President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – Video and Transcript…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  Earlier this morning President Trump delivered remarks to the assembled press pool as he departing the White House for a visit with wounded warriors at Walter Reed medical center in Bethesda, Maryland.  [Video and Transcript below]


[Transcript] THE PRESIDENT: So, the unemployment numbers just came out, and they’re the best numbers we’ve had in over 50 years. The unemployment number is down to 3.5 percent. So that goes way, way back. We haven’t had numbers like this in a long time. Wages are up by almost 3 percent. That’s a fantastic increase for everybody out there working. We’re very happy about those numbers. The stock market is substantially up, as it was yesterday. And our country does well. Europe is not doing well. Asia is doing poorly, to put it mildly. And we continue to do very well; we’re the miracle.

But the unemployment numbers just came out: 3.5 percent unemployment. And that is a tremendous number; the lowest in over 50 years. So, very happy.

And, I think, really, very important — again, I’ll say: Wages are up. When I was running, wages were nowhere. They were going down. And people were having two and three jobs, and they were making less money than they made 20 years before. Now wages are up. So we’re very happy about that.

One other thing, having to do with Poland. So, Poland is a country; great people. We have a lot of Polish Americans living in the United States. I’ve just signed — I will soon be signing — and sign certain preliminary applications. We will be giving a full visa waiver to Poland. That means that people from Poland can easily travel there, and people from here can easily go back and forth. They can each — people from the U.S., people from Poland, can very easily go back and forth between the United States and Poland.

So, they’ve been trying to get this for many, many decades. And I got it for the Polish people, in honor of the Polish people in the United States and in Poland. So, we’re very happy with that.


Q Did you see Adam Schiff got four Pinocchios by the Post, this morning, for lying?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I heard Adam Schiff got four Pinocchios. That’s good. He should have gotten them two and a half years ago.

That’s a very nice question. Let me shake your hand. Come here. That’s a very nice question. That’s almost a surprise. I figured that was a trick question, right?

Q Also, what does your letter to Pelosi say? And when will you send it?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’ll be issuing a letter. As everybody knows, we’ve been treated very unfairly, very different from anybody else. If you go over not only history — I mean, if you go over any aspect of life, you’ll see how unfairly we’ve been treated. We’ve done a fantastic job.

Everything, to me, is about corruption. We want to find out what happened with 2016. And, as you know, there’s a lot of work going on, on that. I don’t care about Biden’s campaign, but I do care about corruption. His campaign — that’s up to him. Politics — that’s up to them. I don’t care about politics. Politics, as I think I’ve made clear — and yesterday, somebody asked me a question, and I gave an answer — but always in the form of corruption.

What I want to do — and I think I have an obligation to do it, probably a duty to do it: corruption — we are looking for corruption. When you look at what Biden and his son did, and when you look at other people — what they’ve done. And I believe there was tremendous corruption with Biden, but I think there was beyond — I mean, beyond corruption — having to do with the 2016 campaign, and what these lowlifes did to so many people, to hurt so many people in the Trump campaign — which was successful, despite all of the fighting us. I mean, despite all of the unfairness.

So, we are looking at corruption. We’re not looking at politics. We’re looking at corruption.

Q Sir, what did you say to the Chinese about the Bidens, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. Somebody said that a long time ago. Was that in 2017? I don’t know. You’d have to tell me when. All I can tell you is this: When I speak to foreign leaders, I speak in an appropriate way. If you notice, they don’t mention the call that I had with the President of Ukraine. They don’t mention that because it was so good.

The only time they mentioned it was when Adam Schiff made it up. You talk about Pinocchios — that should get 10 Pinocchios. He made up — he made up a story. It was a phony story. Adam Schiff. So, they don’t talk about that anymore.

You know, when this came out, it was “quid pro quo.” Well, there was none. Also, yesterday, the Ambassador — who I heard was tremendous and a tremendous person — he was 100 percent for what we’re saying. A hundred percent. And, if you look, he also said there was no quid pro quo. That’s the whole ballgame.

