyyysssiisst work* of a RAAAAAAyyyyysssiiiissst**!!

          That makes you a RAAAAAAyyyyyssssiiiiissssttt*** TOO!!!

          *Pejorative applied to any scientific enquiry not made from a suitably stacked deck so as to allow Leftards to remain comfortable in their simultaneous yet mutually exclusive delusions that “it’s nurture, not nature”/”race is a social construct”/”all white people are born racist”/”it’s all a result of slavery”/”The black sub-culture has nothing to do with it” and whatever other cliche needs to be parrotted to allow them to continue to pretend that we’re not really seeing what’s obvious to anyone not in total denial. Its creator is worse than Hitler.

          **Pejorative applied to any person who dares speak That Which Must Not Be Spoken. This person is worse than Hitler.

          ***Pej… (twitch)… Uh… (Twitch)…HERETIC!! BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE…..!!!!1111!!11!!1ELEVENTY-ONE!!

          • Tommy says:

            I am the antithesis of a racist. I judge a man on his merits, one of which, is held in the highest esteem: that of honesty. Let the facts speak and as Frederick Douglas said “..Let the apple fall where it may.” If our Nation (including all peoples) systematically disregards REAL data then how could we possibly address the REAL issues?. (Not pointed at you DD)

            • I could not possibly agree more!!

              Until we face REALITY, WE’LL NEVER SOLVE ANYTHING!

              The “burn the witch” mentality isn’t reserved for white heretics – remember what they did to Bill Cosby? Chris Rock’s hour-plus “the biggest problem black people (GOOD people) have is ‘n*****s’ (BAD people)” rant nearly cost him his career – which he only managed to salvage by following up with an even more vitriolic rant against *ALL* white people (who are ALL apparently bad).

              The “victim mentality” and the “entitlement culture” has done more harm than anything else.

              The TRUTH is that black people **AS A GROUP** were better off in “the bad old days.” Black people peaked educationally – in terms of post-secondary education – in the 1920s, and economically in the late-50s/early 60s! – even conservatives find this hard to believe, and leftists instinctively reject it completely, but it’s absolutely true!

              The so-called “great society” sickness pushed by the Dems led by Johnson utterly decimated the black family first, and has been inexorably spreading to whites as well…

              Its biggest destruction was caused by replacing the Father and the community with Uncle Sugar. Increased taxation decimated localized charity efforts. Women on hard times – at that point usually because of the husband’s involuntary unemployment – could no longer rely on local charity and were forced to apply for “government assistance” – which was not available so long as there was an able-bodied man in the house. This put men in a position where the best thing they could do for their families at that point was to leave!

              As the rates of fatherless households rose, all the ills of fatherless families SKYROcKETED!
              These ills include increased criminality, drug abuse, quitting school before graduation, unwed teen motherhood, incarceration – and on and on and on.
              Social taboos against divorce and unwed maternity were destroyed, creating even more fatherless households and multiplying the societal decay caused thereby. Lacking the civilizing influence of family and responsibility, mature males became less likely to work and more likely to engage in criminality.

              Lacking the controlling influence of a Father, young males became increasingly violent – yet seeking some sense of BELONGING many gravitated to street gangs to obtain the “mentoring” they needed from older males- but they were mentored in the worst possible aspects of life instead of in that which furthers the interests of the greater society at large — a culture of hard work and personal responsibility!

              Worst of all, steeped in a culture of anger and victimization, they were taught to blame all their problems – all the ills of their society – on whites and the national culture at large. This leads to a complete rejection of all things viewed as “white” — educational attainment, even the speaking of standard English are rejected in favor of “keeping it real”. Lacking the skills necessary to compete in the marketplace, and thus suffering even more economic difficulties, they’re even further embittered by being told that the cause is “institutional racism.”

              And so, some half a century and several generations later, we’re where we are today – with a huge, angry and CONTINUALLY-GROWING dependent-class and a larger producing class growing increasingly angry at having an ever larger portion of their earnings taken from them at the point of a government gun to be given to people who viscerally hate the very ground they walk upon.

              It’s a prescription for disaster – a time-bomb waiting to explode – and I personally believe those responsible knew exactly what they were doing when they started it, and that barring some miracle it will be the death of our Republic.

              Fred Reed’s essay “Letter From a Dead Racist” is among the most poignant things I’ve ever read.

              Could it have been any worse – any more effective – if there HAD BEEN such a plan?

              The thing that amazes me most is that somehow the party that did this — The party of Slavery and Jim Crow, the party of Segregation, of fire hoses and dogs turned on peaceful marchers — The party of Governor George “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation FOREVER!” Wallace — has somehow managed to convince their biggest victims that they are their saviors and that those evil Republicans – the party of Abe Lincoln and MLK – are their mortal enemies!

              That’s some pure-dee EVIL GENIUS right there!

              God help us — I’ve come to believe that at THIS point he’s the only one who can!!

              • Tommy says:

                “Whatever we subsidize we get more of.” paraphrasing Milton Friedman. It is the nature of a human to beat a path to the nearest and most easily attainable source of water: By water, I mean cola, filet mignon and strip clubs junkets. If we took government out of the equation (which is wholly subsidized by “hand-to-mouth” voters, voting themselves a portion of the producer’s very incentive to produce) then we might have a chance to survive as a Nation.

            • howie says:

              But that is what makes you a Racist in the eyes of Liberals.

              • Tommy says:

                I think of the word racist as more of a *Wildcard, that people throw down when they have nothing else to play. This being the case, it does not matter. We have a sub-culture of “cool” that is deadly dangerous and children are emulating it. How can we take the cool out of being like DJ Screw, Pimp C, 12 gauge, Big Mello, C-Murder, C-Note, Crime Mob, Crunchy Black, Gucci Mane, Killer Mike, Lil Boosie, Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Meat Clann, Mddl Fngz, Pit Bull, Soulja Slim, Slim Thug, South Park Mexican, 36 Mafia, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Jeezy, and Lil’ Wayne. In some neighborhoods, kids and adults alike glorify these drug-murder-thief-pimps because in spite of the man keeping them down they’re getting theirs. I have lived around this mentality and I can tell you that there’s nothing (not even jail) that deters this behavior. What’s the solution? Impossible to tell when it’s a taboo to even look at the data. This Trayvon situation, and many more like it, is entirely avoidable. I refuse to believe that he was a lost cause from the moment of his birth but somewhere along his growth-span he was tainted and turned into a crime glorifying drug addict (just like the idols in his subset). The dialogue that is picking up speed has to include the fact that there’s a culture of criminals that are pimping a set of beliefs (that inform one’s actions) and children are lapping it up. Parents, do not consider this music innocuous. Imagine a your child walking around chanting Murder, Murder, Murder, Kill cops, Kill cops, Kill cops, Make Money, Get B#$ches and so on….. It’s exactly what they’re doing when they meditate and glorify this mind-crap.

      • cajunkelly says:

        “RICH WHITE PEOPLE”! Oh dear, the treehouse has Rev. Wright IN DA HOUSE!


      • John Galt says:

        Congratulations patty, Crump would be proud. You have successfully diverted a thread created for discussing and examining compelling evidence that Trayvon obtained blunts at 7-11 with absurd allegations of rich white racists persecuting blacks and murdering Iraqi children. A fine job, indeed.

        • stellap says:

          It’s okay, John. Sometimes it’s a good thing to revisit old topics, blow out the cobwebs, and practice debate skills.

      • tpg says:

        I hate it when people bring up the Crack cocaine sentencing and it being “racist”. Crack cocaine was a HUGE problem for primarily the black community. It was the black leaders and politicians who first pushed for the severe sentencing structures related to crack. The black community wanted something done about it. Now 20 years later after being very effective at locking up blacks who who smoking and selling crack cocaine suddenly the cries of racism appeared. White cocaine users were not committing thousands of ruthless murders every year, there were not thousands of white “coke-babies” being born in hospitals. Interestingly enough, the penalties for a federal charge of Methamphetamine are very similar to the old crack laws. Meth users are probably ~70% white if not more…but you do not hear about how racist it is when Johnny Doe gets 15 years for cooking up a batch in his back shed in Illinois.

        • barnslayer says:

          How can you blame them what with positive role models such as Marion Barry? Tell me again how he got re-elected even after getting caught?

          • Because the sub-culture that comprises a majority of DC residents considers petty criminality acceptable – even tacitly encouraged, especially if The Others are the ones being victimized – and incarceration is almost a rite of passage and akin to a badge of honor.

            Until we change *THAT* – until we return to the days when having 6 or more kids by different mothers is something for all SEVEN to be ashamed of, and criminality and dependence is rejected as the scourge it really is, we have no hope of fixing *ANYTHING*!

            Sadly, the trend continues for all such ills to spread throughout our entire national society. It’s as if the social-engineers behind the curtains have decided to drag all down to the lowest common-denominator instead of trying to create a rising tide to raise all ships!

            And yeah – I think it’s deliberate.

            America *MUST* be destroyed if the global power-elite are to ever be able to implement their desired global oligarchy. Their work is almost done!

  12. recoverydotgod says:

    Answers my question….as to how 6:24 (7-11 tape) and 6:30 (phone log) relate.

    call to North Dade, Fl at 6:30

    Part 1 video 2:16 “Ok, yeah, tell me what happened as he’s talking to you when he’s leaving the store on his way back home”

    • recoverydotgod says:

      Assuming that North Dade calls at 5:09 for 81 minutes and 6:30 for 13 minutes are Dee Dee …. since prosecutor asks her about talking with Trayvon Martin on the phone covering those times specifically,

      From the phone logs linked in prior comment:

      The 5:09 phone call is to North Dade, though, runs for 81 minutes per phone logs (which would run that connection from 5:09 through 6:30, unadjusted for the method the phone company uses for reporting minutes.

      (So that would have had Trayvon Martin on the phone for pretty much the entire time he was in 7-11…or at least the line connected????)

      From Dee Dee interview with prosecutor linked in prior comment:

      Part 1 1:54-2:43

      going to the store “around 6 something”
      going for “little brother…food and drink”
      what happened when Trayvon Martin was leaving the store “it started raining”, etc…

      2012 Site: Orlando – Amway Center

      All-Star Sunday: 2012 NBA All-Star Game, (TNT/ESPN Radio, 7 ET)

      On Sunday February 26th Trayvon Martin was at the home of Brandy Green, the girlfriend of his father Tracy Martin. He was home alone with the younger 14-year-old son, Chad Green, of Brandy Green. Brandy Green and Tracy Martin went out to a downtown Orlando restaurant for dinner. Sometime around 5:30pm Trayvon decided to go to a local 7-11 located approximately .8 miles from the townhouse. According to Tracy Martin he never returned.

      (Do you remember where it was reported that Green and Martin were in a downtown Orlando restaurant for dinner????)

    • jimrtex says:

      The previous call was 5:09 for 81 minutes.(5:09-6:30). The next call was 6:30-6:43.

      So he went to the store, he was talking to his girlfriend the whole time – except for a few disconnections at (in)opportune times.

      The 6:30-6:43 call was interrupted by an incoming call from 6:40-6:45.

      Then a 6:45-6:50 call had a 6:46-6:48 outgoing call, and a 6:49-6:53 incoming call.

      In both cases, it could be that Martin called DeeDee, had call waiting, answered the inbound call and then called DeeDee again.

      There were then two one-minute outbound calls at 6:53 and 6:54.

      And then the first call from “DeeDee” at 6:54 (to 7:12). But there was also a one-minute incoming call at 7:04.

      And then the final 7:12-7:16.

  13. ctdar says:

    Great job Diwata Man, definately a shout out to you!
    at 18:26 in top video almost looks like clerk is pointing out cold medicines
    to “white guy” (boxes look like same rectangular shapes) but video cuts there. Any way
    to see any more of that tape? If so, perhaps TM was denied since he had no ID
    & the other guy bought it than TM bought it outside with his cash he had in hand.
    Viola, TM would have all thr makings of purple drink….
    Also, in earlier video of few days ago I thought thr clerk was looking into camera (one near front window) but he must have been eyeballing thr other 3 stooges that were hanging out front. Wonder if that’s their car outside with lights on at one point(didn’t seem like anyone else in store; if so maybe LE could enhance & get plate #. One also paid with a card do could pull info from cc reader.
    Now what is Crumpy gonna do with all this new info? uhm FREAK?
    Stupid button ;)

    • scubachick75 says:

      Crump will say what he always says about negative info about Trayvon. “zimmerman profiled, pursued, and confronted” lol second verse same as the first!

  14. Sharon says:

    Well, now I’m even more depressed. Wondered what a blunt was. Searched. Learned. And then see all the sites with lists of rules describing the etiquette for smoking/sharing blunts, which are written in complete sentences. Emily Post couldn’t improve on the details of whether to pass left or right; the regimen of “puff, puff, pass;” when to offer; when to refuse; when to ask; how to reciprocate. An entire subculture overlaying the entire nation. They always have money in their pockets. And they’re stoned out of their minds.

    • marie says:

      Well, it seems our Prez paid no mind to the rules of the toke: in his new book on Barry, Maraniss says that BO would cut in and say “intercept” in his stoner days. Why does that attitude of entitlement not surprise me?

