Sunday Talks – Bartiromo Asks Navarro: “Why is President Trump Losing So Badly”…

White House Trade and Manufacturing Policy Advisor Peter Navarro appears with Maria Bartriomo on Sunday Morning Futures.  Within the interview Ms. Bartiromo outlines all of the far-left policies, actions, riots, mayhem and very visible outcomes that are toxic to the general population…. and then asks Peter Navarro: “why would voters rather see their lives destroyed that re-elect President Trump.  Why is he losing so badly?”

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402 Responses to Sunday Talks – Bartiromo Asks Navarro: “Why is President Trump Losing So Badly”…

  1. Kubudda says:

    Could it just be that the democrats don’t believe they can beat Trump and none of their top tier candidates want to take him on and get the little marco treatment killing their presidential runs in 2024?

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    The polls are total, unadulterated b.s. and we all know it. Either put on your big girl pants, or for the rest of you, your pussy hats, and go to the polls in Nov. Good will WIN over EVI again.

    The DIMs cannot even come come to President TRUMP’s long, long, long record of WINNING!

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    • Marsha Frey says:

      Agree. Carville and Scarborough let the cat out of the bag on the Democrat’s new attack. By having the polls show Biden 14 points ahead, etc. and the media joins in and run that day after day — Carville and Scarborough say “Trump will drop out because he doesn’t like to lose” – they actually believe they can force Trump out before election day with BS media polls. The Democrats have always miss-read Trump – he is a “fighter to the end – raised on the streets of New York”. Trump loves a good fight. This ludicrous new plot to take him out is only going to fire-up Trump and his supporters even more. He is sabotaged at every turn – even the nefarious management of BOK in Tulsa cut seating down which affected the totals. I’m amazed he’s doing so well against the tide.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Another re-run destined to fail. How stupid these little minds are. People who have done nothing with their lives. I guess they already forgot about 2015-2016.

        I’m not amazed. I know what he is made of, and he will always outclass, outwit and outrun each and every opponent or roadblock they put in his way. Think back to California and how he got out and walked on the freeway, down the hill and into the building. He is fearless. OUR Lion.

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  3. jparz says:

    Wow, Maria!
    I initially was upset with her remarks about the polls, but after watching the video, it appears to me that she did this to give Peter an opportunity to defend the President’s record of achievement. This isn’t happening on any other network, not even FOX.
    I feel like I’m in an alternate universe. We just came out from a worldwide pandemic. President Trump and his Administration did a fantastic job with nothing in the cupboards! No masks or ventilators! Obama left the cupboard bare. The fact that the economy was so good when the pandemic hit our shores enabled President Trump marshall all the resources to help us, the American people, survive this thing!
    The public and private partnerships that evolved, were amazing!! President Trump’s daily press briefings, although mocked by the left, were a welcome sight for a lot of us that were frightened out of our wits! Remember? He was resolute, and was constantly pushing forward for more action, more results, put the Mercy & Comfort ships on opposite coasts because they were needed, he said.
    He never hid throughout the whole pandemic. He was front and center. He was very concerned about Americans not handling the self isolation well. He was concerned for the children and their mental health. FLOTUS was too.
    Once again, the jobs numbers exceeded expectations. Now, here we go again with the surge in the COVID-19 cases in TX, AZ, CA. I live in AZ, and the numbers have increased in my county. I know a lot more about COVID-19, so I’m not in a panic. I’ve spoken to my doc. He knows what to do if I get sick.
    Do we want to go back to the Obama days when everyday, we got bad news about the economy, we were told that we are the problem, our voices muted, our rights and freedoms signed away by a man that very soon won’t even be able to spell his own name?
    I pray every day for this country, our President, his family, his Administration, the many prayer warriors out there, you guys, our nation, and I pray repentance. I want God to know I haven’t given up on His plan for America. I know who me and mine are voting for in November. I pray that R’s retake the House, increase their numbers in the Senate, and of course, grant Donald J. Trump a second term.
    The polls are just like 2016, predicting a Hillary landslide. I believe he’s going to win by an even larger margin. God Bless and Encourage you all!! 🇺🇸🙏❤️

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  4. lizziedw says:

    Does anyone remember the 2016 polls that showed H. Clinton getting 100plus% of the vote. So much for polls.