But now the Democrats don’t bring that up anymore because they lost. Look, they never thought I was going to release the phone call between the Ukrainian President and myself. When I released that call, they were — they were jumping around like you wouldn’t believe. They didn’t know how to respond. And then they found out — and then they found out that the call itself was so bad for them. It was a perfect call. There was nothing — we hand that call out. We’ve handed the call out to people, and they’d say, “Wow, this is incredible.” We’re very proud of that call. When I speak to a foreign leader, I speak in an appropriate manner.

Now, we’re also doing trade deals with China and we’re doing deals with a lot of people for the country, so I’m not looking to insult people. I can tell you that. But we can probably find that out.

Q Would you be more willing to do a trade deal with the Chinese if they investigate Biden?

THE PRESIDENT: No, it has nothing to do with it. No. No. I want to do a trade deal with China, but only if it’s good for our country. And it could happen. Because you know they’re very much — they’re very much coming over next week, as I understand it. So I’d like to do a great deal with China, but only if it’s a great trade deal for this country. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Q Do you want the House to proceed with an impeachment inquiry at this point? An official impeachment inquiry.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I wouldn’t mind because we have no rights. They way they’re doing it, they’ve taken away our rights. So, if they proceed — and, you know, they’ll just get their people. They’re all in line. Because even though many of them don’t want to vote, they have no choice. They have to follow their leadership. And then we’ll get it to the Senate, and we’re going to win.

The Republicans have been very unified. This is the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. So we beat the one that started immediately. We went through two years of Mueller, and that came out like a 10. It came out perfect. And a few days go by and they start this nonsense. And this is just as ridiculous.

So the Democrats, unfortunately, they have the votes. They can vote very easily, even though most of them, many of them, don’t believe they should do it. And I do believe — I do believe that because of what they’re doing with Pelosi and their real leaders, AOC plus 3 — that’s their real leaders — I really believe that they’re going to pay a tremendous price at the polls.

And we saw the first glimpse of it two weeks ago, in a great state, North Carolina. We saw a great, great glimpse of what’s going to happen. Because, in North Carolina, we had two races. One gentleman, Dan Bishop, was down by 17 points with three weeks to go, and he won easily. And the other man, as you know, Greg Murphy, was up by a very little bit and he won by a massive amount — I don’t know, someplace in the twenties. Twenty percent or something. Maybe higher.

So I think you got your first glimpse of what’s going to happen. And the big key is that I have to campaign there. But if you look at what happened in North Carolina — two races — we won both of them, and we won them easily. And one was almost tied and the other one was a big, big lead, and that one turned and the tie became a landslide.

Q Mr. President, did Mitch McConnell make you any promises about a vote on impeachment in the Senate?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t know about Mitch. I have a lot of respect for Mitch McConnell. I know that; I saw his statements. And he thinks that this is ridiculous. He thinks it’s unfair. I saw his statement yesterday that he put out where he read my phone conversation and he thought it was a wonderful conversation. And it was.

But, see, the Democrats don’t talk about that anymore. They try and go to other things. These people are looking for anything they can get because they know they’re going to lose the election. And we’re in election season now. For them to be doing this now, it’s never been done.

Q The U.S. is speaking to North Korea in Sweden. What do you expect?


Q The U.S. is speaking to North Korea in Sweden right now. What do you expect?

THE PRESIDENT: So we’re dealing with North Korea. They want to meet, and we’ll be meeting with them. It’s probably being set up as we speak, but we’ll let you know. But North Korea would like to do something. Iran would like to do something. We have a lot of countries in a very good position right now, despite the witch hunt, which hurts our country and it hurts America. But Iran wants to do something. North Korea wants to do something. And China would like to do something.

Q Is the Justice Department investigating Joe Biden?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know that. That, you’d have to ask. Is the Justice Department investigating Joe Biden?

Q Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that, you’d have you to ask Attorney General Barr. But I can tell you, just as an observer, what I saw Biden do with his son — he is pillaging these countries, and he’s hurting us. How would you like to have, as an example, Joe Biden negotiating the China deal if he took it over from me after the election? He would give them —

Q Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Wait. He would give them everything. He would give them everything. How would you like to have that? Joe Biden would just roll out the red carpet. He would give them everything.

