Flash Mob Violence – Wisconsin State Fair Ends With Violent Race Based Flash Mob Beatings……

WISCONSIN – Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young  black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday  night.  Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks.

“It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,”  said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ.   He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street  and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis.

“They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.”   “It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car.  “I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were  running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and  trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this  black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking  right past their car.  They were looking in everybody’s windshield as  they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.  Guarantee  it.”

Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.  “That rated right up there with it.  When I saw the amount of kids  coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops  to handle this.’  There’s no way.  It would have taken the  National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the  road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles.”

Another witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “it was like a scene you needed the National Guard to control.”   “To me, it looked like a scene out of a movie,” claimed the anonymous witness.  “I have not seen anything like this in my life.  It was a huge mob, and it was a fight that maybe lasted one to two minutes.”

Eric, who asked Newsradio 620 WTMJ not to use his last name, talked about the incidents that happened as he, his wife and a neighbor left the fair Thursday.

“We exited at the Schlinger and 84th exit, and we walked south about a block, and then went up and got our car, came back up and around down Schlinger.  When we made a left hand turn, we were stopped in traffic. I looked toward the bridge, right before you get on the freeway, and all I saw was a road full of black kids, jumping over people’s cars, jumping on people’s hoods, running over the top of them.”

Eric then claimed that he saw hundreds of young black people coming down a sidewalk.

“I saw them grab this white kid who was probably 14 or 15 years old.  They just flung him into the road.  They just jumped on him and started beating him.  They were kicking him.  He was on the ground.  A girl picked up a construction sign and pushed it over on top of him.  They were just running by and kicking him in the face.”

Then, Eric talked about trying to get out of the car to help the victim.

“My wife pulled me back in because she didn’t want me to get hit.  Thankfully, there was surprising a lady that was in the car in front of me that jumped out of the car real quick and went over there to try to put her body around the kid so they couldn’t see he was laying there and, obviously, defenseless.  Her husband, or whoever was in the car, was screaming at her to get back into the car.  She ended up going back into the car.  These black kids grabbed this kid off the ground again, and pulled him up over the curb, onto the sidewalk and threw him into the bushes like he was a piece of garbage.”

Eric claimed that the victim in that beating was by himself, and that there was a split of white people on one sidewalk and black people on the other.

“There was nobody else around to help him.  There were no other white people, period, on that side of the street.  They were going in the opposite direction because, those people who were coming out of the fair that saw these people coming, they either went back into the fair or took off running south on 84th Street.”

Eric expressed anger at the State Fair Police for what he considered a lack of response.

“The thing that irritated me, the State Fair Police, the State Police, were down by the Pettit entrance to get in there,” said Eric. “There was probably 5 or 6 officers down there.  That’s where all these kids came from.  They came out of the Midway, across the front of the Pettit.  They were still filing out of there.  The State Fair Police, they knew this was going on.  They knew these kids were beating these guys in between that exit and Schlinger at the next gate.”

“They were stopping traffic, and I said ‘What in the hell,’ excuse my language, ‘what are you guys doing directing traffic when there are 300, 400 black kids up the road beating the hell out of everybody, pushing people off of motorcycles?’  I was livid.  I could not believe they were directing traffic.”

Fair worker: attacks not limited to outside fairgrounds

A witness told WTMJ that as he worked in a kiosk at the State Fair Midway, he saw what he described as “a Riverwest type mob. Easily between 50 – 100 kids all under 18 and all African American.  They were running around knocking people over (young kids and adults), looting the Midway games (stealing the prizes), starting fights.”

The witness, who asked not to be identified, couldn’t say for certain if only white people were being attacked.

“It was just complete chaos.  There were police on horses, lots of security guards, and EMT’s on the scene.  They never got control of the area.”

A State Fair spokeswoman said that there were arrests made involving the incidents on the grounds.

He said that as the violence happened, he was “getting ready to grab my cash register and run.”

“Not to mention this type of behavior started around 7pm and forced me to close down my stand at 9pm.  It scared the paying customers out of the midway.”

The man said hoping to bring family on Friday, but has decided not to.

“I was planning on bringing my two kids to the fair tonight.  I won’t be.  We’ll go to the zoo instead.”

Woman: Teenagers in mob didn’t attend rap concert

One woman who asked not to be identified tells us that contrary to some belief, the young people involved in the mob did not go to the rap concert that night.

“The mob of black teenagers involved in the beatings and damage outside of State Fair last night were not there for the MC Hammer concert,” said the woman.

“I attended that concert with three of my friends last night and the crowd was mostly white and adult (as are my friends and I). Any kids there seemed to be with parents.”

