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Russia Opens Fire and Seizes Three Ukrainian Vessels…

The Ukraine/Crimea/Russia crisis flares up again today as Russia blockaded the Sea of Azov then fired upon three Ukrainian naval ships who attempted passage Sunday.  After wounding several sailors, the Russians then seized the three boats; igniting another crisis between … Continue reading

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Mexico Will Deport Those Migrants Who Attempted To Illegally Cross U.S. Border Today…

Actions have consequences.  Mexico says they will deport those who attempted to illegally cross the U.S-Mexico border earlier today. Nice to see a new Mexican government perspective stepping up here to punish unlawful behavior at the border…. though I’m certain … Continue reading

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BREAKING Report: GM Closing All Operations in Oshawa Canada….

Canadian media are reporting that General Motors plans to shut down operation in Oshawa, Canada.   This is quite possibly an outcome that portends the sign of things to come… CANADA – Numerous sources have told CTV Toronto that General Motors … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Denies Papadopoulos Delay – Begins 14-Day Federal Prison Sentence Tomorrow…

Federal Judge Randolph Moss denies a sentencing delay for George Papadopoulos and instructs him to report to federal prison in Wisconsin on Monday; Papadopoulos will serve a 14-day sentence for ‘lying’ to  federal investigators. The Judge rejected Papadopoulos request to … Continue reading

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Media Begin Full Propaganda Push to Create Victim Narrative around Migrants…

With the reality of hundreds of central American migrants attempting to overwhelm the U.S. southern border by force; and after weeks of denying the migration horde were a threat to U.S. immigration and national sovereignty; the media narrative engineers need … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Migrant Horde Rushes San Ysidro Port of Entry In San Diego – Repelled With Pepper Spray, Smoke and Tear Gas…

In a highly coordinated effort between caravan organizers and media allies, hundreds of economic migrants from central America rushed the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego today attempting to gain entry.  Video on social media (shared below) shows … Continue reading

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Chaff and Countermeasures – Trey Gowdy Discusses James Comey, Justice Roberts and Ivanka Trump…

Purple-tie-clad representative Trey Gowdy (U-DC) appears on CBS with Margaret Brennan to discuss the congressional request for former FBI Director James Comey to appear for questioning.  Roosterhead proposes possibly video-taping the deposition of Comey at a joint Oversight and Judiciary … Continue reading

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