So, again, this doesn’t pertain to anything but corruption. And that has to do with me. I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about anything. But I do care about corruption. And to have somebody take out a billion and a half dollars out of China, who’s totally unfit. He’s unfit. To have him get a billion and a half dollars, to have him — and now I’m hearing the number of $50,000 a month. Now I’m hearing the number of $50,000 a month is very low. It’s a much higher number that Biden’s son was getting per month. The fact is it’s much higher. And for him to — and for him, as a total — for him, as a totally unqualified person, to be getting hundreds of thousands a month is very, very (inaudible).

So, again, is the Justice Department investigating that? I just don’t know.

Q Mr. President, do you think the Democrats have the votes? Do you think the Democrats have the votes to impeach you? Do you think you will be impeached?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think they follow the leader. One thing with the Democrats — I give them credit for it — a lot of them don’t want it; you know that, you interview them. A lot of them are in there — they call them “Trump districts” — where I won and then they won after when I wasn’t running. But I’m going to win them big.

If you look at what’s happened with my polls, they’re through the roof. You know why? Because of this phony witch hunt. If you look at what happened with the fundraising, we’ve set a record — the Republicans — because people are sick and tired of it.

I got a call the other night from pastors — the biggest pastors, evangelical Christians. They said, “We have never seen our religious or any religious so electrified.” They are — they say they’ve never seen anything like it. Churches are joining. Hundreds of thousands of people. And, you know, that’s to a large extent because of you and your partner, the Democrats.

Q But do you think it will pass the House, sir? Do you think it will pass the House and die in the Senate?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think this. I think this: We have great — we have a great relationship in the Senate. I have a 95 percent approval rating in the Republican Party. I believe the Senate — and I haven’t spoken to that many senators — but I believe the senators look at this as a hoax. It’s a witch hunt. It’s a disgrace. Should have never happened. Just like Russia collusion delusion should have never happened. That was a witch hunt. And just like that, should have never happened.

So I think in the Senate, I think they feel that the Republican Party has been treated very, very badly. Now, in the House, they have the majority. They all vote with AOC and plus three. Nancy Pelosi is petrified of them. I mean, she’s afraid she’s going to lose her position. Nancy Pelosi will lose her speakership right after the election when the Republicans take over the House.

Q Sir, can we talk about the text messages that included holding off a visit to the White House?

THE PRESIDENT: The one text message that I saw was just about the last text message. Because I don’t know — I don’t even know most of these ambassadors. I didn’t even know their names. But the text message —

Q But what it included, sir, was a visit to the White House.

THE PRESIDENT: — the text message that I saw from Ambassador Sondland — who’s highly respected — was: There’s “no quid pro quo.” He said that. He said, by the way — it almost sounded like in general — he said, by the way, there’s “no quid pro quo.” And there isn’t.

Now, for Biden there would be. But listen to this: There is no pro quo. And that was the text message that I saw. And that nullified everything.

Q Have you asked foreign leaders for any corruption investigations that don’t involve your political opponents? That is, are there other cases where you’ve asked for corruption investigations?

THE PRESIDENT: You know, we would have to look. But I tell you, what I asked for and what I always will ask for is anything having to do with corruption with respect to our country. If a foreign country can help us with respect to corruption and corruption probes, and that — I don’t care if it’s Biden or anybody else. But if they can help us — if Biden is corrupt, if his son is corrupt. When his son takes out billions of dollars — billions — and he has no experience; he just got fired from the Navy — when they do that, that’s no good.

So the only — just to finish your question — anything having to do with corruption, I actually feel I have an obligation to do that.

Q Including with Mr. Putin, sir?

Q Is someone advising you that it is okay to solicit the help of other governments to investigate a potential political opponent?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I don’t say anything is okay. I’ll tell you what’s okay.

Q Is someone advising you that?

THE PRESIDENT: Here’s what’s okay: If we feel there’s corruption, like I feel there was in the 2016 campaign — there was tremendous corruption against me — if we feel there’s corruption, we have a right to go to a foreign country.

