President Trump MAGA Rally – Tupelo, Mississippi – 6:00pm EST

Donald J. Trump holds a campaign style rally at the Tupelo Regional Airport in Tupelo, Mississippi, hoping to help republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in the special election being held tomorrow.  The anticipated start time for President Trump is 6:00pm EST.

The political corruption & internecine GOP political constructs in Mississippi is legendary. This is Haley Barbour territory.  Ms. Hyde-Smith was a life-long democrat who voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (switched parties 2010). The Mississippi republican machine selected her to replace Thad Cochran; Hyde-Smith took the GOP appointment, and now President Trump campaigns for her.  That’s the Mississippi GOP in a nutshell.

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109 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally – Tupelo, Mississippi – 6:00pm EST

  1. Pedro Morales says:

    MAGA baby!

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    It has been moved up to 4pm CST. The preliminary speakers have already started. President Trump will speak at 4pm, don’t miss it!

    They are doing GREAT!!!!!

    The Mid-Terms were defrauded. The President Trump Rallies demonstrate this every single time.

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    • grainofsalt2 says:

      … and nothing has been done about it unfortunately.

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    • You are partly right. Fraud is happening all over the country due to an easily exploited election process.

      But it’s not the only reason. Democrats had a lot of candidates run that were on first sight superior to the Republican candidates.
      All the bad things about the Democrat party that we wanted to stick to them didn’t stick cause they were nice looking, young and often ex military.

      MAGA rallies are great and espacially when it comes to statewide races are a good indicator. But when it comes to house races they don’t mean as much.
      You can have a full house MAGA rally with people from all over the state and out of state but it doesn’t mean the participants will win you house races.

      We are loosing since the primaries suburban races. Until we realize that we will keep loosing these races and wont gain a maga majority in the house and wont be able to put the MAGA agenda into law.

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      • HBD says:

        One difference in Mississippi is we have a solid Republican Sec. of State that will do all he can to see things are done on the Up and up. I just wish he’d run for Governor instead of Lt. Governor. He told me he’s been told that a lot but as Lt Governor he’d have a better handle on gov spending

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        • Cat Lady says:

          In Mississippi, the Lt Governor is a very strong position (pursestrings and more!!) and the Governor is almost a figurehead!! Haley Barbour was very talented at making the most of the Governor position but it really is constitutionally weak!!


      • leftnomore says:

        I don’t like my House races loose either.


  3. tuskyou says:

    ☺️ Double Rally Day! ☺️

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  4. chojun says:

    I lived in Tupelo for 7 months. Great people, although I never really got to touch on politics with them.

    The few I did talk to about politics gave me the sense that these people are the lifeblood of America and that the stars & bars they proudly wave from their porch or truck is simply another manifestation of “don’t tread on me” – a community of fiercely independent individuals. I talked to hundreds if not thousands of people there and never, ever felt a tinge of racism among any of them.

    I hope they all know what’s at stake in this election.

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  5. FL_GUY says:

    Gov of MS gave a fantastic, inspirational speech.

    Yuge, enthusiastic crowd. Considering it’s unpleasantly cold down here in the South, incredible turnout.

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  6. JMC says:

    Can’t wait! Love those rallies!

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  7. Is this the GOP candidate who was reported to crack lynching jokes and went to a “segregated” school?

    Former Dem … makes sense.

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  8. r2 says:

    most of us down here realize that the “Full Mis’sippi” thugs have screwed this state into the ground and its not likely to dig out in my lifetime. the choice for us tomorrow: a criminal or a barbour-world shill who can’t get out of her own way….it was absolutely unbelievable that she couldn’t even stay awake up there on the podium when susan collins gave the most important speech in the senate that i remember (i’m 69)!!! like others down here, this will be the last time i vote for the GOPe(after a lifetime), and i’ll just go to the polls tomorrow and hold my nose and vote for the lesser of 2 extreme evils. (thanks a lot, haley! i hope whitaker will pursue sen. grassley’s referral of some of your activities on behalf of russia in the uranium one deal as an “unregistered foreign agent”! )

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    • Paul says:

      Why in the hell did Bryant appoint her to Cochrans seat in the senate. I live in Laurel and don’t know.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Clowns to the left…jokers to the right. We desperately need another TEA Party uprising to clean out the RINOs and get true-to-the-people representatives in office.

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    • mcclainra says:

      I live in E. Arkansas near the Mississippi River, and the swamp is deep here too. All anyone has to do is look at a map of the election, and see where the red and blue are. There is a ‘stripe’ of blue down both sides of the river.
      This excellent piece I saw yesterday and IMO, probably an equally exposing one possible from Mississippi, except Arkansas has the ‘dubious honor’ of being the home of Slick & Cankles, who have literally gotten away with murder since they entered politics.

      Espy also a huge crook, indicted for ‘corruption’ during the Clinton years, but not convicted/sentenced, probably because he is a democrat.

      I have some red flags about Hyde-Smith as well; don’t trust her, but most definitely the far lesser of the two evils, and maybe she will prove me wrong.


  9. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump just landed. Watching AF-1 land is super exciting but only because of President Trump. President Trump has brought dignity and respect back to the Office of President. I had the opportunity right before the mid-terms to watch AF-1 land and pull up to the hangar. It was a magical moment!

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  10. blognificentbee says:

    Air Force One landed. RSBN music and VSG pulling up in TrumpForeceOne NEVER gets old!!!

