Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?…

Coming off one of the greatest political maneuvers in the last decade, where President Trump managed to bait Democrats to shut down the government while demanding open borders, POTUS Trump now positions Democrats as U.S. Military haters.

The U.S. military is one of the most beloved representative institutions.  However, in a brilliant use of TDS, President Trump baits his political opposition into publicly espousing the exact opposite position:


If the history of President Trump’s success in this arena holds true, Democrats and anti-Trump media will now begin pushing a narrative to boycott Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day….


Because, Trump.


Time and time-again President Trump trolls U.S. media and political opposition by fueling their worst-fears and intense hatred for him; and they fall for it every time.


Hey, who doesn’t love a parade?…


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507 Responses to Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?…

  1. Realist says:

    And Trump is derided as a FASCIST WARMONGER by the LEFTURDS in 5 4 3 2 1.

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  2. I LOVE IT!!! I also love how half the Treepers have pretty much planned the parade already 🙂

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    • Jeffrey🎃Dayna💘 Carter says:

      No need to plan….it writes itself 😉

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      • lokiscout says:

        Cheap parade! All the participants are being paid already. Besides the military loves to show off the uniform I know I did back in the day.

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        • The Raven says:

          It would also be a good time to unseal some of those indictments…Plenty of troops around to make sure things go right.

          The Left is going to scream “dictator!” and “tyrant!” when they go to arrest some of these swamp critters, anyways…why not have an extra couple of thousand troops, nearby, in case the deep state tries to take it to the street.

          Could you imagine the look on the Antifa punks faces when they come around the corner, armed with bats and bags of poo, and face a company of Marine MP’s in full riot gear? Turn on the LRAD…riot’s over.

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  3. SPMI says:

    Don’t ya get it. We are having a good time and we are sooooo happy that our President is continuing to win bigly.
    So glad to be on the right side of our country.
    God bless the U S A!!!

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  4. solomonpal says:

    Please show lots of pictures of Melania. She is extraordinarily and a man is not good without a great woman thats got his back.

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  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    I remember after PDJT came back from France and mentioned having a parade. Lou Dobbs talked about it on his show with General Jack Keane. General Keane is always very poker faced and unemotional. (I have a little crush on General Keane.) Anyway, when Lou mentioned this to General Keane, his eyes got all twinkly and he smiled so big. He really liked the idea. And he said something along the lines that the military enjoyed doing it, but, you know, “we have to be invited.” And that broke my heart a little bit.

    I am all for showcasing our people, both active military and vets, but while yes my first thought was “Oh no, not like North Korea or the USSR!” but after I thought about it a bit I like the idea of showcasing at least some of our hardware. I love watching the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds, and I’d enjoy seeing some of our armored equipment. I think it would be interesting and impressive.

    We also have amazing musicians in our armed forces, how fun it would be to showcase them!

    Lots of flags, pageantry, pride! I think it is a terrific idea.

    In short, I’m all for it.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Best part is all the units in precision drill in full dress!

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    • RICHARD CANARY says:

      I agree with all of that, Sylvia, and your post got me to thinkng of other Trumpian actions that would be helathy for our recovering nation.

      In lieu of, or in addition to, White House visits for NFL players, why not invite graduates of excellent colleges, specifically Hillsdale College for example, to highlight some of the best of our youths as examples for even younger kids to follow, instead of people who are less worthy of admiration.

      There are many thousands of students in hundreds of fields of study and work who can inspire our youths, and Trump is the one who can usher in a new trend of establishing some genuine models and examples of true, meaningful accomplishments.

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      • Bendix says:

        I like the idea of honoring young Americans of high achievement, not just athletic achievers. It would counteract the push for mediocrity in our schools, as well.

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    • Bendix says:

      It wouldn’t be like NK or the USSR, because ours would be festive, joyful, colorful, and jubilant.
      Throngs of happy people, holding their kids up so they could see.
      Nobody willingly brings their babies to a NK military exhibition.

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    • I have a good friend whose nephew is in the Army band. He is excellent, first class, and oh, very very talented.

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  6. jakee308 says:

    Plus, Trump now knows who he can trust over at the Pentagon. Someone from there leaked this. And Trump knows who. He probably ask this question to a few contacts over there and now he knows who leaked and who held it until he said release it.

    Basic tradecraft to uncover a mole.


  7. Sedanka says:

    Not going to happen.


    • lokiscout says:

      You trying to rain on my parade?

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    • DanO64 says:

      Come back next year for the 2nd ANNUAL Armed Forces Parade. Yuge win for the country. Pride is in vogue.

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      • I don’t know if this is a good idea… only if it correlates with Armed Forces Day or something like that. Is it even true, after all it’s from WAPO? Our Country doesn’t do things like this guys. My husband’s the biggest Trump supporter next to me, and he’s not keen on this at all.


        • L. Gee says:

          Maybe you should stroll through history and see how many miliatary parades we’ve had over the years. We haven’t done it recently maybe–except for in small-town, patriotic America, but it’s definitely a part of our history!!!

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        • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

          Look for it to be on Memorial Day or Independence Day weekend.

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        • WHAT? What do you mean, “our country doesn’t do things like this?” Parades are as American as apple pie!!!! The vast majority of us who grew up in flyover country experienced many, always with our military prominently on display. As a vet, I would be pleased as punch to see such a parade, honoring our military!

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          • 4harrisonblog says:

            We here in the South honor all of our heros. Military, Law enforcement, Fire and Rescue. Also those everyday people that put safety and life at risk to help their fellow citizens.