And just so you know — just so you know, I was investigated. I was investigated. Okay? Me. Me. In my campaign — I ran, I won. I was invest- — you won’t say that, will you? I was investigated. I was investigated. And they think it could have been by UK. They think it could have been by Australia. They think it could have been by Italy. So when you get down to it, I was investigated by the Obama administration. By the Obama administration I was investigated. So when these people talk —

But as far as I’m concerned, what I want to look at and what we want to investigate: anything having to do with corruption.

Q In your view, Mr. President, do you view China as an ally, a partner, or an adversary?

THE PRESIDENT: I view China as somebody we’re trying to make a deal with; we have a very good chance of making a deal with. We’ve had good moments with China. We’ve had bad moments with China. Right now, we’re in a very important stage in terms of possibly making a deal. If we make it, it will be the biggest trade deal ever made — if we make it.

But I view China as somebody that we deal with on the world stage. I would like to get along with China if we can. And if we can, that’s great. If we can’t, that’s okay, too.

But what we’re doing is we’re negotiating a very tough deal. If the deal is not going to be 100 percent for us, then we’re not going to make it.

And I will — and I will say this. I will say this. I will say this: China very much wants to make this deal. China is getting killed. The tariffs are killing China. What’s happened is they have now 3 million loss of jobs, their chains are broken up. If you look at their supply chain, which is a disaster — companies are going to other countries, including us. China, right now, is a total disaster.

Q Mr. President, does a trade with China have anything to do with an investigation into Joe Biden? And will you ask Xi to investigate?

THE PRESIDENT: No, no, no. Let me tell you: I’m only interested in corruption. I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about Biden’s politics. I never thought Biden was going to win, to be honest. I picked somebody else a long time ago. And we’ll see what happens.

But I never thought Biden was going to win. But I don’t care. I mean, frankly, if he won, I’d be very happy. I think he’d be an easy opponent. But I never thought Biden was going to win. I don’t care about politics, but I do care about corruption. And this whole thing is about corruption. This whole thing — this whole thing is about corruption.

This is about corruption, and this is not about politics. This is about corruption. And if you look and you read our Constitution and many other things, we — I have an obligation to look at corruption. I have an actual obligation and a duty.

Q Are you going to comply with the House subpoenas?


Q Are you going to cooperate with the House in this investigation?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. That’s up to the lawyers. I know the lawyers think they’ve never seen anything so unfair. They’ve never seen anything so unjust. I’ve been President now for almost three years, and I’ve been going through this for almost three years. It’s almost become, like, a part of my day.

But in the meantime, we have the best economy we’ve ever had. We have the best job numbers we’ve had in 51 years. The best unemployment numbers that we’ve had in a half a century. The best numbers that we’ve ever had — African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, women — everything. We have the best numbers that we’ve had in many, many, many decades.

And you know what? People understand that. People are working. They’re making money. The — if you look at one very important number that was just announced: wages up 3 percent. That’s unheard of. That’s unheard of. So, it’s a great thing.

Q What about other Democrats? What about other Democrats?

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t hear you. Go.

Q Mr. President, when did you first get the idea to investigate the Bidens’ activity in Ukraine? Who advised you to look into that?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re investigating corruption. We’re not investigating campaigns. I don’t care about his campaign. As I said, I didn’t think — I didn’t think and I don’t think Biden is going to win. All right? I don’t think.

And maybe to answer your question, when you say, “Who is going to win?” — I’d rather not make a prediction, but I do have a feeling about it.

I didn’t think — because I’ve watched Biden over the years, and Biden is not the brightest person. I never thought he was going to win. I never felt he was going to win. If you look at his other two campaigns, he was a one-percenter. He got very few votes. He got taken off of the garbage heap by Obama. Obama took him off the garbage heap. So it’s one of those things.

But I never thought that Biden — I didn’t think Biden was going to win. I guess that everybody has a shot. But I don’t think he would be, frankly, my toughest opponent.

And just to finish off — just to finish off, I don’t think that he will win. I didn’t think he was going to win, and I don’t think he’s going to win.

Q Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping pretty badly. Elizabeth Warren’s are rising. Bernie is sick. What do you think about facing Elizabeth Warren?

THE PRESIDENT: That’s fine. I mean, it’s fine. She’s a socialist and maybe worse than that. But we’ll see.

