August 7th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1296

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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1,031 Responses to August 7th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1296

  1. Tl Howard says:

    Economic security is national security. Defending U.S. jobs is how this nation should provide economic security.

    Sick and tired of your Chamber of Commerce crap
    ! Knock it off and focus on Main Street instead of your donors.
    Quote Tweet

    · 2h
    Now is not time to show unity w ourCanadian friends by putting tariffs on aluminum @realDonaldTrump #CommonSense Use of national defense tariffs is ridiculous Beer cans are not defense weapons

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  2. Lucille says:

    Democrats Levy Phony Campaign Against Trump
    By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun | August 7, 2020

    The Democrats became so addicted to their need for President Trump to be permanently under a cloud of criminal suspicion for their press lackeys to celebrate endlessly, that their present discomfort is considerable as the weight of prosecutorial scrutiny shifts to another — that is, to their — foot.

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  3. nimrodman says:

    Question: So if Biden were to be elected and stood down shortly thereafter due to “health reasons”, can his Vice President name a new Vice President once they sit in the President’s chair?

    What are the rules of succession?
    Would there be any Congressional approval process?

    Could we have Rice-Pelosi?

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    • jeans2nd says:

      We actually went through this with Richard Nixon-Spiro Agnew-Gerald Ford.
      Agnew resigned; Nixon picked Minority leader Ford as VP.
      Nixon resigned, Ford picked John D Rockefeller as VP.
      It is all laid out in the 25th Amendment.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thx – that sounds like there are no restrictions and it’s up to the Chief Executive

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      • nwtex says:

        “So if Biden were to be elected and stood down shortly thereafter”

        I believe that is “their” plan all along as he has been quoted as saying that he will be a transitional president And imo he’d only “hang around” for a short period.

        I know nothing about the rest of your que. Check out what jeans2nd said. She is on top of all this stuff 🧐

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Watching the followers on Sundance’s twitter feed – Sundance just lost a couple thousand followers. Poof! Just like that, all gone.

    If you are following TheLastRefuge2 on twitter, best check again.
    You may have been poofed!

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  5. StanH says:

    As we untangle this web of deceit that has become our government, we must remember this is a Herculean task. We are engaging an entrenched enemy who feel they are entitled to whatever they can pilfer before the final sacrifice of the USA on the alter of the NWO is complete. They have been promised fabulous wealth to look the other way, caste their votes appropriately, while the greatest country since the dawning of civilization is snuffed out.

    They’ve shown us the measure of their resolve with their latest part of the coup, the Wuhan Con and the Mayhem. Remember nothing is off the table. BE PREPARED! BE ALERT! Stay away from the MSM, THEY ARE THE ENEMY!

    To the conspirators preparing to rig an election, what happens when the ballot box stops working? The peaceful transfer of power has been destroyed by petulant Marxist/children who believe their own press. Don’t Tread on Me!

    As the Big Ugly is released, the next few weeks could get very dangerous indeed.

    To the swamp rats, there are things worst than losing an election.In your shortsighted zeal to overthrow our Great President Trump you’ve now got a pissed off army of the productive, God Fearing, Flag waving, gun toting, free Americans ready to explode. Were not talking about the bums at BLM and Antifa, but people who get up before dawn and don’t come home until the job is done.

    God Bless America! God Bless President Trump! Screw everyone else.

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  6. nimrodman says:

    The do a lot of “farming” there in Europe.
    In 2016 it was Macedonian content farms, now it’s Romanian troll farms.

    This latest one sounds like a misinformation operation to discredit Epoch Times and portray black support for PresTrump as fake

    Facebook removes hundreds of accounts run by Romanian troll farm posing as African-Americans supporting Donald Trump as well as pages linked to conservative media outlet The Epoch Times

    • Facebook removed hundreds of accounts from a troll farm in Romania posing as African-Americans supporting Donald Trump and the QAnon conspiracy

    • The farm pushed out content on Instagram under the names ‘BlackPeopleVoteForTrump’ and ‘We Love Our President’

    • The tech giant also removed fake accounts linked to pro-Trump media outlet The Epoch Times that pushed comments about coronavirus and protests in the US

    • Facebook announced the removal of the accounts on Thursday as a part of the network’s crackdown on coordinated inauthentic behavior on the website

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    • Sounds more to me like it’s an excuse for Mark Zuckerburg to DO that which he claims he doesn’t do: Meddle in the election by dicrediting, then removing, voices thatsupport the President.

      Has anyone EVER seen a case when Facebook or Twitter accused ANYONE of being a LEFTIST Troll? And yet, we KNOW that Leftist orgs (like Media Matters) deploy bots to ASTROTURF support for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING “Left-ish”

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    • Joemama says:

      Wow, this sure sounds like facebook is censoring patriotic black Americans.

