Deconstructing HuffPo’s Insufferable Propaganda Reporting on Trayvon Martin

The front page of AOL leads to a Huffington Post article about Trayvon Martin that is so ridiculously over the top – if the issue was not so serious it would be funny.    From the optic of the banner graphic headline (copied below), to the complete fabrication of some facts, to the remaining filler verbage being, well, blatantly avoiding the known reality.

This is the type of reporting, wait,…. I don’t know if reporting is even appropriate in this example.   More apropos descriptive would be ‘propaganda’, so blatantly biased that it fills the casual reader with disinformation and in some cases outright falsehoods.   Worse yet, this type of dishonest story telling diminishes the actual substance of concern within the real issue itself.

Copied and deconstructed (italicized) in its entirety to showcase the manipulation.

Yes, this is the actual banner picture on their page.  Cute kid isn’t he?  Guess it would have been too much to expect a picture more recent than 8 years ago.  Makes ya feel all sympathetic and so forth…  (*note he was seventeen in reality)

MIAMI — Wearing a hoodie. Listening to music and talking on his cellphone. Picking up Skittles for his soon-to-be stepbrother. Friends say that’s how they would have imagined 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a Sunday afternoon.

Nice way to draw sentiment and sympathy… you can picture it.  Only one problem.  What does it have to do with factual information?   Nothing.

Starting a fight? Possibly high on drugs and up to no good? No, friends say that description of Martin from the neighborhood crime-watch volunteer who shot and killed the unarmed black teenager doesn’t match the young man they knew.

“There’s no way I can believe that, because he’s not a confrontational kid,” said Jerome Horton, who was one of Martin’s former football coaches and knew him since he was about 5. “It just wouldn’t happen. That’s just not that kid.”

Notice “former football coach” no mention of how old Trayvon was when Horton coached him.  Pee-Wee football?   Could be…  Why not mention when he coached him?  Wouldn’t fit the narrative, maybe?

Martin was slain in the town of Sanford on Feb. 26 in a shooting that has set off a nationwide furor over race and justice. Neighborhood crime-watch captain George Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother is Hispanic, claimed self-defense and has not been arrested, though state and federal authorities are still investigating.

George Zimmerman is a grown man.  What difference does his mother and father’s ethnicity have?  Notice how the entire paragraph is worded to begin the racist narrative.   “claimed self-defense”… etc.

Since his death, Martin’s name and photographs – in football jerseys, smiling alongside a baby, and staring into the camera in a gray hoodie – have been held up by civil rights leaders and at rallies stretching from Miami to New York demanding Zimmerman’s arrest.

Yep, funny how the pictures of him showing off his gold teeth (grill) and flipping the finger are absent from the rallies.   But then again, those pictures are far more recent.  Go figure.

On Friday, President Barack Obama called the shooting a tragedy, vowed to get to the bottom of the case, and added: “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”

That sentiment was echoed by NBA star by Dwyane Wade, who along with his Miami Heat teammate LeBron James tweeted photos of themselves in hoodies in a show of solidarity.

Awwww….. the President and the Basketball stars.

“As a father, this hits home,” said Wade, who has 10- and 4-year-old sons.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Friday that Martin’s killing reflects “the classic struggle of our time” and said it echoes the slaying of Emmitt Till, a 14-year-old from Chicago who was murdered in 1954 while visiting Mississippi by a group of white men. No one was ever convicted, but Till’s killing galvanized the civil rights movement.

What good would a race baiting story be without 2-J’s and some aforementioned story of civil rights sixty years ago to lend it credibility.

Jackson said he will speak at a Sanford-area church Sunday and then attend a rally in the city Monday.

We would expect no less….

An Orlando criminal defense attorney who says he represents Zimmerson told CNN on Friday that his client isn’t racist and the facts will show he acted in self-defense after a fight with the teen.

“I don’t believe that George Zimmerman’s a racist or that this was motivated by a dislike for African-Americans,” said Craig Sonner.

Where is race being drawn into the story except by the author or by the author reporting on people drawing it in?  Think about it.

Since the slaying, a portrait has emerged of Martin as a laid-back young man who loved sports, was extremely close to his father, liked to crack jokes with friends and, according to a lawyer for his family, had never been in trouble with the law.

Portrait from who?   And notice the subtle use of the word “portrait”.   “According to a lawyer for his family”?  Where’s the name of the lawyer.  Is this reporting or story telling?

The son of divorced parents, he grew up in working-class neighborhoods north of Miami’s downtown. He and his father, a truck driver, were active in the Miramar Optimist Club, an organization that runs sports and academic programs for young people. Tracy Martin, the teen’s father, coached his son’s football team.

Yeah, they love to keep talking about this football player Trayvon, except there’s one issue.  He hasn’t played for years.  I’m surprised they didn’t mention his weekly choir practice, or kitten rescue efforts.

The boy was a swift athlete, according to a friend, and played a range of positions up to about age 14.

After he stopped playing, he remained active in the organization, volunteering six days a week from June through November of last year to help run the team’s concession stand.

Whoopsie, they just dated their pictures and admitted, however subtly that he was not playing football.  Kinda makes you wonder why he stopped playing, no?   Volunteering for the concession stand but not permitted to play?  What gives?

Martin cooked hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings alongside his father at the stand. He loved talking to the kids, asking them what position they played and whether they were good, Horton recalled. He would call the mothers “Ma’am,” and if they had a stroller or an item they needed help with, Martin stepped in.

“Everyone out there loved him,” Horton said.

Martin was tall and lanky – only 140 pounds, according to the family’s attorney – and his nickname was “Slimm.”

Nice injection of the 6′ 2″ Trayvons weight.  Wonder what use that tidbit of information might have?   Perhaps preparation to defend against the “fight” aspect?

The teen spent a big part of his week living with his father in a one-story, peach-colored home. Neighbor Fred Collins Jr. said he would see Trayvon Martin outside every week mowing the lawn and trimming the trees. The teen also helped Collins’ son learn how to ride a bike.

When you don’t want to say he came from a broken home you say he spent a big part of his week living with his father.  Sounds so much nicer, stable even.

“He was coaching him, giving him words of advice, encouragement,” Collins said.

Again, sounds like Ward Cleaver’s boy no?

No one answered the door on a recent afternoon, and a child’s plastic tricycle sat in the driveway.

:(  Sentimental and stuff…

Tracy Martin often recounted how his son saved his life. The elder Martin had begun heating up some oil to fry fish and fell asleep. The grease caught fire, and when Tracy Martin awoke and tried to put out the flames, he spilled the oil on his legs, severely burning himself. Trayvon Martin pulled his father out of the home and called 911.

Moving not so discretely from football playing Opie, to Trayvon the superhero.

Martin’s parents kept a close eye on him, but they didn’t have to be too strict, since he stayed out of trouble, Collins said. However, he had recently been suspended from school for five days for tardiness, his English teacher, Michelle Kypriss, told the Orlando Sentinel. School officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Really spinning the narrative here.   They kept a close eye on him, yet he was suspended for tardiness.   They kept a close eye on him yet they didn’t know he disappeared for 3 days after the shooting until notified by the Orange County coroners office?   Something doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Suspended for 5 days.  WRONG.   School principal reports via the Miami Herald he was suspended for 10 days, that’s two school weeks.   “for tardiness”?   Not likely.   But then again, they kept a close eye on him right?

And why would the first thing the parents lawyer think to do was seal his school records?   What’s there to hide?

Martin’s father was not happy and grounded the teen for the duration of the suspension.

Yet, funny thing.   He was in Orlando during his suspension and “grounded” yet somehow strolling around the neighborhood unbeknownst to the father (Tracy Martin) or his girlfriend.  Huh?

Trayvon “knew he was wrong,” Horton said.

Yet, with that knowledge he ignored his “grounding” and left the house, which obviously was devoid of any adult supervision at the time.  Huh?

Under state privacy law, only serious felonies appear on juveniles’ public criminal records, and Martin did not have one. Citing the same law, Sanford police Sgt. David Morgenstern said he could neither confirm nor deny the family’s statement that Martin had never gotten in legal trouble.

So, in essence the author is saying he didn’t have any “serious felonies” in his record, the rest is unknown.

