Update #26 Part-1 Trayvon Martin – What were the last 18 months like for him?

First listen to Trayvon’s Mom, Sybrina Fulton, describe Trayvon. Do you get the sense of how close they were?  How well she knew him? Or perhaps what she knew “about” him. Watch and decide for yourself.   Then read on…

Miami Herald Interview March 16th

This is a collaborative effort from Treeper LH Laredo and Myself -  I have a daughter and son about the same age as Trayvon and if he’s like any other teen, like mine are, a parent needs to learn how to read between the lines with them.

Modern social websites provide a place where kids can engage with their friends, their circle, their crew, in a manner that expresses their sense of themselves and their individuality, as well as how they desire to be perceived by others.   A lot can be learned about a teenagers value system, and what their aspirations are, by looking specifically at what they are interested in.

For example if you go through your child or teenager’s computer you’ll find on the surface mostly non important or innocent looking videos or searches.  But that’s just the illusion.

At this age, 15 to 17,  they are very cynical about parents or adults finding out what they are up to.  Depending on the level of parental engagement they may hide things, or they may know ways to engage with their on-line community their parents have no idea about because on the surface it seems innocent.   Perhaps such is the case with Trayvon Martin.

For instance if you look at Tray’s  U-Tube account you’ll notice nothing that would indicate his lifestyle interest would be.     Now that the fight videos are removed the only videos immediately visible are from three downloads he created.   One made two years ago of a small boy outside his Mom’s yellow house in Miami Gardens.   Another two are downloads of songs and re-mixes.   Innocent enough.

But you need to look a little bit closer, beyond the surface, look into his subscriptions, where the feed label is.  That’s where you’ll find his interests.  That is the stuff he chose to follow, and review.

No-one else placed him in the position of those choices; these are simply honest reflections of what he viewed as interesting to his lifestyle and how he wanted to express himself to his community as he matured into adulthood.

For example if you look at Arm wrestling brother subscription for to trujillodragonhulk, on the surface again it seems innocuous.   But it basically deals with underground fighting, and MMA style street fights.  Go check it out.   It looks like it became an interest to Trayvon around the time he had a signficant growing spurt, about a year ago.   The subscription highlights fighting styles, and “how to” type street matches.  In addition there are multiple videos of actual street fights.    Trayvon obviously was highly interested in this as reflected in his subscription to the MMA street fighter’s account.

Another example would be the taylorgangent subscription.   This subscription began shortly before the MMA Street fighter one.   Again, a little more than a year ago.  But this one is a little more than concerning.

That subscription basically deals with the pot culture and use.  Weed, dope, Marijuana, and the lifestyles that associate with it.

The articles, links, videos and discussion formats all talk about Pot use and the culture that associates with it.   It is rather raw and descriptive, and presents some of the more dangerous social elements surrounding a lifestyle of “getting high”, and partying.

Lastly the most innocent subscription of the all the “baby in the trunk one” for AMilonakis, is perhaps the most concerning.    This one is heavily subscribed to, and pretty well-known by teenagers living a lifestyle of a very specific type of drug use.

With a following of over 121,000 subscribers, the AMilonakis channel is a daily video log of a guy, looks like a kid, but he is officially 92 years old according to his u-tube profile.  Anyway, this “Kid” is living a life of drug use, specifically (purple lean/sippin sippin), a very popular type of drug use in urban teen circles.

Trayvon began following this subscription in July of 2011 according to his U-Tube account.

Purple Lean (Drank) is an intoxicating beverage also known by the names lean, sizzurp, and liquid codeine. It is commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers. It is a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup and sprite, with a few jolly ranchers and/or skittles thrown in.

Promethazine with codeine, consumed in such large amounts as is popular with such southern rappers as lil wayne, slim thug, and Big Moe, produces an opiate-like high that is potentiated by the Promethazine.

Promethazine by itself will not produce a high. The beverage must be sipped slowly, and not guzzled, in order to avoid unconsciousness and/or life threatening overdose.

Some of you right about now are saying HOLY SMOKE…..  Well I promise you, this ain’t nothing yet.   Consider this post just a precursor, or warm-up for something that is going to explain a lot about the events surrounding the night of February 26th.

We are finishing up some exhaustive research, that will shed a new light into the “state of mind” for Trayvon Martin on that Sunday night, and will most certainly raise the demand for the release of the so far withheld toxicology report.

Go back and look at the 7-11 video’s again.   And Stay Tuned for an explosive Part 2

Here is the Direct Link to PART 2

*oh and by the way, if you are interested in these links grab em’ quick, I’ve a hunch they’ll be disappearing soon too…
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316 Responses to Update #26 Part-1 Trayvon Martin – What were the last 18 months like for him?

  1. howie says:

    Crumps case is crumpling. This will be admissible evidence.

    • Watermelon says:

      If you look at the picture of the Arizona can on the yellow tarp covering his body you’ ll see it isn’t iced tea. It’s watermelon fruit JUICE.

    • Watermelon says:

      Oh, and his autopsy said he has fatty deposits on his liver that could be an indication of heavy drinking. Eventually over time with continued heavy drinking it can lead to cirrhosis.

      • labrat says:

        Actually there has been a sharp increase in the incidence of NAFLD Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease among teens. The most likely culprit is HFCS High Fructose corn syrup consumption.

        • Aussie says:

          maybe you are correct, but I am going for possible alcohol use… there is a high probability that it is from alcohol use.

          Most cough mixtures are alcohol based…

          • labrat says:

            There’s a low probability it’s from alcohol use, he would have had to have started drinking heavily at a very early age. Much more likely that he’s been drinking excessive amounts of sweetened beverages from an early age.

            • Aussie says:

              hmmm…. yes… that is true…. there is something there that might point either way…. but looking at what is coming out… sweet beverages could be the culprit… but never take alcohol out of that mix :)

            • Aussie says:

              btw, that is not necessarily correct about when the alcohol consumption could have started and the emergence of this liver condition.

              Yes, I have known a young person who ended up with cirrohsis of the liver, and it could have been from drinking but there could have been other drug related causes for his condition.

            • js03 says:

              Large quantities of sugar does the same thing, high fructose corn syrup…skittles…AZ Watermelon tea…and Robitussin…LOADED with sugar, all of it.

          • Seeing as how slim he was, it’d eb unlikely it’d be High Fructose corn syrup 9cheap sugar

        • Aussie says:

          the ME did not mention that it was the non-alcohol type. However, it does suggest something was beginning to be wrong with his liver that could be associated with diet, or it could be alcohol.

          Those cough syrups are usually in an alcohol base.

    • Thank God, people are starting to see the light.

      • BigZim says:

        I saw the light right from the get go! How the left-wing-liberal-media started hyping this story on a Thursday one week! Then by the next Friday of the following week how Obama gracefully stepped in to the fray with his now famous “IF I HAD A SON” rant at the White House! After a reporter with a planted question spewed out “Mr. President “WHAT ABOUT THIS HERE TRAYVON MARTIN STORY DOWN IN FLORIDA”? Notice the question was shouted out to him from the very back of the Press Corps by this reporter! As he was strolling towards the podium that he was headed towards to address an entirely different issue/subject altogether? He did not reply to said reporter’s Trayvon Martin question until he reached the podium and was firmly in command there! Then he responded with his perfectly scripted reply that he already had fully rehearsed in his mind! This whole Trayvon Martin story was carefully planned between the Obama Re-election Campaign Mr. Al Sharpton and their numerous mutual Far-Left-wing-Liberal-Media-Cronies right from the very get go NO bout adoubt it! Sad “YES” Shameful “TRUE” their exact motives involved Distraction going in to this year’s Presidential Campaign? Maybe! Attempting to stir-up rile-up Black Voter’s so as to assure the highest degree of participation come this November the 6th? Once again! Possible? Notice also that this whole Trayvon Martin story was ignited the very moment that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum abandoned their bid’s for the Republican nomination! Once it became fully clear to the Obama White House and the Obama Re-election Campaign Staff that their “MOST” feared Republican challenger Mr. Mitt Romney had thus secured the 2012 Republican nomination for President! I can only hope that the staff here at the Conservative Treehouse will look in to all of this very carefully and get back with all of us Concerned Americans post haste!!!!

        • VickisSmith says:

          Sorry- unmitigated nonsense. When Obama was first asked about the case he did not want to comment on it other than saying it was a local issue. When later on he did make the comment about if he had a son he was talking about LOOKS: for corn’s sake, look at the then-12-year-old Tray photo and compare his looks to Obama’s- he DID resemble him! He lost the resemblance as he grew older.

          • BigZim says:

            I stand by my posting 100% I closely examined Trayvon’s 12-year old photo’s and fail to see any resemblence what so ever!

          • 1stworlder says:

            I see a lot more resemblence with the 13yo Maurice Mcgill from lima oh, who raped a 90yo white woman. 13yo maurice looks about 5 years older than the picture normally showon of trayvon

          • Aussie says:

            talk about off with the pixies. If it was a son like Østupid, then yes he would be a drug addict thug like TM.

    • Bob says:

      Well, well, well. Looks like the NO_LIMIT_NIGGA was not the sweet little 10 year old boy the lovers make him out to be, was he?

  2. conservalicious says:

    Wow! Down the drain goes the angelic child that majored in “cheerfulness” narrative.

  3. CTDAR says:

    So I guess the Tox report will be very telling, when is release expected? Its been almost 3 months. no doubt crump was jumping on civil suit “we just want an arrest” mantra
    because he knew this info would eventually be forthcoming.

  4. Lee says:

    It doesn’t sound like Trayvon had very attentive parents. He apparently came and went on his own, and had to forage for food. He liked to eat, is about the only past time he had. He hadn’t played football in years. Suspended for absenteeism. So he sat around and ate a lot, didn’t show up for school (but was a honor student) or when he did show up he was busy vandalizing property……sounds more like one of the after school specials they use to show – broken family, teenager on dugs…sad.

    • chinchilla says:

      It’s really depressing to see so many young black kids messing with gangs, drugs and nihilistic rap-ho-pot culture. Living a wasted, meaningless and base existence and then they OD or get shot or end up in prison.

      • Donnie B. says:

        And he just turned 17 in February. I find it sad that his parents signed a consent form in order for him to get tattoos. That, or he got them illegally.

      • R Daneel says:

        chin – no, this is a natural outcome of LBJ’s Great Society and AA. All of this is fully predictable if you understand the Law of Unintended Consequences.

  5. Enough says:

    I love how she keeps dabbing her eyes. What a crock. I saw no tears, no red eyes and no running nose….things usually found when one is crying.

    He loved to eat? No sheet. It’s called the munchies.

