Friday October 4th – Open Thread

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL. For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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73 Responses to Friday October 4th – Open Thread

  1. citizen817 says:

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  2. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Good Friday

    There has been much debate among theologians as to whether the Lord Jesus Christ was actually crucified on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Traditionally, of course, it is supposed to have taken place on Friday, but this writer has never been able to get very excited about such details. What matters is that Christ, the Creator, God in flesh, died in shame and disgrace and agony for sins He had never committed — for your sins and mine.

    But have you ever considered that this in itself is not necessarily good news? Many an innocent person has died in the place of some guilty criminal who has gone free through some miscarriage of justice. We didn’t see anything good about this. When St. Peter addressed his kinsmen he blamed them for the crucifixion of Christ, saying: “Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you… as ye yourselves also know… ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain” (Acts 2:22, 23), and later he faced the Supreme Court of his nation and charged them with His death (Acts 4:5-11).

    What then, was “good” about the death of Christ? Well, we come to this when we reach the Epistles of Paul in our Bibles. There the chief of sinners, saved by grace (ITim.1:15), exclaims: “He gave Himself for me” (Gal.2:20). He says: “God hath made Him to be sin for us… that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him” (IICor.5:21). He does not blame us for Christ’s death — though our sins helped to nail Him to that cross — but proclaims the glad news that, “We have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace” (Eph.1:7). And why did He do this for us? “That in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus”(Eph.2:7).

    So, for us who have trusted Christ as our Savior, the death of Christ at Calvary is indeed good news. We rejoice in it, sing about it, preach about it and all it has accomplished for a lost humanity. Little wonder Paul declared:

    “God forbid that I should boast,” except in one thing: “the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal. 6:14).

    By Pastor Cornelius R. Stam

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Acts 2:22 Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:
      23 Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:

      Acts 4:5 And it came to pass on the morrow, that their rulers, and elders, and scribes,
      6 And Annas the high priest, and Caiaphas, and John, and Alexander, and as many as were of the kindred of the high priest, were gathered together at Jerusalem.
      7 And when they had set them in the midst, they asked, By what power, or by what name, have ye done this?
      8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost, said unto them, Ye rulers of the people, and elders of Israel,
      9 If we this day be examined of the good deed done to the impotent man, by what means he is made whole;
      10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.
      11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

      1 Timothy 1:15 This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

      Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

      2 Corinthians 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

      Ephesians 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

      Ephesians 2:7 That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

      Galatians 6:14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

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  3. Lucille says:


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  4. Garrison Hall says:

    Astor Piazzolla was in interesting guy. He’s most famous for introducing “Tango Nuevo” to Argentine musical genres, something that both intrigued and occasionally offended his audiences. His chosen instrument was the Bandoneon, an Argentine version of the accordion, his music is also easily transcribed for guitar where it loses none of the mystery that Piassolla always manages to describe so well.

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  5. teeheeman says:

    Trump is playing these dopes like a weeping violin – something to behold.

    And hey, I just hit the CTH tip jar for $50 as we need to keep Sundance and crew fresh and going strong in the year ahead – the 2020 election is critical baby!! I urge you to HIT THE CTH TIP JAR!!

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  6. Lucille says:

    Those way more versed in international military uniforms can tell if all or only a few are Brits in this video…God bless our military allies….

    Military Heroes “Act of Valor”

    Music : bXmMusic – Outlander

    The vid made me think of the quote: “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” which I saw for the first time in 2004 at a milblog from Iraq. Here’s a thorough and interesting history of the phrase previously attributed to George Orwell…

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  7. citizen817 says:

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    • Teagan says:

      One of the most magnificent spots in our country…couldn’t get enough of those mountains! Great museum right across the road of the Elk Refuge…hope she got a quick tour of it…outside bronze sculptures are outstanding. Nice to see children outside the beltway being recognized for their activities.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    In one of the most despicable promotional ploys of all Hollywood time this weekend’s opening of Joker is being treated like a potential terrorist attack. From out of nowhere theaters are having uniformed police wand attendees, plainclothes police are salted in the audience and some theaters are refusing to show it out of fear that it will inspire a violent event.

