Three Years Ago Today – June 16th, 2015

The ultimate disruption.

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  1. Ospreyzone says:

    If you love this president, then it’s time you start fighting for him. Don’t miss 1-day in calling your Congressmen or Senator and voicing support for PDJT’s agenda. Write letters to the editor often. Don’t avoid loudmouth liberals – engage them and make your argument clear. Wear your MAGA hat proudly in public. Send a few bucks to a local politician that unabashedly endorses PDJT and supports conservative principles consistently. Commit to spending 10-15 minutes per day helping this president in any way you can. If you have any other ideas, let everyone know.

    Simply complaining among friends at CTH will not defeat the massive resistance supported by socialists and liberal elites. Our children and grandchildren deserve more effort than that. If we do not find our voices, then the deep state wins. As Ross Perot once said, …”It’s just that simple.”

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  2. Li'l D in the Big D says:

    A flashback video on the naysayers.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      Li’l D
      Thanks I enjoyed that. Trump boldly entered the campaign and hasn’t slowed down ever since. He made all of the other candidates look weak and uninformed.

      Jon Stewart said Trump’s speech was the “most beautifully ridiculous jibber jabber.”
      Trump’s words from that day on and his kept promises from that speech have positively transformed the USA into a much better country already so they were definitely not jibber jabber. He knows he has much more to do, and will, if Congress doesn’t keep stalling him.

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      • Li'l D in the Big D says:

        Your welcome. It is a clip I had not seen before so I wanted to share it.


      • Susan Jacob says:

        everything he said was eminently quotable and beautiful –

        I love the later rally in Phoenix, I believe (the rally where John McCain labeled the attendees – possibly a large percentage were his own constituents – as “whackos”)

        Jamiel Shaw who lost his beautiful son to an illegal who had JUST been let out of jail and killed Mr. Shaw’s precious son – he spoke and talked about all of his friends calling him up and telling him about what Trump was saying in this campaign announcement

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    • covfefe999 says:

      The Dems and their propaganda media division love to say that Trump has caused a lack of civility. But when you see what these propagandists said just because he announced his candidacy, the mocking, the laughter, the derision … who wasn’t civil?

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  3. Jase says:

    I’m pleased to say that when my wife and I watched Trump at the escalator (from all the way down here at the bottom of the world) we both gave a ‘Yes!’ and bought Train tickets.
    One thing we both notice is how much he has grown into the job. With every passing day he seems to grow in stature.
    Donald Trump is a great man. Every person on the planet who values personal freedom owes him a debt of gratitude.

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    • Aussie Trump Supporter says:

      Spot on Jase, I am an Aussie and absolutely love your President Trump and his feel for not only you the American public but also for all freedom loving people world wide. We in Australia who lean to the conservative side have no one with the wit, foresight and wisdom of your Mr Trump more is the pity.

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  5. dufrst says:

    I was with Scott Walker at the time and I was hearing about Trump dipping his toe in the race but I didn’t regard it as anything but what he tended to do, especially 4 yrs earlier, when he flirted with running before he backed Romney. It was to get publicity to promote his show the Apprentice, which I enjoyed in the early seasons, but was more in the background for me after many seasons on tv.

    Anyhow, I still understood that Trump could be a dangerous candidate because of Herman Cain 4 years earlier. Remember 9-9-9? I was on the Cain Train back then and many conservatives were on it too until he dropped out because philandering accusations threaten to thrust his very meek wife into the limelight. I observed that if Cain had more money, a stronger spouse and a better campaign manager, not to mention real tenacity, he could have very well won the GOP nomination that season. So, I knew Trump was far more well known, had vastly more resources than Cain, and was tenacious. I very much felt that if he was going to run he was a real threat to suck all of the limelight from the GOP field, so much so, that I felt the Bush family needed to find a way to pay Trump off someway to eliminate the possibility!

    This then made me think that Trump sucking the limelight would eventually help Scott Walker in the end. But then I realized Scott Walker was coasting on the same damn stump speech he was giving for the past 6 months, while Trump was making waves and stirring up controversy. I became intrigued but wanted to see if Trump would survive the first debate. When he did, I observed that Walker seemed diminished on that stage along with everyone else for that matter. And then Trump had the press conference in Laredo, TX.

