President Trump Memorial Day Message…

From the White House…

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19 Responses to President Trump Memorial Day Message…

  1. Pam says:

    I don’t think anyone will ever forget seeing little Christian in his uniform last year. That’s one image that I haven’t forgotten. His mother has obviously done an excellent job raising him. The interaction between him and POTUS was so touching and priceless.

    I pray that God will bless the loved ones of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    That moment last year will forever be remembered by all of us that Love our President and our Country!

    I will also never forget the scene of our President and VP Pence paying respect to General Kelly’s son at Arlington Memorial. I know that meant the world to General Kelly and his wife.

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  3. frank field says:

    Contrast this America lover with Obama. Who could possibly promote the grand idea of America better?

    I’m thankful to the point of tears. GOD is blessing America. Again.

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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  4. Carrie2 says:

    Difficult to not start crying again for all those who cared enough to fight for other countries and even more so since today’s military is VOLUNTERY. We will always win with military of this grade and frankly I think they should be brought back to America to take care of the deep state creeps and remove cities/states from being so-called sanctuaries and aiding ICE and Border Guards in stopping and removing illegals from our soil as this is a true battle we have today.

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  5. The Real Bob_W says:

    Truly, God has blessed American with President Donald J. Trump. I humbly thank God for His blessings. I gratefully thank President Trump for his labors on behalf of all Americans.

    I’ve voted in every national election since that of 1980, and have voted Libertarian in every one…both because I live my life as a libertarian (small “L”), and as a form of protest against the generally woeful Republican/Democrat presidential candidates. The only vote I regret was not voting for Donald Trump. The man has – in his first 18 months alone – exceeded any imaginary wish list I might have placed under my pillow. I pray God permits him his full allotted electoral time.

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    • jello333 says:

      I’ve voted since ’76 (Brown in the primaries, Carter in the general). And ever time since then I voted either for the Democrat or for 3rd party (like Perot). (But NO, I most certainly did NOT vote for Obama the second time around!) I never, ever considered voting Republican…. UNTIL this crazy, wonderful guy named Trump came along! Proudest vote of my life was in 2016.

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    • WSB says:

      Bob, we’re counting on you to change minds of skeptics, lead them and vote for all of President Trumps’ sorely needed new Republicans in 2018. We need to keep the Second Revolution hot through his next term.

      Right now, we can only win through the two party system, as awful as that is. We simply cannot win by splitting the vote with independents and libertarians. Read the archives about the splitter strategy that Sundance relentlessly researched. President Trump overcame that but we need to avoid people placing protest votes with others who simply cannot win.

      We have a fighting chance to put the US back together again, and it will take everyone of us!

      PS I spoke to a woman tonight who voted for President Trump but did not think he had the knowledge or strength to keep combatting the politicians and thinks he will eventually lose.

      I recounted to her how PT had studied and prepared for this position since 1988 and had basically infiltrated both Democrats and Republicans with his own financial means to expose their game plans. She was unaware and changed her mind about his strength.

      One short conversation. One universal change of mind.

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      • Jan says:

        I call it “MAGA, one day at a time.” We have to speed up in getting the word out because we have an election this fall where WE CANNOT LOSE EITHER HOUSE, or the Dimms will spend the next 2 yrs. trying to impeach #45, plus block his agenda, which they are already doing in the Senate TODAY.

        We ought to enact a law that says when you campaign on an agenda & then vote against that agenda, you spend the next 5 yrs in jail for fraud…make it applicable to officials & local & state governments, as well as the feds, on illegal immigration, etc. We need accountability in the worst way!!

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  6. WSB says:

    Just beautiful! Sundance, thank you for posting!

    We were so thankful to attend the Wappingers Falls ceremony at 2PM today.

    Tallix, the foundry that used to be in Beacon, NY, but is now on the other side of the Hudson River, is responsible for the bronze memorial in Wappingers Falls and many other memorials in DC, not to mention the Korean War memorial.

    May God bless all of those family and friends who have sacrificed for us from the US.

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  7. tolona says:

    Free TommyRobinson and Matt Hale who is rotting in prison for speaking his mind. There is a First Ammendment for some. Do not forget Matt Hale…


  8. tolona says:

    Matt Hale was framed by these same bastards like Comey and Eric Holder. All these cases should be thrown out, at least get new trials. This corruption goes back to Bush. It is deep and it is ingrained and it is black slimy s–t on the bottom and we can only hope and pray that our great President Donald Trump can get to the bottom of this slimy fillth pit and clean it out. MAGA


  9. tolona says:

    As a long time anti-communist Birch Society member, Here’s where Donald Trump is going wrong in his dealings with the the Chi-coms. The Chi-com government is hanging on by a string. A good nudge would bring this whole rotten Commy house crashing down. ..You don’t make deals with these Communist thugs, what you do is everything you can to undermine and cut the legs out from under these Communist despots. If you quit doing trade deals with them, they’ll fall from their own weight….. Don’t treat them like they are a legitimate government which they are not and never have been since 1945.. The Communist rulers of China are much like Mafia. They have seized control by strongarm and they must be taken out by force. China must be a free country. A revolution is coming in China. Donald J. Trump can be the next Chang Ki Shek….


  10. tolona says:

    Who are the actors of the deep state? Who are in their pay?I’m naming Joe Scarborough, Mika Br and their minions on Morning Joe as paid actors of the deep state swamp. It’s so obvious, they’re paid actors. I’m naming them. There should be an official list….


  11. tolona says:

    It’s so obvious they’re being paid a lot of money to say these half truths and lies. Is it Soros or the Democrat Party or both?


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