She described what she saw as she left the fair.

“As we came through the exit we saw a white boy lying in the street, in the fetal position right by the traffic light, and coming towards us was tons and tons and black teens – there had to have been over a hundred – in the middle of 84th Street and on the sidewalk headed south,” she said.

“Some who stopped to kick or punch him – or in the case of one girl drop kick him in the head – as they walked past. My friends and I started towards him to help him up and a black girl walked past telling us ‘ya’ll gonna get your ***** kicked’ repeatedly. As my friend stood in front of the boy trying to get him up one of the teens picked up a traffic cone, hit her in the back of the head and ran off. A car stopped, a white woman got out to try and help. Teens jumped onto the hood of the car and ran over it. She just kept saying ‘What is wrong with you!?’ “

The witness also told us that not every African-American teenager outside the fair grounds acted violent.  “We continued to move towards the parking lot, through even more black teenagers. Thankfully this part of the crowd was not violent.”  (read more)

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136 Responses to Flash Mob Violence – Wisconsin State Fair Ends With Violent Race Based Flash Mob Beatings……

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Black boys with no fathers. Sad.

    • Steve says:

      This is a racial HATE crime. All those that the video shows responsible for the beating should be prosecuted for HATE crimes. THE END

      • D's Nutz says:

        Prosecution just puts them into prisons that we all pay for. You should really read up on how often this type of thing happens. Something far more sever and long overdue is the only fix at this point in time. These people as an overall population are a menace everywhere they go.

      • tim wohlsdorf says:

        when the shoe is on the other foot, that’s what you hear about , so this sounds no different. i agree

      • tim wohlsdorf says:

        when the shoe is on the other foot, that’s what you hear about , so this sounds no different. i agree. this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment happening. it appears to have been planned. by whom and why , i hope the authorities discover. maybe we should ask people like Louis Farrakhan.

      • michael says:

        they are black there is no way the law would ever prosecute them

    • Tom says:

      Do not condemn or excuse this behavior with cliches. The were thugs. Some had fathers. Some did not. There are plenty of decent law abiding black kids that did not have fathers. While it is true, many of those rtaised in single parent households become miscreants, they knew better! If they did not know what they were doing was wrong, they would not run from the police.

    • michael says:

      it would have taken a month to clean their body parts out of the grill of my oldsmobile if i had been attacked i would have ran them over

  2. Tyler says:

    f**king disgusting, not just the police being unprepared, but the fact that we whites get blamed hundreds of times a day for being racist. But when something like this happens, there is no national outcry for an end to prejudice against whites. How everyone thinks we have it so easy and get everything handed to us. If I started a college fund just for white kids, I would be a racist. And let’s see how fast Al Sharpton comes down to milwaukee to talk some sense into his peoples youth compared to how fast he would be suing the state and state fair if this was an assault on blacks by whites.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Progs believe in White Guilt. Somehow they think it’s white people’s fault and minorities can never be racist.

      Does anybody else feel like someone is trying to start a race war?

    • Menagerie says:

      Agree. Where are black leaders on this issue? How about crazy Congressman Cynthia Racist?

      • Maryjane Heinrich says:

        maryjane says You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will our mayer and ou govener get a clue? This and everything else that these animals have ruined is finally ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to be arrested, and given no releases!!! Let them kill each other, because thats ALL THEY f…cking live and breath for!!!!!! WE want our city BACK!!!

    • PissedatBS says:

      AMEN!!! It is always racist when its white people doing it but we cant say anything when black people do it. This is why we need a stronger judicail system. Half those kids have probably been stopped hundred of times before for misdeminors or other “small crimes” and get away with it. It wouldnt be suprisinging if the world ends in 2012…. JESUS this is f##king disgusting!!!

    • Marleydude says:

      Tyler I was thinking the same thing. WHERE ARE THE BLACK LEADERS?? WHY are they not speaking out against this? They’re not leaders. They’re pathetic tongue bullies! They extort their own people for their pockets. Sad that the African American culture has very little true leadership. I’ve been telling my wife for years that race wars are coming. I think they’re coming sooner then I thought. It’ll take white people awhile to get over the fear of being looked at as racist to speak out against this crap, but eventually they will.

  3. This could be the outcropping of the counter culture 60’s radical elements taking charge of societal direction. Put Bill Ayers types in charge and this is arguably the result… Non responsible, non accountable, no tennants of morality, just selfish anarchy.

    • PhillyCon says:

      This definitely has a ’60s feel to it. The organization and intimidation.

