Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:00pm Livestream…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders conducts the White House press briefing for Wednesday August 1st, 2018.  Anticipated start time 1:00pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream Link

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128 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:00pm Livestream…

  1. Sauce says:

    Wonder if we’ll get the “Q”uestion at todays press briefing?

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  2. Everywhereguy says:

    The five-times-weekly torture session

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  3. andyocoregon says:

    Idiots seem to think President Trump has no 1st Amendment Right to free speech. They’re calling his tweet about Mueller Investigation “obstruction”. Bet the presstitutes would squawk loudly if their 1st Amendment Rights were taken away from them.

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  4. andyocoregon says:

    If you write a check, you must show I.D.
    How petty of that woman to criticize President Trump for a general comment.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      That was Cecilia Vega from ABC News. Expect to see this clip on the evening news tonight. That’s how they roll. Anything to criticize the President for every little thing he says.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        It’s already made it over here to Germany, thanks to “out-of-“Focus via the Puff Ho…

        First thing I thought of what, yep, he pays for his groceries with a check. And most places (probably all places anymore) require ID with a check, even if your address and phone number are printed on it.

        Of course the presstitute probably uses Food Stamps (or whatever they are now).

        Oh, wait.

        Gotta have ID for them, too…

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      • TheWanderingStar says:

        ABC SUCKS!

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        • GB Bari says:

          That’s been true since the early 1980s. The last time I watched ABC World News Tonight was hosted by Harry Reasoner or Frank Reynolds. Jennings made it worse, Koppel only added to the collective hubris. It went further downhill from there….

          TV News has been 99% taken over by the Propagandists. Only OAN has avoided that fate so far…

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      I sent a staff member to buy spray paint for a project we were doing. He had to show an ID.
      Same thing for Sudafed and cold medications.
      I still write checks, far more convenient when it comes to the accounting for specific jobs, and I show ID, every single time — even though they KNOW me.

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    • James F says:

      Just another limousine liberal who is completely out of touch with real America.

      Poor people obviously don’t count to these elitist snobs, except for their vote.

      Massachusetts law requires the use of photo identification on the front of each EBT card. We will use the photo from your driver’s license or other state-issued ID. If you don’t have one, we will schedule a time for you to go to a DTA office to take a photo.

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  5. Mandy says:

    lol “Q anon and blacks for Trump FRINGE GROUPS” by some reporter, a guy seated next to John Gizzy – did y’all see Gizzy’s head turn and look at the dude like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” lolol. Too funny!

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    • andyocoregon says:

      He was whining about Jim Acosta (CNN) being shouted down by the crowd yelling “CNN Sucks”. Sarah shut him down by saying “While we support Freedom of the Press, we also support Free Speech”. LOL!

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Gizzy is old school, common sense, logical. Maybe in the WH reporter’s fringe group. Don’t know who the “guy” is. Gizzy use to be a regular on FNN and FBN.

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    • Lawrence says:

      It was David Martosko. He claims it’s a fringe group because the leader said bad things about Oprah And Hussein. So a white elitist lapdog decides what blacks can think, and then wonders why people are joining the Q movement.

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    • “Blacks for Trump…..fringe group” To the enemedia anything for President Trump is ‘fringe group’ yet Black Lives Matter to the press is a huge grassroots tsunami.

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      • Did you take a look at the site on some of those posters at the rally?
        Who were those fellows that had those posters?
        A very strange site came up at their URL …


        • churchmouse says:

          The website associated with the guys with ‘Blacks for Trump’ on their tee shirts is —

          They are strong Trump supporters and fundamentalist Christians.

          Below is an illustration of one of them behind the podium from 2016.

          In the tweet below, I disagree with Brian Tashman’s assessment as much as I probably would with some of these Trump supporters’ religious views.

          Regardless, Blacks for Trump have been loyal and enthusiastic towards the President when he was still a candidate in 2016. Many have been behind the podium since that time. I’m surprised that more have not seen them until now. How can that be?