Martin dreamed of becoming a pilot. He had flown on school vacations to various places around the country with his mother, skiing in Colorado one year, going off to Texas another.

“There’s no little black kids that want to be pilots,” Horton joked with him when he was about 13.  “Well, I’ll be the first one,” the teen replied.

Horton, the conspicuously vague, potentially pee-wee, football coach from some unknown time ago.   Nice character reference.   Anything more recent? or is that too much to ask.

At Dr. Michael M. Krop High School, where Martin was a junior, he was on the quiet side, but he would sit in the middle of the classroom, participate in class and especially liked math.

Wow, there’s a real solid picture.   A junior in the school he was suspended from for two weeks, but he did like math n’ stuff.

Schoolmates remembered his humorous side.

“Brrrrian!” he would call out, rolling his r’s as is done in Spanish, whenever 16-year-old Brian Paz got a phone call from his Colombian mother, the friend recalled.

“I’d just burst out laughing,” Paz said.

Paz and other friends said Martin liked rap music and funny movies. He had written some lyrics, though he hadn’t had a chance yet to perform them. Martin was especially a fan of a student musical group at his school called Bison. He had two of the group’s pins on his backpack and helped spread the word about shows.

John Emmanuel, 17, said the group was about encouraging young men to be strong, independent leaders.   “That’s how we liked to think of ourselves,” Emmanuel said.

Great.   Opie had a friend like Beaver Cleaver who at 17 was into “encouraging young men to be leaders” and stuff.  Really?

Martin had gone up to Sanford to visit his father’s fiance, who lived there with her young son. Friends said Martin regarded the boy as his little brother and had been looking forward to watching the NBA All-Star game with him that weekend.

Was Dad along for the trip, or did he just drop him off with the girlfriend a couple hundred miles away?   Again, not passing the sniff test.   Anyone think to ask about adult supervision?   Where was Dad?

On that Sunday, Martin went out to get candy and an iced tea at a convenience store and was walking back to the fiancée’s townhouse. Zimmerman, 28, spotted him and told a police dispatcher: “This guy looks like he is up to no good – he is on drugs or something.”

After the shooting, Zimmerman claimed that Martin attacked him as he was returning to his truck.  But Martin’s friends said they find that hard to believe. They said they had never seen him fight at all.

“As far as attacking the guy without him attacking him, no way,” Horton said.  (Visit HuffPo Propaganda)

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166 Responses to Deconstructing HuffPo’s Insufferable Propaganda Reporting on Trayvon Martin

  1. AL says:

    Well done. I was trying to come up with something along the same lines, but my frustration and anger made it impossible.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to illuminate the mind bending garbage of the mainstream. I look forward to a day when these mainstream novelists masquerading as reporters are made to account for their crimes.

    • Totto says:

      Yes, line them up in front of a firing squad. Shooting ‘em is too good for ‘em.

      • Joseph G says:

        Totto – why line ‘em up in front of a firing squad if shooting’s too good for ‘em? Do you think a firing squad lights their cigarettes or hits ‘em with Napalm?

  2. Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

    ORLANDO – A witness we haven’t heard from before paints a much different picture than we’ve seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

    The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.

  3. I do wish that the so-called “media” would stop trying to convict this guy in the court of public opinion. We don’t know what happened. All the facts are not out yet.

  4. barnslayer says:

    Doesn’t every 17 year old have enough money to buy a bling gold grill for his mouth? He must have worked hard to afford that! If the truth comes out on this “child” it may make the liberals very unhappy but it won’t change a thing in their minds.

    • kamal p says:

      cheap snap on grills cost 25 dollars. my 7 yeaar old sister has that type of money…

      • barnslayer says:

        Okay without knowing whether he got the cheapies or the real deal that can cost more than a grand (at todays gold prices) it’s an unknown. But the look he’s going after is not one you adopt unless you want to look like (or already are) a gang-banger. The eyewitness (who is black) says after an initial verbal confrontation the 17 yr old jumped the guard from behind (as the guard walked back to his own car). That assault lead to him getting sh0t. That’s an eyewitness who is the same ethnicity as the kid.

    • NoSpin says:

      as it turns out, Trayvon got suspended for selling drugs at school. so yes he was a very hard working drug dealer.

  5. truth says:

    Exactly where was his Dad? One account on the huffpost written by someone who spoke to his mom said that th fathr did not contact police until the next day? If he was going to get skittles for his brother why did dad not report him missing that night? Also see contradicting stories one site said his dad dropped him off at a friends house and that’s where he was walking back from. No one is asking right questions its like a game of telephone in the media same story rewrded to fit a political ad racial agenda. Try googling trayvon martin images and they’re all from when he was 13 only saw the pics with gold teeth on sites such as this exposing media. Did trayvon deserve to die no not saying that or that zimmerman shouldn’t be tried but report facts and well be more likely to go along with protests etc. Complete with a hoodie and bag of skittles in my hand.

    • truth says:

      Just saw article in People where Dad said he was out eating dinner when he returned Trayvon was gone and he thought he was with his “responsible” 20 yr old nephew. I thought he was watching halftime game an went to go get skittles for his brother…parents had no idea what he was up to. Smh no one knows the details ..funny how naacp and african americans scream race and unjustified…I almost wish this wen to trail for mere fact to make all look dumb in their hoodies.

      • angel angel says:

        So once you watch the game; you have to stay put; he’s 17 and has the right to walk in and out freely ; Yes RACE I live in California and have lived in GA , SC and Fl.; my daughter and I were in a mall and she had a had a hoodie on in the mall and was asked to take it off; about 11 years old. I guess since she’s black and you wear a red hoodie; you are in a gang; NOT the case; racial profiling exists; but I guess you wouldn’t know; the FBI says serial killers are usually white but who excludes a white male from being CEO ? Your ignorance is not bliss. Oh by the way I don’t get food stamps, medicaid and I’m black; he’s 17 not 7 ; 17 year olds actually have jobs and are close to 18…you dig…Yes I think the father was lax in sleeping or “assuming” but guess what men do that often; a mother would have had instinct; the father may have been drunk, high whatever….. the kid was unarmed …HELLO.. He was not Officer Zimmerman; a criminal past and carrying a gun.

        • Menagerie says:

          So it is OK for you to make assumptions about fathers being poor parents when you are asking others not to make assumptions about black teenagers? The whole point of the posts on this site is not about assumptions, it is about facts – and how the media refuses to present all of them. If you look at all the facts and arrive at a different conclusion than I do based on those facts, all those facts, that is a different matter than if you are never given all of the facts through deliberate manipulation by the media.

  6. xygoth says:

    Has anyone asked what the route from the store to his home is? Is this neighborhood even on the way home?

  7. angel angel says:

    No we don’t know what happened for sure; but Zimmerman has a criminal record that was sealed for a one time offense then committed other crimes; and couldn’t be a cop because of his record.Fact: Treyvon may not have been an angel…but he was unarmed and George Zimmerman FOLLOWED him despite being told; let me play devil’s advocate even if Zimmerman had watched him sell drugs or jump in a window of someone else home; George is not a police officer. Zimmerman’s father is a retired magistrate judge; since you want to fill us in; please put all the dots on the map.

    • barnslayer says:

      Fact… Martin was suspended from school for 10 days. Why? Martin jumped Zimmerman from behind as Zimmerman walked back to his car and continued to attack Zimmerman once he got him on the ground. That’s from the eyewitness. Plus, Martin decided to adopt the look of a gansta. I’d have sh0t him too.

      • angel angel says:

        He may have been kicked from school from fighting; and…….. I read the article about the eyewitness; is it Zimmerman’s friend? This situation still was not handled right by Sanford PD and was kept hush-hush ; you’re apparently so conservative you don’t know fashion or close-minded ….Who is the eyewitness ? we will just have to wait … Keep shooting vigilante :-)))

        • stellap says:

          Angel, I’m sure the investigation isn’t finished yet. If they had a reason to arrest Zimmerman, I am sure they would, especially now that they are in the national spotlight. We just had a murder here, and everyone suspects that the husband hired someone to do it. The guy who did it was finally arrested after about three weeks – and he had actually confessed! They didn’t have enough evidence to hold him until three weeks later. The husband is still at large, and may not be arrested. Who knows? The local news people have been following every move of the people involved, and the police.