    • Just a small taste of bigger things to come in the near future at a town near you. When youth are taught that they have POWER in numbers, from a young age, and are taught that they should question everything anout authority in their schools, and that they have rights (in this case refering to handouts) this is the planned outcome from those who are trying to overthrow this country and breaks it’s foundation.

      • donna says:

        I see it even in my workplace, blacks with terrible attitudes, sense of entitlement. The United States (If my history lesson serves me) is the only country where people were enslaved and then then freed but stayed in the same country. Blacks hate whites because of slavery. I hate most blacks because they are rude, violent and animalistic. That’s how I feel about it.

        • rikk says:

          history..? before whites landed on Plymouth Rock, there was an abundance of other Nationalities in this country. But for some reason Whites felt the need to kill them off for their land. So is that rude, violent and or “animalistic.?” So if Blacks go back to Africa, where will the white folks go back to?

  4. Patriot Dreamer says:

    State Patrol called in, youth policy imposed after violence at State Fair


  5. WeeWeed says:

    If police departments do not get a handle on this PDQ, armed citizenry WILL, simply out of self defense. Capping a couple of these miscreants will go a long way in stopping it.

    • Menagerie says:

      I agree. If they didn’t know that they face no threat when taking these actions, we would not have this problem. Apparently, if you are black, you can take these actions and walk away.

  6. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Italy agrees to liberalise economy


    And to take up a balanced budget amendment.

  7. Here is a strange thought: What if someone was to find out that some of those “free gov’t cell phones” were used to coordinate some mob violence? Or maybe those “free gov’t laptops”….

    just saying…. :(

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      And to think that we joked about this just the other day…

    • But heaven forbid one of these little miscreant piles of misappropriated carbon atoms gets shot with a bullet, reloaded from surplus US military brass, there will be hell to pay.

      What we see today is the legacy Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society meets hip-hop culture. When you pay people to breed and vote, and then someone convinces them to go be some baaaaad muthaf__as because that is what ‘manhood’ is all about, things will spiral out of control, fast.

      • Here lies the problem and why it won’t go away anytime soon. To control a mob you have to use strength and put it down and put it down brutally fast, leaving something for the next ones to think about before it happens. Yes you have to use force, and that is why this is going to continue to happen bercause we don’t have the spine to do it, yet, and I say yet because when it gets to the point of threatening the gov. then we will do something about it but it will be too late.

        • Jennie says:

          Disagree completely. It doesn’t get to the root of the problem which is racial. Force will not end this…love will though. Stop being racist. Whether you are black or white. Treat everyone equally. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Just do your part.

    • No doubt they r used for that!!! That’s ok….Wisconsin people will legally be able to carry concealed weapons so one of these or alot of these MF’s better look out because we all know theirs are not legal so NOW they will get shot up legally for Fuc**** with peopkle period!

  8. Moe says:

    My husband is from Milwaukee, we’ve gone to state Fair many, many times. It is such a wholesome all American event, pig races and all. I can’t believe what happened there last night, think of all the families with little ones that witnessed that nightmare. Sadly, it seems no one is speaking out about this incident and so many others across the country. Heck if we can connect the dots, how come the MSM can’t, oh wait……

  9. Guest says:

    It’s sad that news station cant put this up because they will be labeled as “racist”. This was not on the news in Ohio and we are near Wisconsin! We are having our fair in like 1 or 2 months. Hopefully those flash mobs wont happen here, they most likely wont anyways because “big tough packs of black people” wont even take on one “redneck” with a gun, plus Ohio has the castle law it also applies to your car, so if any of these black people came here they would get shot instantly. Im getting sick of hearing, White people are racist bigots and black people are the opressed “slaves”. Its called reverse racism actually, make it look like they are the victims when really its the white people in the majority of the victims. Time for people of all races to start sticking up for themselves, if you see your friend getting beat up by a pack of wild black people then stick up for your friend get a gun and shoot one of the little bastards, the rest will scatter in fear. Trust me I know, and if you want more proof go look at robberies and such. You see 5 black people come in with shotguns and the clerk pulls out a glock 9m and the robbers go running out like little pussies. and thats the key, they think they are tough in a pack, but take out one or show you have a gun and they scatter like roaches.

    • ATyger says:

      Down here in Texas, they will NOT get away with it. There are too many people packing heat and it will take one miscreant stepping out of line, and that’s the end of it. Call it what you like, but if you grew up here, black, white, or other, you KNOW the citizenry is armed by choice, so don’t even think about it.