      If this is the case, facebook just wrote their obituary and that of the demoncrat party. Word of mouth will travel like wildfire.

      I’ll have to ask some friends at work what they’ve heard about facebook recently


  7. So… REPUBLICAN(yeah, right) John Kasich will speak at the Dem convention, but AOC, Ilhan, and Rashida WON’T?


    Welcome to DC politics, Squad!

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  8. nimrodman says:

    Another little hurdle for Cuomo and DiBlasio as they struggle to convince the wealth to return to NYC:

    Upper West Side residents’ fury as homeless junkies and sex offenders are moved into three luxury NYC hotels and turn the area into a spectacle of public urination, cat-calling and brazen drug use

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  9. sunnydaze says:

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  10. California Joe says:

    A 23 year old NFL player from the poorest section of Baton Rouge fired after attempted strangulation of his girlfriend. Welcome to a Democrat run country!

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  11. WSB says:

    Twitter Warriors, heads UP!!

    Ned Ryan just called out Katie Walsh and her husband on Tucker’s show. Somehow, these two have rangled their way into the GOP and are in charge of communications and other.

    Ned says they should both be removed. We know she has been pretty anti-PT since her days of leaking at theWH.

    Please fire bomb her twitter account if you can.THese POs’ MUST BE TAKEN OUT!!!!

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  12. A2 says:


    US farm brand John Deere at forefront of surging cotton machinery sales to Xinjiang, as human rights sanctions loom
    Sales of hi-tech US cotton-harvesting machinery to be used in Xinjiang rose by more than 4,000 per cent in April from a year earlier, a Post investigation shows
    John Deere has a heavy presence in the western Chinese region, where dominant entities face US sanctions over alleged human rights abuses

    Interesting report. Shows how China accessed farm equipment in the US


  13. FreedomNinja says:

    23 years ago my wife and I were married. She had the prior year voted for Clinton for the 2nd time. And she didn’t like my “Don’t blame me… I voted Republican” bumper sticker. Fast forward… this week we are at a beach near Pensacola with our 2 kids. When we set up umbrellas today, we could go left or right off the boardwalk. She chose right. Why? She told me tonight at dinner it was because there was a group with a Trump 2020 flag nearby. She told me she thought it would be nice to be close to those normal people. She will be voting for Trump for the second time this year. There is hope, my friends!

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    • RyderLee says:

      Hooray for Your Wife , FreedomNinja ! 🇺🇲🤩🇺🇲


    • Joemama says:

      Yes, there is. Marriage is a wonderful thing, if done right.


    • soozword says:

      But the rest of us don’t have 23 years ahead of us to convince our dumb Dem relatives to ever vote for a R or conservative. Glad you started early!!!


      • Donovans Trigger says:

        Cut them off. In the Civil War period it came down to splitting families over right and wrong. Your Dem family members, when it comes down to the decision between family and power will always, always pick pride and power over family and blood. Want proof? They support the killing of their own blood by abortion within their own family.


    • I have a similar story about my daughter.

      I’ve worked diligently for the last 4yrs to “Red Pill” her, and was glad to see her return from a trip to S Carolina and say: “It was GREAT! Everywhere I looked there were TRUMP 2020 MAGA flags!” ( we live in a deep-blue area of a Northeastern state, and she’s in constant fear of retaliation at work if she even MENTIONS his name)


  14. sDee says:

    Overstock, Strzok, Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Deep State.

    Anyone heard about Patrick Byrne lately?

    “Overstock Could Be the First Real Amazon Competitor”


  15. A2 says:

    China-US tension: defence ministers talk under the shadow of US night flight close to Guangdong coast
    Friction over manoeuvres in the South China Sea, but Beijing and Washington agree to keep lines of communication open to ‘contain risks’
    Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe and the US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper discuss issues related to Hong Kong and Covid-19

    “ The defence chiefs of China and the United States laid bare their discord over the South China Sea and Taiwan in a long phone call, with Beijing expressing frustration with Washington but both sides agreeing to maintain contact to contain the risk of military clashes.
    The conversation on Thursday night between Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe and the US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper – their second this year – came one day after a night operation by a US surveillance aircraft over waters close to the southern province of Guangdong and before an unusual trip to Taiwan by the US health chief Alex Azar over the weekend.”

    Read more here:

    (I wondered why Yang Jiechi in his foreign policy speech (posted it earlier) did not mention the SCS after all the wolf warrior comments by officials and the PLA generals. Looks like the PRC side is getting a tiny bit cautious😆)

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  16. DeWalt says:

    These guys are reading right through the redactions. Their good.