      Our Prez, the Stoner dude….no, NOT cool.

  15. Jasper says:

    The one guy uses a debit card so should be able to trace him and question him

  16. lovemygirl says:

    Wow, The plot thickens thanks to those that keep looking.

  17. DiwataMan says:

    • Great job. Well structured. Gonna insert this at the top of post under the others. Again, excellent eye to catch and assemble.

      • DiwataMan says:

        Yeah that was getting a bit messy. You can remove those short videos if you like as well that I posted as replies.

        • Nah, I like to leave that stuff so peeps can see how y’all work to bring it all together. It really does reflect how much can be achieved as a team effort, with each person having really eye opening additions. You all are really brilliant. and this aspect is exceptional. I doubt the SPD caught that part. Great job.

          • Susiejoe says:

            I think he left the 7-11 with the other boys and they smoked up the blunt. Deedee said he went to the store around 6. So 20 minutes to walk it is about right. George sees him coming in the retreat around 7. So 30 minutes doing what? Well he had stopped talking to deedee during that time. Why? Because he was hanging, smoking with those guys.

            • Don’t think so…

              He left before they did, and the car went in a different direction… The logical time for him to have joined them would have been there at 7-11 *UNLESS* they decided to go back after him and picked him up off the street.

              WARNING: Wild, Rampant Speculation FOLLOWS!!

              Is it possible that they did, and they jacked him for his weed — thus making him VERY angry — and seeing JZ eyeballing him later just pushed him over the edge??

              • Susiejoe says:

                Yes speculation about 30 minutesof unexplained time. What was Martin doing during that time. He was out of the gate of the Retreat.

              • jimrtex says:

                At about 6:30:15 when the blonde is at the cash register, don’t they back out, turn the headlights on, and then turn east through the parking lot? Though that doesn’t mean that much. If you wanted to go north-east on Rinehart, it would be easier to back, and then turn left while going forward and come out the east entrance, rather than turning left while back and having to make almost a U-Turn into the driveway to Sams..

                There is a white car that drives right to left just before Martin arrives. Can you see enough of that car to compare with when they leave?

      • xballer52 says:

        In the video in which Trayvon is identified walking backwards and then turning, it looks like the drink appears in his right hand, and he has already ditched the bag. Just an observation, not sure of its significance.

    • Raoul says:

      Look into if one of the guys purchases a lighter. Does one have to be 18 to purchase one of those too like for blunts? TM had a red 7-11 lighter on him.

      • Jb says:

        Bingo. Explains why he had a lighter. Why would a 12 year old 5 year old 2 year old have a lighter on him if he’s just on his way ‘to get his brother a snack’. They may have well said Trayvon was getting breast milk for his 3 hungry children and he walked bravely in the hurricane that night to make sure they’d eat. What a load.

        Great great job. Spread the word. Lord knows I will.

      • danielmurph says:

        I was thinking the same thing about the lighter. When the evidence was first released the lighter seemed like it was no big deal but now looking at these ding dongs in the video if they bought the lighter and gave it to him that would be evidence that he was talking to someone at the store. Maybe they could fingerprint the lighter and see who else touched it. Maybe a reach but figured I would put it out there anyways.

  18. DiwataMan says:

    Actually, according to the police report (page 42 of 183) George first spotted Trayvon walking through that area you have labled “Shortcut from street”

    “Zimmerman reported a suspicious person, Tayvon Martin, whom he observed entering the gated community of The Reserve[sic] at Twin Lakes on foot, walking between the residences from the northwest.”

    • John Galt says:

      Maybe TM thought GZ was a cop, ditched his blunt(s)/weed. On closer approach, discovered that GZ was not a cop, and was pissed off about losing the blunt(s)/weed and decided to beat GZ’s keister. Or maybe the blunt(s)/weed were deposited on Brandy’s porch before he went back to beat GZ’s keister, which motivated Brandy’s porch remark.

      • I’m leaning toward the latter. I think that he left something on the porch, or in the ashtray which Brandy concluded was just Trayvon sitting on the porch. Man, I wish there were a way to find out what time Tracy and Brandy left home and whether “Chad” was actually left with Trayvon.

        • John Galt says:

          “he was sitting out on the porch”

          No chairs visible on Brandy’s porch @ 3:08

        • Angel says:

          This is the piece of the puzzle that will make everything else fall into place. I truly believe that is why there has been so many inconsistencies about who was where when Trayvon presumably went to get the skittles and tea. The whereabouts of all parties and activities prior to the shooting is ground zero in this case.

        • Jello333 says:

          I think Brandy’s porch remark, more than anything else, is why Crump and his buddies decided they better putting a muzzle on her, but quick. Have we seen/heard one thing from her since her interview with that reporter?

      • ctdar says:

        Ahhhhh wonder if that’s why she thought he had been “sittin on the porch”because when she & TrayDaddy got home they found the evidence that he had been there at some point & maybe why they weren’t do concerned he wasn’t home later coz he was off at friends sleeping it off?
        But why wasnt the drink found there? He use as weapon to smash
        GZ nose in his blitz attack?
        Does anyone know if there is a separate entrance to the complex and when TrayDaddy, Brandy & Chad (where exactly was Chad?)returned home they missed all the LE activity at other end of complex completely & just got home & went to bed? Or was it just so late it was long over? I am surprised there had been no neighbors milling about still so if somewhat early in night by curiousity T & B would have asked what happened.
        That’s the part I don’t get, why T & B didn’t know something had happened in complex, TM wasn’t reported missing til the next day. Did they even come home at all on 2/26 & Chad was staying at friends or his fathers ?? TM was left completely alone & that’s why he wasn’t worried about getting busted by daddyO for being under the influence.

        • ejarra says:

          “TM was left completely alone & that’s why he wasn’t worried about getting busted by daddyO for being under the influence.” -ctdar

          Except that TM had no keys to get back in. I believe Chad was home, maybe had the the earbuds in and couldn’t hear anything.

          “Bogart that joint” I believe is in a Greatful Dead song.

          It was I that had first suggested that TM picked up a dime and put it in his pocket.

        • ctdar says:

          ^^I meant to say “maybe TM was left completely alone…”

          Also re keys, who knows if they locked the door or had outside a “hide a key”. If Chad was home zoning out like teens do engrossed in tunes, sports or video game than again no need for key.

        • jimrtex says:

          The back entrance is real close, and if you lived in that part of the neighborhood it would be closer. The exit off I-4 is to the south, and it probably depend on traffic conditions which was the easier route.

          The body left at 10:10, and the TV news shots made it look like not much was going on with clumps of police. If no patrol cars still had their flashers on, you might not be able to see them up Retreat View Circle. There would be 10 or so driveways with cars in them (since they are single-car garages), and if you had a remote to the garage you drive right in. Tracy and Brandy conveniently returned between 10:15 and 10:45.

          I think all the windows are double-paned. You start listening to the witness reports, and realize that all the screaming was heard through an open window. It appears that at least two neighbors heard heard John saying that he was going to call the police. It is possible that those who reported hearing an authoritative voice heard him, and not Marin or Zimmerman.

    • Susiejoe says:

      And George told the cops he looked like he was on drugs. Well yes. He was.

  19. Knight4GFC says:

    Wow. Nice Job! Very interesting. This Makes you hungry for more info. It seems the more stones that are turned over in this case, the more info is coming out. But with all of this important and substantiated evidence coming out supporting GZ team and damning TM team, I would have figured that the case should have been thrown or dismissed by now. It makes me wonder what the Crumps have up their sleeve to sell the their case and be successful even with all this evidence supporting GZ’s case. What kind of “evidence” does the TM team have that will support their case beyond a reasonable doubt?

    • John Galt says:

      “What kind of “evidence” does the TM team have that will support their case beyond a reasonable doubt?”

      Nothing that has been disclosed, AFAIK. Crump recites the “profiled, pursued, killed” mantra. “If Zimmerman didn’t get out of his car, it would not have happened” is also popular. Prosecutors allege that Zimmerman has made undisclosed inconsistent statements which conflict with physical evidence.

      • justice099 says:

        I get the impression that they intend to be creative with the evidence, using the lack of some evidence to their advantage and intend to just try to “convince” the jury of his guilt using typical lawyer tactics. Perhaps banking on the climate of the public opinion (at least at the time she filed the charges… boy did THAT get turned around) and knowing they are going to get a tainted jury no matter what.

        I don’t think they really intended to fight this fairly at all.

      • thefirstab says:

        “Prosecutors allege that Zimmerman has made undisclosed inconsistent statements which conflict with physical evidence”.
        I can think of about 100+ inconsistent statements from the Scheme Team which DEFINITELY conflict with their previous versions of events.
        I am DYING to hear the actual DeeDee phone call. Not gonna happen.
        Great job Ded.Dad, and everyone involved with this!

      • txantimedia says:

        To pursue a civil judgment they don’t need “beyond a reasonable doubt”. All they need is “by a preponderance of the evidence”, which is often explained in court as 51% for, 49% against.

    • “…. What kind of “evidence” does the TM team have that will support their case beyond a reasonable doubt?”


      REMEMBER: all “ties” go to the defendant! THEY must prove him GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt – AFAIAC, all he needs are the piCs of his head & faCe.



      • MEANT TO Add: I don’t see this surviving the “immunity” hearing at this point…

        • justice099 says:

          If it does, it will only be because of one of 2 things… either O’Mara really screws it up, or there is a political goal to forcing it to go to trial.

          • Bill says:

            At this point, I would think a trial would just inflame things. Either some new evidence has to come out incriminating GZ and he pleads out or public opinion has to cool so that immunity granted is just an afterthought

            • justice099 says:

              Unfortunately, I have no expectation that a sucessful immunity hearing will ever be an afterthought with these groups no matter how far off in the future it is.

            • 2ntense says:

              Has to go to trial so TrayMom, TrayDad and the Scheme Team can begin the total shake-down.

        • myopiafree says:

          This is why this case would have been thrown out by the Grand Jury evaluation – because the “justified self-defense” is so obvious. That is why Corey had to cancel the G.J. – to provide her gross over-charging of 2nd degree for “depraved indifference”. I might be biased, but I think that Corey/Crump are the ones with the “depraved indifference” towards TRUTH and justice.

      • OOps – TOTALLY misread what you were saying…

  20. hexx says:

    when a stoner reaches in to his pockets, he needs to concentrate, because if he just grabs the pocket contents and takes them out, there might be a bag or piece with the coins…that’s the way it looked to me. just saying …

    • Lulu says:

      Good point. Sorting through pocket contents with his fingers before pulling anything out.

  21. justice099 says:

    BTW, I am fairly close to being able to convert the 7-11 security footage directly to normal video. It looks like it is just a headerless MPEG-4 format. Once this can be done, the videos can be scrutinized even better.

    • DiwataMan says:

      The DSF files in the 20120226 file are the video files yes? I read the DigiOp manual and that Video Backup button on the viewer is supposed to copy the video to MPEG format but the button is disabled or something on the player I’m using anyway. I went to their website and requested a 30 day trial of their software but it looks like I have to wait for a rep to contact me through Email.

      I dragged file 17000000 into Any Video Converter and got an error saying it cannot get the info, stupid security companies and their stupid files.

      • John Galt says:

        “stupid security companies and their stupid files”

        Some of the security camera file formats are specifically constructed so that they can’t easily be tampered with for evidence admissibility purposes. I have used one where it auto records a sort of crippled viewer to a disc along with the selected video, but the full version of the software allows searching and some image enhancement features. It was a few years ago, can’t remember the brand, might have been digiop.

  22. Raoul says:

    The last text message TM receives is at 4:08 and he’s on the phone with Dee Dee the whole time. How does he coordinate to meet up?

    • John Galt says:

      TM’s real phone records and phone contents have not been released to the public. The prosecutor filed a motion to keep them secret. The redacted records released to the media came from Crump, who has been the source of substantial other demonstrably false information.

    • jimrtex says:

      Isn’t there something about T-Mobile bills showing text messages as Pacific Time, and others as local time – something to do with text messages being billed independent of local time vs. calls.