      • angel angel says:

        Did you know that “gold teeth” is a common fad of black people in Miami…regional fad

  8. angel angel says:

    So if you wear gold teeth; and throw the finger up this means you are suspicious. Yes Treyvon may have been suspended for fighting; happens to good kids; my well behaved daughter who was passive all her life; was taunted by a kid daily when I switched her from private to public school. She was tardy daily ; because she hayed having to confront the bully; had a gpa of 0.3 and ran away one day; had no idea where she was. THis year she switched schools has a 3.5; accepted to a prestigious school; yes went through a bad phase; even hit the kid that taunted her and stole her iPod; I told her it was wrong…my point a good kid can have bad times but this kid was unarmed ..UNARMED but if he gave George a whipping for following and accosting him like he did to a undercover law enforcement agent ; you follow and taunt someone ; adrenaline and self preservation takes over. George didn’t mind following and wouldn’t give 911 his address; why ? he knew he was up to no good himself and had no right to carry a gun.He’s overzealous and wants to play cop but his record will not let him; by the way the school will report a parent to children services if a kid is tardy; if you’re working ; its hard to handle teenagers but he didn’t deserve to die… and the kid’s father girlfriend lived in this neighbourhood is what I heard; but regardless; Zimmerman is not a policeman .

    • stellap says:

      That’s your version, based on what you think, and a few facts or what we think are facts. Let’s wait and see what the truth really is.

      • angel angel says:

        The truth is gray; did you listen to the tapes Stellap?? NO we don’t have the whole truth but Zimmerman has a record; why is he allowed to carry a gun in the first place?

        • stellap says:

          Yes, I listened to the tapes. Or what was published, anyway. Like I said, let’s wait until we know the truth – the whole truth.

        • GracieD says:

          As long as you’re not a convicted felon, you have a right to bear arms. That has been legally established. Can you provide a link to Mr. Zimmerman being convicted of a felony ?

      • Matt Moore says:

        Guess we know now. 911 tape shows that it was NOT Zimmerman calling for help before the shooting, proving Zimmerman lied again. You still want to defend him?

        • stellap says:

          Huh? What are you talking about?

          • barnslayer says:

            But,but…but Matt Moore just said so. It couldn’t be anything but the truth. Plus it makes perfect sens…. I can’t do it. I know it’s April Fool’s Day and all but I just can’t.

        • ytz4mee says:

          No, what we know is that the parents, with the financial backing of the entire race-baiting industry and the White House to find an “expert” who states that there is not as high a degree of correlation that it is George’s voice.

          The eyewitnesses state that they saw and heard George calling out for help, which is why they called 911. The police state that the parents told them it was not Trayvon’s voice on the tape.

          But now, the race-baiters need us to believe that it IS Trayvon’s voice on the tape, to advance the “innocent little black boy” meme they’ve been pushing. So they found themselves an “expert” who was already pre-conditioned to find for them, and then carefully manipulated the wording of the results they released.

          Their actions point more to further exculpatory evidence for Zimmerman.

    • solaratov says:

      You seem a bit confused. Zimmermann had EVERY right to carry a concealed weapon. He was duly licesnsed to carry a gun by the State of Florida.
      He didn’t give HIS address because he wasn’t asked for it. Why would the 911 operator want to know his address when what was going on was not at his home? And he couldn;t tell the operator exactly – at first – where he was located because he couldn’t see a street sign.
      And, as part of a “neighborhood watch’, he had every right to ask Trayvon what he was doing there.
      And, you’re just blowing smoke about Zimmermann’s record. If you have proof of that, post a link

      • angel angel says:

        Google Zimmerman; I will do my best to find you a link; I found it by googling Zimmerman; simple. But the infamous pic of Zimmerman in the mug shot is evidence just as the pics of treyvon with gold teeth. If you have two offenses sorry ; you should not have a gun; NRA and florida needs a major overhaul.Just like Casey Anthony ; that girl is free on technical manipulation of the law. It burns me up when wrong is done and everybody twist it; neighbourhood watch does not mean stalk and follow when 911 says NO!!! How do you explain that ??? Why did he ignore them?

        • stellap says:

          Check Yahoo – from what I found, allegations were made against him, but no news on any convictions.

          • angel angel says:

            Daddy’s a retired magistrate judge :-))) Why wasn’t he a cop; like he wanted; they seal a first time offense.

            • stellap says:

              If he was an adult at the time, the records wouldn’t be sealed, would they?

              • angel angel says:

                sealed if a minor or removed or I lack the proper jargon; records can be expunged after a certain time ; but he has a history and wants to be a cop; why do you think he wasn’t?

                • stellap says:

                  I don’t know, and neither do you. That’s my point. Charges were DROPPED; supposed alleged crime took place in 2005.

            • stellap says:

              According to Huff Post, he was arrested and charged, but charges were dropped.

        • stellap says:

          911 always says NO, just in case they would get sued. Normal practice.

        • barnslayer says:

          NRA does need a major overhaul. They make too many concessions to the gun-grabbing communists in our government. The Second Amendment has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. It applies to citizens. If you don’t want a gun, don’t get one. But don’t tell anyone else what their rights are. If you are ever in a bad situation you can go ahead and call 911. Me? I’ll take care of it without having to lock myself and family in the bathroom and waiting for the cops.
          Life Member NRA
          Certified NRA Instructor:
          Pistol, Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home

          • angel angel says:

            Oh by all means if someone is in your home you have a right; but neighbourhood watch was manipulated and misunderstood. I have saw suspicious people and I call the police; if you step in my domain; yes I have every right…but you can not stalk and harass someone and think you won’t get jumped; Zimmerman didn’t win; he’s in fear and should be for a loooooooooong time.

            • stellap says:

              Again, your opinion, based on what?

              • angel angel says:

                Based on the fact this man had a questionable record; he should not have a gun; because a black male has sold drugs or robbed in the past; we can not act on assumptions. He should not have followed; the guy was not in his home. What does a neighborwatch captain involve? Yes perhaps I am acting on emotion somewhat but I listened to the tape before I made conclusions. NO you’re right we have to wait for the whole story; but we can’t make jumpy actions when someone has not committed a crime yet; I can be in nordstroms or bloomingdales and look like a thief for hours; follow me yes…but you can’t put your hand on me and accuse me until I step out the store.The conservative that pushed “stand your ground” has even said this law was not put in place for these actions. A republican said that. period.

                • stellap says:

                  First of all, there is no proof that Zimmerman has a “questionable record”. Even HuffPo phrases it as, “The Orange County Clerk of Courts website shows a man named George Zimmerman, 28, was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.” A man named George Zimmerman; was it the same George Zimmerman? There is reason for doubt. And charges were dropped. If you were arrested, and charges were dropped, would it be fair for me to say that you have a “questionable record”?

            • barnslayer says:

              Wrong 100%. Once Zimmerman walked away it was over. Martin had no legal right to jump Zimmerman. Martin continuing the assault provided Zimmerman with the right to defend himself. As a civilian he is not required to restrain his response during an attack he did not initiate. Unless the eyewitness and forensics prove a different scenario Zimmerman was well within his legal rights to sh00t.

              • angel angel says:

                WE weren’t there!!!! But he should not have followed the kid in the first place…..when told not to; once you activate 911 it’s the police issue.

                • barnslayer says:

                  No we weren’t there. But Zimmerman was supposed to be there since he was on security watch. Following suspicious people is what they do. Just like in a department store. And just like in a department store or baseball stadium, they have a job to detain you for the authorities if you present a problem. 911 is a call for back up. It does not mean it’s no longer your problem. Zimmerman walked away from Martin and got attacked. The immediate circumstances that preceded the actual firing of the pistol remain to be determined. In example… precisely where was each person at that moment?

    • barnslayer says:

      Absolutely! If you dress like a criminal and it’s not Halloween it shows your mindset. Zimmerman walked away and was attacked. He defended himself with his legal pistol. That’s not playing cop… that’s self-defense. One less troublemaker. Don’t want to get sh0t? Don’t jump anyone. You never know who is carrying. As it should be.