    • Heyward Shepherd says:

      All I know is they are out numbered and will lose. The problem is that just like the Pharmacist that was just sentenced to life in prison for shooting an armed robber the white victim will be charge for defending himself.

  10. Rose says:

    My only advice to a mob coming down the street is to step on the gas and turn on the wipers. What’s the problem?

  11. Black Power says:

    I will keep it simple. One day of an ass whopping does not compare to 400 years of injustice, rape, lynching, killing, beating and other things..karma is a bitch and you got your just deserve white people. The revolution will not be televised..Wasnt so cute when the shoe was on the other foot now was it? maybe if they put sheets over their heads and cut eye holes out of the sheet you will recognize the scene a bit better. Screw you all.

    • doolan says:

      B’Power…Careful, do you want to go back to “those good old days”? Even the libtards won’t cover your ass anymore! Who will feed you then?

      • Black Power says:

        Who says my ass needs covering..I prefer living in the nude..who says I need to eat food in stores..food that you can live on grows right her on trees and all around our good ole country idiot. I understand bartering and I understand selfishness.. You white people have a shitload to say but the point is when an angry mob of Black people come marching down your street..you better take your dumb ass in the house and hide. No congress can stop that shit..Reps, Dems, Liberals or Independents..and just like no one cared about that 15 year old boy getting his ass whooped and everyone told their significant other to stay in the car and not help, no one will help you. Your race is the most selfish of them all mr Supreme…so feed yourself a long hard one in your throat and think on that! lol

        • stellap says:

          Be careful not to choke on that bile.

        • Red White and Blue (not black) says:

          Savagery is horrible Mr. Black Power….I saw all episodes of Planet of the Apes and I see the parallels (hardly a compliment). Academia and liberal/progressives figured electing the first half black President out of necessity and not qualifications would help appease people like you and as usual, they were wrong. I think you need to go to church and bring joy and happiness to your heart brotha…but please make sure it is not a social justice church funded by white progressives using the uneducated black man (like yourself) for the past 200+ years. Please look up the term “useful idiot”, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself am I the progressive white man’s puppet?? In conclusion, would MLK be proud of you and your fellow savages behavior???

        • Irish says:

          You IGNORANT a$$hole…You are a TOTAL disgrace to humanity, and you shame the wonderful Black folks that wouldn’t be caught doing anything like this, nor approving of it….EVER!

        • Greg says:

          hmmmmmm….we a little upset because President Crybaby keeps fucking up???? maybe that’s what spurred this bullshit! gotta attack/blame somebody else, just like Obama!!!

        • Heyward Shepherd says:

          13% of the population takes on 65% of the population is a race war…. Hmmmm. I wonder witch side will win. Hope you still know how to pick cotton AssHat!

        • The Man says:

          Black Power, you guys aint shit! You people have to jump 1 person when there’s 15 or more of you. You can’t go toe to toe with a white boy cause you will get your ass kicked!!! Your mov shot ain’t happening in my town on my watch!

      • Greg says:

        LMAO!!!! ;) TELL ‘EM, DOOLAN!!!

    • tnwahm says:

      You need a history refresher course. It was blacks in Africa who sold their countrymen as slaves. Also, what country had a civil war to free slaves? None of these people at the fair owned a slave or you. Get over your anger and bitterness. YOU have a choice to make; allow rage and bitterness to keep you back or use that energy to make something of yourself and change your family tree.

      • Black Power says:

        Thanks for your encouragement of love and holding hands singing kumbaya but no thanks..and please dont try to use that who had a civil war to free slaves? that was a crock of bull and we all know that. The civil war was not about freeing slaves..as is with any other war this country has had it had an widely understood underlying goal and it had nothing to do with black people..when they freed the slaves and everyone was soo happy why didnt congress take that dumb ass rule about black women not being able to vote off the book? why did it take until 2009 when the law was about to expire and reinstate that garbage for someone to do something about it. Our country has gone to shit because for years our white governent has pulled the wool over so many peoples eyes to target their own private agendas..that I am bitter about.I will remain bitter about it. We use to barter things and they came along and pretty much made MONEY..which is useless while the most financially rich still secretly barter..Money was another way to control and track people implemented by the white man..its all bullshit.. I have no family tree dear. I am African American and proud of it. You all can walk through life pretending that there is a general agreement to love one another but if you were ever truthful you would know that Racism is still very alive in well in our country….I will not fall for the blinders. Have a good day.

        • stellap says:

          Just for your info, white women couldn’t vote after the Civil War either. You really have a problem with people who aren’t black, don’t you? Are you sure you don’t have a little caucasian blood in there somewhere? Or Asian? (check that family tree) With all of that hate, you just might explode, or have a stroke or something. Just an observation.