    The narrative, for whatever reason, keeps coming back to the Aurora,Colorado shooting at the The Dark Knight Rises showing. We’ve had Batman movies since then, and what about those Dead Pool movies, with other ‘dark theme’movies besides, but Joker suddenly and mysteriously has police in major cities shaking down attendees, openly worrying about gun purchases, checking trunks of cars in parking lots and making major statements comparing the Joker opening to past mass shooting events.

    Thing is that no one seems to have a grasp on who/what/where this paranoia started, like Topsy it jes growed. We don’t have any real source, no POC and no reason for this rabid fear to crop up…except…promotion of the film. Might some scrupleless marketing type have planted the idea, just as they do with any other product, to increase box office take? Back in the 50s and into the early 60s the Hollywood marketers would pull sensationalist advertising gimmicks like advertising that a doctor would be on the premises in case a viewer had a heart attack. This feels just like the 21st century version of that. Of course we’d have to believe that the Hollywood moguls have the morals of sewer rats to use the deaths of innocent shooting victims to push ticket sales…or precipitate an unstable copycat to maybe repeat history…

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    • Lucille says:

      Czar, “the morals of sewer rats” bleeds over into every aspect of leftie Hollywood elitism…

      Planned Parenthood Has a Staffer Dedicated Entirely to Hobnobbing With the Hollywood Elite”
      by Gabriel Hays – September 25, 2019

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Planned whathood?

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        • Dave says:

          Jeff the chef led the way for the depraved by actually eating his victims. I wouldn’t be shocked if PP is already dabbling in that themselves.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Oh yeah, the Hollyork elite have employed abortionists for nearly a century to sweep away the unexpected and inconvenient wakes of their feral lifestyles. It’s not only to their benefits to have safe and clean infanticide facilities available but their supporting them is tax deductible and a backdoor way of public funding.

        I’ll say it again, ask police who’ve spent details providing security to Hollyork movie/TV shoot locations and/or the ‘starts’ personally and find out what they have been told, not asked, to ignore.


      • pacnwbel says:

        Question is, do we want more of these “celebrity” people espousing this ‘me too’ and green stuff virtuous twaddle? The Markle/Harry union was headed in the wrong direction from the get go. Poor Queen doesn’t these aggravations at this time of her life.


        • pacnwbel says:

          The above was a reply to a post from Lucille with a link to troubles Miss M is stirring up but which seems to have disappeared


        • czarowniczy says:

          If you combined all of their IQs and magically turned the result into gun powder you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose. They’re broken cardboard cutouts who make their money playing people whom, in real life, they wouldn’t have the guts to be.


    • mopar2016 says:

      Nothing like a little Batman to bring out the crazies.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        We had what one would presume to be normal and functioning adults liked up a day or more before Batman openings, dressed in various character costumes, in front of theaters camped out for tickets. These are the ones that should be examined.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Wait………..doesn’t this mean that they think violent movies and violent video games help cause violence??

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  9. Troublemaker10 says:

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  10. cheryl says:

    Amusing article. I say no take backs.

    Please America, take Meghan Markle back

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    • Patrick Healy says:

      Thank you Cherl, more than amusing, I would call it a cry from the heart.
      Rod Liddle is one of the few remaining real journalists we have left in Britain.
      The majority are what your great President calls ‘Fakers’ writing for our corrupt media particularly the BBBC (biased BBC).

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    • piper567 says:

      oh, my word, Cheryl…this is a fun article!
      Little’s coining of the word “cretinati” is almost worthy of the few minutes it takes to read him.

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  11. Patrick Healy says:

    Apologies Cheryl for miss spell – she gets everywhere!

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  12. citizen817 says:

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  13. citizen817 says:

    Flashback Friday…

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  14. Dora says:

    Georgia O’Keeffe = Radiator Building – Night, New York, 1927

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  15. just stevie says:


    “Called to be saints.” 1 Cor. i. 2

    Thank God for the sight of all you have never yet been. You have had the vision, but you are not there yet by any means. It is when we are in the valley, where we prove whether we will be the choice ones, that most of us turn back. We are not quite prepared for the blows which must come if we are going to be turned into the shape of the vision. We have seen what we are not, and what God wants us to be, but are we willing to have the vision “batter’ d to shape and use” by God? The battering’s always come in commonplace ways and through commonplace people.

