President Trump Visits U.S. Coast Guard For Thanksgiving

President Donald Trump travels to Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet in Florida, this Thanksgiving to thank members for all they have done to assist victims during recent hurricanes.  Video Below:

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17 Responses to President Trump Visits U.S. Coast Guard For Thanksgiving

  1. Rex70 says:

    Hail to The Chief!!!

    Thankful–so thankful!–for this POTUS, for America and being an American, and for all of you right-minded warriors in and out of uniform that I can call Fellow Americans. God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving to Sundance and Treepers, from the bottom of my red-white-and-blue heart. Amen.

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  2. tdaly14 says:

    He loves America!!! 😍🇺🇸😍

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  3. 4EDouglas says:

    Just learned my friend, advisor and boss died. he was USCG master chief. ret.
    worked with and have great respect for those people. thank , you president Trump.
    to my friend Ed.:
    One of hsi first calls as a Rescue crewman on an HU-16 was the Edmund
    Fitzgerald.. RIP Ed.

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  4. I am please we now have a POTUS that actually gives a damn about the people protecting us!

    Coasties saved me and my sailboat when we got beat up in a storm in the Lesser Antilles and I can’t say enough good about them!

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  5. Ken says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Coasties…Semper Paratus!

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  6. Mncpo(ret) says:

    I pray that this man takes a day off to spend with his wife and family. He works so hard for us, everyday. Please go eat some turkey/ sweet taters/pie with Barron (sic), watch some college ball and fall asleep in an easy chair. No one deserves it more than you, sir.

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  7. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “to thank members for all they have done ”

    His thanks are SINCERE, not like the lying politicians (*) just making appearances and shaking hands for a Public Relations “pomp and circumstance” opportunity.

    (*) no need to cite examples – there are too many to list and there will always be more politicians that are worthy of scorn and ridicule. Yet the incumbents seem to keep getting voted back into office!

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  8. Rynn69 says:

    Enjoy the articles displaying America and our President’s deeply held love for the country. We get it.

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  9. I’m glad Trump visited them. But Coast Guard, sandwiches and chips on Thanksgiving. Like, I’d go down a cook for them.

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  10. DelAware says:

    Semper paratus! Thank you Mr. President for remembering Coasties and our families–America’s big blue wall!

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  11. Stephen Richter says:

    Very solid looking group of people.

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  12. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    Looks like they’re having Cuban sandwiches. I’m so jealous.

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