        • Red White and Blue (not black) says:

          Black Power….come up with a solution and articulate it in the proper forum. Obviously you sound somewhat educated and likely the recipient of gifts and benefits from both black and white people. All of us grateful immigrants count our blessings considering the alternative. In your case, you may have never been born nor owned a pair of shoes nor even a computer to express such rubbish. Perhaps climbing up a tree to provide for a day’s rations. Count your blessings and know most of us don’t hate people because of color….it’s the crap that leaches out that we hate regardless of skin color.

          • stellap says:

            Agreed. My ancestors came here in the 1700’s and 1800’s, and lived a hard farming life. Earned their land by working for others, clearing land. The scums Scots and Irish who were kicked out of their homelands by the English. They did as well as they could by working hard with what they had, even though it wasn’t much. No slaves in this northern state – plowed their own fields and took care of their own livestock.

        • Sister S says:

          Blackpower: while you feel that your words are very powerful, trust me they are not. They are the words from someone that feels that the World ( white especially ) owes you something. No one owes you anything. God is our creator, our Father. We are all brothers and sisters. If you stay with your anger, you are the one that is losing out in life.

          Is there still racism ? I think everyone would be naive to think that there is not still racist people but it works both ways and appears you know it well against whites .So what does that say about yourself and your character ? or about this situation ?? Its like we are no longer civilized – and that is OK with you ? Instead of using all that hatred at the color of someone’s skin- you might try to dig deep into yourself and find the courage to lift the misguided youth up .. just a thought. I do not look at the color of someone’s skin. I look at the individual and their character.. something which you appear to be lacking. Thugs beating on defenseless young white boy/others ?? come on…. really ? that is OK with you ? Well, not with me – and not with many. And I am sure most people on this post would agree that if this was a black person being beat up , we would all step up to stop that shit even at the peril of our own safety. That is the right thing to do in a very WRONG situation.
          I am not worried that “karma is a bitch” but worried about what the hell happened to the society. Yes I am white… But I can tell you if my kids even thought about doing anything like this to ANYBODY/ANY COLOR person I would beat the hell out of them. And then I would look to myself to find out what the hell I did wrong to make them feel it was OK to beat up on anyone. Its called taking responsibility …. something that many dont want to do. If you feel repressed for whatever freaking reason- try being accountable for yourself and choosing your own path.
          As far as hiding in my home , if a group of thugs come rolling in or near where I felt there was a threat – trust me on this one…I have protection with firepower and God. I would
          rather be tried by 12- then carried by 6.

        • The Great White Hope says:

          You sound like your brainless. In fact you are. You are factually illiterate. The only country to have ever freed any slaves is the USA. Once again no one owes you a damn thing. Stop thinking that rich people are the enemy. If it weren’t for them you would be unemployed. You are jealous and you are a racist. By the way it wasn’t only black women who could not vote it was whites also. Get off your pathetic ass and make something of your self and if you don’t like our country go find one that is better!!!!

        • Greg says:

          one question…do you have a job??? i don’t!! why has your ‘beloved leader’ not done anything about that for 3 years??? i wish i could turn my ass and run every time there’s trouble and go on vacation like he does!!!

        • Heyward Shepherd says:

          Keep bringing it Boy… This is what we have been waiting for so many years. Blacks will make it necessary to do something and eventually whitey will take action and you won’t like it.

        • Working says:


        • Jennie says:

          Racism is alive because you are choosing to keep it alive. Be the change you wish to see in the world. That IS how change happens. You are African-American. I am Polish-American. I don’t hold your cultural background against you. Meaning: I will not hate you because you choose to hate me just because I’m white. I won’t. Do you know why? Because that hatred in my heart hurts ME….not neccesarily you. I don’t want to hurt myself dear. I’m wondering why you choose not to heal. What benefits are you getting by holding so much hatred in your heart? As a yoga teacher, I am well aware of the fact that our negative thoughts create disease in the body. Why do you choose to hurt yourself? That is the real question.

    • Solaratov says:

      Typical. Perhaps you should have paid a bit more attention in school (you DID go to school?) rather than hanging out with your bros in the hood. Then, you might have been able to write a coherent sentence in actual English; and sound as though your IQ is a bit higher than that of a rock.
      Of course, then you might have been able to find a job, rather than being enslaved by the leftists and dependent upon the nanny state for every facet of your meager existence.

