Trayvon Martin VS. George Zimmerman – Must Watch Video(s) Crime Scene and Fight Club

BREAKING – I will be updating the 8th installment of the ongoing Trayvon Martin discovery thread later today.  However, in the meantime my research has revealed some interesting videos which will be included in update #8 but also warrant a specific post to highlight.

In the first video (below) you witness the scene of the shooting ON THE NIGHT IN QUESTION from media reporting and you can see at :48 exactly where the body of Trayvon Martin was lying (covered in yellow tarp).   You can clearly see his body is virtually at the “T” of where the sidewalks meet.   This further supports Zimmerman’s account of being confronted by Trayvon in two ways:

#1 Because Zimmerman’s written and re-enacted statement clearly describes him being attacked by Trayvon from the “left rear” as he returned from the rear gate “E” to his vehicle position “C”.

#2 Because Zimmerman told police, while on the phone, he “lost sight” of Trayvon after Trayvon took off running.   Trayvon would have needed to run part way down sidewalk “F” to be non-visible from Zimmerman’s position (perhaps hiding behind one of the white privacy fences), but regardless of how far down sidewalk F he went, in order for his body to be back at the top of the sidewalk, ‘near the T, he would have needed to return to a former position.   So he would have needed to double back.   This further confirms and validates Zimmerman’s story about not being the aggressor, or initiator in their actual meeting.

More about the logistics are available HERE

Additionally, in the above video you also hear from the police regarding the eye witness audio of the fight scream. In the video an account is delivered from the media specifically about the police sharing the audio with Tracy Martin who specifically states the voice on the recording is NOT his son Trayvon Martin.

In addition in this video you get to see the first response(s) from Brandy Green (girlfriend) and Tracy Martin (Dad) to the events. Remember neither of them were looking for Trayvon the night he was shot February 26th and some of this footage with them is from February 27th, the following morning. How odd is that?

Also here is another longer version of the Trayvon “Fight Club” video (previously scrubbed).  You can see Trayvon Martin in the video wearing a ball cap turned backwards, with black jeans and a black and white striped shirt.

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38 Responses to Trayvon Martin VS. George Zimmerman – Must Watch Video(s) Crime Scene and Fight Club

  1. Why aren’t those boys and girls in the Fight Club video doing chores for their parents, like painting fences, sweeping sidewalks, and walking dogs. Then, after their chores are done, they take their allowances and go buy some candy (even Skillets) and have fun. Roller skating, hide-and-seek, sidewalk hop-scotch, jump rope… :-)

  2. Aoife says:

    Love all the run downs and synopsis of events. Great info whenever a friend starts to yammer about GZ chasing St. Skittles. Can’t wait for the judge to really look at the affidavit…Giddy up!

  3. stellap says:

    Media Malpractice:

    Points out that Sharpton is the one who promulgated the falsehood that Trayvon was in the morgue for three days.

    • Aoife says:

      How long was it before daddy was notified or decided to contact authorities? I’ve heard it was the next day or over 12 hours. Anyone got a timeline on that?

    • minpin says:

      “Meanwhile, it’s worth remembering America has a black president, and the country has seen undeniable racial progress.” No we haven’t. The Trayvon Marton media spin has made sure that the racial divide is alive and well. Just as Obama wants it to be.

      Why do those supposedly on the right, always have to add a politically correct statement somewhere in their reporting, just in case they are called a racist?

  4. True Patriot says:

    Good job. Well done. Appreciate truth in reporting. Nothing but Gutter Rats on TV media.
    Liars and propagandists.

    Trayvon was an obvious criminal Gangsta. His user name on Twitter No_Limit_Nigga and the vile,
    crude comments were a peek into what a dangerous thug he was. This 6’3″ – 17 yr old
    was far from the 4 yr old boy picture the media kept trotting out.

    His Mother and Father are both a complete disgrace and example of what is being turned out
    which is violent Gangstas and Murderers. i noticed a short time after Trayvon’s death the mother
    wanted Patents on the name and anything to do with Trayvon which places greed over grief.

    He was expelled from Miami schools for violence and selling marijuana and stealing jewelry.

    So there you have it we have gone from a innocent little 4 yr old with skittles in his pocket according to Gutter Rat Media to a Drug Dealer, Gangsta and thief. Media is no longer in America.

    • tara says:

      Like so many teens, Martin was a wannabe. He acted all badass and tough. Unfortunately for him he decided to mess with someone who didn’t know that Martin was just a wannabe. Parents need to teach their kids to not confront adults, especially in states where adults can legally carry firearms and can legally defend themselves.

  5. carmend101 says:

    Trayvon’s true portrait shows….

  6. tara says:

    Another excellent and thought provoking post!

    Team Skittles is constantly whining that Zimmerman should never have followed Martin, and that merely by following Martin it proves that Zimmerman is the agressor. Bullsh*t. Following someone isn’t against the law, and many people will following suspicious strangers to drive them out of their neighborhoods. It has nothing to do with violence or death.