    That news conference showed me that he was exactly what the GOP needed. He was masterful in that news conference. I never seen a GOP leader command the press the way that he did that day and from that day forward I was onboard. After he “survived” the whole McCain deal about real war heroes, which was in response to McCain’s vicious insult of Trump’s supporters at his big rally in Arizona

    When he didn’t apologize to McCain or Megan Kelly or Carly Fiorina, despite immense media pressure, I knew we had a candidate unbeholden to anyone. We had a free spirit who would do the right thing. I knew from that September 2015 onward that he would win the GOP nomination and that if he won the GOP nomination, he would win the White House, because I didn’t believe for one second that the American people would elect Hillary Clinton president (or Jeb).

    And so it was and I am ever thankful to God for Donald J. Trump, who he prepared his entire life for this time. We could not have ask for a better leader and it’s only 1.5 years in. We have 6.5 years more to go! MAGA!!

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    • dalethorn says:

      I like how you describe your thought process leading up to supporting Trump – very well done!

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    • Mia C says:

      Well said. I had seen his Tea Party speeches, so I was waiting to see his announcement and I watched with baited breath. His first week he was such a breath of fresh air I was on board. I believed from his fights with Rosie O’Donnell he was the one man who could fight a woman without fear, which no other Republican could. I thought he had name recognition which equalled Clinton’s. I thought he was a nationalist which was superior even to a Conservative, because if you put America first it’s literally good for all of us. And I thought he had a Twitter following equal to FOX news (back when he only had 3 million followers) so he could fight the unfair media. I thought he would never, ever, ever give up or give in which is all I wanted. I was sick and tired of our side always throwing in the towel. Then when this site started making the case for how he was the ONE man who could disrupt the UniParty united against us I linked to it non-stop over at Breitbart.
      —To be honest, I never thought we could beat the Bushes, Clintons, media, academics, crooked RINO’s and Hollyweird but I wanted to at least try. God has truly blessed us by making this victory happen. Let’s thank God every day for how far we’ve come.
      –And remember, this is just the beginning, We are winning but we have so much fighting left to do to keep it going. MAGA and God bless America.

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      • dufrst says:

        It’s funny that Trump support led me to TCTH. I was a regular at and but theRightScoop banned me because of my Trump support and then later I realized hotair was exactly that. They opposed Trump even though he was everything they purported to want in a candidate taking on the Establishment over the years.

        Trump caused many to be exposed. The good, the bad and the ugly! The ugly turned out to be those who claimed to be conservative like Jenniferr Rubin but we’re actually wolves in sheep’s clothing!

        For that I also thank God for Trump because we we’re being had by these fake conservatives who were there simply to keep us under a delusion that this country was in decline and could never comeback the way it was. That we had to accept unfettered immigration and defeat on trade, disguised as free trade! Trump blew that all up and now look at us? We are striding with him across the globe. I believe Pompeo calls it swagger. I agree. We have our swagger back and it’s because of one great American, Donald Trump!

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    • zorrorides says:

      Thank You Bigly, Mr Dufrst.

      Send us another post like this one, next time we slack off and feel a little down. MAGA!

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      I still adore Herman Cain.
      Ironic that the Repub party, allegedly so racist and bigoted, chose a successful African-American CEO as their leading Presidential Candidate, until David Axelrod targeted him for a smear campaign.

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    • dufrst says:

      Here’s the 2nd part of news conference in Laredo

      This is when I jumped onboard the Trump Train!



  6. Ags says:

    Trump’s victory was nothing short of divine intervention. God literally saved our country.

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  7. starfcker says:

    If you want to fully understand the impact of President Trump, look what’s going on in Europe right now. Brazen, patriotic, unafraid leaders are emerging now, right and left. They are about to start proposing and acting on what was unthinkable just a couple of months ago. They’re going to start sending the Invaders back. By the hundreds of thousands.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Yes! New leaders, and citizens with hope and excitement! Oh my gosh how many times have I been commenting on Daily Mail and people from all over the world say they wish they had a leader like Trump.

