Latest McNaughton Artwork: “You Are Not Forgotten”…

Jon McNaughton has just completed his latest artwork and it represents an incredible vision of the middle-class American family carefully nurturing a sprouting seedling.

You Are Not Forgotten“:

(click to enlarge)

Visit McNaughton Fine Art HERE –  Follow Jon McNaughton on Twitter HERE

Video below from Mr. McNaughton describing his perspective on the painting:

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142 Responses to Latest McNaughton Artwork: “You Are Not Forgotten”…

  1. wheatietoo says:

    Art is visual communication.
    Well, this type of medium, is visual communication.

    If you have to ‘explain’ what a painting or sculpture is trying to communicate…then the artist has failed.

    McNaughton is truly a talented artist.
    He communicates through this medium so eloquently, that no verbiage is needed to explain what he is saying to us.

    Well done, sir. Exceptionally well done!

    I love the expression he chose for Pres Trump.
    It communicates understanding, empathy and love…along with the posture and positioning of his right hand, in a ‘helping’ mannerism.

    And I love it that McNaughton included Sheriff David Clarke, Gen Mattis and Rex Tillerson in the grouping behind our President.
    He put VP Pence at the President’s right hand.
    More visual communication that requires no explanation.

    Thanks for posting this, Sundance.
    The video is wonderful too.

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  2. Jedi9 says:

    The snake underfoot, is the swamp creatures being kept at bay!

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  3. Mystique says:

    I got a copy of his other picture too with all the former presidents and Obozo the monkey in a suit.stepping on our constitution. This one though I am going to print, frame and hang up in my new home that I am in the process of buying.

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  4. racerxx says:

    Powerful painting. Wow.

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  5. domain496 says:

    I love this Pres. so much…this is how I see him too.
    ………with the snake under his foot…

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  6. JCscuba says:

    This was a redo of McNaughton’s Wake up America, depicting Obama tossing dollars to American’s bound in chains. The guy is brilliant, love the video’s where explains the hidden meaning of the images on his canvas.


  7. I so love this artist, I have been watching each video and saving up for a couple of his paintings. I do love his videos – it brings me to tears each and every time I watch his explanations.
    Someone says that an artist does not have to explain, in a way, OK, he is correct,
    but in order to understand our fellow man, sometimes you want to know what they meant and you could still use your own interpretation afterward.
    My mother paints, my daughter worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so I have seen a lot of art, sometimes there is a message -sometimes not. I have seen the frescos in Italy from the Last Supper in Milano to Frescos in homes of Lake Cumo to the amazing historical buildings in Venice, McNaughton is a true American artist, such a gift, such powerful messages, and he is a man of GOD as well, If you get a chance look at his religious paintings, amazing, as soo n as I can I will buy this painting as well, but I am an angel collector and I am saving for his George Washington with the Angels painting.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing American Artist Sundance!


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