  7. tara says:

    I just thought of something else. Travyon’s father and his girlfriend had gone out to dinner. They said they returned at 10:30pm. Were all of the cops gone by that time? Was the yellow police tape all gone? Didn’t the girlfriend’s son hear the sirens or anything else going on? Why is it that this family knew nothing about anything happening in their complex that night? And if they did know something happened then why didn’t it bother them more that Trayvon didn’t come home? My only guess is that a) they’re used to sirens and violent crimes, and b) Trayvon had a habit of staying out all night.

    • This point has bugged me from the very first day. How is it possible they did not know THAT NIGHT. Depending on what time they got home of course. But you gotta believe crime scene people were there until at least 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock. Or later…

      Part of The News footage in the video was “live” for the 11:00pm news. So it stands to reason the scene was of considerable visibility for quite some time. So what friggin time did Tracy and Brandy come home, if at all? This has never been reconciled.

      • Jay says:

        I think I read a report that says crime scene was there for 6 hours. I don’t know if the ambulance took him or the coroner.

      • myopiafree says:

        I want to thank Sundance Cracker for that EXCELLENT MAP. When this case goes to trial (it should be the question of justifiable homicide) the MAP shows the body at the “T” in the sidewalk. What this means, is that TM, in fact ducked down the long corridor between the buildings, and WAITED for GZ to walk along the top of the “T”.. The when GZ started walking back across the top of the “T”, TM started the confrontation — but a few words, and that hard punch in the face. There is no way that GZ is going to throw a punch at a man six inches taller than he is. But further, he has been TAUGHT to never “confront” anyone – only REPORT POSITION. This is not “stalking” as the neo-racists like to falsely describe it – it is just the right of any citizen to monitor suspicious activity. I also suspect that TM was all alone — and “wondering” the neighbor hood, and Crump is lying about the Skittles — as lawyers will do it — IF THEY ARE NOT UNDER OATH.

      • myopiafree says:

        Sundance – Your ‘map’ truly tells the story. The body was at the sidewalk “T”. For any rational person, this means that GZ COULD NOT HAVE RUN AFTER TM, and, “shot him down like dog”. GZ kept is car in sight. When he said, “OK”, that meant he was waking BACK TO HIS CA….BOOM… Fist in face, down on ground by (possibly) an armed attacker. (How could GZ know?) Head pounded into the cement. What to do? Gun coming lose so ATTACKER WILL SEE IT AN USE IT ON GZ. It was either GZ acted NOW — or he would die. Thanks for your review.

  8. tara says:

    Another thing that bothers me (sorry for all of my posts)……. Travyon’s father said that he called Trayvon’s phone some time after 10:30pm but that the phone went straight to voice mail. If Dee Dee had called and spoken toTrayvon just before the shooting, why would his phone go to voice mail for a subsequent call? Does that indicate that the police shut his phone off? Surely they left it on to try to attempt to locate Trayvon’s family, either to receive incoming calls or to look through the phone call logs and contacts.

    • Two issues with the phone. #1. it might have a locking feature (password) [most kids do now] which would make things much harder. #2. A warrant issued by a judge would be needed to unlock. Either way, many police departments are very leary of looking through phones without approval because case law has found it equivelent to search and seizure rules of evidence.

      Police depts are FULL of unclaimed cell phones in storage from crime scenes, evidence recovery and more…

      • myopiafree says:

        Sundance, I hate to see GZ crucified by the neo-racists. Worse, our “free press” is the most hostile to telling the truth — that you have been able to publish. Here is a summary:

        The news media has been giving out FALSE information. TM weighed 160, GZ weighed 170. The truth WILL come out. What is SAD is that TM’s parents are so WILLING to hold someone responsible rather than take responsibility for NOT controlling TM’s behavior.

        He had been in trouble lately, and I suspect his parents were ignoring his bad behavior.Theft, graffiti, punching a bus driver….sure, reward your kid for that, right? Those calls from TM’s girlfriend….who oddly enough has her own boyfriend and it wasn’t TM, did NOT talk to him the night of the shooting so the records show.

        The truth will come out….al sharpton lied like this with Tawana Brawley…almost had 2 innocent WHITE people in jail for something that NEVER happened.Luckily, someone who saw Tawana climbing into a trash bag BY HERSELF, came forward and told the TRUTH!

        God Bless her for doing that.sharpton is no reverand. Never known a reverand to lie like he does and incite riots, and try to send innocent people to jail for a crime that NEVER happened! Sharpton does not want the truth — he wants to fry GZ. Tracy and Sybrina want the TRUTH to come out? About their son the “bad seed”?

