Casino Owner Steve Wynn Discusses Vegas Hotel Security Measures…

Despite the insufferable Chris Wallace this interview with Steve Wynn is interesting from the perspective of a guy who knows everything there is to know about the security behind operating massive hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

Additionally, as one might expect, it appears Mr. Wynn might be holding some insider information on the attack.  The point about hotel guests using service elevators seemed more Freudian than accidental.

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396 Responses to Casino Owner Steve Wynn Discusses Vegas Hotel Security Measures…

  1. Truthfilter says:

    So according to this interview, the shooter stayed in his room for 36 hours and they know this because he hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door?

    Interesting. According to the following newstory, he complained two times about the loud music coming from the room beneath his.

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  2. shallbe4 says:

    Those of us who live in Las Vegas know Steve Wynn to be the best Hotel owner in our town. To listen to him speaking about all the security measures he has taken in the last couple of years enables locals like me to believe that this cannot happen at Wynn.


  3. carrierh says:

    I am sure someone who is a great writer or novelist will have a fantastic book out once we have more information or clarification as the stores being floated, etc. are not only in conflict, but weird while there has to be a lot we need to know about this horrible incident. LV is a great place for lots of murders, robberies, prostitution (legal or not), and so much more crime. Had a neighbor walking down the street a few years ago and he was shot for no good reason.


  4. senda72 says:

    An interview with Rene Downs, who was in the lobby of the Bellagio hotel during the Vegas event ~

    48 minutes

    Rene Downs original 6 minute video ~

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  5. Ziiggii says:

    FBI went back to the Mesquite house again yesterday:

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Federal investigators returned to search the home of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock on Sunday, while the officers who raided his hotel room door the night of the shooting gave a harrowing account of a barricaded door they had to bust through and the booby-traps they feared they’d find.

    The search of Paddock’s three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, was for “re-documenting and rechecking,” said local police Chief Troy Tanner, who accompanied FBI agents as they served the search warrant.

    “I don’t think they are after anything specific,” Tanner told The Associated Press. “They’re going through everything and photographing everything again.”'S-HAPPENING:-FBI-rechecks-Vegas-gunman's-house


  6. Sandra-VA says:

    NEW STUFF Mandalay Bay from Sheriff’s presser just now:

    1: Security Guard was shot BEFORE Paddock started shooting out the window.

    2: Door Alarm was NOT the suite door.

    3: There was a Maintenance Worker present on that floor while Security Guard Campos was there.

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    • Ladyliberty11 says:

      It took them a week to figure out this new timeline and new actors present on that floor and wat, where when and why? A week to review the cctv footage? Rather unbelievable. How many versions of timeline have we heard since this tragedy? Time to do a comparison of each one.

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    • Ziiggii says:

      not just before, but

      6 minutes before!

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    • Sunshine says:

      WOW. A totally new story. Normally, when a guy is declared a hero, he gets interviewed. In this case, nothing.


    • keeler says:

      1) This is pretty significant IMO. Sounds like a major breakdown in communications between the hotel staff and the LVPD, at a minimum.

      2) It’s been very unclear, but was the stairwell door locked or otherwise fixed shut during the attack? Regulations usually require these doors to be self-closing or have other measures designed to prevent fire spread. Could a door malfunction have triggered a the alarm? Or perhaps this is all connected to the “service elevator” comment in some way?

      3) Was he there with the guard to check on the door alarm? Are door alarms a common thing in this hotel (sort of like a touchy smoke detector that always goes off? Is it SOP to have a guard and a maintenance worker respond as a team?


  7. fran wendelboe says:

    I don’t care how high end, but hotels are notorious for food carts staying in the halls


  8. Ziiggii says:


  9. Ziiggii says:

    also new – seems Paddock rented a car to get from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Las Vegas

    rented on 09/19/17 and returned just past midnight on 09/20/17


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