President Trump Joint Press Conference with President Duda of Poland – 2:10pm Livestream…

President Trump holds joint press conference with President Andrzej Duda of Poland in the White House East Room.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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49 Responses to President Trump Joint Press Conference with President Duda of Poland – 2:10pm Livestream…

  1. Ditch Mitch says:

    Hope they mention Three Seas Initiative, LNG deals and shipments, Immigration.

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  2. swampfox999 says:

    It makes so much sense to realize Pilsudski’s dream of an Intermarium, with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe allied with the US and perhaps Great Britain. Not only would it help keep Russian expansionism in check, it could pressure Germany to stop playing footsie with Russia as it had in 1939 to start WWII. The gas deal with Russia is suicidal and works directly against NATO’s and our interests.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Exactly, which is why TSI and LNG are at the top of my list.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        From the article linked above:

        Poland’s state-owned oil and natural gas company signed a five-year deal Tuesday to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States.

        The deal is between Polish Oil and Gas Company Group (PGNiG) and Centrica LNG Co., for shipments between 2018 and 2022, the parties said. The gas will go through Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Louisiana.

        The deal comes both as Poland and the rest of eastern Europe work to dramatically reduce their dependence on pipeline-delivered gas from Russia and as the United States works to ramp up its natural gas exports.

        Poland opened an LNG receiving terminal on the Baltic Sea last year and is working with companies around the world to sign supply deals.

        PGNiG received its first LNG shipment from the United States in June as part of a spot-market deal, shortly before President Trump visited the nation. Trump’s visit was, in part, to promote United States energy exports.

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        • Ditch Mitch says:

          Fle, glad to see the Poland deal finalized. Story was very compact and direct. To expand on your comments is the work done by Croatia down south building a LNG receiving and storage site on Kirk island with distribution lines throughout Three Seas countries.

          Great to see Poland leading the charge!

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        • inquisitorLost says:

          Things are looking up in Lousyana.

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        • Elizabeth Carter says:

          Fle, I was wondering if we need to be worried about WA, CA, etc. blocking our coal shipping from the West Coast. If we are doing business with Poland, Africa, etc.. and can ship from the East Coast and we are not shipping to China and Russia, is that really more of a problem to the West Coast development than it is to the rest of America? I understand that Africa receives most of its power from coal plants. We can deal with a large portion of the world and never use a West Coast port I would think.

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    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Had to look Intermarium up. Wow that is something completely new to me. In some respects it returns some of the elements of the now missing Habsburg Empire to the European balance of power equation. Of course like the Austro-Hungarians, such a multi cultural, multi-ethnic entity wouldn’t be without significant problems. But it certainly would force Germany and Russia to stand up and take notice!

      (If they need a King, I’m available)

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    An incredibly important relationship for a multitude of reasons. Poland was the first Eastern European country to purchase LNG from us last June (2016). Since than, they and other Eastern European countries purchase a majority of their fuel from us even if it costs a little more because they don’t want to have the Russians control their fuel situation.

    Poland, Hungary, Italy and a few others want absolutely nothing to do with Muslim migrants. They are a torn in the side of the EU.

    Poland has asked our President to have a permanent base in his country and will put $2 billion dollars towards it.

    Poland have a tremendous amount of LOVE for God our Father and Jesus Christ. They openly celebrate it in the streets.

    The speech by our President and the reception he got where absolutely incredible. It felt so good to see our President received that way.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Omg this was beautiful Flep, thank you!

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    • Homesteader says:

      Flep, you were so right about the Poles!

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      • 3and2fastball says:

        Excellent press conference. Poland is a strong US ally, I was hoping to hear of the LNG expansion! Read this: such news is not reported on German MSM! In Germany, Nordstream2 is king. Terrible. The Russians, during an extreme cold weather spell, cut off gas to Poland! The Polish folk are patriotic and tough, with clear and clean principles. They march in the streets and loudly profess to be a Christian nation, and want nothing to do with the Muslim refugee problem that Germany’s Merkel brought about. Also, LNG is a key to eastern European countries, now EU, but none are playing liberal games with the central EU….read Merkel and Junckers.