  9. Jay says:

    I’ll touch on a few things.
    1. I have read a few reports that say the Martin family didn’t locate their son for 3 days, he sat in the mourge as a John Doe.
    2.I also read the CSU was at the scene for 6 hours that night.
    3. I feel Treyvons dad and his girlfriend along with her son went out that night and left Treyvon at home. That would explaine the different stories with the all star game, one report says he left just before it the other says he left during half time. It would also explain the skittle story if you go all the way back to the beginning you will see where the Martin family lawyer says MAYBE he went to go get skittles after that everyone ran with it. I read a report not a police report but it stated that their was skittles and ice-tea there but it was 100 yards from his body

    • tara says:

      Ohhh, you think Chad wasn’t home either? That all three of them left Trayvon on his own? Interesting. That would explain why NONE of them knew that Trayvon had been killed just down the block from Brandy’s apartment, or that anything even remote out of the ordinary (as would be indicated by police cars, police tape, and media) had occurred there.

      • Jay says:

        I live in a gated community an I know how fast news travels. The community I live in is 4800 homes which is a lot more then the 280 homes at retreat lakes. If something like that happen that close to my house I would be like any other person in America I would go look. Tracy Martin says his girlfriend has lived there for 4 years I would bet my last dollar she knew who Zimmerman was. There was an incident where I live last year where a guy was shot and killed one block from my house it happened at 3:30am by 10:am we knew who he was and why he was shot and we knew before the police. Gated communities is a place where everybody knows everybody else and they know their business. There is no way they didn’t know something was going on that night that community is to small. If they did see all the lights and cop cars and still ignored it that tells you that crime and the cops are an everyday thing there.

    • myopiafree says:

      Very good review. Two questions:
      1. CSI Test> You find a body, and a bag. Near the body you (hypothetically) find a bag of Skittles and a bottle of Ice Tea. Then you find a receit from 7-11. You mark the bag as evidence, and contact 7-11 to see if they can identify the man who purchased the Ice-tea, etc. Anyone here think that happened? If so why is that not reported? Or is this a made-up story of Mr. Crump?
      2. Green’s younger son was in the condo WAITING for TM to return. The cops arrived (because of GZ call) about 7:40 — with flashing lights and all — 150 feet from Green’s apartment. Kids are CURIOUS. They hear this. Green’s kid would LOOK for TM. He would see the yellow tape and the neighbors would know there was a body. Why did not Green’s kid tell his mother about this — when they got back home at 11:00. Or was this another convenient fib of Crump?

  10. Jay says:

    I just read that Tracy Martin thought his son went to the movies and turned off his phone did he leave a message on it? why would he think he went to the movies didn’t he ask Brandy Greens son where he was they were left together weren’t they? I really don’t think Brandy Green son stayed at home with Treyvon that night. I think the 3 of them went to dinner someone needs to check the resturant they were at and find out how many people were there. If you discover the boy was with Brandy and Tracy out to dinner the states case crumbles.

  11. RM Newt says:

    While this case is interesting, is the national story not really about a radically high crime rate in the black community and specifically when looking at mixed racial rates the outrageously disproportionate black on white crime rates?
    The outrage in this case should not be a singular case of Trayvon vs Zimmerman or as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson among others like to characterize it as a “White” on Black injustice. Rather, let’s have them explain why there is such disproportionately high crime rate across the black community.
    Sharpton/Jackson’s condemning and attacking attitude and the Congressional Black Caucasus’ victimization perspective is perfectly the wrong response to the tragic death of a young American. They embolden stupidity, just listen to the New Black Panther response. How about a retrospective assessment and constructive approach to black and interracial crime?
    I couldn’t help but research the crime rates. The following video correlates to the numbers I’ve seen and summarizes some of the facts albeit in a simple video:
    The facts regarding black crime is sad, but not as sad as our unwillingness to address the problems. Pitiful!

  12. myopiafree says:

    CSI Test> Was the Skittle story false? Near the body you (hypothetically) find a bag of Skittles and a bottle of Ice Tea. Then you find a receit from 7-11. You mark the bag as evidence, and contact 7-11 to see if they can identify the man who purchased the Ice-tea, etc. Anyone here think that happened? If so why is that not reported? Or is this a made-up story of Mr. Crump? Anyone know?

  13. myopiafree says:

    I truly wonder what the Sanford Police presented to Sybrian and Tracy Martin. If they were told NOTHING — I can understand their reaction. But no one has made that issue clear. I don’t know if they fully understood the Thug nature of “No limit Nigg_r”, as TM called himself, or his bare-fist fighting technique, or if they were aware of how serious ONE EXPULSION is for a good student. I think that “justifiable” is 95 percent probable – but that a jury trial for “justifiable” is necessary.

  14. myopiafree says:

    If you sucker punch me in the nose knocking me to the ground, then commence slamming my head into the concrete until I truly believe you intend to kill me, then I would shoot you dead. I won’t care what color, age, sex, weight, height, or religion you are, I will literally shoot you out of my innate instinct to live, and stop the attack. I think any good citizen would do the same.

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