  6. bill says:

    The Tox report has to have been completed. I remember the Whitney Houston one took about 2 months. This ties in with one of the great mysteries. Why Trayvon was so angry that night that he practically pummeled GM into unconsciouness.
    They (press) should have done more of these personal type interviews. This one is from way back in March. Someone from Trayvon’s past must know something.

    • howie says:

      The way I see it if the Toxicology shows he was high on cough syrup and Weed Corey is in deep trouble with her case.

      • Bill says:

        Yep but you’d think she would have know something. I mean TM wasn’t exactly an altar boy (which GZ actually was)

        • VickisSmith says:

          Yes, a former altar boy who once picked up a drunken woman who had annoyed him and threw her; a former co-worker said he went into a rage. He had a Facebook (or MySpace) page in 2005 that wasn’t exactly exemplary either. In 2008 he showed some bullying re amid -Eastern co-worker; statement recorded. A number of things have surfaced that show we don’t have a St George here, either. Nevertheless, whatever George Zimmerman was- or still is- has nothing to do with what Trayvon Martin might have been. This isn’t squeezing the balloon so that the air goes from one end to another; Trayvon Martin doesn’t become better because GZ might not be an angel (by any means), nor would GZ become worse in the reverse of this.

          I haven’t heard of anything in the report that shows anything other than MJ, and the high fructose corn syrup is quite dangerous- this I know- but from what has been stated here it certainly does show that Tray was living dangerously. If there is anything re the toxicology report that hasn’t been released that shows codeine- any evidence that he could have been high- and that this could occasion violent behavior, that would pretty-much ensure GZ’s walking.

          The one exception, even in this case, however, would be if there is a finding that GZ created the end result of the confrontation by bringing a loaded gun with him as he followed Trayvon because it was foreseeable that GZ could have been jumped and his weapon taken and used on not only him , but others as well. Had GZ stayed in his vehicle and not followed GZ, this would not have occurred. There is case law for this, but it would not be easy by any means, to get a jury to convict.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            The entire episode begins with TM being suspended from school and his mother not being able to control him sufficiently. His father takes him to Sanford to keep him away from the friends who are not a good influence and then leaves him alone for at least four hours.

          • R Daneel says:

            “…GZ created the end result of the confrontation by bringing a loaded gun with him….”

            Project much? Live in a gated community or a safe neighborhood? How about just middle-class enough that the place has not gone full-on ghetto but still barely hanging on? That is the neighborhood that is in Sanford – one just affluent enough but still on the edge. One where it is close enough that it draws the rape-and-rob ghetto crowd to come do mischief. The kind where you do NOT go out at night un-armed.

      • howie says:

        Just look at the mess LE has created. They have the SPD, FDLE, FBI, and who knows else all at cross currents trying to make a case that just is not there.

        • Aoife says:

          I don’t get the impression the local LE tried to make a case that wasn’t there. Sure, there were investigators who had opinions and I don’t think those opinions should have been part of the case file–at least not in writing–as they are irrelevant to the facts of the case. They followed the letter of the law that said without probable cause you can’t arrest. It was all the armchair quarterbacks who demanded an arrest and they don’t have a fecking idea what probable cause is apparently. I do think the federal agencies are under pressure from Eric ‘my people’ Holder to turn over every stone to find something and here’s the thing…if they had anything at all they would have charged by now. The longer it goes to weaker the case. We all know that Corey is either a useful idiot or a political hack for filing that faulty affidavit for the sole purpose of placating a mob. You can bet your boots GZs dad, as a former magistrate, knows all about probable cause and has been involved in pouring over the evidence from discovery. I’m still praying that once the truth is finally all out there, that I am alive to witness some mea culpas on the part of the media, Chump, Corey, Traymom and Traydad, etc. I won’t hold my breath. Meanwhile…the black guy in Arizona who shot an unarmed mentally disabled white hispanic at Taco Bell and is claiming self-defense over a month ago still hasn’t been arrested. Where are the protests?

          • John Gault says:

            It appears to me that investigators made a second sweep through the witnesses to conform their testimony to the Team Skittles case theory to the extent possible. I expect OMara to do major damage to Team Skittles in discovery depositions.

    • CTDAR says:

      I bet there will be another large document dump (heheh) sometime Friday before the long weekend gets rolling.

    • Aussie says:

      the girls we have discovered seem to be users as well. The girl who did the DeeDee interview I am betting that she is into these drugs.

      If the girl is Daisha then she is also into having gang member boyfriends.

  7. Bill says:

    yeah that’d be great

  8. CTDAR says:

    So the top video references the pin TM was wearing which S said was image of TM dead grandma from 2010? Sorry cant see him as the type wearing button of dead grammy ? But the 7/11 clerk had enough face to face time with him to notice what image was I’m sure.
    S wasn’t crying, no tears, red eyes or nose, no sniffling etc. She I’m sure watched Casey Anthony on TV & figured if she got away with it so can I.

    • jimrtex says:

      That’s not what the interview said.

      She said it was a “family member” who passed away about 4 years ago.

      She then talks about her grandmother who died in 2010, and that Trayvon would sometime wear a shirt with her picture on it.

  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    this case is such a horrid shame…Wow…
    THe worse part is that are the blacks still so riled that if Zimmerman is found not-guilty will they riot?

    • Revolver says:

      I hope Zimmerman is acquitted the day after Obama loses the election. In the middle of a huge power outage.

    • mkm19602000 says:

      It. doesn’t matter that Zimmerman is innocent. the blacks are going to do what the blacks are going to do.

      • Sharon says:

        I think we need to specify who we mean when making this kind of statement. Your point is understood and acknowledged, but simply saying “the blacks” suggests that just being black puts them in the group that “is going to do what the blacks are going to do.” That’s simply not true. Lloyd Marcus is black. He won’t be with them. Thomas Sowell is black. He won’t be with them. The video I saw a couple of days ago on the site here was of a black man absolutely ripping on this part of the black culture. He won’t be with them.

        We have black people reading this site. They are our guests as you are. Some of them are here to hate on us and probably will be part of that group who “are going to do what the blacks are going to do.” Some of them are definitely NOT part of that group and I would guess their hearts constrict with pain and disappointment and anger when they read they are automatically being included.

        We’re spending a lot of time and mental energy on this. Let’s spend a little more and take the time when we’re posting about the blacks who subvert justice, who would like to have riots, whose lives are presently going down in flames due to their own choices to indicate clearly who we mean.

        I don’t know that you’ve used this phrasing before, and am not addressing you alone. I’ve noticed this kind of phrasing from time to time over recent weeks, and I do mean to suggest to all Treepers that none of us need to be generalizing that the blacks always do this or that. T’aint so.

        • Sandusky says:

          Very nicely phrased and well thought out, Sharon. Thank you for posting that.

          One of the saddest things about this case is the way people like Crump have used it to deliberately foster racial division even in the hearts and minds of many who are reluctant to give it house room. So an absolute refusal to fall for their dirty tactics is yet another great way to enrage those low-life pond scum who have been demonstrating almost daily that they would unhesitatingly sell out their own race for the sake of a quick buck.

        • Essential Elements says:

          Thank you, Sharon. Let’s remember that when Zimmerman was checking out this young man he could not even tell if he was black or not. It was Crump who turned this into an after-the-fact ‘hate crime’ putting the emphasis on the black thing.

          I’ve read quite a few racist comments here and, unfortunately, not all were from the hit-and-run posters who visit fora just to toss in the black hate thingy to give the forum a bad image.

        • danielmurph says:

          I agree I personally think the phrase should be the idiots will riot because I believe it will be people of all colors.

          • John Gault says:

            I agree, we need to keep things EOE. If it becomes necessary to declare martial law, the National Guard should be instructed to shoot all violent rioters and looters, regardless of gender, race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

          • Mike says:

            HOWEVER, there hasn’t been one reported case of white people jumping other white people and yelling “Justice for Trayvon”, has there?

            There is a racial hatred among a large percentage of the black population toward white people. Why do you think so many blacks were up in arms when they thought George Zimmerman was a white guy?

            • Sharon says:

              Black racists are indeed driving the narrative toward destruction. There’s no doubt about that. We are not compelled to behave the same way, although if someone wants to behave that way–that’s their choice. Most normal Americans struggling with the realities of racism from blacks do not intend to talk racist trash; however, because of frustration and overload and anger, we may in fact slip into it. I don’t want to do that, and this site was not established to give anybody (white or black or blue or purple) free rein to talk trash about “the blacks.”

              “Why were so many blacks up in arms when they thought George Zimmerman was a white guy?” Obviously because they hate whites and would love to see conditions ripen for riots so they can kill as many whites as possible. I didn’t say what I said above because I don’t understand their mindset. :)

        • thefirstab says:

          Thank you Sharon for pointing that out. More eloquently than I could, I have thought about posting something like that for a while now. That is why I like this site so much! I truly believe as a civilized 21st century global society we need to move past this racial divide. And those that exploit this in others should be banished to live in eternal Thugdom

        • 2ntense says:

          Well said Sharon.

        • g8rmom7 says:

          Thank you Sharon…I know you can’t be everywhere on this site at all times, but someone needs to copy and paste this exact post from Sharon at various times when similar comments are made. I am very uncomfortable when I read posts like that and hope that those who are just lurking don’t think that everyone on this site (especially the regulars) agree with them or condone those kinds of comments. I’ve tried to call out a few, but like most I can’t be everywhere at once. I think I may just copy Sharon’s post and keep it on my computer, so I can refer to it the next time I see a comment that makes me uncomfortable like that.

          • Indeed! I have seen other such statements challenged, though, so I think we’ve done a fair job of trying to keep folks from overgeneralizing. It’s impossible to catch it all, and clearly some folks, like BSR have left the dialog because of it. I agree that Sharon has handled it exactly right in this case.

            • Kyozokuninja says:

              That’s my Grunt oMC!
              I hope you don’t think I’m being forward…I chose a branch close by.

              • As long as you’re a good ninja. ;) And be careful not to knock my wife off the branch. She’s a little uncomfortable up in the branches and can never wait to get down by the campfire in the evening when we switch to beer and smores on solid ground! Oh, and be careful using that “forward” word. That’s an Obama slogan. *shivers* :D

                • Kyozokuninja says:

                  S’mores??? Where??? (looking around frantically). I will be a VERY good ninja and share with Grunt’s wife!!!! S’mores? (looking around frantically).

        • laura says:

          Thank you Sharon.

          I live in a predominately black neighborhood in the Litmus test Liberal city of Berkeley.
          I have years of experience as the chair of the neighborhood group covering the beat commonly referred to by LE as the “gunbeat”, translates loads of illegal guns carried on the street.

          Our large racially diverse group has challenged city policies and practices making us the
          target of the local black panthers losers, the wannebe thugs, liberal apologists, and local media campaigns calling us racist. We set the legal precedent for multi-planitff suits in small claims court for damages to residents from drug house public nuisance.