I heard — I haven’t seen his poll numbers. I haven’t seen Biden’s poll numbers. Look, Joe Biden was never going to make it. All right? He was never going to make it. He tried it twice. He’s at 1 percent. There’s a reason.

When I announced, I went to number one, day one, and I stayed there the entire primary season. I never was off center-stage. I was never given credit for that, but that’s okay. Except by Steve. The only one that gave me credit was Steve.

Q Did you try to talk to Rouhani at the UN?


Q Did you try to talk to Iran’s President?

THE PRESIDENT: No, they were trying to set up a meeting but he wanted sanctions lifted. And I said, “You must be kidding.” We had no interest. Rouhani wanted a meeting at the UN. We did talk. I didn’t speak to him personally, but our sides talked. He wanted sanctions lifted or partially lifted, and I said no.

Q (Inaudible) socialism in Venezuela for political campaign.

THE PRESIDENT: We’re watching Venezuela very, very closely. The people are suffering, and we are watching it very closely. We’re also giving big aid to Venezuela.

Now, one thing. I’m now going to Walter Reed Hospital. We’re going to be giving out five Purple Hearts to unbelievably brave young people.

And I’m going to meet you — some of you are going over. I don’t know. I think some of you are going over. So we could talk further over there. Although, when we’re there, I would like you to respect the process. We’re giving out Purple Hearts to very brave people, wounded warriors, people that have been — I mean, they’re just incredible people. And I’m going to be back here in probably two hours.

Thank you. Good job.

END 11:06 A.M. EDT



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95 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – Video and Transcript…

  1. ChampagneReady says:

    I’m getting really fed up with Drudge and the daily anti-Trump garbage he’s headlining on his site now. He’s become more every day like a democrat parrot.

    Did somebody get to him and corrupt him ? Something sure did.

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    • Since Benghazi the only part of Drudge I followed was the post debate polls. He covered up Benghazi by not reporting.

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    • nimrodman says:

      I’m a bit puzzled by these several “Drudge” discussions every day here on the Treehouse

      This is The Last Refuge, The Conservative Treehouse

      Do they have comment bulletin boards over at Drudge?
      If so, why not have Drudge discussions over at Drudge?

      Would seem to make more sense, no?

      Why here at Treehouse?
      I’m not quite understanding

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      • Kaco says:

        Drudge Report is linked here on the blogroll list. Maybe it needs removed.

        I’ve tried responding twice to offer alternatives to Drudge and I have not been taken out of the bin.

        As far as I know, Drudge Report does not have a forum.

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      • ChampagneReady says:

        The Trump-hating MSM and their Clinton water-carrying agenda, we need all the news sources we can get that counter the daily crock narrative of the democrat mafia.

        Drudge used to be a stalwart conservative and highly respected for the truth in his headline articles. Now, he’s a sell-out democrat puppet and calling him out on it is what I’m going to do. Other conservatives should support that no matter what site it’s on.

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        • MelH says:

          What made Drudge become a “sell-out Democrat puppet”? I’m truly curious why several Republicans have also become “sell-out Democrat puppets.” What draws them to a party with no platform and a rabid Muslim-Girl-Plu3 leading the party split? “Follow the Money? Money from where, who?

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          • Google. The Gates Foundation. The Clinton Crime syndicate. Any of the 5? 6? Oligarchs running global media empires. Soros has become a cliche, but there are others. How many of us knew who #Weinstein was before the story of his nearly half-century of unfettered sexual predation. The Friends of Epstein club.

            As to the motivation, Booker T. Washington said it best: There will always be Negroes who prefer to dance for cake from the massa’s table rather than earn their own bread free and clear. And while Democrats historically prefer black slaves, in a pinch anyone will do.

            Besides, it’s not just the money, it’s the prestige, the “good boy” pats on the head, and an end to the unending stream of harassment and obstruction coming from the oligarchs.


        • nimrodman says:

          Thanks for the explanations, Kaco and Champagne, that helps clarify for me.

          Esp Kaco’s pointing out that it’s linked here in the right-hand column, and Champagne explaining that it was a formerly relied-upon site by conservatives.