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    • Nicco says:

      I am proud of the new Italian president Conti. .I just read that big frau merkel may be out in Germany soon.I pray thats the case.

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  8. Ldave says:

    As the primary approaches Indiana in 2016, I flipped from Cruz to Trump. I opposed our GOP choosing a nominee at the convention. I thought “this ends here, in Indiana. We conservatives at the grass roots, we end it. We do not leave it up to RINO delegates”. God bless DJT.

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  9. LafnH20 says:

    The Forgotten Men and Women of America Will be Forgotten NO LONGER…
    Imho, Is still the Best.

    Short. Sweet. All Inclusive.

    As Always.. Thank You, Sundance!!!

    Happy to ridin with Ya’ll…
    I Cherish my lil twig!! 😁

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  10. Serena says:

    I got on the Trump Train the day he announced. It seems like I had been waiting for a man like him all my life. I knew exactly what kind of President I wanted and I said the first person that talks about all the things that are important to me I am voting for them. As soon as he started talking I was hooked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.He was amazing.Yes I told everyone this is our next President. I knew he was the one that could beat Hillary. I watched all the debates and all of his rallies and I loved him more everyday.Election night I could not sleep until he came out and gave his victory speech and I cried tears of happiness.I have never been more proud of any President as I am him. He has always done what is right for the American people. God bless and protect you President Trump.I thank Him every day that you are our President.

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    • blind no longer says:

      Serena I know how you felt! I told my husband and my entire family, I’m voting for Donald Trump! Finally a real man who doesn’t have a politically correct bone in his body and most of all finally somebody who has HUGE balls!!!! I have always wanted some one who would fight and PDJT is the best fighter this Country will ever see!

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    • Orygun says:

      I too was always convinced that he was the only one that had a chance to beat Hillary. He had the name recognition and the connections to make it work. Cruz was my second choice but the more I researched him the less I liked him. I set my bar pretty low for politicians as i only wanted someone who loved this country but President Trump seemed like the only one who was sincere. His stark honesty made everyone else seem like a charlatan.
      I can’t thank him enough for taking on what I would consider a horrible job but to him it is like a great challenge. What a guy!

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  11. Snow White says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already . My my, time flies when we’re having fun for once. I remember we watched president Trump come down the escalator and we boarded the Trump train never looking back. Thank God for the treehouse which kept us sane during that campaign.

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  12. StanH says:

    God Bless you Mr. Trump. Your sacrifice for your country is a thing of admiration. I am very happy and pleased with your presidency sir, keep up the good work.



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  13. TNGal says:

    My son asked me prior to this date three years ago who I was for in the election, and I said, “Trump.” He couldn’t believe it because Trump had not even announced. I had seen him on Fox and Friends on Monday mornings for many years. He spoke common sense.

    Have you realized how the Progressives complicate everything? They even made an issue out of saying “Merry Christmas.” So sad.

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    • dalethorn says:

      The so-called progressives have taken a respectable word and turned it backwards, like what was described in “1984”. Their movement, their leaders, their propaganda – all come from evil.

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  14. I remember Reagan (God Bless him), I watched the towers fall in horror from across the Hudson, I and my family withstood the eight years of purposeful division by a community organizer and I now live in a time when, since Reagan, I truly, truly believe in America’s greatness…Thank you for that inspiration President Trump.

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  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I have been with Donald J. Trump since I worked for him at Harrah’s at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, N.J. I loved working there and hated to leave. That was in the mid-80s, and I have been a big fan of his ever since. I so wished that he would have run for President in 2012, but it wasn’t his time. I kept saying he was going to announce this time, even though everyone that I know did not think so. I remember the day that he announced and made his speech – it was the best day ever. I knew then he was going to win and this country will be saved.

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    • Beautiful comment. You were a very fortunate person to have had the honor to work for our (Then) future President….Hopefully you got lot’s to tell your grandkid’s…All the best.