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          • So, who were those guys with the handwritten signs that gave the apparently “off” website. Were they plants for a planned smear on the real Blacks for Trump? That is rather troubling.


            • churchmouse says:

              They are Blacks for Trump. I explained their website as best I could.

              Someone on CTH in 2016 thought that their tee shirts read ‘ZOZO’. Someone had to explain that ‘ZOZO’ was in fact ‘2020’.

              Frankly, it seems inexplicable that Blacks for Trump are some sort of ‘off’ group with an ‘off’ site. Their tee shirts and posters might be amateurish, but … so what?

              ‘Were they plants for a planned smear on the real Blacks for Trump?’ If there was a rogue group, perhaps. However, no one has supplied a link — on this thread, at least — to say that Blacks for Trump were involved in any trouble.

              Were they? If so, that’s a first.

              Howie Carr just mentioned them now. He, too, is amazed that people think Blacks for Trump is a ‘fringe’ group.

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              • jeans2nd says:

                Amazing that none have heard of Diamond and Silk, who began w/a vid showing Diamond and Silk going to Bd of Elections and changing their voter registration from Dem to GOP, huh mouse?
                The rest is history.
                As for Q, well, Fake News need a fall guy, why not go after the little guys who Fake News believe need another beat-down. Conspirators gonna conspire, haters gonna hate.
                The conspiracy is the Fake News.

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              • Churchmouse, I get that Blacks for Trump are legit and worthy of great respect.

                It is just that guys with handmade signs that used their name had a site called on the bottom of their signs that takes you to some very confusing corner of the internet.

                Are these guys–not on stage–not with legit signs/tee-shirts–but these other guys, with hand made signs part of some kind of smear of the good guys in Blacks for Trump?


                • churchmouse says:

                  Blacks for Trump have always had handmade signs.

                  Their website, — ‘Latin, Black and White must unite’ — redirects to

                  If anyone has a link to any trouble they have made or any impostors posing as Blacks for Trump, I’d be interested in reading it.


                • I am not trying to be difficult or cast dispersion on anyone. Please be patient with me.

                  I have only watched the rally video, visited the site (which I found to be confusing) and then asked the question–were those guys with the site signs really part of the Blacks for Trump group?


                • churchmouse says:

                  I understand you’re not casting aspersion.

                  There was one rally either just before the election or early 2017 when they were in the audience near the front rather than behind the podium. One of the guys waved his 2020 poster, and the President pointed at it and acknowledged the guy with a big smile.

                  All I can say is to watch for them.

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  6. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Hilarious how Acosta and CNN use TRUMP speeches to inject their VANITY PROPAGANDA and AGENDA QUESTIONS into the news – and then they have the PRECIOUS CHUTZPAH to complain when WE THE PEOPLE inject “CNN sucks” into their VANITY PROPAGANDA!

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    • doit4atlas says:

      Exactly…that jackass Acosta stood up in the middle of the Trump crowd and just begged for the crowd to give it to him. He might as well have LED the “CNN SUCKS!” chant. Just so he and his CNN idiots could bloviate for the rest of the evening.

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  7. daughnworks247 says:

    OMG, we got a Q question.

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    • Ken Maritch says:

      What was the question…. and answer?

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      She handled it perfectly. Hilarious!

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Perfect way to handle a load of bull 🙂

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        • andy says:

          its fun to watch it break.
          Sorry bout the Q spam, but almost not sorry. 😀 Exciting day. Ive pushed Q enough, that I hope to be asked by my acquaintances about it.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Was it handled perfectly? Was it hilarious?

        How can seasoned CTH readers not have seen Blacks for Trump at rallies or not have read Q?

        I cannot believe Sarah Sanders has not noticed Blacks for Trump before. What she said about Q was equally perplexing.

        Here’s the transcript:

        The relevant part is in the beginning. It’s a disappointing answer from Sarah on Blacks for Trump, who have been peaceful in everything for at least two years, if not more. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please, do, post it. Ditto Q, who is probably closer to her, but maybe she’s glossing over the Q phenomenon on purpose:

        ‘Q Thank you, Sarah. Two quickies about last night in Tampa. First of all, does the President encourage the support of people who showed up last night in these “QAnon” and “Blacks for Trump” fringe groups?

