Stunningly Rude: Terrible Behavior from CNN Reporter During Press Conference…

No idea why the White House just doesn’t revoke Jim Acosta’s press credential.

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304 Responses to Stunningly Rude: Terrible Behavior from CNN Reporter During Press Conference…

  1. bertdilbert says:

    Trumps tweet tomorrow regarding Acosta should state that he inappropriately touched a woman!

    Press goes wild.

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  2. apfelcobbler says:

    Have a glance to see how ABC LIES about what we all see!! The WH aide was not able to get the microphone from Acosta in the routine manner since Acosta refused to yield it, yet ABC words it as if Acosta was the aggrieved party.

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  3. thesavvyinvester says:

    Treepers. Perhaps it’s time for Sundance’s Press Core Recommendations which were detailed here on CTH. For the life of me I can’t find the link, thanks in advance for those who will supply the link.

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  4. appraisher says:

    If you’ve ever worked on stage, you know you NEVER give the mic to anyone…you always control the mic yourself. A large gentleman should be delegated to hold the mic while these asshats speak, then when the Presidents says, “that’s enough”, just walk away and let them howl in broadcast silence, while the next question is being asked..

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    • SteveC says:

      They should be able to remotely kill a mic, pull out another for the next person.
      Then Acosta looks like just another weird dude with his Mr.Microphone – or worse.

      That said, I preferred watching PDJT make Acosta look like an enormous wimp when he implied that he was going to go up to him.

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    • Dan says:

      They should issue her a taser with liberal rules of engagement. Nothing better than seeing acosta twitching on the floor in a puddle of his own piss…

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  5. Michael Wallace says:

    I bought trump was going to come off the stage.
    We are going to see lots more of this Impeachment starts, Maxine waters shoots her mouth off, it is going to be fun.

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    • Mike K says:

      I did, too, for a moment. I wonder what the reaction would be if he just said “I’m done” and walked away? He has had far more press availability than Obama or Clinton. Bush was a painful speaker.


  6. Missey J says:

    His ‘privilege’ was revoked due to his manhandling a female intern not because he was rude (which he was). Thus CNN and Jim Acosta are liars and just provoking more lies to be spread by not only apologizing but demanding recompense from Acosta. He’s a fool and the Clinton News Network is the fool’s toad for their mistress.

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  7. I would dearly love to spend just 2 minutes with that detestable Acosta alone in a room. If he is lucky enough to walk out of there, he’ll be totally unrecognizable.

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  8. Sayit2016 says:

    Hey Jim…

    Can I call you Jim?

    Your First Amendment rights are fully intact, what happened today, was that you assaulted a staff member. This is unacceptable under any circumstances. ZERO TOLERANCE.

    THEREFORE, as a direct result of Your Actions, your Press pass was revoked and your dumbass was escorted from the premises, and as luck would have it, your big fat mouth had to go with it.

    We good?


    Sarah Huckabee

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  9. Doreen Scott says:

    This guy definitely has a mental problem. He should never be near the President. I’m surprised he didn’t throw the microphone at the president. If he goes near the white house again the secret service should shoot him.

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  10. Craig W. Gordon says:



  11. cynthiahw says:

    Jim, you’re just lucky that all you got was suspended. Any woman that has had self-defense training would have, out of reflex, put you on the floor holding your crotch and crying like a little girl.

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  12. Mike diamond says:

    Jim acosta= radical liberal sent to the whitehouse to disrupt and cause problems,he is not a real news reporter he is part of the radical left! He should never be allowed back in the whitehouse!!!!


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