  17. nwtex says:

    Herman Cain@THEHermanCain
    5:55 AM · Aug 7, 2020
    Services will be held this morning at 11 a.m. EST for Herman Cain. If you’d like to join us in the celebration of his life, you may do so at the following link:

    Herman Cain’s funeral: ‘He had an abundant life’

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  18. Jenevive says:

    The top news stories for months now here in CT has been COVID.
    But this Tropical storm pushed that to down the page.. People are MAD
    at Eversource (the electric company) MAD, That is the top story headline news
    now for a few days…Even Richard Blumethal is mad at them and he didn;t
    blame POTUS amazingly…But lesson learned getting a generator in a few weeks
    when they replenish..


  19. nwtex says:


  20. A2 says:

    Just before the sanctions:

    25 Hong Kong activists charged for taking part in ‘unauthorised’ Tiananmen massacre vigil


    Twenty-five Hong Kong democracy activists were charged Thursday with taking part in a banned June candlelight vigil marking the anniversary of China’s 1989 Tiananmen crackdown.

    They included prominent activist Joshua Wong, media tycoon Jimmy Lai and leaders of the Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, and were formally charged with “knowingly taking part in an unauthorised assembly”.

    “ Hong Kong residents enjoy rights of assembly and demonstration under the Basic Law. The police’s suppression and ban on the June 4 assembly is completely driven by politics,” the Alliance said in a statement, adding that they do not fear political persecution.

    Wong, 23, said on Facebook: “Clearly, the regime plans to stage another crackdown on the city’s activists.

    “As our voices might not be heard soon, we hope the world can continue speaking up for the city’s liberty and human rights,” he added.

    All 25 are expected to appear in court on September 15.

    Read more here:

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  21. A2 says:

    How to frame a narrative👇Unmissable

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  22. Sentient says:

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  23. sunnydaze says:

    That’s a good size crowd for the Phoenix Clean-up- *especially* in the hot summer months!

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  24. What’s the f**k! John Brennan escapes prosecution in John Durham investigation!


  25. A2 says:

    This explains the US surveillance flights skirting China’s east coast recently and Sec Defence Esper’s talk with his Chinese counterpart.👇👇

    Mainland China deploys more amphibious weapons along coast in Taiwan mission
    Satellite images published in military magazine show Type 05 amphibious vehicles deployed to PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command
    Armoured fighting vehicles belonging to ground force are capable of speedy landing operations


    “ The People’s Liberation Army has deployed more amphibious weapon systems in mainland China’s coastal cities across the strait from Taiwan in a sign that the armed forces are keen to play a key role in the long-standing mission to “reunify Taiwan”, according to an analyst.
    Recent satellite images published in the latest edition of the influential military magazine Kanwa Asian Defence show more Type 05 amphibious armoured vehicles have been deployed to the Eastern Theatre Command, which claims jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait.”

    Read more:


  26. gsonFIT says:

    I just listened to Ben Shapiro interview Kelly Loeffler. I am not going to vote for her but that doesnt mean I do not support her, She made an excellent point that dems want desperately for Georgia to be in play and to flip Blue. But that she feels Georgia understands that strong conservative values are best to lift up our great State and for that matter this great country.

    Ben asked her about her WNBA basketball team and a story came out that I was not aware of. Apparently the league has allowed the players to leave the court during the National Anthem. Of course they do so because of the madness of crowds, and the players inability to think critically. In turn Our United States Senator from Georgia has caught all kinds of grief for pushing back on these young ladies disrespecting the flag. To the point of perhaps losing her team. The good senator was able to fight of the subtrefuse and coup of her team, However the the players now wear T-shirts calling for the fans to vote for Loeffler’s opposition. Aint that a bitch?

    One other item. Stacey Abrams now sits on the board of the WNBA players union. Besides thinking that the NFL players union would be a better fit for Abrams, I am not sure if she promoted this disrespect of Senator Loeffler.

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    • WSB says:

      Didn’t Collins win the primary?


      • gsonFIT says:

        Here is a copy and paste. I am glad you asked i may vote for Kelly if Collins is a solid front runner. Proud of Georgia for saving $ on Primary

        On November 3, 2020, per Georgia law, a special general election will take place on the same day as the regularly scheduled U.S. Senate election for the seat held by David Perdue. A primary election will not occur; instead, all candidates, regardless of party, will be placed on the same ballot. Party labels will be printed on the ballot and if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers will advance to a runoff election, to be held on January 5, 2021.[2]


        • WSB says:

          Why would you vote for someone PT has not endorsed? Collins needs all of the votes he can get in case of voter fraud…never trust any polling. Ever!