        ‘And secondly, is the White House willing to say right now, in view of what happened with one of our TV colleagues last night, that it is wrong for his most vocal supporters to be menacing toward journalists doing their jobs in a situation like that or any situation?

        ‘MS. SANDERS: On the first part, the President condemns and denounces any group that would incite violence against another individual, and certainly doesn’t support groups that would promote that type of behavior. We’ve been clear about that a number of times since the beginning of the administration.

        ‘On the second part of your question, the President, as I just said, does not support violence against anyone and/or anything. And we’ve been very clear every single time we’ve been asked about that.

        ‘When it comes to the media, the President does think that the media holds a responsibility — we fully support a free press, but there also comes a high level of responsibility with that. The media routinely reports on classified information and government secrets that put lives in danger and risk valuable national security tools. This has happened both in our administration and in past administrations.

        ‘One of the worst cases was the reporting on the U.S. ability to listen to Osama bin Laden’s satellite phone in the late ’90s. Because of that reporting, he stopped using that phone and the country lost valuable intelligence. Unfortunately, it’s now standard to abandon commonsense ethical practices. This is a two-way street. We certainly support a free press. We certainly condemn violence against anybody. But we also ask that people act responsibly and report accurately and fairly.’

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          That’s what I’m saying. Sarah deflected perfectly. The ball is still in play. The evil fake news press has to try again.

          Fake questions deserve FAKE answers.

          Why on earth should we play along with their game?

          MS. SANDERS: On the first part, the President condemns and denounces any group that would incite violence against another individual, and certainly doesn’t support groups that would promote that type of behavior. We’ve been clear about that a number of times since the beginning of the administration.

          I love it! How can the press argue with that? Hilarious! Can they even tell her she’s WRONG? LOL! No! Their structured agenda question just blew up.

          People on our side need to stop seeing this psychological war with the media in terms of “we must make the fake news see the light”. NO. It will never happen.

          Our goal should be to make the public see the fake news as conniving, sneering, anti-American idiots. Part of that is TROLLING THEM with their own evil.


          It’s like those idiot “security questions” that you “have to” answer to get into websites. I call them INSECURITY QUESTIONS.

          You don’t give them real answers. Do you? I mean, seriously – do you give REAL PERSONAL security answers that people can use to impersonate you, to strangers that are likely to lose them to criminals, the Russians, or the Chinese, to say nothing of Deep State? Of course you shouldn’t! You should give them LIES that only work for one website – and that only YOU know.

          The FAKE NEWS PRESS does not deserve honest and respectful answers to dishonest and disrespectful questions.
          They deserve JUDGMENT.

          Q is a PSY-OP. A very, very real psy-op. That uses REAL data, REAL access, and also REAL DISINFORMATION. And it is getting real results. Part of the method is acting in very unexpected ways. Just watch it and “enjoy the show”. It is designed to infuriate and discredit the Fake News media.

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      • Honeybee says:

        Why post that disgusting picture of animal abuse? Can we not make a point without the offensive picture of glorifying cruelty?

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          *I* could make the point without the picture, but not as well.

          You are free to make different choices from me.

          Personally, I find the hiding of history and the infringement of free speech to be VASTLY more offensive than that picture. That is probably the best answer as to why I made a different choice than you would have.


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      But Sarah didn’t answer it. Don’t know why or maybe she got distracted.

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    • Doppler says:

      Where in the video?

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      • Reporter David Martosko shouts at Sarah (demeanor is agitated, almost acts/looks unhinged)
        At 18:20 in video.

        “Thank you Sarah. Um. Two quickies about last night in Tampa. Does, first of all, does the President encourage the support of people who showed up last night in these –Qanon–Blacks For Trump– fringe groups. Um. And secondly is the White House willing to say right now in view of what happened to one of our TV colleagues last night …”

        I hope he can get some help for his anger management issues. 🙂

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  8. NEW RULES: We WIN, They LOSE. 😁

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  9. RM says:

    Pretty racist calling minority groups such as Qanon and Blacks for Trump and a fringe group .