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  5. dscottv says:

    Because most of the polls are media push polls trying to demoralize Trump voters is my guess. Only halfway decent poll I’ve seen was the Ohio poll the other day that showed the race basically a dead heat and Trump +10 on the economy.

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    • paper doll says:



    • Carolyn Harlan says:

      I think Tucker Carlson did more damage to the President last Thursday night with his blatant attack on the President than the polls are doing – we all know polls are b.s., but I saw a huge shift in attitude from so-called conservatives, including on here after Tucker attacked. Few seem to remember Tucker was a Never Trumper in 2016 and worked Cato for 7 years before taking on his Fox program.

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      • Carolyn,
        I am completely tuned out of other news sources other than this and few other sites so no idea what Tucker said.

        Having said that, if “conservatives” are sheep following Tucker and other media loud mounts – good or bad – then this nation is in trouble. We already have brain dead dems listening to MSM, we do not want brain dead “conservatives”.

        The reason I put in ” for conservatives is simple – I do not group people. For me, it is either you are American (President Trump’s supporter because of his MAGA policies) or anti-American (dem supporters because of their anti-American policies).


      • Cyberfoy says:

        I don’t remember Tucker being a never Trumper. Trump should absolutely take his advice, he is on point when it comes to the MAGA movement which is bigger than Trump himself. Trump has made some truly awful personnel decisions, he absolutely should factor in Tucker’s advice. Constructive criticism is not a bad thing, Tucker resonates with Trump’s base for a reason.

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        • WVPatriot says:

          And when were you and Tucker elected President of the United States of America? Donald John Trump is 1 to 0 in political campaigns — that 1 was winning the Presidency of the U.S.of A.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      The Democrats want a media narrative that Trump has already lost November’s race for the upcoming Fourth of July. The DNC wants to project the image that Biden is already elected and Trump is simply playing out the string.

      They always plan these things out in advance of national holidays when friends and family gather. They want water cooler discussion to be heavily tilted against Trump so he doesn’t pick up any votes when far-flung relatives gather together.

      It’s so predictable and the Republicans almost never have anything planned ahead of time in response. The Democrats have been doing this for years and years.

      I’ll drop this little bit here – one of the head pollsters for Fox News is a lesbian and her partner was regional manager…for Hillary’s election campaign in 2016.

      The internals on most of these polls are cooked heavily for the Democrats. Trump likely is losing at the moment, but it’s razor-thin margins.

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      • sat0422 says:

        I watch Levin every Sunday and any other time he is a guest on any show. He is the best.
        Judge Jeanine, Steve Hilton, and Dennis Miller also get my attention and I usually watch them as well.

        I watch “the comedy man” on Saturday night, Greg Gutfeld and his invited cast of characters every week. Greg has become my go to for relief from all else on the tube.

        I watch Laura Ingram when I can’t find anything else to watch or to catch up on the “line of BS for the day” that is also been talked about on every other show within the past 24 hours. Laura is who and what she is but not the best personality for that time slot IMHO.
        I watch Hannity about 1 hour per week.

        I listen to talk radio when I get bored while driving and it’s always Rush, Hannity, or Levin but my radio stays silent a lot while I am driving.
        I ignore the communist reports at all costs.
        I don’t do FB but about once per month.
        I don’t do Twitter.
        My day is spent trying to alert others to the coming revolution and to get prepared.

        And if you think I am crazy, I will add that I believe that little vials of the Cvirus are stashed in a vault and being opened periodically to scare the crap out of everyone who wants to breath fresh air or return kids to school or lead a normal life!