      • MJW says:

        Yes. If you look at the billing information, you can see the text messages are in Pacific Time, while the calls are in Eastern Time. I took the information from the bill and reorganized it to make it easier to see the timing. I also attempted to separate out the possible DeeDee calls

        The calls and texts are:
        2:13 text from Hollywood, FL
        2:15 text to DeeDee
        2:18 text from DeeDee
        2:20-2:23 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        2:38-4:21 (103 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        2:45-2:47 (2 min. – to Martin)
        3:02-3:04 (2 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        3:04-3:07 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        4:30 text from Miami, FL
        4:28-5:09 (41 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        5:09-6:30 (81 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:30-6:43 (13 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:41-6:44 (4 min. – to Martin)
        6:45-6:50 (5 min. – from Martin to DeeDee)
        6:46-6:48 (2 min – from Martin to non-T-Mob.)
        6:49-6:53 (4 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        6:53-6:54 (1 min. – from Martin to DeeDee?)
        6:54-6:55 (1 min. – from Martin to DeeDee?)
        6:54-7:12 (18 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)
        7:04-7:05 (1 min. – to Martin)
        7:08 text from DeeDee
        7:12-7:16 (4 min. – to Martin from DeeDee)

        The possible DeeDee calls and texts are:
        2:15 text to DeeDee
        2:18 text from DeeDee
        2:38-4:21 (103 min. – to Martin)
        4:28-5:09 (41 min. – from Martin)
        5:09-6:30 (81 min. – from Martin)
        6:30-6:43 (13 min. – from Martin)
        6:45-6:50 (5 min. – from Martin)
        6:49-6:53 (4 min. – to Martin)
        6:53-6:54 (1 min. – from Martin) (?)
        6:54-6:55 (1 min. – from Martin) (?)
        6:54-7:12 (18 min. – to Martin)
        7:08 text from DeeDee
        7:12-7:16 (4 min. – to Martin)

        The non-DeeDee calls and texts are:
        2:13 text from Hollywood, FL
        2:20-2:23 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        2:45-2:47 (2 min. – to Martin)
        3:02-3:04 (2 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        3:04-3:07 (3 min. – to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
        4:30 text from Miami, FL
        6:41-6:44 (4 min. – to Martin)
        6:46-6:48 (2 min. – from Martin)
        7:04-7:05 (1 min. – to Martin)

        I’m particularly uncertain about the calls marked with question marks, but put them with the DeeDee calls. Both the beginning and ending times are rounded in some unknown (to me) fashion by T-Mobile. The calls non-T-Mobile phones are marked.

        • garnette says:

          IIRC, Tracy had four lines on this one bill. The calls were out of order and there were no page numbers, so there is always the source of this information to take into consideration when reviewing the phone records.

          • MJW says:

            I see no reason to believe the billing information shown in the PDF represents four lines. All the long calls fit into patten of a mostly ongoing conversation between Martin and DeeDee, and the remaining calls are brief. While there are no page numbers, the timeline from the listed calls appears to be continuous.

            I do agree, though, that anything from Crump should be viewed with suspicion. There is the strange fact that Martin seems to receive a call while in the 7-Eleven, but there are no incoming calls at that time listed on the billing statement. I doubt very much that the times in the T-Mobile billing and the 7-Eleven video are out of sync by more than, at most, a couple of seconds. The only explanation I can think of is that DeeDee had Martin on hold or vice-versa, and he was just saying hello when she came back on the line.

            • garnette says:

              It has been a while since I saw the billing, but I seem to recall it was out of order. I remember that part because I wondered what type of sort TMobile used to show the phone calls because of how out of order they were. The other thing is that I really don’t think that they spent that much time on the phone. If he was so bored why did he only spend time talking to one person.

              She was not a girlfriend. She had a new boyfriend showing up on her twitter feed shortly after the funeral. The guy wasn’t on Twitter until she talked him into being on it. Yes, I got all this information from reading her tweets. Also, she was not at the hospital the day of the funeral. In fact, she tweeted about wanting to watch a scary movie and then tweeted she was watching Bad Teacher. I am not sure what time the funeral was but those tweets were sent
              around 1PM. I just don’t think someone who came across that way with her tweets was into him enough to spend that much time on the phone with him.

              • jimrtex says:

                When BDLR was interviewing “DeeDee” he asked for her phone number, and whether it was her phone, and who lived with her, and whether she knew Martin’s phone number. He then asked her if she had been talking to Martin that day, and she said in the morning, and the afternoon, and pretty much all day. BDLR pretended to be surprised, and then said they had the billing records.

                So I’m pretty sure the billing matches. BDLR was careful when discussing the calls to steer away from the middle period when most of the non-DeeDee calls were. And Crump probably has the others pinned down. My guess is that Martin wasn’t supposed to go to the store, and Chad squealed (his father said he had made some calls). So Tracy Martin may have been calling in. Tracy Martin and Brandy Green knew that Trayvon Martin had been to the store the day after. Would the police been able to figure that out that quick? John Doe with can of watermelon juice and box of skittles, even with the 7-11 lighter?

                Since it appears at first that Martin left the vicinity of the store at 6:24, it is safe to ask “DeeDee” about the trip to the store, since the clerk wouldn’t sell him the blunt. And then all of the sudden he skips to when Martin is at the mailboxes, avoiding the intervening calls. But since she claims the phone disconnects when he arrives at the mailboxes, this must be at 6:54.

                The mailboxes appear to be in the middle of the covered area – the roof is to protect the mail more than the persons picking up the mail. I think the area just north of the pool is covered – under the roof of the clubhouse. Since swimming is only allowed during the day (dawn to dusk) it would make sense to have shelter from the sun. If so, it doesn’t make sense why Martin wouldn’t go under the roofed area north of the pool.

                • garnette says:

                  So, tell me why I should believe anything that is said without proof. Like I said in my comment, the poor girl who was so upset over the funeral had to go to the hospital seemed to be well enough that afternoon to be picking what type movie to watch as she tweeted to her friends. The original phone record that was released had two phone calls on it when according to DeeDee the calls dropped and she called him three times. I have seen the phone records, I have seen her tweets and what I have seen doesn’t match up with what I am now hearing. I guess it goes back to that old saying, who are you going to believe what you are told or what you have seen with your lying eyes. My eyes don’t lie so I will trust my eyes.

  23. ctdar says:

    Button was also found in pocket along with phone/ebuds. He definately put anything “loose” away he was wearing & went back to find GZ for fight he was about to provoke.

    • Donnie B. says:

      Good catch. He was wearing the button in the 7-11 video.

    • jimrtex says:

      Page 20 or 183 evidence PDF, Serino says button was on sweatshirt.

    • ctdar says:

      guess theyll have to sort out discrepancy at trial, ME said those items found in pockets. crime scene photos would show if button was found pinned on TM hoodies & GZ might remember seeing it on him as well at end.

  24. Ash says:

    Amazing video work.

    In the Fox News video Brandi says that it was a safe neighborhood, no crime that she knew of. The reporter asks her about the recently reported burglaries and she denies any burglaries happening. Yet I’m sure I saw them published in the Retreat newsletter in the discovery documents. Whole reason for the neighborhood watch from what I read.

    They show up on the Crime Mapping .com site too.

    • Lulu says:

      Brandi’s story was tailored by her to fit the situation.

      • myopiafree says:

        Since TM was there about seven days, you would think that Brandi or Tracy would have told TM, that a, “Neighborhood watch”, was in effect – and he should not get paranoid if a person seemed to be watching him. All he had to do is say, “…I am Trayvon, and I live a the end of this street on the left.” That ALL that it would have taken from Trayvon to end this farce. What is wrong with an intelligent conversation in a “normal voice”??

        • Lulu says:

          It has been my experience with condo projects (especially ones at the lower middle end like this one) that renters have little knowledge of what is going on there. All of the association bulletins, newsletters, meeting minutes, notices, go to the owners who may or may not share them with their tenants. Usually they do not. Renters in condo projects usually consider themselves to be transients and so do not interract with the neighbors who are owners, and vice versa.

          But I still don’t understand how Tracy and Brandi could have come back at 10:30 and not noticed police activity – it seems to me they had to pass the end of the green belt where TM was shot in order to get to the street that Brandi’s garage and front door faces.

          Unless they stayed out all night, shacked up somewhere else, assuming TM was taking care of Chad?

          • Lulu says:

            As for TM’s getting back into the condo, is that a regular door or – like the other units – is it a slider? Was it left open for him? No key was found on or around him.

            If Chad was there, he didn’t seem to be expecting TM back. No apparent concern about his not returning from the 7-11.

            There are still some gaping holes in this narrative, aren’t there…

            • Lulu says:

              myopiafree, where did we find out how long TM had been there?

              • myopiafree says:

                Tracy told the Sanford Police that TM had been expelled for seven days. So I have to assume that TM went to Brandi’s condo for most of those 7 days.

                • Anonymous says:


                  But we also know now that the suspension was not for five days (original family report) or for 7 days (which could have been Tracy’s way of expressing a week – of which 5 days would be school days. The truth was that the suspension was for 10 days and that would mean 10 school days.

                  There have also been reports that this was his first time there, he was a stranger to the project, “probably wandering because he was lost, searching for Brandi’s condo” . And others that Tracy had been involved with Brandi for two years, that “Martin family had brought him there on a number of occasions”, he had played football with the local kids, etc., etc., etc.

                  If the extended Martin family ever gets its multiple stories sorted out, we may be better able to come up with some more reasoned analysis. In the meantime….

            • Blam says:

              Totally agree/ have felt so for a long time.

          • totustuus11 says:

            I presume, and thought I read (here?), that SPD had marked LEO vehicles with “bubbles” on at both entrances to the community throughout the night as they gathered evidence, etc. Makes sense. I would also presume that this would be typical procedure for most PD’s. Can monitor who goes in/out, and advise residents about the serious crime investigation taking place in their community. I bet thought someone even posted pictures at some point concerning this.

            Would strongly indicate that if Brandi and Tracy came home at 10:30 pm, they knew, at minimum, that a serious crime occurred within 100 yds of their residence.

      • John Galt says:

        Chad is chewing on his lip and keeps his responses very short.

        • From the day I watched that Chad interview with Craig Rivera on the Geraldo show I had a gut feeling he was just trying to carry a story for Brandy, his mom.

          • Blam says:

            Same here. I definitely felt he was coached and the answers were kept to a minimum. So… he (TM) wanted a snack………. and the skittles were for Chad (according to his version), that means that TM really only wanted the Tea as the snack. Hard to believe.

  25. Lee says:

    I am impressed – all of you have done a great job. I do not think that even the police picked up on the things you captured in the video. Remember, the district attorney questioning the officer at the bond hearing? I cannot remember his exact words but he ask if they have video of Trayvon buying the tea and Skittles-yes; if he paid for them- yes, was he doing anything illegal- no. I never saw him palm the bills – I must be going blind. I wonder if the video at the clubhouse shows him smoking, or his actions around Zimmerman’s vehicle. Still the press slants the info against Zimmerman – what will it take to make them tell the unbiased truth?

    • “…I do not think that even the police picked up on the things you captured in the video…”

      I’ve got to disagree.
      At a minimum they KNEW Martin didn’t leave until the three stooges exited -otherwise they’d never have released that part of the video!

      Why else would they include vid of the “3 Stooges” if not for that?

      • Jello333 says:

        Are we sure that’s the whole video that’s in evidence? I mean, if you’re right, that it’s just from a minute before Trayvon arrives, to right after the other three guys leave, then yeah…. there must have been a reason that part of the (presumably much longer CCTV video) and ONLY that part is included. I had just assumed that someone had cut this particular part out of the presumably hours-long video. But if not, if the cops edited it this way…. yep, seems to prove they suspected something.

      • Raoul says:

        The video released coves from 5:00 to 8:00.

        • Jello333 says:

          Really? That’s very interesting. So maybe the store uses 3-hour tapes, and the cops just asked for the one that covered the time they assumed Trayvon was there. And if so, then maybe they DIDN’T pay much attention to the other three guys. Which would make this bit of research going on here and from Diwataman even more impressive.

  26. Bill says:

    nice work!!! Diwataman I went through this real quickly so if I’m wrong on anything I know I’ll be corrected (one of the things I like about this site). I think the police or whoever released this 7-11 tape must know whats going on or they never would have released Moe,larry, and curley(by the way why does larry have white skin). Why didn’t they just stop ther tape when Trayvon left the store. But anyway they know it now!! Also some of you guys get some sleep.

    • John Galt says:

      I was wondering about that also. The Prosecutor filed a sealed (secret) motion to keep some evidence secret, so they might have additional evidence (examples: TM’s text messages, full tox report) related to illegal drugs that they contend would be unfairly prejudicial to their case if disclosed to the public.

  27. ejarra says:

    Based on this new evidence, I contend that TM probably smoked on the way home; which would account for why it took so long. Also, because it was raining, I’ll bet he did it back by where the opening is (the short cut) under a tree or some other rain protection. This would be why if he had a blunt when he left 7-11 and didn’t on his person, is because he smoked it. He would have NEVER left it on the porch.

    I don’t believe he ever tried to make it back to Brandy’s. I think he was hiding and in his state of mind couldn’t hide any longer. Maybe it’s as simple as he had to pee and he felt GZ was preventing him from going to Brandy’s by “Standing his Ground” at the poop station.

    • Bill says:

      Hey when someone’s high who know’s what they’re thinking

    • ctdar says:

      DD referenced the mail building is where TM hung out to stay out of rain

      • ejarra says:

        I was referring to a time period before he went to the clubhouse, since he took so long to get there. I thought he took that time to get high THEN went to the clubhouse.

        It’s all speculation anyway.

        • ctdar says:

          The best “rain protection” & most logical site would be the mail building as DD specifically referenced but yes it is all speculation so maybe best to wait til the videos from the complex outer buildings are released before you “contend” anything.