          I can assure you that responsible black folks are not aligned with the goals of the grievance industry.

        • howie says:

          Make it 60% of Blacks. ? Maybe some are realizing what is going on. The media seems to be aggrandizing the Black Gang Culture.

        • In case anyone, well anyone sorta new, was wondering…. IMHO, Sharon is the “wisest” of all Treepers. She is it talented and spiritually gifted beyond Solomon. Sharon has a way with capturing thought, and putting it to words that is consistently awe inspiring to read.

          The easiest way to follow Sharon is to say “what she said”… L :) L ;)

          • Sharon says:

            ;) tx fr kd wds

            • Jello333 says:

              I’ll “ditto” what everyone else said about your comment (and people should NOT expect dittos around here from me very often!) I assumed most people here felt the way you stated, but I’m glad you put it down for the record as it were. Now I’m feeling even more comfortable here. Thanks.

        • MRM says:

          Well said Sharon.

        • 1stworlder says:

          OK 90% of them

        • gsnarks says:

          Thank you Sharon. I automatically click off any website that takes this tone, and it’s gratifying to see a moderator who has the integrity to insist on civility.

    • myopiafree says:

      I would suggest that even the “White Media” fell for all the distortion and fibs put out by Crump. Like Rev. Sharpton “they” have THEIR agenda, that 1) SYG was a “bad law” and 2) Owning your weapons is “always bad”. so they “rushed to judgment” and 3) convicted Hispanic-Black George Zimmerman (with some “white”) of being a KKK Racist Thug. (This is what Bill Mather said.) There are many Black, Hispanic and even “Whites” who are waking up to the injustice done to Hispanic George Zimmerman. So, by now, I think a “riot” will be muted. But what is more important, Justice for a Black-Hispanic-White George Zimmerman, or “culture black” T. Martin. But if a “riot” does occur, I think even some of the “better media” will publish the fact that Trayvon Martin was a product of a peculiar “culture” – far more than the color of his skin. Justice must exist for Hispanic-Black-White Zimmerman, or the concept of racial equality – makes no sense.

  10. myopiafree says:

    What Crump wanted was for the Grand Jury to be de-railed. With his “pray fest” with Corey he succeeded. I truly appreciate your research – now we know the nature TM.

  11. Ash says:

    So maybe the younger brother was not at home at all and therefore no one to miss him until the next day? Skittles were maybe for the “purple drank?”

    It’s a shame to think that maybe this young man did probably have dreams at some point and maybe could have achieved them, but it looks like no one was there to guide him in life to take a more courageous path that would have allowed him to attended college and become a pilot.

    Depressing part is that Georges dreams died that night along with Trayvon. He might not be dead but his life as he knew it is over too.

    It pains me to see the two pictures in the video behind the mother of Trayvon as a 5 year old in white cap and gown, innocent, then the second picture of him almost a man. Somewhere along the way people failed to notice him losing his way. Which is obvious from the mother’s description of what she thought she knew about him and the reality of his life as it is played out in social networking sites. And who knows what else, that hasn’t come out yet.

    I’m not justifying what he did to George that night, because George’s life will probably never be the same, but I just thinking about the waste of his life and what could have been, and how it ultimately affected, and will continue to affect so many people in such horrible ways.

    Now the ultimate irony is that only in death does this young man get the time and attention he needed from his family in his short life. Where were they the night Tray died, with no one missing him all night as he lay dead in a morgue, a John Doe?

    Maybe they should have taken some of that vacation time they are now using then to stay with him during that suspension and get him some help?

    Trayvon it seems fell threw the cracks, and now the mom cries for him. Maybe more guilt and regret than grief? I have a feeling that this Crump team is easing that burden she is carrying by making her a victim. She can take the internal focus off what she didn’t do to help her son and place the blame for his death on George and the rest of society. He might have ended up dead soon anyway if he was on a path of drugs and fighting.

    I pray Treehouse Gang that your work here might open the eyes of this country before another Trayvon ends up destroying his life and others, because people want to gloss over and blame others for failing their children.

    What a waste all around.

  12. Aoife says:

    Please tell me those nasty videos are saved or archived somewhere.

    • Disgusted With Julison says:

      OK…after doing a little more googling on the old Internet machine…I think I see where this is heading. I ended up at a site called http://www.cannabis.com. The discussion talks about “purple drank” and “watermelon drank”…..utilizing…..ta da…..ARIZONA WATERMELON DRINK.

      Add some skittles for a little more sugar and flavor …..and banggggggggg. Me thinks that there was a reason why Crump was insisting that he was found with a can of ICED TEA…..eventually, someone would put together what the Watermelon and skittles were used in.



  13. zane says:

    Raising kids poses problems in this age of social networking, that most of us never had to encounter. Wise, and watchful, parents of today understand this, and they leave no stone unturned. I have friends who have teenagers and they are constantly monitoring their kids internet use, Twitter accounts, cell phone logs, etc. They take the stand that as long as their kids live under their roof, the kids have no expectation of privacy.

    And what has that diligence produced? One kid, the oldest, is a champion Jr. Olympics gymnist who has been approached by West Point. And all three kids understand that their parents not only expect, but demand that they act in a way to not bring shame to the family. They are involved in their children’s lives, and it has paid off with healthy kids who will become productive citizens as adults.

    And let us not let Tracy Martin off the hook when it comes to dealing with his son that obviously had discipline problems. Trayvon was sent to stay with Tracy, and his now thrown under the bus girlfriend, Brandy Green, because Trayvon was suspended from school due to a “no tolerance” rule on drugs. But did Tracy keep his son under his thumb, knowing the kid had issues? No, he leaves his 17 year old in charge of Brandy Green’s 14 year old son, while he and Green “go to dinner” and when he comes home to find his son gone, does he go looking for him? No, he turns off his own cell phone and goes to bed.

    Now we know the time line for Trayvon leaving Brandy Green’s town home. And we know that Tracy Martin claims to have gotten home around 10:30 p.m. So you leave for dinner, are gone for AT LEAST four hours, and you don’t try to contact either boy during all that time, especially the 14 year old who is in a neighborhood that has had breakins and robberies, one being committed while a woman was home alone with her baby? You never check up on your kids in all that time? Color me not believing their stories about where they were that night. And color me not impressed with Tracy Martin’s parenting skills, or the parenting skills of Brandy Green.

    • Disgusted With Julison says:

      Be very interesting to see the GPS coordinates of Tracy Martin’s and Brandy Green’s cellphones for that evening. Perhaps they were home all along, sippin syrup with TM and they ran out of ‘mixers’. Sent the kid out to get some more syrup mixers – watermelon drink and skittles. Just speculation, but their stories seem to go all over the place and his “little brother” has all but disappeared. Those GPS coordinates may help explain a few things.

      • John Gault says:

        TM’s text message’s would also be of interest, in view of refusal to provide pin to police. I hope they didn’t allow Crump to destroy this evidence.

    • Essential Elements says:

      “Now we know the time line for Trayvon leaving Brandy Green’s town home.”

      No we don’t. We don’t now what time his dad and Brandy left, or when Trayvon left. It’s all manufactured based on the evidence that was found – ‘iced tea’ and skittles. But, you say, it was watermelon drink that was found. Well, yes, but in the original police report it says Ice Tea so that’s what the Crumps used to fabricate the evening’s timeline.

      • zane says:

        We pretty much can assume the time line when Trayvon left Brandy Green’s townhome from the fact that he was on video at the 7-11 that is time stamped, and the distance between Green’s townhome and the 7-11 (8/10th of a mile) and how long it would take for Trayvon to walk that distance. Unless…………………………….

        his father and Green drove him to the store, dropped him off leaving not only Trayvon to walk back, but also leaving 14 year old Chad at home alone while they went to dinner. We also know that the time lapse between the 7-11 video and when Tracy Martin claimed he arrived back at Green’s (10:30 p.m.) is around 4 hours.

        Tell me, would you leave your 14 year old unattended for four hours in a complex that has seen a rash of break-ins?

        • Essential Elements says:

          From your premise all we can assume is when Trayvon returned to the town home – not when he left.

      • John Gault says:

        Exactly. Police report says tea. DD says tea. Police report says GZ is white. DD says GZ is white. Crump sees video of TM with hoodie up looking like a thug. Crump spins it to profiled because of hoodie. DD says TM put hoodie up because he was scared. This is why criminal investigation files are supposed to be kept secret until the investigation is complete.

      • Aussie says:

        maybe there were two cans? I doubt that. Maybe, the SPD thought that the watermelon juice was iced tea.

        Whatever, what we saw happens to be watermelon juice. This begs the question, then, did someone substitute the can of watermelon juice and leave a can of iced tea? Note: this is speculation because we will get nowhere if we do not consider even the minute detail.

        • Lulu says:

          Arizona Watermelon Tea is sold in 23 ounce cans at Sam’s Club.
          100% all natural and Kosher.

          At other stores it is described as Arizona Watermelon, Arizona Watermelon-flavored Tea. It seems to be known by a number of names.

    • thefirstab says:

      You know, this brings to mind something I thought of when some of the evidence came out, indicating Martin was very close to home-away-from-home at Twin Lakes, and a poster here speculated that Martin may have actually GONE home and then back out to confront Z. Could Brandy have been home then? Did she witness anything? Possibly the entire confrontation? Why would she chime in from the beginning about that story that Martin was shot on the porch? is there any evidence/proof that Tracy and/or Brandy were “out to dinner?” Sorry if this is way out in left field, I’ve been watching too many crime shows.

      • Essential Elements says:

        I doubt Brandy witnessed anything, precisely because at first she claimed he was shot on the porch.

        I speculated he may have gone home and then ran out to confront Zimmerman because A. He may have found the door locked which pissed him off and B. He may have been afraid Zimmerman would come find him and thus be able to lead the police right to his door.

      • Sandusky says:

        Re that “on the porch” comment, I’ve been meaning to post about that for a little while. I saw that video clip and I would agree with the person (can’t remember who) who posted on here that Brandy’s seemed the most genuine emotion out of the whole crowd. As it happens, I have a friend who, when under the influence of caffeine, sugar, or strong emotion, will leap from subject to subject like a mountain goat on speed, often breaking off in the middle of a sentence without completing her thought (because her mind is racing faster than her mouth), and all too frequently using nothing but pronouns so that the “he” she’s talking about in one breath isn’t the “he” of the next breath. And Brandy reminded me of her. So I tend to think (based on my friend’s conversational habits) that Brandy was floundering in emotional turmoil and went from “he was sitting right there on the porch” (meaning TM was sitting there when she last saw him, or just yesterday – IOW, that was the last mental image she had of him) and now “somebody just come up and shot him” (or words to that effect – those probably aren’t exact quotes). These are likely 2 distinct events in her mind but they just don’t come out that way b/c she’s too upset to order her thoughts.

