A Message From President Trump on Veterans Day…

This Veterans Day President Trump delivers a message of appreciation for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.  WATCH:

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46 Responses to A Message From President Trump on Veterans Day…

  1. Rudy Bowen says:

    This is MY President.
    I would follow this Man into Hell.

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  2. lav48erne says:

    Thank you President Trump for your wonderful words to all the military around the world.

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  3. FofBW says:

    Never been more proud!

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    Our President’s love for our Veterans is so special to me. He absolutely loves them as if they are his own sons and daughters. He will move mountains for them. The transformation of the VA has been incredible. The best part is that he has 7 more years to make it a model for the world to see.

    His love also comes with a price! Every time a soldier is killed, it eats him to his core. I can see him saying when it is all said and done that those were the moments that tore him apart.

    For that, I love him and would take a bullet for him!

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    Our President’s love for our Veterans is so special to me. He absolutely loves them as if they are his own sons and daughters. He will move mountains for them. The transformation of the VA has been incredible. The best part is that he has 7 more years to make it a model for the world to see.

    His love also comes with a price! Every time a soldier is killed, it eats him to his core. I can see him saying when it is all said and done that those were the moments that tore him apart.

    For that, I love him and would take a bullet for him!

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    • Nope2GOPe says:

      You’re so right Fle!

      It moved us to tears that there would have to be organizations under the prior administration like Wounded Warriors. Our Nation should always stand behind the lives of its defenders of liberty. It should never, ever, have come to the place where our greatest citizens would be relegated to beggars in echange for their greatest sacrifice to our Nation.

      God has heard the cries of His righteous in giving our Nation a leader who is empathetic to the common man, and one who truly understands not only the cost of sacrifice, but values each, and every individual who is willing to lay down their life, and livelihood for the greater good of our Nation.

      Today we salute all of you who have given your lives to the service of our great Nation.

      God Bless Our Veterans!

      And Mr. President,

      MAGA happened on November 8th 2016.

      We are forever grateful to you, and although you have no prior military service, you truly understand the cost, and commitment, and sacrifice it takes in laying down your own life in service of, and for your love of our great Nation.
      We are forever grateful.
      We honor you on the very same ground, as we do the rest of our other beloved Veterans.

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      • Tom says:

        I’m going to disagree here. The US is a nation built on private initiative; we were bred to be self-reliant and proud. Private initiatives such as Wounded Warrier should always be a part of who we are as a people. It’s why we have private charities and don’t rely solely on the government for helping people in time of need anywhere.

        Secondly, our warriers are not a conscripted force; they choose to serve. I don’t feel as though we owe them in quite the same way as those who were conscripted in Vietnam, Korea, WW II, etc. While we should always give as much care as we can, what we should strive for is the ending of all these pointless wars in which our warriers get mangled and killed and the endless pouring of our tax dollars into these foreign adventures that are nothing more than bankers’ and MIC wars. We are losing good people at the same time as we are irredeemably squandering our resources.

        I’m hoping Trump has the guts and resolve to complete these missions or to withdraw ASAP where there’s no logical goal, leaving sovereign countries to determine their own destinies. It’s long past time we quit using our tax dollars to make war. Let’s make all great again on the basis of trade, not war.

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        • Maquis says:

          The corollary to your argument is that those who choose to go in harm’s way, on our behalf, without conscription nor compunction, have demonstrated greater valor and earned greater appreciation and respect.

          Personally, while this thought does carry some weight, I hold to neither position.

          All are worthy of honor.

          All who served, sacrificed, suffered on our behalf deserve to be treated with great respect and and supported with the best of care.

          To sift through them, to assign value to determine which are worthy of our care and respect is distasteful in the extreme.

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        • jrapdx says:

          While I wholeheartedly agree the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces deserve our high praise and gratitude, I’m not convinced “volunteer” vs “conscripted” is a meaningful distinction.

          I was in the US Army when the draft was ending. The many soldiers I encountered were a mix of “drafted” and “volunteer” recruits. I can’t say the volunteers were any more, or less troubled than their drafted peers. In any case, when it comes to valor the realities on the ground blur the boundary between the groups, they are really not different.

          It comes down to the fact that all the successful soldiers I knew really were volunteers regardless of draftee status. After all, each and all of them did their jobs with a positive attitude and attention to detail. They didn’t have to show that spirit, there were soldiers who didn’t. But most volunteered to be responsible and give their work—and their country—their best effort, an attitude that I indeed always greatly admired.