  28. justice099 says:

    The only problem I have with all of this is that nothing seems to have been found on him that he carried the weed in. He could have disposed of it or he could have sold whatever he had to those dudes. I mean he did have $40 on him, and I am betting it wasn’t his allowance. Might explain also why he tripped out when GZ was watching him. Perhaps he thought GZ had seen him dealing at 7-11?

    Also, I’m sure someone is going to argue that 3 black&milds and 3 guys, means they bought them for themselves.

    I know I hear Trayvon ask for something and the clerk asks him if he has ID, Trayvon says no, and the clerk tells him he can’t sell it without an ID. I thought for sure I heard Trayvon ask “Ya’ll have Newports?” but as I have been cleaning up the audio, it has become less clear exactly what he asked for. I am not sure I will be able to clean up the audio well enough to hear him. The signal quality is just very poor due to a poor installation and mismatched microphone probably. All that noise is generated by the mic itself, which is why it can’t be removed easily. It isn’t background noise.

  29. MooseMan says:

    You folks never cease to amaze me. I thought you had outdone yourselves with the “purple drank” story, yet you come right back with this 7-11 story. Incredible. It’s like watching a magician who keeps pulling rabbits (wolverines?) out of his hat! I’m content just sitting here on my little branch and watching the masters here at work. Keep up the good job.

  30. pjrpjp says:

    Isn’t it likely that Trayvon went into the store after having already met the characters outside? And that he had already sold some weed to them, and was just finalizing his services to them by buying a couple of blunts?

    It would explain his attempts to think on the fly after being carded. It would explain that quick glance outside the front window after paying, and the return to the cooler area (working on Plan B with his mental gears clanking). It would also explain why he kept the money in his hands …. because he knew that there was somebody already outside able to help him out. I doubt that he would have kept those dollars in hand, unless he already had someone in mind.

    • Bill says:

      Yep that makes some sense if Trayvon were dealing and it’s strange that the stooges were in such close proximity and time as trayvon.

      • Butch says:

        I believe it’s common for a drug dealer to meets his clients at a gas station, so you could be right. The only question I have, however, is did TM spend enough time in Orlando to establish a customer base.

    • howie says:

      Could be that Trayvon had a “sample” for them to test. Maybe the stash was at home for a later purchase if the 3 liked the sample. Pure speculation of course. One of many possibilities.

    • jimrtex says:

      Was the first aid kit (in evidence) simply something that had been brought outside to treat Zimmerman’s injuries by a neighbor?

      Or maybe Martin dropped the juice while running. if he had it in his hand then when he took off running maybe he dropped it, or it tore open the sack. He got home and then came back.

  31. Rona says:

    Hi…real quick, just want to say that I stumbled upon this site because of the T. Martin case, and love reading here, I share so many of your views. I live in Orlando, Fl, married, with three boys now 19, 23, and 24, and can remember just a few short years ago when the triple c’s fad was hitting the high schools, will share more on that later, but it is dangerous stuff.

    In putting this puzzle together, if my memory serves me right, didn’t Traydad say that his spawn only had 11 dollars, and yet in the police report, he had something like 40 dollars on him, hmmm. Could it be, no, say it isn’t so, that Traymark sold something to the three guys at the 7-11? A little weed, some jewelry, who knows, but something is shady.

  32. StephUF says:

    Is this stuff getting to O’mara? Rona, I live in Longwood. You’re right, it’s an amazing site.

  33. James Crawford says:

    I just want to say that I am astonished by how observant you people are!

    The only missing piece of the puzzle is where. tM might have gotten some DM syrup. The three stooges might be the source. Perhaps TM traded them marijuana that he could get easily in Miami for cough syrup that they could buy because they are old enough? Does the 7-11 sell cough syrup? Alternatively; perhaps the three stooges bought the syrrup at the Wal Mart / Sam’s Club down the road before it closed?

    The blonde paused after leaving the store before going to her car. Did she buy some pot or syrup from TM or the three stooges to go with the two liters of Coke that she bought in the 7-11? It appears that the Blonde arrived and left in a Porche. This is a rare enough car that even partial plate number will track it down.

    Keep in mind that everyone has cell phones and the police and O’Mara have TM’s cell phone records. If TM called the blonde, the driver of the Porche, or the three stooges to arrange a drug deal, it will become known.

    I don’t know if any of this will be admissible in court. A judge might take the position that TM’s past history or prior events that GZ was unaware of are irrelevant. However; all of this info is admissible in the court of public opinion. O’Mara will investigate this then publicize that TM was a druggie who went to the 7-11 to buy some Watermellon juice and skittles, and meet some guys to trade them marijuana for cough syrryp, and may be sell some pot to the blonde and/or her boyfriend. Think of the PR campaign as shelling or bombing to prepare the battlefield for an invasion.

    Finally, wasn’t it pointed out here that the cell phone recordspublicizedby Crump were fraudulent because all times given in TMobile statements are Pacific Standard Time and therefore the alleged conversations with Dee Dee occurred almost three hours after TM was shot? Have we verified true copies of TM’s phone records? Also, the police should get locational info from TMobile. Even without GPS, records of which cell towers his phone was pinging will tell his approximate location. The more urban the neighborhood, the more closely spaced the cell towers will be and the more accurate the location. If the cell company has precise enough time stamps on the pings and pings to multiple towers, they can calculate lication very accurately.

    • John Galt says:

      “O’Mara will investigate this then publicize that TM was a druggie”

      O’Mara will not do that as O’Mara follows the rules rather closely. Only Crump & Crew appear to be immune from the rules of professional conduct.

    • Bill says:

      This may be off the subject of TM drugs, but maybe you or someone can explain why the prosecutor is trying to keep the phone records of deedee, trayvon, and GZ from the public. I don’t think anyone proved whether deedee or trayvons phone records were real or not.

      • Jb says:

        One reason is DeeDee, once it’s public, would conflict with her twitter account. It would also possibly show Trayvon earlier on trying to meet up at a point to grab a fun time treat with his emmy award winning friendly gentlefolk. I think Corey got more than she bargained for and wants to keep her job and not be known as the lady whose going to convict a soft spoken man who was terrified to give his address, got his face hit with a hockey puck (since Trayvon was too busy running and crying to hit him) all while Trayvon has drugs in his system.

        This is what we call a dog and pony show.

    • One problem with that theory is that the Stooges and TM left as the Blonde was coming in, and she didn’t pause long enough to talk to them.

      The Stooges took an inordinately long time coming into the store – likely because they were stopped by TM for the “would you guys get me a blunt” conversation…

      As to the”3 guys/3 blunts” theory, (1) NOBODY smokes a whole blunt – it’s a social thing — puffpuffpass! – and (2) Then what was TM waiting for, why did curly go out then TM leave, why did curly have TMs money and begin by asking for 1 blunt, then “make it 2 please” then add another after the friend asked for 1 also? Why not just start with “3 blunts, please! — because the other 2 were an afterthought!

    • Jello333 says:

      “A judge might take the position that TM’s past history or prior events that GZ was unaware of are irrelevant.”

      That’s probably true. But this 7-11 stuff would be different. It could be VERY relevant to what was about to happen over the next 45 minutes. And if THIS is relevant, and therefore allowed into evidence, then there’s gonna be some need for “background” or “foundation” of why Trayvon might have done what he apparently did at the 7-11. And that background will likely include stuff like his Facebook comments about DXM, etc.

      • John Galt says:

        Indeed. Also provides motivation for TM to run and then later attack GZ. Think about it. GZ is just sitting in his truck talking on his phone and TM sees him while walking home. So what does TM do? Conceals his identity by putting up his hoodie (if DeeDee is to be believed) and then runs. Why? He’s scared of the crazy white man eyeballing him because he’s toting skittles and watermelon juice? Sounds like nonsense to me. Concealing identity + flight is to escape detection because of wrongdoing. And TM talks to DeeDee constantly and DeeDee doesn’t know about the mission to 7-11 for sizzurp or blunts? How likely is that? Maybe that is why DeeDee wasn’t too eager to come forward and talk to the cops?

        • txantimedia says:

          Yeah, the hoodie thing bothers me. He was wearing his hoodie when he arrived at the 7-11 and when he left the 7-11. He took it off for the walk home and then put it back up because it was raining? But it was raining on and off that evening. Not sure why she adds that detail, but it’s incongruent given the other evidence.

    • jimrtex says:

      The door is in corner of the store, and about as far left, as the part of the store you can see. When Martin first enters, you can see hm cross from right to left outside, and then appear at the corner of the shelves opposite the counter, in 11 seconds.

      The blonde does it in 15 seconds, but the 3 friends are still just outside the door. This is an estimate since there is a skip in the video of 3 seconds (you can see he leaving the car, heading for the door), hear a door chime when she enters, a skip of three seconds, and then a while later walks to the front with the bottles.

      When she leaves it is about 12 seconds, and there is another skip when she gets in the car.

      I think it was inadvertent that she was in the video, since there are shots outside that show Martin or the other car leaving, that have her in it. But someone took the time to trim her out of the picture. She is a a passenger, so it is possible that the driver could have seen something – or not,, there are some columns and a sidewalk around the corner if you want to avoid being seen.

      The phone records of Martin, Zimmerman, and “DeeDee” are in evidence but not released. When BDLR interviewed “DeeDee” he asked what her phone number was as well as Martin’s, and mentioned that they had the phone records. You don’t go asking whether she was on the phone with Martin when he went to the store, unless the phone records match.

      The records that have been released have phone numbers that have been electronically whited-out, printed, and then photocopied – because the text isn’t horizontal. If you electronically generate a PDF they would be. The pages are out of order, to make it look printed (earliest to latest), but a screen view is probably latest to earlier, and you would page down.

      There are 4 unattributed phone calls during this time. Crump probably would not have shown those, unless he knows who they were to/from.

      T-Mobile includes text messages in Pacific time, because the billing doesn’t depend on location, while regular calls are. There are people with T-Mobile who have confirmed this. It appears that there is one call to DeeDee ending and another starting just at the time Martin is seen leaving the 7-11. She can say that the she didn’t hear anything, but was on the phone except when it hung up. This happens at 7:12 and 7:16, which could indicate that T-Mobile was not responsible for the disconnects.

      • Raoul says:

        If I’m reading the records correctly, Trayvon receives a text from Dee Dee at 7:08. It would be very interesting to learn what she sent.

      • MJW says:

        If you look earlier in the thread, you can see an easier-to-read list I made (based on the billing statement PDF) of the calls and texts.

  34. I observed the video… When the second transaction was made, there appears to be either..
    1. A light colored lighter and another “object”, that object appears to be a package of what MAYBE are “jel-caps” of DXM,Robo(single Dose’s), (or both are).. hence the use of the debit card.. Now if St Tray only had 11.00 on Him as reported, then what acounts for 30.00 plus He had, the PRICE of 3 Dime Bags, or a 1/4 ounce of weed. Which would of been the white guys purchase “outside”, w/St. Tray.Unless It was high grade stuff like “BC BUD”.. then it’s 30.00 for a 1/8 of weed, AKA enough for 2 blunts.
    “Stoners” never buy more than 2 blunts , per purchase…. One had to be for St.Tray, (due to the 3 stooges, possibility of being stopped by Po-Po… Prompting a probabile cause “search”….)
    One was for TRAY…..
    Excuse My spelling/typing, nerve damage in My hand…

  35. At 3:05 in this vid (18:28:0?-ish) — Curly has just grabbed the “blunts” and walked out with them — the Clerk stops and moves to the side – as if to be able to see out the door – and …??

    It seems to me he’s saying something about the outside, based on his hand motions – as in “Don’t give that dude a blunt – he doesn’t have ID” or something similar…

    Also, @Sundancecracker:a minor correction! –
    You said “…Blunts are hollowed out cigar wrappers ready to be filled with Tobacco or ‘Weed’…”

    Actually, “Blunt WRAPPERS” are “hollowed out cigar wrappers….” – “Blunts” are the cigars themselves…

    Some stores – especially big “chains” like 7-11 – refuse to sell the blunt WRAPPERS, because they KNOW they’re being used for drugs and have pretty much no other purpose. They still sell the cigars – blunts – because they can rationalize that it’s a cigar and whatever the customer does with it after is not their business or problem…

    The smokers just cut the cigar, dump the tobacco, and roll up their weed.

    In this case, they were buying “Black & mild” if my ears were correct – these are a sweet-tasting cigar (if memory serves)…

  36. Jb says:

    Everybody keeps wondering “Did he hide the blunts in the porch?”. No, he ran away from George so he could do it. He had to have found a way to do so when George was on his way to finding where he was. That’s probably why Trayvon snapped. Nothing is on the damn porch and if it was the father would have hid it. This is a great post because it helps explain some of the things I’ve always wondered such as why Trayvon got so mad. From the get go, I believed this story was nothing more than a guy getting his you know what handed to him and firing back as a last resort. This would explain why Trayvon was so angry and so odd when he was at the store.

    It explains why the Clerk looked back and continued to talk to him and it shows why the media made these videos (outside of the bbc) shown without audio. The whole thing makes sense now. I also think the school bus tweet by Tray’s Big Bruh IIRC, about swinging at a school bus drive, was the main reason he was sent to Sanford and not so much the other reasons. They knew they had a kid who had issues and the fact that they let him roam the streets, and are laying about it, is shameful.