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    • I agree with you! I’ve been following from the 80’s and I sent him letter in 2012 which he replied thanking me for the support! I asked him to run at that time! But he backed out. I guess there is the right time for everything! I’ve been supporting him from 2012 so I was ecstatic when he announced again in 2016!

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  16. maggie0987 says:

    Here is sundance from June 16, 2015 – read the whole thing and watch the Bill Whittle video.
    From day 1 sundance was spot on – I found it very calming to read and reread the analyses while the nominations and the election played out.
    My hubby was so impressed with my 110% conviction in the outcome as time went on he suggested we make a bet on Donald winning – we did and it paid for us getting out of the Canadian Winter the first year we retired!!
    As Dekester says, God bless PDJT!

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  17. jb says:

    One block from home 0n 6’16’15 – I heard him announce on the radio.

    Got home, my late bride and I high-fived each other, and we agreed right then and there that the dwarfs and the Hildebeast won’t know what hit them! Same week I got linked to CTH.

    That was a GREAT week, and an even better ride since. Like sharing it in good company among the branches! 😉

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  18. Cooper45 says:

    Another enjoyable trip down memory lane thanks to sundance and the bold, determined and already successful President Donald Trump of course.

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  19. Chris Hiscock says:

    A anniversary that should be marked, wow, what a game changer.

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  20. DJ says:

    I was working from home that day and had FBN on. I watched the whole thing live. Prior to then I didn’t have an opinion of Trump one way or another. But after that announcement, I remember thinking, “Oh my, I think we’re on to something…)

    Anyway, a good read on PDJT’s philosophy is in the article named “Trump’s 5 Rules for Ruling the World”.

    It can be found here:

    If you don’t have time to read the article, here are the 5 rules:

    1. Act, Don’t React
    2. Try Everything
    3. Chaos is Power
    4. Never Show Your Hand
    5. Don’t Be Afraid to be the Bad Guy

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  21. Cheri Lawrence says:

    In case some may not have seen this yet here is the link to the white house petition to support POTUS declassifying and releasing the unedited version of the recent IG report. Let’s help our lion clean house and take back our country with total transparancy and the unredacted truth!!

    Happy Fathers Day with love dear “cult” of Patriots!!

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  22. Trump has done more for the good of the United States of America than any president in the last hundred plus years.
    This is beautiful no matter who brokers it (North Korai ) it’s OK to be skeptical as most are. If Mr. Trump pulls this off, he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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  23. covfefe999 says:

    High five everyone. We might have our disagreements, but we put Trump into the White House and I think it’s safe to say that none of us has ever regretted doing it. Best President Ever in my lifetime.

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  24. Tonye says:

    I hadgiven money to Cruz…but when entered trhe race we, wife and I, never looked back. Thank God Trump decided to run.

    The man has grown into the campaign and the job. Remember the last month of the campaign?



  25. deplorablegracie says:

    Thank you Treepers for your super comments! The campaign was so fun! My favorite was when Mr. Trump (back then) got the shawl. I was so happy I sent the church chocolates


  26. jello333 says:

    Little help here…

    I’m searching for a specific post of Sundance’s with no luck. I want to find it because it’s pretty much when I first started looking at Trump seriously, and I’d like to pinpoint the date. I don’t remember hardly anything about the post, except for one part: Sundance listed some things he liked about Trump, if I remember correctly in a half-joking way, a little like the funny Chuck Norris meme. You know, like “Chuck Norris doesn’t have to turn on the shower, he just stares at it till it starts to cry.” 😉 Anyway, unless I’m dreaming, there’s actually a post floating around here…


  27. Living legend like Washington, Jackson, and Lincoln.

    “These politicians are all talk… no action.”

    “Together we are going to make our country great again.”


  28. daughnworks247 says:

    In July of 2011, I wrote Donald Trump a letter and sent it certified mail, thinking at least maybe, he had a chance to see it. I begged him to run.
    When he announced at Trump Tower, it was the answer to a prayer.
    God listens.
    It’s not always easy, but we can do this.

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