      • angel angel says:

        What does a criminal dress like? What does a serial killer dress like? Most teenagers wear hoodies …made by Aeropostle, GAP , Gillyhicks etc? So the “white man” is profiting from a billion dollar apparel industry and selling “criminal wear” to black criminals? So if you are white; it’s okay to wear a hoodie? America has problems….oops this is the conservative tree….See my problem is right is right……he had no business following the kid,…the police was on the way just as Blacks in South Central had NO RIGHT to beat Reginald Denny; where’s your hood BARnslayer?

        • stellap says:

          Actually, it’s probably the Chinese who are profiting from a billion dollar apparel industry and, anyway, you have a nerve to assume that it is the “white man”.

          Your problem is that you insist you know all the facts, and have already judged Zimmerman as guilty. My hood is three blocks from Detroit. Where is yours?

          • angel angel says:

            the chinese produce; but the companies are american owned; chinese are communist that work for peanuts;who owns GAP, aeropostle, and i live in a los angeles suburb. i own 3 apple products i phone and 2 macs made in china owned by americans. mattel makes a doll for less than $10 buck in china but mattel based in LA sells an american girl for $100….i bought one …but if i knew now….This is why we don’t have jobs greedy people won’t accept less profit to keep jobs at home here. But I love my apples….

        • barnslayer says:

          Typical liberal. Resort to name calling once you’ve lost the debate. My hood is on my sweatshirt. I’m a cereal killer… mostly Frosted Flakes. If profiling didn’t work why is it done by all law enforcement agencies? You can wear a hood and look like a geek and it wouldn’t matter what color you are. It’s all in the attitude. I work in NYC and I see all kinds. Nobody is forcing anyone to wear a hoodie, have their pants hanging or buy a bling grill. If you choose to look like trouble, don’t be surprised when you get trouble. I’m not going to swear for any cops that I don’t know personally, but I can tell you that anyone who hangs out with the black panthers is a racist predator. They deserve whatever crap (or lead) that comes their way.

          • angel angel says:

            I don’t hang with Black Panthers and don’t think they should be involved and putting a bounty out; no just as wrong. But hoodies are fashion apparel; he was not wearing a ski mask. A sweatshirt ; what makes that apparel of a criminal…. all teenagers wear them; white, black . But we can’t assume all black males are criminals; but apparently you do; you may look like a white serial killer that snaps when fired but I will not follow you and harass youDo you have a teenager or talk to any? White males still become CEOs . There was a drug. ring of upper middle income kids selling weed at a prestigious private school; one expelled ;parents are billionaires; no they didn’t wear hoodies. Who created hoodies as criminal wear? it’s fashion…..are you 70 or something? It’s fashion and nobody should be stalked for what they wear; call the cops and don’t play cops and robbers; but you’re obviously in 1925….a hoodie is not criminal wear…ski mask maybe? You can still see a person’s face. Liberal no not typical…..The police should have done the proper thing as far as at least holding him instead of telling him not to talk about out; when have the local law enforcement started giving legal advice?

            • barnslayer says:

              What makes a hooded sweatshirt criminal apparel? The person wearing it. By what you’ve said, you don’t have a clue as to what or who I am. Not even close. You write a lot but your reading comprehension needs improvement.

            • stellap says:

              Everyone take about five steps back. Supposedly the reason why Zimmerman was watching him was because he was acting suspiciously and strangely, not because he was wearing a hoodie. This hoodie thing has gone too far on both sides. It isn’t important. Like the people at marches wearing hoodies and carrying Skittles and iced tea. It’s stupid and silly. Or Geraldo saying the kid shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie. Dumb. The important things are those we don’t know yet. Let’s wait until investigations are complete. Police never release all the facts while an investigation is in progress. Calling for Zimmerman’s head – putting out a bounty – is horrible. If he is innocent, and is killed by some yahoo, how will you feel?

              • angel angel says:

                Stellap you are right; the hoodie doesn’t matter and the Black Panthers are wrong and I’m scared of what this is looking like. You’re right but I pray for this country; we got BIGGER issues than the war. Sad:-(((

              • Menagerie says:

                I absolutely agree about the hoodie. See, I have had a sweatshirt type jacket with a hood for years, lots of years. At the age of 54, I find out that I am wearing gang wear? On the other hand, I cannot tell you how offended I am that thugs of all colors make me look at their underwear because they are allowed to go out improperly dressed. If people will not dress decently, this is a reflection of who they are, who they really are. I raised three sons, and they were never allowed to wear their pants around their knees. It is a reflection on the parents as well. You have a right to wear whatever clothes you want, as long as I do not have to look at parts of you that should be kept private, including your underwear, male or female.

            • GracieD says:

              White serial killer? Not all serial killers are white. The South Louisiana Serial Killer was Derek Todd Lee, a black man. He killed one of my girlfriends, and more than 5 others. That qualifies as a serial killer. He dumped Pam’s body off of the Whiskey Bay Bridge.

              • angel angel says:

                I know that but the profile according to the FBI says that they are usually white males.

                • GracieD says:

                  That tells me that even the FBI can be wrong. I know some retired Feebs, and to a person they agree tha the agency is only as good as its leadership…nuff said.

    • ytz4mee says:

      It’s interesting now that Joe Home Depot Biden is out on the hustings advancing the narrative that “the right to self-defense” and the 2nd amendment needs to be “revisited”.
      He actually stated his belief that no citizen should have the right to carry a gun for self-defense.

      It’s almost like, gee, this entire saga fits right into the agenda of the far left in the lead up to what will be a contested election.


  9. GracieD says:

    Well said, Barn!

  10. angel angel says:

    I am 0ver 40; own two hoodies a GAP and Ralph Lauren ; love them stylish and keep me warm; Please Don’t shoot me !!!!

    • barnslayer says:

      Behave yourself and you’ve got nothing to worry about. I travel the NYC subways on a daily basis (“A” train aka Harlem Express). It’s the person wearing the clothes that matters.

      • angel angel says:

        Ok so I’ m on the phone New Years Eve in a parking space about to hang up; cop in Santa Monica Ca walks up; get off the fucking phone I said “I’m hanging up ; but there was no need for him to yell at me and be so hostile and I tried to speak and he said ; are you talking back to me? I was with a girlfriend both have spotless records; he was hoping to catch DUI drivers, I could barely get out sir I am setting my GPS; he assumed me sitting in my acura; no hoodie; well spoken that I had attitude…I remembered Rodney King face.. cringed and cried inside said”yes sir” like a southern gal instead of being in santa monica, CA. I wondered if “I had provoked him”
        would I be able to talk about this if he had met me on a dark freeway alone.I couldn’t say nothing; my friend laughed and said why did you say yes sir; I told her as we drove away 1. I remember Rodney King 2. You are a non confrontational black gal without a phone to take a picture.
        See it’s rough when you have to always watch what you wear, say walk and hang out because no matter how well I speak, write, work and make…I’m trouble about to happen. I hope I’m reincarnated an affluent white male and I will come back and let you know if it’s different.

        • stellap says:

          You will probably find this hard to believe, but I was questioned by a Chicago policeman because I was just standing on North Ave waiting for my friends to come out of a store. I was younger then, and the cops were worried about people who caused the problems during the Democratic convention. I’m a white female. Police are who they are, and they do profile, and they need to profile because profiles are based on things that actually happen. We don’t like it when we are targets, but I have always said “Yes Sir” to police officers (still do). It’s the prudent thing to do.

        • barnslayer says:

          I work in NYC. Lots of cops are minorities. It doesn’t matter. The kids that dress land act like criminals disrespect all of them (regardless of color) right to their faces… I’ve witnessed this. Like I said it’s all about attitude. Any normal person (cop or not) can see a good person if that’s what they’re looking at. You can’t expect all cops to act reasonably. No profession is 100% perfect. Some people are asses no matter what they do for a living. Even politicians!!!

          • angel angel says:

            A good negro keeps his mouth shut and I listened to the eyewitness tape; but did he watch the whole incident and this same clip says the officer referred to it as an “unnecessary killing”; if somebody is not in your house leave it to the cops and go to the Police Academy; and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Do you look like a serial killer?

            • barnslayer says:

              You are wrong regarding self defense. It doesn’t end at your front door. You brought up the serial killer line. First off it’s not pertinent to the Zimmerman/Martin case. Second, there is no serial killer “look”. From what I’ve read, they blend in with society. They are the opposite of a gang banger trying to look like they had been in prison and acting all baddass. What’s the purpose of this? Regarding the eyewitness, it’s just him and police forensics. If you don’t want to believe those you’re gonna have to fabricate your own story.

