Chuck Todd Says “Fight Back” Against Fox News – Two Days Later Unstable Man Drives Truck into Fox News…

NBC News host Chuck Todd advanced a proposition in both his broadcast and a print article that Fox News was the source of negative opinion toward media.  In a September 3rd article written for The Atlantic Chuck Todd said it was time to “fight back“.

Two days later, September 5th, an obviously unstable man drives a pickup truck into the Fox News station in Dallas Texas while shouting “High Treason, High Treason“….

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180 Responses to Chuck Todd Says “Fight Back” Against Fox News – Two Days Later Unstable Man Drives Truck into Fox News…

  1. sunnydaze says:

    Jim Acosta was right when he said a journalist would get hurt.

    He just left out the part where it would be an unhinged Lefty who would do the hurting… the bidding of Unhinged Lefty Journalists.

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  2. scott467 says:

    “Two days later, September 5th, an obviously unstable man drives a pickup truck into the Fox News station in Dallas Texas while shouting “High Treason, High Treason“….”


    He’s not wrong about that.

    As the president points out daily, they are FAKE NEWS, and FAKE NEWS is the enemy of the American People.

    And that includes Fox News. They may be ‘less bad’ than the openly hostile propaganda outlets, but they are still a multinational corporate CoC / UniParty propaganda organization.

    They are still a narrow filter, covering mostly the same ‘stories’ (narratives) the others promote, and just as importantly, NOT covering most of the same real news the others avoid.

    The difference between Fox News and the others is that Fox News wraps themselves in the American flag.

    But underneath the flag, it’s the same multinational disease, with a globalist Australian and his two globalist sons running the ‘show’.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Scott467, Agreed but they actually do carry some positive VSGPDJT stories times. I don’t watch any TV at all, just start with Fox in the morning to see what the left is lying about today then switch to Twitter and follow President Trump, Whitehouse, James Woods (cuz I like his style) etc. then finally here at the Tree to get the real story and see what is really happening. Maybe American Thinker for some retrospect. Saying that, your point is well taken. Maybe someday we will have REAL FREE PRESS coverage.

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    • Damn straight Scott, and I consider that even worse. Draped in the flag, pretending to be “of our kind” and lying through their f’ing teeth all the while. Shep? Get him out. Send him to help the drag queen that’s touring the nation literally raping the minds of 3 and 4 year old innocent children. But, send them both to South Africa to do it.

      They all aid and abet the enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, many of whom are inside the borders (ooops, dirty word there- sooooo sorry for that) of our nation.

      It’s incredibly hard to fight evil when so many are so ignorant of the actuality of it all. The 6 major corporations in ownership of all of “THEIR” media need to be busted up thoroughly and the man that can put real media back on the map is in the White House.

      So I’m not entirely disgusted and in fewer ways discouraged about the future… for now. Probably because I do NOT watch tell lie vision, unless it’s unadulterated race car oriented. That does not include nascar where all the globalist garbage has been inserted. They went the way of Nike long ago…


  3. scott467 says:

    “Chuck Todd Says “Fight Back” Against Fox News – Two Days Later Unstable Man Drives Truck into Fox News…”


    I hope the president takes note.

    The corporate propaganda media can easily influence the violent fringe elements of the radical Left, and especially any particularly unstable individuals within that ‘group’, but that game works both ways.

    All the president has to do is give the word, and millions of Americans will take up their arms, man checkpoints, march on D.C., whatever he needs.

    Just say the word.

    That’s all he has to do.

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    • I’ve been getting prepared for that since 9/11… of 1990.

      But, we have to make sure that “they” don’t get the civil war that lincoln did, because that only empowered the feds even more, didn’t it?

      Yep. And… for the first time in America, it was financed by We The People.

      There’s a reason why “they” revise history.