      • brenrod says:

        I dont agree that trump is likely losing at the moment: we were given the same narrative in 2016 and it was all BS. I ignore these polls because they have been proven BS. the only difference between 2016 and now is that Trump has demonstrated that he does what he says he will do. My only complaint is that he is does not do more to expose and prosecute these rioters and traitors. But its not that there is anyone who is near to trump in this system of corruption. For me it matters not what any of these crooks conjure up because I have no choice. If I could vote for trump without the gop I would because they have been the main problem, if they had supported Trump none of this would be happening. .
        One disadvantage this time is that there will be less folks attending the rallies due to the coronavirus and the rioting that has been allowed to continue[


  6. USA Citizen says:

    Democrats are the Party of Racists because Democrats didn’t want to free slaves, they opposed it. Therefore, the Democrat Party is the biggest RACIST PARTY in history. President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, is the one who freed the slaves and now these dumb Democrat rioters want to destroy his statue. Why don’t they destroy the Democrat statues, because these racist, rioters don’t know anything about history, that’s why these Democrat rioters are doing this. Arrest these Racist Rioters and put them in Prison. If we got rid of all Democrat Professors in the Universities, this country would be so good. These Democrat Professors are brain washing their students to vote Democrat. When these dumb students grow up, they will get smart and regret voting for Democrats, but it’s too late then, because the Democrat Party will take over our country and we will all suffer because of dumb people that always vote Democrat. Wake Up America and vote for President Donald J. Trump in November 3, so he can bring in more jobs and keep our country safe and free.

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    • Tfields says:

      Quit believing Dinesh D’Souza’s and ConInc. fake Civil War history. America never fought a civil war over slavery and over half the Union that fought against the Confederacy was also Democrat and many of them came from northern slave states themselves. Abraham Lincoln was a thorough going racist who supported and even attempt black repatriation back to Africa. The GOP Establishment think tanks as well as Fox News and ConInc. media conservatives have been trying to write fake history cover up the horrible truth about Lincoln and the Civil War to make the Republican Party look good just as the New York Times’ 1619 project is writing fake history to make America and white people look bad. Abraham Lincoln illegally invaded the southern states to force th south back into the Union in order to end the republic that the Founder founded and replace it with an all powerful Federal Government.


  7. paper doll says:

    Maria was giving Navarro a message. The swamp wants PT gone 😠

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      President Trump was elected because voters want the swamp gone. After watching the burning, looting, destruction, and violence in ‘blue states’, it’s not likely those voters are going to change their minds. Remember. It’s the electoral votes that count.

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  8. USA Citizen says:

    If Democrat Joe Biden wins the election in November 3,2020, all of you stupid people that voted for him will regret it till the day you die, because China will take over the USA and we will then be a Communist Country where people starve because there will be no jobs, lines for bread and Chinese Communist Soldiers will be standing guard, ready to kill any American who oppose Communism, and the only people that will prosper will be the high ranking Democrat politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Etc. that will do what the Chinese leader wants. Vote for President Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020, so he can stop China from taking our country and bring in more jobs for the American people so America can stay free and strong and working only under President Donald J. Trump.

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  9. usJim says:

    Ha ha ha. She’s an idiot. NO recollection of FOUR YEARS ago …


  10. paper doll says:

    I would like to see CTH folks call our President, President Trump, not just Trump ,as I have seen a lot lately. He deserves our respect. Just saying

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  11. jediphantom says:

    They are useless until the 2nd “OHR” 3rd week in OCTOBER. And even then, as we have seen, they will most likely be WRONG.


    Instead, they waste valuable airtime responding to the FAKE NEWS NARRATIVE OF THE HOUR.

    THIS MUST STOP. Do what the LEFTYCON SWAMP MEDIA does on the important stories like SPYGATE, PEDOGATE, and DEMDESTRUCTOGATE. IGNORE THEM AND GO FULL ON WITH SPYGATE AND PEDOGATE. They are weapons we must not let lie in corner any longer.



    • MelH says:

      They waste time responding to the Fake News of the hour because that is the ONLY news they get. Spygate, Pedogate, Obamagate and any other -gate are weapons to us but conspiracy theories to them. They have NO idea the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Democrats. We can’t inject that news into them because their wall is impenetrable and that’s a fact, Jack!


  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    Putting polls aside (I never understand them)….

    There are other patterns that give you an idea of election trends leading up to the election.

    One of them is legislators’ party affiliation switches. There have been several in the past six months….and they are switches from Dem to repub.

    The other is special elections. Repubs are blowing Dems away with special elections this year.

