April 27th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1194

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Kayleigh McEnany Twitter @PressSec

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959 Responses to April 27th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1194

  1. lackawaxen123 says:

    the Cuomo Brothers Moving Company is having a lockdown special …
    50% off any goalposts you need moved …
    “We are the best in the business” …
    “All the lockdown Governors have called us in to assist”

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  2. Doppler says:

    Check out RFK Jr’s letter to Dr Sanjay Gupta challenging CNN on its false information concerning flu viruses. Well documented, hard hitting, and from a Dem icon.


  3. Reserved55 says:

    EXCLUSIVE: AG Barr Directs Federal Prosecutors to Protect ‘Civil Liberties’ During COVID-19
    Fred Lucas
    1 hour ago

    “The legal restrictions on state and local authority are not limited to discrimination against religious institutions and religious believers,” the Monday memorandum adds.

    “For example, the Constitution also forbids, in certain circumstances, discrimination against disfavored speech and undue interference with the national economy,” Barr continues. “If a state or local ordinance crosses the line from an appropriate exercise of authority to stop the spread of COVID19 into an overbearing infringement of constitutional and statutory protections, the Department of Justice may have an obligation to address that overreach in federal court.”


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  4. Reserved55 says:

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  5. TMonroe says:


    Now @CDCgov says food supply workers can keep working following “potential exposure” to #SARSCoV2, as long as they’re asymptomatic. See, if your job actually matters to feeding the rest of us, we’re not going to pretend this virus is the Randall Flagg. cdc.gov/coronavirus/20…

    As noted: “The guidance advises that employers may permit workers who have been exposed to COVID-19, but remain without symptoms, to continue to work, provided they adhere to additional safety precautions.” So what about asymptomatic spread? I mean, if food processors aren’t potential super spreaders, what does that mean for other close contact workers who show no symptoms?

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    • Reserved55 says:

      Millions of Americans have been exposed to the Wuhan Virus just like millions are exposed to the ‘flu’ each year.

      When one’s body immune system kills the virus you don’t keep spreading something that’s dead.

      Both are Coronavirus’, WuFlu is a different strain just as the ‘flu’ virus mutates to new strains.

      The only difference is Wuhan Virus is lab grown.


  6. Perot Conservative says:



  7. Linda K. says:

    De Blasio and wife take a stroll through Prospect Park, heckled by fellow New Yorkers.



  8. Perot Conservative says:

    PART I.

    Can someone pass these ideas on, if warranted, to someone in the White House?

    URGENT Meeting Proposed with President Trump, Peter Navarro, Sonny Perdue & Jared Kuschner.

    Objective: Saving the imminent, unneeded slaughter of American livestock due to lack of labor / supply chain. With an Emergency, all-hands-on-Deck Approach, can’t we fill a temporary labor shortage? We have over 25 Million people unemployed!

    STEP 2: IMMEDIATE PHYSICALS. Bring in local or Military Doctors.
    STEP 3: Food Safety Training.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      STEP 4: Training.

      PART II. – Details

      Pay package & Perks

      – Top journeyman pay scale will be paid to all qualified applicants. ($25 hour? $37 / hour overtime?)
      – Presidential Letter of Commendation at the conclusion of 1-2 months work.
      – $5,000 Bonus at the end of 1-2 months successful work.
      – Triple Supervisory Staff – temporarily promote veteran meat cutters to supervise new hires.
      – Covid Testing 2x a day – at the start & end of every shift.
      – Call in the National Guard, if needed.
      – Call in FEMA if temporary housing is needed.

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    • P says:

      Perot Conservative: There is a Contact form available at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ in which you can Copy/Paste your post. Hope this helps. : )


  9. booger71 says:

    Good news for Missourians. Next Monday May 4th, Gov Parsons announced all Missouri businesses may open as long a federal guidlines for Phase 1 are adhered to. My hair lady texted me and I have a hair appointment next Monday….woo hoo

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  10. Perot Conservative says:

    PART III – More Details

    – Age / Strength may be a major component due to 8-10 hours standing, and repetitive tasks. So Age Requirements may be required. Only applicants under 50 or under 40?
    – Prioritize hiring recent Military Veterans who can pass the physical & drug tests.
    – Prioritize hiring unemployed meat cutters across the nation and those recently retired.
    – If we don’t get the needed replies in 24 hours, bring in the National Guard and / or Military Academies!
    – PERK: bring in Military Doctors & Dentists to provide 100% Free Medical tests & procedures for modest needs – cavities, ulcer, etc. Possibly extend to family members.
    – Backup: there may be higher turnover, plan for it. Plan that new workers may only produce 80% of seasoned workers.