      Why would anyone worry about a cowardly slave like you, “black power(less)”.? You’re just another in a long line of mouthy, cowardly trolls -who spew trash but don’t have the stones to act without a mob. You have nothing but a herd mentality and no ability to think or act independently. (I sincerely doubt that you have ever had an original thought in your life.)

      Oh. And mob violence? That’s why we practice speed reloads.

    • D's Nutz says:

      It is no mystery to any of us who have been paying attention that blacks have waged a crime war that I would wager has resulted in the murder, rape and robbery of far more white people (just since the abolition of slavery in this country) than blacks were ever subjected to by whites since the founding of this nation. Also, you may notice that this issue is not America’s lone torch to bear. It is a world-wide issue. It would seem that for whatever reason, far too many blacks have a hard time adjusting to civilized culture. Some might even call it a cultural disease.

    • Whatsright says:

      Yea man. This kind of stuff really puts Dr. Kings I have a dream speech back several years.

      • Greg says:

        i know he’s rolling in his grave right now!

        • Heyward Shepherd says:

          Really? King was no deferent then the flash mob turds. The only deference in Martin was that he was smarter then the fools that followed him. He knew that open violence was a sure looser so act like a victim and sell your votes for as much as the democrats were willing to pay.

      • Jennie says:

        Agreed. His message was beautiful!

    • Love for All says:

      Get the fu*k over it asshole, my great grampa fought to free your racist butts while it was your ancestors who sold you off as slaves in the first place. I have never been a racist but with shit like this I just may become one. Discusting!!!!!!!!! We need to teach our children respect for other cultures not hate.

  12. For all those white victims of the racial violence that are in hospitals or suffering injuries. The local law enforcement officials have claimed that the violence was black on black and no whites were involved. This is the story that has been authorized for official release. Once again, no whites were targeted, your injuries and personal experiences were a caused by eating carnival food.

  13. Ad rem says:

    Once again, all this is happening in Wisconsin….scene of massive union protests. Coincidence….I think not. “Top down…bottom up….inside out.”

    • Heyward Shepherd says:

      Wait till the concealed carry law is in effect. It will be entrance wound… head blows up for these POS!

  14. Got a gun not scared to shoot your ass! says:

    Black Power, you are an idiot! Your own countrymen rounded up the lesser of the species. i.e. your direct descendants and shipped them away as slaves. Be angry with them before you spout off about how everything is the fault of the white man. For 400 years others have been feeding you and housing the laziest of the lazy. Your race is the most violent of any other. Prisons are filled with so many black men. How do you explain that? Oh yeah it is the fault of the white man. The neighborhoods the majority of blacks live in are in poor condition. Must be the white mans fault. Your schools, your employment rate, your teen pregnancy percentages. Yep all the fault of whitey. Grandmas at the age of 35 raising the 5th generation of couch sitters who refuse to do anything legally to earn a living. Stop blaming everyone else for your oppression!! My family is 2nd generation American. We never owned slaves and don’t owe thing to you. Get off your butt, get educated get a job, and get out of the hood and you will see that whitey isn’t so bad!! We are actually civil and caring towards each other. I know this is something your race does not practice but it should. Savages are in Africa, with the head hunters and such there is no place for that here in an actual civil society.

  15. Truth Logic says:

    The backlash is coming BP, the backlash is coming!!!!!!!! You pathetic animals!!

  16. Airus Amall says:


    • WeeWeed says:

      Dare I ask if English is your first language?

    • tnwahm says:

      Why should land owners give you 20-30% of American land when your population is less than that?
      Just so you know, we want to send the illegals back to Mexico also. You need to tell your good benefactors the DemonRats that.

    • Juan says:

      Good luck with that. Wasn’t that tried in Liberia? yeah, read up on Liberia and see how your peeps did after slavery. Mmm hmm. BTW, Mexicans hate blacks. And the Anglo stole our land! As soon as they give us back our land you can have your own land that you will probably destroy, dumarse.

    • Heyward Shepherd says:

      Will you still be expecting the welfare check or will you grow that too? You can not govern yourselves. There is no black run country on earth that is a fit place to live and you know it. If you were given 30% of the land and money in 10 years you would be living in squalor again and the whites and other races would have it all back. But there would be a new Somalia in North America.

    • Love for All says:

      I got a better idea how about not having 6 kids you can’t afford and go take advantages of all of the benefits that the white man does not get, get educated, get a job, and stop blaming others for your problems. I am ashamed of the African American race, stop acting like animals and you won’t be treated like one. It is really that simple. Most of us want to co-exist in peace with others why you all want to carry on this hate it is not the 1800’s anymore. Get over it, look at Jewish people they are strong, proud and make their own way you people should take a lesson from them.