              • angel angel says:

                NO you defended profiling; FBI has a profile for serial killers; white male exactly but sociopaths are said to be detached and withdrawn. But should So this kid was a gang banger; guess what I see white kids listen to rap and look badass and talk about Lil Wayne but they aren’t labeled; if you have $$$$….history of crime can be erased…He wasn’t perfect but neither was Zimmerman….coverup and mishandled case. Why doesn’t self defense end at the front door; so if you’re a crazy looking white man that just lost his job and you walk up to me and ask for $$$ ; do I shoot? Do you think?

                • barnslayer says:

                  Profiling is used not only as a preventative measure but to assist in finding the criminal at large. The serial killer (ie. Son of Sam) left calling cards as such in the way he killed, where he killed and who he killed. These details helped the police find him. Preventatively, it can be a person’s behavior as well as his appearance. It’s like a disease. If you aren’t trying to prevent a new bacteria (because you never heard of it) you aren’t going to be prepared. If an otherwise “normal average looking” person snaps it’s the same thing. Unless they start acting “abnormal” you won’t be warned. As far as white kids acting gangster…. it all depends on how convincing they are. Some are trouble, others are just clowns. Watch the movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted” a comedy about that very same thing. As to black kids, I see those with some of “the look” and they are no more gangster than Steve Urkel. Others don’t have to try at all. You can see it in their eyes. They are trouble and it doesn’t matter how they are dressed.

                  Self defense is something you may need in a parking lot, school, subway… wherever there are other people. Do you just hand over your life to a stranger because you aren’t at home? Do you trust him to let you live? To not cripple you? Should women submit to rape? NO!!!

                • ytz4mee says:

                  “Self defense needs to end at the front door”
                  You are insane. And you want people to AGREE to be VICTIMS of black pathology.
                  Have you not seen the innumerable tapes posted of GANGS of blacks beating up on one victim? Six on one, seven on one….and the viciousness of those attacks?
                  Have you ever watched “World Star Hip Hop” WSHH – where they post their violence and mug about it?

                  Talk to me about cleaning up THAT mess first before you make ridiculous statements like the ones above.

  11. angel angel says:

    I think this whole thing has reared a cancer that has plagued America…RACISM. I read a you tube comment that called Obama “King of the Blacks” ignorance. George Bush was my president ; not” King of the Whites” and some people make inflammatory remarks for attention and ratings. Geraldo needs to shut up; only hear of him in controversy.

    • stellap says:

      Angel, there is always racism – on both sides. I mentioned that I live very close to Detroit. For an example, people come from Detroit in caravans of cars on Halloween night to have their children trick or treat in my neighborhood. I get probably 200 to 250 trick or treaters every year. Why is that? I assume the parents are afraid to let their kids roam their own neighborhoods. We aren’t rich in my area, so it can’t be because they think we’ll have better treats. Why do you think that is?

      • angel angel says:

        Blacks have a lot of issues in their own community; but judging from this kid’s pics; mom had taken him skiing and tried to make him well rounded. People do change .I wish black people would put this energy in the communities daily ; we could go far; not all whites are bad but your neighbourhood is probably perceived as safer and some areas do give better treats. We go to the mansions but I live 2 streets over; costly but I sacrifice so my daughter can walk out by herself at 14 to the store. But it’s tiring when you are someone that knows what it feels like to be followed. I went throughout that growing up in SC in this dept. store; may I help you ..,may I help you…. now had I cursed her out I would have been suspicious ..some are up to no good..but sometimes you want to be innocent til proven guilty. But you seem open minded Stellap so thanks for being a voice of reason.

    • stellap says:

      It isn’t right for people to call President “King of the Blacks” but, to be fair, he is the one who has raised the race question on several occasions, and Eric Holder started out his term telling whites that they are all racists. As for President Bush, they called him Hitler and some other nasty names!

      • angel angel says:

        I think we all can debate for years; if you aren’t in a class or group ; you don’t know what its like. I had a co worker that grew up in Chicago and had to dodge bullets;most of us are not born rich but until you are in someone’s shoes ; you just don’t know; but when your whole life is that way….you do what you can to change but they always see you as trouble before looking at the big picture.

        • stellap says:

          Each of us is what we are and what we were born to. All we can do is the best that we can with what we have! I am never nasty to anyone, but I’m human and can’t say that I am always fair. Try not to concentrate on where you came from, or automatically assume that people are judging you because of your color. Even if it’s true, there isn’t anything you can do about it, and dwelling on it is depressing. I was definitely not born rich, but my parents did the best that they could, and moved to the best neighborhood they could afford so I would attend safe, quality schools. Just like you are doing for your daughter. I’m sure I am judged for things that I am – a woman, older now, white. You probably would think I’m just an old lady! My mother – who lived into her nineties – always said that she didn’t feel old, and would be surprised by her reflection in the mirror! Why, who is that old lady?!

  12. angel angel says:

    just tell me…why did he call a non-emergency number ? I don’t follow people…i call 911….

    • George Zimmerman was captain of his local Neighborhood Watch. The Neighbor Watch program is a national program coordinated by various local police depts all over the country with citizen volunteers. The police provide handouts, flyers, organizational materials, and teach how to schedule and facitate your groups watch.

      One of the teachings is to use the local non-emergency number to contact the police dispatch office. It is customary and appropriate. 911 should only be called in cases of life-or death emergency. For all other reports of incidents, concerns, or requests for law enforcement the non-emergency, but still direct line, should be used.

      It is customary protocol.

  13. @Angel Angel – Are you trolling or genuinely looking for discussion? Your machine gun circular firing squad approach toward dialogues is, well, trollesque behavior. Do you have a point to make? If so, can you please encapsulate it and share.

    • angel angel says:

      My points are people have no sense of humanity here; isolate the race issue. The “suspect” by a overzealous vigilante that has called the police 46 times. 1. He’s of hispanic heritage; he fits a profile too. 2. The police did not follow through. 3. i have grown up 40 plus years and watched injustice,stereotypes and conservative, insensitive people put a different spin; zimmerman wanted to be a cop but his record was not clean enough.He was followed despite being told not ; so use a little empathy; if this were your child wouldn’t you expect a few answers and at least an arrest.The man should not be allowed to carry a gun period.

      • You REALLY need to spend some time and get your facts straight. You are relying on manipulated media narratives and disinformation to frame your positions. :(

        “The “suspect” by a overzealous vigilante that has called the police 46 times”…

        Gee project much? Firstly, he’s not a ‘suspect’. He’s not hiding from the facts of what happened, he is fully cooperating, he was checked out, his story was checked out, the witnesses were checked out, ballistics were checked out, toxicology reports were taken, etc. etc. etc. and HE WAS CLEARED.

        Gee project much? “Overzealous vigilante” – Who says? Police don’t.

        Gee project much? “has called the police 46 times” – Yeah, and what’s your point? He’s been the neighborhood watch captain for over three years and the calls have taken place over the same time period. The media falsely reported these calls were all within a year, that was a FABRICATION by one reporter, to sell their narrative, the media were more than happy to jump on.

        AND SO WHAT? Again, he ain’t calling 911, he’s calling the non-emergency number just like the police asked him too during their training of him for the neighborhood watch program. According to police spokesperson the neighborhood this took place in has seen a lot of crime. There were eight burglaries, nine thefts, and a shooting just in the past year? This ain’t Kansas Toto !

  14. angel angel says:

    sundancecracker I’m aware of a neighbourhood watch program; do they walk around carrying a concealed weapon and where do you stop and let the police do their job.

    • @Angel, Angel, Are you in America?

      Yes, many of the Neighbor Watch volunteers are armed, and it depends on where you live to what the state laws allow. Many of the most effective Neighborhood watch programs are in “open carry” juristictions where you are permitted to openly display your handgun in a holster, if not then people generally posess concealed carry permits. But, you do not have to be armed to be a Neighborhood watch participant, I’m merely saying that many are, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • I’ll also add a fact that the least dense areas of Neighborhood watches are in seriously crime ridden areas. A great recent example is Chicago, where the Police are desperate to have neighborhoods organize “Watches”, yet the citizens within those neighborhoods tell the police “NO WAY, it’s too dangerous”.