    – heck, if needed, also stipulate all of these wages are tax free. Incentivize for the Best!
    – invite the Temporary Meat Cutters to the White House when the shortage is over.
    – all temporary workers get priority for future job openings.
    – run weekend crews to catch up on the backlog; run 2-3 shifts, if needed.

    It is LUDICROUS to slaughter livestock, pigs, chickens, when we have the need for food, and we have the product, 25+ Million people unemployed, and we need 1,000 – 5,000 meat cutters?!!

    We put men on the moon with toy computers and slide rules!

    We developed nuclear energy and the atomic bomb and the Genome project.

    We can teach smart, hard- working, unemployed American CITIZENS to cut meat!!!! (My understanding is most tasks are repetitive.)



  11. StanH says:

    I just had a horrifying trip to the grocery store. I did my normal preparations gloves mask spittle-shield, I have a nice extra safety feature, I put Purell on the inside of my gloves and the outside of my gloves just to be safe. It’s playing hell on my steering wheel and seats they are starting to melt from the Purell, but sacrifices have to be made. My wife has sewn me quick sets of PPE uniforms with matching booties. Brother I’m ready to face the dangers outside, you know that American spirit and all.

    When I finished my shopping as a non-essential in the essential grocery store I was relieved that I had made it when to my shock patrons eating at a Mexican Restaurant on the patio. I stood there slack-jawed dripping Purell and appalled at the carelessness that these anti-American jerks as they sipped their Corona with a lime wedge and eating nachos and cheese dip. It was as if nothing was going on. I just walked away shaking my head in disbelief. Once back in the car I slathered on more Purell and fearlessly began the perilous journey home.

    As I cautiously headed down the main drag to my horror, there was a foursome putting off the green and another foursome getting ready to tee-off. It even looked like the guys in the second foursome were cutting up, damn them, damn them to hell. I thought to myself “don’t these people know that they are not going to live forever. Well we’ll thin the herd of those idiots anyway, a silver lining as the news actors tell me on CNN.”

    Thankfully I arrived home and stripped down burning all of my PPE gear in a burn barrel. While thinking to myself, “man the world is filled with idiots.” I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen where we’ve set up a UV light both and ran everything through it for safety. When my wife said: “Honey you forgot the Cool-Whip.”

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  12. gda53 says:

    Andy McCarthy pretty much confirms that Judge Sullivan will pass the buck by allowing Gen. Flynn to withdraw his plea. Then it would be up to DOJ to prosecute or not.

    So he gets to still boast to his buddies that “I didn’t let him off. But I had no option but to allow him to change his plea. It was the DOJ that REALLY let him off the hook”.

    And his buddies will still have coffee with him, instead of shunning him.



  13. Reserved55 says:

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  14. Joe says:

    Ok, CARDINAL RULE here: no talking in riddles.

    Sundance, can you explain your Kim post on Twitter?


  15. Reserved55 says:


    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Yeah, zip it!
      Olivia was being as authentic as her hair color. 🤡


    • cjzak says:

      These idiots just can’t help themselves. They have to be as snarky as they can towards the Pres. in order for the day to be a success to them. War vs an invisible virus. They know the virus isn’t anyone’s fault except China’s. So do the American people.


    • Deb says:

      Is the left saying this is man made disaster, like war? Because most people recognize diseases as beyond the control of any president.


  16. Reserved55 says:

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  17. jaxnix says:

    I do think part of the hysteria buy in is that the 30 somethings have for the first time in their lives faced their mortality. It seems they’re into more than cautious fear.


  18. Robert Smith says:

    “…She tried to do her job, and it killed her,’’ Dr. Philip Breen told the New York Times of his physician daughter, Dr. Lorna Breen, who had been medical director of the NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital amid the pandemic…

    The battle-weary ER doctor, 49, was only the latest city healthcare worker to take her own life…

    …Lorna died Sunday in Charlottesville, Va., where she’d been staying with her family, the father told the Times.

    Philip Breen said his daughter had gotten sick with the virus while on the job at one point, but then returned to work after about a week and a half of recuperating. Still, the hospital sent her home again, and her family brought her to Virginia.

    She had no history of mental illness, he said. But when they last spoke, she told him how excruciating it was to have to continually watch contagion patients die, including some even before they could be taken from the ambulance.

    “She was truly in the trenches on the front line,’’ Philip Breen told the Times…”



  19. nwtex says:

    Fox News Severs Ties With Offbeat Personalities Diamond and Silk
    Apr 27, 2020 2:54pm PT

    Fox News did not respond to a query seeking comment.



  20. Reserved55 says:

    Earlier today I saw there was supposed to be a SloJoe virtual town hall, guess what,


  21. hawkins6 says:

    Tapper and Toad Mock Trump over disinfectant speculation:

    P Trump is too honest and relaxed sometimes in enemy territory when the evil and corrupt media is in hearing range. He can’t relax or ponder anything like “disinfectants” with a reporter nearby. Birx didn’t defend him on this issue in either Sunday interview like she did earlier. Maybe she was tired of repeating herself and wanted to move on.

