Thread #2 – 2018 Midterm Election – Results and open Discussion….

Reminder.  Relax.  The corporate media, writ large, are  front-loading bad news in a coordinated effort to influence polls still open.  Take a walk, do something constructive. Ignore the early MSM messaging, they are constructing narratives – nothing more.  Any election outcome that does not that align with the preferred MSM narrative will be down-played. If there are strong republican election results in the eastern/central time-zones (House, Senate or Governor) those races will not be called, and the results intentionally held back. This is how a specific narrative is framed.

Polls closed:

♦6:00 p.m. Indiana (6pm and 7pm), Kentucky (6pm and 7pm)
♦7:00 p.m. Alabama, *Florida (7pm and 8pm), Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia
♦7:30 p.m. North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia
♦8:00 p.m. Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas (8pm and 9pm), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan (8pm and 9pm), Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas.
♦8:30 p.m. Arkansas

New York Times – Results Available Here

Politico – Results Available Here

CNN – Election Results Here

Decision Desk HQ – Election Results Here

AP Politics – Election Results Here

Remember, ignore exit polling and early voting analysis. Mid-west and Western States MUST continue to vote through poll closing times. Ignore msm, FINISH STRONG !  Voting still open:

♦9:00 p.m. Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, Wyoming
♦10:00 p.m. Idaho (10pm and 11pm), Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah
♦11:00 p.m. California, Hawaii, Washington
♦12:00 a.m. (Nov. 7) Alaska


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1,499 Responses to Thread #2 – 2018 Midterm Election – Results and open Discussion….

  1. shirley49 says:

    The first thing Trump needs to do is get out his VETO pen, order a Special Council to investigate Hillary and another to investigate the FISA warrants and Mueller.


  2. Disappointing to lose the House. Much worse it could have been except for our fearless President barnstorming the nation and leaving it ALL on the field. Be of good cheer that you are still fortunate to be healthy, free, and prosperous in the US of A instead of 95% of the rest of the world–and enjoy at least two more years of MAGA..


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