      Lawful ownership of handguns is banned in Chicago.

      Coincidental? I think not.

      • angel angel says:

        sundancecracker why did he follow someone when told not to; Excuse me but I did not get my point expressed due to a typo; Treyvon was the “suspect” that he followed; now if he went back to attack George that’s a different story. He has a record and could not be a “real cop”; so he manipulated the law and played “toy cop”.Why was he pacing and in shock after the shooting if he was so hurt. Why follow someone? He’s a citizen not a law enforcement office and a line has to be drawn. He had a criminal record; how do you know so much about the ballistics and toxicology reports ? Are you with the Sanford police ?

        • stellap says:

          I’ll pop in here for a moment. There is no proof that Zimmerman has a criminal record. I have told you that over and over, and you continue to ignore that fact. If you say it again, please provide proof. Otherwise, we will begin to ignore you. SD can answer the other questions for himself, if he cares to do so.

        • how do you know so much about the ballistics and toxicology reports ? Are you with the Sanford police ? NO, I read the police report. You should try it. Instead of formulating an opinion from what the media tells you about it. I’m not trying to be snarky, but your views are totally media driven, and the majority are seriously flawed.

          The death weapon was a Kel-Tec PF9 semiautomatic 9mm pistol. The report indicates that the gun was recovered with a full magazine and that only the chambered round had been fired.

          This is a condition we associate with something preventing the gun from cycling a fresh round from the magazine into the chamber after the shot was discharged. One thing that can cause this condition is another man’s hand wrapped around the pistol, retarding its slide mechanism. This would indicate, as could certain gunshot residue patterns or cuts in certain places if found on Trayvon Martin’s hand(s), that a struggle for a gun was taking place when the fatal shot was fired.

          This would clearly change the shape of the media reports of the case. and would be included in the now “sealed” initial police report. Also, easily confirmed with autopsy results which must certainly be available to investigators of the initial reporting.

          But, why is the media not requesting the autopsy results? And what of the toxicology reports of both Zimmerman and Trayvon? The media are not requesting those either. And Why won’t the media print the copy of the witness statement? It is standard practice to take samples of blood alcohol levels in any shooting. Yet the media won’t report those results either? Why doesn’t the media ask why Trayvon was home alone? Why doesn’t he media ask where was dad the truckdriver? Why isn’t the media inquiring about Mr. Martin and girlfriend not looking for Trayvon until notified by the coroners office?

          • angel angel says:

            Oh I heard of the report about the gun; I read that; but he still followed the boy when told not to; They may have struggled but he provoked the kid by stalking him; when told not to; are you not getting that? The kid may have struggled but Zimmerman accosted an agent when he had a friend that was going to be arrested in a bar. Maybe the kid said something smart;but Zimmerman has a checkered past himself and has no business in that position; carrying a gun playing police.

            • stellap says:

              George Zimmerman had charges dropped. No conviction. Arrest and charge only. This is at least the 6th time I have told you. I’ve lost count. I think you are the one who isn’t “getting it”.

            • When you call police dispatch and reporting (911 or non-emergency) they are trained to tell you the same thing. “do not engage”? This is because of liability and fear of being sued.

              Don’t you remember the people historically who have been on the phone with police while being robbed etc. etc. Police say the same thing every time. “we cannot authorize you to engage”, “stay away” etc etc. It is all about fear of lawsuits and standard operating proceedure.

              Don’t make so much out of that, it’s irrelevent. It bears no more consequence to the conversation or issue than the person in McDonalds trained to ask “do you want fries with that”…. Same/ Same. Ask any cop or 911 operator.

              Also, you do not KNOW he provoked the kid. Again that is supposition from your opinion of what the media opinion is telling you. Try sticking to facts without supposition, or at least admit that you are formulating a guess when you write.

  15. I am Trayvon Martin says:

    This article is trash. It would be nice if we could hear Trayvon’s side of the story. But the last time I checked, the dead couldn’t speak. This is a crime shame. A fronts (silver plated tooth decals) do not cost thousands of dollars. Maybe $100 or $200, and to say this lil guy was a thug. You might as well say I’m a thug because I like rap music, I prefer my clothes to fit loose, I’m 6’2 and I actually carry a 9mm legally. But I also have a B.S. in Applied Economics and holds the title of an Analyst. But hopefully our justice system will do whats right and take this case to trail.

    • LOL… :) Where do you live? Nah, he ain’t a thug because he dressed up with baggy pants, and dressing up his grill with gold. He’s a kid from North Miami, he might be a thug but we don’t know, from a broken home without a lot of adult supervision and no-one really taking a serious approach to teaching him moral, stable, and mature behavior. Enivitably this led to him being kicked out of school for 2 weeks (10 days) “external suspension”. His dad then drove him out of town to stay in Orlando at his girlfriends house while he returned back to work in N. Miami.

      Just curious. Two questions: #1 What would cause a 17 year old junior in High School to get kicked out for two weeks? #2. Why was the first thing the parents lawyer did was to seal the kids school records from investigative review? What would be the purpose or motivation?

      • angel angel says:

        1. fighting but lots of kids get in fights but hellooooooo the KID was UNARMED; and the purpose was because he’s dead he can’t defend himself and people will justify this atrocity by using his records. A broken home; please he was 17; what about the kids in Columbine that were from nice middle class families? What about George’s criminal record?

        Angel, you are welcome here, But, if you keep espousing lies, or repeating statements that are proveably false, then your comments will be moderated. We value intellectual honesty. I don’t know if you are carrying some kind of agenda, but the false statements by you must stop and you must stick to truthful factual statements and opinion. Even if those facts do not fit your narrative. Understood? Thanks, /SD

        • stellap says:

          George Zimmerman didn’t have a criminal record; prove it please, if you can. Otherwise, stop saying it over and over again. I’m beginning to believe you have a bad memory, or a learning disability.

          Columbine has nothing whatever to do with this, and for the record, those kids died and their parents were probably crappy, since they were unaware their kids had firearms in their own homes. Nice middle class people are not always good parents.

          • angel angel says:

            stellar the photo is of him in a mug shot in 2005 and prior to that he had a first time offense that was sealed. He may not have been officially charge but his record was not clean. Google for yourself; I wasn’t looking for it but it was easy to find.. He is 17 not 7 ;so a person can be left alone at 17.

            • stellap says:

              He was arrrested and charged, but the charges were dropped. He, therefore, has no more of a criminal RECORD than I do.

            • stellap says:

              P.S.: I have told you this at least four times. Yet you ignore it. Why?

              • angel angel says:

                Because it wasn’t good enough for the police to ignore and hire him; he still has a history and questionable character; he wouldn’t be allowed to work in my profession because of the arrest. Everyone forgets that; but they want the little black boy records even though he was unarmed.

                • stellap says:

                  If you have been arrested and not charged, you have no record. People are arrested all the time unjustly. They are guilty of nothing.

                • stellap says:

                  If he had a record, there is no way the state of Florida would have issued a concealed carry permit. You know that, don’t you?

                  • angel angel says:

                    He may not have had convictions; which allowed him to carry a firearm but there’s a different standard to be a police officer.

                  • GracieD says:

                    He’s not interesred in knowing. Hie mind is made up stella, don’t confuse him with the facts. being a convicted felon stops you from CCP or even from posessing a gun at all.

                  • stellap says:

                    Gracie, I’m ignoring angel from now on. She talks in circles, and it is boring. Maybe she’ll go away.

                • angel angel says:

                  Thanks but sine I have a differing opinion; i am told my comments are to moderated; i will take my liberal black self elsewhere and wait for the trial or riots :-)

                  • stellap says:

                    If you used the word “shoot” you will be moderated. I don’t know if you did or not.

                  • angel angel says:

                    I will just say I have lived in the Orlando area and have friends that work in Law Enforcement. You have to have a “squeaky clean ” record; arrests included. I think he had good intentions at heart but two heads butted and things spiralled out of control. Someone lost a son; and I don’t know but seems he was his mother’s only child possibly; anyway things should have been handled differently from a human point not race.

                  • stellap says:

                    I can tell you that nobody here put you in moderation intentionally. You have been allowed to say what you think for hours now. Why would we do that? I checked to be sure – you probably got caught by the spam filter for something in your post. Anyway, someone let you out.