    Could you imagine any sane person purchasing a liquid solution that allegedly targets bacteria with antiseptic or other antimicrobial agents and can kill a broad spectrum of organisms and microbes and then swish it around in your own mouth. Oh yeah, it’s called mouthwash. Some of the excess solution is ingested no matter how much you rinse and spit it out. It’s called “oral mucosal absorption.” Drugs and other compounds are quickly absorbed in the mouth by this process. Some compounds in toothpaste are also absorbed into the body this way as we brush.


    • hawkins6 says:

      The “Far UVC” light injection endoscopy tubes that are in use today in conjunction with a respirator to kill internal bacteria and viruses proved that Trump’s suggestion about light as a therapy was not ludicrous but Birx also didn’t mention it when Tapper mentioned the light reference.


  22. cheering4america says:

    An envelope came addressed to me today – I’ve always been a registered Independent – and the return address said only (in huge lettering) PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA (felt sick handling it and typing the name).

    It is from the DNC, per the back. I am considering opening it, and if there is a postage paid envelope I might cut out the return address and write on it in huge letters: NO. YOU ARE NOT.


  23. A2 says:

    👇this is not a drill

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  24. jeans2nd says:

    Attorney Sidney Powell is on Mr Tik Tok’s show tonight.
    Atty Powell looks good, determined enough to chew nails.
    Would never care to cross this lady in a courtroom.

    If the vid surfaces, watch just to savor and enjoy Atty Powell’s face.


  25. Patriot1783 says:

    Great job Repub Rep Bailey suing IL Gov for the states extreme lockdown and WINNING!! Now that decision opens door for all other citizens to join the suit 😄


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  26. Joe says:

    CA PATRIOTS! Now is our time to step up. I have joined a “Reopen California” group on Facebook and am trying to organize 10,000 Californians (or any patriots, not necessarily in California) to effect a citizen’s arrest on Hitler Newsome for denying us our civil rights. Please join this group and support our efforts!


    Here is post listing CA law: Penal Code 837 PC is the California statute that authorizes a citizen’s arrest in certain circumstances. These include when a perpetrator: commits a misdemeanor in a citizen’s presence; and/or, commits a felony and a citizen has reasonable cause for believing the perpetrator committed it… if we can get 10,000 Californians to attend a live Newsome event we can arrest him for denying us our civil rights. Every single citizen denied their civil right‘s is a felony, per person, so we’re talking tens of millions of felonies.


  27. A2 says:

    👇this is not a drill

    U.S. imposes new rules on exports to China to keep them from its military

    ‘ Reuters) – The United States said on Monday it will impose new restrictions on exports to China to keep semiconductor production equipment and other technology away from Beijing’s military.’


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  28. Reserved55 says:


  29. WhiteBoard says:

    Heres a funny thought….

    PDJT was polling on using MAGA or KAG for the slogan…

    with this covid-19 event – he can easily REPLAY MAGA this election!

    Make America Great Again! and just retell of how good it was a year ago.


  30. T2020 says:

    Another CCP virus whistleblower:


  31. sunnydaze says:

    Election tomorrow, Baltimore:

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  32. nwtex says:

    re the comments-
    People wondering around with seemingly unresolved anger issues or hurt or simply a black hole within their being saying cruel vicious things about people as they hide behind a keyboard would never say such to their face. Coward.
    Sad commentary on society.


  33. Troublemaker10 says:

    Laura Ingraham did a segment on the video that has gone viral by the two CA doctors on cironavirus and reopening the government. She had the two doctors on as guests. By the end of the show YouTube took down the video for violating community standards. Those doctors were right. This isn’t about science.

    Good gosh, the systemic strangulation of free speech is “information control” similar to what you see in communist countries.

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    • nwtex says:

      A big thx troublemaker! I was able to find the doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi one hr youtube. However according to comments it may not be the entire vid or has been altered.

      A couple of comments=

      *I would really love to know what Dr. Erickson thinks the “something else going on” is? I can see it in his eyes that he has a strong opinion on the matter

      *A huge thank you to Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi for this important discussion!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!

      *This needs to be posted to more accounts, it’s being taken down by Youtube.

      *This link needs to be cloned and spread. YouTube has taken down another link for the same video saying it beaks their “community rules.” What exactly in this video is so bad for us? Or is it bad for “their community”?


    • nwtex says:

      This Dr. has been bad mouthing the 2 docs from Bakersfield all day on his twitter.
      Naturally he is not a fan of our VSGPOTUSDJT.

      The red tie SS doesn’t look too pleased with him. God bless the SS.

      From Jan 30.


  34. nwtex says:


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