          So now I understand, although I still find the rather constant gnashing about it here to be diversionary, distracting, and largely off-topic to matters Treehouse.

          Thx again

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Bravo, nimrod, bravo!
        Have always question a commenter who comments off-topic, most especially if the comment is the first comment.
        Sundance explained this once. Perhaps now is a good time for a refresher.

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    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      I haven’t been to Drudge Report in several years.

      It is worthless.

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    • curator55 says:

      “He (Biden) got taken off the garbage heap by Obama…” P Trump’s mentioned this clever line before and it always evokes a strong negative image of Biden. I’d feel sorry for Biden if he and his party were not so vicious and reprehensible. As POTUS stated, Biden and the Dems have attacked, investigated and mocked him without mercy or decency for years.

      I understand why there are so many Drudge comments. The site has made a sharp and ugly left turn. It always linked to MSM articles but managed to somehow find a balance. But it is all out anti Trump now. I don’t know if it’s something personal with Matt or not. i don’t care as I never check it out anymore. It’s joined the dishonest media hordes that are a genuine danger to the country.

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    • Rockindubya says:

      ChampagneReady, without a doubt, he’s been bought off. I will say, he has the earliest links of any I’ve found, but one must wade through the garbage. I like Whatfinger, but it seems slow to post “Breaking” stories.

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    • Gary Lacey says:

      My understanding of the Drudge report, Drudge prints the stories from around the world from the MSM. He doesn’t write them.

      What you are witnessing is the liberal bias in the MSM, it is what it is. Don’t blame Drudge for the liberal headlines and stories.

      I stopped going to the site, because I refuse to support the liberal MSM by turning off my ad blocker!


  2. MMinLamesa says:

    “He took Biden off the garbage heap…”

    Lord, I love this man.

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    • curator55 says:

      MMin…I was surprised to see your “garbage heap” quote, as soon as i posted my comment above. It must be a favorite of many. The media were more like a flock of well trained squawking Dem parrots today than most other days. The incessant squawks erupted as soon as soon as Biden/Ukraine was mentioned.


  3. fanbeav says:

    Another epic beatdown of the media traitors. He specifically said “I was spied on and investigated during the 2016 election by using other countries by the Obama administration”. Crickets from the yapping seals as usual. Some female reporter kept yelling a question, but President Trump would just ignore her! Love his impromptu chopper pressers – even better when the weather is crappy!

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    • Varney and Co. w/guest Hinton accuratly discribed the chopper pressers. No mics on the propagandists so the audience can’t here the propaganda in the form of a question. PDJT answers who he wants, how he wants and with what facts he wants to throw back at the propagandists.

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  4. JuiceMan_V says:

    This man does so well when he takes control of his situations.

    It’s kinda admirable.

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  5. willthesuevi says:

    There was a link on the Daily Presidential thread (I think), that maintains Drudge sold the Drudge Report and his fathers blog to a Google affiliate. I haven’t confirmed yet myself. That would sure explain the shift.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      My bad, I had not refreshed the page before commenting.

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    • Bob says:

      Jackals in the media were not taught any manners by their mommies. All they do is shout and interrupt. The media is supposed to be like baseball umpires calling the plays fairly and not caring which team wins. Instead they are just the propaganda arm of the left. Fake news describes them best. Journalism is dead, especially investigative journalism.

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      • “journalism is dead…” These ‘kids’ today, screaming and shouting questions, are imitating the kind of photo paparazzi that chased Princess Diana to death. They act like tabloid reporters chasing a hollywood celebrity to her car. The President is disrespected as if he were a lesser Kardashian. Dogs eating dogs. And yet he has to play them like a squeaky fiddle.

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  6. JuiceMan_V says:

    This guy is pretty impressive once he takes charge of his own situations.

    It’s kinda impressive.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      From where I sit President Trump is ALWAYS in charge of his own situations. It’s VERY impressive.

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      • MelH says:

        I really admire how gracious President Trump is, considering he’s confronted with a mass of Trump Haters who don’t want answers so much as they want to be the one who asks him a question that will make him appear a fool. They, and most Liberals, severely under-estimate him. Of all the things I watch on TV lately, I enjoy the most the impromptu Pressers because the President was a genius to use them to replace what Sarah Sanders had to endure. There was never an announcement that the change would happen . The President took Jim Acosta permanently out of the news without saying a word to him or touching him. BRILLIANT!