        Anyway, that’s my opinion, FWIW.

        • DizzyMissL says:

          LOL, that is the way my husband talks. Thank goodness for ADHD medicine.

        • Aussie says:

          I think I am the one who made that remark about Brandy Green being the only one to show emotion. I am sticking by that observation because so far Sybrina Fulton has been full of the mushroom fodder and has been crying crocodile tears… in fact there have been no tears from that woman.

          • Jello333 says:

            Then you and I both said it. ;) Which reminds me, been wanting to ask: I’ve used the “search” feature here a few times, but it seems to only look at original posts. I assume that means there’s no way to search in individual comments, right?

          • scubachick75 says:

            I always get a chuckle out of hearing you say mushroom fodder. I’ve never heard that term before. :)

    • Sharon says:

      Our under-18 grandchildren have cell phones, but only under the condition that they agree never to erase voice mails, records of call activity or text messages. And at any time, upon request, they are expected to turn their cell phones over to their parents for their review. Because they learned long ago to be honest and take responsibility for their actions, it has worked well.

  14. Mike says:

    3:30 of the video is very telling, when she’s recanting how Martin “was inspired” by a family member to get into aviation, and she had that small breakdown. This digs at the heart of what I think many on here are realizing, in that whatever hopes and dreams she had for the kid were lost, and she knows it. That’s why it’s so difficult for her to talk about it at that very moment. It was a momentary realization of “what could have been”, in contrast to what he became that led up to the incident. Also, her talking about what a “normal day” was for him – he would wake up and get something to eat? Yeah, obviously. That’s what kids do. And even when asking what his favorite food was – chicken? I might be looking too far into things, but typically kids have a very distinct favorite food – chicken just sounds too generic to me. “Fried chicken with fries and a large soda” – sounds like they ate fast food often.

    Not only that, but the way these interviewers handle her with kid gloves and “lead” her to her answers is bothersome. I understand she lost her son, but again, she is the one agreeing to get on camera to “spread the word” – she should be grilled, IMO. Too rough? I feel like she’s hiding something. Just a gut feeling.

    Good work, looking forward to part 2.

  15. Disgusted With Julison says:

    Looks like a spam filter cut off my prior post….so i will try this again:

    I did a little more googling on my old Internet machine. I think I see where this is heading. I ended up at a site called ‘cannabis dot com’ (spelling out in case spam filters deleted my last entry for putting the domain in). I ended up at a page called “Watermelon Drank” – a variation on “purple drank”. As I worked my way through, some recommended watermelon jolly ranchers to add a watermelon taste…..others recomended – ARIZONA WATERMELON DRINK. Add some skittles for additional flavor….and BANGGGGGG! Google: “watermelon drank” codeine

    Is there any wonder why Crump made such a big deal out of calling it TEA rather than what it was…watermelon drink? Finally, I will leave you with a youtube video that brings it all together: Throw the skittles into the watermelon drink, mix with codeine….and BANGGGG!

    • Disgusted With Julison says:

      Just a little more searching and it becomes a little more clearer. TM appears to have enjoyed what is called “Red Lean” Syrup. Usually concocted by taking watermelon jolly ranchers, throwing them into a sprite, shaking into a watermelon concoction….mixing in codeine….place in styrofoam cup. TM appears to either 1) not like carbonation with his drink, or 2) like shortcuts to the recipe by buying watermelon drink. Skittles are used to sweetin the sippin syrup more.


  16. Something Madeupforthenet says:


    Slate attempts to spin the case as one that conservatives have manipulated. Article also states that, “But ever since Zimmerman turned himself in, he’s gotten the better of the story.” If by “story” they mean, the facts and evidence of the case, then yes he has “gotten the better of the story.”

    • Sharon says:

      Since the DOJ (refusing to do their job) and the media have been assisting the race industry in their intention to railroad George Zimmerman, is it ok that Conservatives From The Other America assist George Zimmerman’s defense? At least we’re doing it pro bono, when the prosecutions trained seals are collecting cash from the whole world, now and later, to provide their “service.”

      • howie says:

        They need over 90% of the Black vote to win elections. when combined with fraud they can stay in power. They would get wiped out if they only got 70% of the Black vote.

  17. Donnie B. says:

    I had to look up “burnin”, “roped”, and “throwed” on urban dictionary to decipher TM posts!

  18. Brams says:

    A teen who wears a button of their deceased grandmother was most likely raised by the grandmother – not uncommon in the black community.

  19. Aoife says:

    Oh lookie….they Orlando Slantinel is still trying to make the case for Team Trayvon. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-05-22/news/os-george-zimmerman-key-witnesses-20120522_1_witnesses-change-shooting-fdle-agent They really should give it up…this is getting pathetic.

  20. Donnie B. says:

    Here is the 7-11 video unedited. He does sway back-and-forth a lot.

    • Donnie B. says:

      At 6:03, after paying and heading towards the door, he turns around and walks back towards the wall coolers and picks something off the floor, and then walks towards the coolers, then turns around and exits the store. Odd.

    • BigZim says:

      If you watch this 7-11 store surveillance camera video recording from that very night! You can plainly see that 7-11 store clerk was PROFILING him 200% from start to finish from the moment he entered that 7-11 store until the very moment he left! Watch carefully and you can see that young “WHITE” Hispanic male 7-11 store clerk is watching him like a “HAWK” from the minute he entered the store right up until he leaves that store!!! Shocked the Martin family lawyers are not suing 7-11 or that young “WHITE” Hispanic Store Clerk for “PROFILING”???

  21. I live in the Florida Keys and the latest “trip” for kids between 12-18 is “SKITTLING” on COUGH MEDICINE. Three Key Largo School students were rushed to the hospital just the other day:

    “According to the Department of Justice’s Office of Diversion Control website, CCC is a common street name for Dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in cough medicine.

    Users take the drug to “generate euphoria and visual and auditory hallucinations,” the ODC says. The slang for abusing the drug is “robo-tripping” or “skittling.” The terms refer to the most-commonly abused brands — Robitussin and Coricidin, according to the ODC.”


    Maybe Trayvon sticky-fingered a bottle from the 7-11?

    P.S. Is it possible that his joint was laced with PCP (i.e. a “Sherm”)?

    • Aussie says:

      question: Is Robitussin kept on the shelves at a 7-11? If this is the case, then yes he could have lifted something like that. It does appear that he lifted the cigarette lighter.

      • Kyozokuninja says:

        I’ve never personally had trouble going into a store to purchase Robitussin DM.

        • Aussie says:

          thank you. Next time I am in a supermarket I will check to see what is available as well as the ingredients.

          I do not think that these kids would go for Sennega and Ammonia… but it is something that will actually get rid of the symptoms of bronchitis :)…. and it tastes disgusting so maybe that should be the only thing that is available outside of a pharmacy and over the counter!!

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            I caught viral bronchitis when I was a 911 dispatcher (damn those sound-muffling fiber walls). I have to take Robitussin DM the moment I get a cold or the flu – that and Muscinex (sp?), so I don’t fall into pneumonia. I really don’t know what to say beyond that…who figured out that you could get stupid high on the stuff???

            • Aussie says:

              I am on methotrexate. This lowers my immunity. I have a history of bronchitis. The last bout I purchased Sennega and Ammonia. It tastes really disgusting. It worked.

            • barnslayer says:

              I used to get bronchitis a lot. Robitussin DM, Coriciden, Actifed etc. I took plenty of that and never got anything more than tired. Of course I was sick so I could have been tired from coughing my head off. My point is… how much of this crap are they actually taking at once to get high? It must be an awfully large amount.

        • scubachick75 says:

          I have at Publix. Everyone in my house was sick with the flu so I went to the store and bought a few different brands of cold medicine. My husband will only take liquid and my son will only take pill form. I had to put one back because you were only allowed to buy two if it has Dextromethorphan in it.

    • You’re spoiling the bursprize!!
      Yep – DXM – as noted in Skittles’ FB posts – is likely the reason he earned a bullet that night!
      Just hang in there – all will soon be revealed!!

  22. Traydaddy had a BATTERY CONVICTION in East St. Louis, Illinois (St. Clair County) in 1984 when he was 18:

    The People of the State of Illinois vs TRACY B. MARTIN
    Case Number: 84CM0004982
    Complaint #:
    Ticket #: 17826
    Arresting Agency: STATES ATTORNEY
    State Offense: 720 ILCS 5/12-3
    Municipality Offense:
    Charge Class: Class A Misdemeanor
    Amended State Offense (if applicable):
    Amended Municipality Offense (if applicable):
    Amended Charge Class (if applicable):
    Amended Charge Inchoate (if applicable):
    Complaint Type:
    Arrest Date: Friday October 26, 1984
    Date of Offense: Friday October 26, 1984

    D.O.B. 06/28/1966 Age: 45
    Defense Attorney(s):

    Case Disposition History:
    05/31/1985 DISMISSED
    05/31/1985 COURT SUPERVISION

    • Kyozokuninja says:

      CALIFORNIA MMA fighter to stand trial in slaying
      Hmmmmm, MMA? Just saying….

      EUREKA, Calif. – A mixed-martial artist accused of ripping out his friend’s still-beating heart and removing the man’s tongue and skin while he was alive is competent to stand trial on murder, mayhem and torture charges, a Northern California judge has ruled.

    • BigZim says:

      How can you be sure this is the same Tracy Martin I mean like its a mighty long way from East St. Louis Illinois and Sanford, Florida? I mean even I can imagine there are probaly a whole lot of Black male’s named Tracy Martin across the USA! I am quite familar with East St. Louis, Illinois, it is one of the toughest most crime-infested cities any where in the United States bar none!

  23. sidneytawl says:

    Disgusted there are TWO types of Lean. One is made with Codeine the other is much nastier and has a totally different effect, and that is made with ROBO DM. It is like PCP in its effects. That is what St Skittles was doing. He had gotten to try the real Lean we can see from his emails. Its a much cleaner and calmer high than Robo which is nasty. (from reading I have no clue myself).

    The ingredient in Robo is a synthetic narcotic and available over the counter. Skittles is also very popular in another form for getting messed up also. They put them in VODKA to sweeten it.

    Looking at the video from the 7-11 it appears that the type of skittles purchased is PURPLE skittles (the original flavor fyi) and from my reading like yours the kids choose them for some reason for Lean, maybe because its purple and the grape flavor is better.

    The sprite mixture is what they do in the clubs with real codeine. A DJ in Houston started this “drink” and there are lots of websites dedicated to the REAL LEAN. Most tell kids to not do ROBO because of its feeling and side effects. Prescription cough syrup with codeine is what is used. From the conversation with his pal the other guy doesn’t seem to know much about the REAL LEAN.