    Other activities include phenonemons like blexit, walkaway, etc. Those movements are real although I can’t say how significant it will be in moving vote percentages yet.

    The never Trump resistance may do slightly more damage than 2016; but judging from Trump’s high approval among Republican voters….I don’t see much effect at all from it.

    The Democrat resistance is on fire against Trump unlike anything we have seen (media, social media, BLM, fake whistle-blowers, etc).
    However, people are wise to fake news this time around. And although movements like BLM are effective in making short term hits to bring Trump down….those movements usually backfire in the long-term (occupy wallstreet and Blm in 2016). So Trump will eventually recover from that.

    The force of the campaign won’t really be in effect till the last two months prior to the election. You’ll see some small things unfold, but all the big stuff will likely start unfolding after the gop convention….and predominantly in mid-August through Oct). That’s where headway is made.

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    • ezgoer says:

      Early voting which is awful starts October 1st in many states. The party conventions are later this year in late August as opposed to July. So there is a very short period to campaign before voting begins. More people will early vote to avoid election day crowds due to fear of the virus. Two-thirds of the vote may be in before election day unlike the more traditional 1/3 in past years. That helps the Dems. There will be more mail-in voting and that provides more opportunity for rampant fraud also favoring the Dems.


      • vikingmom says:

        I agree and this is my biggest concern! I DESPISE all of the “early voting” because I firmly believe one of the main reasons for it to give the Dems advance warning as to how many votes they have to manufacture in order to “win” certain areas. If they do not know until election day what the vote totals are, then they have less opportunity to cheat!

        The biggest “tell” for me that the National GOP wants PDJT gone is the fact that they have NOTHING for the last 3 1/2 years to improve voter security and to reform the election process to reduce fraud!

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        • MelH says:

          Vikingmom, we don’t know that! No one is going to tell us the strategy, but we were told the Dept of Defense began working on securing the 2020 vote the moment President Trump was inaugurated. He certainly knows how crucial this is and is not waiting for us to ask what he thinks we should do about it.

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  13. eric says:

    losing what???
    the election is in november #1.

    #2…please don’t give me any non-sense about polls…they are the same ones who said hiLIARy would win in a blowout and that there was no path to 270 for Trump.
    i honestly don’t care about poll numbers.
    when people stop going to his rallies,when the media stops with their fake crap,when people stop tuning in to every speech he makes….then i’ll be worried.
    but non of that is happening.
    people still show up by the thousands to his rallies,the media continues to make crap up,people tune in by the millions to hear what he has to say…and the poll numbers are continually manipulated to get the outcome they want.
    it means 1 thing.
    he will win.

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    • ezgoer says:

      How are there going to be Trump rallies when Democrat governors in NC, PA, MI, WI, MN are going to ban gatherings of more than 50-100 people? The key states that Trump needs to win to get re-elected.


      • MelH says:

        Last I heard, the governors of any state can’t arbitrarily ban the M13 gang, let alone the President and his supporters. There WILL be rallies, bigger than ever! They can’t fight the dropping Covid death numbers .


  14. hawkins6 says:

    Yesterday, I expressed my concerns about the 19 “different” negative Trump polls that were used to promote a larger Dem/MSM campaign to discourage Trump voters and was told by a few to ignore them or stop looking at them. My intention was to counter the polls with facts because some people believe them.

    POTUS has been trying to discredit them on Twitter but the low turnout at the Tulsa rally wasn’t a bogus poll. The Dem requests for tickets that led to grossly exaggerated predictions of over a million expected rally goers was either a successful Dem dirty trick and Parscale was caught napping or many Trump supporters did not want to attend. Was it fear of rioting or disinterest?

    If all or the vast majority of Trump supporters publicly pledged not to participate in any political election poll and Trump’s results slid lower than Biden’s hidden bunker, the election campaign polling industry would be ruined. They would be irrelevant to all including Maria who appears to have accepted the latest poll results as accurate. I don’t know what unintended consequences this strategy would cause


      • hawkins6 says:

        I know wpsahm–the Dems are sneaky and nefarious. Tulsa was a lesson in learning for a 2nd time campaign “not to Trust anybody” when election fever mixes with Covid. If the arena managing company or owner was successful in scuttling attendance where were the Trump campaign people that are supposed to look after his interests? Do they need to hire more experienced people to scout and ensure compliance?