    How anybody could believe the skittles story is beyond me. No kid is eating skittles as food unless there is no food. Nobody says to their brother “Go get me a snack from half a mile away” in the rain and no responsible brother is letting his kid go without food. Same with the parents. And Arizone Iced teas usually have caffeine. This is such a poorly thought out b.s story and it explains why Crump, the mental titan of the universe, couldn’t figure out how stupid it was to say Trayvon left during the halftime show of the NBA all star game.

    Also, if Brandy and the brother are saying he left to the store because he was bored than it really shows how messed up this case is because, of course, it means it was built on a lie. Could they really be this stupid or irresponsible? Since their boy was a dope head and couldn’t attend school regularly, the answer is yes.

    • Speaking as a (LOOoong ago!) stoner-kid, hiding one’s stash in the bushes for fear of being caught with it in the house is a pretty common thing for kids to do.

      Having grown up in Miami Gardens – surrounded by street-dealers who do the same – TMs first instinct on thinking JZ was a cop would be to run &dump any contraband for later retrieval. I think he was hiding in the dark and heard the rest of JZ’s conversation w/911, and FLIPPED.

      Pure speculation – though based on known or at least reported facts – follows:
      I think it’s likely DeeDee egged him on – “come on Tray! Whip that white-boy’s @$$ or I’ll tell everyone at school how you ran like a p***y from a little white dude!” – so he stashed his headset and button in prep for the fight he planned to start… Maybe he DID leave the phone connected so she could listen in – hoping it might earn him some brownie-points with her later…

      Her earlier sarcastic tweets about being “on the phone with no_limit_nigga” seem to indicate that she was not enamored of him as he may have been of her, and thus more likely to “toy” with him in this way…

      Maybe the one witness really DID see someone running – maybe saw TM running from his hiding place up to the “T” just before assaulting Jorge…

      This might also explain DeeDee’s behavior — “Oh $#!+! I made him jump that white boy and he got killed?!” — this might make her try to hide and pretend she knew nothing until the phone-bills gave her away, by which point she’d heard enough in the news and etc. to know what her story needed to be…!

      • howie says:

        I saw where dealers hide their stashes out behind houses then go get it when they have a customer.

      • jimrtex says:

        Two of the witnesses are sisters. One was downstairs in the kitchen and heard something outside the kitchen window, went around to the patio door, and saw what vaguely looked like wrestling, and then heard and saw John yelling about calling the cops. She went back to the kitchen to turn off the stove, and heard the shot.

        The one upstairs without her contacts had gone to the back bedroom to lay something on to a chair and then walked toward the front of the house – where the windows were open, and heard a bang. She thought either her sister had dropped something or the doggie door had fallen down. It was when her sister came upstairs that she found out it was a shot – since she was timing based on where she had walked, it was about 15 seconds. She had been outside reading 15 minutes earlier, with her contacts in, and wished that she had seen something,

        And from the original description, I had figured that it was the next building south, but it was about one unit further south from where the shooting happened.

        To the extent that the fight moved, it appears that it was north to south, with Zimmerman’s keys ending up pretty close to the T, so somewhere around 40 feet.

    • myopiafree says:

      Good deduction JB,
      “The whole thing makes sense now. I also think the school bus tweet by Tray’s Big Bruh IIRC, about swinging at a school bus drive, was the main reason he was sent to Sanford and not so much the other reasons.”
      Otis> I have been asked, why did the bus driver DO NOTHING. No complaint, no review.
      The reason is this. 1) She would have had to file assault charges against TM. What would have happened? She would have been CHARGED WITH RACISM. 2) What probably happened, is that the school “explained” to her that they could no afford that, and that if she did – she would not be driving a bus much longer. I also believe that 3) They told her that TM was to be expelled, and he would NOT be on her bus again. [ They were in fact correct. ]

  37. Jb says:

    Let me amend a statement. When I said “He got away from George so he could do it” I mean he found a way in between his location and the porch to dispose of it most likely. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to put it on the porch – unless it means nobody was home…which would mean what? So either he disposed of it earlier and was angry he had to – or the entire family was lying because only if they are all home would he ‘hide them in the porch’. Not even with a 2 year old baby would he do it, let alone a teenage brother who would wonder what’s going on or, god forbid, find it. He was in enough trouble as it was.

    So which is it? They weren’t home or he ditched it elsewhere on short notice and went after George after dumping it elsewhere? And if the headphones were honestly found in his pocket, it means he had time to set up the fight obviously. Was that really confirmed? That right there would destroy the case and DeeDee’s testimony immediately because it means he had time to put them in his pocket. That is only possible if he starts the fight because he wouldn’t have the chance to do that if ‘he were stalked by George Hitler, serial black man killer’.

    • Jb says:

      Correction -> * only if they were ‘not’ home would he hide his stash on the porch. Sorry. I wish I could edit these posts.

    • Bill says:

      I went over that police report again and the evidence inventory shows the button and headphones in Trayvons pockets, but then if you read the reports of the diff. officers on the scene they say the headphones were in close proximity to the body. Then I think Serino actually says there was a button on trayvon’s shirt. I don’t want to believe Deedee but maybe the prosecution does.

      • ctdar says:

        Serino has shown his bias against Zimmerman time & time again, (maybe for Z speaking against the Sanford police Lt son’s beating of thr homeless man a few years back) so I do not believe a word out of his mouth unless it is corraborated by an independent source.
        If the ME said button was found in a pocket than I believe that. The photos of TM body at scene will be the proof.

      • Someone would have gone through his pockets looking for ID & Etc. Likely anything else they found would have been laid on the ground by the body – thus later arrivals would say “I saw X, Y and Z in close proximity to the body”…

        • ctdar says:

          DDad ; was referring above to photo of body would determine whether Serino saying Pin was on TM shirt when he arrived was correct. Another reliable factor to determine where pin was at end would be if damaged. if TM was in fight mode the pin would be in pocket as if not it would have been damaged, have powder burns or destroyed by bullet if was on his shirt coz pin was on left side of chest and that’s where bullet entered.

        • Lulu says:

          I seem to remember that paramedics from the SFD worked over TM at the scene, attempting to resuscitate him. They’d have removed a metal pin/button from his hoodie before doing that. That said, Serino has lots of problems with his “witnessing”. Ironically he is the one who verified to an eyewitness that “the man calling for help was NOT the man who was shot”, so he’s good for something.

  38. Craw63 says:

    I was doing a search for ‘No Hoodies” sign and found this!
    It was even posted in a 7 11

    • I live in a reasonably quiet, somewhat rural area, but even we have our “problem children”…

      *ALL* the stores around here have something similar on their door -my favorite says “remove your hood before entering – our cameras need to see your face!”

      • Jello333 says:

        I’m not ordinarily a big fan of “surveillance” of people unless there’s a very good reason. But I think the rules most convenience stores have makes sense. They’re usually staffed by only a single person, and the store’s usually open 24/7, and can be in not-so-nice areas. So, not only for the safety of, but just for the peace of mind of the poor guy or girl who happens to be behind the counter at 2am…. yeah, I think the “no hoodie” rules are just fine.

        • Sharon says:

          20 years ago DH and I worked graveyard at a truck stop in the country in MN, 100 yds from I-94. I remember being glad when they got video surveillance in that covered the entrance and the cash register. As I told the owner at the time, “It won’t stop them from killing me, but at least you’ll have a picture of whoever did it.” Even that long ago, I remember being consciously aware of my/our complete vulnerability, each alone there when we worked. I find it a little surprising they can get that many folks to work a shift like that by themselves in the cities.

          It was absolutely impossible to get the country folk there to understand that the entire Chicago gang mentality or Texas drug runners WERE actually going by their homes 24/7. They just didn’t get it. Then when there are the occasional high profile drug-related killings or robbery/murders at C-stores, the newscasts lead with “Small town’s residents horrified at night time shooting at the gas station… at 11″

  39. MelloJello says:

    Seems like 7-11 would have an outside camera too.

  40. PAL says:

    I am laughing so hard it hurts at the guy with the total hoodie-burka situation. Thank GOD they have conceal/carry there because if I were that clerk and I didn’t have a gun I’d have shat myself right then and there seeing those thuggies walking up to the counter.

    Oh the plot surely does thicken.

    Blunts, purple drank, hoodies oh my!

    I’m still dyin’ laffin’ at the burka-hoodie dude. CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!

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  42. Rum says:

    There is no doubt that TM ran away from GZ at one point. He was either afraid because he looked dangerous and aggressive per se or because TM had something on him that would be a problem if GZ turned out to be some kind of cop who called him over.
    Regarding the first issue, nothing about GZs apparent fighting ability could have changed very much in a few seconds. He could not have changed his size and he had no limp, etc. to show. But TMs perceptions of him could change very quickly as to rather GZ was a cop or not. A few seconds watching him walk by could easily have been enough to notice the complete non-uniform, the no radio, and the civilian shoes, etc.
    We will probably never know about TM and drugs that night. However, it is a secondary issue, imho. Because even a stoned person is very unlikely to go off on someone they believe to be LE unless they are way past coherent mental processing, whether they are holding drugs or not.
    GZ was not a cop and he was short and both of these facts must have eventually become obvious to TM. This is what removed the safety catch in Trayvons mind.

  43. Burnt Toast says:

    “Approximately 40 minutes later after Trayvon leaves the 7-11, George Zimmerman sees Trayvon entering the retreat via the walk through “shortcut”. At 7:09 George Zimmerman calls police while watching Trayvon at/near the “Club House”.

    If we are talking about the “shortcut from street” in the bird’s eye view – there is no walkway, but there is a hedge line built with a bunch of 4×4 posts and trellis on about 4′ OC – obviously trying to keep people of private property / backyards.

    The land in question is owned by private individuals, not community property, or public property – no different than if you looked out your back window right now and saw somebody out there.

    Do you know what they call people found in other people’s backyards? Trespassers. (actually criminal trespass in FL)
    Do you know what they call people found in other people’s backyards after dark? Prowlers.

    Fact of the matter is – TM was doing something illegal – even the MSM presenting him as a innocent twelve year old pooched their own narrative by reporting that he took a ‘shortcut’ – they failed to note that the land between the townhomes is actually owned by the adjacent townhome owner. (google maps accurately portrays the individual land parcels)

    • Jello333 says:

      Yeah, technically you’re right. But I really seriously doubt O’Mara is gonna make a big deal about that, since from everything I hear it’s very common for kids to take the same route Trayvon apparently did. So it wouldn’t be fair to say HE was trespassing without also saying that they ALL were. However, I think we’ll eventually find out that George’s suspicions weren’t just because of the “short cut”. Can’t remember where I saw it now, but I think George told the cops that Trayvon was walking slowly right up next to the buildings as he walked along. If so, it could very much appear to be a person trying to peak in windows or something.

      • Burnt Toast says:

        You hear that it is common for kids to take the same route?

        There no beaten path visible in the google street view, in fact it looks like they were trying to get a hedge growing to make the route uninviting… but , yeah, I was once a kid too and took many a short cut… unually those already with a good footpath.

        • Jello333 says:

          On one of the news videos (I think the one with Frank Taaffe in it), they mention the shortcut and show a little short clip of a few kids walking through there. This, of course, is assuming what they’re showing is actually that right spot.

    • Lulu says:

      In most condominium projects, the owners own only the air space within the walls of their unit, which is why exterior maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner association. They are given “exclusive use easements” for such things as the patios and upper balconies. The rest of the ground, green belts, walkways, driveways, etc., in the project is common area.

      As a guest of the renter or owner of a unit, TM had a right to walk down that walkway. He did not have the right to meander here and there, up to the units, look in the windows, loiter, or do anything else that would arouse the suspicion of another resident/owner observing him.

      • Burnt Toast says:

        Unlike condo projects – this was a town home complex – not much different from a duplex or triplex, The owner does in fact own the land front and back of their unit, and to the sides if you have an end unit. I am not just throwing this out there blindly, if you don’t believe it then hire a licensed surveyor with nothing more than a piece of paper with a stamp on it.

        If the owners of the end units where this ‘short-cut’ is don’t mind people of alls types coming through at all hours, I guess that is their business, but please do assume that any guest of any unit has a ‘right’ (shades of SYG…) to be wandering about others.yards.

      • jimrtex says:

        The plat shows the only land in common is clubhouse area, streets, and the area around the detention pond. The sidewalks are on a sidewalk easement. There are drainage easements between the buildings, which might prevent placement of impediments. In flat land with lots of rain, buildings have to be elevated above the area around them, or you’re going to have water running into buildings.

  44. Icestation2 says:

    Is there any confirmation that the Arizona watermelon drink and Skittles were found 100 yards from where TM was shot? I have read the odd mention of this here and elsewhere.

    • They were both found in his pockets.

    • Jello333 says:

      Nope. But what DOES seem to be true is that George’s car keys were found several yards away. Very near the “T” in the sidewalk, in fact. Which might mean that that’s were the confrontation began, and maybe Trayvon then chased him southward to the point they wound up on the ground?