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    • Miller says:

      Guess you think you’re impressive and admiral. You’re not.


  7. Don McAro says:

    Full Statement from U.S. Ukraine Envoy Ambassador Kurt Volker on October 3, 2019
    Testimony From Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker Directly Contradicts Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative

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  8. Ellis says:

    My favorite part:

    “Thank you. Good job.”

    He plays these people masterfully. I absolutely love the helicopter pressers.

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  9. Don McAro says:

    Rudy is saying that Schiff is going to be removed very shorty

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  10. It kinda sorta goes like this: “Joe Biden™ did nothing wrong, because he’s The Swamp.™”

    – That is to say: “he’s hip-deep in this along with the rest of us, and so if we say anything right now against him, he’ll implicate us!”

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we endeavor to deceive …”


    Liked by 5 people

  11. Oldretiredguy says:

    Amazing how quick PDT is on his feet. The leftist gotcha reporters sound ridiculous. This fake impeachment scam by the Dimshits is blowing up in their faces. In the process of “answering questions” PDT is able to make Biden look like the demented criminal he is.

    Liked by 9 people

  12. I think PDJT just put the press on notice: “Although, when we’re there, I would like you to respect the process. We’re giving out Purple Hearts to very brave people, wounded warriors, people that have been — I mean, they’re just incredible people.”

    If they disrespect the wounded warriors, I think the President will lower the boom – as he should!

    Liked by 7 people

  13. JK says:

    “Biden is not the brightest person. I never thought he was going to win. I never felt he was going to win. If you look at his other two campaigns, he was a one-percenter. He got very few votes. He got taken off of the garbage heap by Obama. Obama took him off the garbage heap”

    ROTFL !!!.
    Greatest president ever !!!!

    Liked by 12 people

  14. Mike in a Truck says:

    “you and your partner,the Democrats ” ROFLMAO

    Liked by 9 people

  15. alonzo1956 says:

    After two and a half years of torture by a treasonous cabal, President Donald John Trump has landed on his feet and demonstrated mastery at being President of the United States. Someone who NEVER held elected office of any kind. I am in awe. It looks like he is going to take it to them. The treasonous bastards might actually get their day in court.

    Liked by 6 people

  16. tuskyou says:

    “and we’re in election season now”. Till now it was unofficial. Today POTUS made if official! Keep America Great!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. TwoLaine says:

    3 very scary lookin’ dudes.
    Bill Whittle & Friends

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Avatar666 says:

    If you follow this stuff, you notice the democrats have been screaming for over two years “he’s got to be impeached” but without saying why. If you asked one of them, for what? the answer will always be because he’s a misogynists, and a racist or some other name. It’s never anything that’s impeachable. Only names, they call him a liar, and yet they have people like Adam Schiff running the impeachment proceedings? The Washington Post just gave Schiff 4 Pinocchio’s. The mainstream media is the democrats propaganda machine and they have been going full bore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “he’s a threat to our democracy”, or “it’s the end of civilization” or some other loony saying. For my money, he’s the man. The one we need to keep in office for another term. Let him finish the fantastic work he’s already done for us.

    Liked by 3 people

    • tarheel69 says:

      Wonderfully spoken.Our Great President is one man that this world will never witness again..I’m 53.Ive been passionate about politics and how our government is suppose to work. I though I was knowledgeable of those two matters ,but hear out of know where comes this hurricane landing in Washington DC at stage 10 category and turned the place into a wasteland ,and in the process it made me realize just how much we all have been used, abused,and propergrandalized..Even now after everything that has happened over the last 3 years when one of these hit jobs comes knocking on our Presidents door instead of panicking. I take 3 deep breaths, and remember that our President has the truth on his side, and that he is a man of honor,a warrior, a symbol of good……Thank you Lord for blessing our nation with a real leader.I pray,Lord that you give all my fellow citizens the courage to speak the truth ,and speak it with conviction amen ..We can change hearts and minds, if that don’t work well we will know when it’s our time to rid our nation of this evil amongst us..