            I tried to join the Army in 1964 but was classed 4-F due to a hearing loss. That is why I went into the USCG. When you wish to serve you find a way. Am proud to be a natural born citizen in the United States of America.

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          • Bendix says:

            They mean “their country”, a mean little slice in the Northeast perhaps, or along a coast, probably with a gate around it.
            They don’t do anything that would show a belief in America and Americans, because they fear us.

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  8. Bob Thoms says:

    And maybe a few dozen ICBMs on wheels?

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    • EJ says:

      I like at the airshows when they fly the P-51 and the newest jet F-22 or F-35 side by side. It like a nostalgia flight. Maybe they should roll out a replica “Little Boy” next to a trident and some nuclear satellites? After all if we are going to trigger the left, lets go all in.

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  9. Roger Duroid says:

    If that broad “senator” duckeorth marches in it, I’m all for it.


  10. Luke of the D says:

    I would absolutely love a grand military parade! Show the world what we really are capable of! Troops, tanks, armored cars, jets, bombers, missile defense batteries, etc! We should be PROUD of the military WE BUILT! The rest of the world flaunts the militaries either we also built or Russia built for them. So why don’t we show the world what the only Super Power has in store in store for them should they piss us off! MAGA!

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  11. Rosie says:

    Someone with a twitter account needs to tweet this article to Brian Kilmeade… he doesn’t get it. This morning while teasing the story for the next segment, Brian added his commentary “a total waste of money” to the tease.

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  12. Tom says:

    What great cover for getting troops in place in the capital. And a perfect response to the deep state threats of violence such as Mud’s. Love it.

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  13. Ziiggii says:

    How funny would it be if this played out? A bunch of Antifa-Liberal-Transgender ppl laying down in front of tanks on Pennsylvania Ave…..😂!


  14. oldarmyblog says:

    The nation’s oldest regional Veterans Day observance is in Leavenworth, Kansas (1919). The Fort Leavenworth color guard is present as well as military equipment from Ft Riley. We are proud of our military in this part of flyover country. We welcome this equipment and the soldiers from our military installations. They are not a threat to us, but out defenders of liberty. Those folks who object to this sort of thing are jerks or liberals (sorry for the redundancy). Go pound sand if you think it’s a problem.

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  15. HungJumper says:

    The dems will demand that illegals and welfare recipients get equal “march time”.


  16. Bonitabaycane says:

    Our President loves this Country and its Military. What better way to display that love than through a parade? And anyone who opposes a parade does so at the risk of being exposed as Anti-American and Anti-Military. Brilliant idea Mr. President! Displaying our love and exposing traitors at the same time! 🙂

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  17. Campesino says:

    Navy, Air Force and Marines do air shows all the time as well as flyovers at athletic events. Don’t remember anyone complaining about that

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  18. Bendix says:

    White liberals consistently underestimate the support for, and pride in, the military among black Americans.
    Their loved ones enlist, for crying out loud.
    Every family I meet, with a service member in their ranks, is proud of them. There is no color line.

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  19. Mike says:

    An appropriate song for this thread:

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  20. Taximom07 says:

    I think the optics on this will not be good. Sounds too much like the giant parades that dictators are know for. If Trump wants to attend traditional established military parades that are common around the nation, fine. Donate the money used to put this on to the VA. Trump has already put the world on notice that our military is strong.


  21. Atticus says:

    Come to think of it…….we SHOULD have a parade.
    A big, honkin’, flag waving, tank rolling, soldier marching, MAGA float floating, (liberal head exploding) parade!

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  22. Casual observer says:

    Trump has been playing the opposition since the primaries. He will say something a that sounds outrageous to the opposition and they react and consequently lose a layer of their support. Example:
    1. Big support for coal – votes from coal country
    2. Promising a strong economy returning, Obama said it couldn’t be done – votes from unemployed and business
    3. Renegotiating trade agreements – labor votes
    4. Faces down Shumer in government shut down – shows the country the dems only care about illegals and less for citizens or military – votes from both camps
    5. SOTU speech offering pathway to dreamers, dems say not good enough – votes from the hispanic community and independents.
    6. Military parade, progs scream and yell – votes from normal patriotic Americans and homeless Democrats.
    Just like peeling an onion. He is a real chess player. MAGA

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  23. thedoc00 says:

    While a parade would be nice, back-up and read what has been said so far.
    Trump would like to have a parade to honor our nation, people and armed forces. All sorts of great intentions.
    DoD applauds the president’s love of the soldier and his intentions. The clearly say they will evaluate the feasibility and make a recommendation.
    General (ret.) Jack Kean very accurately stated this morning that commanders of military units and installations everywhere have celebrations, parades, etc. on key Military and National Holidays or dates of remembrance. My many years in the Army echoes that very same experience.
    Note: There is a unit in Washington DC, the 3rd Infantry, who’s mission is to put on these types of shows, and there are Navy, Marine and Air Force elements stationed near by who support the 3rd Infantry when needed.
    I suggest DoD is going to recommend something nice involving units in the DC area who do these kind of things annually any way, with visits to major military installations for locally conducted reviews and celebrations as they do now any way).

    For all those who’s heads are exploding wake and listen before makin fools of yourselves, attacking a great idea to honor our military and citizens.


  24. Mike Haubert says:

    After the parade I hope we march about 500,000 troops down to the southern borders (taken from all over the world as they protect everyone else’s borders but ours).


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