Bruce Maxwell: Kneels For Anthem – Stands for Mugshot…

Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell gained attention for being the first Major League Baseball (MLB) player to kneel during the national anthem.  Yesterday he pulled a gun on a woman, was arrested for aggravated assault, and was forced to stand for mugshot.

“We were disappointed to learn of the allegations,” said Oakland A’s Catherine Aker, Vice President of Communications & Community, in an emailed statement. “We take this situation and ongoing investigation seriously. We are gathering information from the proper authorities and do not have further comment at this time.” (link)

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154 Responses to Bruce Maxwell: Kneels For Anthem – Stands for Mugshot…

  1. Sedanka says:


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    • free2313 says:

      Everyone has heard the expression ‘Self-Undoing’, well Bruce Maxwell is a perfect example of how, we can so easily destroy ourselves…
      Shocking, to say the least regarding how, one day we are on top of the world, and the next, we are less than dirt under our own shoes……


    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yes, but not surprising…..


  2. SoCalPatriot says:

    He would be at the front of the line to bitch at us for owning guns.

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  3. rumpole2 says:

    I recommend US sports fans look to CRICKET… and RUGBY 🙂

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  4. rsanchez1990 says:

    He just gave the A’s an excuse to drop him like a hot potato.

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  5. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    It’s only brutality when the police are involved! How many of us have been forced to defend ourselves against a pizza delivery boy? I ordered pepperoni not meatball!!!

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  6. 702Tim says:

    NHL to the rescue!

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  7. “Kneels for anthem…stands for mugshot”

    Sundance sure does have a way with words. LOL!

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  8. sunnydaze says:

    If MLB was smart, they’d get rid of this guy now, (or at least when /if he’s convicted).

    MLB seems to be picking up over NFL- even I know people who’ve “switched”.

    They’d be smart to Nip It. Nip It in the Bud.

    Are these contracts the Players sign so iron tight that they can’t even be broken if they commit a crime?

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    • Daniel says:

      There was a time when players were IMMEDIATELY suspended under these circumstances. The NFL and others went slack on this and is now the National Felon League. With increasingly aggressive players comes increasing rates of injuries among other things.

      Where once these players were heroes and role models, now they are people you don’t want your children to know or to emulate.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Yeah there was a time when a lot of pro ballplayers had to get a job in the off season.
        They loved the game a little more back then, and it was nice to watch Americans play ball.
        Both leagues are now infested with foreigners and their interpreters.
        Now I refer to them as the “Foreign National league” and the “Latin American league”.

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        • Grandma Covfefe says:

          I agree. I’m tired of foreigners joining up with American teams, whether is baseball, ice skating, gymnastics, etc and esp. the Olympic Teams. It is fun to win-win-win but it isn’t fun to see real American’s chances of getting on the team go down. Foreingers take spots away from Americans–sounds familiar? It happens with college scholarlships, jobs, med schools openings, etc.

          At least we know where Maxwell’s loyalty lies-anti-american. I prefer to see these attitudes display in public rather than wonder if they are with us MAGA or with our enemy.

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    • Wend says:

      And the World Series is so good this year. Too bad that fool on the Astros had to go inject this stuff into it by making fun of Yu Darvish’s eyes.

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    • DGinGA says:

      The player probably has to be CONVICTED, or else have a history of felonious behavior and arrests that become embarrassing to the team. Well, unless he isn’t that valuable a player to begin with, in which case he just has to be accused. You know, if the victim in this case can claim he was sexually harassing her while threatening her with the gun that would probably do it.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Posted an excerpt from this article in the wrong place, to pam2246, below.

      Maxwell was dining with a Dem Politician!


    • Daniel says:

      I think you’re making some confusing connections. According to the story linked above, the victim was female and “The alleged victim was a food delivery driver.” It would be a stretch to call a waiter a “delivery driver.”

      In criminal analysis, there is often a clear distinction made between people who commit crimes against people they know and against people they do not know. The former is recognized as being “crimes of passion” or similar where they aren’t generally considered to be a general danger to the public. In the latter distinction, they ARE considered to be a general danger to the public.

      This guy is very dangerous.


      • olderwiser21 says:

        Daniel – he is talking about two different incidents… with the waiter at the restaurant and the other with the food delivery person in Scottsdale, AZ.