    • Love for All says:

      Really are you kidding me, WELFARE, WELFARE, WELFARE, need I say any more.

    • Jennie says:

      What if I don’t want to live separately from you? You don’t even know me so you cannot hate me because I’m white. I don’t hate you….and I never will. No matter how much hate you have in your heart. I will never hate you. Do you know why? If I bring that hate into my heart, I only hurt myself. I don’t hurt you. I hurt myself and I don’t want to do that. Peace.

  17. Airus Amall says:


  18. Airus Amall says:

    Class Warfare is unfortunately codespeak for Racial Warfare.

    • Heyward Shepherd says:

      Duh… aren’t you the social scientist though!

    • Love for All says:

      Well then get off your butt and get a job, easy. Oh I forgot many companies are afraid to hire African Americans, not because they don’t want to hire them but they are afraid of a lawsuit if they do. Business is business and if you are too big of a liability and ther other person is not who do you think they will hire. You want to be treated as an equal then you need to act civilized, “do you know what I’m saying”/

  19. FMP says:

    If any flash mob comes near me, each one that comes in my hands reach is a DEAN MAN. As an American, I will protect myself and family from the Anti-Americans….Yes, these flash mob boys pretending to be men are not REAL AMERICANS. And it is funny that in all these incidents, these are young black kids. Don’t be in denial. History repeats itself. I predicted last year to a friend that we will see racial wars. Its just because history repeats itself. So if the black community can get over it in their minds and let the bitterness go that they where once in slavery, then maybe they can be productive citizens of this great Country.

    • Juan says:

      it’s more than slavery. It’s a total breakdown of morality. They have no fathers to keep them in line. Their mothers are skanks and they are taught to take advantage of the man. It’s more than slavery. It’s cultural with so called African AMERICANS.

    • Greg says:

      but, that’s just the point!!! all the blacks around today didn’t actually ENDURE it!! all they know is what they were told. but, they wanna keep harping on the shit like they lived it!!! i guarantee you if it was the other way around and WE were the ones constantly bringing it up, they’d be telling us to shut the fuck up and get over it!!

  20. Juan says:

    Multiculturalism and freemasonry at work! What do you expect with the destruction of the black family? What do you expect when you have not the truth of the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church but the diabolical errors as found in disobedient, revolutionary protestant so-called churches? You are now reaping what you sow you stupid, pathetic pagan Americans. As not so reverend Wright said: America’s chickens comin home to roooooooooooosssssss…..!!!! Get back to tradition. Leave your porn! Get rid of your TV, get back to God and His Church! Repent, get ready to fight and die if need be. When evolution teaches that you are nothing but animals, don’t be surprised when the ape-men start acting like animals.

  21. 7thflat5 says:

    Hey, guys, this is President Obama’s Citizen Security Force.

  22. The Man says:

    What gets me is that peoole are so caught up in color, race and history. About who stole whose land. Get over it!!! And with Obama only being elected cause he is half black, now you have blacks thinking they can revolt and rebel. How foolish!!! And the whole communist party wants to divide people into hostile groups. And they done a great job!!! Any kingdom divided against it self will fall!! Flash mobs will not prevail. They will be defeated

  23. 7thflat5 says:

    There was a movie that came out about 20 years ago called “Clockwork Orange.” I envisions a society terrorized by lawless gangs of young thugs. It always amazes me how life imitates art. All of this can be directly blamed on liberal politician, judges and the publication education mafia.

    • Greg says:

      actually, that was 40 years ago. ;)

    • Jennie says:

      oh geez. yes. it’s the liberals fault. actually violence breeds violence. period. so stop the violence. stop the hate. YOU be the change…don’t wait for others.

      • stellap says:

        Jennie, we have created a society of people who believe they are entitled to anything they wish, and perceive no responsibility for themselves, for their families, communities, or society. Listen to the young on the street in London. One young woman said it perfectly – they are punishing the ‘rich’, which she described as the business owners. She has been TAUGHT that those who have something owe her part of what they have worked for. We are driving the church out of everyday life, teaching our children, by observance, disrespect for police and the military, and to believe that our country, the USA, is the root of all evil in the world. Yes, we can stop any ‘hate’ you see here in this blog. Just what is YOUR solution to the problem?

        So-called social conservatives support the military, the church, a moral framework for our society. We don’t believe that our neighbor owes us anything we have not worked for, but we do believe in helping our neighbor when he needs it. We have respect for those who respect us – and there is no color line here.