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      • scott467 says:

        “But, we have to make sure that “they” don’t get the civil war that lincoln did, because that only empowered the feds even more, didn’t it? ”


        Well that’s just it, the Deep State has consumed “the feds”, and if Trump calls We the People to do what needs to be done, it will be against “the feds”, not against other civilians, except or unless ‘anti-fa’ wants to provide us with some target practice along the way.


  4. covfefe999 says:

    On the Dallas Fox twitter someone said that all of the papers that had blown around have WFAA at the top. Sure enough. I see WFAA is the Dallas ABC station.


  5. mr.piddles says:

    Somebody needs to point out to Sleepy Eyes that the MSM have been on the offensive from Day One. How does one “fight back” when said individual is the one who is lunging, knife in hand? MSM is in full Jihad mode, and they would even admit to that.

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  6. Amielou says:

    When are people like Chuck Todd going to understand that it’s not Fox News, it’s not conservatives, it’s not Trump, it’s not anything but their own blasted way of doing things. They have whiped this countries unstable people up into a frenzy. And they still double down whenever the consequences comes and bites them in the ass, they still Double Down On It. When is the stopping point please somebody tell me.

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    • He already knows that, it’s his job to lie and whip unstable people into frenzies.

      Ever heard the phrase “out of chaos, order” or “order out of chaos”?

      Those who control the traitor created it.

      The stopping point is when we get enough of it to do more than complain and talk, etc… and help Trump like he asks us. We have one heck of an opportunity to do our duty without being completely screwed over for it for a change… we better use it!


    • Was Bob Creamer involved since O’Keefe has him on record saying he uses the mentally unstable to carry out violence against Conservatives?


  7. ogoggilby says:

    I think what Chuck Todd needs is a theme song. Here’s my choice:

    “Try to understand, try to understand,
    Try, try, try to understand….I’m a magic man”


  8. PMadison says:

    Just the poor logic of Todd’s assertion is enough to disqualify him from his position. He bashes his fellow members of the media because their bias is not in lockstep with his leftist agenda. Then argues that bashing the media’s bias is wrong.


  9. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck the tod d is a liberal demo-rat,so he is only about take news!!!


  10. Chris Winchell says:

    Fox News is only slightly better than the rest of the Main Stream Media.

    Let’s take a look at some of the female contributors:
    Rudi Bakhitar came from CNN, moved to Fox and now works with that bastion of journalistic morals, Reuters.
    Alisyn Camerota left Fox to host New Day on CNN.
    Jedediah Bila left Fox to host The View
    Abby Huntsmann has just left Fox to Replace Rudi Bakhitar on the View.
    And of course: The picture of Female Conservatives, Megyn Kelly left to join NBC.
    Each of these women have clips, tweets and FB posts, blasting the Liberal Main Stream Media during thier time ot FOX. So we are left to wonder, were they playing a role during thier time at Fox, or did their morals disolve as soon as they got a chance to earn more money at those self same orginizations?

    While the exedus of the men on Fox (especially to Main Stream Media) is not as prevelant as that of the women, the story is the Liberal men they keep on the payroll. Of note here are:

    Juan Williams who probalby reads the daily talking points from the DNC and spends his time on any FOX show he is on, looking for a way to get those daily talking points on air.
    Bob Beckel, who though although fired (twice) from Fox, was allowed to go on The Five and spout the Democratic Party line, make racial insluts, swear and at one time(allegedly) attempted to backhand a female.
    Shepard Smith who would fit right in on the Prime time shows of CNN or MSNBC.
    All three of these men are (or were as in the case of Beckel) allowed to promote progressive dogma and repeat (even proven false) allegations against any member of the GOP with impunity.

    While Fox would tell your, they allow REAL liberals on Fox to allow a balance of views, they still show the same stories as the main stream outlets. The only difference being that they tend to use subtle attacks agains our current administration instead of opely hostile attacks as seen on the rest of the media.

    The only bright spots on FOX News, are their non-news contributors such as Judge Jeanine Piro, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and not to forget, Maria Bartiromo.


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