      • Punched him, Z staggered back then fell on the ground.

        EASILY covers that amount of distance!I

      • myopiafree says:

        Thanks! The keys at the “T”. GZ was walking BACK across the “T” (right to left). TM came at GZ’s left, stopping GZ from “walking back”. At that point GZ must have dropped the keys – with TM’s first push (shove). They then moved South (down the T) until TM cold-cocked GZ the surprise blow to nose. That explains the “several yards”.

  45. realitycheck says:

    I’ve not seen this discussed yet. Shortly after paying for his juice and flavorings (and before receiving his change) StSk. reaches into his jacket, pulls out a blunt and puts it between his lips.

    That ties to many of these suppositions.

  46. xballer52 says:

    A couple of additional observations, one of which I noted above. When Trayvon is seen walking backward from the 7-11 entrance, and then turning to walk forward, it appears that he is holding the drink in his right hand, and that he has already ditched the bag given to him by the clerk. In the big picture, this seem insignificant; however, I believe there was a plastic bag found on the scene. If that is the case, it might be a different bag then the one the clerk at the 7-11 provided, which might indicate he made an additional stop at another store.

    Secondly, it appears that Martin has been to this 7-11 before, evidenced by him immediately walking to the cooler containing the Arizona drink and the candy aisle. When walking to a store that I am unfamiliar with, it would take me a few seconds to identify the coolers and locate the drink I wanted. More often than not, even when I know what drink I want, I spend a few moments looking over the other drinks to see if there is anything more appealing. Martin appears to know exactly the cooler, and the place within the cooler where the drink is located. Additionally, he doesn’t appear to even look at the selection of other drinks, he seems like he’s on a mission to acquire the watermelon drink.

    Their does seem to be some type of interaction between Martin and the “3 stooges” as they have been referred to. Finding out what that interaction was, is going to be up to O’Mara, I hope he has hired investigators to follow up on all these leads. Addtionally, I would follow-up on whether there were any exterior cameras at the 7-11 that may have been overlooked or intentionally ommitted by the prosecution team that would shed some light on the activities that may or may not have occurred outside the premises.

    You guys have done an outstanding job doing what the media has failed to do!! this site has quickly become one of my “favorites” keep up the good work.

    • Jello333 says:

      I think that the $40 Trayvon had on him initially came from one of these three guys. And therefore the bills could have not just Trayvon’s, but the other guy’s prints on them. I think these videos (and CC transaction) will be enough to find out who these guys are. But if not, maybe they should check those bills for prints.

    • Bob says:

      Usually a nationwide store type like 7-11 has a, ‘this is how the store will look and be stocked’ type of plan/stocking picture chart that the headquarters sets. That way one 7-11 looks like any other 7-11 inside.

  47. Adrianne says:

    all of this is pure speculation.
    what is real? this is real…

    • stellap says:

      This has all been covered here many times. Perhaps someone will take pity on you and explain it in detail.

      • MRM says:

        I think the safari answer was the best one… ’cause, really? is that the thinking here? (by the GZ haters I mean)

      • John Galt says:

        Not finding “ultimately avoidable” in the relevant Florida homicide statute, 782.04(2), or associated standard jury instruction 7.4 so I don’t think that will get past the judge. Dershowitz doesn’t think so either.

    • Jello333 says:

      Is that another one of those “He should have stayed in his car” stories? If so, I’ll make this really short: The police dispatcher said to him, “Alright, let me know if this guy does anything else.” And then later said, “He’s running? Which way is he running?” In other words, the dispatcher might as well have said, “Try to keep this guy in sight.” And since Trayvon took off running while George was still in his truck, then how might George “try to keep this guy in sight”? Huh? Give up? Here, I’ll tell you: He would get out of his truck and follow on foot (from quite some distance at that). Oh, and one more thing. You know what George did when the dispatcher said, “We don’t need you to” keep following him? You know what he did? He STOPPED.

    • Lorac says:

      What is real? This is real… TM death was ultimately avoidable if only he had responsible parents and he wasn’t on a 10 day suspension from school he wouldn’t have even been in that gated community. DUH

  48. jasper420 says:

    Only problem with the idea he went back and dumped contraband is why did he still have the arizona can in his hoodie?- It seems he wouldve ditched it too

    • By itself the Arizona is innocuous. If Trayvon came to the conclusion, while circling Zimmerman’s truck, that GZ was on the phone with the police reporting him, then Trayvon would put some distance between him and GZ the watcher while getting rid of anything that could put him in trouble, ie. the pot. Then having rid himself of anything “risky” he could confront GZ out of a misguided sense of “challenging GZ” about why he was watching him.

    • Mike says:

      Smashing someone’s face in with a full 24oz can would probably make a fairly effective weapon

  49. Crussell says:

    I am still concerned and puzzled with the reports of mysterious :cannabis metabolites” mentioned in the autopsy”. Those metabolites could have a different source than illegal weed.

    If I may, I would like to suggest that perhaps another substance Trayvon Martin could have had access to and may have used that could explain his attack and violence on George Zimmerman: :

    Synthetic Weed or legal POT, sold as herbal potpourri that is readily available and also sold over the counter in many convenience stores.

    While the sizzrup angle is a good one, I believe the side-effects would have been more sedating… while the side-effects of the legal pot is more varied and range from sedated to violent behavior at times

    “Moreover, even if Martin had been stoned out of his mind, it wouldn’t predispose him to violence.”


    “7.3 nanograms of THC-COOH, a metabolite of THC that can stay in the system for weeks after cannabis has been smoked.”

    Read more:

    “Educate your children about the hazards of consuming anything that has not been tested and let them know that these fake marijuana products are anything but natural. Does “2-[(1R,3S)-3-hydroxycyclohexyl]-5-(2-methyloctan-2-yl)phenol)” (CP 47,497) sound natural to you?”

    “Recent reports have shown the synthetic weed can lead to “dangerous, erratic and sometimes even deadly behavior,” Schumer said at an event inside the James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse on Broadway. ”
    Read more:

    Just some food for thought, I am trying to find an explanation for Martin’s violent behavior beyond the widely used “testosterone” theory.

    I also have a relative who experienced a weird violent episode after smoking the legal weed. That episode of violence was so uncharacteristic of my male relative who uses the illegal weed instead of pot because it produces a “high” and he will be able to pass the random P-Test where he is employed.

    • howie says:

      Sometimes Thugs do things with no reason. They just do it. Normal people can not understand why. It may be a mistake to attribute rational thought to Mr. Treyvon. He might just be another run of the mill Monster.

    • Lulu says:

      “THC metabolites” sound to be naturally occurring.

      The active ingredient in marijuana — Tetrahydrocannabinol or delta-9-THC or simply THC — enters the body’s bloodstream rapidly after smoking marijuana. If marijuana is ingested, rather than smoked, it takes longer to be absorbed into the blood, usually from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

      But THC is detectable in the blood for a short time, usually a few hours, because it is rapidly metabolized into molecules known as metabolites. At least 80 different metabolites are formed from THC. These metabolites are stored in body fat and are gradually eliminated from the body through feces and urine.

      More here: “How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Body”

    • Bob says:

      .After all the latest reports of Face eating zonked out druggies, the one from Miami using bath salts and so on, I am beginning to wonder about this too

  50. Crussell says:

    “who uses the illegal weed instead of pot because it produces a “high”

    should have read
    who uses the Legal weed instead of pot because it produces a “high”

  51. DiwataMan says:

    Something odd has occurred to me regarding the timeline. If we take DD’s interview, Trayvon’s call logs, George’s call, and we know what time Trayvon left the 711, then it appears to me George spotted Trayvon at apx. 6:50 and made his call at 7:09. That’s apx. 20 minutes. We don’t have George’s statements so we don’t know what he said aside from the fact of where he saw Trayvon entering. If this is correct I have to ask; if George was sitting there parked on the street for apx. 15 minutes why would Trayvon think it had anything to do with him? The way I’m reading this, all Trayvon saw was someone drive down Twin Tress lane and park for 15 minutes, decides who ever it is, is watching him and runs off. This also begs the big question of how they are accusing George of “creating” the situation and therefore he’s supposedly guilty of second degree murder, uh, the guy is just sitting in his truck, but I digress. Well here’s a rough description below, I’m still trying to make it more comprehensive but just wanted to get it out there for now.

    Trayvon is on the phone with dd at 6:49 (4 minute call).

    George observes Trayvon walk into the community through the shortcut between the townhomes between 6:49-6:51 then sees Trayvon run towards the clubhouse and loses sight of Trayvon as he goes behind the trees around the mailbox area. (DD gives no indication that Trayvon is aware of George at this point)

    As Trayvon runs between 6:51:01 to 6:52:00 he loses connection with dd.

    At apx. 6:52, George has lost sight of Trayvon so he drives to Twin trees lane, spots and passes Trayvon hanging around the mailboxes, goes down to the cut through, turns around and parks (Again, DD gives no indication that Trayvon is aware of George at this point).

    Trayvon reconnects with DD at 6:54 (18 minute call).

    George calls at 7:09:34 (4 minute call).

    DD states a couple of minutes into the call (connection time could be between 6:54:00 to 6:54:59), Trayvon states George is watching him and that George is on the phone and identifies him as white (I find it difficult to believe that Trayvon is actually able to identify George as white and on the phone given the lighting conditions and that George is in his SUV assumingly at some distance, I guess the dome light could be on or something, who knows). Sometime near the end of Trayon’s call (call ends between 7:11:01 to 7:12:00) he indicates to DD that he’s going to start walking and then the phone disconnects. At apx. 7:11 Trayvon seems to be very close to George’s SUV, George sounds nervous but then calms as Trayvon walks away towards the EW sidewalk.

    (7:10:31) Zimmerman: Yeah, now he’s coming towards me
    (7:10:56) Zimmerman: Yup, he’s coming to check me out
    (7:10:59) Zimmerman: He’s got something in his hands, I don’t know what his deal is.
    (7:11:02) Dispatcher: Just let me know if…[Zimmerman interrupts]…he does anything, ok?
    Zimmerman:[unintelligible]…get an officer over here.
    (7:11:04) Dispatcher: Yeah we’ve got someone on the way.
    (7:11:06) Dispatcher: Just let me know if this guy does anything else (7:11:09) Zimmerman: Okay. (George begins to calm)

    DD calls back between 7:12:00 to 7:12:59, she asks him what he’s doing and he said he’s walking and that George is still watching, behind him and that he’s about to run from the back because it’s more easier, then he ran,

    George states at 7:11:40 “Shit, he’s running,

    Trayvon says he lost George so he started walking again, she told him to run, he said he aint gonna run cuz he right by father house.

    • splat! says:

      Run that scenario with George slowing down to observe Trayvon while he is still on Retreat View. Trayvon notices. Tells Dee-Dee. Then George turns right on Twin Trees, slowly driving and then going down the street to turn around, He parks at the cut-through, and this is when George places his call. He has observed enough to determine this guy is suspicious. Trayvon tells Dee-Dee “he’s back”.

      • DiwataMan says:

        DeeDee gives us no indication that Trayvon is aware of George until sometime has passed as George is parked down the street.

        • John Galt says:

          DeeDee also gave us no indication that St. Skittles was on a mission to procure sizzurp and blunts.

        • splat! says:

          Yes, but I’m not seeing a beginning reference point that would be that exact. And, what if Trayvon doesn’t mean he’s right by his father’s house. What if he means, he’s right by the row that his father’s house is in. I’m just trying to explore possibilities. Anyway, if that scenario doesn’t work out right, it doesn’t. I’ll go back to DD interview again for a retake. Appreciate very much all the work you have put in on this.

          • splat! says:

            Ok, I do hear DD at timestamp 2:28 say he ran to the mail thing; at 2:43, he ran so the phone hung up and she called him back again; and at 3:30 the phone hung up and she called him back again.

          • DiwataMan says:

            Oh no, definitely, have at it and speculate, lord knows I do, but it’s through our speculation we find things like when exactly Trayvon left the 711. Let me also say I don’t think everything I have written in this new scenario is of course fact, I mean we’re using DeeDee here, lol, and we don’t have Geoge’s statements to police. Well here it is in video form, enjoy.

    • jimrtex says:

      “DeeDee” said he left the store, and then jumps to him running to the “Mail Shed” and the phone hung up. She called him back, and then some time later he was walking, and the phone hung up. The chase happened and just after she heard the sound of grass, the phone hung up.

      Martin apparently made two outbound calls to her: 6:30-6:43 (just after he is seen leaving the vicinity of the 7-11; and 6:45-6:50.

      in both cases it appears that there was an inbound call that caused Martin to hand up and then call back. These were 6:41-6:45 and 6:49-6.53. After 6:53 call, there were two one-minute calls at 6:53 and 6:54. Then there was the 6:54-7:12 call, which was inbound, and the 7:12-7:16 call.

      There is also a 6:46-6:48 outbound call in the middle of the other outbound call, and an in-bound 7:04-7:05 call during the other calls. If text messages are in Pacific Time, there was a text message at 7:08. So after leaving the store, there were 4 non-DeeDee calls and one text message after leaving the 7-11.

