Alleged Victim Details Accusations of Sexual Assault by U.S. Senator Corey Booker…

In a rather remarkable and detailed anonymous posting on social media a man details his encounter with New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, and how Booker sexually assaulted him in a restroom.  According to the victim he reached out to #MeToo champion Ronan Farrow who has done little -so far- to support him. Stunning story – Read Here

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526 Responses to Alleged Victim Details Accusations of Sexual Assault by U.S. Senator Corey Booker…

  1. covfefe999 says:

    People are ravaging Booker on his twitter account. hahahaha Propaganda media isn’t touching the story but thanks to twitter it will be known by many. 🙂 Thanks twitter!

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  2. teeheeman says:

    Sparticus Phallicus…….we hardly knew you.

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  3. Bendix says:

    A somewhat contrarian opinion here. I said somewhat.
    If I were Mr. Farrow, I would be quite suspicious of this story. I don’t blame him for being cautious.
    The writer gives us the date he reached out to Farrow, but I’m more interested in the date he reached out to the Republican lawyer. Was it after Mr. Booker’s recent public embarrassing spectacle?
    Or was it after we heard of Blasey Ford?

    Having said that, the writer provides much more detail that the “sounds credible” Ford, and claims to be able to provide proof that he and Booker actually have met.
    By the standards set forth by a US Senator (Feinstein), this men is telling the 100% God’s honest truth, whether he is or not.
    HE MUST BE BELIEVED! Booker is guilty, guilty, guilty!

    Yeah, I hate to do it (no I don’t) but I agree with the other posters here who are calling for Booker’s conviction (I almost said head).
    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    • jahealy says:

      He says in his letter he contacted the attorney (DHillon) in the “latter half of last month” after witnessing Booker’s histrionics at the Kavanaugh hearing, and being “triggered” by his performance.


    • 6x47 says:

      I apply the Democrat standard to these salacious allegations against Cory Booker:

      No uncorroborated allegations will be believed except when it is politically useful. Then every scurrilous tale of depravity will be accepted as true even if it is refuted.

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    • Susan McFarland says:

      The writer says he reached out after watching the shameful Booker display during the Kavanaugh hearings.
      The simple point here is-
      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…
      Corey Booker should be found guilty until he can prove his innocence, and Dem colleagues should denounce him and kick him out of the Senate, right?
      Fair is fair….

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  4. Pristach says:

    I could give a rip who Cory Booker follows into some bathroom stall.


  5. mr.piddles says:

    Just remember, Booker T. Spartacus: running for President isn’t a criminal trial; it’s a job interview.

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  6. Right to reply says:

    Guilty until proven innocent. Isn’t that the way the Dems like it? Let us see if they play by their own rules! I’m sure Kamala is breathing a sigh of relief…

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  7. Michael Kosak says:

    I thought we were all supposed to believe ‘survivors’ ???


  8. 1066 says:

    Bathroom Booker aka Bathroom Spartacus Booker

    Not to be confused with;

    Bathhouse Barry

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  9. hard masada says:

    Stereotypical Angry Black Man who projects his Sexuality confusion onto others especially women. He is a Black man doing the dirty on the down low and he can’t handle it. SAD! he’s also an NPC ~~>

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  10. trapper says:

    Does Hillary have some little elves quietly whispering in people’s ears?
    “Go ahead! Release the DNA report. It will help you.”
    “Tell the world your story about Booker.”

    What’s next? What little voice will Kamala hear and obey? What will she be outed on? Lots of scandal in her background to choose from. Which one will mainstream her out of the running, and who will release it?

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  11. snellvillebob says:

    Upon conviction I really doubt Cory will appeal it to the Supreme Court. Character assassinations have consequences.


  12. nimrodman says:

    “Senator Booker – do you confirm or deny that you’ve stopped molesting young boys?”
    “Senator Booker?”

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  13. Newhere says:

    Parts of his statement that stands out: he openly “concedes” that he has not brought forth “dispositive” evidence, and therefore doesn’t “begrudge” anyone who doesn’t believe him (noting that “belief” is a matter of faith and not facts); at the same time he points out his recollection includes more “probative evidence” than Ford’s, and he explains the reasons that he is withholding even more specifics. In other words, he displays the reasoning and perspective of an ADULT in assessing his own situation and what is reasonable to expect. In short, he respects due process and doesn’t expect all reason and rules to be suspended in deference to “his truth.”

    Compare with Ford, who expected the nation to scuttle a presidential nomination and ruin a man’s good name on the weight of a story she can’t even keep straight or remember herself. She accepted the title of courageous feminist icon while behaving with about as much self-awareness, entitlement and self-regard as an over-indulged preteen.

    I recommend reading the whole letter, if even just to register the contrast with Ford. This gentleman’s story MUST be buried. It not only targets a democrat darling; it openly and eloquently calls out democrat hypocrist on metoo. On the heels of their disgraceful behavior on Kavanaugh, the dems have no credible, respectable response to this person’s story, or to the compelling critique he brings with it.

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    • Raven says:

      “…he displays the reasoning and perspective of an ADULT…”

      The left has no adults on their side. They have no clue what that means, or how to “act” like an adult.

      I am thankful we now have adults in the White House.


  14. Ventura Capitalist says:

    Oh dear…
    This is awkward.


  15. Ryan Workman says:

    Booker can’t be “First Black President,” so: Booker 2020: “First Gay President”

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  16. Chuck Arnold says:

    Why does this not surprise me, I guess because Booker is a Democrat, and DEMS now days are capable of anything, now that they no longer have to obey our laws they do whatever they want.

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  17. Fools Gold says:

    Sounds like a he said she said case, or a he said he said or a gay said gay said or is it a tranny said tranny said or….oh never mind…

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  18. Mike diamond says:

    Booker is a disgrace !

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  19. 6x47 says:

    The Spartacus fetishes makes more sense now.

    “So tell me Billy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

    “Do you like movies about gladiators?”


  20. Abster says:

    What Booker allegedly did to this man is so disgraceful. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t tried this approach before. I’m Spartacus and you’re not! Power has gone to their heads


  21. Pyrthroes says:

    Is Booker married? Although this violent racist thug nominally represents my State [sigh] in DC’s Upper House, citizens of (relatively) good repute expect nothing whatever from this brazen Rat.

    “Serious allegations”, eh? Talk to Harry Reid, a Vegas mob crony, high-end scamster and tax cheat. Meantime, Midterms 2018 project a Rat massacre akin to some low-budget slasher film.


  22. SteChatte says:

    I am suspicious of the authenticity because the essay is so well-penned. Either this “victim” is coincidentally a trained writer, or this is a sardonic hit piece.


  23. HJR27 says:

    Welcome to the arena. Spartacus!


  24. Hittman says:

    Proves once again what the dims are accusing the R’s of doing they are doing themselves.

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