                  • WordPress has an automatic moderation filter that will kick in if you use certain words such as sh00t. Not sure which word(s) you might have used to get caught by the filter.

                • stellap says:

                  Where did you get the information that the police wouldn’t hire him, and the reason, if it is true, why they wouldn’t? Was it from the Huffington Post?

  16. angel angel says:

    Stellap a record can be sealed but law enforcement has privy to sealed and expunged records; so no no no sorry my record and his are not equal; first time offenses are sealed until you have another issue; but “clean ” for law enforcement is different. So neither of them were altar boys; but he’s 28.

  17. angel angel says:

    According to a Miami Herald article the charges in 2005 where he was in a struggle with an officer was dropped because he did a “pre trial diversion ” program for first time offenders; he had a domestic dispute with his ex fiancee; the dude has no business carrying a gun playing police; hispanic, white or black.

    • You admitted you, yourself, carry a gun. What is it for, Idiot, if it’s not for self-defense or to defend others? Do you “have no business” carrying? You have the same right to carry as Zim does. As for the “playing police” part, that’s a judgment call I’m not willing to make yet, and it depends on the facts. You seem pretty damn sure. Maybe because you think people don’t have a right to even try to defend their neighborhoods from crime. You want to depend on the police. I get it. Just don’t expect us to agree with you. We don’t. I’m a neighborhood watch guy myself, and I think you’re wrong.

      • Wait, I was thinking of the comment by “I am Trayvon Martin” about carrying a 9mm. Scratch that part about you carrying. As far as I can tell, you just say it’s a right. My bad.

      • angel angel says:

        Thanks for notingwho you are talking about; not me I don’t even own a gun. I think we all have a right to bear arms according to the amendment but everyone does not have the judgement and handle on their emotions to use discriminately. I am too emotional ; won’t ever have one in my home. I know me …..some people are too trigger happy and overzealous; ZIMMERMAN. You have to think …think..think…i have heard reports that zimmerman cried for days afterward but thought it would blow over; if i go to macy’s and blooming dale’s they can think i’m stealing all day but unless i step off the premises …You can’t touch me; you can watch me but approach me …no way…why are you all so quick to not look at everything? i admit blacks were wrong to attack reginald denny…wrong …panthers ..wrong….. you all clap so what if he has gold teeth ; george has been arrested and got first offender pre trial mercy..everyone ignores this; dude has a temper too; and has no business carrying a gun;i have no business with one because I know me; I am emotional and afraid my emotion would over rule logic.

        • stellap says:

          Do you have anything new to add to this conversation, or will you continue to say the same things over and over and over and over and over again? Angel, you have become a bore.

        • Angel, I think you misinterpret some of the commentary here as to excuse Zimmerman of fault. Not the case. When we are drawing the real picture of Trayvon (gold teeth, tatoos, kicked out of school, drug use, thuggery etc.) it is merely to point out the media is constructing a false premise.

          The search for the truth is to dislodge the institutional left-wing legacy media. To deconstruct their false narrative. And when I say the media, I mean ALL of the media. No-one is beyond reproach.

          I could care less if Trayvon had gold teeth, or platinum eyebrows….. that’s not the point. The issue is the media painting Trayvon Mitchell as an angelic little child. He’s not.

          If you hang around here for a bit you’ll notice that our #1 enemy is the institutional legacy media. Period. Much of what is wrong within our fractured republic can be traced back to the media agenda. It is within that agenda that divisive narratives are drawn. Audio visual demonstration today to that effect is Martin VS Zimmerman. Tomorrow? Who knows…?

          The media is painting a completly false narrative. Totally and intentionally fake. That is dangerous. If Zimmerman is an over zealous vigilante idiot for going overboard and killing someone. Then what is the media, who will end up killing dozens more via incited hatred all based on a false premise.

          Think about it.

  18. pjsr1 says:

    Those ‘gold teeth’ and middle finger pics are NOT pictures of the deceased. They are from the Facebook page of a Trayvon Martin from another state.
    Whatever happened that night – we don’t know yet – this barely 17 yr old was a kid with good grades, volunteered, wanted to be a pilot, older bro is a jr in college,

    It’s just wrong, IMO, to say such horrible things about a dead kid. However people are wrongly using this situation for political gain, this type of character assassination is uncalled for.
    Please issue a retraction / correction regarding these pictures.

    • Nope. Sorry you are misinformed. These ARE pictures of Travyon Martin who was killed in Orlando on February 26th at the age of 17.

      You are correct that false pictures of young Mr. Martin are indeed circulating the internet, including pictures of another Travyon Martin holding up gansta signs etc. However, the false pictures are not these. The pictures above are the correct Travyon Martin.

      Out of curiosity how do you know he had good grades? The first thing his Mom and Dad’s NAACP lawyer did was to “seal” his school records. The entire framing of your comment is from false media narrative selling.

      • pjsr1 says:

        Source please, regarding the pics?
        My apologies if I am wrong. I want to be correct.
        It seems so many people are trying both parties based on shreds of evidence – but a large part of the ‘guilt’ pointed toward TM is based on the pics, people calling him a “gang-banger”

      • angel angel says:

        and your point is……….what about George Zimmerman arrest record; he did pretrial diversion after an altercation with police; but was arrested again in 2005; so he couldn’t be a cop…so i am guessing he likes to play one on tv…one thing does anyone feel any sense of compassion for the mother at all here? if the kid attacked george first i will come back and acknowledge that ; but you all want to bash a dead person; he’s DEAD; isn’t that enough….if this was a white kid who was in my neighbourhood and was even armed; i would feel for his mother..there’s a loss ; they wanted answers ; police did a botched job; conviction maybe so and maybe not ; but family will win a civil suit …botched up police work; and maybe more blacks in sanford will vote and choose better leadership.

    • You’re right about optical manipulation. As an example:


      The unaltered original picture of Trayvon (on the left) is the original. However, the one on the right is the one you probably see more. Did you ever ask yourself why the media felt the need to doctor the photograph? Why did the media thin his face, lighten his complexion (more obamaesque), and provide a more “innocent”, more “child like” appearance.?

      No apologies needed, there are many people making the same mistake, and falling into the same legacy media trap, because the desperation to protect their narrative is strong. Unfortunately for the institutional legacy media their narrative is crumbling.

      Doubly unfortunate is Obama “stupidly” once again weighing into the mix, jumping the shark, and now the media must go “all in” to protect his position. If all one needs to do , is to present the truth , its quite easy . When one has to resort to deceit , right out of the box , it easy to tell truth is NOT on their side.

  19. I’m reading a site (which I will not name here because it’s not the sort of site I would normally read, but was curious as to their perspective) and there’s some pretty interesting points. For example, why was the boy not reported missing if his girlfriend was on the phone with him at the time of the altercation? Wouldn’t she have tried to make contact with the parents?

    • Just read upthread a bit and saw SD made this point. It’s a good one.

    • angel angel says:

      She’s a girlfriend not a wife; does she have his father’s cell; what difference does that make? why did he follow him ? Why ..Why?

      • stellap says:

        Quit beating the dead horse.

        • barnslayer says:

          Stella, is this live or a loop?

        • angel angel says:

          i’m done; this is conservative treehouse; most people here see one side; as you said i will wait …have no choice but the views here are “beating a dead black kid” like he was a horse; willie lynch wrote a letter in 1712 to slaveowners with instructions to keep slaves in control for 300 years;It’s 2012 now; time i up; I am going to put my energy in my culture and community so blacks will vote more in midterm elections and not just get angry over extreme issues ; and all whites forget Obama is half white; raised by a white woman; frankly my dream won’t be realised until a president is 100% black; but all white people don’t claim him. AMERICA has problems.

      • How do you know he followed him.?

        • angel angel says:

          duh… did you listen to the tape..that’s what i did first …they asked sir are you following him; he replied yes; sir we don’t need you to do that…he ignored them; he attacked an undercover agent in 2005 ..he’s hyped …doesn’t listen to authority…maybe he meant well but he goes too far ;

      • Oh, well, that’s easy. Because he’s a racist.

  20. Methinks Angel is honestly asleep to the media manipulations of events. Angel suffers from the same disease as quite a few people….. Gets information from the media, without recognizing the media is framing the information in a specific way.