  19. Bob says:

    Have not read Drudge in three years. It used to be one of the first sites I went to until all it had were links to the corrupt main stream media stories instead of his own investigative stories. Matt Drudge sold out. If you recall Several years ago he stated how independent websites like his would be targeted. It is obvious that in order to survive he decided he had to go to the dark side and become like CNN. He started out as an independent conservative voice but he is no longer. Not worth reading. You might as well read The NY Times

    Liked by 1 person

  20. JustMe says:

    This may be a stupid observation, so forgive me if so. But is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that these reporters are not thinking up their own questions? In other words, either other countries (i.e. China) or politicians are TELLING these reporters which questions to ask so that they can get info out of Trump to try and stay ahead of the game.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Rob says:

    Only those involved in the government corruption gravy train would not want corruption rooted out. Harry Truman said it best- anyone who gets rich through public office is a crook and we have far too many.

    Liked by 5 people

  22. MicD says:

    So today one of my drivers, who drives all over for our Vets.
    FYI, they drive 10+ hours a day no matter the weather.
    He would not let me buy him and his wife dinner, nope.
    He said “I can’t take that, it’s too much and I could be fired !”.
    (Contrast current events)

    Can’t Drive? driver to/from appointments.
    So, in honor of my Vet Driver I’ll give Sundance Dinner for Two.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. dscottv says:

    I read those questions and I hate the media. Almost every question is either rude to Trump or framed as a gotcha or to try and catch him up…I’m so sick of it. President Trump has greater patience than I do.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Troublemaker10 says:


    Liked by 6 people

  25. TwoLaine says:

    Watch it while you can…

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump disn’t create Biden corruption concerns out of thin air. There was a valid basis for it . Lots of it.

    So, if the Dems want to challenge Trump on those concerns being political and not about corruption…then they need to also investigate the case against Biden’s corruption.

    Bring it on.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. StanH says:

    He’s simply fearless. What a great President.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. bessie2003 says:

    “That’s a very nice question. Let me share your hand” – Best President Ever!

    Like a parent teaching their kids how to act in public, reinforcing real questions will be respected, not only Making American Great Again but making reporters learn how to report again!

    Mr. President, please keep the WH press corps outside until they have all finished their re-training 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • cantcforest says:

      Even if they claim to be retrained, keep them outside through the winter. (WordPress, you have failed me again!!!)

      Liked by 4 people

      • FrankieZee says:

        You know what he is going to be doing in the winter don’t you. Those trained SEALS will be waiting out there in the frigid cold while the Trumpster will be an hour late. Wait until you see how many times he does it and how many times the trained Seals wait out in the cold day after day.

        Liked by 1 person

  29. hoghead says:

    Who was the reporterette in the above presser, who kept calling “Mr. President Mr.President..”, and trying to ask a question. It sounded like she was screeching at him while he was answering other questions. Several times while talking to others, he held up his hands at her as if to say, “Stow it.” But she kept screeching at him.

    When you realize President Trump could be spending the rest of his life doing anything else, but instead is tolerating reporterettes, I don’t know how he does it.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Liberty Forge says:

    President Trump is beyond amazing. And he is loaded for bear, and taking more control over these “chopper pressers”.

    His skills are beautiful to witness — and — he certainly got across the ‘word for the day’ — CORRUPTION!!!

    President Trump is so very, very focused on CORRUPTION. And that is really where he needs to go. He is there.

    He will make great strides in weeding out the corruption, and it would be fantastic IF he can manage to expose & get rid of all the graft. That task will probably take more than his second term, but he has certainly opened the floodgates to get it done.

    Hey Press Puppies — did you notice that word CORRUPTION today?? Hahahahaha

    Liked by 4 people

  31. romy911 says:

    They really look like idiots, having to be told to behave respectfully while he presents Purple Hearts to our soldiers.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Mikey likes it! says:

    Hey You guy’s. Some of You probably already know but “The Liberty Daily” is a great new site. Even looks like Drudge but it’s honest and quite frankly a lot of fun to read and has much more REAL news.


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