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Oh Snap! This is so good my Cheeks Hurt From Smiling – Allen West Confronts CAIR !!

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O’er the land of the free, and the home…. of the…

…BRAVE !!!    Click Here for Story

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Obama “Analyzing Speech” While Kadaffi Strafes Libyans with Fighter Jets…*Update* Libyan Ambassador asks for help…

*UPDATE* Can’t say I ever remember another situation like this where an American President is begged to denounce a Terroristic Regime from within the Regime itself.  (Politico) — Now here’s a situation pretty much without precedent: The Libyan Ambassador to … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Admits to Pakistan That Raymond Davis Worked for the CIA…

Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to help him one bit.  (WSJ) — U.S. officials Monday acknowledged for the first time that former Special Forces soldier Raymond Davis, held in detention in Pakistan for killing two armed men, works … Continue reading

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God and Camels……

There has literally been weeks of bad news coming from the Mid-East. But I wanted to interrupt those negative stories for a minute and focus your consideration on one of God’s great creatures from the region. Perhaps you already know … Continue reading

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Rabid Leftists are “All In” Wisconsin – Their Ideology is on the Line. Game On!!

h/t JenniferH (PajamasMedia) – It is becoming clear that the Wisconsin battle was a strategic political blunder for President Obama and the Democratic Party. The decision by the Democratic Party and its allies to draw a line in the sand … Continue reading

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Do as We Say, Not as We Do…..

Glass houses, stones, etc. (Vail Daily) — First lady Michelle Obama enjoyed locally grown fare at a Vail restaurant Saturday night before hitting the slopes of Vail Mountain early Sunday. Obama and her two daughters, 9-year-old Sasha and 12-year-old Malia … Continue reading

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*BREAKING* – Libyan Air Force Fires at Protesters in Tripoli, Two Pilots Refuse, Defect to Malta, Gaddafi may have Fled…

*Update #3 (from Daily Mail) Protesters appear to have taken control of second city Benghazi Up to 400 feared dead after dozens killed in clashes Two Libyan fighter jets land in Malta as pilots request asylum Gaddafi’s own diplomats at … Continue reading

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Libya on Brink – For Muammar Gaddafi it’s ‘kill or be killed’ *Update*

*Update 1* (Daily Mail) — Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is believed to have fled the capital Tripoli after anti-government demonstrators breached the state television building and set government property alight.  Protesters appear to have gained a foothold in Tripoli as … Continue reading

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Lara Logan – CBS reporter – More Details Emerge…..

(Daily Mail) — As Lara Logan recovers from her attack in Cairo on February 11, more details are emerging of her terrifying ordeal at the hands of a frenzied mob. The 39-year-old foreign correspondent for CBS News show 60 Minutes … Continue reading

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