    Who knows what the rules are in FL for saving blood and other samples for later testing, and what rights the defense has to have their own Toxicology report done.

  24. howie says:

    Amazing, he was “Drank” and stoned on Weed. The culture is sick, sick, sick.

  25. Essential Elements says:

    Nobody, aside from dad, Brandy and Chad, knows what really happened that day. I’m thinking that Trayvon left at some point that day – the trio goes out to dinner (has this been proven?) and lock up. Trayvon and Zimmerman meet, Trayvon runs to the house and finds it locked. Worried that Zimmerman may find him and question him, and pissed that he can’t get in, he decides to confront Zimmerman.

    But in the end it’s all just guessing. Hopefully we’ll get to the real scenario when all three take the witness stand. Lying under oath is scary and not easy to do.

  26. Lulu says:

    This is very interesting information. Can’t say I don’t feel sorry for this kid. His parents weren’t exactly the Cleavers. Moms is very self-absorbed, trying to look sexy on her FaceBook account, and looks cold, cold, cold. Tray’s Daddy is a mutt, on the road, left the family when Tray was a very little boy, serial womanizer. Hardly a role model. And gone most of the time.

    This may have been mentioned up the thread, but does anyone know if the watermelon drink can and/or the Skittles package had been opened? Or was this something he was going to do back at Brandi’s house – and, if so, why the Zimmerman diversion?

    If he’d already mixed his drink, LE and the prosecutors have the evidence.

    • Bill says:

      can of arizona tea watermelon whatever found on blanket covering trayvon at crime scene. No mention if can was open, full or what. in crime report

      • howie says:

        They claim he went to get the Skittles and Watermelon for Chad…..Sure he did. I believe that. And to think. All the Hoodlums knew right away. They Suck!

      • BigZim says:

        I too died when the Truth came out that it was Watermelon Juice! All this time they kept on reporting that it was Arizona Iced Tea!

    • Bill says:

      bag skittles found in trayvon pockets . no mention if they were open

    • Bill says:

      another thing , this photo button which he was wearing according to george zimmerman was found in Trayvon pockets

      • JOC56 says:

        Not necessarily. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the evidence released. Originally I thought the same thing but I noticed somewhere else in the evidence that those items (lighter, etc) were found in his pockets or ‘on’ Martin. So the button may still have been on. If it was off and in his pockets that would mean that TM took it off between his original ‘inspection’ of GZ and his death. We could infer a few different possibilities as to why TM would have taken the button off. It would be nice to see a picture of the crime scene to verify if the button was still on.

    • Bill says:

      this may be getting monotonous but the first or second officer at the scene noticed a cold can (i think the juice) under Trayvon’s body in his pocket. I think it ended up on the blanket covering trayvon, because at that point CPR was administered

  27. Sharon says:

    Shame on his family for claiming that the fight video publications are an attempt to destroy his reputation. They tell fully as much about his family as they do about him. Shame on them for caring less about his state of mind and his choices over the past 24 months than a normal person would care for the condition and health of a dog. Shame on them.

    This doesn’t inherently make him a more sympathetic figure, but it sure makes his family even less of a sympathy-draw. How heartless do you have to be to have a young man making these kinds of choices and filling his days/hours with such trash–and yet find yourself too busy day after day to bother about him?

    Of course, Dad was busy on producing his 2nd (or 3rd?) ex-wife and was processing the business of being engaged to the next one. I’m sure all of that is quite busy-making.


  28. DizzyMissL says:

    LOL, when you said we were probably saying holy smoke, you were almost right. I was saying holy sh**.

  29. BigZim says:

    If you watch this 7-11 store surveillance camera video recording from that very night! You can plainly see that 7-11 store clerk was PROFILING him 200% from start to finish from the moment he entered that 7-11 store until the very moment he left! Watch carefully and you can see that young “WHITE” Hispanic male 7-11 store clerk is watching him like a “HAWK” from the minute he entered the store right up until he leaves that store!!! Shocked the Martin family lawyers are not suing 7-11 or that young “WHITE” Hispanic Store Clerk for “PROFILING”???

    • howie says:

      The guy was probably scared to death. A store nearby here was robbed and the clerk shot and killed a couple years ago by a Black in a Hoodie. He was never caught. Now they have a night clerk and installed a through the wall system like the bank drive through.

  30. Lee says:

    Who was on the “photo button”? I know his mother claimed that he also wore a tee shirt that had her (Sybrina’s) grandmother’s photo. Who died in his family four years ago? It seems both Martin and Fulton have spoken about their mother’s (Trayvon’s grandmothers) grief over loosing Trayvon (I could be mistaken.). I’m just curious about who he was so close to at 13 – that he was still wearing a funeral button. He didn’t loose a mother, father, and I don’t think he lost a sibling. I do not have a good enough computer to zero in on the photos at 7-eleven, to tell who is on the button. Does anyboyd know? Thanks.

    • DizzyMissL says:

      She was very evasive about that. That makes me think the answer must not be helpful to the image they are trying to portray.

      • Lee says:

        DizzyMissL, I think you may be right. Sybrina seemed anxious about the questions regarding the button. She was also upset when explaining about her brother being and inspiration and Trayvon’s relationship with him and the school. I believe there was an early interview where it was stated Trayvon was following in his uncle’s footsteps, who was a military pilot. In the video that we’re discussing, Sybrina’s brother – only “attended” the same school. Now reports are not stating the original “airline pilot” it’s “mechanic”. Both, are admiral professions. I would be proud of a son that was an airline mechanic. Why, blow it all out of proportion? Why the spin? If you’ll lie about the little things – just how far will you go to cover up the big stuff? Why not care enough about your child and other teenagers – to face facts – and encourage them to live a more productive life – get the message out – to not make the same mistakes – why turn the message around to make everyone out a victim?

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          Ummmm, didn’t we start out hearing that St Skittles of the Watermelon Juice wanted to be an astronaut? Then it was a pilot? Now an aircraft mechanic??? Stay tuned for the ever-changing and challenging adventures of *St Skittles, RoboTripper*. SMH…

      • She wasn’t evasive, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know who is on the button, she looks to her right for help. She doesn’t know because she doesn’t know Trayvon.

        …….”if he got up early enough, I mean, In the morning he would find some food”….

        Remember after Sybrina was notified, on Monday, Trayvon was shot in Orlando she drove home from the parking lot at work and stayed home. She never went to Sanford. She.stayed.home.

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          Nettie Tim (nee Spotford)
          B: 16 Aug 1922 in Florida
          D: 8 Mar 2010 in Miami Gardens, Broward, Florida, USA

          Nettie is actually TrayMomma’s GM on her maternal side.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            Dang it to Alpha Centauri…make that Nettie Spotford (nee Tim). Near the end of my 10-hour day – can you tell? ;)

        • James Flannery says:

          According to this article from 3/16 the button was a “mentor”.

          He was six-three, 140 pounds, and eating everything in sight, including his favorite fried chicken with french fries and large drink. He suffered from the death of an older mentor four years ago, and on the day he died he wore a button in remembrance of him.

          “He has never been in trouble. He has never been arrested,” Fulton said. “He has never been in a fight that I know of.”

          Why the inconsistencies and lies, Sybrina? In one single paragraph:

          1. She did not know his height or weight. He was 5’11” and 158 not 6’3″ and 140,
          2. She changes the button story from “mentor” to cousin to grandmother in video.
          3. She changes the favorite food story from fried chicken to “homemade hamburgers”.

          “The meal his mother made that he liked most was hamburgers and French fries. “And brownies,” his grandmother chimed in, “with lots of nuts.””

            • James Flannery says:

              Also from the times article:

              “She has no home videos of Trayvon. She doesn’t even have voicemail messages from him saved. The only way that she could now hear Trayvon’s voice would be to call his phone and listen to his answering message, but she dare not do it. “If I hear his voice, I think I’m going to scream.””

              What loving parent does not have any home videos of their children in this day and age?

              • Lee says:

                That would be one answering message that I would like to hear. Let the same “expert” voice analysis compare that sample to the scream on the 911. I am NOT an expert – but, the screams on the 911 for help sounds exactly like George Zimmerman, to me.

              • scubachick75 says:

                She has his fight club videos…lol.

            • DizzyMissL says:

              His stepmother said he spent most of his time with her.

          • xballer52 says:

            It is VERY for young black males to wear buttons of their “homies” who have been shot and killed. The same goes for T-shirts with the person’s picture printed onto the shirt. It doesn’t make sense that he would wear a button of his grandmother, or even his so called “mentor”, unless his mentor was “tragically” shot and killed. More than likely, it was a picture of a friend who had been gunned down, and his Mother (Sybrina) did not want to explain who was in the pic or why he was wearing it.

            • DizzyMissL says:

              That makes a lot of sense, xballer. I guess we will know when the evidence photos are released.

            • Aussie says:

              I will second this opinion. If you look amongst the friends you will see that there is a habit of wearing t-shirts with the picture of the dead friend.

              In that group there are a lot of young adults with RIP in their names, including some of the girls.

    • Lulu says:

      Wasn’t it posted here yesterday that Nettie Fulton (grandma?) had died in 2010. Her address was the same as Sabrina’s current address – the little salmon-colored house.

    • Susie says:

      Yes, I was wondering the same thing. I’ll bet it wasn’t anyone in the family. My guess is it was a pic of a dead thug.

      • Kyozokuninja says:

        Who was St Skittles favorite rapper?

      • howie says:

        Zimmerman may have had training in recognizing Black Gang signs. Button Pins are one of the identifiers. There are a lot of other signals they use. Some can be seen in Tradevons social network pic’s. If so it could arouse suspicion. BK clothes are favored by Crips.

    • MRM says:

      is it possible that he was meeting someone somewhere to buy or sell – and wore the button as a way to identify himself?

    • CTDAR says:

      Didn’t his uncle Ronald (S bro ) die @2009, that’s almost 4 years ago. S said he was injured in car accident?

      • DizzyMissL says:

        Ronald is alive.

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          The accident is why St Skittles supposedly spoon-fed his uncle. Paraplegic.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            And St Skittles had just joined the Antioch Baptist Church in Miami Gardens in Dec 2011. He was going through ‘new member orientation’ according to the pastor. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard ‘he was goin’ t’be baptized on Sunday; he was a good boy who didn’t do nothing’ in the city I live in, I would be running up against Warren Buffet for being the richest.

          • James Flannery says:

            Was the paraplegic uncle’s medicine cabinet a smorgasbord for Trayvon?