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  11. Cat Lady says:

    Here’s the total crowd of protesters in Biloxi, can you believe it?!?!😂😂😂

    (Hopefully this will work, I’ve never tried to post a picture before),_MS

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  12. Gil Stonebarger says:

    ummm. it’s time to put away the rallies and open up the russiagate files. everyone waited too long before and we just keep dancing the same dance. Mr Trump WILL be targeted and those who advised and still advise waiting will be to blame


  13. tuskyou says:

    53/47 if Cindy wins tomorrow

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  14. hellinahandbasket says:

    B E S T P R E S I D E N T E V A H ! ! ! ! !

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  15. tuskyou says:

    POTUS said 3 rallies? I only see 2 listed on his website

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  16. California Joe says:

    President Trump should have a rally just for his appointees to head the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Department and Federal Reserve Bank instead of wasting his time in Mississippi. Maybe this way they’d remember who they actually work for and who is the commander and chief of the United States! I’m totally speechless at how President Trump’s own appointees continuously abuse him and anyone who supported him while allowing the criminals in the Obama Administration to walk away scot free. If you haven’t already noticed I’m sick and tired of being the victim of a perpetual mugging…. you’d think Donald Trump would be too?

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    • steph_gray says:

      I think he is unbelievably good at managing frustration, using patience creatively, and setting traps for enemies that sometimes spring long afterwards.

      He is mature. It’s something so rare in our current public life that it surprises many who have never before seen it.

      Maturity is required for repeated winning – something else that no one has yet seen at this scale in the Presidency – not since Reagan.


  17. tuskyou says:

    POTUS wants his supporters to move closer, not happy with how things are set up. Somebody’s gonna get chewed out later!

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  18. tuskyou says:

    Lindsey Graham is here

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  19. fragemall says:

    tupelo honey will get hard at 43 degrees

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  20. He just said he was doing two other stops after this one? I thought he was only doing two today?

    MAGA forever!!

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  21. Donna in AZ says:

    Does anyone know the size of the crowd?

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  22. Ok.. having heard this woman speak, I can understand why she’s in a run-off.

    Like it or not “aesthetics” matter, and her voice grates even more than Hillary’s.
    JFC it was hard to listen.. headache threatening as it still echoes.

    Hopefully she wins, though.

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  23. “Democrats have become the Party of CARAVANS and CRIME.”

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  24. G3 says:

    And Rolls….He gets a Pinocchio for that.
    They got me! 😂

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  25. andyocoregon says:

    “4 More Years!”

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  26. tuskyou says:


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  27. rebel53blog says:


    ★ U N I T E D ★ S T A T E S ★ S P A C E ★ F O R C E ★

    Mars is now US occupied territory

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  28. Zippy says:

    US successful landings on Mars – 8
    Everyone else – 1 Soviet in 1971 that survived fro 20 seconds.

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  29. Wayne Robinson says:

    God bless America and our Presidentourfirst Lady and their families

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  30. tuskyou says:

    Wrapping it up now
    Everyone say it together–

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  31. I just hope President Trump can drag her over the finish line after she didn’t exactly make it easier for him by sticking her foot in her mouth. Don’t some of these people realize the MSM is just waiting for any misspeak from a conservative?

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  32. IMO says:

    Wow great rally POTUS energized now moving on to the next rally amazing.

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  33. rebel53blog says:

    We will not bend
    We will not break
    We will never give in
    We will never give up
    We will never back down
    We will never surrender, Ever Ever Ever
    We bleed Red, White, & Blue
    We stand for our Flag/Anthem
    We are Americans
    We will fight to the End
    We will Make America Wealthy Again
    We will Make America Safe Again
    We will Make America Strong Again
    We will Make America Great Again

    Thank You Mississippi, We Love You!

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  34. FL_GUY says:

    Great President Trump Rally!

    Have you noticed how President Trump projects out to the crowd, it even comes across through streaming, that he IS the FATHER of the USA? You just feel batter after his speeches.

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  35. mcclainra says:

    37 degrees in E. Arkansas almost directly west of Tupelo. Still falling too.

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  36. Bendix says:

    He’s as sweet as Tupelo honey.

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  37. MAGAbear says:

    Well, at least this former dimm is having PDJT hold rallies with her. More than some GOP dummies did. Her emails make it sound like she’s a conservative hardliner. Let’s hope so.


  38. Timmy- the-Ute says:

    310 miles south to Biloxi.


  39. couldn’t watch this one; will watch the 9 pm one…hope it was great!


  40. dadawg says:

    I was at the Tupelo, MS rally…my guess is this Senate election will not be close. Many voters in this state remember Espy’s acquittal while the Tyson Foods executive who made the gifts to him went to jail. CHS in a walk…Hope I’m right.

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  41. IMO says:

    Great round table Pence and Kushner was there the prison reform program looks like a go.


  42. KAY123 says:

    One sure way to have a libtard Demoncrap elected is to
    run one as a Republicrat and one as a Demoncrap.
    Yes sir….that’ll do it.
    Suppose that is why we have the UNIPARTY-RUB-LIE-CRAPS.

    OMG…….Lord come and get me….life is getting just too weird…..


    • steph_gray says:

      You forget that, no matter how much of that may indeed be true, we need her to win.

      This time.

      I do hope all local races wise up and run better R candidates in primaries from here on out.


  43. Dixie Sugarbaker says:

    Mississippi has an active and vocal legislative Black Caucus. If Hyde-Smith was the racist the media claims her to be, you would hear a lot from those members. Instead, there is very,little said. She served with them in the MS Legislature and then helped many of them when she was Commissioner of Agriculture. They know she isn’t racist. They may not vocally support her, but the fact they aren’t speaking negstively about her should be telling.


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