    There are times when we do know what God’s purpose is; whether we will let the vision be turned into actual character depends upon us, not upon God. If we prefer to loll on the mount and live in the memory of the vision, we will be of no use actually in the ordinary stuff of which human life is made up. We have to learn to live in reliance on what we saw in the vision, not in ecstasies and conscious contemplation of God, but to live in actualities in the light of the vision until we get to the veritable reality. Every bit of our training is in that direction. Learn to thank God for making known His demands.

    The little “I am” always sulks when God says DO. Let the little “I am” be shriveled up in God’s indignation – “I AM THAT I AM hath sent thee.” He must dominate. Is it not penetrating to realize that God knows where we live, and the kennels we crawl into! He will hunt us up like a lightning flash. No human being know human beings as God does.

    Oswald Chambers
    October 4th Devotional

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  16. icanhasbailout says:

    random meme dump

    I just updated this one:

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  17. duchess01 says:

    Verse of the Day

    “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
    Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

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  18. Joe2pt.0 says:

    Hey, has anyone seen Amwick2?


  19. The Third Man says:

    👉 There is a discussion on Breitbart about a book detailing American heroics at Blanc Mount Ridge during WWI. The French could not capture it despite 10s of thousands of deaths. Handsome 21 year old, posthumous Medal of Honor winner, Corporal Pruitt, from Phoenix, AZ is featured. The Germans killed him.
    White, Christian, American boys were slaughtered by the thousands at Blanc Mont, France.
    Now the French morons are being butchered by Moslems in their police station.
    Girlie boy Macron and Frau Frumpy Merkel are destroying Europe which surely will require Americans to die saving them again.
    NATO must pay and pay BIG !


    • Rudy says:

      I sincerely hope we have people in charge who DON’T pull their hash out of the fire again at that kind of cost. They don’t deserve it…although circumstances may dictate it necessary. I hate the idea of leaving all that history and culture to ignorant moslem hordes, for instance. Not to ‘rescue’ people like Markle and Merkel though.
      Probably be as bloody as WW2, if not worse at this point. Religious war street by street…shudder. Baghdad in Paris.


  20. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ infidels!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Good afternoon, WeeWeed

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    • czarowniczy says:

      As you sow, so shall ye reap…

      Sorry I’m late, just got back from Oktoberfest where Czarina and I introduced our GGS top fat and cholesterol filled foods and which beers went with them. The introduction to dunkelbrau was as expected (it’s an acquired taste) and the weissbrau wasn’t much better(see dunkelbrau) but the blood sausage and hog’s belly went over well.


  21. Dora says:

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  22. FYI discovery channel is having a Special series on liberals.
    Starting Oct 13
    “ Why We Hate”

    Could be some clues how to deal with these savages

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  23. NoTwoSystemsOnlyOneChiCom says:

    Duterte in Sochi speaking about his country’s relations with the U.S. He may be sending a signal.
    He didn’t realize Winnie was a dragon. Hello Eastern Europe?

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  24. bessie2003 says:

    For those interested in following various State voting populations in the upcoming 2020 election, posted in today’s Federal Register, the Department of Commerce’s estimate of voting age population by state as of 2018:


  25. icanhasbailout says:

    Man, what I could really use is a news feed that works like Drudge except with all the propaganda filtered out. Something to coordinate all the highest quality independent news and culture sources that have grown in the void created by the institutions poisoned by leftism.

    It wouldn’t be hard to code, but I don’t have enough time to keep it well-maintained and timely like it would need to be to be effective. If someone has some time to spend playing editor and wants to try out this kind of anti-corruption-activist experiment, let’s discuss. Can’t shake the feeling that in the long term it would be a better use of time than this desperate crawling of news sources trying to sort real data signals out of the torrential noise of paid leftism.


  26. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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  27. auscitizenmom says:

    A prayer for Justice Kavanaugh and Gen. Flynn:

    Prayer to St. Michael

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle;
    be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do you, O prince of the heavenly host,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan and the other evil spirits
    who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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