            • Kyozokuninja says:

              Hmmmmmm, that is an extremely valid question. Of course, purple koolaid, Robitussin DM, Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Drink are sooooooooooo easily available. Double Hmmmmmmm, did Unca R use codeine?

            • Lars says:

              Yikes. Good observation.

    • recoverydotgod says:

      “And what I saw was disgusting,” Zimmerman said, according to a recording of the January 2011 meeting obtained by The Miami Herald.
      “The deeper questions here are, what are the relationships?” said Natalie Jackson, an attorney for Trayvon’s family. “We have always had a concern about the relationships.”

      Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/22/2813681_zimmerman-rode-with-cops-ripped.html#storylink=cpy

      Frances Robles, of the Miami Herald, isn’t the date of the meeting January 8th, 2011?


      As for whether he recalls a January 8, 2011 meeting at city call, or Zimmerman’s presence organizing the black community, Clayton said, “No, and I don’t think anybody else does either.”

      • jimrtex says:

        The January 8 meeting was an informal townhall meet organized by/for the mayor-elect who officially took office on January 10. In an op-ed a couple of weeks later he said he liked the format because there was a lot more give and take with the citizens. An ordinary commissioners meeting is highly structured with most of the discussion between the city manager and the commissioners, with a period for citizens to make 3 minute speeches.

        It might even be illegal to treat the meeting as a formal meeting. In Texas, it is illegal for a quorum of a governing body to meet and discuss public business, outside a formal meeting. And in this case, the mayor-elect and one of the commissioners were not official. OTOH, Zimmerman’s speech appears to have been professionally recorded.

        Other than the public officials, the only person quoted was Kenneth Bentley, who is 1st Vice President of the Seminole County NAACP. Maybe Turner Clayton doesn’t live in Sanford, or is detached from the day-to-day operations of the county organization which he is the head of. Velma Clayton was there as well.

        Earlier this year those two met with police chief Lee:

        The day after the news conference, on March 9, Velma Williams went back to Police
        Chief Bill Lee, with community activist Kenneth Bentley. They said a train “was
        coming down the tracks and it was going 50 miles one hour.” Williams reminisced:
        “I said it’s going 150 miles an hour and it doesn’t have any brakes.”

        The January 3 commissioners meeting was a hastily called 7-minute meeting to approve an intergovernmental agreement with Seminole County. The agreement called for Seminole County to let one its sheriffs office employees be the acting police chief in Sanford, and for Sanford to pay his salary. Seminole County also did the investigation of how the Sanford Police handled the Sherman Ware case. I don’t know if that was in the agreement or not.

        The reason for the meeting was that the police chief had just been fired (or perhaps he was fired 1 minute after the agreement was signed), He had originally been scheduled to retire after 14 years on January 31. They cut him off immediately, and didn’t want to promote anyone internally, and had no time to hire anyone from outside.

        His contract called for him to be a “consultant” until April, but that was apparently part of his contract. And it meant that if Sanford wanted to consult with him, he had to make himself reasonably available. It was emphasized that he would not be coming into work or have an office or any authority. Velma Williams was definitely concerned about this, and didn’t sound that much different than Zimmerman.

        The commissioners realized they were stuck with the contract – while Zimmerman as an ordinary citizen could freely rail about the pension.

        In the November election, Sanford approved a charter amendment requiring the city manager to live inside the city limits. The city manager said he liked being city manager. He said he liked his house more (apparently a log house in a wooded setting),. So Sanford was faced with replacing its city manager and its police chief. The city manager does all the hiring and firing, and would ordinarily choose the police chief.

        The Janaury 24 commissioners meeting was discussing the procedure for hiring a new city manager, what sort of search should be done, etc. It veered off into discussion about hiring a police chief, and which should come first the city manager or the police chief. There were a number of suggestions how there might be more citizen involvement. One suggestion was each commissioner could appoint two persons to be part of a group that would review applications. A somewhat whimsical suggestion was that all the persons who were at the January 8 meeting could review the applicants and vote on the new police chief.

    • 2ntense says:

      Two points from the article:

      A video released last week by the State Attorney prosecuting the case shows Zimmerman freely walked about the police station unescorted three days after the shooting.
      ~Really? Which one of the 4 men do they think is George?

      “The deeper questions here are, what are the relationships?” said Natalie Jackson, an attorney for Trayvon’s family. “We have always had a concern about the relationships.”
      ~ One would think that after his criticism of SPD, SPD wouldn’t be user friendly for George. Natalie is smokin’ something.

      • DizzyMissL says:

        which video are they talking about?

      • Sharon says:

        That’s what I thought, too. (Your last point) Based on his blunt assessment of what he saw on the ridealong, the last thing they would tend to do is give preferential treatment. But, at the same time, they probably knew to pay attention to how they proceeded and not screw him around by sloppy handling of either policies or procedures.

  31. Jb says:

    Trayvon was profiling George. George is a beta personality who has been neutered due to his past issues. He didn’t want to confront the kid he saw 3 weeks earlier, one he called in, and he didn’t want to give his address when he wasn’t sure if Trayvon was near him, hiding, when talking to the dispatcher after he got out of the car.

    IIRC, didn’t he also think Trayvon was looking at him when he was in the car? Trayvon may have felt he was a narc or just somebody fucking with him and he wanted to get him. I think George felt this and it’s why he stayed on 911. I don’t think George was just being a good neighbor as a ‘watchman’, I think he got caught calling the kid in and panicked and wanted the dispatchers there so he’d be safe. That’s why instead of saying “I gotta go” and running to Trayvon, his ass said ‘ok’ when told he didn’t have to pursue.

    Trayvon spotted him and knew where he’d be. It’s the only way they could have met instead of Trayvon being home and I think the 911 tapes fed them the narrative. There was no skittles run for his ‘brother’. They realized Tracy told police it wasn’t Trayvon’s voice but a $ hungry Crump figured he could turn a ‘non arrest’ into a story, validating the actions for the family, while using the 911 calls later on to fuel the bs story.

    The entire story was a lie because it was the only way Crump could deal with Tracy blowing the 911 voice confession (not his son – which the local affiliate confirmed the day after the shooting) and would allow a civil suit. There is a reason they wanted an arrest. They know he won’t be convicted. That’s why they are the only parents we’ve ever seen who lost a boy to ‘cold blooded murder’ but spend more time asking for an arrest instead of his head on a plate.

    What people need to do is dig up that cousin’s info who tweeted to Tray why he swung at a bus driver. Something was not right with him the last few weeks and the family cannot afford to let people know this. You don’t go to London and Churches to talk about civil rights so a man can go to jail for 80 years. You do it so you can profit from a ‘movement’ for 80 years.

    • Enough says:

      I believe you’re corret in that GZ was not an “alpha male”. An alpha male would not have contacted the police…he would have confronted the thug first. Especially considering all the recent break-ins.

      Nice catch.

      • 1stworlder says:

        As the neighboorhood watch sign in front of his gated community says they call all suspisous activity in to the police. Nothing wrong with having back u/ witnesses on the way, as convicts can sue people for free saying you voilated their “cibel wights”

    • myopiafree says:

      Team Crump was screaming “arrest” – because he knew that the NORMAL process of the Grand Jury – would have ended the Crump farce. Wolfinger (S/P) would have conducted the review with 12 citizens. It would be up to them to determined, “Justified Homicide” or not. Thus the need for a “love affair” between Team Crump and Angela Corey. Cancelling a fair jury trial (leading to an Indictment) is the subversion of our judicial process, and profoundly unethical of Angela Corey to do it. Shame on her.

      • howie says:

        The Grand Jury was originally supposed to be a bright line of protection for the citizens against an overzealous and too powerful government. In fact the jury originally had much more power and independence than it does today. Thus, this is an attack on the jury system itself. Look at the Casey Anthony jury. Corey is more of a persecutor than a prosecutor. The state is trying to impose the doctrine of strict liability in administrative law on the criminal justice system. Not good. 90% of all cases are plea bargained. 90% of criminal trials are Public Defender representations. Zimmerman is lucky to have Omara.

        • myopiafree says:

          It was the Grand Jury System that protected the six policemen from Rev. Sharpton’s attack on them with (black)Tawana Brawley accusing them of rape. Thus Scheme-Crump KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE G.J. SAW THE BLOODY HEAD OF GZ. I think the G. J. System needs improvement. It would prevent this “race baiting” by these Neo-Racists to make $$$, and a political career about this injustice. Also, thanks for this information:
          Howie> Not good. 90% of all cases are plea bargained. 90% of criminal trials are Public Defender representations. Zimmerman is lucky to have Omara.
          Otis> Also, lucky to have “TreeHouse”. I am certain that Crump/Corey are expecting to SCARE GZ into a “plea bargin” so Corey can “win” her election and Team-Crump can with $$$$ in Civil Suits. The idea of TRUTH and JUSTICE – is lost on them.

          • howie says:

            Depositions by the defense will be interesting. I do not think this will go to trial. I would bet on a dropped charge around December. The Docket Sounding is not until August. The case has no evidence I can see. Just a lot of media Hoopla and Psychobabble.

      • 1stworlder says:

        Grand jury results are normally sealed. Zimmerman was not arrested until after a cop car got shot up near his gated community. The riots resulting from him walking free with sealed testimony would result in 1000 trayvons.

    • Jay says:

      I agree with you about his cousin. Tracy Martin also said TM would hang out with his cousin while in Sanford and Tracy thought Trayvon was with his cousin that night.

  32. Jb says:

    This is a great article and it all makes perfect sense. Will share.

    • BigZim says:

      This truly is a great website to discuss this here case! On those other news websites like Comcast/NBC/MSNBC or CNN one is constantly harassed and if they don’t like what you’re are posting, they get your posts deleted or your posting privledges revoked!

  33. recoverydotgod says:

    With the Miami Herald article on the “Zimmerman Rode With Cops, Ripped Department” maybe some folks want your attention somewhere else beside this story.

  34. hervette says:

    I post on a few other sites regarding Martin/Zimmerman, but I check the treehouse throughout the day to become informed of the truth. I have to say, the treehouse has the most knowlegable, well educated, clear thinking posters than any other site. Also the commenters’ ability to locate various sites and articles to back up what is being said is outstanding. I have learned so much about this case through the commenters, Thank you; great job!

    • I agree. It ain’t me, it’s THE COMMUNITY OF THE TREEHOUSE. Fine peeps. Smart, sharp witted, talented and deliberate. Treepers rock !

      There are Treepers who have “amazing” capabilities to connect dots that seem totally disconnected and random. Just a great bunch of peeps here. Proud and humbled to be associated with all y’all.

      • Lulu says:

        Thanks for letting me slip in. Thanks to all the Treepers who perform this wonderful service with reason and occasional humor to break the tension. And to Sharon, who is indeed very wise. I visit here several times a day and post links to your site elsewhere. The word must be spread.

