President Trump Hosts Public Safety Medal of Valor Awards…

Earlier today President Trump hosted an event ceremony honoring Public Safety Medal of Valor recipients.  The President began his remarks with comments on the Parkland FL school shooting.

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21 Responses to President Trump Hosts Public Safety Medal of Valor Awards…

  1. steelbreeze7 says:

    Maybe I’m the first… Sundance is a team, working together to spread the good news of the day. One person? How? The key is, who leads the team? And who is on that team?

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  2. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Mr. President 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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  3. MM says:

    Restores my faith in people hearing these acts of Bravery.. Love seeing Real Hero’s Honored/Acknowledged….

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  4. tazz2293 says:

    Common Sense:
    End Gun Free Zones
    Remove all School Administrators who circumvent Law Enforcement to protect those who are mentally ill or who exhibit signs of violence in the schools.
    Remove all School Administrators who protect thugs, drug dealers and criminals in the name of tolerance who are allowed to remain as students in schools and not residents of the penitentiary.
    LEO’s should arrest and investigate all credible reports of planned student violence.
    Allow school officials to conceal carry.
    Implement trained, armed security in our schools.

    Anything else is blowing smoke up our behinds, is an attempt to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights under The Constitution.

    Lastly blow these little mf’ers, who enter our schools to inflict harm and death, to hell.

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    • Homesteader says:

      👍 One change, tazz. REQUIRE school officials to carry. And addyearly arms qualifications.

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      • GomeznSA says:

        NOPE – ‘requiring’ any avowed leftist/gun hater (but I repeat myself) to carry would be a recipe for disaster. The least devastating scenario would be for them to have a negligent (or accidental on purpose) discharge and go into the see I told ya guns in schools were a bad idea.


  5. skipper1961 says:

    Long time firearms/self defense/civil rights supporter here. To those “concerned” about losing the “base”… How many folks do you know who even OWN a bump-stock, let alone USE it? Technically they are a showboat waste of ammunition to pretty much anyone short of a Marcus Latrell type, and I doubt a guy like that needs one. This will put a cork in the holes of the knee-jerkers, and sheep.
    NRA Life/Patron member – 25 yrs.

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    • GomeznSA says:

      Agreed about the efficiency of bump stocks – or anything else that facilitates bump firing – such as shoelaces (the original ‘device’ IIRC) or belt loops or rubber bands……………..I think you see where banning such devices will go (ban one and eventually all will be banned) – which do NOT make semi-auto rifles into machine guns – still one shot per trigger pull. Granted, such ‘devices’ may speed up rates of fire, with the consequent loss of control and accuracy.


    • skipper1961 says:

      P.S. (Ad Rem and fellow Treepers) A thousand pardons for leaving my comment here, instead of the more applicable post, specifically discussing the “bump stock” “ban”. I didn’t mean to detract from the gravity of the Medal presentation. Indeed, these folks are “WHO WE ARE”!


  6. lieutenantm says:

    The kid had an AR semi without any “machine gun” capability….As for the other TWO SHOOTERS, WHO KNOWS?

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  7. A2 says:

    America the home of the brave. Very moving.

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  8. bessie2003 says:

    It was a joy to see these individuals receiving these honors, to have their family there too. It’s been a long time where we get to see fellow citizens being celebrated for their heroic acts, surely this inspires others to think they too can step up when situations warrant.

    Another step in the process of Making America Great Again.

    My only request would be that other pieces of Sousa’s music be played when the President enters the room, not only the Hail to the Chief piece; there are so many different ones to pick from, it would be nice for American’s to be reminded of wealth of musical talent that previous Administrations have let fall to the wayside.

    Hearing that music reminded me that there are a few generations of young Americans that have no idea of the music that has uplifted so many before them; similar to President Trump’s idea of a parade to honor the military – when was the last national parade to give thanks to those who serve, was it when the soldiers returned from Desert Storm?

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  9. Sunshine says:

    This is so soothing to watch.
    There is so much violence everywhere in our world, we need these peaceful moments of gratitude for good deeds.
    Thank You, Sundance and POTUS Trump.

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  10. freddy says:

    You should really read the story about Malik the Black Widow and the cops here near San bernadino. Heros barely touches what these guys did and pursued those two animal and left the Black Widow dead in the street. Tremendous bravery guys……


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