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Soleimani Dead – Sketchy Details Emerging – Airstrikes at Baghdad Airport, Cargo Area…

Details are starting to emerge about the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force.  As with all early reports a modicum of skepticism toward the details should be applied. However, here’s the expanded reporting from the … Continue reading

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Oh Snap – Iraq TV Confirming U.S. Airstrike in Baghdad Kills IRG Leader Qassim Soleimani…

Iraqi State TV tonight reporting that Qassim Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Quds Force, the elite unit of the Revolutionary Guards, was killed in US airstrike near Baghdad. For context this would be the equivalent of U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf being … Continue reading

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California Media Discuss New Water Usage Laws In Effect – 55 Gallons Per Day or $1,000 Fine…

Yikes.  According to new California laws on water use: you can take a shower or you can do a single load of laundry, but you cannot do both.  55 gal per day limit, or face $1k fine.

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2020 Resistance – Dem Operatives Open New Leak Clearing House…

2020 is the year when a variety of prior democrat operations will converge with a single goal in mind.  Predictably we will see several years of prior effort beginning to merge, and it begins today. NOTE: For interested readers it … Continue reading

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Nuts – McCabe Brief Against 2018 Firing Claims Trump Calling Him “Dirty Cop” December 2019 is Proof of Bias…

Nuttery.  Abject Lawfare nuttery.  Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied four times to internal FBI investigators, three times under oath, in 2017.  This led to his firing in March 2018. (Source) In a remarkable act of hubris, in late … Continue reading

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President Trump Re-election Campaign Raises $46 Million in Fourth Quarter….

American voters responded to the fraudulent impeachment effort in a big financial way for President Trump in the fourth quarter.  The campaign announced a massive $46 million influx which doesn’t count the amount raised by the RNC. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – … Continue reading

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Julian Castro Drops Presidential Bid…

After failing to qualify for the last two presidential debates, former Obama HUD Secretary Julian Castro announces (via twitter) he is dropping out of the race. (source) Castro told his supporters: “I have determined that it simply isn’t our time. … Continue reading

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