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Occupy Wall Street – Breitbart Uncovers Funding For Organization and Governmental Destabilization Effort…

Hat Tip Patriot Dreamer – About these ads

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Think Progress Angry – They Don’t Seem To Understand The Concept of Private Property Making Rules…..

It looks like the organizers are trying to figure out a way to resist the New York authorities from kicking them out of Zuccotti Park….   Pass the popcorn…. The Daily Wh.at  – Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently told demonstrators they … Continue reading

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El Rushbo Speaks

The reason is simple: Romney is not a conservative. He’s not, folks. You can argue with me all day long on that, but he isn’t. What he has going for him is that he’s not Obama and that he is … Continue reading

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Boss Hog Decepticon “Haley Barbour”: “Herman Cain Will Sweep The South”…..

Wow, this one shocked me…  Haley Barbour is K-Street establishment all the way.   These comments mean the “professional political class” is respectfully afraid of Cain.   Barbour is hedging his influence here.    This is a great interview to understand what is going … Continue reading

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Yes ! – This Type of Video is Exactly What The Professional Political Left Fears…

This video puts the hypocrisy of the left directly into the public narrative.    This is exactly why the left cannot allow the Occupy protests to continue with their sole attachment to them.   It exposes their ideology to sunlight and becomes … Continue reading

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*Bumped* Have You Noticed The Quick Shift In Media Narrative – Trying Desperately to Attach Republican Support for Occupiers

For the reasons outlined below, not the fake reasons they are making up,  Mayor Bloomberg Orders NY Occupier Park Cleared….   They say We Ain’t Moving.   This ain’t gonna end well.   Prepare for the Trash Cans and Molotov Cocktails….. NEW YORK, Oct … Continue reading

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Great Video – What the DC Occupiers Want?…. Really Good Representative Sample

Highly recommend viewing this one.    These responses are like many people whom I am familiar with in my neighborhood and community.   However, considering this is primarily an “anti-Wall Street” theme, it is a little disconcerting that these Occupiers would not have … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan Supports Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan – Says He “Loves” it…

Mostly because for the first time the introduction of Herman Cain’s proposal focuses attention on the problem rather than avoidance.   Previously Paul Ryan put himself in the firing line trying to engage the “third rail” of entitlement reforms, so he … Continue reading

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Nancy Botoxi Says Republicans trying to make “women die on the floor of health care providers”…. or something…

But the House just passed the bill anyway reaffirming that federal tax dollars cannot be used to provide abortions.   Head of the Party of Death, Nancy Botoxi, seen rabid, foaming at the mouth, full on crazy.  President Downgrade already promised … Continue reading

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Moonbat Congressman Jim Moran To Be Keynote Speaker At CAIR Banquet…

Making Democracy Work For Everyone.  One Splodey Vest At A Time.. Congresscritter Jim Moran is an exemplary Islamopologist Doofus Moonbat.   Same guy who previously stated Jews were conspiring to take us to war in Iraq.   Now he is Key Note speaking … Continue reading

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