        The 2016 Trump campaign was a fledgling effort that was abused and attacked by the most corrupt people in America including all the Dirty Cops in the FBI and DOJ and the IC.

        President Trump’s team had better up their game and be ever vigilant because the Dems and their supporters are out to win at any cost including minor efforts like fake ticket purchases and arena dirty tricks. I suspect worse is yet to come. Where was the separation between rally attendees and anti-fa? This was one rally in relatively peaceful Tulsa.

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      • paper doll says:

        The rally was sabotaged by the venue. One of the culprits bragged about it on tweeter

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    • Rob says:

      Low turnout? 12,000 people during a pandemic with BLM harassing them and the Tulsa venue trying to sabotage the entry ?

      Biden couldn’t have gotten 1000 people unless hey were paid. Get real.

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      • hawkins6 says:

        A “low turnout” according to predictions.

        The Trump campaign announced it was arranging for 2 speaking locations for POTUS for the first time ever in Tulsa. One inside and one outside to speak to the masses of people that would not be able to get in.

        The planned outside speaking venue was not mentioned at the rally. The conniving Dems’ dirty trick of artificially increasing ticket demands by hundreds of thousands duped the Trump campaign. It happens, I’m sure they learned from it. “Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched.”


  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    If Biden were really far ahead of Trump…..

    The Dems wouldn’t be running around like their hair was on fire, throwing every thing they can think of to attack Trump. They even tried to impeach him for cryin’ out loud.

    They would be acting calm, confident, and responsible trying to win over the mushy middle vote. Instead they are pandering to their far left base. You do that in a primary….not a general election.

    Also, someone posted the Rasmussen trending poll in the general Trump thread . This has to really worry Dems. There was a slight dip in black/Hispanic support for Trump recently at onset of BLM riots….but it is back up higher than ever already.

    If you look at the Dem behavior….

    They just aren’t acting like they think Biden is actually ahead. Not only that, but they are fighting an internal battle with their socialist wing within their party . The DEM-e are clearly afraid of their DSA caucus (AOC crowd).

    Trump is definately going through a rough patch right now. The country is dealing with a pandemic crisis and a cultural crisis at the same time. It takes its toll on him as President (as it would any President). He will bring the country through it, no doubt. Where we will be in November, I can’t say. So, that is my only concern.

    Either way….no way Dems think Biden is far ahead of Trump. Their behavior seems to say just the opposite.

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  16. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    President Trump is losing badly? I must be the twilight zone then.


  17. Blind no Longer says:

    2020 is everything!!!!! It’s the whole ball of wax!!! Nothing could be more important than the reelection of Donald John Trump, if the USA is to remain the USA. PERIOD.

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  18. tax2much says:

    I don’t recall any poll going back to Reagan that had the Republican winning at this point in an election.

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  19. Fool Gold says:

    I think I’ll just stick with polls from 2016 and go do my part following my voting rights in the exact say way. If you follow Our President on Twitter, I’ll remind you even our President knows about cold anger and Our silent majority who are pissed off. A loss just might be the trigger point that causes us to take matters into Our own hands. Just my humble opinion but I’ll be all in and I ain’t alone in my neck of the woods but at the same time I’m also the kind of fellow who prays for the best from God and his followers but expects the very worst from Satan and his followers…

    Also I had to do a double check on Maria. I don’t keep up with Maria’s ratings but that may or not be a factor in this broadcast.


  20. Troublemaker10 says:

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  21. paper doll says:

    The swamp is going nuts, getting everyone to earn their 30 pieces of sliver, because in the real polls PT is crushing it. That’s my 2 cents

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    The polls are meant to goad President TRUMP into attempting to use military force in the crash and burn DIM run cities. Then they will claim that WE, The Taxpayers via the u.s. gubt should pay for the rebuild.


  23. Richard says:

    The polls are battlefield prep for massive vote fraud.


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