          • gsonFIT says:

            If Collins is a solid one and Loeffler is 3 a vote to take her from 3 to 2 would be more valuable than a vote to pad Collins first place.


            • WSB says:

              In a run off, the winner needs to win by the largest percentage of votes. Your math for a place and show does not work to help the winner win if there is a contest of the vote cout…please understand.


              • gsonFIT says:

                what i am suggesting is trying to place a vote so it would most help republicans. I care nothing for the dems in this race. If i feel it is Collins at a solid 1 and my vote would help Loeffler get second and create an all (R) runoff. I would vote this way and then vote Collins in the runoff


                • WSB says:

                  So is there no way for Collins to win without a run off?

                  I only ask because Mitch McConnell would try to fix this so that Loeffler would win..he just did this against Kobach in Kansas.

                  You realize that Mitch controls the NRSC …massive money and dirty tricks up the wazoo! Mitch triangulates true Republicans to lose against Rinos.

                  Never trust a Republican against a ‘Republican’.

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                • WSB says:

                  And allow me to make this straight…there is no such thing as a Republican any more.

                  There are a handful of Americans who back what President Trump is trying to save us from…and the other evil ones.

                  Many of those are so called Republicans.





                  I could go on and on…UniParty.

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                • gsonFIT says:

                  That is them DNA of my Political beliefs and I get goose bumps when I read your message.
                  You are a friend and Patriot

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Youtube name – ‘We Are The Media We Are The Media’ – date july 21, 20202

        title – Pelosi Sends Message to Trump

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  27. A2 says:

    Go PLAN! Maotai and Xi Jinping thought in action

    (Actually at Xu Huibingjiang in Shanghai)



  28. WhiteBoard says:

    so i just had a Put on Your Mask Moment…….

    I was at a store with my mask chin holding…. and an employee says the annoying “SIRRrrrrr”

    “You need to put you mask on”

    I said “ok” and walked passed the employee and didnt do anyhting…

    i heard feet ‘tap tap tap tap’ and again the annoying “SIrrrrrrrrrr”

    I turn around and the employees says “you need to put the mask on”

    I turn around and walk up to them and asy “if this good enough” (pulled it over my mouth)

    the employees annoying dominates me and says “it needs to be pulled all the way up”

    I was done at that moment – fck it – lets find out. I said “I have medical exemption, and i’m trying to cooperate”

    the employee goes into HIllary Lost 2016 brain freeze – and trys to roll their hand to dismiss me, but the hand actually moves them backward and away.

    Greatest moment ever. small victory – but i MADE IT EXPENSIVE for that employee to walk up to someone else. they will hesitate now. MAKE THIS EXPENSIVE – cost them some serious emotional stress to do this.

    they ARE COWARDS – which is why they complied the QUICKEST to tell others to follow to.

    i’m trying to be the first follower- after hearing someone on this site with a similar story. I tried it. its so sad it felt like a braveheart moment – but it does feel like we are ricking beheading.


    • Jason Ross says:

      Where did this happen? I live in western New York. Most store employees don’t wear them properly…. I’m talking even at Walmart and grocery stores. I never wear one and have never been bothered about it. Most people who do wear one have their nose exposed.

      Must be urban areas are a different story.


  29. Bubby says:

    FTA “Former CIA Director John Brennan appears to have dodged prosecution in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation.

    After NBC News reported Thursday that Brennan agreed to do an interview with Durham, signaling that his investigation is nearing its end, a source told NPR that the Obama-era CIA director has been told he is not a target of prosecutors. Instead, this source said, the interview will mainly consist of technical questions.

    The news is sure to disappoint some of President Trump’s most ardent supporters who believe Brennan and other top officials in the Obama administration sought to sabotage Trump’s candidacy in 2016 and later his presidency.”

    If true disappointing but not surprising. Amazing how Brennan became head of the CIA as a known communist supporter.


  30. WhiteBoard says:

    I just got home – did anyone post POTUS’s talk today where a Reporter mentioned some people werent wearing masks?

    he said they were PEACEFUL PROTESTING!!! is that a hint? can we say that everywhere? or does it only apply in NJ because they wrote it in the law? cant use it in walmart?

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  31. WhiteBoard says:

    We know Fake News.

    We wonder why Sports are betraying us with kneeling – and yielding to MONEY – china.

    Listen to this video for 1 second. hear the empyt seats in the stadium ROAR with people. SPORTS ARE FAKE NEWS


  32. nwtex says:


  33. sunnydaze says:

    This woman grew up in Communist Poland. She’s a #walkWith


  34. sunnyflower5 says:



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