    • nonniemae says:

      Sorry, I wasn’t clear. The story that brought Maxwell to my attention happened two weeks ago.

      In a restaurant in Huntsville, AL, Maxwell accused a waiter of refusing to serve Maxwell because the waiter recognized Maxwell as the MLB player who knelt.

      The waiter says this story is not true. That is the episode I linked from Fox News above.

      I apologize for not making myself clear in my first post.

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      • Janie M. says:

        nonniemae, today the NY Post ran this story about Maxwell (w/2 companions) at the restaurant. I noted they asked for the waiter at their table to be replaced. Wondered if the replacement went ahead and gave the person lacking a valid ID the beer he ordered – article didn’t mention it.


        • nonniemae says:

          If I remember correctly from the waiter’s radio interview, neither of Maxwell’s companions were served drinks.

          The councilman asked to buy a drink for the third guy who didn’t have proper ID. Apparently it’s state law that the person offering to buy for anyone without proper ID can not be served.

          According to the waiter, it was the councilman who made a big deal and complained. The councilman followed the waiter to the kitchen.

          The only one in the group who was served alcohol was Maxwell.

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          • olderwiser21 says:

            Yes, this is correct and the waiter’s manager said “no” to serving drinks to anyone without a valid ID as well and simply moved the waiter to a different table to work with. Maxwell made the whole thing up. No one in the place even knew who he was!


  9. Last, First says:

    I wonder if Manfred will go limp on this guy like he did Gurriel.


  10. Game 4 of the World Series ratings at a 5 year high. MLB is likely benefiting from the NFL kneeling demise. I suggest they react swiftly and decisively…and learn from Goodell’s tap dancing around the issue.

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  11. pam2246 says:

    The owner of the NFL’S Houston Texans, Bob McNair told the truth about ALL of these Anthem Kneeler thugs when he said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

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    • sunnydaze says:

      This just gets better and better. From that article, he was dining with a Democratic Politician(!). That Dem Pol probably put him up to it (the kneeling):

      ….”“He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service, I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” Matt Henry, a 42-year-old waiter at Keegan’s Public House, told Fox News. “This all started because I carded his friend who wanted to order a beer.”

      According to Henry, an Alabama native, Maxwell was dining with local Democratic councilman Devyn Keith and another friend who produced an expired ID, and the server refused to serve him a drink — which upset the friend, who followed him into the kitchen….”

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  12. Blase Bauer says:



  13. Living proof that you just can’t “fix stupid”. No loss.

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    • Daniel says:

      When their ’cause’ is based on lies and their actions the result of massive manipulation campaigns, they are in some ways the victim. Trouble is, it’s like trying to help a drowning victim — they’re quite likely to hurt you while you’re trying to help.

      People like to assert arguments which are based on individual moral agency. The arguments are somewhat valid until you take a step back and examine one of the world’s most successful and profitable psychological sciences — MARKETING. The science behind today’s most effective marketing addresses groups and group behavior. It is HIGHLY effective and highly accurate. Does the group have moral agency? I think not.

      Yes, the group is stupid. And this is in part because the group often shares a singular band within the IQ spectrum.


  14. Fire his a$$. Fire all of the stupid thugs filling these spots. Hire these young, patriotic, good kids that are living for the chance at professional sports.

    Got a record? Hmm, we will pass. The END!

    Enough and I believe it is safe to say we have had enough.

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  15. mazziflol says:

    It’s spelled KARMA but it’s pronounced HAHAHAHAHAH

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  16. 1hear2learn says:

    BLM kneeler, I wonder does that mean his victim was not AA?


  17. Garavaglia says:

    Innocent until proven guilty..anybody?


  18. Nailbanger says:

    Another POS

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  19. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Stands for Thugshot

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  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    Let’s see, which of these fit Maxwell…

    I’m too stupid to understand the issues

    I want attention

    Yes I’m a thug, but so what?

    Hey, I may be a moron, but look at me now, I’m a social justice superstar!

    Why yes, I am that dumb

    Whats the big deal? I work for an American professional sports team. They’ll never fire me. Besides, kneeling for the anthem & pulling guns on people are considered career boosters in my line of work

    Hey, I catch balls for a living! That means I can do whatever I want

    I play a children’s game & I’m only making 10 million a year. America sucks!