        • Sharon says:

          Hope you got yourself a good branch! It’s a big, big Tree and you are invited to just find the most perfect branch for yourself. They all have great views. ‘Smores around the fire at night. Welcome!

  35. Chevymisty says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. its VERY apparent his parents didn’t care about him. I would be a messed up kid with parents like this as well. Not that that is an excuse for anything he did. “We were best friends” Tracy said. Well you should have tried being a parent instead of a friend and this might not have happened.

    • BigZim says:

      They both have thus increased their attention towards Trayvon now that the chance to CASH in Beaucoup Big Time has been brought to their attention by one Crump and Company et al. SAD! How so many of these young Black male’s growing up in Ghetto’s across America end-up being looked up on as Super-Lotto-Jackpot Tickets in the end! Viewed as if they were like hitting ALL SIX-NUMBERS in Mega-mIllions or Powerball?

  36. Essential Elements says:

    My thoughts are all over the place with this. My mind has gone back to March 23 when Obama made his statement that if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon.

    This was in answer to the only (and unrelated) question asked after Obama’s press conference introducing his nominee to head the World Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim. Obama’s rather lengthy response to the question was scripted, in fact, the entire exchange was orchestrated: Before asking the question Josh Earnest of the press office approached the NBC Reporter and whispered something into his ear.

    Obama answered this question after the New Black Panther Party demanded Zimmerman’s arrest (March 11) and Al Sharpton had come out on March 12 for a complete and thorough investigation “because racial language was used by Zimmerman when he made his 911 call” (which turned out to be not true).

    Where I am going with this? Frankly I’m not sure.

    I feel sad for mankind that Trayvon’s parents went ahead with this extreme scheme.
    I feel sad that we have a president who participates in said scheme.
    I feel sad that people like Sharpton and Crump feel the need to make up lies to produce the scheme, constructing a false scenario to perpetuate their reason for being (spreading hate) and aimed at filling trash bins with money.

    • howie says:

      NBC is just an Obama propagada organization. They are under direct orders from Obama.

      • BigZim says:

        Do not forget they are now Comcast/NBC/MSNBC! Sure glad I have Dish-network knowing that my hard-earned $$$ are not feeding that Ultra-Liberal-Left-wing Obama/Sharpton Political Propoganda Machine! Do not forget now Al Sharpton is a fully paid Comcast/NBC/MSNBC employee too!

  37. Essential Elements says:

    O darn, sorry for not closing my italics properly! If there is a mod around with absolutely nothing else to do (yea right ;-)) could you please close the italics after the word ‘after’ – here: Obama answered this question after

    • Sharon says:

      At the moment, I have absolutely nothing else to do! :) (‘cept I gotta build some chocolate chip coookies that I was trying to get done yesterday and didn’t—-)

      ADD: That’s weird. You had closed the italics based on the details when I looked at the innards. Weird. For some reason it didn’t take.

  38. Can’t wait for Part II. You guys are doing great work!

  39. Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

    Well, March, April, and May of 2012 were all pretty uneventful for him.

  40. captainronmexico says:

    Question: Did someone pay off “DumbRyte” as these appear to be private facebook messages?

    Can’t wait for part 2. Looks like no one was home and Tray was lookin to get leaned out. There is NO WAY the 14 year old was home by himself, Tray NEVER comes home, the place is crawling with cops, and he just doesn’t notice?

    It ALL makes sense now – the taking of an hour to walk a mile, the suspicious stumbling that George saw… Tray had drained whatever ‘tussin he could find at Brandy’s crash pad, he had no tree on him and he needed to get sumthin.

    Pretty sad, really. I ALMOST feel sorry for the kid. The parents, Crump and his posse of scum, and ESPECIALLY the DA, however, are beneath contempt.

    The lights are on and the cockroaches are scattering. Please tell me that the Florida Bar story about Crumpdaddy is true. A bar investigation isn’t good enough for Corey. She deserves jail time.

    • Aussie says:

      Chump & Chimp should face the bar over their ethics in the Pigford case. They have been scamming the government and they need to be disbarred.


      • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

        “‘Scamming the government,’ says you. ‘Gittin’ paid,’ says I.”

        Benjamin Hornigold Crump

  41. Donnie B. says:

    I would like to know why his phone was found right near the walkway without the headphones. He used the headphones to answer a call at the 7-11. The headphones were found in his pockets according to the discovery report.

    • Aussie says:

      probably no surprise… it is unlikely that he was on the phone after making contact with a weed supplier.

    • deep_enough says:

      “to answer a call”? How do you know that? What’s your evidence? How do you know he wasn’t in the middle of a call?

      When I look at the phone logs released by CrumpDump (which are clearly not verbatim from T-Mobile), I see only one call that would come close to matching DD’s taped statement. In particular the CrumpDump logs show an incoming call at 2:28 with a duration of 104 minutes. Doing the addition and accounting for the time zones gives 5:28pm to 7:12pm Sanford time on Traydemarks last day. That pretty well fits the gist of DD’s statement and its the only call that does.

      Of course, there are some problems. The most glaring is that DD in her statement says the call dropped (for whatever reason) twice and that both times she immediately called again and reconnected. But the CrumpDump logs show one 104 minute call.

      I can see only one way the logs and DD’s statement can both be accurate. And would be if T-Mobile bridges immediate call-backs from&to same numbers (at least in their log records). It might make some kind of sense to do so because they do count any-part-of-a-minute as the full minute.

      This can and should be both researched (with T-Mobile) and tested. I would test it myself but I haven’t used T-Mobile for a number of years. Anybody with T-Mobile know the answer or want to run the tests?

      • Donnie B. says:

        “to answer a call”? How do you know that? What’s your evidence? How do you know he wasn’t in the middle of a call?

        He answered the phone via the headphones in the 7-11 video.

      • jimrtex says:

        T-Mobile does data calls on Pacific time, but the other calls are local times because it can have an effect on billing. BDLR was very careful to ask “DeeDee” here phone number, and whether anyone else used the phone, and asked if she knew Martin’s phone number, and mentioned that they had the phone records. BDLR is not stupid.

        So we can be sure that the calls were to/from “DeeDee’s” phone. So there was a phone call from 5:09-6:30 which would include the time he was at the store. BDLR did not ask what happened between 5:09 and 6:22. (Martin went to the store to buy candy and drink for his little brother) (He ran for the the mail shed inside the gated place and the phone hung up) This establishes a time of 6:54. (Martin starts to walk and the phone hangs up) This establishes a time of 7:12 (He starts to running, Martin loses the man … all of a sudden the old man catches Martin she hears some words, the sound of the grass, and maybe faintly in Martin’s voice “let me up” – perhaps because the headphones have fallen off) which establishes 7:16. Of course the part about the disconnects at key moments could be made up. But it is the best that Crump could do.

  42. Jello333 says:

    Alright, trying to get caught up. Haven’t read the comment section yet. But WOW that stuff about codeine and junk… and they’re talking about it right there in the open? I assume this wasn’t a “private” page, right? Unbelievable.

    But I just wanted to say something about the video of the interview. Was that actually genuine EMOTION we saw from Sybrina in part of that? In the middle of her comment about the “aviation program”, it looks like she very nearly went into a panic attack. But I notice this was very early on, and well before the Crump Media Circus got rolling full-speed. And then if you look at the way Sybrina NOW acts, and has been for awhile, with that blank stare and all, you gotta wonder if she hasn’t been “medicated” by Crump and his buddies. I’m only halfway joking… she sure has come a long way in the way she deals with her emotions since this interview.

    • IMHO, that emotion you witness is more guilt, overwhelming “OMG” type reality of guilt, coming in waves. One wave witnessed in this video. There is a profound difference between waves of grief, and waves of guilt. Profound difference.

      • Muriel says:

        So true about the emotion or lack of by Sybrina. I have a friend who lost her child a year ago. She was unable to function and could have not have attended forums nor traveled to London for a meet and greet with a “fellow” victim’s Mom. She is either drugged out of her skull or is an emotionless person.

      • deep_enough says:

        Apparently, I am far more cynical than you. I think its about 99.5% self-pity — poor, poor pitiful me. Boo-hoo boo-hoo. Guilt and grief both involve some level of reasoning that I just do not see; and both involve some sense of responsibility, of which I have yet to see any at all. Self-pity (and the I-am-completely-innocent victim-hood boo-hoo) is a known endorphin rush (e.g. Oprah made a $B milking that cow). An standing and speaking to a crowd that supports you is another endorphin rush.

        There’s no rhyme or reason to it; its just whatever makes her feel good. And the idea of making a bunch of money feels real good (another endorphin high). I’ve seen no sign of anything resembling grief or guilt over the loss of her son.

        Over my life I’ve seen mothers lose their favorite child, in particular their favorite son. I’ve seen it several times, I’ve seen real grief, and it looks nothing like Traymom’s roadshow.
        In particular, grief is a very personal thing; and the hallmark is privacy. Its not something you take up on stage; real grief is existential, it transcends mindless theatrics. A grieving family usually goes into seclusion and their friends circle the wagons to protect their privacy.

        She and the CrumpDumps have fabricated a totally fake personna, a completely bogus Traydemark to blubber about. She’s up on stage blubbering her eyes out about the loss of a teddy bear that never existed. That’s not guilt, that’s histrionics.

        She’s getting tons of attention, and financially rewarded, to feel sorry for herself (not Traydemark, mind you, HERSELF): “Look at me, look at me. Boo-hoo boo-hoo. Poor poor pitiful me.” Oh, barf.

        Wallowing in self-pity is the precisely the denial of responsibility, it is exactly the opposite of guilt. And quite different from grief too.

        Attributing grief or guilt to Traymom is a flat-out degradation of the concepts and an egregious insult to anyone who has ever experienced either. End of rant.

        • Sharon says:

          “A grieving family usually goes into seclusion and their friends circle the wagons to protect their privacy.” Exactly. I appreciate your entire comment, but that line nails it. I mentioned this elsewhere last week, but mention it again here: 2 years ago in a town near us in MN, a commercial bus filled with high school band members returning from a trip to Chicago crashed early in the morning, due to the driver driving impaired. The 11th grade daughter of the local barber was killed as she was thrown out the broken bus window as it rolled into the median. The second bus (not involved in the accident) waited while a replacement bus was obtained, all the students not seriously injured were examined and released so the two buses could arrive back at their school simultaneously. When they arrived about 8:00 on a Saturday morning, they pulled up in the front of the school. The parents and friends of all those band members lined up shoulder to shoulder, creating a solid wall with their bodies from the door of each bus to the door of the gymnasium, so that no news cameras, no looky-loos, NO ONE except those who already loved those kids and the parents of the dead girl. They closed ranks before those students ever got back in town that day, and the ranks around those devastated parents remained tightly closed for many weeks. They were not in total isolation as they had reams of friends and amazing support But NO ONE got through the inner circle to mom and dad if they had to ask to get through. If they had to ask, access was denied. Those parents never accepted or gave any interview. They made two press releases: one right after her death, and the other at the close of the trial where the driver and the company he drove for were found guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The press release at the close of the trial again only thanked the community for their support. What these charade artists have done has cheapened genuine grief in the extreme. What a mess.