      DeeDee says that Martin ran for the mail shed and the phone hung up, and she called back. And that he started walking and the phone hung up (this would be the 6:54-7:12 call). She called back and the chase call, when she heard the grass, and a faint Trayvon voice of “let me up” (because the push had knocked his headphones off)

      So this would mean it was the 6:54 call from Martin; or possibly the 6:45-6:50 call, where he reached the mail shed. But if if it is the 6:45-6:50 call, that was terminated because he had another call, and it would mean that the 6:53 call was

      Some time during this time he perceived a white guy in a car talking on the phone, and then started walking. She never says anything about Zimmerman following in the car.

      Zimmerman said that he had text’ed his sister before leaving for the store, so there should be a time stamp for when he left.

      The Crump interview with “DeeDee” is crap. It appears to be recording from a speaker phone with a bad connection. It appears that DeeDee was being placed on hold, and then the recording stopped, and then it comes back on she is in mid-sentence.

      In the BDLR interview, he avoids trying to tie anything down.

      The period from the time he left the store until he runs for the mail shed is 5:30-6:09 in the BDLR interview. The next call, which has to be 6:54-7:12, Martin was under the shed, then after a “couple of minutes”, Martin said a man was watching him, he was white, and was sitting in his car talking on his phone. Martin said he was going to start walking and the phone hung up.(6:09-7:10 in BDLR interview).

      She calls back and says (the mans still folliowing him behind the car; he put his hoodie on because it was still dripping a little bit, and he’s going “to run from the back, and she told him to run to his da[d]‘s place. I think all of this was actually during the previous call (7:10-7:47 BDLR).

      Martin says he’s going to run from the back because [unintelligible]. The next thing she knew he was running and she could hear the wind blowing. And then he said that he had lost him. He lost him and he was breathing hard. And then his voice kind of changed like he is scared. And then she goes back to say that he lost him and was then breathing hard, and then in a “couple of …” She is trying to put a couple of minutes in here but then jumps back to where he was running.

      At 8:56 in the BDLR interview DeeDee says, “he’s right by his da[d]‘s home. He keep running to his daddy’s house.”

      BDLR interrupts and says “Let me make sure that I understand this, He’s saying he is ‘right by his ass’, meaning the man is right by Trayvon”.

      She is quite forceful in her denial, as if to say NO you’re not listening.

      DeeDee says, “NO, He lost the guy”,
      BDLR “OK”,
      DeeDee, “and then he ran from the back”,
      BDLR “right”
      DeeDee. “he said he lost him”
      BDLR “OK”
      DeeDee “he started walking back again”
      BDLR “OK”

      Obviously he didn’t lose Zimmerman and then run from the back and lose him a second time. But rather, he lost the guy, and this is how he did it: ran from “the back” (long enough for him to be breathing hard), and to have lost him, so that he could start walking. But why did she say he started walking back again?

      DeeDee “and I told him to keep running”
      BDLR “So Trayvon started walking because he thought he had lost the guy”
      DeeDee “yeah”
      BDLR “OK”
      DeeDee “so I said keep running”
      BDLR “OK”
      DeeDee “he say he ain’t going to run”
      BDLR “OK”
      DeeDee “because he say he is right by his father’s house”
      BDLR “OK”
      DeeDee “so in a couple of minutes (breath) he said the man is following him again, behind him.

      So at this point he had run from the back (behind Zimmerman’s truck?, good interview BDLR), long enough to be winded and to have lost Zimmerman and to continue walking because he said he is right by his Dad’s place. But later when Zimmerman is apparently running him down, Martin is not going to run because he was tired, not because he had lost him and was by Dad’s house.

      • DizzyMissL says:

        When she says that he ran from the back, do you think that means he ran from his dad’s house to where Z was?

  52. Bill says:

    i agree. It wasn’t the attack itself but the ferocity of the attack. anyway would you buy pot from these three jokers?

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  55. myopiafree says:

    There are two major aspects to this case:
    1) The objective facts as to what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. They were a) GZ punched in the nose by TM for no good reason. b) the average person, punched in the nose, is STUNNED. Proof for this was GZ’s broken and bleeding nose. This is enough for an assault and battery charge against TM. c) GZ went down on his back, i.e., wet and grass stained back. TM then “practiced” martial arts on GZ. GZ was in fear of his life. (Self-defense requires that you be in fear). This is ALL that it take for a G. J. to acquit. They do NOT have to know TM’s “state of mind”. But, all of us wonder WHY TM DID IT? The question is ‘what was in this bone-head’s mind that he attacked – when there was no reason to do so’. GZ is innocent. But we do have to make an “educated guess” about what was in TM’s “buzzed out” mind. Therefore
    2) SunDance> “Frustrated and feeling profiled for no-good-reason, (mindset “what you wanna call the cops on me for”?… this busy body Zimmerman is bringing grief for nothing. He should mind his own damn businesss.) In his mind, and in actuality, Trayvon was no threat to anyone. This dude calling the cops on him just pissed him off. Part anger mixed with a high dose of frustration.
    It went downhill from there.”
    Otis> This is where the “high” or “empowerment” or “paranoia” from a drug “kicks in”. You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO. As you said, this is “speculation” – but I think it is very accurate. GZ was a Hispanic-Black (with “white” mixed in”). This incident HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. It has everything to do with TM’s love affair with drugs.
    Otis> The rational mind likes to make up the MOST PLASABEL EXPLANATION for events that are very hard to understand. Yes (a long time ago) I had friends (not violent) had this “reaction”. But this drug in TM produced a violent over-reaction. Your analysis of part 2 – explains it exactly. This probably will not help GZ, but it truly removes the racial part of “depraved indifference” (of a presumed racists) in Corey’s charge. THAT is why your analysis is so very important in this up-coming trial.

    • THEIFAM says:

      Isn’t the action/reaction that you ascribe to Trayvon, that he punched GZ in the nose for no good reason, based upon the exclusive version of that event from GZ? Is there any other witness that saw the two come together before anything physical happened? And given GZ’s severe credibility issues, do you think O’Mara and West can risk banking their case on the version of a person who has demonstrated that he plays loose with the facts?

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  57. Somuchtolearn says:

    It won’t let me reply directly to anyones posts, so I am going to try this angle before resorting the to the phone mic again, or throw the laptop out the window of my doosday bunker lol. BARNSLAYER– Don’t forget “Crack is WHACK” but I guess thed Gangsta lean is ok.

  58. Question: What do you think the possibility is that whatever contraband (blunts, weed etc.) Trayvon hid, planning to get back later, would still be there somewhere hidden?

  59. All this to show he bought a blunt wrap? if he did…so what? He smokes weed so he is less likely to be violent or want any confrontation..ok, I get it now and yea you’ve made a pretty good case.

    And the other guy, the shooter, was on drugs which specifically say “may increase either suicidal or homicidal tendency”….so I guess this does have some clout.

    Will have to take all this into consideration but, i’ve yet to hear anybody state-if I think I am being followed, then somebody comes running at me I have the right to defend myself. Travon should have had a gun and all would be well, as that would be the proper use of self defense.

    • Trayvon was too young to legally posess a firearm. Are you suggesting that in addition to breaking the law regarding drug use that he would have been better off to have broken the law and also be in posession of a firearm?

      Secondly within your comment there is a massive presumption brought on by the false narrative surrounding the Main Stream Media .

      ……” if I think I am being followed, then somebody comes running at me I have the right to defend myself “…..

      Most certainly this would be correct. But who exactly do you presume is running at whom?

    • “All this to show he bought a blunt wrap? …”
      No,Genius – “All this” IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH – which *YOU* clearly wouldn’t know if it ran out of the darkness and punched you in the face – breaking your nose and knocking you flat on the back on the ground – then proceeded to mount you and “Do a ground & pound – like MMA Style” – including pounding your head into a curb until you were beaten nearly unconscious.


      “…if he did…so what? He smokes weed so he is less likely to be violent or want any confrontation…”


      Which you’d know if you’d read anything else on this site before bringing your brilliant — really — BRILLIANT opinions to all of us ignorant rubes.

      Listen, Son – the grown-ups are trying to have a conversation.

      If you’re going to join in HERE, you need to bring your “A” Game — and… well… it’s pretty clear you don’t have one, so…

      Why don’t you just go back over to Puff-Ho or wherever you usually hang out, do a few bong-hits and then you and your friends can tell each other how smart you are — Mm-kay?

    • Sandusky says:

      Arthur, do you have some stats that you could give us (with links to the source, please) on the incidence of suicidal/homicidal tendencies for Adderall and temazepam? Any additional details re age and gender factors or any other risk factors such as long-term usage, and whether the meds were being taken as prescribed, would also be appreciated. My impression is that these side effects are rare and that when they do occur, it’s almost always in quite young patients. However, I could be wrong.

      Sundance, I know I copy/pasted a lot of info for both these drugs recently but when I search the archives for Adderall, I come up with nothing; ditto when searching for temazepam. Is there a delay before stuff shows up in the archives?

    • Sharon says:

      If you click through Arthur’s name to his FB page, you’ll see that he believes the United States is involved in terrorist activity against the nation of Columbia. He has a perspective about our nation in general that is possibly influencing his comments regarding the events surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death. ;)

      Arthur Stordahl commented on a link.
      May 11
      Quite simply makes their country safer from our ongoing terrorist activities, which hit the bottom people the worst. They do not need to live in a blanket of toxins we spray, which likely amnt to the same as putting small farmers out of buis here-so big agra can step up.
      Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill
      The Colombian House of Representatives passes the first draft of a bill that seeks to legalize illicit crops.

      ADD: It may be that Mr. Stordahl does not want the flow of drugs from Columbia inhibited, restricted or reduced. Dunno.

    • ctdar says:

      There is no proof that GZ was on any medication that night, none.
      Don’t ya think after assessing the scene, 5+ hours of interrogation & observation that if LE thought there was any chance that he was on meds they would have drug tested him, especially in a situation like that night?
      Keep trying to spin tho Artie, lol, it’s the only thing you can do.

    • Bob says:

      Oh I’m sure St Skittles would have had a gun,,,After killing Mr. Zimmerman. That would have increased his cred of being NO_LIMIT_NIGGA to the rest of his thug buddies.

  60. conservalicious says:

    The thing is that there is no evidence that George “came running at Trayvon”. This was covered in the bail hearing where the lead detective admitted that there was no evidence to show that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon.

    • John Galt says:

      Not to mention that “came running at” is not the pertinent legal standard for justifiable use of deadly force pursuant to Florida statutes.

      “Travon should have had a gun and all would be well, as that would be the proper use of self defense.”

      No, Trayvon should have refrained from assaulting and repeatedly beating GZ’s head against the sidewalk and TM would still be smoking blunts and sipping sizzurp to this day. There is no evidence that GZ did anything whatsoever that would have justified TM in physically assaulting GZ.

      • myopiafree says:

        THE ISSUE OF “PROBABLE CAUSE”. The issue of “Justifiable” is perhaps the most difficult “sticking point”. Who judges?? Are there any lawyers on “TreeHouse” who would like to clarify these statements?

        SYG> (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.

        Otis> While we will “argue” about this, GZ SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CHARGED – until probable cause could have been established. GZ was ARRESTED (in handcuffs), but had to be released – until charges (i.e., Grand Jury) had been developed.
        Otis> In fact, this NORMAL process was being developed by Norm Wolfinger. Had the G.J. reviewed the excellent Sanford Police data (that we see only a part of), I am certain that 12 men of the G. J. would have agreed that self-defense WAS JUSTIFIED. If that truth caused “hoodie riots” – so be it.

        SYG> (3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection

        Otis> The Grand Jury (almost certainly) would have denied “probable cause”. That would have allowed GZ to recover his costs of loss of job and attorney fees. It would have ended Crumps fibs and this (presumed) racial incident.

  61. MRM says:

    so, bits and pieces of a song have been running through my head since reading the first of these posts, and I finally remembered enough of the lyrics to find it…. anyone remember a song called “Be Thankful… for what you’ve got” by Winston Curtis (or The Winstons – not sure which)? some of the lyrics are: “Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin’ the scene with a gangsta’ lean….”
    This song is from the ’70s. Did people use “lean” back then??? or did “lean” mean something different back then?

  62. fedup says:

    Someone may have mentioned this already as I haven’t read all the posts, but in the discovery on page 20 it says that the photo pin was still on the jacket and that the earphones were close to Trayvon’s body. I know I read at least 3 other places in discovery that the earphones were in his pocket so it could be that somewhere it says the pin was too. It’s confusing as some pages contridict other pages. According to Trayvon’s mom the photo pin was a picture of a dead relative, a grandfather or something , and Trayvon wore it off and on, whenever the mood hit him. Being suspicious minded I would think when dealing with druggies over the phone by word of mouth “I’ll be the one with the button on my jacket” kind of thing. The tea was listed as in the middle pocket of Trayvon’s jacket and the earphones in about 3 places as being in his pocket and yet in one place as being close to him. How confusing. I wonder how the tea got out of the plastic bag and in his “center” pocket, whatever that means.