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  21. labrat says:

    See – he was right. Now he’s oppressed by police brutality, a victim of our systemic racism. Let’s all block traffic in protest or something.

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  22. AHHAHAHAHAHA! Best headline ever! Thank you Sundance!

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  23. joeknuckles says:

    Douche Maxwell is his new name. His only claims to fame are kneeling for the anthem and pulling a gun on a woman. What a guy.

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  24. patrickhenrycensored says:

    “The Oakland Athletics catcher allegedly pointed a gun at a female food delivery person in Scottsdale, Ariz.”

    Probably not much of a tipper, either.

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  25. Kerry Gimbel says:

    The Texan team just made me triple down on my anger toward the NFL. Baseball needs to make an example of this guy

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  26. txjohn says:

    God has an enormous sense of humour.
    And even God hates cricket.

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  27. andyocoregon says:

    Almost all the team members of the Houston Texans took a knee during the National Anthem in their game against the Seattle Seahawks today. They didn’t say how many Seahawks also did it, but I’m sure several did. Hope the NFL loses a lot of money.

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  28. Bull Durham says:

    Great Headline on this article, SD. Epic laugh.

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  29. lizzieintexas says:

    Hope this works…

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  30. Atticus says:


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  31. Coldeadhands says:

    If Obunion had a son, that’s what he would look like 👀

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  32. Michael says:

    Seems to be the people that hate the police and America in general also seem to be the most criminal.

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  33. MfM says:

    Interesting he was born in Germany while his father was in the Army. I wonder what his parents think of this.

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  34. Goodell out!

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  35. Lucille says:

    So what’s this guy doing putting his hand on Maxwell’s shoulder during Maxwell’s disrespect of our nation….

    Mark Canha #20 RF
    Bats: R, Throws: R
    Birth Date: February 15, 1989 (Age: 28)
    Birthplace: San Jose, CA
    Experience: 2 years
    College: California
    Ht/Wt 6-2, 210 lbs.

    His college might give a clue.

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    • Q&A says:

      “Despite rumors that the players would remove the Texans decals from their helmets, they ended up leaving them on.”

      Because that would have gotten them fired, unlike kneeling.

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  36. PDQ says:

    and the OPRESSION is caused by….?

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  37. InAz says:

    Yes, the baseball powers takes these things seriously, so the thug will get a two or three game suspension. If the team is having a winning season the suspension will take place during the next season.

    Oh, and it was all a misunderstanding and the delivery person lied.


  38. ray76 says:

    Now THAT’S a headline!

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  39. daughnworks247 says:

    Amazing how quickly those with bad manners reveal themselves.


  40. TreeperInTraining says:




  41. McBain says:

    Not looking good for Bruce but maybe we wait until more details come out before declaring him guilty? Just a thought. Early reporting is often incomplete or flat out wrong. I’d like to know why he would point a gun at a food delivery person in the first place. Maybe he’s just an idiot but there might be more to this story.

    Even thought I’m a long time A’s fan, I was a little suspicious of his story of being refused service at a restaurant. I’ve seen him play several times and I’m not sure I’d recognize him. Seems unlikely a waiter in Alabama would. I also didn’t like it when he took a knee during the anthem. Still, I’m going to wait for more facts on this current allegation.


  42. grandmaintexas says:

    They always have the same look on their faces: oppositional defiance disorder.


    • waltherppk says:

      Exactly. Darwin Award Contenders enjoy the limelight of stupidity and defiance.
      Subversive Sociopathological Losers are not role models or leaders, but are stumbling blocks, problems seeking attention by venturing a gambit no sensible person would dare.

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  43. waltherppk says:

    The only uniform the anthem protestors should be wearing is a body cast.


  44. Donna in Oregon says:

    I watched the Oakland A’s when MC Hammer was a bat boy….

    The last time I watched the Oakland A’s was the World Series in 1989 against the SF Giants. They were a great team then.

    Now I guess they have losers like this idiot. He sucks.


  45. moe ham head says:

    he will be kneeling in the shower now


  46. RedBallExpress says:

    If you need a NFL empty stadium “Week 8” fix here you go!


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