        I like Poland, and Eastern Europe. We should too. I believe Mr. Trump knows the real deal. MAGA

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        • darcy says:

          I heartily concur with your comments.
          I would like also to see Victor Orban visit us (President Trump) at the White House — I would drop everything to watch their meeting and press conference in real time.

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          • 3and2fastball says:

            Indeed, I agree. Just what I’ve been missing is the apparent lack of reported contact between the men. True, the MSM covering the last G20 showed no contact between the leaders, neither in group photo shoots or so called “live coverage”. Yet I doubt that Mr. Orban has gone unnoticed! Just today Mr. Orban and Italy’s Mr. Salvini shook hands with full concurrence concerning the Muslim refugees. Read this: European citizens do not want the intense Muslim refugee influx. This is a political choice, for whatever reasons, beyond me.

            I do hope do be not out of line here.

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          • piper567 says:

            darcy, just in case you are not aware, carries all of Orban’s speeches…All of which are worth a listen.
            Orban is one of the great heroes of the resistance to EU insistence on taking in “immigrants”.
            His speeches are v inspiring and crystal clear.

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    • Elizabeth Carter says:

      I love Poland and cry every time I watch these videos. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Caius Lowell says:

    Poland rocks! They’re signed up for a nationalism that takes sovereignty and security seriously and simultaneously scuttles scurrilous and seditious socialism…

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  5. rustybritches says:

    If the Gov needs to spend 200 billion dollars by the end of sept then why cant some of that money be used for the Wall?

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  6. USTerminator says:

    Please move out troop out of Germany into Poland. Let Germany defends herself. Poland is a great ally. Germany, not so much

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  7. parteagirl says:

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    • Kenji says:

      Brilliant! Defending Western culture without a hint of embarassment. I think of the GREAT Polish communities of the Midwest and my wonderful friend, _ _ _ Sydlaski.

      Polish immigrants MADE America GREAT!

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  8. Truthfilter says:

    Fort Trump!!

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  9. Calls on OANN reporter, who is respectful and asks an intelligent question!?

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  10. Yet another Bilateral Commitment to Defense, Energy and Trade

    Message to China:
    America is fast becoming the sole TRUSTED Partner for Infrastructure!

    So much for Cheating China’s Loan-Shark THIEVERY of Nations’ Infrastructure and Minerals. Their Belt and Road Initiative is beginning to CRUMBLE.

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  11. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump is amazing. Despite having dump truck loads of turds dropped on him every day by the D-Rats and media-rats, he continues to be the greatest President in the history of the USA. Smart world leaders, there aren’t too many, but the smart ones recognize that the key to making their own countries great again is to get on the President Trump Train!!!

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  12. Ditch Mitch says:

    Of course as soon as PDJT calls on John Decker. Kavanaugh comes up.

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  13. Kenji says:

    MY President says of the (D) left … Resist they much … obstruct … it’s all they do.

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  14. Truthfilter says:

    President Trump is absolutely disgusted about the Kavenaugh accusations. And justifiably so.

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  15. John Doe says:

    The US has 36 army bases in Germany. Let’s shut ’em down and move to a great big beautiful army base in Poland, called Fort Trump!!!!❤️🇺🇸❤️🇵🇱

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  16. First video posted begins 51:18


  17. thedoc00 says:

    Poland, the other Ex-Warsaw Pact Members and the Baltic States are still working to recover from the disaster of Russian-Soviet Occupation and home-grown Communist Rule. Yet, they represent a good long term investment for the US vs the rest of the EU. Austria may also be a candidate as well. Hope the president can find a way to put ambassadors and state department specialist in place who can cultivate a long term relationship.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      By the way Italy and the UK also have a decent historical relationship with these same nations. If their governments come to their senses and move forward from the EU they would likely be welcome as well.

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