      • Jello333 says:

        Yeah, it DID seem different that normal grief. Guilt would make more sense based on what I saw there when she almost lost it. Like she’s trying to block it out, and doing a pretty good job most the time, but sometimes it just comes crashing through.

  43. sybilj says:



    As Rev. Al Sharpton explained Monday night, the Trayvon Martin story was never about convicting George Zimmerman, or about some aggravated sense of outrage at the fact that a young black man was killed, it was to hold the justice system accountable for delivering on its promise to all Americans.

    “Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer called me to get involved because justice was not taking its course,” Rev. Al said. “George Zimmerman needed to be arrested, the evidence supported that.”

    He added, “I did not come to Florida after talking to Sybrina and Tracey to convict Zimmerman. I came to say what is good for one is good for all. Black, white, gay, straight, young and old, the same standards of justice should be applied to everyone.”

    • Donnie B. says:

      Martin Luther King Jr was a civil rights activist, those other two are ignorant race-baiters and shake down artists.

      • Jello333 says:

        Yep. Calling people like Sharpton a civil rights activist is an insult to the memories of people like MLK and Gandhi.

    • Sharon says:

      :…the Trayvon Martin story was never about convicting George Zimmerman.” Well, isn’t that just special. Excuse my sarcasm.

  44. John Hunt says:

    I just listened to the whole DeeDee interview. She says that Trayvon was just a mama’s boy. A baby.

    She claimed that she did go to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well and had high blood pressure. (I wonder hospital or just emergency room?) She also claims to have a long term connection to the family so it is just amazing (as you been pointing out for a long time here) that the family only found out about her conversation in mid-March.

    • Aussie says:

      the family only heard about her in mid-March. She was unknown to them.

      There is something wrong in this whole story… including the claim that Crump talked to her in early March…. I still think that it did not happen.

  45. myopiafree says:

    For the people of “TreeHouse”, and SunDance. I think all the posters here are impressed by the amount of hard work to tie the “Fist Fights” with TM’s page. Seeing the fight, and a friend called, “Travyon” certainly identifies TM to any rational person. TM’S PROBABLY “FUTURE”: TM was going to “punch out” some person in the future. Perhaps it would have been another “competing” drug dealer. Or perhaps his violent effort would mean that TM got shot by another “black”. If that had happened, we never would have heard any of this. He would have simply become one of the 8,000 black “Ganstas” who get killed each year by other blacks.

  46. patty says:

    You guys are so disrespectful and immature! Data mining a dead child’s facebook account and attempting to tarnish his reputation. Maybe someone should hacked into all of your private social networking accounts and post all of your dirty laundry and skeletons in the closet on a public online forum. What is the point of posting this info ? It has nothing to do with the case. You are just posting these images in a vain attempt to lower public sympathy for the dead kid. So you people telling me you never made any idiotic mistakes in your life, especially as a teenager ; Zimmerman was justified in shooting the kid because he apparently seems to embraced a thug lifestyle is what you are pretty much saying .

    Actually patty, IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE CASE – and you hav’n’t seen anything yet. Just wait. Besides, that’s not what is being said at all. You say “kid”, ok, I’ll use your descriptive but understand this “kid” was 17-years-old, 6′ 2″, 160 lb MMA practicing streetfighter. But, anyway, George was justified in shooting the “kid” because the “kid” was atop him, pounding his head into the sidewalk and trying to inflict serious bodily injury. That is why George is justified in shooting Trayvon ‘the kid’.

    The reason for showing the “real Trayvon” is because the complicit media sold the narrative of Trayvon Martin as a complete pack of lies. Portraying him as a 12 year old innocent child, and George as an overzealous white racist child killer. If the media did their job, there would be NO REASON for us to do it for them. Alas, they lie, we show the truth.

    Obviously a TRUTH you are uncomfortable with.

    But you’ll note, not one thing in your comment is about the substance of the post. Why? Because every cintilla of it is 100% TRUE. /SD

    • Aussie says:

      that was not a child.

      The clueless one is you patty.

      • Sentenza says:

        Even when I was a child, I knew better than to beat up random strangers on the street…especially to the point of death.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Patty,
      The gross false hoods of Crump, is 1)showing a 12 year-old kid, and all these false representations in the media – is our objection. A further objection is to represent GZ as a KKK extreme racist, who was just waiting to “gun down” a little 12 year-old boy skipping down the sidewalk with his tea and skittles. I object to this “trial by media” where GZ (under death threat) has no possibility of countering these lies about him – now in the media.
      Patty> You guys are so disrespectful and immature!
      Otis> I don’t think so. The language here has been mild an reasonable.

      Patty>Data mining a dead child’s facebook account and attempting to tarnish his reputation.

      Otis> What about GZ being presented as a KKK racist – when he never was. At least we should present TM as he WAS, not the way FIbber-Crump presents him.

      Patty> Maybe someone should hacked into all of your private social networking accounts and post all of your dirty laundry

      Otis> And yours also?

      Otis> The issue is to balance the destruction of GZ’s character in the Media – by presenting GZ for what he is. An honest, mild person, working to protect his community. A man whose G. grandfather was black. A man whose mother has blacks living with them for a while – to help these children. TreeHouse presents a juxtaposition of these people. The truth can come out of these comparisons of character.

  47. Herb Martin says:

    Actually, Martin’s character has very little to do with the LEGAL case, but is relevant for those wanting to understand how a young man reaches a point — ‘deciding’ would be to definite a word — where he initiates a criminal assault on a man he doesn’t know and continues the assault past the point where it is merely a fight as the man screams for help, to where death starts to become likely.

    And of course, there is no such thing as ‘tarnishing’ a reputation when you merely collect or point out the public statements and declarations that person has CHOSEN to make available.

    I honestly think Martin, MAY not have been too bad a kid, and even if he was smoking some dope and perhaps burglarizing a bit, he MIGHT have still turned his life from getting deeper into trouble and more extensive criminal activity.

    His fighting wasn’t that big a deal (hey, they typically wore gloves and used referees, and shook hands at the end.) The guys and gals in my boxing gym do that — and only a BIT more structured and formal (e.g., in a ring that is a lot safer.)

    He didn’t even learn to fight THAT WELL, just how to be aggressive and pound on an opponent.

    He probably didn’t even realize that he was threatening death by beating Zimmerman’s head against the concrete — maybe he did, but likely he was just immature and clueless.

    Zimmerman did what was necessary of course and that turns out to be unfortunate, but Martin created the criminal assault that made it so with very little rhyme or reason since Zimmerman apparently knew next to nothing about fighting, especially on the ground.

    • Aussie says:

      sorry, but claiming that the thug was immature and clueless is not good enough.

      He took the risk. He paid the price for stupidity.

      • Herb Martin says:

        Agreed — did you think that was not what I was saying?

        His crime — his fault.

        I was an early supporter of Zimmerman’s innocence, and have seen nothing to change THAT or even make me think it will get past the immunity hearing and go to trial. Never should have been charged EXCEPT to get the immunity hearing out of the way perhaps (does the Grand Jury dismissal take care of that in Florida?)

  48. John Gault says:

    BRB, posting all my secret skeletons and dirty laundry on myspace, facebook and youtube. I will send them out on Twitter also to make sure they stay secret.

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  50. Bodhi says:

    Good investigative journalism, but your site is infected with hatred, so it’s quite difficult to support this combination of truth and illusion.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Feel free to hit the road! Nobody’s stopping you.

    • barnslayer says:

      We hate lies, bigotry, and politicians that want to ruin America.

    • Is that a compliment? It’s so hard to tell. The H-word is as overused/misused as the R-word, so it’s impossible to tell. No matter. Thanks for the psychoanalysis!

    • barnslayer says:

      Which combination of truth and illusion do you prefer?

    • Jello333 says:

      Hey, I’m relatively new here, so maybe it’s not my place to speak. But I’ll just say I don’t think it’s really “hatred”. At least not toward the family. Yeah, there’s some harsh statements from time to time, and I probably wouldn’t say them myself, but I don’t think it’s because of “hatred”. I think a far better word is ANGER. There is real anger at what some people, like Crump, Sharpton, some media people, and many others, yes including the Martin/Fulton family… there’s ANGER about what they’ve done and are continuing to do. First of all, they have EXPLOITED, for fame, power, and money, the death of a young man. Plus, of course, they have destroyed George Zimmerman’s life. They KNOW George is a good man, and yet they have attacked him mercilessly… many people actually want to see him DEAD. And it’s even broader than that: These same people have endangered nearly everyone in this country. There have, as we speak, been dozens of attacks thanks to the “Justice for Trayvon” maniacs. And for every person who has been attacked, there are thousands, maybe millions, more who FEAR it could happen to them. All because of the LIES that have been spread. So yes, there most definitely IS anger…. RIGHTLY SO!

      • howie says:

        Hate=Politically Incorrect thought process. Such as being a Global Warming “denier”. Such as being anti-communist when Obama is Black. Such as not believing E. Warren is an Indian.

    • Debi says:

      The only thing “hated” here is injustice and the obvious “skewing” of the truth because it’s been trending for years now to blame the “non-black” party in an altercation involving a black person. A Thug is a Thug no matter the color of their skin, size, sex, religious preference…etc!

  51. Bodhi says:

    Anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to murder. It’s a vicious circle with no escape.

  52. Foo says:

    Even less reason to take any of this seriously, then.

    • BigZim says:

      Sad part is that Mr. George Zimmerman his Family his Friends and any True Blue American who cares about Fair and Equal Justice for all American’s must take this very seriously! I for one never ever thought I would ever live so long as to see a sitting President step forward in to a simple local case like this and play Judge Jury and Executioner towards another average American citizen! Step in to the fray and rightly attempt to deny this man George Zimmerman he right to a fair trial fair and just review of all the facts surrounding this situation! To me it is simply Disgusting and absolutely Shameful what Barack (If I had a son) Obama has done here!

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  59. Back Off says:

    WOW how in the hell is this information being covered up by the left. Seriously. What do they gain out of skewing the story so badly from the beginning? Ratings or something more sinister?

  60. Pingback: The Trayvon Martin The Media Does NOT Want You To Know About | George Zimmerman Should Be Found Not Guilty For Self-Defense! | The Tallahassee O

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