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  10. Mandy says:

    Every time a reporter WHINES about being hollered at by Trump supporters, my mind flashes to our wonderful law enforcement and what they’ve had to endure at the hands of the FILTHY LEFT. I don’t know if the video is still available for viewing, but I watched a black ICE agent in Portland stand stoically while being called the N word – repeatedly – by leftist anarchists during recent events outside the ICE office in Portland. And, I recall the line of officers in Ferguson, MO and what those brave LEOs endured, night after night after night.

    I have ZERO PROBLEM with Trump supporters chanting their opinions at the vile instigators, aka journalists.

    The presstitues are DESPERATE to push Trump supporters back into the shadows where we cower and fear speaking our minds. Ain’t happening.

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  11. trumpthepress says:

    Sarah vs. the tools. An Epic saga…Spoiler alert – Sarah ALWAYS wins handily.

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  12. disklxik says:

    “It’s like the Q you knew I was coming” SHS

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  13. Robert Commings says:

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    Awww, did poor little Jimmie get his panties in a wad last night?

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  15. adagio54 says:

    The final word: It is not weak for the President of the United States to state his opinion.
    Well done, Sarah. Perfect ending.

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  16. jmclever says:

    “It’s not weak for the president to express his opinion. Thanks guys.” Exit stage left. Like a BOSS!

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  17. jmclever says:

    Poor poor journos got their egos bruised

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  18. Marica says:

    I LOVE Q!–even if it ends up being a Larp or a “conspiracy”–Q trolls ALL the right people!! Splodey Heads continue! Wifinity!!

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  19. daughnworks247 says:

    Oh treepers, this is going to make your day.
    Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg are teaming up to do a tv series, on the women’s right to vote. Hillary will be the Exec Producer.
    Can you see her working 20 hours a day to get the film in the can?

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  20. jmclever says:

    Such a rich topic for satire. They do it to themselves!

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  21. jmclever says:

    Jim Acosta, media clown

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  22. realcapedcrusader says:

    If Acosta thought they were loud in FLA just wait till the next rally, or the next one he has the balls to report on in person. 🤥

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  23. iswhatitis says:


    Is this the new “Q forum”?

    I am not on the “Q train” and the “Q movement” frightens me. I hope this isn’t the “new home” for that crap. But it isn’t my site, so I guess will deal with it however. This is my favorite site – but NOT if it’s the new “Q home”. It’s buhbye then.

    “Q” is Bull in my book.

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    • you are scaring me now

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    • If you limit the sites you frequent to those that agree with you 100% you will need to start your own site. We coexist here, people that believe Q, people that think Q is interesting and people that don’t think there is any legitimacy to Q. Skip over the Q posts if they bother you. Hopefully you are here because you find content that can’t be found elsewhere as I do.

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      • iswhatitis says:

        Typical-sty;e reaction.

        I “pass over” “Q” posts all the time. Every F’In day, on multiple sites (since the “Q” people spread their “Q” infection EVERY F’IN WHERE).

        But when HALF the posts are “Q” and I’m not even on a “Q” site, it’s BAD. Something needs to be said. I said it.

        Feel free to be into “Q” or not – but really, SATURATING other sites with “Q”-propaganda is really classless (and only turns me even further OFF from “Q”).

        OFC, the site itself is free to tell me to STFU about it. But in the meantime, it’s getting out of hand. TOO MUCH “Q”.

        They have their own places to jam-it-up. The mention here and there of a “Q” thing is NOT what I am complaining about (that is not different than a Hannity or Rush mention, etc. It’s the POST AFTER POST AFTER POST AFTER POST AFTER POST – like it never ends. Taking over the page. That’s my beef.

        It’s disgusting to me. Just sharing my opinion (as a complaint).


        • OK, I hear you. I know we have agreed better on other topics. Certainly there are topics that come up that irk me, this is one I can take or leave.