  24. Ms. Tee says:

    These types of thread seem to bring out the worst on both sides. ::Sigh::

    • Don’t be disheartened, it’s just that the story was ignored by the mainstream media so people took the thread story and shared it. All of these “haters” are mostly “first timers” or passersby. They clog up the moderation filters and we just let em through knowing they will just yell at eachother as they walk past the Tree. No worries. :D

  25. bobby says:

    I guess wisconsin citizens didnt capitalize on the newly passed conceal and carry bill.

  26. sara g says:

    I say we round them all up and ship their miserable racists (that’s what they are) asses back to Africa since that is where they all think they are from. Knew this would happen when that clueless moron was elected president.

  27. gfcandinthatorder says:

    Wow its incredible to have so many new commentors all of a sudden. Did somebody open a box?

  28. The Man says:

    Yes blacks do have bad attitudes. Most of them anyways. Especially the crazy religious ones. And the bastards walk into middle of the street like they own the world. And when you have ten checking you out at the grocery store, they scan your shit so slow like you have no where to go.

  29. wildwilly says:

    People, all this hate and vitriol-from both sides, don’t you realize this is exactly what the progressive socialist want?
    This great country cannot be taken down by legal above board methods, only by getting us (Americans; of any ethnicity, color, creed or any other ridiculous means of separating us from each other) to fight and kill each other can they hope to distract us from what they are trying, and for the most part succeeding, to do.
    Wake up!!!!
    If we don’t come together peacefully and soon, I fear for the future of this country.
    Learn from the past, but don’t live in it
    Get over your petty and pointless prejudices-all of you.

  30. jim Shorts. says:

    You dont here about this shat going on down here in Alabama, Mississippi or anywhere else in the SOUTH. Cuz the dirty South wont stand for that shat!

  31. The Protector says:

    I predicted this shut a year ago. That we would are racial wars. And now it’s happening! I have friends from all colors and cultures. I feel sorry for those who will get what’s coming to them. Black white brown green, doesn’t matter te color. History repeats itself. And when you have a church like reverend wright, in which Obama attended for a quarter of a century, teaching Black Liberation Theology, what do you expect the repercussions to be? Blacks are now rising against whites. Along with the Hispanics with this immigration shit that is happening. I’m not racist! I’m just telling you like it is! Not how it should be. There is no more unity cause people are caught up in the material things and color. They are rising up against white because of the bitterness and unforgiveness they can’t seem to get over and let go. It is sad times but if liberal white people don’t wisen up and learn how to defer themselves, they will see themselves enslaved to the things and people that they tried to help in the wrong way. Liberals wanna give blacks entitlements and rewards without hardwork. And liberals wanna give the Spanish citizen rights without the sacrifice. Those who wish to be American must convert and conform to Americas ways. Otherwise it is no longer America. So my tribe will pray, fight and protect our women and children. My family will obey Gods laws and uphold the constitution. We will not tolerate violence any longer. We have to become the solution and our own police. Don’t think you can dial 911 and have te police there in time when violence comes to you

  32. wild green says:

    They told you that you need to get rid of your gun rights. I am happy to see that those white liberals, which will not be distinguishable amongst the other whites, will be mowed down as they deserve it. I am happy to see that these brain washed kids are acting on years of crap from their liberal teachers. Hope they don’t come my way though, I will pull the trigger on the mob and send them to their godless graves! it is as it has always been, the fight of the fittest. The question is, are you fit to fight?

  33. The Man says:

    Hey Black Power, why don’t you come to Berwyn Il and try that shit bitch?!?!

  34. ChuckU says:

    I dont know about you…..but I’m stocking up on ammo! this crap happens in my area or in my neighborhood…..people will be getting theirs. i will protect my family at all cost!

  35. Pingback: Wisconsin Flash Mob Racially Targets Bystanders « The Propaganda Machine

  36. Mike says:

    Bunch of wild animals…

  37. i carry says:

    thats what i mean aboutTHEM PEOPLE.

  38. i carry says:

    dont blame it all on blackie, i see whitey in them pictures too.

  39. NM Pancho says:

    The Law of The Garbage Truck.

  40. i carry says:

    illinios is the last state in the country holding out on the new gun law ,hope it passes next year.

  41. Adolf Eichmann says:

    I long for the days of the SS to rise from the dead and liberate all American cities from these subhuman apes. All of you progressive liberals don’t realize that these animals can’t be tamed. By allowing them equal opportuinites you are condeming your children and grandchildren to a world run by Negroes, Jews, and other inferiors who will annihilate the Aryan race. Rise up and fight for your race!!!!!!!

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