          Courage is a built-in human attribute, but one that must be summoned to be used. That only happens voluntarily. Once a soldier was in the ranks how the individual got there was pretty much irrelevant in my observation.

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          • Maquis says:

            I appreciate the perspective. I agree, how they got there says much less than their committment to our Country, and to each other, when their turn to stand came.

            In all honesty, it has never occurred to me to categorize our Veterans and Servicemen in such a manner. That was the motivation for my blurb, responding to such.

            I am grateful for them all.

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        • Also, I wish someone could explain to me the statistic that about 1/3 of the homeless people you see while driving down the street are veterans…….How can this be in a civilized society?

          I actually had the honor of working with these homeless vets for a few years and here is a video I produced and directed on this subject for Veteran’s Day 2012 for a television network–It is a special burden to me, and I hope I can do my part to bring attention to it:

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          • Nope2GOPe says:

            This is a huge problem. We recently encountered a young man in Clearwater who had fought in Iraq, who was homeless, and without access to the benefits to help him deal with PTSD as well as a number of health & mental issues incurred during his service to our Country. This young man was walking around full of shrapnel from an IED, and had many physical, and psychological wounds. Our government wasn’t there for him upon his return home.

            From his perspective, it was akin to being a POW in his own country.

            This is tragic, and more prevalent than people think. I applaud you Jerrydon10 for calling attention to this. I thank God that we have a President who cares. This wasn’t true of the last administration, which treated our Veterans with more contempt than respect.

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  6. twolaneflash says:

    You’re welcome, Mr. President.

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  7. Blacksmith8 says:

    He said “It is the high point of my life to serve as the Commander in Chief of the United States Military”
    I gotta say, I’m likin’ this guy. That is a President worth serving.
    Nothing like the philanderer in chief I had.

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  8. mopar2016 says:

    It’s still amazing to me that we’ve got a real president.
    We’ve been without one for so long.http://www.lovethispic.com/uploaded_images/140388-Thank-You-Soldiers.jpg

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  9. lizzieintexas says:

    Thank you to all who serve (past and present)

    American Flag Poem

    Hello? Remember me?

    Some people call me Old Glory, others call me the Star Spangled Banner.

    But whatever they call me, I’m your flag.

    The flag of the United States of America.

    Something has been bothering me, so I thought I’d talk it over with you because it’s about me and you.

    Not too long ago, people were lining up on both sides of the street to see a parade go by, and naturally I was leading that parade.

    Proudly waving in the breeze.

    And when your Daddy saw me coming, he would immediately remove his hat and place it over his left shoulder so his right hand would be over his heart.

    And you, you were standing there, right next to your Dad.

    You didn’t have a hat, and your little sister not to be outdone was standing right next to you.

    Both of you had your right hand over your heart.

    What has happened now?

    I don’t feel as proud as I used to.

    I’m still the same old flag.

    I see children around, playing, shoutin’ … They don’t seem to know or care who I am or what I stand for.

    I saw an elderly gentleman take his hat off, but when he saw others with theirs on, he turned around and slowly walked away.

    Hey, I’m still the same old flag.

    A few stars have been added since those parades long ago. A lot of blood has been shed.

    Is it a sin to be patriotic anymore?

    Have you forgotten who I am? What I stand for? And where I’ve been?

    Anzio, Guadalcanal, Korea and Vietnam.

    Take a good look one of these days at the memorial honor roll. Of all the names of all those that never came back. They gave their lives for this great nation to be free.

    Under God.

    When you salute me, you salute each and every one of them.

    Well, it won’t be long now and I’ll be coming down that street leading that parade, and proudly waving in the breeze.

    So, when you see me coming stand up straight and salute, and I’ll salute you by waving back.

    And then I know, that you remember

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  10. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I’ll keep it simple.


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  11. Fe says:

    I have a heart warming story that is appropriate for this thread.

    My daughter homeschooled her two children for 7 years and this year is their first year in public school. Yes, she is very aware of the indoctrination tactics that goes on and we’re both watching like hawks what garbage they may bring home.

    On Tuesday I was invited to come see my 10 year old fifth grader participate in a Veterans Day tribute at her school. No way was I going to miss this. Here’s my chance to see how a grade school handles this important day.