        • olderthanuthink says:

          If you want to take your marbles elsewhere, go ahead. Plenty of other marbles here. Good grief – you’re acting like a bigger baby than Acosta is.

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          • iswhatitis says:

            I’m a “bigger baby” because I don’t like seeing the whole site taken over by “Q” posts,and have the audacity to mention it?

            Seriously, this whole “Q” thing is getting completely out of hand. And peeps, not even on a “Q” site, don’t care (besides me) that the “Q” posts are taking over the discourse here?

            Good way to lose MAGA-supporters, in my book. Shovel post-after-post-after-post of that crap down our throats and then tell us “like it or leave it”.


            • TJ says:

              Trump won the election with the Trump Train, not the “q movement”.

              The “q movement” reminds me of the stuff IARPA is working on, a limited hangout for intelligence geek-spooks to research behaviours in social media and data collecting experiments. They got the ball rolling in 2008 under Clapper.

              Is IARPA as corrupt as the rest of the politicized IC that tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign?

              That I can’t tell you. What I can tell you, is that I’ve been censored, smeared, or attacked trying to discuss this in q circles and boards.
              (2008) “Picture Q as a tall blond woman with an American accent, and you’ve got Porter. Lisa Porter. She’s the first head of America’s new Q branch, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity — Iarpa for short — a fledgling office charged with outfitting US spooks with the highest-tech information-gathering gadgetry.”

              The CREATE program seeks to develop, and experimentally test, systems that use crowdsourcing and structured analytic techniques to improve analytic reasoning.


      • Marica says:

        Excellent response tigger!!


  24. Mike diamond says:

    We love Sarah! We love President Trump! It’s the press who is weak,and a shameful example of bias! It’s the liberal press who tried their best to influence the election in favor of hillary! It’s not russia,it’s out own news media who try to damage our president at every turn!

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  25. visage13 says:

    So, blacks for Trumps is a “fringe” group. Now that is offensive. Why isn’t April sticking up for them? Isn’t that her thing? “It’s not weak for the POTUS to state his opinions” Boom!

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  26. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Funny thing is I always thought George looked like a puppet.

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  27. deplorable and proud says:

    I was at the rally last evening, and I want to correct the record about how mean we were to poor widdle Jimmy Acosta. While we were waiting for the POTUS, the crowd decided to give him a dose of his own medicine and shouted him down while he was trying to broadcast. Every time those lights went on, the whole place started yelling, “CNN SUCKS” and “FAKE NEWS.” It was actually pretty funny – most of the people I saw were laughing about it. When I read today that he was painting himself as some sort of victim of non-existent violence, I couldn’t believe it. The mood of the crowd was celebratory and cheerful- no one was threatening or menacing him in any way. At one point, he was kneeling on the platform passing the mike around and interviewing people. He certainly didn’t appear to be fearing for his life then. I think people just wanted to let him know how it feels when you’re trying to do your job (like Sarah Sanders) and someone is making it difficult by being rude and obnoxious. I guess he didn’t get the message – or maybe he didn’t want to.

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    • H.R. says:

      Density: Thre’s aluminum, steel, lead, gold, ….etc…….. and then there’s the densest thing in the universe, Acosta.

      Scientists are trying to decide where to put his brain on the Periodic Table of Elements. That’s a toughie. I don’t envy the scientists.


  28. cnn is really crafty at getting more attention than they could even dream of, if it weren’t for airports and other (forced to put up with what’s on the screen) venues they would have an even more paultry veiwership,but even RUSH appears to be getting paid to rant about them……I keep yelling at the radio WHO CARES WHAT THOSE PATHETIC LOSERS SAY OR THINK! (me yelling) but he keeps making them seem relevant. Just like on here, my beloved treehouse. Sad.


  29. Mike diamond says:

    CNN=,the communist news network !!!


  30. Troublemaker10 says:

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  31. jmclever says:

    Did anybody notice how Sarah got the crybully reporter to admit that there was no violence at the rally that Jim Acosta was made to feel so small at? Again, like a BOSS!

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