    • Lulu says:

      Pullover hoodies have a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front – the zipper only goes down part way from the neck opening.

  63. splat! says:

    A couple of links so as not to lose them.
    This article is the one that references the gate being blocked by LE cars, and also that Trayvon had been there before and played football with boys in the neighborhood.


    Chad’s father’s 15 minutes of fame:
    WFTV Chad’s Pa
    Notes from interview:
    They was in the house,. . . he was playing a game, watching tv; Trayvon ‘d be on his phone a lot.
    at halftime of the all star game, trayvon was going to the store to get a drink and he asked Chad, , what do you want back. and chad told him i’ll take a pack of skittles. . . Chad never heard anything back. he made some phone calls to his mother and to some other people . . . .he never heard back from Trayvon. he had no idea of what was going on. he went to school the next day, nobody came and talked to him;. . . Chad didn’t know Trayvon was deceased until he got out of school the next day. . . . He knew it was something wrong, because Trayvon never returned with the skittles.

    • John Galt says:

      gold teeth, why didn’t I see that coming?

    • Angel says:

      So the question that begs to be answered, If Chad called his mom who was with Trayvon’s Dad, why didn’t they rush home after Chad expressed concern that Trayvon hadn’t returned home from buying him skittles? Why come home and then assume Trayvon was went his cousin and simply go to bed when 70 yards away from your house is the answer to where Trayvon was? Most importantly, why is Chad’s Father speaking now about it?

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Angel, This is because of Fibber-Crump’s ability to put “stories” in these people. They memorize their “lines”. You can’t put Chad under oath. So, I don’t take these statements too seriously – because, as you realize they DON’T MAKE SENSE.

      • splat! says:

        To clarify, the first article was written March 25, and Chad’s father was interviewed for an article that appeared March 23.

        • Lulu says:

          Where was the March 23 interview with Chad’s father published? Have never seen it.

          • Lulu says:

            Sorry. Reading thread from bottom to top. Just found article link posted up the line. OK to remove my redundant post.

    • myopiafree says:

      As I understand it – as soon as the Police could identify TM, they contacted Tracy TRACY THE NEXT MORNING, as about 7:30. The sent three cars to Brandi’s condo, and interviewed Tracy. Tracy THOUGHT that the Police were going to show up with Trayvon under arrest. Question 1) Where was Brandi. 2) Where was Chad – that he did not know this. 3) Would not Brandi contact her son about this death of Trayvon. 4) Why to people tell fibs??

      • ctdar says:

        I think Tracy called LE Monday morning to report Trayvon as missing & that’s when LE showed up & showed him photos for identification purposes.

      • splat! says:

        One thing I have wondered all along. Why would Tracy think that the police were going to show up with Trayvon under arrest? If Trayvon had been arrested, wouldn’t Tracy have been required to go to the jail and bail him out? When did police start a taxi-service for arrested teenagers? That statement of expectation just blows my mind.

        • Lulu says:

          Tracy’s story was that he thought maybe TM had hooked up with a “responsible” cousin the night before for a movie or ?. When TM was not home by morning, he called the cousin, who told Tracy he hadn’t seen TM. It was then that Tracy contacted Sanford Police, trying to find out if TM had been arrested and was in custody. At some point they came out. He apparently showed them a photo from his cell phone; they then showed him the morgue photo of the John Doe they had.

          This doesn’t seem unusual (the PD’s coming out) when they’d had a fatal shooting of a young man in the same neighborhood the night before.

        • Sandusky says:

          What gets me is that as far as I know, Tracy didn’t check the hospitals. To his mind, missing kid = jail as the most likely prospect. Which tells us a lot about Trayvon and arguably tells us a lot about the culture he grew up in, too.

          • Bob says:

            You know, that what I have not been able to understand. What time did Daddy and future mommy come home that night? Did they not find it unusual to see crime tape and police cars near by their townhouse? Where they too drunk to care or something? Did not Chad tell them about it? Where was he? Did not Daddy not ask where the gounded St Skittles was?

  64. Susiejoe says:

    To an idea expressed earlier about trayvon possibly visiting SAMs or another drug store, the 7-11 is located at 1125 Rinehart. There is a Cvs at 924 Rinehart. That would be 2 blocks down the street. Could trayvon had gone to the CVS and shoplifted some cough syrup contributing to a possible guilty conscious? Probably too late for Omara to get video from that store.

    • ejarra says:

      Except that cough syrup wasn’t found on him.

      • splat! says:

        I am thinking the cough syrup was already at the house. Maybe purchased by Brandy or Tracy. They ran out of the other ingredients. “Chad, do you want Scooby-doo grape or do you want Skittles?.”

    • jimrtex says:

      It’s a really long “two blocks”. About 1.7 miles round trip from the 7-11.

      If he went elsewhere, it could be WalMart which is north on Rinehart. It doesn’t appear to be real pedestrian friendly. It looks like Sanford makes new businesses put in sidewalks, so there will be a sidewalk, or even a bike trail with a little yellow stripe, and then it just stops. Rinehart is a divided road (grass median) with a 45 MPH, and crosses a freeway, so traffic will be closer to 50. Walking on a shoulder in a dark gray hoodie at night in the rain is not a real good idea, but distance-wise it is possible.

      15-minute mile, you could get there from the 7-11 and back to the clubhouse in 33 minutes (6:29-7:02). Add a few minutes in the store and it possible.

      Close is Target, which is north of Rinehart, with 24 minutes from the 7-11 to Target and to the clubhouse.

      Or he could have gone over to Sams. He might have been coming back a 7:29 when the creepy white guy tried to sell him a cigar. He said no thanks and backed away, but the guy pressed a lighter on him.

    • Bob says:

      The Sam’s Club is not just another Wal-Mart. You need a membership card to shop there. Something I doubt St Skittles would have. They do not give them out to 17 year olds.

  65. Bill says:

    Susiejoe I’m looking at your comment and I was wondering why there were two bags picked up as evidence at the crime scene. One is the tan bag from the 7-11 but the other one is white with the words mart visable. I’m not sure where the white one came from. Maybe another store. Go to google and try trayvon martin crime scene photos

    • Bill says:

      okay forget that. The other bag was used by the officer to stanch blood near travons wound. It was supplied by some bystander and was taken as evidence becus it had trayvons blood on it

      • Susiejoe says:

        That is a Walmart bag. Walmart is at 1601 Rinehart. 4-5 blocks from the 7-11.

      • Susiejoe says:

        But he wouldn’t have been able to make a purchase of cough syrup. He had to shoplift it and so, no bag.

        • Bill says:

          Its possible Tm was mixing weed and cough syrup but the watermelon can was never opened

          • My thought is that the blunt was smoked on the way home but the candy and watermelon juice and candy were to be mixed with cough syrup back at the condo. Possibly shared with Chad.

  66. Venus says:

    So the crime scene was cleared before Tracy and Brandy got home that night?

    • ejarra says:

      Or… (more likely) they never came home until after 3 AM.

    • Sharon says:

      It takes hours to clear a crime scene….is there any public access to police dispatch records, showing what time the officers on the scene were released back to other duty? It could have been 3, 4 or 5 am before the tape was removed.

      • jimrtex says:

        The body was removed at 10:10. The news video showed a clump of officers standing around with a body bag in the distance. The police had done a canvass of neighbors and given them written statements to complete (it appears that they probably don’t want patrol officers doing interviews). Serino did a few interviews that night. So it is possible that the last thing to do was remove the body. There might have been some officers on the scene, but they wouldn’t necessarily been any need to have their lights on.

  67. Eagle says:

    Great site, guys – your research is outstanding!
    BTW, this is pertaining to GZ, but have not seen it posted anywhere else – but you may have already seen this:

  68. mister3 says:

    has anyone checked to see what else was going on at the time this entire story was fabricated? i’m thinking it’s a misdirection ploy so “we” fixate on this issue when there is another issue that just gets skimmed over.

    TM is dead, GZ was justified hence why nothing was done about it. 3 (?) weeks later facts get twisted and “we” are all in arms about this…… hmmm

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  70. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    No debit card, the kid was carded and showed the clerk his driver’s license. This is an interesting theory but not really relevant to the murder charge. Look; Gz’s story is so full of holes. TM did confront him, that is true. The fight could not have happened where it did without TM confronting GZ, but the witnesses reported a loud verbal exchange , then soundsof a scuffle that moved from
    the top of the T in the sidewalks into the back yards. GZ does not mention that. Also, from what I can tell TM only landed one good punch, the punch that gave him a slightly broken nose. It seems like TM was mostly just pinning Zimmie to the ground. Who knows who provoked who but I’ve never totally believed GZ. He says he was being pounded on for more than a minute.
    No fat lip? No REAL black eyes. No loose or missing teeth? No sub orbital blowout? ( I Got me one of those in a similar position). GZ should have been hurt much worse.

    • Jello333 says:

      Alright, let’s say everything you say is true. And go ahead and add a bunch of other details that you believe point towards George being at fault. Ok, and then answer me this:

      Do you think a judge or jury will believe George was on the bottom, and he was the one screaming? If so, that’s it…. NOT GUILTY.

      The Florida self-defense statute does NOT take away that right even if you’re the “aggressor”. Even if George “started it”, doesn’t matter. As long as he had a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm while Trayvon was on top of him (which IMO those screams clearly show), George had a LEGAL RIGHT to shoot.

      Period. End of story.

    • jimrtex says:

      “GZ does not mention that”

      You’ve talked to him?

    • howie says:

      According to what you say Zim was hurt. Well, how much “worse” do you think he should have been hurt?
      What is a “slightly broken” nose?
      I think you say Treyvon landed one good punch, and slightly broke his nose. Then he pinned Zimmerman to the ground.
      Have you seen Zimmermans statements yet? Your post seems to indicate you have.

    • Seeks_The_Truth says:

      I just came across your comment.
      I’m curious how you think Zimms head was split open on the back twice? How much force do you believe is needed to split a skull open like that? On what do you think?
      I’d also like to know what a “slightly broken nose” is. Either it’s broken or it’s not. That’s like saying you’re slightly pregnant.
      You base your opinion solely on what happened to you in a fight. I assure you his injuries are consistent with what he said happened.
      He had a fat lip. He had “real” black eyes. No missing teeth means his are in better shape than yours and he wasn’t punched in the mouth repeatedly.
      Point is, there should NEVER had been murder charges to begin with. The ONLY reason they did was because the Black community threatened violence if they didn’t.
      How sad it is you condone this action but condemn a man for defending his life.

  71. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    Did you actually READ my comment?
    I’ve always believed GZ was on the bottom. I’ve always believed TM threw the first punch, but I also believe that that was the only good punch he landed. Zimmie got roughed up a bit and shot the guy who was pinning him to the ground and according to the balcony witness looked to be getting off GZ when the shot was fired. GZ will most likely be acquitted and under Florida law rightfully so. I’m sorry I don’t find that Nebbish The Last American Hero.

  72. Venus says:

    Ok, wait a minute. So that little boy on that video with Brandy was the kid that Trayvon was supposed to run out and get skittles for and he never came back. Its said the kid called his mom and all that, isnt that kid pretty young? So basically Trayvon was babysitting and he left this kid alone, and the kid called his mom but she didnt care Tray was gone, that wasn’t going to stop their night out, right?

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  74. Looking like Trayvon could actually be the chip off his ole’ daddy’s shoulder…Weed and blunts.
    Didn’t Obama say he could be his son?
    I see the resemblance…more clearly now….((grinnnnnn))

  75. Bob says:

    Also the point that NO_LIMIT_NIGGA had 41 dollars on himat his death begs this, Why? To by weed perhaps, which at that point one wonders just how much he had on him before leaving the townhouse or did he get through selling some.

  76. teemtwo says:

    Reblogged this on Conservative Calmversation and commented:
    Interesting analysis of the events that night

  77. Bob says:

    Well we can be sure of one thing. St Skittles could not go to the Sam’s Club nearby. Sam’s Club is a Super type of Wal-Mart that you need a membership card to shop at, so I’m sure he did not have one. So to those that think he went there to shop, would be wrong.

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  83. JL says:

    I’d like to contribute a theory about the ‘button’…Though it doubtfully has any value to the case in any way. Perhaps he used the button to conceal a small bag of weed. He could have pinned it to the backside of the button or the inside of his hoodie. Possibility that he took the button off to remove the weed and then just stuck the button back in his pocket rather than go through the trouble of pinning it back on.

    • Actually it appears that the paramedics may have removed the button. I doubt it was designed to hide weed.. but it was most certainly in support of someone who died while living the thug lifestyle. Trayvon is now buried next to him.

      • Susan says:

        I haven’t read a lot of the comments through, but from what I did read, you all are leaving out the point that the reason George Zimmerman left his vehicle was to try to keep Trayvon in sight so he could guide the police when they arrived. When the 911 operator told him that they “didn’t need him to do that”, follow Trayvon, George then was merely looking for a street number (address) to use to guide the police. Then he was walking back to his vehicle when HE was attacked. He didn’t get out of his vehicle as an armed vigilante looking to kill someone. And in fact he had even forgotten he had his gun, until TRAYVON uncovered it.

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