    Both sets of grandparents, and one great-grandparent (my mom), and my daughter arrived to find one sobering reality of today’s schools….every single door that leads into the school’s office and hallway from the main entrance are locked. I wasn’t expecting that but then again the last time I was ever in the hallways of a public school was 2002 when my son was a HS senior, and I don’t recall locked doors.

    The program began with the color guards presenting our flag, we all stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance 👍😊🇺🇸. Then we all sang the Star Spangled Banner, 👍❤️🇺🇸. We sat down, and several beautiful children came up to each do a reading about the history of veterans days, so far I found no reason to be upset. They were putting on what was looking like a proper salute to our vets and troops.

    Next came a dimming of the lights and the kids sang a song while we watched images of our troops projected onto the wall from every era going about their jobs as protectors of our freedom. Believe me this montage of images were spot on and left no doubt in my mind this school was teaching our children what Veterans Day is all about. I had to turn away because I was on the verge of losing my battle over the pesky dust in my eyes. Then these precious children sang God Bless the USA….holy cow….more dust….yikes. I immediately recalled our President singing this song along with Lee Greenwood the day before his inauguration. But wait, it gets even better….

    This beautiful 5th grade choir sang a patriotic song for each branch of the military, before they launched into each song, they exclaimed the branch of the military the song was a tribute for, and each vet in the audience stood up starting with the Army….clapping wildly cheering them on now!! Following Army, came the Marines, then Coast Guard, then Navy (had the most vets stand, including one young lady), and finally the Air Force. I cannot tell you how darn proud I felt of those kids and their teachers. It was flawlessly presented , and those kids sang their hearts out. So later when I got my chance, I hugged my 10 year old gushing on her the great job and how very important it is to know those songs, and why we pledge allegiance to our flag. She beamed her happiness and my heart jumped with joy.

    I’m so proud of the kids, and their teachers. I also learned that not only does my 5th grader start her school day with the Pledge of Allegiance, but her 7th grade sister also does the same at her middle school. Feeling blessed, thankful, and grateful. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  12. And thank you President Trump for your sacrifice you are making for this our beautiful and wonderful country. May God bless you and your family and keep you and yours safe. 🗽 🌅🌄🙏

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  13. lokiscout says:

    Mr President it would be an honor to salute you as my CiC! It’s nice, if a bit embarrassing, to be recognized. Honestly, Sir, I only did my duty for living in this great nation as had every generation of my family back at least to the Civil War . Thank you, Sir, for your dedication and support for my fellow vets who depend on our VA facilities.

    Navy Vet, ATN2
    US Navy (1965-1969)

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. grandmotherpatriot says:

    To all the Veterans:
    Thank you for my Freedom its appreciated everyday.

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  16. JETS says:

    I am Infantry,
    Queen of battle.
    Wherever brave men fight and die
    for FREEDOM’S sake,
    There I am, always ready.
    I am Infantry, Queen of battle
    Follow me!

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  17. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Thank you Mr. President
    Living to see the esprit de nation that you have restored, makes this day of remembrances; another battle won.


  18. Sylvia Avery says:

    My family is a Gold Star family. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the way this President honors those who serve and who have served. It is bittersweet that my vet isn’t here to see it, but I am grateful for it nonetheless.

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  19. Maquis says:

    I served under four Presidents, beginning with Reagan. I would gladly have pressed on, through the dark years of Obama, to be actively serving now under this magnificent President.

    Yet, still we serve. When misfortune and crisis suddenly appear in our land, if a Veteran is about, he will be the first on his feet, the first to raise his voice, first to act, to direct, organize, lead.

    When the danger is past he will return home without fanfare, as so many thousands do every year after they have done their part to keep this great Country Free and safe. Millions and millions of quiet undercover heroes.

    Having once answered the call, Veterans stand ready to join their fellow Citizens in protecting and defending America from all hazards. For all their days, with all the strength the Lord grants them.

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  20. larry outlaw says:

    For all who have served our great nation Thank You from the bottom of my heart, this day is very special.


  21. bobbiejrae says:

    Great post!…Thanks for sharing…The kids in the 5th grade choir and everyone else there did a great job of honoring our Veterans!…http://www.nearariver.com/whole-month-near-river-bj-rae-eagle/


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