    Most of the frustration I note within dialogue is from Angel espousing knowlege of “facts” that are only provided by the “media” being referenced.

    At least that’s what I hope is occuring. The alternative is that Angel is a boring troll who is intentionally spouting false information as fact. :( Gonna, give the benefit of the doubt for a while longer……. we’ll see.

    • angel angel says:

      I don’t watch Tv; i have saw media regarding internet articles; i don’t care about pics; looking at the police work, zimmerman history. I know you guys think I’m wacky but I was pissed when OJ was acquitted; because I didn;t care if Nicole kidman did drugs or whatever; people throw race in the pot and attack the victim. Now yes that was left field; but making a point; people attack dead victims; none of us really know ; my kid is an angel …not and i do my best to police her Facebook because when something happens people veer off and use things. Im basing my view on 911 tapes; yes I believe that kid may have jumped him; but who did what first; maybe the kid was a smart mouth but fact is…kid was UNARMED.. period and DEAD. yes the media does manipulate but i don’t watch tv ; haven’t saw any of this on TV.

      • I don’t think your whacky. I think you misunderstand what’s being said here. Angel, I think you misinterpret some of the commentary here as to excuse Zimmerman of fault. Not the case. When we are drawing the real picture of Trayvon (gold teeth, tatoos, kicked out of school, drug use, thuggery etc.) it is merely to point out the media is constructing a false premise.

        The search for the truth is to dislodge the institutional left-wing legacy media. To deconstruct their false narrative. And when I say the media, I mean ALL of the media. TV, Newspapers, Radio, the lot. No-one is beyond reproach.

        I could care less if Trayvon had gold teeth, or platinum eyebrows….. that’s not the point. The issue is the media painting Trayvon Mitchell as an angelic little child. He’s not.

        If you hang around here for a bit you’ll notice that our #1 enemy is the institutional legacy media. Period. Much of what is wrong within our fractured republic can be traced back to the media agenda. It is within that agenda that divisive narratives are drawn. Audio visual demonstration today to that effect is Martin VS Zimmerman. Tomorrow? Who knows…?

        The media is painting a completly false narrative. Totally and intentionally fake. That is dangerous. If Zimmerman is an over zealous vigilante idiot for going overboard and killing someone. Then what is the media, who will end up killing dozens more via incited hatred all based on a false premise.

        Think about it.

        • zmalfoy says:

          . . . what SD said, dittos.

          It may very well be that Zimmerman is a total schmuck that deserves being thrown in the slammer for however many years to life. I don’t think there’s any regulars here who aren’t open to that possibility. The angsting is coming from the (to us) clear and blatant propagandizing of the matter, just like we saw with the Duke Lacrosse team, and Rodney King before that.

          The MSM and certain political people are deliberately whipping up the masses on this, and they will not be satisfied until more people are dead. Heck, Reginald Denny wasn’t enough blood for those people, so I don’t think there’s enough blood in the world to satisfy these people.

          That is what has the lot of us frustrated.

        • angel angel says:

          I apologise but before you interjected; Barnslayer was hung up on the hoodie and that irked me; because that’s not what it’s about and as I told him my daughter’s “preppy christain conservative white led” prospective high school passed them out to kids as a welcome gift to wear with pride. Yes the media does manipulate CNN vs. Fox but I don’t really watch TV; so I can’t speak except FOX is conservative and CNN is liberal. Surprise !!! I’m actually moderate and some issues are human first. But I hear you; I have heard so many remarks that veer off; and I was a part of it; but at what point do you sigh…when you have to watch what you wear, say, go, walk ..

          • No worries. I understand and there really isn’t any judgement around this place so don’t apologize. We’re kinda like the neighbors you hear yelling at eachother in a fight on the front porch. We know not to judge them because tomorrow night they might be listening to us fight over something stupid too.

            It’s just life. Sometimes we’re the pigeon, and sometimes we’re the statue. In general terms, I’m usually the barnslayer type hoping around mumbling because I done stuck my foot in my mouth. These are good peeps…. Glad your daughter is doing well, you must be proud. I bet she’s super smart.

            Regarding the hoodie thing, I doubt if your daughters school had the opportunity to place an order today they would select the same item of apparel though. ((See below))


            And in the meantime, remember “THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY, not eachother” ;)

      • Huddle says:

        Angel, you keep saying that the “kid” was unarmed. A baseball weighs in at 5.25 oz yet has been known to kill someone who was hit by the ball, even outside of the pros. A 12 oz can of tea weighs double the weight of a baseball. A can of tea can be used to kill. After all, didn’t David smite Goliath with a stone? As far as running versus attacking – how does a a short chubby 200 lb guy outrun and catch up to a 6-2 140 lb football player? When was it illegal to keep eyes on someone who was in his neighborhood? I live in a mixed neighborhood and I keep eyes on all my neighbors houses; they do the same on mine.

  21. barnslayer says:

    • angel angel says:

      BarnSlayer I remember that and it was wrong; totally ; thought about Reginald Denny months ago; but remember a man did step in a help him. I apologize if I misunderstood that this is about media photoshop and manipulation but people were talking about line them up and s— em and YOU stuck on the hoodie is pure ignorance. My daughter 14 and BLACK was accepted to a prestigious 18K year prep school; mostly white but well mixed guess what BARNSLAYER; they passed out as a gift a hooded sweatshirt with the school’s name ; all the kids wore them with pride; white , black, asian …..I told the headmaster about you; he said Angel dear that has nothing to do with being conservative..nothing. I hope you don’t pass out one day and a “hoodie” wearing kid has to help you.

      • Tattoo wearing, gangsta wannabe, drug dealer with a twitter name @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA

        Sure fire long way from “angelic Trayvon”…. :(

        ABC News also reporting the “real” reason for the school suspension was drug dealing. Hoodie wearing Trayvon Martin caught in school with Marijuana bag.–abc-news.html

        In addition the police are now releasing witness statements that corroborate George Zimmermans account of being attacked en route back to his vehicle. Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered, authorities have revealed to the Orlando Sentinel…

        Quite frankly I’m a little surprised the TRUTH is coming out today so quickly. I thought it would take a few more days of new media pressure before the shere weight of the truth collapsed the walls of the legacy media narrative.

        Alas, they’ll probably spend time today and tomorrow attempting to reconstruct Trayvon into a martyr, or school valedictorian or something. The institutional media will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight of reality. Even then they’ll never admit it.

      • ytz4mee says:

        The fact that your daughter is black and was accepted into a “prestigious 18K year prep school” means nothing to me. It sounds like you are trying to justify your racist viewpoint, since you clearly have a bigoted classist viewpoint.

        “Prestigious” prep school alumni Chanequa Campbell was an admitted drug dealer while at Harvard, and ended up being involved in the murder of a drug dealer on campus.
        But I guess she’s a little darling too, and it was all a big misunderstanding. Since she went to a prestigious prep school and all.

        She is just one of many minorities who have been GIVEN without merit advantages denied to other economically disadvantaged white or asian student, and have still gone down the same path of criminal behavior and ATTITUDE that black students who aren’t “handselected” to be trophies for the liberal cause of “social justice”.

        Spare me your fauxrage. You’re a racist and a classist.

        • angel angel says:

          Nope….wrong… affirmative action or financial aid ….she has a 3.5 and i work to pay for it; we all don’t live in the projects; no ebt…medicaid…no welfare….just saying lots of teen wear hoodies; and my friend works at a school with a ring of white drug deals that were expelled….with billionaire parents….so your point…..

      • barnslayer says:

        I wouldn’t expect a thug in a hoodie to do anything but help himself to my wallet. You don’t know anything about me, just what you want to imagine. Why are you trying to impress me about your daughter? Does she take the subway in NYC? Where do you live, Disneyland?

  22. TOO MUCH HATE! says:

    There were burglary tools found next to Trayvon’s body. He was walking through a private gated community at 3:40AM (after getting candy), but the store was a block away, He was suspended from school due to drug possession. Schools have no tolerance rules for drugs so it doesn’t matter what or how much he had, he is out! Now he’s dead and I want to see the toxicology report. There have been rumors of PCP in his system, if it is true. It’s time to leave Zimmerman alone. This kind of drug makes all the difference in the world.

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